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Hayley Orrantia on ‘The Goldbergs’ and Her Music Career


Hayley Orrantia may not have been a household name before starring as Erica Goldberg on The Goldbergs, but she is sure to steal our attention for the next few years while earning a place on many country playlists. Her warm nature and voice are winning over fans from around the world. We were fortunate enough to speak with her about her budding acting and singing career, as well as her upcoming role in the sequel to God’s Not Dead
Cliché: What is it like being on The Goldbergs?
Hayley Orrantia: It’s fun, but it can also be a bit exhausting. I work nearly every day with long hours, but I’m fortunate enough to work with some of the funniest people. I really can’t complain much.
The character of Erica is based off Eric Goldberg, the brother of the show’s creator. How do you feel about playing someone who had their gender flipped for the show? Did it make it hard to try and figure out who Erica is as a person?
It doesn’t really bother me because I wouldn’t have had a job without it. [Laughs] I think the thing about Erica is that she is very loosely based on the real Eric Goldberg. [The writers] have always been very flexible with her characterization. For instance, the fact that Erica sings is something that I suggested because I am a singer outside the show. Everyone was very open to making that happen and building Erica as a separate person from Eric because they had wanted to switch the genders from early on. I personally love playing her. She’s very fun to play.
Have you ever met Eric?
I have. He and his family are so nice. They have been on the set a couple times now.
_MG_6295-EditThe series really took off last year. Did you think it was going to get as big as it did?
I had hopes and have a lot of faith in it. I would personally watch a series like The Goldbergs even if I wasn’t on it. But there is the element of, “Wow, people really resonate with this show.” I see that when I run into people on the street and they say how much they love the show. It’s still not real to me. It takes me a while to realize what they are talking about before it hits me. It’s really a big thing.
Aside from being on the X-Factor, what has been one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
I actually think it may be X-Factor. It was not necessarily stage fright, but going out with the girls I had been grouped with [was challenging since] it wasn’t a natural thing for us to be performing together. It made us all nervous since it was our first time working with each other and we had to perform to such a big audience. It was also the first time I had been critiqued by people that were very well-respected in the industry. That, for me, was the scariest thing I had ever had to deal with.
Since you love to sing, I bet we can expect an album to come out soon. What kind of genre will it be? Do you have any ideas about when it will be coming out?
It will be country-pop. I have already released two of the songs that will appear on the album and a Spanish song. They are “Love Sick,” “Until Then,” and the Spanish version, “Hasta Verte.” I am working on a music video to the song “Gettin’ Back Sunday,” which I’ll release as soon as I am able. I am an independent artist currently. I am not attached to a label, and for me, that has made it a bit of a challenge to put out more original music. It will be a slow progress.
Aside from working on an album, you are set to appear in the sequel to the sleeper hit God’s Not Dead. How do you feel about following up such a big hit that was God’s Not Dead?
I don’t even think that the crew working on the first film knew how big the movie was going to be. Honestly, I hadn’t seen the movie before I got the offer to appear in the second one, so I sat down to watch God’s Not Dead before I agreed to be a part of the sequel. I could see how great a film it was and understood why it had moved so many people. A lot of people I knew were talking to me about how much they loved the film, so, in a way, I felt very pulled to be a part of this project. I am very glad I agreed to it. This is a very different character for me to play and I had never been in an actual movie like that before. Being able to kind of tell the story of what God means in my life was a great thing for me to do.
Can you tell us a little about the sequel?
The movie is mostly about where God stands within our society today and the fact that, in our school systems, it is frowned upon to talk about, or bring up, religion in the classrooms. That is something that I could relate to and was excited to further the conversation. It has an amazing cast and I believe it will do very well.
Do you have a favorite moment from filming?
I think it would have to be when I had to go back to Little Rock, Arkansas for a reshoot. There was a moment in the church where my character comes to the realization that God is real and she wants to follow. I guess you could call it a “coming to Jesus moment.” I don’t know. There was something in the room and the scripted word. There was a point where it stopped being acting for me and I cried. Thankfully, they caught it on camera, and I hope they use it, but it was a very real moment for me. I truly felt that I had connected with God.
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By Brittany Huskey
Hayley Orrantia on ‘The Goldbergs’ and Her Music Career: Photographed by Kevin Thomas Photography

