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Rudi Gutierrez: Heartbreak and Music


Cliché: How has your time on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart changed or altered your career trajectory?

Rudi: I think the main thing is that it has given me a platform to share my work with people. It’s really hard out here in the industry so it was just awesome to be able to gain the following that I did and have a little family behind me that supports me.

Cliché: What has fan reaction been like?

Rudi: I think it’s been honestly amazing they support me for me and you know it’s kind of hard because I came off the show and a lot of them wanted me to be with Matt but for the most part the people that are still behind me say they support me for what I do and who I am. Their support has been nothing but amazing honestly so I am very, very grateful.

Cliché: What did you learn about yourself both personally and professionally during the show?

Rudi: Yeah I definitely learned a few things personally, just taking things one day at a time I kinda have how my mom always told me to take on e day at a time but I know that I never really had to use that until I was filming on the show so I just need to kinda slow down and just take everything as it comes and I learned how to put that in my real normal day to day life which has been very helpful. I guess musically I definitely learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought just cause some things that we had to do on there I didn’t think I’d be able to pull of and we both, me and Matt, did. 

Cliché: Talk about your latest single, “Stupid Boy.”

Rudi: I think “Stupid Boy” is just a song that I want people to be able to listen to when they’re going through a breakup and feel like it’s ok and feel stronger after they listen to it. It’s just a good kind of “screw you” breakup song and it’s fun to just listen to if you’re trying to just get over someone. It helped me get over some stuff while I was writing it and that’s just what I want people to get over while they’re listening to it 

Cliché: Toxic relationships are notoriously hard to break out of. How do you recognize when someone isn’t treating you properly?

Rudi: I think it’s just- at least for me, you just kinda know, just if you’re not happy if the person is just disrespecting you or not appreciating you or- well my problem is I know I just kind of ignore it, and I try and ignore the signs that are right in front of my face and there can be like 20 million red flags and I’m just like “oh it’s fine just give him another chance” so I’m learning to just cut that out, like maybe you can give them one chance but after that if they’re still messing up and you’re still not happy and you still feel a certain way about something and you’re not, you know, at ease with the relationship then that should be enough to be like, you know what this isn’t for me, move on. And like I said, I’m learning how to do that cause usually I just feel that way and then I just let them treat me that way. I think just realizing if you ever have that feeling that acting on it as soon as you feel that way and talking about it and if nothing changes, move on. 

Cliché: Do you have any advice for those who are struggling to get out of toxic relationships?

Rudi: I think the biggest thing is just to listen to your gut. That kind of goes along with what I just said, I feel like you know, and so many times I’ve known and I don’t listen to my gut I just kind of ignore it, and then I end up in the same shitty situation. So I think that’s my best advice is just listen to your heart, listen to you gut.

Cliché: Your other recent single is “Hate LA.”  In your experience, what has helped you to get over someone, especially when they’re tied to so many memories in a specific place?

Rudi: I guess its cliché but it’s time. Time is kind of the only thing that has helped me get over. Especially if you’re in a really serious relationship, like that guy that I was with was a really serious thing so you know even to this day somehow I will go to a place that we went to and think about him but it doesn’t hurt as bad so I think time is the only thing that has really helped me and just letting yourself go through that I think is the biggest thing, not ignoring it. I used to try and do that also, I would be hurt and then just pretend like I wasn’t and in my last relationship I made it a point to be like, “ok you’re hurting, hurt. Its ok to see these places and feel bad or cry and let yourself go through that point of feeling upset about things”, and eventually you’ll slowly start to get over it.

Cliché: How do you hope to continue to empower yourself and others through music moving forward?

Rudi: I think just continuing to just be authentic and share my stories with people and my favorite thing about what I do, or one of my favorite things is when I get messages from people that are like, “oh my gosh these songs helped me get through blah blah blah or this or this or this” and I think the way I’m going to continue to do that is just by being real and authentic and hopefully it helps someone out. 

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Isabella Blake-Thomas: Star, Activist, & Producer


Isabella Blake-Thomas is a young actress with an impressive resumé. Most recently featured in the upcoming Disney program, “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals”, Isabella plays the Princess January. “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” premieres September 25th on Disney+. 

Cliché- Isabella, how does it feel to be so heavily involved in the entertainment industry at such a young age? 

Isabella Blake-ThomasI feel incredibly blessed. It’s an industry that I love and so to be in-front and behind the camera on all levels is very unique. Being able to experience all aspects allows me to be a better and more considerate actress. I really enjoy the writing and the pre-production of projects. It’s incredible to have an idea and then see it fully blossom into a finished project. Running a production company with my Mom and her team means that I can also learn from the ground up and so I can help and mentor others who want to be involved from a young age. 

