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How to Invest in Online Gambling in 2021


Today we want to show you hot to invest in online gambling in 2021. COVID-19 inflicted a cruel crunch on many industries, but the same cannot be said for online gambling. The global online gambling market has been on an upward tick since its establishment in the 1990s. It has seen an even more significant uptick in 2020 and 2021. The rising adoption of smartphones and internet use is driving the market through easy penetration and availability. Such widespread acceptance has increased its value from around $64 billion to $72.02 billion in the space of one year. According to a Grand View Research report, this figure is expected to hit $127.3 billion by 2027.

Considering how fast the value of online gambling is ballooning, it is no surprise that many are questioning how to invest in the sector. The competitive landscape and fragmented nature of the industry provide several platforms to risk your money in the hopes of multiplying it. Here are several approaches to investing in online gambling.

Open an Online Casino

Online GamblingThe biggest winner in online gambling is the house, and thanks to the prevalence of the internet, it is relatively easy to become one. With the odds in almost all games in the den’s favour, profiting is assured if done right. Here is how to go about the process:

  • Confirm that the laws in your country support the venture and the rules surrounding it. In countries like the UK and Canada, anyone is welcome to open a casino as long as they meet specific requirements, like getting a gambling license. In others like Turkey, Iran, and Ukraine, gambling is forbidden and punishable by law.
  • Get funding either by dipping into your savings account or applying for a traditional bank loan. You can also turn to corporate credit cards, lines of credit, or potential investors within your social circles. If you are depending on funding from third parties, ensure you approach them with a confident business model.
  • Purchase and design a website, starting with a domain name representing the provided services—also, partner with an ideal web hosting company to get the site up and running.
  • Stock up the site with gambling content suitable for your target market. Focus on variety, so that almost any player can be served under the roof of your casino.
  •  Apply for gambling permits in countries where a license is required to offer services.

Invest in An Existing Casino

The booming nature of online gambling means that there are loads of reputable casinos ready to welcome new investors to continue their growth. You want to put your money in gambling dens that are innovative and adapting to the rapidly evolving nature of the industry. Some major companies are publicly traded on stock exchange markets, making them easy to invest in; they include Flutter Entertainment, IGT, Kindred Group, Entain plc, and Caesar Entertainment. Other less-known options may require extensive research to see whether they have the potential to achieve higher market values.

Become an Esports Player

attractive brown haired girl leaning on poker chips and looking at camera isolated on blackEsports is quickly rising to become the most lucrative gaming market globally. Today, while the niche is mainly recognized as a place for bet placement, it is also fast growing as a viable career path that is well-paid. The global esports industry currently has a market value of $1 billion, and it is set to surpass $1.5 billion by 2023. The appeal of the niche is that there are various ways to invest in it for returns, and the most notable one is becoming a professional player. The steps to take to become the one include:

  • Find your motivation – being an esports player is far from gaming for leisure. A lot of work and dedication is required, so flimsy grounds like money and fame will not cut it. Base your pursuit of the career on things like the satisfaction of being a gameplay master, the thrill of competition, and a sense of contribution to a community.
  • Select a game – it is ideal to play one game and master it instead of playing several at a go. However, at the start, explore different options to find one that is most suitable. You can choose popular games with established success like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite. You can also select up-and-coming titles with great potential to break into the esports market.
  • Get the necessary gear – invest in peripherals that match the hardware quality used in tournaments. Professional gaming events use gadgets with no lag or erratic framerates, so neither should yours.
  • Join a community – learn about the chosen game’s culture and sharpen your talent by becoming part of YouTube channels, message boards, and forums that focus on it. Learning the ins and outs of a set from other experienced players will determine whether it aligns with your goals.
  •  Practice – the most significant investment as an esports player is time. Practice game-specific skills until they are embedded in your muscle memory. The most minute of improvements can be the difference between winning and losing in the main arena.

This gambling venture has the potential for massive returns if you excel in beating competitors in tournaments. Currently, the highest-earning players rake in upwards of $14 million annually.

Play Casino Games

While playing casino games is mainly advocated as a source of entertainment, it can also be a way to invest in online gambling. Casino games may depend on luck to generate winnings, but some practices drive up the chances of hitting payouts, including:

Playing free games before real money ones

Sometimes the best online gambling investment is not using any money at all. Nearly all casino games have a free version with built-in credits that act as bets and payouts. Using the demo games, narrow down the ideal games worthy of actual money gameplay. That way, you do not have to spend a dime finding the right set. Free-to-play games are available in almost all casinos that feature real money games. Numerous affiliate sites also include these versions alongside reviews of what to expect in them.

To win real money slots and other casino games require the placement of actual cash stakes. Accordingly, once you narrow down the ideal titles, register in the best gambling dens that offer them, deposit an appropriate amount and launch gameplay. Any wins collected from the real money versions can be cashed out.