Ryan Newman Proves She is One to Watch


Ryan Newman is more than just a pretty face. She’s a tremendously talented young actress who is quickly winning over the hearts of many. Having worked with iconic Hollywood actors such as Tim Allen and Scott Baio, it’s no wonder Newman has found her way into so many popular TV series and films. From Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, we’re sure she’ll be a cult icon in the years to come.
Cliché: The Thundermans is not the first superhero-themed work you have been in. What is it like taking part in another superhero work that is so different from Zoom?
Ryan Newman: Thundermans has been a completely different experience. Unfortunately, I’m not a superhero on The Thundermans like I was in Zoom.
Ryan30835-0In The Thundermans, you play the character Allison. Can you tell us a bit on how you view her and what kind of person she is?
Allison is a goody two-shoes environmentalist who is very outspoken. She becomes more and more likable as her character and her relationship with Max develop.
Speaking of superbeings, would you be a superhero or villain if given the chance?
A superhero, of course!
Aside from working beside superheros, you have appeared in a lot of comedies. Is it safe to say you enjoy making people laugh?
It would definitely be safe to say that I enjoy making people laugh! I love just being able to entertain people in general and getting to make them laugh is a bonus!
What was Scott Baio like on the set of See Dad Run?
Scott was really great! He is so seasoned and talented that I couldn’t help but learn from him on a daily basis. He’s got a big heart and I appreciate the time I got to spend with him.
Who has been one of your favorite people to work with?
I loved working with Garry Marshall on See Dad Run! He is such a legend and so incredibly warm and loving towards everyone.
What was it like filming Sharknado 3 and how does it feel being a part of a cult classic series?
Sharknado 3 was so different from anything I have ever done. I got to play a completely badass character in a movie where the script changed every five minutes on set. It was so fun and very exciting to be a part of such a cult classic.
What was one of your favorite scenes to film?
I loved filming the rooftop scene where I got to shoot guns and kiss my boyfriend!
What kind of roles are you looking forward to play in the future?
I’m looking forward to doing roles and working on projects that truly inspire and challenge me as an artist.
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-By Brittany Huskey
Ryan Newman Proves She is One to Watch: Photographed by Jared Thomas Kocka Photography

Jen Lilley Interview


We don’t say this lightly: Jen Lilley may be one of the most amazing people you will ever come to know. Not only does she work hard to promote a number of different charities, but she also stars in one of the most popular soap operas on TV, Days of Our Lives. This month, we had to pull her away for her busy life to talk about all her other exciting projects and celebrate Days of Our Lives turning 50.
Jen Lilley by Ben MillerCliché: What does it feel like being on a series that’s been airing for 50 years?
Jen Lilley: It’s definitely overwhelming in the best kind of way. It’s such an iconic show and it’s known around the world. Days of Our Lives is referred to in so many films and TV series, and I can’t help but feel amazing to be a part of it. It makes me feel like I’m a part of history, that I’m a part of something so much larger than myself.
What was it like filming Youthful Daze while working on Days of Our Lives?
Youthful Daze was a series that I did for only one season. I am friends with the creator Bryan James. He had asked me for three years to join the project before I finally agreed. I only worked on it for about four months, which happened to be some of the craziest months of my life. I was working seven days a week for those four months straight. On average, I had to memorize about 60 pages a day.
Was it very stressful flipping between two different projects like that?
It was stressful not because I was going back and forth between both shows, it was just all the pages I had to learn in such a short amount of time. Since they were both soap operas, I had to learn a crazy amount of lines. Just to understand how much goes into filming one episode of a soap compared to a normal series, I once appeared in an episode of Castle. One day, I came to set and everyone seemed a bit stressed, so I asked why. They were like, “It’s going to be such a long day. We have eight pages. This is going to take forever.” So, there I was, a soap opera vet, thinking this is nothing. I’m used to shooting anywhere from a hundred to two hundred pages a day, which means that, on soaps, we probably won’t get a chance to do a second take.
You can imagine how working on two soap operas at once got to be too much for me. I always want to do things with excellence, so it got to a point where I had to give up one of them. It couldn’t be Days of Our Lives because I was under contract and it was a bigger role for me. I unfortunately had to drop Youthful Daze. I think I aged like 10 years and slept like two hours a night during those months.
Jen Lilley by Ben Miller
But although you stopped working on two soap operas, you went to working on films and Days of Our Lives. Was that move a lot easier on you?
Yes, it was. I shot a film during January/February called Hollygrove, which should air on Lifetime around Christmas. I happen to play the lead, Kate Jordin, who is very sweet, charming, lipstick-feminist lawyer. But it was funny when our director, David Jackson, went out for coffee with me to talk about my role as Kate and how we both saw her. He was like, “God, I’ve worked with soap actors before. I’m going to have to teach you how to slow down.” Because in film, you retake a scene so many times, over and over again, the same way. It just takes so much longer to do one scene compared to that of a soap opera.
Can you tell us a little about your character and her love interest? I heard that he’s unavailable. Can you explain what that means?
So, the story centers around Kate, the sassy lawyer who goes to this old mansion/bed and breakfast that is said to be haunted by the founder’s ghost, a man named Daniel (Thomas Beaudoin). So, he’s a bit unavailable because he is dead. [laughs] It’s a love story that transcends time as they work together to break a curse that he is under. Oh, Daniel is also in love with a ghost named Lily. Which is funny because her real name is Kate and my character’s name is Kate while my last name is Lilley. You can just picture what it was like when people tried calling our names. It was a bit confusing at times.
Hollygrove is really one of those things that is hard to define. It’s really its own thing. It is very much a fairy tale kind of story rather than anything scary or weird. It’s romantic and funny, yet mysterious and gritty.  It’s such a great story!
What was it like becoming a character that falls in love with someone who’s dead?
Not that hard. There are times in your life where you go through that kind of love where you meet the right person, but the timing couldn’t be more wrong and a bit of tragedy that goes along with that. I think that every girl has gone through that kind of love at least once in her life, where they find the perfect guy and it isn’t the right time. My character, Kate, finds the humor in it. Like, “Of course my perfect guy is dead! That is so my luck!”
And it was just our luck to have been able to spend some time with such an amazing person. Lilley tells us that she also recently appeared in the film Crossing Streets, which focuses on the Straight Street program and donates all earns to charity. This was one of the many reasons Lilley attached herself to the project. While Lilley loves to support as many charities as she can, her main advice to those looking to help is to do your research and find out how much of your money truly goes to the cause.
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Jen Lilley Interview: Photographer: Ben Miller, Stylist: Franzy Staedter, Hair: Ksenia Kim, Makeup: Adina Sullivan 

