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How Casino Winners Spent Their Money


Have you ever thought about how casino winners spent their money? Before you decide whether to play real money casino games, take a second and think "what if", what if Lady Luck is on your side? Playing casino games like progressive jackpots gives one the opportunity of winning a life-changing amount of money. At first, ...

Is the Cosmetic Surgery Stigma Still Around?


Is the cosmetic surgery stigma still around? It used to be that getting any part of your body cosmetically altered was done with the utmost secrecy. Whether it was a nip or a tuck, those who wanted to enhance their appearance needed to take extraordinary measures to hide the fact that they would be undergoing ...

How to Style A Denim Jacket


Did you ever want to know how to style a denim jacket?  If so, keep reading.  What are the classic men’s fashion items, those that simply do not go out of fashion? Jeans are an obvious choice, of course, and the simple, plain t-shirt another, but we think there’s one that you might have overlooked: ...

Top 4 Shoe Styles for 2020


Today we want to share the top 4 shoe styles for 2020.  We all know the importance of a great pair of shoes.  Take it from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. One stand-out quote from her infamous internal monologue reads, "The next day, I was looking for a $7 dress to go with ...

Branding Tips for Your Fashion Business


Starting your own fashion business can be incredibly exciting so we decided to bring you some branding tips for your fashion business. Fashion is a massive portion of the economy, with worldwide revenue for eCommerce fashion in 2018 reported to be around $481.2 billion in 2018. But, while a strong industry and market make it ...

Look After Your Skin This Winter


If you want to know how to look after your skin this winter, this article is for you.  Many people take a lot of time taking care of their skin during the summer in order to protect it against the issues caused by the heat and UV rays of the sun. However, many fail to ...