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Misha Vaidya Interview


22Misha Vaidya is bringing storybook fashions to New York with her line By Misha. The London native focuses on sophisticated elegance with her “Eloquence” collection. Inspired by classic beauties such as Audrey Hepburn and Florence Nightingale, Vaidya’s collection exudes femininity and strength. She juxtaposes flowing dresses with tailored blazers for the perfect balance, ideal for the confident woman. Cliché caught up with the international designer to talk about her newest collection and what we can expect to see from her in the future.

Cliché: What influenced you into becoming a fashion designer?
Misha Vaidya: My love affair with fashion, drawing, and anything creative started when I was a very little girl. Having been born and brought up in London, I was fortunate enough to have a rich diversity of arts on my doorstep. In hopes of making this dream a reality, I started exploring styles, examining history and expressing my passion through illustrations, paintings, stories, and crafts.

What is the aesthetic of By Misha?
Understated grace with an unexpected twist! Many people want to fit in, but By Misha is for those who want to stand out. Feminine, sensual fabrics, subtle textures, and flawless detailing define the By Misha brand, which prides itself on creating effortless combinations of modern sophistication and timeless elegance.

What was the inspiration behind the “Eloquence” collection?
Beauty and persuasion, not only in speech, but as a lifestyle. The By Misha style is generally very architectural, with a sweet, dreamy twist. “Eloquence” stays true to that aesthetic, but has a much more minimal, refined feel. With a focus on assertiveness, the collection features more work-to-weekend wonders than normal and highlights the beauty of neutrals at all times of day.

6If you could choose one old Hollywood starlet to dress, who would it be and why?
This one’s easy! Audrey Hepburn. Not only is she recognized as a fashion icon, film legend, and one of the most beautiful women of all time, but she’s also equally well known for her amazing humanitarian work in disadvantaged communities. Her strength, confidence, and personality fits in perfectly with what By Misha stands for. Hepburn is an absolute inspiration, so much so, that one of our “Eloquence” dresses is named after her!

You were born and raised in London, educated in Miami, and your company is based in New York. Each city has its own unique style. How do you incorporate those influences in your collections?
Themes of nature, exploration, tradition, and dreams are integral to my last five collections. I try to incorporate all these concepts into the brand, even if very subtly. I feel like I’m very lucky to have been able to experience three amazing cities with such different qualities, which help me to appreciate the intricate details that we’re surrounded by. From historically renowned architecture and pioneer trends in London, beautiful backdrops in Miami, to the dream chasing of New York, I’ve been provided with the perfect creative playground.

Which trends are you excited to embrace this winter?
When designing, I gravitate towards standards of simple elegance where prettiness trumps quirkiness, and above all, the philosophy of not conforming to trends. Although trends are an integral part of fashion, I think there is always space for a classic silhouette, especially when you throw a dash of mischief into the mix.

Can we expect to see you in NYFW or LFW this season?
I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to showcase four collections at New York Fashion Week, and two at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Since London is “home,” it is definitely on the horizon, as is another NYFW next season! Showing is nothing short of a dream come true. From the sounds of hairsprays and clicks of cameras, the air of excitement and anticipation, to the chatter of guests, zooms of lenses and richness of smiles, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Where do you hope to see By Misha in the next few years?
My goal is to expand, further bringing the fairytale to life. Expansion would be seeing the By Misha brand reach more people, in a variety of markets. It gives me a real sense of achievement to share my dream with others.


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Misha Vaidya Interview: Photography: Vlad Lafontant, Hair: Aaron Grenia, Makeup: Michelle Elizabeth, Model: Lindsey C. @ APM Models

Charity Nyirongo Interview


photo 3Mo Creations and Couture is the covetable fashion company created by Zambian designer Charity Nyirongo. Nyirongo fuses the vivid colors and bold prints of her culture with a Westernized flair. She is one of the countries most qualified with her appeal to the global market. Cliché caught up with the talented designer to learn more about her collection and upcoming appearance in Africa-Malaysia Fashion Week.

Cliché: Was fashion design always a passion for you?
Charity Nyirongo: Fashion has always been a passion for me. As a young girl, I was already passionate about designing dresses for my dolls. As I grew up, I started making dresses for myself and my younger sister.

How do you showcase Zambian culture while maintaining global appeal?
I showcase Zambian culture through the use of the African print which is used in Zambia by our tribes as a traditional cloth. Zambia has 73 tribes, of which all have various tribal cultural ceremonies. I get my inspiration from these various tribes and cultural ceremonies which are colorful and diverse. Most of these tribes also use a lot of beadwork in their costumes. I maintain the global appeal by fusing my designs with the western appeal.

