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New Amsterdam Sneak Peek: Dr. Sharpe Receives a Surprising Promotion at the Worst Time


In this exclusive clip from tonight’s all-new New Amsterdam, Max reveals he’s stepping down as Medical Director and names Helen as his successor.

“New Amsterdam” Exclusive: Sharpe Is Replacing Max

A lot at once.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, April 6’s all-new episode of New Amsterdam, Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) gets blindsided by work news while dealing with a family matter. As fans of the show well know, Helen is dealing with the aftermath of her brother’s death, which includes helping her niece Mina (Nadia Affolter) find a place to live.

Yet, as the exclusive clip above shows, Mina isn’t happy with Helen’s relocation decision. “How could you do this to me?!” Helen’s niece sounds off. “I’m not going to Dubai.”

Shocked by the call, Helen responds, “Mina, just give me a second to catch—”

Before Helen can finish her sentence, she is cut off by Mina, who reveals she has “a whole life” where she is. “If you had bothered to call after my father died, you’d know that,” Mina continues. “Do you know how far Dubai is from Tehran?”

Refusing to back down on her decision, Helen notes that Mina’s father would’ve wanted her “to be with family.” In response to this, Mina shoots back, “You know nothing about my father.”

As Mina abruptly hangs up the phone, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) bursts in with an important declaration.

Max asks a flustered Helen, “Can I talk to you a second?”


Although Helen clearly isn’t in a place to have a conversation, Max reveals he is now committed “to ending the inherent and systemic racism here at this hospital.” And if that wasn’t a big enough announcement,

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Fantasia Hospitalized Over Pregnancy Complications


Published 15 hours ago

In 2020, Fantasia Barrino announced she was expecting her first child with husband Kendall Taylor. Now, only six months into her pregnancy, the singer shared she’s experiencing contractions and is in the hospital.

Posting a series of videos to her Instagram Story, Fantasia provided fans an update on her condition.

“Good morning. We’ve been in the hospital all day,” she began. “We have to stay in the hospital for a while. My baby girl thinks she’s missing something out here, but she’s got to stay in here a little longer.”

Additionally, Barrino praised her husband for his support.

“I thank God for my husband. He’s over there knocked out, poor thing! He’s been riding in there with me,” she said, adding that her contractions were “starting to come down now.”

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“My body is just tired, but we’ve got this,” Fantasia said during the video she posted.

In December, the Grammy Award winner opened up about past struggles she’s had with fertility.

During a special guest appearance on The Tamron Hall Show Fantasia said that it had actually taken her years to conceive naturally.

“At first, we thought we were going to have to do different things,” Barrino says. “This is a three-year journey we’ve been on.”

Fantasia said that sought help from a doctor who first told her that one of her fallopian tubes had closed, at that time the couple decided to take a break and “let God be God.”

“I kid you not, I forgot about it,” she continued. “And then I woke up one night,

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Jennifer Lopez, 51, Rocks A Sexy Plunging Swimsuit, Sheer Shirt & More For ‘InStyle’ Beauty Issue


Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely gorgeous in a series of photos for InStyle’s May 2021 Beauty Issue! Check out the pics and learn more about how she balances career and motherhood.

Jennifer Lopez looked positively gorgeous in a series of photos for the May 2021 Beauty Issue of InStyle. The stunning, ageless beauty, 51, posed in a series of stunning looks for the spring cover, including a sheer top and jeans that looked perfect for the season. In the snap, featured on InStyle‘s official Instagram account, J.Lo lounged on the sand and gave the camera a gorgeous glance.

The white bodysuit designed by Re/Done accentuated J.Lo’s figure effortlessly, and she fashioned the perfect pair of jeans from Wrangler for the casual look. Her simple ensemble was accessorized with an Omega watch and a bracelet by Roberto Coin. While the lead image for InStyle‘s Beauty Issue highlighted J.Lo’s stunning, natural beauty, even more images in the issue featured J.Lo’s signature, sexy style and brilliant confidence!

In another photo from the magazine’s issue, which was featured on the cover, The Wedding Planner alum wore a Norma Kamali swimsuit that was perfect for the beach location. She accessorized with a Chanel watch that could just be glimpsed on her left wrist. J.Lo looked positively radiant and as confident as ever for the special issue of the magazine. And the outlet even comprised the feature with a slew of first-person accounts of the entertainer’s brilliant work ethic, beauty, and approach to her decades-long experience in the spotlight.