Byron Mann Interview


It is hardly a surprise that Byron Mann has found himself in another cult classic; he has been in Street Fighter, Dark Angel, Arrow, and so much more. When we asked about how he felt about being a part of so many beloved shows, he stated, “You just never know how a series will turn out. You never know when you’re [filming] it that it will become such a big hit.”
In fact, he says a lot of the things that he has done were just like that. “Like when I was working on Dark Angel,” he continued. “Jessica Alba was like a 19-year-old kid that no one knew yet. No one knew that it was going to be a cult favorite. And in my opinion, I think it’s the best environment to work in, because there’s no pressure. You’re just focusing on creating something good.”
While Hell on Wheels already had a cult following when he joined, he feels fortunate enough to have come onto the show fresh without much pressure. Below, he tells us more.
Cliché: How does it feel being in a western drama?
Byron Mann: I have never done a western series before, so it is all slightly new to me. We have a town called Truckee that they built up in Calgary. Everyone is dressed up as though we are in 1866 and it’s not like anything that I have ever done before. It’s a nice change for me.
You have been on so many great films and television shows. What is one of the roles people ask you about the most?
Street Fighter, no kidding. I don’t know if you have ever played the Street Fighter game before, because I haven’t. When we were making the movie, it was the first video game to become a live action film. In fact, I hadn’t even realized that it was a video game until we got closer to filming. So, it was one of those things where there was no real pressure. We were just trying to create a good movie, and it may not have come out great, but it was an entertaining movie. So through the years, especially the last four, people have been asking for interviews about Street Fighter. It’s become this cult favorite, for whatever reason. It’s very perplexing to me.
While you are known for your action roles, you have done a number of psychological/thriller driven features, such as Jasmine. How do you like working on those kinds of films?
It doesn’t really matter to me much what genre I do. I just look for good stories and hopefully good directors, and in the case of television, it’s good producers. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what genre I do. It could be comedy, action, or thriller. All that matters is that the script is well-written.
Since you have done so much work in television and movies, can you tell us what has been one of your favorite moments on the set?
Hell on Wheels is probably one of them. I remember the first day on the set, I had to shoot in the saloon. It’s my first scene and I get to play poker with Anson Mount (who plays Cullen Bohannan). In the scene, I have to quote King Lear from Shakespeare. This is my first day and it was all so surreal. I had never expected myself to be on a western set in 1868, quoting Shakespeare while playing poker and drinking gin.
Another memorable moment for me had to be when I was filming The Man with the Iron Fists. That was directed by RZA. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu were in it. I remember being in China with all those people on set and seeing these names appearing in the title credits and thinking, “Wow, I got to work with all these people.”
You are also in the movie The Big Short, which has a limited theatrical release on December 11, followed by a nationwide theatrical release on December 23. Can you tell us what it was like working with Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and so many great actors in one film?
Most of my scenes are with Steve Carell, and Adam Mckay is the director. He has done Anchorman, Anchorman 2, and Stepbrothers, so it was a fun, improvisational set. The film deals with a heavy subject matter—the prime mortgage crisis of 2008—but it was done with a little comedic touch to it. I’m really looking forward to it coming out.
Hell on Wheels may be coming to an end next summer, but Byron Mann isn’t feeling the heat. Instead of feeling pressure or stressed, he says that filming the final season is a lot like Christmas. When asked if it was a bittersweet experience to enter the series in its last season, he said, “It’s a Christmas gift and a Christmas ride in the sense that it’s really fantastic writing, has fantastic actors, directors, and producers. I get to play an amazing character and I get to do this for the whole season. So, it’s not bittersweet at all. It’s all sweet.”
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Byron Mann Interview: Photographed by Alex Law