What are you looking forward to in the Africa-Malaysia fashion show?
The AMFS is a platform for me as a fashion designer to showcase both as an African and a Zambian. My collection is an expression of our cultures in Africa to the rest of the world. It is also a good opportunity to sell my brand and network with other designers from all the countries that will be represented.
What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
In my latest collection, my inspiration has been drawn from the many tribes of Zambia in relation to the use of color, fabric, and jewelry. The colors are bright, the fabrics incorporate a lot of African prints, and the jewelry has been made with beads. I have also used my signature style, the corset, which has a global appeal and cuts to flatter the female body.
Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show that showcases African and Malaysian fashion?
I think it is important to have an African and Malaysian fashion show to strengthen ties between Africa and Asia, which in my view has not been explored to its fullest.
Images courtesy of Mo Creations and Couture
Charity Nyirongo Interview “Creatively Couture” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.

Solome Katongole Interview


Look6 (1)eSolome Katongole has a wealth of cultural experiences under her belt. From interning in London to being educated at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, the Ugandan-born designer has a unique style. Showcasing her collection at Africa-Malaysia Fashion Week, Cliché Magazine chatted with Katongole about her stunning pieces.

Cliché: What influenced you to become a fashion designer?
Solome Katongole:
Curiosity fed my urge to pursue fashion design. I was very curious about garment construction and I wanted to learn about the science of the fabrics. I also had many ideas for different styles and fabrics I wanted to use, but I didn’t see them in the stores.

How is Ugandan culture reflected in your designs?
Ugandan culture plays a major role in my creativity and it’s reflected through the fabrics I use and the style and silhouettes of my designs.
Why do you think it is important to display African fashion on an international platform?
It is important to showcase on an international platform mainly because of the exposure. It helps to reach a unique and different audience. African fashion displays great beautiful fabrics and designs and I think they should be seen globally.
What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
My recent collection is about being a lady. It is celebrating stylish women that embrace their individualism in fashion within their era, but remain timeless and effortless.
What are you looking forward to in the Africa-Malaysia fashion show?
I am looking forward to the AMFS to introduce my work to the Asian fashion industry. I also want to reach out to boutiques and hopefully my designs will soon be available and sold in Malaysia.
Images courtesy of Solome Katongole
Solome Katongole Interview “International Designs” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.

Vienna Victoria Interview


CSC_0025Satin Van Cleef is the genius behind every woman’s life-saving need-to-own accessory. A favorite of heiress Jaimie Hilfiger, Vienna Victoria is the jewelry line that doubles as a lipstick holder. The mother of two and businesswoman is taking the beauty and jewelry industry by storm with her practical and luxurious creations. Cliché caught up with the designer to discuss her thriving business.

Cliché: How did you come up with the concept of merging lipstick and jewelry together?
Satin Van Cleef: I was on my way to a New York Yankee’s game and had on a cute pair of skinny jeans. I didn’t want lipstick bulging out of my back pocket and was not in the mood to carry a bag. I wanted to be carefree and hang out with the guys, but of course still be able to touch-up easily.

How do you juggle your flourishing business and being a mom to your two daughters, who you named your company after?
It is not easy, but it is so worth it. Showing them that success is earned and not expected is the greatest gift a role model can give. They know that I go back to work after tucking them into bed because after school they have all of me. I gave up 9-5 and embraced 24/7 a long time ago. Honestly, I feel like a fraud sometimes because I don’t know how the women before me did it without Wi-Fi and smart phones. The ability to be so mobile helps me have a career and be the involved mom I want to be for my girls.
How does Vienna Victoria jewelry/makeup work? Once the lipstick finishes, can it be replaced?
The great thing about Vienna Victoria is that the lipstick can be replaced or switched out to one of six different colors at any time. Let’s face it: we all like different colors at various times of the day, so being able to change up lip colors is just one of the many features that makes the brand unique. How many times do we change our outfit before leaving the house? We shouldn’t have to be held down to one lip color.
Can you buy lipstick and jewelry separately?
Yes, you can buy the jewelry and lip colors separately. There are two different lip color sizes: small for the rings and large for the bracelets and necklaces.
You focus on supporting women and encouraging young girls to dream big. How does your product encourage women?
I think it is important for women to embrace their natural beauty and focus on loving themselves for who they are. Makeup can transform a look, mood, or attitude, and I love being a part of giving women that empowering feeling. Lipstick makes me feel more sophisticated. Plus, lip colors can provide a subtle elegance that going bare does not always provide. For instance, dry, chapped lips do not pair well with a cocktail dress. Lipstick makes a woman ready to go and put her best face forward, giving her the confidence she needs to take over the world!
What’s the next step for Vienna Victoria?
I am excited to get back to designing very soon! I have had such a busy year traveling and attending conferences, which was wonderful, but my true passion is working with the factory on new designs.