Jennifer Lopez on the cover of InStyle’s May 2021 Beauty Issue [Pamela Hanson].Even the star,

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Hunter Biden Explains His Past Relationship With Brother Beau's Widow Hallie


Joe Biden Wins 2020 U.S. Election: Celebrities React

For Hunter Biden, his past relationship with Hallie Biden is “not difficult to explain.”

In a new interview for CBS Sunday Morning, President Joe Biden‘s second-born son reflected on his romantic relationship with his former sister-in-law Hallie, who was married to his older brother Beau Biden for 13 years and shared two children together before Beau’s untimely death in 2015 after battling brain cancer.

In 2017, news broke that Hunter—who was married to longtime wife and mother to three of his children, Kathleen Biden, before their separation in 2015—and Hallie were together following the loss of Beau. “Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time,” Hunter said in a statement to Page Six at the time, “and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most. We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way.” Page Six reported in April 2019 that the surprising pair had split. 

Reflecting on their headline-making relationship, Hunter told CBS correspondent Tracy Smith, “I think people were confused by it and I understand that. I mean, I really do. To me, it’s not something that is difficult to explain.”

“It came out of a real overwhelming grief that we both shared,” he continued, “and we were together and trying to do the right thing and that grief turned into a hope for a love that maybe could replace what we lost.”

However, he declared, “It didn’t work.”

He’s since found love with Melissa Cohen,

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Jan Blomqvist remixes Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook’s “Together”


In the ultimate genre-bending collaboration, the multitalented Jan Blomqvist remixes Carnage and The Martinez Brothers‘ 2020 hit “Together.” While the original saw Carnage exploring a softer side of his sound fused with The Martinez Brothers‘ driving techno, Blomqvist showcases his signature house style with groove-driven beats. Opening with soulful melodies, Blomqvist brings dreamy techno-inspired vibes to “Together,” playfully interacting with Elderbrook‘s emotive vocals. The original version of “Together” was released last summer as the first single from Carnage‘s forthcoming “Papi Gordo 2” album and included in several NMF Spotify playlists across the globe (incl. the Spotify‘s flagship “mint“). With a fresh new take on “Together,” Jan Blomqvist is stepping foot from more underground culture into the spotlight.As the leading man of concert techno, Jan Blomqvist stands apart from live and electronic acts today with his fusion of soulful lyrics and nonchalant vocals paired with cinematic refrain hooks and tonal atmospheres that beg for desert dance floors at sunrise. Having played over 700 gigs in the last 10 years, incl. the biggest festivals and clubs in the world, such as Burning Man, Cercle, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Balaton Sound, Untold, Lightning in a Bottle, Extrema Outdoor, and more. He has released on Stil vor Talent, Armada, Days Like Nights, Anjunadeep, Sony, and worked with and remixed and worked with the likes of Schiller, Booka Shade, Oliver Schories, Ben Böhmer, Solee, and more.

Carnage has made a name through breaking the rules and staying true to himself. The Hawaii-based artist established himself as the reigning champion of hard bass and trap music with early hits, later being one of the first artists to transition electronic music into hip-hop, rap styles, and now house music. Before launching his label Heavyweight Records in 2017, Carnage put out hit after hit such as “I Like Tuh” with ilovemakonnen, “Bricks” with Migos, “Down for Me” and “Guala” with G-Eazy, “Homie” with Meek Mill and Yung Thug, “Learn How to Watch” with Mac Miller and MadeInTYO and “iShyne” with Lil Pump. After taking a break from music and touring in 2018 to focus on his mental health, Carnage dove right back into it with his hits “Letting People Go,” featuring Prinze George, and “Wait For Me” with G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa. In partnership with the RAICES foundation, the music video for “Letting People Go” raised awareness for immigrants at the US / Mexico border and retraced Carnage‘s family’s voyage into America, as covered by TIME and dozens of other outlets.