Jocko Sims Interview


If you don’t know who Jocko Sims is, you really should look him up. He’s appeared in some of television’s finest dramas, such as Cold Case, The Shield, Crash, Masters of Sex, and now, The Last Ship. He’s worked with some of the greatest actors on the small and big screen, and he is a captivating actor who can seamlessly dive into any role, no matter how different they may be from each other. We managed to steal away some of Sims’ time to talk about The Last Ship, the series that sets a new standard for viral outbreaks and military believability, and get some insight into some of his other work.
Cliché: With your character Lt. Carlton Burk in The Last Ship having gone from a recurring character to a main one, will we get to find out more about his past during this season?
Jocko Sims: What I can tell you about Burk this season is that you will definitely see another side of him—a “softer” side, as in comes a young lady who captures his interest.  
How did it feel going from a show like Masters of Sex to The Last Ship?
I loved playing Robert on Masters of Sex, as he is a very detailed, complicated character. I had a lot of material I could dive into. I found transitioning into Burk for season 2 of The Last Ship extremely enjoyable. It was cool jumping into the role of a tough guy who kills bad guys and becomes a hero. I get the best of both worlds!
Would you say he has been your favorite role to play thus far?
Yes. By far, Burk is in my top three favorite roles, or jobs, that I’ve had. It’s so far out from other roles that I’ve played, and I get to perform stunts. It’s the best job in the world.
Jocko SimsWhat about landing a role as a crazed, psycho killer? Is that a role you would like to tackle someday?
I’d welcome a role like that with open arms! I’ve always wanted to play “the bad guy” in a film. I want to know what it’s like to tap into that sort of character.
In March, the film Petting Zoo came out, which focused on a teen pregnancy in the South of Texas. What about the story drew you to want to be a part of such a weighty topic?
The thing that attracted me the most to that film was its setting—San Antonio, TX—the city I grew up in. The high school that the main character attends is a real school in the same district that mine was in. When I just so happened to read the script, I reached out to the director to ask her if I could play the counselor in the film… and I was very happy she said yes!
Will you be returning to sci-fi movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes anytime soon?
I would love to. The thing about sci-fi fans is that they ride with you for life. I shot a film with Holt McCallany called White Space, which is basically Moby-Dick in outer space. That should be out next year. It was so much fun.
Lastly, any clues as to what will happen this season on The Last Ship? Will all the fan-favorite characters make it to the end?
We’ll be getting some fresh new talent coming on this season, which we’re excited about. We also have a new enemy who is a threat to us and the nation… and perhaps the world. And lastly, much like Game of Thrones, on The Last Ship… no one is safe.
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All photos were taken by Diana Ragland. Jocko Sims Interview originally appear in Cliche’s Spe/Aug 2015 issues as “Out Of This World”

Alicia Sanz Interview


Alicia Sanz was born to be an actress, which may be why she can’t recall ever wanting to do anything else. She’s been performing since she was a little girl and has been in a number of wonderful Spanish films and TV series. Recently, she packed her bags and readied herself to make her US debut in the cult classic turned TV series From Dusk Till Dawn. We were able to pin down this amazing actress to discuss a bit about her past, future, and what will become of her character, Paloma.
Cliché: Since you’ve been acting from at least the age of 8, have you ever imagined yourself doing something else, or did you always know acting was the only thing you wanted to do?
Alicia Sanz: Ever since I was very little, I imagined myself inside of the TV. That’s how I would describe it to my mom. I started going to dance classes at a very young age, then acting and singing. I’ve always gravitated toward the arts, but after graduating from high school, my parents wanted me to get a “serious degree,” so I chose to major in economy in college. I only lasted six months though and made the decision to become an actress. This was going to be my “serious degree” since it has always been my path. I’ve never had a plan B. I know it’s risky, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and stick with what your instincts tell you.
Alicia SanzWhat was it like going from a Spanish drama to an American horror series?
From Dusk Till Dawn is my first American series, but thankfully, it has a Hispanic element, so I was able to take a bit from what I already know and put a new twist on it, especially going into a horror genre. Speaking in English was of course different, as well as the location where we shot the series (Austin, TX), but it was fun to play such a different character than those I’ve done in the past.
Was From Dusk Till Dawn a big change from what you’ve done in the past?
I’ve done horror before in Spain. I was in a film called Afterparty where I had a scene in which I had to do a stunt and there was blood and all of that, but this is my first project with so many stunts and where “supernatural” characters are heavily involved. It was definitely a different world—one only Robert Rodriguez could have made happen.
What was one of your favorite scenes to film?
I really enjoyed the scenes where I was very vulnerable, but at the same time I had to be strong in front of the other characters. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it shows different dimensions to the character I played, Paloma, and I think most people can relate to feeling this way.
Do you think you’d make a good vampire if you got turned into one?
You mean a “Culebra”? [laughs] Yes, I think I’d make a good one in real life. I can be feisty and assertive. I guess you’ll have to watch the show and see what happens to Paloma!
How do you unwind for the day?
I’m very active and like to keep busy with different activities. I like to go hiking and running. My apartment building has a pool where I’m able to relax, read scripts, and have friends over. I also love watching movies and having dinner with friends. I have a big group of international friends and have been trying to put together a dinner where they each bring a dish from their country. I think that’d be a fun thing to do!
What are your plans for the future?
I just made the big move to L.A. so I could focus on my career here, while still going back home whenever possible, but I hope to have some awesome projects to tell you about soon. In the meantime, I plan to keep working hard and travel as often as I can.
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Alicia Sanz Interview: Photos are courtesy of Oscar Garcia

