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Jamie Foxx Signs Deal With MTV Entertainment Group


Published 18 hours ago

Jaime Foxx is joining the ViacomCBS family.

The Oscar winner, along with his producing partner Datari Turner, signed a deal with  ViacomCBS MTV Entertainment Group. The two will to develop and executive produce original movies with diverse filmmakers. 

Trevor Rose, EVP, Head of Talent and Content Development for MTV Entertainment Group, said in a statement to Deadline, “Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner are creative forces whose talent is boundless. Together, we share a vision of cultivating emerging BIPOC filmmakers and telling multicultural stories that will make an impact.”

Foxx has his hand in a variety of projects, including producing and starring in Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi flick They Cloned Tyrone.

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Additionally, he is executive producing and starring in Netflix’s father/daughter comedy series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, which is based on his relationship with his oldest daughter, Corinne Foxx, who will also be a producer. The series hits Netflix April 14.

Foxx celebrated his new partnership with ViacomCBS and MTV on Instagram, writing, “New team New energy… Rick… Chuck… Ian… James…. Matt… and my guy @datariturner We bout to shake thangz up!”

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

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The New Faces of Pride: Maisie Richardson-Sellers on Diversifying the Entertainment Industry and More


Andy Cohen & More React to Historic LGBTQ Supreme Court Ruling

With coronavirus making large-scale festivals a public health hazard and widespread protests forcing the nation into a reckoning on racial inequality, this Pride season is one unlike any other. And yet, the spirit of a movement itself born out of a protest lives on. As the month of June comes to a close, E! News has asked some of Hollywood’s newest generation of LGBTQ stars to share what Pride means to them in 2020.

Welcome to The New Faces of Pride.

For the last four years, Maisie Richardson-Sellers has won CW fans over with a pair of roles on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, first playing Amaya Jiwe (a version of the DC Comics character Vixen original to the series) for two seasons, followed by another two as shape-shifter Charlie. But the conclusion of the show’s fifth and final season brought about the queer English actress’ departure from the series so that she might, as co-showrunner Phil Klemmer told TVLine, “make her mark as a filmmaker on her own.”

While we await news of her filmmaking, Richardson-Sellers joins E! News’ week-long New Faces of Pride celebration, offering her take on the state of things in this most unusual year.

Getty Images; Melissa Herwitt/E! Illustration

As we find ourselves in a Pride season unlike any other, with the country battling a pandemic while rising up to tackle the systemic oppression that’s plagued Black Americans for decades, how has your personal definition of Pride changed or shifted this year?

Growing up, Pride was such an exciting and affirming time for me. But the more I’ve traveled, the less prideful I’ve begun to feel.

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Using the Internet For Entertainment


Today we’d like to know if you are using the internet for entertainment and what do you prefer for enjoyment.  Let’s face it, who could get bored of using the internet for entertainment. There are endless videos, blog posts, reviews, and so on, to keep you entertained for the longest time. The internet has opened up so many entertainment options, giving instant access to a variety of things, all at the click of a button. Plus, people can enjoy the communication that has been enhanced through the internet, and being able to share different memories with one another. In short, the internet has expanded how we do things, and has totally changed our ideas about how things go. 

using the internet for entertainment

We can use the internet for a variety of different things, from making money online using something like Bitcoin Profit, to buying clothes, and talking to family all around the world. But the big benefit of the internet is using it for our entertainment. It has transformed the world of entertainment for us. 

Often, entertainment is free

If you want to be entertained, then the good news is that there are a variety of different places online that you can use. The best news? Most of them are free. Take a site like YouTube, for example. There is so much content on there, so there will be something for everyone. Social media is another example, but there are also free podcasts to be found online, as well as music and podcasts through things like Pandora or Spotify. There are plenty of free gaming sites and apps as well; there will be something for everyone.

Easy photo memory sharing

If you have family all over the world, then being able to share with them what is going on in your life has never been easier. You can send pictures of family, activities, life experiences, and all have them labelled, dated, and even posted online if need be. You can use social sites for this kind of thing, but also using sites like Snapfish and Flickr. You can even order some physical prints for photos. Online storage is big and important online as well, so it makes creating memories and photo sharing much easier.

using the internet for entertainment

Jade87 / Pixabay

Endless access to music & movies

Internet can entertain through music and videos, and this has always been a really important aspect. But one of the ways to use the internet with music and movies how accessible it has all become for us all. With high speed broadband and many free platforms to use, you can preview books, music, and movies, all before they go on physical sale, so there is a lot to make the most of. 

So as you can see, there are a variety of ways that the internet has changed things for us. Internet can be used for different ways of entertaining, and can mean people are able to make money online too, especially using some entertainment platforms; hello YouTubers. Who knows what the internet will start to look like in the future? But for now, let’s use it for all the good stuff and keep ourselves nice and entertained.


