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Hellboy (2004) Vs. Hellboy (2019)


A supposed seven foot, red skinned, horns on his head and stone right hand isn’t scary right? Especially, when he is a demon from the underworld. It’s okay though, he has a soft side and favors Baby Ruth candy bars.

Based on the graphic novel, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, the film adaptation HellBoy (2004) loosely follows the same storyline of a demon baby taken into the care of Professor Bruttenholm after coming out of a dimensional portal. Named Hellboy, he becomes a special agent of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). Like any human being, Hellboy deals with a broken heart for a woman he loves, jealousy, slight father issues and of course saving the world from supernatural entities. 

Played by Ron Perlman, Hellboy has a natural sarcastic and witty sense of humor and Perlman only adds to the character who inhibits the same type of character. His voice is also a nice touch The film also has the incredible Selma Blair as Liz Sherman, a pyrokinetic who becomes the one Hellboy must save. The film combines humor, action and the supernatural in a way that felt natural and entertaining to watch. 

The film itself had good reviews with Guillermo Del Toro’s visuals adding to the witty humor and action. The sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, was also praised with it stunning visuals in a supernatural setting. The Hellboy films became an epitome representation of the red skinned comic book character.

In 2019, Hellboy was reimagined. Originally planned as a sequel to the first two installments, the film became a reboot after Del Toro was not offered the same creative role. Subsequently, Perlman refused to reprise his role if Del Toro was not involved. 

The film takes a deviation from the original films by cutting out characters such as Liz Sherman (Blair)  and Abe Sapien (Doug Jones). Instead, they followed a storyline introducing the blood queen Vivienne Nimue (Milla Jovovich) who wants to plague the world as she planned in 517 A.D. It is up to the BPRD, a medium and Hellboy to save the day. 

Taking on the role of Hellboy is Stranger Things actor David Harbour. There were mixed reactions as people felt that Perlman was the perfect portrayal of Hellboy. The film was received with mixed reviews with Hellboy having a more defined and furrowed brow expression to his face. Despite the film dialogue still having a witty sense of humor, critics felt the film was unnecessarily gory and tried to have a darker edge that did not deliver. Critics also felt the film created a mess of combining folklore, gruesome battles and humor. 

Overall, putting the films head to head seems unfair and fan bases have a clear winner. When visualizing a red demon with samurai like hair, we all picture the same film. 

Hellboy (2004) Vs. Hellboy (2019): Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix


When it comes to finding shows that enthrall the audience, crime shows on Netflix have been on the rise. Despite creating popular romantic comedies, Netflix has an array of crime shows that make you scratch your head in absurdity. You’re also inclined to turn into your own detective trying to figure out who could have possibly done the crime. These are our picks for the top five crime shows on Netflix that will lead you down a dark path of mystery.


1. The Keepers

Released in 2017, The Keepers follows the investigation of the disappearance and murder of a nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. The beloved Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland went missing on November 7th, 1969 and was found dead two months later. The series takes you on a journey through the dark world of the Catholic church and its institutions, as well as the dedication of Sister Cesnik’s former students to find the truth after all these years.



2. Delhi Crime

The heinous rape of a young woman shook India to its core in 2012. Delhi Crime, starring Shefali Shah as Deputy Commissioner Vartika Chaturvedi, is based on the aftermath of this gang rape in South Dehli. The series follows the investigation to find the men responsible, as the country tries to find guilt in the police department. The story and show will make you shiver.



3. Abducted In Plain Sight

The show Abducted In Plain Sight will absolutely baffle you! In 1974, twelve-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted by a family friend, not once, but TWICE. Robert Berchtold, “B”, infiltrated and blind sided the Broberg family into being able to manipulate and get close to young Jan. The show takes you on a roller coaster of emotions between shock, intrigue and utter bewilderment.



4. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. There have been numerous shows made about Bundy, but this series delves deeper and Bundy gets even more chilling. The show features audio of Ted Bundy while he was on death row, conducted by reporters Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. The murderous layers of Ted Bundy’s mind are peeled away even more.



5. The Innocent Man

Based on shocking murders that changed Ada, Oklahoma, this docuseries follows the investigation of two murder cases between 1982 and 1984. The show looks into first hand accounts and testimonies of friends and family of both the victims and the accused. The kicker? The investigation leads to the possibility of false confessions coerced by the police on the potential perpetrators that, at the time, were found guilty.



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Top 5 Crime Documentaries To Binge on Netflix: Image Credits: Netflix

Avengers: Endgame Review


*Spoiler free review*

Do not go into this film with any preconceived ideas or predictions of how things will turn out because it would do you no good.

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest awaited film in Marvel cinematic history over the past ten years. It is rightfully so for many reasons. Marvel and the Russo brothers, alongside its impeccable actors, have again created a film that leaves you in shambles.

This is an accumulation of events and stories of a long awaited journey that, for many, have been there since the beginning. The film had its hilarious scenes that at moments have you surprised they even came out of certain characters’ mouths. Compared to previous films, Endgame took a different turn in having scenes that seemed out of character and had one liners that felt as if they came from Tumblr.

There are fight scenes that had the theater cheer in absolute shock and joy because they never expected them to happen. Although, it did feel like there was something missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something felt off and if you get over the excitement, you might notice it too.

Overall, the film was great. It’s a film that has been hyped for months and has been anticipated since the first Avengers. It’s the end of a journey; for who, I won’t say. You can cry your eyes out about that yourselves. But, the film had its good moments, its incredible heart stopping moments and its moments that felt like they were appeasing the fans.

The film marks a new shift in the Marvel universe and its future going forward and it certainly did that.

The bigger question is, what now?