Managing your bankroll

Person holding 100 us dollar banknotes

Photo by Alexander Mils on Pexels

Ensuring you are not losing more than you can afford in gambling is another overlooked yet smart way to invest in the pastime. Keep in mind that casinos feature negative expectation games, meaning they have a higher chance of losing than winning. Therefore, the amount spent playing them should be within reasonable limits to avoid burning holes in your finances. If the amount depletes, close the session and regroup another time when your pockets allow.

Save winnings

Pay attention to your long-run wins and save them when they exceed the starting amount by a predetermined value. For instance, if you start gameplay with $100 and end up with $400 after some time, put away $300 and continue playing with the original amount. That way, even if you end up losing the entire betting amount the second time over, you still have a $200 profit from the casino.

Play table games over slots

While all casino games depend primarily on luck to win, slot machines pack some of the worst winning odds. These games lack any wiggle room in their gameplay strategy to exploit different winning and payout odds. On the other hand, table games often include different bet options that vary in their chances of winning and the values they award. Blackjack, one of the most popular classic sets, packs some of the best odds. Here is a breakdown of the house edge attached to its most popular variations:

Casino Game

Odds Percentage


0.34% – 0.62%

Atlantic City Blackjack


Single Deck Blackjack

0.15% – 0.18%

Vegas Strip Blackjack


Double Exposure

0.26% – 1.47%

Classic Blackjack


European Blackjack


Baccarat and roulette are also worthy alternatives. The former features a house edge of 1.06% to 1.24% in its variations, while the latter’s odds lie between 1.35% and 5.26%.

Play for progressive jackpots

This is one case where slot machines make the best candidate for investing in online gambling since they feature the most massive pooled payouts. Landing the winnings is still purely luck-based, but you can get a vague idea of the best ones to aim for by paying attention to the following details:

  • Jackpot cycles – look at the average payout cycle and increase your bets when the pot is ripe. For instance, Mega Moolah has an average cycle of nine weeks.
  • Game unpopularity – slots with lacklustre visuals are most likely to award handsomely to compensate for their grim appearance to keep players’ attention.
  • Jackpot thermometer – Microgaming uses this feature to indicate the most frequently paying jackpot slots, the time they were awarded, and the average time between the last five wins.

Popular pokies that offer millions in return for bets worth a few pennies include Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Jackpot Giant, Age of the Gods, Funky Fruits, Millionaire Genie, and Gladiator.

Claim Bonuses and Promotions

Nearly all online casinos have bonuses lined up for players, but not all of them are worth claiming if you want returns on your investments. The most lucrative incentives offer a good shot at collecting profits even if they do not pack the highest amounts. The different packages you are likely to interact with in gambling dens include:

  • No deposit bonuses – no cash-in is necessary to activate these packages, and they often include small cash amounts or a few free spins or chips.
  • Welcome offers – new players are ushered in with match promotions or fixed cash prizes accompanied by free spins or chips.
  • Reload offers – returning clients are also rewarded from time to time with matchups, cashbacks, and other exclusive incentives.
  • High-roller bonuses – players that make big deposits are met with more lucrative offers than those of the regular gamer.
  • Loyalty programs – casinos reward punters for long-term engagement with their business by awarding points that can be converted to cash or used to climb a VIP tier system.

A set of terms and conditions usually accompanies each bonus, and the most crucial one to pay attention to is the wagering requirement. This term determines how many times a deposit equal to the boon must be spent to clear it and its winnings for withdrawal. Even deposit-free packages often include this term, and it is attached to their winnings. Also, consider the online gambling real money game limitations to see whether they have suitable RTPs, high payouts, and high clearance rates.


The great thing about investing in online gambling is that its continued growth is inevitable. Therefore, you will always find multiple baskets to put your eggs in. However, even with an endless number of choices, ensure you research and take time to make the right decision on your potential investments. 

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6 Tricks To Jump-start Your Morning Routine


Today we want to explain 6 tricks to jump-start your morning routine. How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning? Go ahead, we won’t judge. Many people hit the snooze, grab a few more minutes of sleep and find themselves rushing to make up for lost time. You may even have good intentions of waking up and getting things done, like that morning workout, but the snooze button is too hard to resist. 

The truth is that it is easy to get stuck in a rut, and it takes practice and tricks to get ourselves motivated every day. This includes finding ways to look forward to our morning routine, because after all, no matter what the day looks like, it all starts when you first open your eyes. 

The following tips can help you find the motivation you need to get going and have the best day possible. 

  1. Skip Your Phone for an Hour

Most people grab the phone before they even get out of bed. This can quickly pull you into emails, social media, text and other distractions. Instead of giving in, try to avoid looking at your phone and similar devices for at least one hour after you wake up. 

Make a commitment to get your morning routine well underway before you check out your phone, computer or other mobile device. So take your shower, have some coffee or tea and grab a bite first. This gets you ready for the day and will help you stay off the phone. 

And if you happen to use your phone as an alarm clock, consider a retro option — the alarm clock! You can pick up old school alarm clocks from Amazon so that you’re not tempted to play with your phone when you click snooze. You may even like how that analog clock looks sitting next to the bed.  

