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Liddy Clark Never Hesitates to Speak Her Mind Through Music


Liddy Clark has never been afraid to stand up for herself and others.  The singer always gravitated towards the raw honesty of country music and her songs readily embrace vulnerability and truth.  Her latest single “Friendly Fire,” attempts to process an unexpected betrayal. A Parkland native, Liddy also penned the highly emotional song “Shot Down ...

The Grahams Blow Off Steam in Defiant New Single “Bite My Tongue”


Musical and romantic partners Alyssa and Doug Graham have always had each other‘s backs. This camaraderie has weathered them through several tense situations during a motorcycle ride along route 66 at the height of the 2016 election. One of these confrontations was the kindling for their raucous new single, “Bite My Tongue,” inspired by a ...

Beth Keeping Muses Over A Missed Connection in Dreamy New Single “San Francisco”


Fusing the narrative power of country with the catchy melodies of pop, innovative singer Beth Keeping creates her own unique sound. Her music is informed by her international experiences -  travels that served as an impromptu source of inspiration for her latest single. “San Francisco” ponders a missed connection, the “almost” moments of not-quite romance ...

Kezar Celebrates Strong Women in New Empowerment Anthem, “Don’t Touch The Queen”


As an artist, sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. For Kezar,  inspiration quite literally struck when he witnessed a woman at a bar punch a man who tried to grope her. This incident served as creative kindling for his latest earworm, “Don’t Touch The Queen.” The music video features real women ...

Valencia James Wants You To Keep On Dreaming In Her Inspiring New Single, “Dreamers”


Music has always been a form of therapy to dark pop artist Valencia James. So, when depression came knocking, it was only natural for her to channel her feelings into writing. The result was “Dreamers,”  a powerful track about finding your strength again and always holding onto your dreams. James hopes to encourage her audience ...