Cliché- Does it ever feel hard to balance music, acting, producing, writing, and activism while also maintaining a life outside of these things? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: They all flow very well into each other. I enjoy writing, this can be scripts or for my music. I find a subject matter that can make a difference and so I create a role that I can play which is related to a cause I’m passionate about. The music is necessary for the film and is a good outlet to be able to make even more noise around an important issue. The project becomes my life. The rest of the time I get to read, write create and just be. Giving me the space to then get ready for the next project. It’s true what they say that if you do what you love then you don’t work a day in your life. 

Cliché- As a young woman with a voice in the media, which you have used to speak about about mental health recently, what would you say drives you to use that voice for good? Do you have any inspirations that make you passionate about particular causes? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: I am the ambassador for suicide awareness with an incredible non-profit called Awareness ties. Mental health is such an important thing to talk about because so many people struggle with it. I have had 5 people close to me in the past few years who have taken their own life so I am very passionate about helping people who are struggling, to see that it’s okay to not be okay. 

Cliché- Is working with Disney something you are excited about? If so, was there anything in particular that was exciting to you about the process? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: Disney is an iconic family and one that everyone, whether you’re in the film industry or not, wants to be a part of. We all grew up with Disney movies and so to suddenly be in one is quite literally, a dream come true. One of the things that excited me were the costumes. Disney princesses are known for their gorgeous wardrobes so when I got to try on incredible clothes and handmade gowns, I felt like I was living in a fairytale. 

Cliché- What was it like working on a Disney set? What was your favorite part of filming? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: It was magical. We filmed in Toronto for two months so the cast and crew all became like family. We would hang out after work and on the weekends and we made so many great memories. My favorite part of filming would be the stunts. We all went through training to make sure we were prepared for any stunts we had to do. We did have stunt doubles for some of the major things but a lot of the free running stunts and the ones where we had close ups, was all us. 

Cliché- You play Princess January in Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, did you find it easy to step into this role? Do you have anything in common with your character? What qualities, if any, do you see in yourself and in her? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: It was easy to become January because I essentially got to create her from scratch. I was able to create a backstory, mannerisms, reactions and little things that made her really come to life. One of my favorite things to do was create a family tree for her so in my mind, I had full awareness of who she was and where she came from . January and I share lots of things. First of all, we look identical… *wink wink* second of all, we are both extroverted. January and I were both home-schooled and we love being happy and smiling, in fact we are known for it. 

Cliché- Your previous work includes a diverse list of television productions, including Shameless and Doctor Who. Is there anything different about working in a production more geared towards a younger audience? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: Definitely. The way people work is different. If the subject matter is for an older audience then as a young actress, the producers really protect you. Often there’s someone on set to make sure the actors are comfortable with the scenes they are doing, regardless of their age. However, if you’re part of a project that anyone could watch then you get to see all aspects. Also your acting styles are different. For a younger audience it’s slightly bigger and there’s more movement because it’s what attracts a child to watch. When you’re acting for adults, your movement is smaller and less noticeable because adults like not being distracted from the story. I was lucky with Secret Society because it was a combination of both. I was able to have the comical moments and beats but I was equally able to stay real and honest to my character and her journey. 

Cliché- As a rising star, what do you hope to do in the future? Do you have any dream roles that you aspire to play, or upcoming projects that you are excited about? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas: I’m always excited about the future. I have some wonderful projects that I’m working on including a children’s TV show called “Captain Jemma and The Space Pirates.” I love working and so I’m always thinking about my next roles. A superhero would be brilliant, I also enjoy playing iconic characters from History. I would love to be directed by Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino. 

Cliché- You are part of a production company, Mother & Daughter Entertainment, that focuses on making “content that matters”. What are some of the responsibilities that come with being a founding member of a production company with so many outlets, such as a podcast, music, and publishing? 

Isabella Blake-Thomas:I oversee a lot of our projects “from script to screen” as they say. I’m also responsible for creating new projects and I’m heavily involved in the ideas. We want them to be something that can make a difference in the world. It’s important that all our voices are heard and we take that as a huge responsibility. I’m very proud to be part of such a forward thinking female led company.

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TikToking & Thrifting

5 Essential Items You Need in Your Capsule Wardrobe

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

I remember the first time I saw the “fashion side” of TikTok. It was a young woman showing her viewers how to style various items she had recently purchased at a thrift store, mainly early 2000’s style clothing. In the comments, users raved about her tennis skirts and oversized sweater vests, demanding to know where she got them. The woman posted links to Depop stores and named a few local thrift shops, and upon further investigation, I learned she had many videos just like this. From this point on, I was hooked, thrifting videos filled my page. I began to get a lot of videos like this in my feed, mainly young women showing thrifted outfits or new styles, which also typically were upcycled clothing items. 

