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CAPPA Talks About Her New Music, Recent Move, and More


With her music featured in multiple television shows and advertisements, songwriter, CAPPA, has been making her mark in the music industry. Writing upbeat pop songs that you can dance to as well as appreciate the lyrics, her music brings something fresh to the pop scene. CAPPA answered some questions for Cliché about her recent move, her songwriting process, new music, and more. She also has her new single, “Sux,” debuting today.


Cliché: You had a relatively recent move from Nashville to Los Angeles. How has that been so far? Would you say the music scenes are similar or very different in the two cities?

It’s been amazing, actually! I’m really happy about the move. I was very skeptical moving because I had heard the music scene in LA was a lot more cut throat, but I love it. Everyone’s been awesome and I feel much more inspired here than I have in a while.

Nashville has a cool pop scene coming about. It’s just a totally different vibe all around. It’s much smaller than LA’s scene which is much more fast paced.


I’ve read that your song, “Waste My time,” released back in 2017, was the first single you had released after over a year of not feeling very musically inspired. Can you talk about how you came back from that? What was it that got you feeling inspired again and wanting to release new music?

I wasn’t sure what style I wanted to do for a little bit. I was uninspired by a lot of pop music at the time and tried some other styles but they felt contrived. “Waste My Time” was the first song that I did that I felt like was cool and different than a lot of what I was hearing. I always want to release new music, so sometimes there is just a lot of pressure to get a good song right away- sometimes it takes a little while to get the right song.


Can you describe your songwriting process? How does it all come together for you?

I typically either start a basic idea on piano or start with a producer in a room, just depending on the song and what I am going for. Every time is a little bit different but it typically always starts with melody because that is my favorite part. Once I have melodies I like, the rest comes pretty naturally.


What is your favorite song to perform live at the moment? Why?

I like performing my most recent single “Tension” just because it is so fun and people seem to really respond to it when I am playing it, so that always makes it 10x better.

I’ve come across a few of your covers, and they all have your distinct style on them. I think it’s great the way you make the songs your own while respecting the original. What’s your favorite cover that you’ve done so far? What is it about the songs that you’ve covered that made you want to record them?

Thank you! I really like the “No Scrubs” cover just because it was and is one of my all time favorite songs. It’s just a good jam; I grew up singing it. I was just really surprised people liked it at the time. I thought it was a little bit cheesy but was just doing it because I loved the song so much.


Your songs have been synched in ads for huge companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Bumble, and Under Armor, and films/television shows like Netflix’s, “Set it Up,” and Freeform’s, “The Bold Type”. How would you say that type of exposure has helped in growing your fan base?

It’s been so awesome. One of my dreams has always been to hear my songs on tv and be caught off guard that it was me. I was napping on a friends couch the other week and heard my song in a commercial and I woke up out of a dead sleep and was like “THAT’S MY SONG.” It’s a great feeling.


You’re new single, “Sux,” coming out November 30th, is such a fun and catchy song with lyrics about something not exactly fun. It’s such a great contrast! What was your inspiration behind it?

Yeah, it’s definitely not the happiest topic. The song was about a recent relationship of mine where I got broken up with my over the phone about a month or two into moving to LA. It was really nice to write honest lyrics about the situation and gave me an outlet to put some of it behind me. Even though it’s about a break up, I wanted it to feel more badass and not sound like it was coming from a weak place but more of an empowering stance.


What else can listeners expect from you in the near future?

There will be a remix of “Sux,” then a few more singles and an EP in the near future 🙂



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CAPPA Talks About Her New Music, Recent Move, and More: Featured image credit: Lexie Alley 

Multiple Awards and Her Own Record Label: An Interview with Tia Gostelow Plus an Exclusive of Her New Music Video


By 2017, at just eighteen years old, Australian artist Tia Gostelow started up her own record label in Australia, was signed to AntiFragile Music here in the US, and won multiple awards for her music. Her song, “State of Art”, written when she was just sixteen, was featured on Triple J back in 2016 giving her the audience that she deserved. Since then, Tia has been performing with her band all over Australia and releasing new music, including her debut album, Thick Skin. Tia will be making her stateside debut appearance next year at the SXSW festival. She answered some questions for Cliché about her experiences so far, her music, and a little of what we can expect from her. Tia has also been working on her new music video for her song, “Phone Me,” and we have the exclusive video here: 



Cliché: I read you had a pretty important move this past year from Mackay, Queensland to Brisbane in order to be closer to the music scene there and grow there more. How has that been so far?

Tia Gostelow: I did I did! I absolutely love Brisbane, I’m so glad I made the move it was definitely the right decision for me career wise! I do really love going home though back to the beaches and my family!


You launched your own record label, Lovely Records, in 2017, when you were just 18 years old. What was your motivation for starting this label up and how has it been going?

I did! I’ve always been a person that finds it a bit hard to take orders from someone else haha and personally I hadn’t been very interested in signing to a label over here at all so I had a conversation with my parents they brought up the idea with me and we made it a reality. I really wanted to remain independent and be able to have control over what I wanted to do so I guess it was the perfect thing to do.


Can you talk about your creative process a little? What inspires you, and how do you go about getting something from in your head to a record?

It depends on the situation for me! When I’m on my own I usually write the chords and melody at the same time and then the lyrics but If I’m co-writing it depends on the way the ideas are flowing I guess. For me it’s easier to get the music down and get a vibe or concept and then write the lyrics.


Triple J seems to have played an important role early on in your career. What did it mean to you to have a radio station like that backing you up?

I am super grateful for Triple J, they’ve been there from the start and being a 16 year old girl and hearing your own song on national radio was an absolute dream. So so happy to have their continued support!