  1. Try Meditation
jump-start your morning routine

Photo by Prasanth Inturi on Pexels

Okay, we know there are  connotations around the word “meditate,” which is why many people shy away from trying it. It is, after all, hard to clear your mind or sit quietly and think of nothing. 

But, meditation comes in many forms, not just sitting cross-legged and humming. Meditation can be your morning jog or yoga routine. It could be reading daily devotional or motivational statements to help you set your mind for the day. It can also be sitting quietly with your preferred morning beverage, watching birds outside the window. You may even want to spend a few minutes putting your thoughts into a journal as well. Give this a try: Write one to two pages of any thought that comes to mind. Don’t think about the things you’re writing, just jot it down and move on.

Find something that is appealing, and do it for 30 minutes at the start of each day.  

  1. Step up Your Morning Oral Care Routine

You know you have to do it, so you might as well enjoy it! An easy way to do this is to gift yourself with some luxury oral care products that feel more like a treat than a job. These can make your bathroom feel more like a spa, and your oral care routine feel luxurious. Not only will you look forward to taking care of your teeth, your teeth and gums will benefit. 

You’ll be happier every morning  and your smile will be brighter, this is an easy win-win. 

  1. Practice Gratitude Daily

It is easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut when you wake up, especially if you check your phone and see anything negative. This can hurt your mindset for the entire day. Instead of giving in, practice gratitude every morning. Research actually supports this, strongly suggesting that people that practice gratitude tend to be happier and suffer less from depression. 

How can you do this every day? A group of researchers from Indiana University found that the simple act of writing gratitude letters every day actually reduced stress and negative emotions for students. You don’t have to send them, just write them. 

You don’t have to be formal when you’re doing this. Just make a mental list of 5 to 10 people you would like to wish well. This can be your favorite people, but try including someone that annoys you even. Mentally wish them well and see how your own mindset changes in the process. 

  1. Don’t Forget About Breakfast & Hydration
jump-start your morning routine

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels

If you slept a full 8 hours, your body has had no water or food for quite a while. So do your body a favor and start out by drinking a full glass of water. If you love your morning cup of java, drink water while it is brewing. Not only is this good for your skin, studies by Medical News Today say that it’s good for digestion and your brain function as well.

You’ll also want to give yourself some healthy fuel in the form of breakfast. Bypass sugary cereals or pastries in favor of healthy options like oatmeal, yogurt, egg whites or fruit. If you’re not a morning person, you should plan your breakfast ahead of time. This makes eating breakfast easy and gives you something to look forward to every morning.

  1. Always Make Your Bed

Your mom probably told you this was important and she was right. Even though making your bed does take a few minutes out of your morning routine, it is still a good idea, but why? 

One reason is that it feels good, mentally speaking, to check something off your list for the day. Even if it is a small accomplishment, it is still an accomplishment. This can improve your mindset. And of course, it gives you something nice to look forward to at night as well. After all, who doesn’t prefer to jump into a nicely made bed every night? 

In the book, “The Power of Habit” it says that by simply making your bed you kick-start a chain of positive decision making that lasts all day long. And since it takes just a couple minutes to do, it is well worth the effort. 

Planning Leads to Success

As with many things in life, planning ahead is the key to success. This is no different, so give a little thought to how you can set yourself up for the best day possible. Give yourself a few minutes at night before you sleep to think about the next morning. What do you want to wear? What will you do when you first get up? Is there something you want to read with your morning coffee?

Then set your alarm clock before bed and if possible, put your phone on airplane mode. This may not be possible for work or family reasons, but if you can, give it a try. Then, give yourself 20 to 30 minutes of time to unwind. You may want to meditate, get your morning ritual set up before you turn in or even lay out your clothes. 

Taking these steps before bed makes getting out of bed just a bit easier so you can enjoy your day. And when you remember to make your bed, you’ll give yourself a better night — it’s a win-win situation!

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Travis Scott Sued Over “Predictable and Preventable” Astroworld Tragedy That Left 8 Dead


Kylie Jenner Breaks Her Silence on Astroworld Festival Tragedy

A lawsuit has been filed against Travis Scott and several other organizers following the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld music festival.

The musician, as well as the entertainment company Live Nation and organizers ScoreMore and ASM Global, are being sued by concertgoer Manuel Souza, who attended the Houston show on Friday, Nov. 5 that left eight people dead, including one as young as 14, and 25 people hospitalized, police previously confirmed.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed on Saturday, Nov. 6 in Harris County District Court and obtained by E! News, the tragic event was “predictable and preventable.”

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants would “ensure a safe, secure, and positive environment” for everyone in attendance, but that a “motivation for profit at the expense of concertgoers’ health and safety, and due to their encouragement of violence, at least 8 people lost their lives and scores of others were injured at what was supposed to be a night of fun.”

According to the docs, Manuel “suffered serious bodily injuries when the uncontrolled crowd at the concert knocked him to the ground and trampled him.”

The “plaintiff’s injuries were the inevitable and predictable result of defendants’ conscious disregard of the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers that had been escalating since hours earlier,” the lawsuit states.

