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What Exactly Are SNS Nails?


Up until about two months ago, I never cared about what my nails looked like. I’d walk around with hangnails and chipped polish without thinking twice. To be frank, my nail beds sucked. Then, while getting my basically bi-annual manicure, my nail technician suggested that I try SNS. The only thing I had heard about SNS, which just stands for Signature Nail Systems, was that it was a supposedly healthier version of gel polish, which can leave some people’s nails weak and brittle. She explained that the powder involved in SNS contained a kind of vitamin or nutrient that was beneficial to nails, plus, she guaranteed that my manicure would last a lot longer. Any mention of making my stubby nails stronger or healthier immediately peaks my interest, so I was sold. But, then she brought out power tools and I started second guessing how healthy this process was actually going to be. To be real, my first experience with SNS was not the greatest. I wasn’t sure what I should be expecting, so I actually thought that she did an alright job. That was until I got my second SNS manicure and realized what a botched job my first one had been. The way your SNS turns out definitely depends on your nail technician, as can be assumed. However, the basic process stays the same. Your nails will be buffed, primed with a brush on gel base, then dipped two to three times into the colored SNS powder of your choice.

Image Credit: @milalae on Instagram

In my opinion, the key to a natural looking finish is then buffing down the layers of powder that have been applied. That’s a step that my first manicurist skipped, which resulted in me having cheap-looking, bulbous nails…no shade, no tea, though. Your nails will then be shaped to your desire and the finishing touches, like a top coat and cuticle oil, should be applied. Then, boom! You have a rock solid manicure that should last you two to three weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow out. To properly remove the polish, you should go back to your nail technician so that they can correctly go about the process and avoid damaging your real nails.

So far, I haven’t had any issues with SNS. In fact, my nails have only gotten longer. So, how do they compare to gel? I don’t think that SNS is necessarily any “healthier” for your nails, being that the base adhesive is comparable to the main ingredient in super glue. But, you do avoid the LED or UV light that a gel manicure requires, so in that regard, SNS is winning. I’m not used to people commenting on my nails, but now I get a few compliments a day thanks to SNS. Not to sound like an infomercial, but I’m totally sold on this powder. Plus, it doesn’t cost any more money than a typical gel manicure. Some salons might charge more than mine, but I wouldn’t imagine that it would be anything past five dollars extra and if it is, they’re playing you. Don’t get played! Also, an update on my nail beds, they no longer suck.


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What Exactly Are SNS Nails? Featured Image Credit: @modernpampersalon on Instagram.

5 Makeup Artist-Approved Products for a Glossy Lid


So, I have a little horror story when it comes to glossy lids. I was getting ready for a night out and decided to ignore all of the warnings about not attempting to make high shine eyes last for an entire day/evening. Unfortunately, there’s a high risk of creasing that comes along with the editorial look. But, the burgundy shadow that I coated my lids with just wasn’t enough, so I turned to gloss; my NYX Butter Gloss to be exact (which is definitely not formulated for eyes). It’s great for lips, but went on a bit thick onto my eyelids. I thought that this could potentially be an issue, but then just thought, psh no, I look bomb, and went on my clueless way. Every time I blinked I could feel like gloss glooping up and sticking in unwanted crevasses. When I got to the pregame a cute guy immediately caught my now incredibly creased eye and I instantly regretted experimenting with my makeup. I was then extremely thankful for the dim lighting and alcohol that I hoped would put a filter on his vision for the night. I was so distracted by my sticky lids that I was thrown off my game and could barely make eye contact while flirting, tragic. I still got his number though, ehee! Well, his Snapchat…but we’ll blame that on my messy lids. Moral of the story is, glossy lids are gorgeous, but not easy to maintain. So to give yourself a fighting chance, try out some of these guru-recommended gloss products that are actually meant to be put on your lids. Update: the next time I saw him, sans-glossy lids, I got the number, just saying.


1. Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss


Who doesn’t want diamond eyes? This product is highly rated and promises lids that are glass-like in appearance.


2. Pat McGrath Clear Vinyl Gloss

This product is straight from the Mother’s womb. Mother being legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, of course. You can also use this product to create the juiciest of lip looks that, when paired with a glossy lid, is a high shine dream.


3. MAC Studio Eye Gloss

Whether you want your eyelids to look like a dark oil slick or angelic and dewy, MAC’s eye gloss has you covered. This product comes in five different shades that will allow you to rock a glossy lid on any occasion.


4. MAKE Face Gloss

This product can be used on your eyes or all over your face for a glowy complexion that rivals the healthiest of skin.


5. NYX Lid Lacquer

NYX makes the most affordable eye gloss out of the bunch, which is perfect if you’re wanting to just dip your toe into this sometimes sticky trend.

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5 Makeup Artist-Approved Products for a Glossy Lid. Featured Image Credit: 

You Have Dionne Phillips to Thank for Your Eyelash Extensions


Let’s just start by establishing that Dionne Phillips would be the ultimate leader of a girl gang. She comes across as one of those people who just instinctually gets it. Her personality and perseverance are a force, yet she remains grateful and as humble as they come. Dionne is a visionary who created the first ever lash extensions over twenty years ago; everyone else is just now catching on. She started from the bottom, now she’s here and you better believe she readyyy *Tiffany Haddish voice*. Dionne started her business in her kitchen and grinded until she landed celebrity clients like Naomi Campbell and Mary J. Blige, but is still continuing to expand her business even after all of her success. She’s truly an artist who will make you look at lash extensions in a different light while simultaneously making you laugh your ass off.


Cliché: So, lash extensions are a huge trend right now, but you began gracing faces with your extensions over twenty years ago. How did you come about the idea?
Dionne Phillips: The idea actually came from me trying to be cute! I was a model in New York City and, at the time, polaroids were what brands used to document us models at auditions. To me the polaroids always looked bad and I wanted to find a way to make mine stand out and look really good. So, I started cutting up strip lashes and applying them myself and when I applied them they’d stay on for several weeks. So, I started joking with my friends that I’d go around to all of the auditions and ask the models if they wanted their eyelashes done. One thing led to another and I had two girls in my kitchen and I was giving them lash extensions. Then two grew to eight, then to ten and before I knew it there was a six-month long waiting list of people wanting lashes from me. I had Brandy, Serena Williams, and when Paris Hilton talked about me on the red carpet once, my business really blew up.

Since no one had attempted the service before, what was the process of perfecting your technique like? Was there a lot of trial and error involved or was development smooth?
Oh yeah, it was definitely trial and error. I was constantly experimenting with different application methods, how to make the extensions stay on and not fall off over dinner, you know. I also had to deal with other people taking my technique and copying it. There are a lot of different ways to apply eyelashes, but I’ve now perfected my own technique, which I’ve learned to keep private in order to keep my intellectual property my own.

On top of being the originator of lash extensions you also started your business, D’Lashes, from the ground up. What was that journey like?
Well it all started from working on models in my kitchen to having everyone in Hollywood as a client. I would talk to everyone about my lashes at parties and covered a lot of ground that way. Word of mouth had a huge impact on my business. So now I have a private studio in Beverly Hills, a staff of marketers, and lash assistants to cover my appointments for when I’m out of town on business. I have clients all over the country so I travel a lot to service them.

Do you have any tips for readers wanting to start businesses of their own?
If you’re passionate about something and love to do it so much that you’d do it for free, just take the leap and start. Make phone calls, network, and do your research. There’s so much information at our fingertips right now. Utilize Google, or the University of Google as I like to call it, and of course YouTube. Just put in the work, test and test until your models are successful, and go for it.