Having 6 nominations and 2 wins at the Queensland Music Awards in 2017, your first year out of school, is quite impressive. What was that like for you? Did it give you an affirmation that you’ve earned your place in this industry and that this is what you want to be doing?

That was crazy! I was still very young and it definitely did kind of confirm to me that what I was doing was connecting with people and it was most definitely something that I wanted to continue to do. Was a huge moment in my career for sure.


What is your favorite song to perform live at the moment?

I’d have to say “Out Of Mind”, it’s always fun to play with the band!!


I’ve read that you dealt with issues in Australia, where people frown upon your success, and how jealousy can become an issue. Your recent album, Thick Skin, addresses a lot of this. Has this issue gotten better for you with your move, your album release, and your perspective?

I have gotten better at dealing with the issue more than anything, it is definitely still existent but I think I’ve surrounded myself with people now who I know are in my life for the right reasons and support me 110%.


Can you tell me about the new video for the single, “Phone Me”, off of your new album? What was the inspiration behind it?

This video was so fun to make! I had been wanting to work with Matt Sav and his company PAVLOVA for so so long because I have been a massive fan of all of their work for quite some time. I really wanted to make something colourful and fun and weird and I think we portrayed what I had in my head perfectly.


It’s recently been announced that you’ll be at SXSW in the U.S. this coming year. Are you excited about your debut performance stateside? What are you looking forward to?

Yes!! I am so excited to come to the states and especially to be playing at SXSW! It’ll be my first time in America so I’m just excited to experience the country and play some shows!


What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

Look, I’m not even sure haha. I’m definitely experimenting with new sounds and collaborating with new people so I’m excited to see what’s to come.



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Multiple Awards and Her Own Record Label: An Interview with Tia Gostelow Plus an Exclusive of Her New Music Video: Featured Image Credit: Tia Gostelow Facebook (photo by She is Aphrodite)


Bronze Radio Return Discusses New Music and Tour


Drummer Rob Griffith of Bronze Radio Return took time to answer some questions about the band’s new music and upcoming tour for Cliché Magazine. From discussing their latest body of work that will be released as a series of singles and EPs, their own musical tastes, and what they’re excited about in their upcoming tour, we can get an idea of what to expect in the months ahead, and where the band is coming from in the decisions they make in the music they put out.



Cliché: What was your motivation for releasing your latest album in single/EP forms, as opposed to a more traditional few singles and then full length album?

Rob Griffith: We wanted a release plan that felt current, but slightly different.  The industry is so singles-driven now, and that can make it difficult to grab people’s attention when releasing a lot of songs at once.  The slow rollout gives listeners enough time to focus on a small batch of songs (or just one song) at a time. We hope that this ultimately allows more of the tunes from the record to be heard by more people.


I’ve read that you want listeners to hear a fresh sound from you that they might not have expected before, and how your creative process has changed with time. Would you say that you made a deliberate choice to make music differently than you have in the past or was it more of a natural progression?

I’d say it’s been more of a natural progression.  Like most things, our musical tastes evolve as time goes by.  While we still love a lot of our influences that surrounded our first record, it’s certainly progressed each time we’ve hit the studio.  We’ve always wanted to stay true to the sounds that make our band unique, but we’ve wanted each body of work to have a different signature on it.  


How have your own musical tastes changed, if at all, over the years that you’ve been a band?

For me, it’s made me more open-minded in what I appreciate from a certain artist or song.  Sometimes it’s just an undeniably good song that catches you. Other times it’s the stellar production.  Other times it’s a particular part played on a particular instrument that grabs you. And sometimes it’s just the way a certain song makes you feel, and you have no idea why you like it so much.  I think myself, and the rest of the guys still love our older influences, and modern things that remind us of those. But we’re always looking for new and exciting sounds. There’s a stigma that exists as you get older, where people think the next generation’s music is inferior.  I couldn’t disagree more….Instead of quickly shooting something down, we try to understand what elements are attracting people to that music. I think that can really help you evolve as a musician, and as a fan of music.


What would you say listeners can expect to hear from your new album, or will we just have to wait and see?

They can expect to hear a continuation of where our music has been heading over the last few albums.  I think the term “modern throwback” would appropriately describe this one. There are moments that feel inspired by our early influences, and there are moments that feel fresh and less familiar.  I think we found a good balance of the two.


Is there a song that you are particularly excited about to be released from the new album?

The song I’ve been most excited about is “The Storm” which was just released actually.  It’s one of the more rootsy songs from this album. It’s an emotional song about bracing for the impact of a relationship that’s going south, but one you still find some comfort and safety in.  I think it’s a song most people can relate to, and the way the song builds really conveys the emotion behind it.


I’m sure going on tour is both exciting, but also very demanding, and can come with challenges. What are you most and least looking forward to on tour?

I’m most looking forward to the couple hours a night that we get to play music together.  That’s what makes all the early mornings, late nights, and extensive travel worthwhile. There’s no substitute for how we feel when playing these songs for people who want to hear them.  The biggest challenge is the time away from our wives/girlfriends. Luckily, we’re surrounded by very supportive people who want the best for us. Oh yeah, and finding good pizza in different cities.  Can’t forget that.


What is your dream venue to play? Have you already had the chance to play it?

I’d have to say Red Rocks.  Probably very cliché, but it just seems like a rite of passage in this biz.  We haven’t done it yet, but fingers crossed, it isn’t far off.


Bronze Radio Return’s first EP from their new body of work will be dropping this Friday, 10/26, and can be pre-saved on Spotify here. They’ll be heading out on tour this January, stopping at cities all over the United States. The list of stops on their tour can be found on their website

You can listen to Bronze Radio Return’s latest single from their new EP here:



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Bronze Radio Return Discusses New Music and Tour: Featured Image Credit: Bronze Radio Return on Facebook