Cody Saintgnue Interview


While vampires have been the center of attention for the past few years, MTV’s Teen Wolf proves that every dog has his day and that werewolves are still one of the most fearsome, sexy beasts alive. A great case in point is Cody Saintgnue. He is sinking his teeth into the hearts of fans, including the writers, as Teen Wolf’s Brett Talbot. It is thanks to this love that Brett was able to keep his head past his first appearance (“Brett was supposed to have an early expiration on the show!” Saintgnue admitted) and take all kinds of names as he fights with his packmates against all threats, no matter how deadly.
“[Playing Brett has been] very surreal,” Saintgnue said. “I always thought playing a supernatural character would be loads of fun… and it has indeed been that way!”
_DSC9877-Edit-Edit-2When asked which creature he’d most like to battle, Saintgnue answered in true badass form: with a kanima. For those who aren’t sure what that is, a kanima is basically a genetic mutation of the were-genre. Due to mental factures, a person bitten by a were-being may transform into a were-beast, or something much worse: a humanoid reptile-like creature with strength past that of an alpha wolf and a thirst to kill whoever his or her master wishes. Since Saintgnue’s character, Brett, is a beta wolf, this means this epic battle may be a bit one-sided, but would still be worth tuning in for. Can you imagine what he’d have to do to win that fight?
Saintgnue goes on to say that Brett is an amazingly loyal person who deeply cares for others, and this is a quality he can relate to very much. “I feel like Brett can be trusted,” said Saintgnue. “I think he’ll always be a loyal member of his environment. He’s like the reluctant hero, if you will.”
Much like Brett, Saintgnue strives to make sure that others know their importance and wants to make the world a better place for his fellow mankind. However, the wonderful elements of his personality definitely clash with some of the series/films he has been in, such as Preservation, Criminal Minds, and All Cheerleaders Die, all of which strongly focus on the darker side of human nature. It does make one wonder if he enjoys that type of genre more than lighthearted features. When we asked, he stated that, “I, for whatever reason, do resonate more to the darker, edgier styles of filmmaking, but I equally enjoy taking on the more lighthearted roles. I love making people laugh. I guess I just love entertaining.”
In addition to his role on Teen Wolf, Saintgnue is also working on a few short films that he is set to produce and act in. He even has some short films in production with Max Decker over at MD Studios. Hopefully one of these upcoming projects will let us see the funny guy behind all that fur and sharp teeth!
If you have ever wondered how Brett would fair in the mob world, you’ll kind of get your answer. In 2016, Saintgnue will appear as a hitman in the film The Mafia Ain’t Dead, written and directed by Richard Emmanuilidis. Saintgnue describes his character, Nino Staiano, as “a tough kid from the streets” with “a bit of a gambling problem” who helps Joey Brusco, a down and out boxer, resurrect their own mafia to prove to the public that the mob scene isn’t gone. Greed, deception, and murder ensue.
“I guess the only thing that could be considered the same is the loyalty factor,” said Saintgnue when we asked him about the similarities between the film and Teen Wolf. “The mob is very much like a ‘pack’ and loyalty is key. But other than that, it’s going to be a whole other playing field.” In the meantime, be sure to tune in to Teen Wolf to see how long our beloved Brett can keep his head on his shoulders.
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Cody Saintgnue Interview: Photographed by Kyle Ledeboer

Dark Places Review


As most people know, since it was stated in every summary and trailer of the film, Dark Places comes from the same writer that brought us Gone Girl, both the film and novel. And while Gillian Flynn wrote both novels that were turned into films, Dark Places doesn’t end with a total head trip. (I mean this as a good thing.) This may have dealt with how different the themes were within the two works. Gone Girl was about marriage, while Dark Places centered around family. Let me rewind for a moment before I talk about the ending and how it took home the film’s core theme.
Spoilers Ahead!
The story takes place 25 years after, Libby Day’s, played by Charlize Theron, sisters and mother were murdered one night when she was eight. Her older brother Ben Day, played Corey Stoll, was charged for the deaths and sentenced to life in prison. Although it becomes clear that the case against him was shaky, he has never even tried to appeal for a new trial, something Libby thinks is a sure sign he’s guilty.
In flashbacks, we see the day before the murder of the Day family and the events that lead to it. Ben is into some weird stuff, accused of child rape because of satanism, and his girlfriend says she is pregnant with his baby. Mom is poor, about to lose the family farm, finds out that her son is accused of raping children, and later finds baby clothes in her son’s room, which she burns in horror. MV5BMTg3MzY3MTYzOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODcwOTEwNjE@._V1__SX1303_SY571_
Meanwhile, in the present day Libby is broke and desperate enough for money that she lets a group called the Kill Club — no idea who thought that was a good name — pay her to help them prove her brother is innocent. While she at first believes wholeheartedly that her brother killed her family, she goes on a quest to find the truth and lay this issue to rest. The KIll Club treasurer, played by Nicholas Hoult and who never seems to have normal friends in his roles, pushes Libby to find answers, because he believes her brother didn’t kill anyone.
A small side story is the Kill Club’s quest to find a serial killer dubbed “The Angel of Debt,” who helps financially down people kill themselves in ways that look like accidents or home invasions. One or two lines are spent on this early in the film, and it’s left rather untouched until close to the end.
There are a couple twists and turns that take us to the ending of the film where mother and son see the true meaning of what it means to sacrifice for the ones they love, particularly  their children. Ben is innocent of killing his family but goes to jail for nearly 30 years to protect a child he’s never met and the woman that gave birth to her. The mom in debt lets herself die in order for her children to collect her life insurance, never knowing that two of her daughters would also die that night. Libby learns to forgive her brother for lying about the death of her family, herself for lying when she said she saw her brother kill them, and her mom for letting it all happen. In the end, she’s able to finally let go and move on, to live a life rather than let herself stay trapped in that day.
Dark PlacesFinal Thoughts and Overview!
This film is everything right with a Lifetime movie without all the clichés that ruin most Lifetime films. What does that mean? Well, it means that the film shows strong females  overcoming horrible events without the male bashing that sometimes comes with strong female films. Here, we have nasty women and horrible men, both are liars. We also have great, smart females that try their best to solve their own problems by themselves and men that want to do the right thing without looking stupid. No one is perfect and no one tries to be. Dark Places will never make you wonder about the family next door or shock you like Gone Girl, but it is a worth the hour viewing. I rate it a good 7 out of 10.