The Martinez Brothers are known for their marathon 24-hour DJ sets but also for their hard-hitting MPC style sound with dissonant bass lines and chopped vocal sample style. They have graced the DJ booth of events such as EDC, Ultra Music Festival, Timewarp, Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Sziget, Sonar, and Melt!, with residencies in Ibiza at and Las Vegas as XS Nightclub. The duo founded their record label Cuttin Headz in 2014 and have also released on Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Warner Music, Hot Creations, Fabric, Turbo, and more. In addition to their respected music career, The Martinez Brothers are signed to IMG Models and have worked on campaigns with Givenchy, DKNY, 212 VIP, Fendi, Ray Ban and licensed their music for Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

More info on Carnage / Jan Blomqvist / The Martinez Brothers / Elderbrook / Ultra Records:

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Images provided by Jan Blomqvist

14 Easy Ways to Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits


Today we want to share 14 easy ways to get outdoors and feel the benefits. It’s the perfect time of year to embrace the outdoors, yet many people are finding it a challenge with working from home and excessive screen time. There are a few ways you can incorporate spending time outdoors into your daily routine, however, and develop healthier habits. You could consider taking up an outdoor hobby or simply exploring areas of natural beauty near you. It’s the perfect way to relax over the weekend and you’ll return to work feeling rejuvenated. Whether you’d prefer to get outdoors by yourself, or with friends or coworkers, there’s an activity to suit every lifestyle. Here are fourteen easy ways to get outdoors and feel the benefits this year.

Get in touch with nature

Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits

Photo by Vanessa Garcia on Pexels

It’s said that there are several positive effects of nature on your well-being. Getting in touch with nature is a way to disconnect from your stressful everyday life and gain a new perspective. It also helps to elevate your mood and relieve anxiety. You could try going wildlife spotting at a secluded spot near where you live, or even birdwatching in your own backyard. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty you could go foraging for seasonal herbs and vegetables. Look up the right spots online and see if you can find any tasty additions to your recipes.

Socialize outdoors

If you’re more motivated by socializing outdoors then there are plenty of activities you can do with your friends and family. Take a picnic to a local park and a few games if you like. You can each prepare your own snacks to share. Here are some easy picnic recipes to try out. Alternatively, you could dine al fresco at home. Host a bbq or garden party. Try to get into the habit of eating your meals outside when you’re at home and the weather is nice. 

Look up walking routes near you

You’d be surprised how many hidden gems there are to discover in your backyard. You don’t need to travel far to find nice walking routes. Here’s a guide on how to find hiking trails so you can check your local area. Hiking is an accessible hobby and you can find trails with different levels. You don’t need to be super fit to do it. Make sure you plan your route and pack a few emergency items if you’re going anywhere remote. 

Gear up

One way to motivate yourself to embrace the outdoors is to gear up. Invest in a decent pair of waterproof walking boots and a weather-resistant jacket. These will make a big difference to your comfort. If your allergies are putting you off going outdoors speak to your doctor or a pharmacist for suitable remedies. They will also be able to help get to the root of the problem and identify the allergen, or whether it’s just cold symptoms. Here is a quick guide from Thermo Fisher to seasonal allergies vs. cold symptoms with more information. As long as you get what you need from the pharmacy, your allergies shouldn’t have to get in the way.

Get creative

Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels

If you’re the creative type then why not try one of these DIY backyard projects to get you outside? You could try upcycling garden furniture or making planters from household items. Transform your outside space by building a deck or patio. This will be perfect for entertaining or relaxing and will encourage you to make the most of your yard. If you don’t have much outside space you could consider creating a balcony garden or DIY window boxes from wooden crates.

Gardening for beginners

Don’t worry if you’re not naturally green-thumbed, gardening can still be a very satisfying hobby to get into. You could try a little gardening 101 to start. There are plenty of gardening kits you can buy with easy-to-grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables. Start small by using pots or old crates as makeshift flower beds. You will only need a few basic tools and if you choose low maintenance plants they will flourish without much effort on your part.

Join a club

Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

You could join a club, either in-person or virtually. There are plenty of groups online who can give you advice about gardening, for example or any other new-found outdoor hobby. You could also consider a workout class or running group that meets in the evenings after work as well. If you only have time to work out before bed it’s still worth trying to get some outdoor exercise. It’s very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Even if you get just one workout buddy it makes it easier to stay motivated. You can share goals and even organize charity fundraisers as a group. 

