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Using the Internet For Entertainment


Today we'd like to know if you are using the internet for entertainment and what do you prefer for enjoyment.  Let's face it, who could get bored of using the internet for entertainment. There are endless videos, blog posts, reviews, and so on, to keep you entertained for the longest time. The internet has opened ...

5 Entertainment Gift Ideas


There is something magical about the holidays. The changing leaves and blankets of snow are excuses to curl up in your warmest blankets and sip something hot. Even if you live in a place warm enough to skip the snow, you can still sip hot cocoa anyway. That’s the great thing about the holidays—there are ...

The Power of Entertainment: B.E.T. Awards


If you’ve never witnessed the excitement of music, movies, television shows and fashion statements all at once, then you’ve probably never tuned in to the network, BET. Each year BET celebrates its success by having award shows. The show that “Anything can happen”, according to this year’s host, Chris Tucker. The 2013 BET awards was ...

Top 4 Shoe Styles for 2020


Today we want to share the top 4 shoe styles for 2020.  We all know the importance of a great pair of shoes.  Take it from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. One stand-out quote from her infamous internal monologue reads, "The next day, I was looking for a $7 dress to go with ...

Bryce Johnson Steps Into The Paranormal World With The ‘Bigfoot Collectors Club’


Bryce Johnson is probably a face you recognize, considering he has appeared on shows like Pretty Little Liars, Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girls, C.S.I., and N.C.I.S. As the hit show Pretty Little Liars came to an end, the life of following mysterious events never left Bryce. He currently co-hosts a paranormal podcast called Bigfoot Collector’s Club ...

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Romaine Waite Talks Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder” and “Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver” and His Favorite Moments As An Actor


Romaine Waite is closing this year out strong with two back-to-back film series on the Hallmark Channel and season three of CBS “Frankie Drake Mysteries”. Waite plays “Wintson Sams”in the Hallmark Movie Mystery film series “Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder" and "Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver".  When choosing roles, Romaine believes in leaving yourself open to appreciate different roles ...

From MasterChef Top 3 Finalist To Graduate Harvard, Nick DiGiovanni Talks Life After


        Nick DiGiovanni was the youngest person to ever compete and make it to the finals of MasterChef. He was the third finalist of this season MasterChef's competition and life as you has never been the same. Even though he was competing on the show, he was also attending Harvard university and now he is officially ...

Joker Movie Review


When Todd Phillips first pitched the Joker film to the Warner Brothers executives, he knew he was pushing the envelope. He was not pitching the standard superhero movie with big budget action scenes, A-list mega-stars or even an established franchise behind it. There would be no green screens, not city-crushing final battle and the good ...

Interview With Actress Patricia ‘Patti’ French: Discusses Hulu’s ‘The Act’, The Film Poms and Much More!


Patricia “Patti” French is a woman of many talents. She started an acting career in the theatre while also working as a voice-over talent. She later attended the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York and hasn’t stopped acting since. Her TV credits are extensive, with each project being as recognizable as the A-list actors attached ...