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Contouring for Dummies


There’s no denying that we all desire that red-carpet ready, Kim K-inspired look, especially when it comes to our complexion. Her famously flawless face, along with that of all of our other favorite celebs, seemed like a mystery for years. The magic of contouring, which is creating the illusion of facial symmetry through the shading ...

Beauty Column: Super Skin-Saver Tips


There was a time in my life, actually rather recently, when I had entirely given up hope for my acne-ridden skin. I had tried it all: creams and cleansers, toners and prescription treatments, even avoiding chocolate and french fries for an entire week. Yes, I was that des- perate. I had spent hundreds of dollars (probably thousands) on skincare fads and regimens that got ...



Over eighty years ago, trendsetter and master marketer Richard Koret opened his design house in New York City, where he debuted an exclusive collection of monogrammed handbags. Designs featured his signature technique of synthesizing femininity and innovation. Koret quickly became known as the premier handbag line in the U.S. Over time, Koret’s collections proved to be worthy of the most elegant tastes, ...

Organic Beauty by Maijan


There’s no denying our obsession with all-natural organic foods, so it’s no surprise to see au naturale products hit the beauty scene. Who do we have our eye on when it comes to organic beauty? This season it has to be Maijan Beauty Products. They recently released a line of facial steams that include the most pure and luxurious organic ingredients we have seen thus far. ...



Whoever said sweatpants can’t be comfortable and stylish obviously hasn’t tried on a pair of LazyPants, our new favorite form of comfy attire. The LazyPants collection hails from the chilly city of Toronto, Canada, so there’s no doubt the designers know a thing or two about keeping customers cozy and warm in their to-die-for duds. ...

Spring 14 Preview: #KORETOFFDUTY


It might seem hard to believe that spring is right around the corner, especially here in NYC, where it feels more like an Arctic ice cap as of late. In the meantime, we’re going to pretend that our favorite season really will be here before we know it, which means we’re daydreaming of spring-inspired fashion. ...

Tea Ingredients for Your Skin?


There’s nothing like a cup of piping hot tea to get you relaxed, but what can tea ingredients do for your skin? Well, ask the makers of Maijan Beauty Products. They’ve recently released a line of facial steams that include many of the same organic ingredients you can find in your favorite teas. The Maijan ...

What’s in My Makeup Bag: Ageless Essentials


As a fervent makeup fanatic myself, I know that there are some cosmetic trends that will never go out of style. Makeup fads are like clockwork: they explode on the cosmetic scene, and then vanish--or get banished--almost as quickly as they appear. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the revolving door of trends in ...

Makeup for Every Occasion


While it might be nice, if say, a vampy smokey eye was appropriate for girl’s night and the daily grind of college class or the workplace, it’s not. The same goes for a fresh-faced, minimized look not being suitable for a girl’s night out or for a first date. Makeup comes in all different textures, ...

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Fall Beauty & Fashion Guide


Celebrity makeup artist Raychel Wade and stylist to the stars Lo VonRumpf sat down with Cliche to talk everything beauty and style for Fall 2013. From high fashion to fresh-faced looks, we’ve got you covered, and then some. Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves for Years to Come A Leopard Clutch when you’re on the go can amp up ...

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