Alternative outdoor hobbies

How about joining the world’s largest treasure hunt? If you’re not interested in gardening or exercising outdoors, try an alternative hobby such as geocaching. Geocaching is a kind of international scavenger hunt and there is a giant community online. It’s straightforward to take part. All you need to do is register online to receive a map of geocaches near you. Download the app to help you find them. Once you’ve found anything put the item back and record your experience online. You can also hide geocaches for other people to find.

Volunteer work

Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Another alternative outdoor activity is volunteer work. You can find volunteer opportunities online and choose the cause that most resonates with you. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor volunteer work. You could take part in a cleanup project, help out at local events, or even dog walking. If you sign up to a dog walking service online, you can find people in the local area who need help taking their dogs out. This way you can enjoy some time outdoors and a little pet therapy as well, all while doing someone else a favor. See what volunteer work you can find in your local community.

Get a bike

If you’d rather get out and explore then it could be worthwhile buying or hiring a bike. Cycling is very beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. Look up cycling trails near where you live and hit the open road. You could also join a cycling group or get a bike buddy. Make sure you wear protective clothing and a helmet. If you’re going off-road, double-check your bike is capable, especially if you’re just renting. Alternatively, if there is a city bike initiative where you live you could go to a local park for the afternoon.

Active commuting

Get Outdoors & Feel the Benefits

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

If you are interested in cycling, it could also be a new means of getting to work. There are many benefits of active commuting. Not everyone has the opportunity, but if you can swap driving or public transport for a more active commute such as walking or cycling, it will have many advantages for your health and the environment. It’s the perfect way to incorporate spending time outdoors into your daily routine. Speak to your boss about arranging a cycle to work scheme to encourage others to do the same.

Schedule outdoor breaks

Whether you work from home or in the office, it’s a good idea to schedule outdoor breaks. Rather than eating lunch at your desk, go outside for a short walk. If you are working from home it’s important to try and schedule your breaks. It’s one way to increase productivity and going outdoors will help even more. If you have the opportunity, you could even arrange meetings outside from time to time. You could plan an outdoor catch-up with your boss or coworkers for a change of scenery. 

Outdoor team-building

If you work in a team it might be fun to also organize outdoor team-building activities. Successful team-building activities need to get everyone involved and engaged. Plan inclusive options that everyone can enjoy. They’re a great way to improve collaboration at work. There are several benefits to arranging team-building activities outside as well. You can completely get away from the office environment and get to know each other in a different situation. You’ll also learn plenty of useful skills. 

Go on a retreat

Perhaps you need a longer break to disconnect from the stress of everyday life. A rural retreat could be just what you need to get back in touch with nature and gain some perspective. The staycation trend is still popular this year and it’s easy to see why. It’s a more cost-effective way to explore hidden gems near you and get the peace you deserve. You could even consider going on a road trip to different destinations. If you’d rather not go far, looking into camping spots near you for a fun, low-key weekend. 

There are plenty of fun and easy ways to change your habits and spend more time outdoors. After getting a bit of fresh air and exercise, you’ll certainly feel the benefits. You’ll return feeling relaxed yet energized, and ready to take on any challenges. Set small goals for yourself and aim to fit getting outdoors into your routine.

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

‘SNL’ Skit About Vaccine Faces Black Twitter Backlash


Published 12 hours ago

Saturday Night Live is facing outrage by some Black folks on Twitter for its skit about a Black doctor trying to convince his family members to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Some are saying the bit promotes inaccurate and harmful stereotypes about Black people, while ignoring systemic racism in vaccine distribution.

The episode, which aired on April 3, was Daniel Kaluuya’s debut on the long-running, late night comedy show. In the skit, he portrayed Dr. Tevin Jones, the host of a game show called “Will You Take It?”

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He offers cash rewards to the at-risk family contestants if they agree to get vaccinated. They include cousin Tasha (Ego Nwodim), uncle Derek (Kenan Thompson), cousin Donald (Chris Redd) and Aunt Shauna (Punkie Johnson).

At one point, Jones offers $5,000 in cash to uncle Derek, who suffered two heart attacks in the last decade. Dereck says he could use the money to get a girlfriend and have a cookout. After thinking about the offer, he responds, “Nah, ain’t worth it.”

Below is a clip from the show.  

“It was highly offensive,” Antonio Moore of the YouTube channel ToneTalks, said in his assessment, which he also posted online.

