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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


After the failure of their first spin-off, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, it seemed unlikely that Criminal Minds would try to produce another series. While CMSB had been a decent series, it received low ratings in 2011 and was cancelled after 13 episodes. The series ended on a cliffhanger that was never addressed in the main ...

Idara Victor Interview


Idara Victor may be best known for performing in period pieces, both on and off screen, but that’s only one side of her. She’s a wonder to watch and truly engaging in everything she does, such as her Broadway performance in Les Miserables. She’s the kind of woman that can make you laugh, cry, and ...

Age of Adaline Review


The film Age of Adaline is a new take on an old tale of a woman who is closed off and unable to let others in; however, in this case, Adaline has stayed twenty-nine years old for over seventy years. Due to her unusual ability to stay young, over time she cuts herself off more and more ...

Sarah Jones Interview


Many crime/sci-fi fans will remember Sarah Jones from Alcatraz. It may have lasted only one season, but she proved herself an amazing leading lady. There was a reason why the real Alcatraz had to put up signs warning visitors that the island was nothing like the television series, and we like to think that Jones ...

Cinderella Review


Has the bell finally stroke for our dear Cinderella? Have we outgrown this classic tale as old as time? Is it time for Cinderella to put away her glass slippers and fade into the background? In short, does Cinderella still work in our “girls should fight for themselves” age? Cinderella has just been released into theaters ...

Mark Ghanime Interview


Mark Ghanime, a.k.a the dreamy Major Sergio Balleseros from Syfy’s Helix, had viewers on the edge of their seats this past season as we wondered whether he was bad or good, and, let’s be honest, if we’d get to see him shirtless again. But after a big explosion at the end of season one, we ...

Why Ant-Man Matters


With a number of white male heroes gracing the screen, many have asked why Ant-Man matters enough to give him his own movie. Black Widow isn’t getting a film, and the Black Panther movie has been pushed back (due to the Spider-Man/Sony deal). I mean Ant-Man isn’t going to be the creator of Ultron, an ...

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