Erika Goldring/WireImage

Manuel’s attorney, Steve Kherkher of the firm Kherkher Garcia, issued a statement to E! News on Sunday, Nov. 7, stating in part, “As proud residents of Houston, we are sickened by the devastating tragedy that took place on Friday night…[Travis Scott] and those who promoted and supported this concert must take responsibility for their heinous actions.”


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Adele Confesses She Eats McDonald’s ‘Once A Week’ Despite 100 Lb. Weight Loss — Watch



October 18, 2021 7:48PM EDT

Although Adele has shed 100lbs in the past two years, the hit singer insists she still indulges in junk food obsessions such as McDonald’s.

Adele, 33, may have lost 100lbs over the past two years, but she’s not backing away from consuming her favorite foods! In a recent video for British Vogue, the the “Easy On Me” singer shared that she still eats McDonald’s “once a week” and hasn’t given up on her favorite foods. “Just because I lost weight, I [still] know everything there is to know about food! I eat so much food still,” she said in the video, in which she took the “ultimate British taste test,” guessing foods typical to British culture while blindfolded.

The Tottenham, London native revealed that her “death row meal would be “a McChicken Nugget with a Big Mac and then fries — that’s my three courses. I eat it at least once a week!” The singer also boasted about making an “incredible spicy pasta,” sharing that she’s not giving up on the carbs anytime soon. Delish!

While tasting different meals and confections like Fish n’ Chips and Banoffee Pie, the “Hello” hitmaker shared that she learned to cook in her early years from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. In addition to her “spicy pasta,” Adele said she loves cooking a traditional “Sunday roast” (which typically includes roasted meat, potatoes, and accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding) for her son, Angelo.

AdeleAdele (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

When speaking with Vogue about her incredible weight loss, Adele shared that it was because of her “anxiety” that she took on working out with a personal trainer,

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Donnie Visa Releases Another Banga: “Legendary”


Earlier this summer, Donnie Visa was interviewed by DJ Wonder on Shade 45, and subsequently released a hard-hitting song and music video with DJ Wonder titled, “Not One of Them.” Following the release of the record, Donnie Visa garnered attention from DJ Suss One, leading to an interview with the renowned DJ. Donnie Visa makes his return to fans’ speakers with, “Legendary.” “Legendary,” produced by prodbyLow, showcases Donnie Visa’s lyrical prowess and impeccable flow.

The track takes listeners to a place of manifestation. “Legendary” allows listeners to envision the successful life that they can speak into existence, and provides motivation and encourages listeners to claim their legacy. The music video, directed by 3PV Productions, serves to further push that positive, inspiring message by highlighting the Carolina-product’s successes within the Big Apple. 

From the verses to the hook to the bridge, Donnie Visa delivers a riveting, hype bop to close out the summer. The rapper, singer-songwriter has so much more in store for 2021 and beyond. Donnie Visa is well on his way to living up to the title, “Legendary.” 

Artist’s Bio: Donnie Visa is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Raised in the Carolinas, he is well known for his eccentric vocal style and laid back vibe. With three mixtapes released, he’s demonstrated his versatility and unmatched talent. Donnie Visa has been featured in various media outlets and was included in DJ K.i.D’s “Quarantine Mixtape” in 2020. The Carolina native, known for his catchphrase, “Approved!” is proving why he is set to become the next global phenom. 

Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
Apple Music:

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Is Amazon’s Lord of the Rings at Risk of Losing Viewers in New Zealand?


Is Amazon’s Lord of the Rings at risk of losing viewers in New Zealand? It was recently announced that Amazon Studios will be moving the filming of its Lord of the Rings series from New Zealand to the UK. The first season of the upcoming fantasy epic was shot in the beautiful terrain found in the Oceania country, but the second season will be moving to pastures new. Kiwis have always been proud of their connection to J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and there is a chance that this move could risk angering viewers in the country.

Amazon May Have to Change Tact to Attract Viewers

The Lord of the Rings series has long been touted as Amazon’s answer to Game of Thrones. When the HBO fantasy finished airing, other networks quickly scrambled to cash in on the readymade audience and create something similar. The studio may need to copy various other elements from GOT’s successful model if it is to succeed, though, especially in New Zealand.

Many Kiwis will have been planning to watch Lord of the Rings so that they can see the famous filming locations in the country. But now that it is moving, viewers will need a different motivation to watch. One of the reasons for GOT’s popularity was its franchise model, which spread out into related games. Among the most popular was the Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming.

With sites like BetPal New Zealand highlighting the prevalence of gambling in the country, a Lord of the Rings-themed slot game could help to win some viewers over. Aside from the bonuses on offer at the various online casinos in the country, this could be a major draw to bring players in. After playing the game, these people may then want to explore the world in more detail by watching the series and vice versa.

Why did the Filming Location Change?

One of the reasons why Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings took the world by storm in 2001 was down to the choice of filming location. The stunning and varied landscape of New Zealand represented the spots in Middle Earth perfectly, and the country became forever associated with the saga. It went on to be used in the Hobbit series as well, and Amazon kept that theme going with the first season of its series.