To shop the collection, visit

All images are courtesy of Vienna Victoria
Vienna Victoria Interview “Lipstick Lovers: Vienna Victoria” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.

Summer Workwear


The summer temperature is sweltering and while spending each day in a bikini seems like the perfect way to combat the heat wave, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to coincide with the office dress code. At Cliché we know the importance of keeping cool and looking summer ready while keeping up your professionalism at work. Check out our guide for summer workwear.

A shift dress is one of my absolute favorites for looking effortlessly chic in the summer. With minimal effect you instantly look polished, put together, and ready to take on the day. Let’s not forget to mention how cool you’ll feel in one of these. This Vince Camuto shift dress adds a visual interest with a graphic print.

shift dress

Cropped pants are a fun twist on business casual. Unlike traditional cut pants, cropped pants are suitable for work and for staying fresh in the heat. These pants paired with a short sleeve blouse are bound to keep you cool under pressure at work and under the intense sun rays. Opt for a pant in a print for a bold approach like the gingham print or a favorite work print, houndstooth.

cropped pants

Wrap dresses are sure to help you beat the heat. The fluidity of a wrap dress is perfect for catching a rare breeze and a sleeveless version of this wardrobe staple will definitely help you cool down. Choosing a wrap dress in a bright color or pattern will epitomize summer and have you on your summer game.

wrap dress

Images courtesy of Nordstrom and Loft

Bella Dahl Collection


A closet isn’t complete without the essential basics. Tank tops, flannel shirts and  button downs give wardrobes so much life, that Bella Dahl, a fashion label that specializes in casual staples, has given new meaning to the classic basics. Fashion, Feel and Fit are the three F’s the creators behind Bella Dahl live by. Bella Dahl is one of the hottest lifestyle brands that focuses on blending comfort and style. With their laid back styles and Cali girl cool vibes, Bella Dahl takes classic shapes and gives them a modern twist with different cuts and patterns. Emphasizing their attention to maximizing comfort, Bella Dahl’s signature Tencera™ material is soft to the touch.  A favorite of Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosia, Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba, Bella Dahl has earned a covetable cult following for their quintessential California style full of ease and casual grace. Their lightweight flannel shirts are perfect for summer and the different array of styles allows you to find the ideal look for your tastes. Subtle details such as the split back flannel and sheer accents highlights these basics for an everyday appeal.  Reinventing the average basics, Bella Dahl is making them must have stand out pieces in your wardrobe.
Shop the entire Bella Dahl collection at
Images courtesy of Bella Dahl.

Swapdom Interview


Swapping your clothes is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to revamp your wardrobe, so imagine a whole website dedicated to exactly this! Swapdom makes swapping simple and easy to use by creating group swaps that allow individuals to get the perfect item they want. This multi-person sharing site is leading the way in online swapping by expanding to include gear for even babies and kids. Below, Cliché caught up with Swapdom’s CEO and co-founder Petros Georgopoulos about his ever-growing (and genius) business.