Was there a moment that you felt that you had truly “made it” in the industry?
My aha moment is when people look at themselves after I’m done and they really love how they look and the smile that my work brings to their faces. That comes from cancer survivors who didn’t have eyelashes before me and burn victims who for them a set of eyelashes really changes their lives. Those are the moments when I feel like I’ve truly made it. Having all of my celebrity clients is great, but when I can truly make someone happy and impact their life in a big way, that’s everything.

What is one of your favorite memories with a client?
I actually have a funny story about twerking. My client Victoria Beckham and I were discussing its origins, like where did twerking even come from? The conversation was especially funny because of her English accent. She was throwing out phrases like “twerking in my knickers” and it was just such a good laugh. I laugh about a lot of random things with my clients. I call my sessions: “Lash Enlightenment Sessions.” I become the friend they never had and we just have a blast.

Since lash extensions are everywhere now, what makes your services unique to other boutiques?
I’m constantly researching and staying on top of all the hottest trends. Being a visionary, I can always deliver the look that my clients desire. I stand out because I don’t subscribe to the “one look fits all” philosophy, which a lot of studios and lash places do just to rake in the money. I deal with actresses that are on movie sets and require a specific type of lash look for the role that they’re playing. So, I do my research and come up with the perfect look for them. Currently on Instagram there’s a lot of lash mapping going on, which is great, but lash extensions shouldn’t be one size fits all. The lash technician really needs to take into consideration their client’s eye type, their hair texture, and eye shape. Every eye is different, so you really need to take those details into consideration when creating a set of lashes.

What tips do you have to maintain extensions without damaging your real lashes?
Please do not tug, pull or rub on your eyelashes in that order and be sure to properly wash your eyes. Some people think because they have extensions that they can’t fully wash their face. My tip is using baby shampoo and a great, soft eyeshadow brush to really get into the crevices of your eyelashes. It’s almost like giving your lashes a shampoo. Make sure to get all the way to the baseline of your eyelashes to ensure that they’re truly clean.

You have now branched out into makeup. Do you have any other plans on expanding your business?
Oh yes, I have a lot of plans. I’m expanding in ways that others aren’t. I’m currently testing out models until they prove themselves to be successful. The market doesn’t lie, so I just keep testing and improving until I, and consumers, are happy.

Lastly, what’s your beauty philosophy?
My beauty philosophy is to be who you are and walk boldly in it. I say that because I just changed my hair for the first time ever. I’ve always had the same flowy, kind of Farrah Fawcett long hair, but my husband and I are going away to celebrate our ten-year anniversary and I wanted something different. So, I went blonde! I’m actually so in love with it that it might end up being my new look. Whatever I decide, I’m walking boldly in it.


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You Have Dionne Phillips to Thank for Your Eyelash Extensions. Featured Image Credit: Kawai Matthews. 

Neon is the Shade of the Summer


The concept of neon-anything may seem kitschy to some, but highlight is about to become hi-brow. There have been multiple hints across social media alluding to this upcoming trend, from the Kardashians’ vacation photos featuring neon nails and bikinis to the recent #AllureTrendWatch literally telling us to look out for the vibrant shade. Neon has also showed face on the runway. Neon was a big part of Prada’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection, where it shone against the show’s slick, black backdrop. Chanel also dabbled in the hue for its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, showing sneakers with bright orange accents and a clear bag with neon piping. So, like it or not, you’re about to be blinded by brights in the upcoming season. But, if you’re still not sold on neon, consider the different ways to wear it, from subtle to screaming.


Image Credit: @prada on Instagram

If you want to ease your way into neon, try taking a cue from Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin by coating your nails with a fluorescent lemon-lime color. You’ll forget you’re even wearing the bold shade until you get a flash of it in your peripherals. A more direct way of adapting the trend while still remaining subtle is with neon eyeliner. You could opt to wear it alone or stack it up with black eyeliner underneath if you still want to define your eye shape. The next step to bold is a wash of bright, neon eyeshadow all over your eyelids; now you’re starting to make a statement. Super easy to achieve, this look only requires one shadow and some blending. However, if you’re feeling graphic, don’t blend at all and just let geometry take over.