The surge of the aforementioned type of videos presented audiences with a resurgence of old styles, but they all had one thing in common for the most part- and that was the use of recycled/thrifted items, or items from small business owners through sites like Depop. The wave of popularity was swift, and soon more and more creators were showing their thrifted fits to their audiences, large or small. The result of this was teenagers and young adults flocking to thrift stores and online sellers alike, making off with items that aligned with the aesthetic of their choosing. At a glance, this may seem like a great thing- young people going out of their way to purchase goods from sustainable sources rather than funding fast fashion. However, there are pros and cons to this new trend, and they should be considered by consumers. 

Sustainable fashion


luxstorm / Pixabay

Thrifting and buying from small businesses are well-known ways to take a step towards sustainable living. The environmental positives of shopping upcycled are enormous, from lowering emissions from factories by creating less demand to be supplied, to less pollution from runoff into water sources- the impact is clear. This is a sustainable lifestyle, as it is fairly easy to obtain secondhand clothing. 

A Shortage of Affordable Items

Everyone loves a good deal; whether it be on clothing, furniture, food, or anything else a shopper wants, nobody is going to turn down a discount. Thrift stores largely provide affordable clothing, being as it is not new. For a long time, thrifting was more popular amongst those who were unable to afford higher priced items. In the past year, thrifting has become more of a trend than a vital source of clothing for people of lower incomes. With the rise in demand for clothing from thrift stores, the prices have gone up along with it. This has in turn forced those that rely on thrift stores to be boxed out, leaving them with fewer options. 

On top of that, there is the problematic nature of reselling thrifted items. While there is nothing inherently wrong with reselling items on sites like Depop or Etsy, the problem arises when people purchase these goods at an extremely low price, and then resell them at double or triple the original price. This once again prevents those who genuinely rely on cheap clothing to accessing those products. 

Supporting Online Sellers


Mediamodifier / Pixabay

While reselling items with a mark up that makes them unaffordable to the general public is problematic, there are creators that make it worth your while. A lot of people have taken to purchasing cheap clothing, and then altering the item to match their signature brand or style, and then selling it. The work the artists put into the clothing is worth the extra cash, and you are supporting a small business by making those purchases. With sites such as Etsy, Depop, and The Real Real, there are options for anything from streetwear to luxury clothing and accessories.

With concerns about ethical buying and sustainable consumerism at an all time high, it is important to know what options you have as a buyer, and the impact of those options. Old styles from previous decades are making an enormous comeback, so thrifting has been a great way for younger people to get ahold of some older fashion items instead of buying new. It is important to weigh your choices when you make the decision to shop sustainably, and knowing the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision before your purchase any items for your wardrobe. 

Thrifting is a fun way to sustainably amp up your wardrobe, but it’s important to thrift and buy responsibly. During these uncertain times, thrifting and shopping in general have become harder to do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back out there sometime soon!

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A Conversation With a Rising Star, Shiloh Nelson


Shiloh Nelson is an up and coming starlet, most recently featured in Netflix’s original film, “Feel The Beat”.

Cliché: How does it feel to be the star of a hit Netflix movie at such a young age? Is it exciting to know that you will be having such a large role in the movie?

Shiloh:It feels so amazing to be in a Netflix movie! Seeing myself on the poster was such a surreal moment. It had been a goal of mine to be in a Netflix original for a while. I recently said on Instagram that this was my first time being on Netflix and a fan corrected me that two of my movies were on Netflix which I’m glad he did! But it’s a big career move for me to be in a Netflix original.

Shiloh Nelson, image credit to Deidhra Fahey

Cliché: Did you get to work with anyone that you look up to? If so, was it interesting to get to know them personally on set?  

Shiloh: “I had really looked up to Sofia Carson before doing this movie. I had watched her in all of her Descendants movies and her A Cinderella Story film so getting to work with her was such a dream. I learned so much from her and had the best time on set. One time we were doing lines off-camera for one of the girls and the camera separated us and we started singing her song ‘Space Between’ that she sang with Dove Cameron in her Descendants 2 film. I’ve loved that song for forever so that was so much fun! Getting to know her on set I saw what a genuine, kind person she really was which was so special.

Cliché: How does working on a Netflix show differ from working on a movie like “Annabelle” or, “Tomorrowland”?

Shiloh: “Annabelle was a much smaller set due to it being a horror film. This set was definitely much bigger! This was also the longest I’ve ever worked on a film due to the month of dance training before filming which was so much fun!” 