Recently, it was announced that after twenty years in the country, New Zealand will no longer be the home of Lord of the Rings. The production company has moved its operations to the UK as part of a plan to expand its studio space in the country. Aside from filming the Rings series, Amazon plans to create several other UK-based films and series over the next few years. The UK has a hilly landscape and vast countryside, like New Zealand, so the shift of locations should be unnoticeable for viewers.

There is a chance that Amazon’s Rings series may lose viewers in New Zealand, who could feel betrayed by the location change. The studio will have to go to great lengths to keep these people interested, and this could be done by releasing related material that will appeal to them.

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Fortuno Points Us In The Right Direction In “RIGHT WAY”


Fortuno Points Us In The Right Direction In “RIGHT WAY”

“The group’s knowledge of classic R&B sounds gives them a slightly nostalgic quality, but the three-piece are perpetually looking to the future.” -CLASH

“Each one of these talented individuals do an amazing job of adding their own personal flare and style to an impressive piece.” -Lyrical Lemonade

“They have extremely strong roots but also a lot of motivation to keep reaching for authenticity, overcoming obstacles as they come.” -Rising Shrine

Listen Acting as a reinforcement of a much-needed mantra, LA based trio, Fortuno, explores the unequal yet undeniably beautiful path toward success and self-exploration in their new single, “Right Way(out now!)

Eli, Ellis, and Tobi share a lot. Beyond being bandmates, the trio shares a taste for nostalgic tunes and ambient sounds as well as a passionate and genuine connection to their craft. That said, each of them has their own specific paths both as artists and as humans. That’s where “Right Way” comes in. Simultaneously chilling yet warm, the final single off their upcoming EP speaks to the unique path each person must go down for their personal development. Echoing a sentiment that the guys’ hold onto themselves, the single shows that once you figure out that there is no “Right Way,” you end up finding yourself exactly where you’re meant to be.

For Fortuno, the right place is LA. In 2018 on the shoreline of southern Maine, music majors and local cover-band-mates Tobi and Ellis joined forces with their former high school classmate and current USC jazz guitar star, Eli. Together they celebrated and struggled, as young adults do, and eventually made their way to Southern California to dive headfirst into a full-blown music career. Not only was this the best decision they collectively made, but it also clearly created inspiration for their music. Their upcoming EP is a mosaic of their years of moving and committing to a “make-it-work” mentality, and “Right Way” is both a gift to listeners as well as a gift to themselves. Like a mantra, the lyrics remind Fortuno of the good, the bad, and the ugly, yet the result is a harmoniously haunting hymn fashioned with modern trap elements and a soundscape of comfort.

With Eli and Ellis on production and Tobi on the mic, the trio has danced throughout the Los Angeles music milieu since their debut and through the speakers of the millions who stream their songs. Playing at The Roxy, The Peppermint Club, and shows with Sofar Sounds, Fortuno cemented their unique sound as one that is here to stay in the So-Cal scene. Their single, “Home” has amassed nearly 1.5 million streams while their previous songs have garnered applause from music industry legends and local fans alike.

Listen to “Right Way” and stay up to date with all things Fortuno from the links below. Thanks for your time in checking this out!






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Top 15 Healthiest Sports


Today we want to talk about the top 15 healthiest sports. Keeping fit is challenging, and not everyone wants to go to the gym. Thankfully a lot of our favorite sports can also be good exercise even if you’re just playing as a complete amateur. So why not take your motivation from the sport you support, whether it be the Bundesliga, tennis, rugby, or many others? If you’re looking to play for a combination of fitness and enjoyment, here are the top 15 healthiest sports to get you started.

  1. Running
Healthy sea nature beach

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels

Head out onto the track for a spot of running, and if you can achieve speeds of around 8 miles an hour, you can enjoy burning around 1074 cal in that time. Even better, there is no actual equipment required except for a good pair of trainers to protect your feet.

  1. Soccer

Soccer, or football, as they call it in the UK, is the most-watched sport of all time. There are plenty of amateur football teams who meet and have a kick around, but you do need some other players to really get this off the ground. If you’re looking for fitness, football can burn 937 cal every hour.

  1. Taekwondo

Exercise and mental discipline combine for the practice of taekwondo. This can be practised alone, but it is better to get expert tuition where possible. You’re looking at a calorie burn of 937 cal an hour.

  1. Swimming 

Exercise in water is good for the joints as there is no pressure, but in order to achieve the 892 cal deficit, you do actually need to be swimming quite vigorously, not just floating around on your back in the shallows.

  1. Tennis
Man people woman faceless

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

If you love tennis, then you’ll be pleased to know that an hour in front of the net can burn 728 cal. Of course, this is based on a single game, not a doubles match; otherwise, your partner is doing half the work.

  1. Flag Football

A variation on traditional soccer, flag football can still burn an impressive 728 cal per hour. Again, there is not much in the way of equipment, but you are going to need some friends to form a team.

  1. Basketball

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a slam-dunker, or you enjoy dribbling across the court, then basketball might well be the choice for you. You can burn up to 728 cal an hour and play by yourself or with a team.

