Fun Easter Crafts for Kids


Easter Egg Character In Cups

The holidays can drag if kids have nothing to do. Fortunately, arts and crafts are perfect to be enjoyed indoors and Easter is the ideal time of year to get really creative. Eggs, chicks, bonnets, and the bright colours of Spring. It’s all there.

Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Don’t be stuck for inspiration – there are plenty of guides available online, which provide step-by-step instructions for a number of great projects. Homecrafts has put together an amazing Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror infographic highlighting a variety of Fun Easter crafts for kids of all ages to create.

Some, like creating Easter egg characters using coloured wool for hair and wiggly eyes, or making Easter chicks, are superb for young children. Others will keep older children entertained. Making batik eggs is a more advanced project, and the end result is beautifully decorative, either to display in the house or to make a unique gift.

As well as whiling away the hours in a fun, creative and stimulating way, parents can also get involved and enjoy not only the crafting but the bonding time with their children.

Batik Eggs

Make An Easter Chick

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt Bags

Decorate An Easter Bonnet

Quilling Eggs

Face Painting

Giant String Eggs

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