Cliché: Being prominent on TikTok is a really good way to get your name out there and develop a good fan base, do you enjoy having a large TikTok following? And do you feel that it brings you closer to your fans in a fun and interactive way?  

Shiloh: “Absolutely. One of my favorite things is watching the duets that my fans make on Tik Tok. Being able to see their faces watch my videos and see their reactions is priceless. They’ve been making their own Tik Toks acting Ruby’s lines from the movie and tagging me in them which has been so special. As an actor, I make films and videos for the audience so being able to have that interaction with them and that closeness is absolutely incredible.

Cliché: Was it overwhelming to handle all of the opportunities you have been involved with since your role in

Shiloh Nelson, image credit to Deidhra Fahey

“Mom’s Night Out”? And if so, how have you learned to handle the stress that comes with balancing all of your projects, such as youtube and tiktok, and also finding time for fun? 

Shiloh: “It’s really important for me to take one day off over the weekend. Even if I have a lot to do on Monday or a big audition, I still take a day off because it’s so important for me. I have a lot of fun playing computer games with my brothers and friends and baking and making crafts!

Cliché: Did working with Sofia Carson teach you anything new about being an actress? 

Shiloh: “Sofia taught me to always bring my mom to set even when I’m 18 and don’t have to. You always need your mom, even when you’re older. And Sofia brought her mom to set!

Cliché: Is there anything about your character Ruby that you see yourself in? Do you two have anything in common? 

Shiloh: “I so respect how Ruby knows who she is and knows what she isn’t which I wish was a skill I had more of. We’re both optimistic which I love!” 

Cliché: What was your favorite part of the movie to film?

Shiloh: “The really bad dance at the beginning! Before Sofia’s character April teaches the girls how to dance, we go to a competition and the dance is so bad. It was fun because they let us add our quirks and mess-ups and it was so much fun to just be bad and the dance turned out so hilarious.

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What To Wear To Your Socially Distant 4th of July Party


This Fourth of July is not like any most of us have ever experienced. With COVID-19 still a very real threat, how are we supposed to celebrate? Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, says, “Remember that COVID won’t take July 4th weekend off. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Wash hands with soap often. Big July 4 parties — especially indoor ones — are a bad idea. A really bad idea.” on his Twitter, letting his 2.3 million followers know that just because we are being safe, it doesn’t mean we have to forfeit celebrations all together. 

After you have narrowed down the list of who is coming to your Fourth of July social distance bash, you have to decide what to wear. Being as it is the Fourth of July, naturally you gravitate towards the red, white, and blue in your wardrobe- but there’s more you can do to stand out. Here are 3 ways to stand out, from 6 feet away, at your Fourth of July celebration. 

sunflower, summer, yellow

mploscar (CC0), Pixabay

1- Be The Sunshine

While the Fourth typically calls for patriotic garments, it is also a summer event. As an adult, it may feel harder to put together an American flag outfit without it looking childish, so a good way to change it up, while staying in theme, is to throw in some light colors. Instead of a deep red, pick out a pastel pink pair of shorts to go with a white blouse, and add some bright blue accessories such as a wide brim hat or bracelets. Bright yellows are becoming popularized again, so incorporating a sunshiny hue into your outfit is definitely a pro-tip this coming summer. 

virus, mask, coronavirus

cromaconceptovisual (CC0), Pixabay

2- Masks, But Make it Fashion!

Masks are becoming more and more prominent in our day to day fashion and lifestyle. While many have been incorporating masks into fashion for events such as Coachella for years now, the average person is still getting used to wearing them for mundane tasks such as a grocery store run or a trip to the park. While masks can sometimes be a nuisance, it is important that we look at the bright side. Masks can actually enhance your outfit, especially themed outfits. If you are looking for a great way to show your patriotism and still stay safe, you can get a mask that has the American flag on it. If you are looking for something simple to tie in your outfit, a mask of the right color could be the cherry on top you are looking for. 

hat, panama hat, men

NatashaG (CC0), Pixabay

3- Filled to The Brim 

It’s 4:00 p.m. and the sun is beating down hard on your barbecue. You are sweating and it’s hard to see how much margarita mix you’re spilling when the sun is in your eyes. Where do you go from here? The perfect accessory for this year’s summer bashes is a wide brimmed hat. It functions as a means to protect your face, eyes, and head from the sun’s rays, while also being the statement piece of your outfit. Paired with a relatively plain and color blocked outfit such as the aforementioned white blouse with pastel pink shorts, this accessory stands out without creating a busy look of too many pieces put together.

While your Fourth of July look may be important, it is imperative that we all stay safe during these times.

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