Something a bit edgier to try is neon lashes. Think bright silly putty cemented onto your lashes; sounds scary, but looks chic. A tip for when wearing colored mascara: don’t go directly in with the color, start with a black base and then build on top of that. Makeup artist Gucci Westman also suggests coating just the tips of your lashes with color for a less dramatic, but still edgy, look.


Image Credit: @kaleteter on Instagram

Now that the eyes are covered, work your way down to hair. Colorful queens Simi and Haze are always innovative and original, so you already know their neon game has been strong for a while now. Recently, either Simi or Haze (I still can’t tell them apart?) dyed the ends of her hair highlighter green for Coachella and wow did it look amazing. Once you’ve frosted your tips with neon, it’s finally time to address your outfit. A bright bikini is a good way to just dip your toe into color, or you can go full Sita Abellan in neon Chanel punched up further with neon accents. But, if acid rap realized isn’t your vibe, just stick to one highlighter shade per outfit. If this is all too much for you, be comforted that it’s the nature of trends to eventually fade out, so who knows how long neon will be kicking our retinas’ ass. And if you love everything about this, enjoy thriving all summer ‘18.


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Neon is the Shade of the Summer. Featured Image Credit: @simihaze on Instagram. 

What Products Beauty Editors Have on Their Top Shelf


Skincare can be confusing, and with the amount of products being shoved in our faces daily, just choosing the right cleanser can be overwhelming at times. And then there’s all of those foreign-sounding ingredients that we’re expected to sort through. I mean, what even is squalane? When you don’t have time to do the research, just go straight to the experts, aka beauty editors, and take a snoop through their medicine cabinets. With the amount of products that they test out and are exposed to, they’re an amazing source to gage what products are worth purchasing and which ones you should pass on. Since skincare is super personal and has to be tailor-made to each individual, no person’s top shelf is going to look the same, however, there are definitely some fan favorites that editors continue to praise.


1. Anything La Roche-Posay or Biologique Recherche

Image Credit: @biologique_recherche_use on Instagram

Beauty editors are just as guilty of coveting the nonchalant yet thoughtful approach towards beauty that the French have. What better way to emulate them than to use their products? Both of these brands had their start in France and both have some of the highest rated products I’ve ever come across. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 is one of the most coveted exfoliators in the entire beauty community.


2. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

Image Credit: @drunkelephant on Instagram

This serum is packed with vitamin C, which will help boost your skin’s luminosity by plumping it up and reducing dark spots. Who knows, maybe your DMs will be overflowing with compliments on your skin after using it like this woman’s was.


3. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

Image Credit: @tatcha on Instagram

Tatcha’s mask is so luxurious that even facialists use it during sessions with their clients. The good news is that it’s available at your local Sephora, so you have easy access to all of that moisturizing goodness.


4. Some Version of Supergoop! Sunscreen

Image Credit: @supergoop on Instagram

I can’t seem to get away from Supergoop! Every blog mentions this brand’s sunscreen at least once a month. Who knows, maybe the summer heat will be enough to convince me to cave and finally buy into the hype.


5. La Mer Moisturizer

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A little goes a long way. #CremedelaMer

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Image Credit: @lamer on Instagram

La Mer’s moisturizers are as rich as you have to be to buy them. Crème de la Mer and The Moisturizing Soft Cream are the fan favorites in this line if you feel like splurging. Even with the hefty price tag, I bet you won’t regret your purchase.


6. Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Image Credit: @sundayriley on Instagram

This product is the ultimate exfoliator. It’ll give your skin a complete overhaul by filling in fine lines and brightening dark spots. Radiant days are ahead after using Good Genes.