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Ant-Man Review


Ant-Man may be Marvel’s smallest new hero, but that didn’t take away from his first appearance in the Cinematic Universe. There’s many ways the film worked and further built up the story of the other movies, yet stayed an enjoyable solo piece. For those who never saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which takes place before the events of Ant-Man, you can still watch this film and not get lost. If you have seen Ultron, this film nods to the previous movie in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced.
Why this film worked better than Iron Man 3:
Ant-Man took the time to answer why no one wanted to call in the Avengers in a way that was reasonable. Because let’s face it, when you have over five superheroes on speed dial and none of them bother to stop by after your home is publicly bombed, there’s some issues that need to be addressed. Ant-Man clearly explains why the Avengers won’t be called, showed the Avengers at work, and that they didn’t just ignore something as major as a building blowing up. They in fact look into things and have a brain.


Ant-Man (Scott) training to use the suit .

Why those who may not have enjoyed other Marvel films will enjoy this one:
The short answer is that Ant-Man isn’t like most Marvel films. Just as Guardians of the Galaxy broke away from the Marvel’s set cinematic model, Ant-Man does too. Guardians was a pure sci-fi flick that happened to have superheros and villains in it. Ant-Man is the Ocean Eleven of Marvel. It’s all about setting up for the heist with a colorful cast of rogues, with most of the team being felons. Instead of a gun fight, you have an epic battle between a guy dressed like an ant and a guy dressed like a yellowjacket.

A look at the Ant-Man Yellow Jacket Suit

Also, Ant-Man is a much more humorous film compared to the majority of its sister films — a welcome change of pace from Iron Man’s self reflections on his life while continuing to be a wealthy jerk, Captain America’s struggle to find his place in the world, and Thor’s messed up family life. Scott (Ant-Man) just wants to be the hero his daughter believes he is, which is very honest and true for most parents/families. These feel like real people with real struggles in life that your friends and loved ones deal with.
So, go out and see this movie. It’s funny, and it adds to Marvel’s wider story without getting lost in it. Even if you haven’t seen Marvel films in the past, or are sick of superhero films, you’ll enjoy this one.
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Anna Sargeant Interivew


Anna Sargeant may not be a very well-known young actress, but that doesn’t mean she’s one to overlook. In fact, the 22-year-old could play a young Maria Hill from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe if they want to explore the character’s past. She already has the heart of a true adventurer and clever nature. We spoke to her about her future goals and some of her past works, including her role in Beyond Sherwood Forest and an appearance in 50 Shades of Grey.
Cliché: What was it like playing a young Maid Marian in Beyond Sherwood Forest back in 2009? Where you a fan of Robin Hood?
Anna Sargeant: Yeah, I am a big fan of that genre, more so than just him. It was really cool to be a part of a story that I knew as a kid and to be a part of a historical piece. I just loved working with the costumes that we had. I got to try on all these different kinds of historical gowns. When we were filming in the forest, it felt like we were back in time. That had to be my favorite thing about shooting. It was really fun. As far as costumes, it was my favorite project to work on. It was the only historical piece I have done so far, and I loved it so much.
What are you hoping to do more of? Would it be more fantasy work?
I would definitely love to do more fantasy. I am actually big into a lot of the science-fiction shows that are going on, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and all the different Marvel movies. I think it would be fantastic to play a superhero or someone with supernatural abilities.
Would you rather play a hero or a villain?
It would be pretty cool to play a villain. I guess as far as what kind of superhero, or villain, I would like to be someone with ultimate knowledge or someone like Lucy from [2014’s] Lucy. I love how she was able to do all these crazy things with her mind. Just being able to do something like Chronicle, where I could fly and control things with my mind, would be amazing, too.
Anna Sargeant Photographed by Simon Harrington
What was it like being in 50 Shades of Grey?
It was a great experience. It was pretty surreal. When I heard they were making the books into a film, it never crossed my mind that I would be a part of that. I thought that was kind of crazy that they were doing that, and it was probably about a year before they started production, so I hadn’t a clue I would be in it.
Then, I got a call for an audition. I hadn’t known at the time that it was for 50 Shades because of how tight security was. It was under a codename. I didn’t know what it really was until after I had been cast. It was just so surreal believing that I was going to be in a movie that people were eagerly waiting for and that had all this hype around it. On top of that, I got to work with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. They are two really great actors. They are the biggest actors I have worked with so far. It was pretty amazing.
Had you been a fan of the series before you were in it?
No, I hadn’t read the books yet. I had thought about reading them when I got the part. It’s just not my cup of tea, but my mom is a really big fan of the series. There was one summer where she got a hold of all the books, and she just devoured them. She was trying to hide what she was reading, but I was like, “I totally know what you’re reading.” [laughs] She was really excited when we found out what I was in. She’s the big 50 Shades fan of the family, but I’m definitely going to see the next two films when they come out.
With all the traveling you do, a ton of wild things have happened to you, such as being attacked by a monkey. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Being scratched by a monkey and needing emergency rabies shots is up there. But I’ve also missed flights and had to sleep on airport floors multiple times. Getting caught in a rainstorm on the back of a motorbike in Indonesia was pretty wild, especially driving amongst the locals there. It’s all bumper to bumper and no road rules.
Another animal-related experience happened when I was swimming in a bay in Australia, and I spotted two sea lions playing in the waves by some rocks. Being the animal lover I am, I swam over to them, and we just watched each other for about 15 minutes. They let me get within a couple arm’s length of them. Little did I know this was extremely dangerous for two reasons: the first being a general rule of thumb in Australia that where there are seals, there are sharks, and the second is that sea lions can actually be quite aggressive. I was lucky. If they had young with them, I most likely would’ve been attacked, and they have very sharp teeth.