  1. Racquetball

It may not be as popular as tennis, but racquetball is the perfect game to play indoors when the weather isn’t so good. The good news is it can also burn you 637 cal an hour, making it relatively healthy.

  1. Ice Skating

If you’re old enough to remember Torvill and Dean, then ice-skating might be something you’d enjoy. But, of course, it does take skill, and you must learn to stay upright on the ice to burn the 637 cal an hour.

  1. Cross-country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a popular winter Olympic sport and something you can enjoy even as a new skier. Because it is cross country, it tends to take place on flatter rather than steeper slopes, so you get an excellent chance to learn new skills while burning 619 cal an hour.

  1. Baseball 
Two man playing baseball during daytime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Another fun way to go for that 455 cal an hour burn is to take to the baseball pitch. Of course, you’re not going to burn that many calories if you’re just standing fielding, but there is undoubtedly a good opportunity for fitness for the batter and a pitcher.

  1. Downhill Skiing

It may surprise you that downhill skiing only carries a 391 cal burn each hour, but of course, a lot of the time, you are just having to maintain your balance while gravity does the rest. However, it is a great fun way to get some exercise and play sports.

  1. Golf

Golf can burn 391 cal per hour, but here’s the catch: you must be your own caddy and carry the clubs to ensure that you really work that body. Nevertheless, it’s a popular sport and certainly one that many people enjoy.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is a great way to play sport and get healthy with an estimated calorie burn of 364 per hour. In addition, it is very physical, and playing on the sand means that you are engaging your core muscles to even stay upright, let alone hit the ball over the net. The only downside of volleyball is it’s not a solo activity, and you do need some teammates.

  1. Bowling

Last but not least on the list is bowling. You can actually burn 273 calories an hour on the bowling lane, and it’s a great social sport. So, grab your friends, change into your bowling shoes and head to the nearest bowling alley for some excellent sporting fun.

Wrap Up

Whichever sport tickles your fancy will keep you active and in shape. Which one is your favorite?

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Rebellious Rockers, Bruvvy, Spice Up Rock ‘n’ Roll in “U Think This Song Is About U” Video


Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite female-fronted powerhouses – Bruvvy. The band is reimagining rock ‘n’ roll with a fresh millennial perspective. They are reinvigorating the classic, raunchy, over-the-top energy that comes to mind in association with bands fueled by guitar riffs and rebellion.

As a trailblazing first impression of their “Little Heat” EP, available August 2021, Bruvvy is throwing us head-first into their universe with their single “U Think This Song Is About U.” They are spicing up the South Florida rock ‘n’ roll scene (literally) in their unruly restaurant takeover for the music video. 

The video tells the story of vocalist Liz Varum’s emotionally destructive stint in the service industry. The setting is more than just a backdrop; it is the exact muse that inspired this punchy track. The storyline follows Varum’s  humble beginnings in the kitchen to the full circle moment of filming a music video in her previous employer’s eventful dining room. 

“The lyrics were written throughout the longest, shittiest work day of my entire life. I was covered in sweat and kitchen grease (which was airborne, and slowly making me breakout), getting emotionally abused by my boss, and the only tips that were ending up in my pocket were coming from a guy that wanted nothing more than for me to get on his motorcycle with him,” explained lead vocalist Liz Varum. 

Behind the powerhouse vocals and groovy guitar melodies is a universal message of greed tarnishing work ethics. 

I wondered for a second if anyone would notice if I took a handful of cash from the tip jar. I learned that day that when the sole motivation behind work is money, everyone is, at some point, reduced to a thief,” said Varum.

Since their first show in 2019, Bruvvy introduced the South Florida music scene to their powerful stage presence, their “anything goes” performance style, their raw realness, and most importantly, the friendship that keeps them glued to their listeners and to one another. This is not a rock n’ roll revival; it’s a rediscovery of the very spirit that possesses us to jump, scream, sweat, and connect.

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Teen talent, professionally known as Cmagic5, is a Canadian singer/songwriter and musician from Toronto.  With 2020 being torpedoed by the virus, this 2020 high school graduate has spent her lockdown honing her craft and is set to release her much-awaited debut Album “Ready To run” and the timing could not have been better, May 05, which is also her birthday. With every new single written, composed and co-produced, Cmagic5’s delivery is accompanied by a unique story, spicy colors, enhanced visualizations and memorable graphics. Her passion for making others smile and feel good is the motivation behind her music. Cmagic5 shares her musical journey and artistic opportunity to douse listeners with positivity, encouraging them to discover their own distinctive innate strength.   