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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

5 Entertainment Gift Ideas


There is something magical about the holidays. The changing leaves and blankets of snow are excuses to curl up in your warmest blankets and sip something hot. Even if you live in a place warm enough to skip the snow, you can still sip hot cocoa anyway. That’s the great thing about the holidays—there are no rules. However, the true magic of the holidays lies in gift giving. What is more rewarding than watching someone you love open the perfect gift that you picked out for them? That’s right! Nothing. We have compiled a list of five things that are sure to keep the magic of the holidays alive with gifts that are perfect for any entertainment lover.

  1.  Movies/DVDS

My favorite thing to do leading up to Christmas (or any other holiday) is to watch movies. I tend to curl up with my warmest blankets and my laptop and watch the movies that involve the upcoming holiday’s theme in some way. My favorite Christmas movie to watch is The Family Stone. I watch it every year without apology. So why not gift your loved one with a good movie? Give them a gift you can watch together.

  1. Music

Music is always the answer in our opinion. You can’t go wrong when you gift your loved one with their favorite artist’s new album or EP. If you want to introduce them to new music, why not go old school and make them a mixed CD? Nothing says I care about you more than, ‘Hey, I heard this song and thought of you.’

  1.  Books

No, really. Books are some of the best things about the holidays. There’s nothing more fun than being able to transport yourself to another world to laugh, cry, and smile for a few hours as the holiday festivities come together around you. Is your loved one a fan of pop culture like we are? Gift them the funny, witty, and honest essay collections of their favorite people like Roxane Gay, Mindy Kaling and Issa Rae. They’ll thank you for it later; trust us.

  1.  Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect when you’re an indecisive, self-conscious gift giver. Gift cards give you the freedom to be confident in your choices because you’re essentially giving out free money. Your loved one can buy what they want (i.e. the books, music, movies), and you still get the credit. Sweet, right?

  1.  A Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV Subscription

Hear me out. Who wouldn’t love a year of free TV and movies? Offering your loved one a chance to never miss an episode of their favorite TV show and a chance to watch all of their favorite classic movies is a surefire way to get the favorite cousin, child, or niece title you’ve been eyeing for years. Plus, it gives you an excuse to sit and watch with them in the name of insuring it is everything they hoped it would be.
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5 Entertainment Gift Ideas: Featured image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Trending News: ‘Entertainment Weekly’s’ Newest LGBT Issue


This past week, Entertainment Weekly released its first LGBT issue in 15 years and gracing the front cover is the fabulous and marvelous Laverne Cox.
Cox became the first transgender person to land the cover of TIME back in May of 2014 and has since scored a number of other firsts. In July of last year, she became the first openly transgender actress to land an Emmy nomination for her role as Sophia Burset in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, and in June of this year, it was announced that she would become the first transgender person to appear in wax form in Madame Tussauds.
She is an advocate of LGBT rights and has worked to advance the public understanding of the trans community. When faced with ignorance and misunderstanding, Cox calmly corrects those who have it wrong.
After Vanity Fair unveiled its 22-page cover story introducing Caitlyn Jenner to the world (which hit newsstands this week) people tried to pit Cox and Jenner against each other, as well as focus on Caitlyn’s physical transformation. Cox took to her tumblr to support Caitlyn, as well as point out issues the transgender community faces that cannot be ignored.
She said, “Most trans folks don’t have the privileges Caitlyn and I now have. It is those trans folks we must continue to lift up, get them access to healthcare, jobs, housing, safe streets, safe schools and homes for our young people. We must lift up the stories of those most at risk, statistically trans people of color who are poor and working class.”
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Injustice at Every Turn survey gathered statistics about discrimination that the transgender community faces. Forty-one percent of respondents reported attempting suicide compared to 1.6 percent of the general population, with higher rates for those who lost a job (55 percent), were harassed or bullied in school (51 percent) and more. These staggering statistics are devastating.
When these issues are brought to light, it also brings a number of ignorant people to the surface. These trolls can be found on the Internet spreading hate anonymously or they can be found on social media pages. It’s important to remember that we can help spread knowledge about these issues and work to dissipate the ignorance of these topics. Study the statistics, read the articles and learn how to talk about these issues. There’s still a long way to go.
Image: Alexei Hay for EW

The Power of Entertainment: B.E.T. Awards


bet-awards-2013If you’ve never witnessed the excitement of music, movies, television shows and fashion statements all at once, then you’ve probably never tuned in to the network, BET. Each year BET celebrates its success by having award shows. The show that “Anything can happen”, according to this year’s host, Chris Tucker. The 2013 BET awards was memorable because of its talented guests and performers in the entertainment industry.

I’ve been anticipating the exciting event all summer when it finally aired on Sunday June 30th. I was anxious to see what some of my favorite celebrities were wearing, who looked “Hot or Not”, and the most memorable performances. The most important event of the show consist of entertainers earning awards. Some of the categories included “Best new artist, best collaboration, best video, viewers choice”, and much more.