swapdom-brothersCliché: So, what exactly is Swapdom?
Petros Georgopoulos: Swapdom is an efficient tool that finds multi-party swaps. Our algorithm is a vital component for peer-to-peer exchange. We firmly believe that the sharing economy is our home, a space to develop peer exchange environments for physical goods. You simply post items you’d like to trade, then you browse for items you’d like to receive in exchange. Then the Swapdom algorithm does its magic to figure out a loop where everyone gets an item they’ve requested.
How did you come up with the idea for a swapping marketplace?
I realized that the classic form of swapping, where two swappers attempt to exchange items with one another, is rather inefficient as the chances of each person wanting what the other one is offering at the time are rather slim; sizes differ, tastes differ. Moreover, even if they find two items to exchange, the two swappers enter a bargaining situation where they have to mutually agree that it is a fair exchange. Swapdom is unique in featuring multi-way swapping, and changes your perception of what swapping is. It is a fundamentally different experience.
You recently launched a baby section on Swapdom. Why is Swapdom more convenient for parents to use instead of purchasing new items at a store?
Parents spend thousands of dollars on things their kids outgrow quickly. With Swapdom, they can trade gear their kids have already outgrown in exchange for items they need, or even exchange kids’ gear items for fashion or home finds.
What encouraged a baby and kids platform to be added to Swapdom?
We added the kids’ gear and (very recently) home marketplaces because we listened to our users. Our research showed a high demand for these marketplaces, so we decided to dive right in.
The fashion industry has made steps to be more eco-friendly. How does Swapdom contribute to environmentally friendly practices?
Swapdom’s fashion marketplace helps to reduce textile waste by finding new homes for unwanted fashion items, and it now does the same for baby and kids’ gear and home goods as well.
Where do you see Swapdom in five years?
We hope to be a leader in the sharing economy movement and plan to have many marketplaces available. Our app will be launched very soon, and in five years’ time, when people think of peer-to-peer exchange, we want them to think of Swapdom.
Swapdom Interview “Swap ‘Til You Drop” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue. 
All images courtesy of Swapdom

Tina Lobondi Interview


Tina Lobondi is a London-based Congolese designer who established her eponymous clothing line in 2011. Lobondi’s designs exude classic style with unique accents from her rich heritage. Cliché chatted with the budding designer about her AW14 collection, Heritage, and her upcoming appearance in Africa-Malaysia Fashion Week.                                                                             

Cliché: What influenced you to become a fashion designer?  
Tina Lobondi: I have always made a lot of drawings. I wanted a job that allowed me to express my creativity, so fashion designer was my first option.

How is Congolese culture reflected in your designs?
My designs are inspired by the fashions I used to see when living in Congo. The women in my family were very stylish and feminine.
Why do you think it is important to display African fashion on an international platform?
It is important to display all kinds of fashion on an international platform. Any art deserves to be seen and Africa has a lot to show the world.
What was the inspiration behind your AW14 collection?
I wanted to create a collection inspired by my mother and what I remember of her. She used to like red and wore very trendy clothes. This collection is called Heritage in reference to what she taught me.
What are you looking forward to in the Africa-Malaysia fashion show?
I look forward to the event to be grand with a lot of exposure and I hope that it will have a big impact for the designers attending. I want to know more about Malaysian culture and the fusion it can have with Africa.
Tina Lobondi Interview “Heritage Fashion” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue. 
Model: April Williamson
Photographer: Mariah Vale
Hair: Daniele Meddi
Makeup: Tamash Sharkan

Milq and Honey Interview


Milq and Honey House of Fashion, Health and Beauty caters to inner beauty and outer beauty. The Davids sisters opened the beauty spa, health kitchen, and clothing boutique to empower women by making them feel beautiful and promote a healthy lifestyle. Gabriella and Kelly Davids live by the philosophy of, “Keep dreaming and dream big. It does come true!” Cliché caught up with the sisters to discuss their new SS14 collection and Africa-Malaysia Fashion Week.

davids sisters ctfw

The Davids sisters

Cliché: What inspired you to start Milq and Honey?
Kelly Davids:
Milq and Honey House of Fashion, Health and Beauty is a reflection of our lifestyle and taste for life. When our late mother Tamara Davids passed away three years ago, she inspired us to make sure we live life to the fullest and follow our passion. Gabriella Davids, the managing director, is a former international model and was featured in campaigns for major companies and brands all around the world. I am the creative director, and I fell in love with fashion design when I bought my first sewing machine and started making my own clothing. We are both vegetarians and only use 100% organic products.

Milq and Honey is a spa, organic kitchen, and clothing line. How do you juggle all three?
Gabriella heads the beauty spa and organic kitchen and has the most amazing team that she works with. I head the fashion with my beautiful and creative team. However, Gabriella and I come together when it comes to any decision making in the beauty, health, and fashion department. Gabriella and I jumped into the deep end of the sea with regards to starting a business and managing people. Two years later, we still learn every day and every second! We are so grateful for our father, Gerald Davids, who is a successful business man who guides and walks with us every step of the way.

Milq and Honey is centered around celebrating women. How does your clothing encourage women?
When I create and design any garment, I have a healthy and confident female’s body, silhouette,  and form in mind. I design for confident and healthy women simply because that’s what I want to promote and encourage. Our garments are made of bold patterns and colors, and you have to be confident in order to wear it. There is nothing sexier than a confident, healthy woman.