The very first track, “You got a problem”, exuberates power and confidence as the overall mood of the song with simple lyrics and a contagious dance beat. This music takes the singer out of her soulful realm and delivers a pop overtone. The next track “Ready to Run”, full of vivacious energy, and melodious and delicately mysterious timbre, adds gravity to the powerful lyrics. Cmagic5 emphasizes the power of music to heal the world through her next piece “Rising up”, with a powerful message which couldn’t have been released at a better time. Bold and adventurous to explore varied musical landscapes, Cmagic5 takes us on a journey in her next track which transitions onto a pop/orchestral/rock vibe “Outta My Head” that launch you into a swing of emotions. This blissfully takes us into the next track “Just Wanna”, a welcoming spring-summer pop anthem. Musically, which exhibits a uniqueness with a buzzing freshness of summer through its catchy, modern pop melody built on a powerful Afrobeat. The next piece “You don’t know” effortlessly brings us fresh R&B vibes infused with jazzy, melodious chords and encapsulating vocals for a feel-good end of summer track progressing into a fall mood, symbolic of an emotional transition to self-worth and realization.

Cmagic5In contrast to the previous singles, “You Don’t Know” is driven by sultry R&B vibes with an effortless delivery of riffs and runs. We are in love with the honesty and rawness of emotions and adore the next piece which is a new, fresh, and catchy track “LEGO” which is an “ode to yourself”. The tropical synth beats and hints of spicy salsa flavor bring the song to life. It’s playful, sassy vocals, perfectly match the Latin cues captured musically and create a captivating effect. Overall, this ear worm single with it’ solo trumpet chorus as the centerpiece adds a spellbinding ingredient and leave your ear buds dancing. Cmagic5 intensifies the album with the next track “The One” which begins with establishing a nostalgic atmosphere through stratospheric waves and a deep modern synth bass, followed by a haunting deal breaker arpeggio that further develops the moody ambiance. The contemporary synth line and feature of electric guitar unexpectedly leads up to an upbeat, catchy chorus that urges you to sing along. Cmagic5’s concluding track “Love me if you can” sets the tone and wraps up the album, merging a catchy tune with an eerie stratospheric soundscape and strong beat, that sets the tone for an empowering and infectious dance track. Stay tuned  for a music video soon to follow which will definitely be a cherry on top.

Each and every song in this album is reflective of the four seasons which we can all relate with and feel inspired by as we go through the ups and downs in our own lives. Being a lover of many genres of music, each song has its own creative journey and conveys a different story exploring diverse song writing styles and sub-genres. In the words of Cmagic5, “I hope my music is something people can easily identify and relate with and also enjoy at a personal level, especially during these unprecedented times.”

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Top 6 Successful People to Follow and Learn From


Today we want to share the top 6 successful people to follow and learn from. What does it mean to be successful? Most of us associate it with fame and money. Our culture and history are full of inspirational “rags to riches” where the hero becomes rich against the odds or by unimaginable luck – like Richard Lustig. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people believe that money and success are equal terms.

However, being successful is much more than that. After all, we all have different goals and dreams. The only problem is that only some of us will achieve them. Many people lack the motivation or aren’t willing to take the necessary steps towards them.

If that’s the case with you, here are the top six successful people you can follow as an example. Maybe their stories will motivate you to follow your dreams.

Elon Musk

top 6 successful people to follow is an inspiring entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies, such as PayPal, Tesla Inc., SpaceX, and SolarCity – all of which influence our lives on a daily basis. The latter is a solar energy company dedicated to providing affordable solar power solutions to everyone worldwide.

In addition to all this, Musk is a co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI – companies with groundbreaking ideas that help connect human brains with computers and might shape our future. If you want to succeed in business, there’s no better person to follow as an example than Elon Musk.

All of us have heard about Elon Musk, but what people don’t know is that he’s a real-life Tony Stark. His story is full of ups and downs, failures and successes. Don’t be misled by his wealth and fame; Elon Musk is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve unimaginable things in life.

Bill Gates

No matter how you feel about Microsoft, it’s hard not to admire Bill Gates for what he’s accomplished. Formerly the world’s richest man built the most successful company ever – and he did it without any formal college education.

Instead of studying at Harvard like he was supposed to, Bill Gates dropped out to start Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen and created many of the company’s products, including Windows, Microsoft Word, and Excel. Even if you don’t use their products today, you can’t deny that they changed significantly the way we live.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey is an American talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist who rose to fame in the 1980s as the host of the popular talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show. Several successes have marked her career, but she continues to pursue more projects and endeavors.

Oprah is one of the most successful women in the world with a net worth of $2.6 billion, and she continues to inspire millions of people on a global scale with her stories and accomplishments. Her life story shows that having a solid vision and pursuing it with persistence can lead to success even if you have faced many obstacles along the way.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an American businessman best known for being the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. He also was a primary investor and a chairman of Pixar Animation Studios and a founder of NeXT. He was known for being innovative and revolutionized the technology industry with many of his products and ideas. These include the Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and first Apple Stores.

Today, Steve Jobs remains one of the most influential and inspirational figures not only in the technology industry but all over the world.

Richard Branson

Richard BransonRichard Branson is an English businessman who is best known for being the founder of Virgin Group. In fact, he is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever. He controls over 400 companies today, and he continues to create new ventures every year.

For example, he founded Virgin Galactic – a commercial spaceflight company that offers space tourism services worldwide. Branson is a role model for anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur and a real-life inspiration to anyone who wants to change the world.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was an American filmmaker, animator, voice actor, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist. He was known for creating animated films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi. Walt Disney also founded Disneyland, which has become one of the most visited places in the world, with an average annual attendance of more than 58 million visitors as of 2018.