One of my favorite performances was by R&B legend R Kelly. His music has been around for generations and his talent has impacted new artists of the future. When he performed, his name was a trending topic on twitter, meaning millions of people were mentioning him in their tweets. He performed some of his most classic hits and the crowd went wild! Most of the guests in the audiences were singing along word for word.

Singer Chris Brown had a great opening performance and his dances were full of energy. He has always been a great performer and known for his talented skills. The BET awards gets better and better each year because there is always going to be something new for us to see. These performers plan and practice all year around, knowing that the performances are a huge deal to the guests and viewers at home watching.

The exciting genres of music such as hip hop, R&B, jazz, pop and reggae are celebrated with memorable performances. I am always thrilled to see will happen on next year’s show!

Breaking Down Each Episode of Gwyneth Paltrow's Sex, Love and goop


Gwyneth Paltrow Wishes She Knew THIS About Sex in Her 20s

Gwyneth Paltrow has done it again.

The goop founder returns to Netflix with another unflinching look at the human anatomy in Sex, Love and goop. It’s a six-episode series that centers on couples as they navigate obstacles in their relationship, whether it’s sexual or emotional. 

For this, Gwyneth places each couple with an expert that can help them get to the root of their problem. Because, on the surface, they may think it’s a matter of chemistry, but the issue could be much deeper.

Suffice to say there are moments of incredible discomfort, like when the couples are pretending to be animals and sniffing each other’s butts, a practice that most of the experts ask them to do. There’s also some nudity, though it’s actually quite tasteful since this is largely instructional and not produced by an adult entertainment company. 

And though Gwyneth doesn’t partake in any of the couples’ practices, she thoughtfully guides the participants in a group discussion about the societal expectations that are placed on men and women. 

Nonetheless, if you want to know what you’re getting into when you sit down to watch Sex, Love and goop, check out the summaries below! Spoiler: It’s not as bad as you might expect…

Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2021

A Show About Sex

Episode one centers on Erika and Damon, who have an “erotic mismatch,” according to somatic sexologist Jaiya. To get to the root of each person’s sexual desires, Jaya has Damon try out different techniques, like whips, oils and bondage, on Erika. Through this, Erika realizes that she and Damon haven’t actually tried to please each other in new ways. 

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Britney Spears Reflects on “Bittersweet” Journey of Watching Sons Grow Up With Precious Throwback Photos


Britney Spears’ Fiance Surprises Her With New Puppy

Britney Spears wishes she could pause time.

The “Lucky” artist got emotional in a new Instagram post on Friday, Oct. 22, while reflecting on what it’s been like to watch her two teenage sons grow up.

She shares custody of Sean Preston Federline, 16, and Jayden James Federline, 15, with ex-husband Kevin Federline, and although the boys still have a few more years before leaving the nest, Britney knows they’ll always be her “babies.” 

“So bittersweet to see them get older,” she wrote alongside throwback photos of the brothers enjoying a day at the beach with mom.

Britney asked, “why can’t they just stay babies forever ??? They will always be MINE !!!!!” See the pics here.

The singer is usually private about her life with her sons, but Britney gave an update in September in honor of their birthdays. “Unfortunately they are growing up and want to do their own things,” she wrote at the time. “I have to ask their permission to post them because they are extremely independent little men.”

She also posted a quote that read, “There is nothing stronger than the love between a mother and a son.”

Earlier this month, fans got a rare glimpse of Jayden and Sean—all grown up—when one of Kevin’s friends shared a pic of the boys twinning in black jackets and white shirts. Eddie Morales, who is the CEO of Movision Entertainment, explained in his caption that he treats the teens like his “nephews.”

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

“During times of grief knowing u have #family really feels worth living,” Eddie wrote.

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Kanye West Legally Changes Name To Ye


It was his nickname for quite some time, but Kanye West has officially changed his name to Ye. 

According to USA Today, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court gave the rapper the stamp of approval to formally change his name from Kanye Omari West to just Ye. 

The “Donda” rapper first filed the petition to change his name in August, citing “personal reasons.” His new name will not have a middle name or a last name. 

“There being no objections, the petition for change of name is granted,” Judge Michelle Williams Court said in court documents. 

“The being formally known as Kanye West,” he wrote. “I am YE.” 

His eighth studio album, Ye, was also released the same year. And in an interview with Big Boy, Ye described the religious and historical context of “Ye.”

“I believe ‘ye’ is the most commonly used word in the Bible, and in the Bible, it means ‘you,’ “West said.

He continued: “So I’m you, I’m us, it’s us. It went from Kanye, which means the only one, to just Ye – just being a reflection of our good, our bad, our confused, everything. The album is more of a reflection of who we are.” 