What was the inspiration behind your SS14 collection?
When we create a collection, my sister and I do our research on location. For our SS14 collection, we were inspired by Morocco. We explored and drew inspiration from the markets, the architecture, the cultures, the flora and fauna, the tastes and smells.

 Why do you think it is important to have a fashion show that showcases African and Malaysian fashion?
I feel that the world’s eyes focus on European and American designers as the trendsetters in fashion. By encouraging and showcasing African and Malaysian designers, we promote and expose the amazing talent that we have and by doing so, trends are set by us.
Milq and Honey Interview “Flowing With Milq and Honey Designs” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2014 issue. 
All images are courtesy of Milq and Honey

Wellograph Wellness Watch


Staying healthy and looking good just became easier with Wellograph’s Wellness Watch. The sleek timepiece with a sapphire steel face plate doubles as a fitness monitor that tracks your activity, monitors your heart rate, and records your speed while running. The Wellograph Wellness Watch provides automatic information regarding your activity throughout the day and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring your pulse rate. The watch acts solely on its own and displays activity information on the sapphire faceplate and doesn’t require the help of a smartphone.

The Wellograph Wellness Watch won the Consumer Electronics Show Award in 2014 for its innovative design and functions which includes the option to link to apps for even further analysis into your activity.
“Wellograph is the first wellness watch to wrap fashion, fitness and functionality into one unique device that consumers will love,” Nick Warnock, President of Wellogaph Inc., said. “We’re looking forward to bringing our product to those who are not only interested in their health and wellness, but those who are fashion-minded as well.”
A fashion forward fitness accessory is the perfect addition to the summer wardrobe.

The Wellograph retails at $349.95 and is available for purchase on

The Hottest Sunglasses for Summer


Protect yourself from the glare of the bright sun in style with the hottest sunglasses for summer! From classic shapes to printed frames, Cliché has the scoop on which sunglasses are hot, hot, hot this summer!

cat eye suns

Cat Eye

Cat Eye
These classic frames are the perfect addition to your accessory collection. The cat eye adds the right amount of sophisticated femininity with a bold punch. Whether you prefer the classic look or a more eccentric edge, these statement sunglasses are an accessory you need to own.

Be bold and make a statement in printed sunglasses. It is all about prints this summer. From animal to geometric prints, printed sunglasses will be the focus of your outfit.



Aviators are another favorite classic that are becoming very popular this season. These frames have been given a modern makeover with fluorescent, reflective lenses, and oversized proportions.

Flat tops
Flat tops are definitely a season favorite. Popping up on the runways and on the street, these boxy frames add a cool element to any ensemble. Mix it up with a pop of color or a floral print that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Sunglasses photos courtesy of Nordstrom
Featured image courtesy of  Mr. Seb on Flickr

Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type


Summer is here and swimsuit season is in full force. At Cliché, we know finding the best swimsuits for your body type isn’t as easy as it should be. We’ve compiled a  guide of envy worthy swimsuits that are bound to turn heads for all the right reasons.
If you carry your weight in your midriff, the best way to camouflage an unwanted tummy is with a ruched tankini. A fun geometric print is ideal as it keeps the eye busy and doesn’t focus on your midsection. Accentuate your bust with a plunging V neck to bring attention to your chest and off your tummy.

VS tankini

For ladies with a fuller chest, it is all about support. A halter top is sure to give you the necessary support you need. Thicker straps won’t cut into your shoulders and wearing printed bottoms will draw the eye downward.

VS halter

Finding a swimsuit that doesn’t overwhelm your small frame is key for petite body types. A swimsuit that ties together is your best friend. Too many times we’ve fallen prey to saggy butt syndrome, but with an adjustable bikini bottom, it gives you control of how loose or tight you want your bottoms to fit. Incorporate details like ruffles or fringe that add attention to areas that you want to highlight which gives the illusion of a fuller bust or bum.

VS fringe

Ruffles are also perfect for those with a boxy shape. The volume created by ruffles gives the appearance of a shapely frame. Mix things up with a bandeau top or a one piece with cutouts around your waist.

VS ruffle

If you have a fuller derriere, high cut bikinis are the perfect item for you to show off your bootylicious curves this summer. Steer clear of boy short bottoms that have an unflattering cut at the thighs. Get a little funky and try a retro bikini or if you want to show more skin, try a string bikini.

VS retro

Most importantly, the best requirement for looking good this summer is having confidence. So shake up your swimsuit collection, find the look that makes you feel great, and strut your stuff at the beach.
All images are courtesy of Victoria Secret.