7. At Least One Glossier Product

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Today’s things 🌸

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Image Credit: @glossier on Instagram

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll spy Glossier’s millennial pink packaging on any editor’s top shelf. And with good reason, because the products work just as gorgeous as they look.


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What Products Beauty Editors Have on Their Top Shelf. Featured Image Credit: Into the Gloss.

Makeup Trends Heating Up This Summer


The summertime can bring to light some unexpected things and makeup is no exception to that. Maybe the heat has gone to our heads, making us so lightheaded that all that’s left is color. Or maybe it’s the sun liberating us from our winter coats and bundled up minds that leads to a bright, creative summer. Either way, this summer’s sun is working hard to melt away any inhibitions you might have and urges you to go boldly into the uncharted Sahara that is this season’s makeup trends.


1. Inner Corner Color

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Summer makeup to shop for🌞Link in bio

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Image Credit: @intothegloss on Instagram 

Try swapping your typical shimmery eyeshadow out for a bolder shade that will make your tear ducts pop like no highlight could. Pair the look with clean skin to limit distractions and keep the focus on your eyes.


2. Loud Blush

Image Credit: @priscillaono on Instagram

Your face is a blank canvas, so paint it! Makeup artist Priscilla Ono shows off the ultimate cheek gradient she created using all Fenty Beauty, of course. Celebrate being summertime fine by daring to live every day like it’s the Met Gala.


3. Crystal Eyes

Image Credit: @allure on Instagram

Bejeweled eyes are being made chic for the Summer. The key is to choose dainty-sized crystals to adorn your eyes with. Rosy cheeks and natural lips would look amazing paired with diamond lids.


4. Color Block

Image Credit: @allure on Instagram

Glossy or geometric, just swipe on some color and you’re ready for anything from a beach day party to a late night disco. Try pairing this with the Loud Blush trend if extra is all you know.


5. Bright Lashes

Image Credit: @allure on Instagram

Go full-alien by batting colorful eyelashes at anyone that passes by. If you don’t want to commit to buying a colored mascara, try running a spoolie through any colorful pomade to create your own, custom color.


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Makeup Trends Heating Up This Summer. Featured Image Credit: @martahunt on Instagram 

PSA: Pimple Patches Really Work


Ok, so these seem gimmicky, right? That’s what I thought when I first heard about them. I mean, they’re essentially a Band-Aid that claims it will shrink and/or get rid of a blemish overnight. To me, the claims were too high and I wasn’t buying it. I mean, literally they weren’t getting any of my coins. Then, one day, Emily Ferber of Into the Gloss made my thoughts on pimple patches completely flip. I honestly didn’t even read her article, whoops, but just took a mental note of the title: How Did I Only Just Get Into Pimple Patches?!? However, even with a title that compelling, I still didn’t invest in any acne dots or pimple patches, which I now completely regret.

Image Credit: Anna Sudit

Recently, I found myself on Into the Gloss again, this time reading their most recent ITG Top Shelf. The woman was gorgeous and the product shots were lust-worthy, typical ITG. One of my favorite sections on the site is the comment section, which is full of beauty junkies giving advice and sharing their thoughts on products, which also somehow never falls short on humor. One of the commenters was raving and backing up the products featured in the article and promised skin an infant would envy if you were to use them, so obviously after reading that, I was all in. I wasted no time checking out the site where she had purchased all of her products: Peach and Lily, which specializes in Korean beauty. Of course, one of the first (award-winning) products that popped up on their welcome page was none other than pimple patches. They were only five dollars, so I felt like it would be crazy not to buy them, especially because the other pimple patches that I had come across started at twenty dollars.


