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Autumn Fashion Trends Start With the Sweatshirt


Autumn fashion trends start with the sweatshirt, with or without hoods.  This is surely a winning bet like using because sweatshirts are not only trendy but a true VIP of  street style fashion and always a safe choice for women. What about the different styles and combinations? We are going to give you some ...

Start Your Shoe Collection with These 5 Fabulous Dress Shoes


We all want to look chic and classy every day. Various elements of your style and fashion mold the way you look. These elements may include clothes, footwear, hairstyle, accessories, and so on. Wearing proper footwear that compliments your outfit, makes you look more put-together and stylish.  If your looking to start your shoe collection, ...

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Natalie Shay – People Like Me


Natalie Shay is a 20 year old multi award-winning, indie pop/rock artist from North London. Deemed as one of London’s hottest emerging talents and having already acquired an impressive array of awards, Shay is ready to launch herself into the forefront of the industry, with her highly anticipated upcoming release. As a classically trained guitarist from ...

Amistat – Love & Light (Official Video)


Amistat are twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil. Born in Germany and raised in Italy, with parents originating from Czech Republic and Australia, the European brothers developed their sound after moving to Australia and have since worked their way into the hearts of listeners across the globe with their soaring harmonies and unique sound. Born with ...

What to Wear Before Visiting a Casino


Sometimes people just don't know what to wear before visiting a casino yet no-one wants to be turned away at the entrance.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what can happen if you fail to wear the appropriate attire to a venue. If you want to effortlessly blend in with the crowd, or stand out for all ...

An Essential Wedding Item Checklist


Congratulations! You’re engaged to be married, and when it comes to getting married there are a million and one things that are considered essential for your big day, spouse to be? Check! But what next?  We want to share our essential wedding item checklist, and hopefully this will give you a head start in the ...

Amy Winehouse: A Unique Singing Voice


Amy Winehouse was an enigma; a unique singing voice, a supreme musical talent and a modern day poet. She graced the covers of magazines through the noughties. She shunned modern day pop and the likes of her fellow chart sisters such as Dido and Lily Allen, and instead wanted music to challenge her, revolutionize the ...

How to Reduce Weight Naturally


How to reduce weight naturally is the most common question that frequently asked by many individuals. No doubt, get rid of excess flab is an umpteen task. But you don’t have to worry more! You ought to try out smoothies; using some natural smoothies will aid lose weight fast naturally. Well, give a read to this ...