Today, Disney theme parks are found in multiple locations across America, Europe, and Japan, and Walt Disney’s legacy – The Walt Disney Company – continues to entertain people all over the globe to this day.


“Thou shalt not make graven images” is conventional wisdom, but it doesn’t restrict you from looking up role models – people you can learn from and follow as an example. Learning about the life paths of successful entrepreneurs, artists, and philanthropists allows you to see what contributed to their success and get some life lessons without putting yourself in dire situations.

In this article, we’ve listed several famous people who have come from different backgrounds and life experiences but managed to use them to their advantage. Hopefully, learning from the very best will boost your motivation and belief that everything is possible.

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What Does Depression Feel Like?


What does depression feel like? Everyone feels down sometimes. Sadness and stress are normal reactions to life’s challenges, changes, or losses. But depression is more than a passing bad mood. It may feel more intense and last longer.

Depression is a mood disorder that can interfere with daily life. While depression can be triggered by a difficult life event, sometimes when it occurs, it is unrelated to a specific problem.

Depression is a very treatable condition, so if you’re experiencing depression—or if you’re worried that you or a loved one might be—please seek help from a licensed mental health professional who can offer you compassionate support.

Depression can affect different people in different ways, but there are feelings commonly associated with depression.

People living with depression may feel:

  • A sense of hopelessness. They may find it hard to envision things getting better. Their outlook may be bleak, and they may feel uncertain about their power to change it.
  • Low energy levels. Those living with depression may feel exhausted or too fatigued to do even simple tasks. Fatigue may also alternate with periods of restlessness or anxiety. A lack of energy can make it challenging to engage in activities, which can in turn increase feelings of depression.
  • A loss of interest or lack of pleasure or joy. People experiencing depression may find they no longer want to participate in activities they previously liked.
  • Low concentration or difficulty with focus. People living with depression may feel “brain fog,” which can cloud the capacity to remember things, to pay attention, and to make decisions.
  • A loss of appetite or increased appetite. A symptom of depression may be a lack of interest or decreased pleasure in eating, or a lack of energy to prepare healthy food. On the other hand, overeating can also be a symptom of depression. Eating for emotional relief is an example.
  • Physical symptoms and ailments. Headaches, body aches, digestive and stomach problems, fatigue, and a decreased tolerance for pain can be physical symptoms of depression.
  • Irregular sleep patterns. Sleeping too much and still feeling tired can be a symptom of depression, as can an inability to go to sleep or stay asleep.
  • A sense of guilt or worthlessness. People living with depression often feel a wide range of negative emotions. Sometimes they feel guilty about experiencing depression, or they have a sense of worthlessness or defeat because they can’t simply overcome it with sheer will. Other times negative feelings may arise that aren’t related to anything specific.
What Does Depression Feel Like

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Please seek help if you or a loved one is experiencing feelings of depression.

  • People living with depression may feel misunderstood or uncomfortable talking about their experience, but communicating and seeking help can lead to healing.
  • Depression is common, and treatment can help significantly. While some may find it difficult to open up about how they’re feeling, people can find relief when they do seek help.
  • Feeling connected and supported can counteract feelings of isolation and silent suffering, and effective support and treatment can change lives for the better.

Effective, compassionate treatment and tools are available.

  • Seeking the support of a licensed mental health professional can help with the management of depression. Click here for more information on seeking help.
  • Compassionate care is available.
  • Therapy, medication, or a combination of both can be very effective treatments. A healthcare provider can discuss options and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.
Green typewriter on brown wooden table

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Lifestyle changes can also help those living with depression.

People often find they feel better when they take proactive steps for mental wellness such as:

  • Getting into a routine by setting a gentle daily schedule to regain structure in daily life. Routines can be helpful for regaining focus and resuming activities.
  • Setting goals, even small ones, to help with motivation. Starting with small, achievable goals can lead to good results. Don’t forget to give credit where credit is due: even if goals aren’t completely met, the act of setting them is a sign of effort and progress.
  • Exercising to boost endorphins (the feel-good chemicals responsible for a “runner’s high”). Research shows that exercise can be an effective treatment for depression.
  • Healthy eating. Good overall nutrition is important for both physical and mental health.
  • Getting regular sleep and the right amount of sleep.
  • Challenging negative thoughts by checking and evaluating your thoughts when you feel depressed. Sometimes things seem worse than they actually are when you look at them through the lens of depression. Looking at situations realistically and considering alternative perspectives can be helpful.

Effective, caring treatment options are available for those living with depression. Please seek support from a licensed mental health professional or speak to your primary healthcare provider to find out more about how you or loved one can feel better.

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Marie Miguel has been a writing and research expert for nearly a decade, covering a variety of health- related topics. Currently, she is contributing to the expansion and growth of a free online mental health resource with With an interest and dedication to addressing stigmas associated with mental health, she continues to specifically target subjects related to anxiety and depression.

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