Image Credit: @peach_slices on Instagram

Luckily, when my Acne Spot Dot Patches by Peach Slices came in the mail I had the perfect spattering of spots to test out my latest purchase on. I did my normal skincare routine, then stuck a dot onto my blemishes and went to sleep. When I woke up, WOW! I could actually see the sebum that had been sucked out by the patches and when I peeled the stickers off, my blemishes were almost completely flat and on their way to a full recovery. I was so pleased with my purchase that I immediately Snapchatted all of my friends about it and convinced them to buy some, too. Once I ran out, I felt like I didn’t even know how to function without acne dots in my life. I didn’t feel like waiting for another order to come in, so I went to Ulta and picked up a version by Peter Thomas Roth for thirty dollars, which yes, was an insane amount to pay, but I was desperate. Ultimately, I found that I wasn’t thrilled with the results they gave me and will definitely be purchasing the ones from Peach Slices again instead; they’re worth the wait. Overall, just buy pimple patches, ok. They’ll come through for you even when your skin doesn’t.  


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PSA: Pimple Patches Really Work. Featured Image Credit: 

Should You Add Oxygen to Your Skincare Routine?


Everyone says that drinking a bunch of water will solve all of your skin problems (which, unfortunately, is definitely fake news), but what about adding another natural element to your routine? Enter, oxygen. The concept of something that is as seemingly arbitrary as oxygen paired with skincare may seem silly and even gimmicky. However, there is science behind oxygen that backs up its claims of providing consumers with more glowy, rejuvenated skin. Something to note is that since oxygen is a gas, it can’t be the stand-alone ingredient in a skincare product. So, oxygen is usually paired with hydrogen peroxide or other ingredients to stimulate it into action. Depending on your preference, you may want to avoid using a product that contains hydrogen peroxide and opt instead for an oxygenating product that uses ingredients like vitamin C or calcium to generate oxygen flow in your skin. Some gorgeous products (I just want to be Johnathan from Queer Eye, OK) to try that are hydrogen peroxide-free include: Glam Glow’s BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask, Miss Spa’s Oxygenating Bubble Mask, and Clinique’s Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask.


Image Credit: @glamglow on Instagram 


You’ll notice that all of these product names share the word bubble. This is because oxygenating products tend to start off as a gel-like formula when you first apply them and then, over a period of about ten to fifteen minutes, bubble up, giving your face a Squidward-like appearance as a girl pointed out, earning her a viral moment last year. The product that she used was this Korean one that you can purchase on Amazon. Personally, I’ve used the Miss Spa mask and am now dying to try Glam Glow’s version that also has the added element of charcoal in it. A warning: when the mask begins to bubble up you can definitely feel the product working, which may be satisfying to some, but can also give off a crawling sensation to others. From my experience, I thought that the bubbles just tickled, but I could see how other people might find them to be annoying. However, even if the bubbles bother you, I recommend getting through at least one mask session because the instant results are so worth it. Oxygen promotes blood circulation, which can stimulate cell growth and regeneration, which is great if you’re looking to slow down the aging process. More benefits include pore minimization and lifting dullness and discoloration from your skin. Overall, if you’re looking to revive your complexion, give oxygen a try and see what kind of life it can breathe into your skin.


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Should You Add Oxygen to Your Skincare Routine? Featured Image Credit: @clinique on Instagram

Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner


So, we can all agree that eyeliner is hard to master, right? The process of getting your two lines to match perfectly can be excruciating and time consuming. Well, f*ck a feline flick. It’s time to get down with eyeliner that’s a bit more open. Negative space eyeliner celebrates imperfections and feels less rigid than traditional eyeliner. It’s the perfect technique to try when you feel like being extra playful with your makeup; plus, you can be as extravagant or reserved as you wish with it. A conversation-starting look would include adding chunky glitter to exaggerate your lines, while a chill, black double wing will just hint at rebellion.