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‘Judge Judy’ Bailiff Replaced After 25 Years


Judge Judy has made her decision: Officer Byrd is out.

Petri Hawkins Byrd, the longtime bailiff on Judge Judy was not asked to continue to serve as Judge Judy’s courtroom officer when Judy Sheindlin’s new show, Judy Justice, which debuts Nov. 1 on IMDB TV.

Byrd told Entertainment Weekly that he was left out of discussions regarding the new show. He had served as Sheindlin’s bailiff since Judge Judy premiered in 1996.

“My assumption is if you were going on to do something else, that you were at least going to ask me if I wanted to have the opportunity to audition for the role,” Byrd said.

Byrd was apparently kept out of the loop about the new show. He found out about Judy Justice when Sheindlin made the announcement on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March 2020.

During the pandemic, Sheindlin worked on Judge Judy from New York while Byrd and the production team were in Los Angeles. The show, in its 25th and final season, wrapped in April.

At that point, Byrd turned his full attention to his wife, Makita Bond-Byrd, who was scheduled for brain surgery to remove a tumor and had just completed a third round of chemotherapy. The outlet said 95 percent of the tumor was successfully removed.

He said, “It wasn’t until July that I called the judge and asked, ‘Hey, should I look for something else or am I included in the Judy Justice project?'” adding that she informed him that he “was not being asked to come along on the project.”

Sheindlin told him that his salary would be too high, even though he wasn’t given the opportunity to accept a wage cut.

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9 Low Budget Costumes for Halloween


Today we want to share 9 low budget costumes for Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner, and this 31st of October, we’re hopefully going to have a little bit more fun than last year!  The Holiday couldn’t possibly be complete without a costume! While the rental place or Amazon are there for us, you don’t actually need to spend a ton of money on something you will wear only once (ever)! 

You can create some great Halloween costumes from items and clothes you already have or can borrow from family and friends. 

Here are 9 low budget costumes for Halloween. 


One of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, Superman gets special attention during Halloween. And it’s super easy and cheap to create the costume from scratch.

All you need is the Superman logo and a white shirt. If you have a few extra dollars, you can get the logo printed on a basic tee, but to be honest, printing it on a sheet of paper and attaching it to your t-shirt with pins is so much cheaper and easier! 

“Men in Black”

You probably already have everything you need for this costume in your closet. It’s simple – put on your black suit (or borrow from your entrepreneur friend or cousin), crisp white shirt and some killer sunnies. That’s pretty much it, but if you want to nail the look, grab a toy gun at your local supermarket or borrow from neighbor’s kids!

Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers brings smiles wherever he goes, and this costume will do that too. Khakis, a white shirt and a red cardigan is all it takes! Don’t have a cardigan? It’s one of those pieces that your dad or uncle might lend you, or you can get it at your local second-hand shop for a couple of bucks. 

Ace Ventura

Everybody loves this eccentric pet detective! And this costume is very easy to create. Just put on red trousers, a white tee and a Hawaiian or another floral print shirt. 

If you have some hair to work with, puff it up with a good amount of hairspray! Don’t have a white tee?

You still have time to order one from the high-quality t-shirt brand Fresh Clean Tees. Enjoy the large selection of v-necks at, and even after Halloween, you’ll wear it everywhere as it’s so comfy. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the perfect choice if you’re looking to go as some of the current superstars! This guy is famous for his eclectic style that you can easily recreate with a little bit of help from your mom or female friends.

Put on wide-legged colorful pants, a bright west or sweater vest and go crazy with jewelry (rings, necklaces). Visit your local vintage shop for some great options.

Freddie Mercury

Another iconic man is Queen’s lead singer Freddy Mercury, famous for his white jeans and white wife-beater shirt. Yep, that’s all you need, plus maybe some cool fake mustache from your costume store or Amazon and a microphone stand (optional).

vampire, zombie and witch holding a pumpkinBrush up on the Queen repertoire so you can put on a show at the party!

Harry Potter

The boy wizard is one of the most famous book characters of all time, so with just a little bit of effort, you’ll be super easy to recognize! 

You’ll need round glasses, a wand and some eyeliner to draw a scar on your forehead. Wear simple corduroy trousers and a nerdy cardigan (or a long black cape if you happen to have one) to complete the look, and don’t forget to brush up on your spells! 

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

Ron is the hilarious grumpy city government official from this iconic show, and his wardrobe resembles most dad’s style. 

Grab a checkered shirt, khakis, order a fake moustache and don’t forget the grumpy face. Ron is also known to love meat, so you can grab a turkey leg or stake to carry around (and snack on).


Going to a beach Halloween party? In this case, the easiest costume to opt for are the red Baywatch trunks, sunglasses and a whistle!  Trust us; you’ll get a lot of attention from the ladies and will be swimming-ready at all times!

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