Later this year, Sargeant will be appearing in an Australian web-series that centers around an elderly man suffering with dementia as he tries to hold on to his memories. Sargeant plays a student, whose name is also Anna, who comes to the nursing home he’s in due to a career placement program. She says, “It was a great experience to be a part of the project since it brings awareness to those who currently suffer with the condition. It was a bit personal for me since a close friend of mine’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago. It’s been tough to see her struggle through that, and so I was happy to be a part of a project like this that tells her family’s story and so many more.”
It seems that Sargeant truly captures the adventurous, brave, and kind spirit of Maid Marian in her personal life, too.
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Anna Sargeant Interview: Photographed by Simon Harrington

Connor Weil Interview


In case you’ve been living under a rock, MTV’s television series Scream will be gracing our screens, and it is everything we have been waiting for. Fans of the film series will love that MTV is keeping the tongue-and-cheek humor as well as the self-awareness that made the series a hit. Plus, Wes Craven is one of the producers, as well as Marianne Maddalena (who worked on all the Scream films), Cathy Konrad (who has worked on Scream 1-3) and Jill Blotevogel (TV series Harper’s Island). The question is: will you be ready for all that blood? We felt we were ready after speaking with Scream’s handsome Connor Weil.
If you don’t know who he is, you will before the end of summer. Weil’s character, Will Belmont, is the son of a farmer and star basketball player in his school. Will is also the boyfriend of Emma Duvall, played by lead actress Willa Fitzgerald. Everyone thinks he has a bright future ahead of him and wants the best for him. He may be playing the “jock” of the group, but that doesn’t mean his character is going to be a bad guy… or does it? Could Will be our new Ghostface? Or could it be someone else lurking in the shadows? Weil is the definition of sweet, kind, and fun to talk to. I have a hard time thinking he could play a cold-blooded killer, as he’s such a sweetheart, but you never know with Scream. They have made some interesting choices for killers in the past, such as Scream 4.

Connor Weil of MTV Scream

As a lover of all things horror, I will admit that I looked upon the idea of a slasher television series with a bit of wonder. I had a lot of questions on how they could make it work and where they would take a show based on such a well-known movie franchise. Having been a huge fan of Harper’s Island, I knew that a slasher series could work. Sure, most of the cast may be killed off as the series goes on, but that doesn’t mean you’ll know the killer any sooner than most of characters that are left. I truly believe Weil when he says, “I don’t think you’ll figure out who the killer is, even towards the end. It’s going to be a real ride.”
What else did Weil have to say about the new series? Quite a bit, really. He seemed to be in love with the show even more than I am; although, to be fair, he has seen the script, and I have only seen the trailer. In fact, he says that the fandom is part of the reason why he loves working on Scream. While others would worry that all this hype would put a lot of pressure on the cast and crew, Weil disagreed. “All the love and the support is amazing. It has upped our game. It’s made us all want to put forth the best we can give, and I think the series will be really good because of that.”
He went on to add, “I think people are really going to love the relationships of the characters a lot. Everyone loves working with each other, and we have a lot of fun. I think you can really see and feel the bond that we have with each other. People are really going to feel for the characters as the show goes on.”
With how much love and respect Weil has for the series, it was shocking to hear that he was new to the Scream franchise and the horror genre. He was more of a comedy person and his past work reflected a love for lighthearted projects, not the rivers of blood slasher fans crave. As it so happened, he had only recently fallen in love with the film series before finding out that a television adaptation was being made. “It’s amazing seeing how much goes into horror movies/shows. It really adds to the reasons why I’ve grown to enjoy it. It’s such a blast. I would love to work on more in the future, as well as comedy. In fact, I would love to do stuff that combines the two more. I think that would be amazing.”
With many great talents working on the latest Scream installment, the series is sure to be a must-see for true fans of the franchise, and the trailer promises that it will “be headed” in the right direction (pun intended). Scream premieres June 30th on MTV.
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Connor Weil Interview: Photographed by Bobby Quillard