He said it “portrays African Americans as stupid” and ignores the history behind their apprehensions about getting vaccinated.

Other people took to Twitter to make similar observations.

What is always missing from these skits is the context of Black History and Black reality in America.

The Black people who distrust Black Medical professionals do so for the same reason I distrust the Black SNL cast to write a skit about the Black experience.

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Real Housewives of Orange County Star Kara Keough Is Expecting One Year After Son's Death


“RHOC” Star Kara Keough’s Newborn Son Dies After Birth

Kara Keough is expecting a baby, one year after the death of her infant son McCoy Bosworth

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, who is also mom to Decker with her husband Kyle Bosworth, took to Instagram on April 4, which is Easter Sunday, to share an emotional message about grief and hope. 

“For Christians, for Jews, and for me, this time is a reminder of the death of firstborn sons. Sacrifice. Suffering. Mourning. Grief,” she began the post, which featured an Easter basket for their next little one. “Why is this night different than other nights? Last Easter was the worst night of my life. We held our firstborn son in our arms as he took his final breaths. We spent time in the hell that is watching your child die.”

McCoy experienced shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord during birth. He suffered severe brain trauma due to the lack of oxygen. The baby was placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit for 72 hours, however, his condition did not improve. The parents made the decision to donate his organs. Kara told Good Morning America at the time, “We want his life to mean as much to as many people as possible and to let all of the positive ripples of his life be there.”

Kara continued her post, “This Easter is decidedly better. Despite that wretched Easter night, I can’t ignore that this day also represents rebirth. Renewed hope. It is said that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from the goddess Eostre. Eostre, the goddess of fertility, symbolizes the birth of new life and the dawn of spring.

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Grace Kinstler: 5 Things To Know About The 20-Year-Old ‘Idol’ Frontrunner


Grace Kinstler is one of the ‘American Idol’ season 19 standouts. Get to know this rising star who is one of the show’s most talented performers.

Grace Kinstler definitely has what it takes to be the next American Idol winner. The 20-year-old singer has consistently wowed the judges with her performances each and every week. It’s no surprise she’s made it to the top 24.

Grace is a contestant to keep your eye on as season 19 continues. She could very well be the next big thing in music! From her background in music to the loss of her beloved father to her love life, HollywoodLife has 5 key things to know about Grace.

Grace KinstlerGrace Kinstler during her audition. (ABC) 1. Grace’s audition made Luke Bryan cry.

Grace started out her American Idol audition by singing “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight & The Pips. When the judges asked about a second song, Grace sang a beautiful rendition of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. Luke Bryan admitted that this was the first time in the 4 years he’s been doing this show that a person singing made him cry.

2. Her father passed away when she was 19.

During her audition, Grace revealed that her father died. “My biggest supporter was definitely my dad. He passed away last February very unexpectedly, so that was really hard,” Grace told the judges. “I know that he would be here right now with me if he were still here, so I’m going to do this for him today…” Later, Grace showed the necklace of her father’s that she wears around her neck.

3. She’s currently in college.   » Read Full Article

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DMX's Attorney Provides Significant Update On His Health


Published 6 hours ago


Earlier Saturday afternoon (April 3), DMX’s attorney Murray Richman confirmed to PIX11 News that his client had “been taken off life support system and is breathing on his own.” Just before 8 p.m. Saturday, Rolling Stone reports that Richman was “given wrong information” and said that the legendary rapper remains on life support and in critical condition.

We will continue to keep you updated on this story.


DMX has been “taken off life support and is breathing on his own,” according to attorney Murray Richman.

Richman spoke to PIX11 News about the rapper’s condition, but says he’s still worried about his client’s health. “It would be disingenuous of me to suggest I’m not a worried man at this particular point,” he said.

DMX’s family, through Richman, had previously confirmed with ABC that the rapper is in grave condition and was on life support.

“I received a call this morning that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, at the White Plains Hospital, and that he had had a heart attack, and i’m not sure how it was induced and that he’s on life support,” Richman said, adding that X is “surrounded by family.”

Richman says he’s done legal work for DMX for over 20 years and has remained in contact with his family. “I’ve spoken to the family and the family and I are quite close with each other. I am concerned about his well-being and mindful of his significance,” he said. “I have known Earl for over 25 years and I believe that his music is quite poignant, very important.

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