Image Credit: Rex 

The cubic, mod vibe that this geometric eyeliner trend gives off seems to channel the sixties and its intense cut creases. History repeating itself is nothing new, of course. The colorful eyeshadow of the seventies are also back in a big way. The makeup world seems to have tired itself of looks that are just pretty. Those looks have their place, however, because who doesn’t want to look like a bombshell occasionally. But, more and more, people seem to be taking risks with their makeup and not minding if others find it distasteful or garish. This switch-up is liberating and should encourage you to just do what you want with your face, it is yours after all. So, don’t be intimidated, just have fun, and if you’re too shy to wear your edgy beat out in public, at least take some bangin’ Instagram shots before wiping it away.

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A cluster fuck of stars ! Me included 🙂

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Image Credit: @teishajenaie on Instagram 


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Why You Shouldn’t be Intimidated by Negative Space Eyeliner. Featured Image Credit: @teishajenaie on Instagram

Estée Lauder’s Violette Has the Most Aesthetically Pleasing YouTube Channel


You’ve seen all the run-of-the-mill beauty channels on YouTube *cue the high energy intro music and perfect posing*. While these videos are awesome and always deliver fierce looks, they can feel repetitive and unoriginal at times. Just when I had hit peak uninspired, I came across Violette’s channel and was instantly revived. Her calm demeanor oozes French ease, and her fresh makeup philosophy is all about artistry. A little background on Violette, she is a makeup artist, beauty consultant, and Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Director, casual. On top of all that, she creates gorgeous videos that take you around New York City to her favorite bars and restaurants where she grabs a drink and swipes on a makeup look perfect for the occasion and of course, her color mood. From her face to her eyes, Violette’s preferred tool is her fingers. However, for her, that doesn’t translate into a boring look. She’s an advocate for wearing a glittery, smokey eye while grabbing coffee and a blue lip for cocktails.

Recently, she’s branched out and invited guests onto her channel to explore her other passions, such as cooking and flower arrangements. However, makeup is always at the heart of her videos. She is big on color moods and is inspired by the vibrant shades of food or the texture of flowers, which result in a unique makeup look that fits the bit’s aesthetic effortlessly. The organic nature of her videos will put you at ease and make you want to have an intense rummage through your makeup collection all in the same vein. Her channel’s name is violette_fr, the same as her Instagram, which you should also give a follow for inspiring, artistic content.  


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Estée Lauder’s Violette Has the Most Aesthetically Pleasing YouTube Channel. Featured Image Credit: Into the Gloss


Lavender Eyeshadow is All You’re Going to Want to Wear this Spring


Bold, primary colors have been dominating social media for a while now but, with spring (supposedly) around the corner, things are starting to lighten up. Pastels have begun to make their move to the forefront of our closets and makeup bags. Are they as groundbreaking as florals? Maybe. But nevertheless, the Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet, is taking over and it’s all you’re ever going to want to wear.


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Image credit: @pizzapizza_nisa on Instagram 

Purple rain, grape soda, lavender realness, this look is everything! Geometric shadow has never looked better. To achieve this eye, trace out your desired shape with whatever purple hue you choose, then slightly blend your lines, just enough so that they’re blurred but still maintain their shape. After that, simply fill in the space with a lighter, lilac shade like you’re coloring by number.

Lavender Latex

Image Credit: @tyronmachhausen on Instagram

The combination of a glossy lid and lilac shadow is next level. The beauty about this look is that it’s meant to be messy, which means that anyone can recreate it. Just a swipe of purple and a few dabs of gloss and you’re finished. Top your eyes off with spidery lashes and a fluffy brow to finish off this editorial, yet easy, look.

Purple Flush

Image Credit: @benjaminpuckey on Instagram

The flawless gradient in this look just extended my life by twenty years. This blown out eyeshadow to blush combination screams festival, but can definitely be toned down to more wearable standards. Multiple dimensions is key to this eye look, so pick out a few purples and just get creative with your blending. Stick to the basics of having a darker color in the crease and a lighter color on the lid to make your efforts full-proof.


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Lavender Eyeshadow is All You’re Going to Want to Wear this Spring. Featured Image Credit: @katiejanehughes on Instagram