New Series Line Up


It’s that time of year again where we get a sneak peek at the new shows that will be hitting our television sets. Some look good, some look awful, and some are ify. Here is a breakdown of some of the new series out this year.
First up to bat is the Muppet Show on ABC. Yes, we all knew that the show had been coming for some time. What we didn’t know was what kind of style it would be going for. Would it be like the old series? Would it be something different? Would it cater to children or be in the middle so that both adults and kids could watch the show? I don’t think anyone alive thought the series would feature a new pig girlfriend for our favorite frog while being a parody of reality TV. I’ll get my popcorn ready for the pig-on-pig throw-down that is sure to come out of this.


Fox’s New series Scream Queen ad

Fox’s Scream Queens: The series that focuses on a sorority that is being killed off by a masked figure. The girls must look into their past to find out why this red devil is out for their blood. While there may be countless great horror queens in this show, it hardly seems interesting to me. I wasn’t a fan of Black Christmas, Sorority Row 1 and 2, and other slasher films based on sorority life. I doubt I’ll be a fan of this, but if you’re into that genre of horror clichés, this is the series for you.
NBC’s Blindspot centers on a tattooed woman being found in a bag in the middle of the street with no memories of who she is or where she came from. Her tattoos are clues needed to stop crimes from happening as she and the FBI agent working with her try to figure out who she is and why she was sent to him. Also, she’s like a female Jason Bourne. She reads/speaks different languages, and can fight Matrix-style if she wanted to.
Minority Report has been made into a TV series, and it looks amazing. It will be set about 10 years after the film. It will focus on a male precog, a being that could see elements of future crimes but never the whole picture, as he helps a female cop save lives with his visions. What makes this series worth watching is that it’s set in the same world as the movie, which offered great insight into its own unique criminal world. There was removal of eyes, interesting weapons, and so on. Minority Report will have all these great toys to use and chances to focus on criminals we haven’t even dreamed about for this new world. It will air on Fox, so if you like it, watch religiously, because Fox is known to cancel a good series (Firefly, Arrested Development…) before it even has a chance to gain a footing.

CW’s new series Containment banner as seen on their official Facebook site.

For those that enjoy a good viral outbreak, there’s the CW’s Containment to look forward to. Not only is this a series about the struggle for survival, but it deals with a city on lock-down. Unlike Under the Dome, this series will look at both those inside the lock-down zone and outside of it as they struggle to deal with the virus that has no cure or survivors. Oh, and the virus seems to be passed by touch, something most humans do everyday without thinking. So, this is going to be one of those interesting shows that force you to rethink your life a bit.
NBC’s Heartbreaker focuses on a female heart surgeon, which is awesome, because there aren’t many female heart surgeons out there, both in fiction and real life. She’s strong, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and reminds me a bit of House. She’ll break the rules if needed to save lives, but she’s not a bitter, broken person. It promises to be a very powerful series. In fact, the trailer made me tear up at the end. This is a must-see for all those who love medical dramas.

ABC’s new series the Catch Banner as seen on the official Facebook page

ABC’s The Catch comes from the same woman that gave us Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. The woman that chases down con artists and thieves finds out that the man she was going to marry has been conning her the whole time. He’s taken all her money and played her for a fool. Now this woman scorned is done playing nice and ready to get even.
NBC’s The Player  isn’t about a man sleeping with a bunch of women or any kind of rom-com. This is an action show about a guy that becomes part of a trio who gamble on crime. Wealthy people bet on if the “player,” played by Philip Winchester, can stop a given criminal. The “dealer” is tasked with aiding the player in his game. Bonus: Wesley Snipes will play the pit-boss and he looks as amazing as ever.
But if you’re looking for a comedy, NBC has People are Talking. This little comedy is about two couples from different backgrounds as they go through the struggles of life. In the opening episode, one couple hires a hot nanny who may or may not have been a porn star and deals with the awkwardness of that issue.
Fox’s Grandfathered features John Stamos as a playboy, restaurant owner who finds out he has a son (Josh Peck) and a granddaughter one day. This turns his whole life upside down, as he learns to be a father and grandfather and struggles to keep his old lifestyle, while helping his new family through life.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Banner as seen on the sites Facebook page.

CW’s new series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pretty much speaks for itself. A woman (Rachel Bloom) sees Josh, the love of her life and her ex-boyfriend from a summer camp she went to 10 years prior, and packs up her things to move to another state, because that’s where he was moving. She has her heart set on winning him back, girlfriend or not, and has a habit of singing her thoughts/feelings. Score.
The Flash and Green Arrow create a team of superheroes to help save the world in CW’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Members of the team include, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, White Canary (formerly Black Canary), The Atom, Captain Cold and Heatwave (Yes, those bad guys are possible good guys now)  join forces to stop Savage with the help of a time traveling brit. They will travel through time, not space (this isn’t Doctor Who), to stop Savage’s evil throughout history.
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