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Avengers: Endgame Review Image Credit: Marvel

Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’


Groups of individuals who band together to save the world from heinous crimes are nothing new to us in the realm of television. The Umbrella Academy, which debuted February 15th on Netflix, is a little different but still has all the good superhero stuff we like with a twist. The show is a TV adaptation of a six-issue limited series created by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá.


In 1989, 43 unconnected women from all over the world gave birth. The weird thing is, they showed no signs of pregnancy and the next minute were giving birth. Billionaire industrialist, Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopted seven children. The purpose? To create a superhero group to save the world!

Now the adult part. As the years go by, the children grow apart and the family fractures. The six remaining children, all grown up, come together after their father’s mysterious death and now must save the world from an impending apocalypse.

What makes the show fun besides the satirical jokes are the issues each character brings to the table. Vanya (Ellen Page), #7, was outcasted as a child by her father and other siblings for being ‘ordinary’ and having no special ability. But I would keep an eye on her. It’s always the quiet ones. Vanya even writes a tell-all autobiography exposing the family when they were kids.

Ben (Justin H. Min), #6, was the first sibling to die, but we’re never exactly sure how. We do know he has a monstrous and terrifying ability. Think Flirkin from Marvel.

Number Five (Aiden Gallagher), #5, goes missing for decades when he time jumps through space and time to the future. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted to see how the world turns out?

Klaus (Robert Sheehan), #4, is quite the character you’ll grow to love. He’s a flamboyant and exuberant character with the ability to speak with the dead. To silence the voices, he developed a drug addiction. He brings some serious flavor to the show.

Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), #3, becomes the gloriously famous movie star, but in reality is dealing with custody of her daughter with her ex-husband. Her power, she can manipulate reality by saying the phrase,”I heard a rumor.”

Diego (David Castañeda), #2, is the bad boy, of course. Dark and alluring, he becomes a vigilante. He is able to curve the trajectory of anything he throws and he prefers a knife.

Luther (Tom Hopper), #1, is the golden boy, if you can’t tell by his number. He has the ability of super strength and is the only one who did not abandon his father. He also develops an ape-like problem.

If you want to have some fun with some good laughs, witty dialogue and Mary J.Blige, this is the show.



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Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’: Image Credit: Netflix

All The Loose Ends ‘Captain Marvel’ Tied Together


The long awaited first female led superhero film from Marvel finally hit theaters March 8th. The film establishes the origin story for Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) who becomes Captain Marvel. As you may remember, we first got an insight of Captain Marvel’s role in the franchise in one of the post credit scenes for Avengers: Infinity War. Despite the film being an origin for the character, it also brought together loose ends that never really got an explanation in the Marvel films.


1. How Fury Lost His Eye

Nick Fury is known for looking like a badass with his eye patch. Although, we never really know how he loses his eye and oftentimes Fury brushes off the question. We get a look at Fury’s eye in Captain America: Winter Soldier when he says, “You need to keep both eyes open,” and lifts his eye patch to scan his eye to gain access to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s system. Now we have a viable answer. In Captain Marvel, Danver’s cat Goose, is a Flerkin! A seemingly normal cat that can manifest deadly octopus like tentacles from its mouth. The Flerkin ends up scratching Fury’s eye. Yep, that’s why he wears a eye patch.


2. Naming the Avengers

Fury being the creator of the Avengers Initiative, did you ever wonder how he came up with the name? Danvers, in her human life having been an U.S Air Force pilot, was given a nickname. One the side of her aircraft are the words, Carol ‘Avenger’ Danvers. When Fury sees the photograph he changes the name from ‘Protector Initiative’ to Avenger.


3. How Captain Marvel got her name

While Danvers was a pilot, she was under the wing of Dr. Wendy Lawson who was head of a project Danvers and pilot Maria Rambeau were a part of. It is discovered that Lawson was actually a renegade Kree scientist who was helping the Skrulls find a new home. Lawson’s real name was Mar-Vell, which inspired Danvers superhero name. What a coincidence.


4. How Captain Marvel got her powers

Mar-Vell was creating an engine using an energy source harvested from the Tesseract. Yes it’s back. Kree Starforce commander Yon-Rogg set out to capture the engine and find the location of Mar-Vell’s lab. Danvers, who piloted the aircraft with Mar-Vell to try to reach her lab, destroyed the engine’s energy core causing her to absorb the core’s powers.


5. How S.H.I.E.L.D came to really be

Fury and Agent Coulson are part of S.H.I.E.L.D in its early days when it was focused on espionage and counter terrorism. It is Vers (Captain Marvel) arrival to Earth that sparks the S.H.I.E.L.D we currently know in the Marvel film franchise. Fury comes to realize that maybe earth’s greatest threats don’t come from earth.


6. The Tesseract!!

This thing does not go away. Everywhere you turn there it is and Captain Marvel is no exception. The engine Mar-vell created harnesses its power from the Tesseract. In the franchise, there is a gap between Howard Stark finding the Tesseract at the bottom of the ocean in Captain America and it appearing in a S.H.I.E.L.D facility (The Avengers). Now we know how S.H.I.E.L.D got it. Danvers leaves Fury in charge of protecting the Tesseract and the Flirkin decided to gobble it up and in the post credit scene, the Flirkin upchucked it onto Fury’s desk.


7. The Pager

The post credit scene of Fury activating Captain Marvel’s pager, leaves us all to wonder how he got it and why he never pressed it before. It’s quite simple. Danvers modified the pager to work galaxies away while she was helping the Skrulls find a new home. She gave specific instructions to only activate it for serious emergencies. But, why weren’t the other major battles an emergency? Kevin Feige even said in an interview that we don’t know if Fury pressed it before.



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All The Loose Ends ‘Captain Marvel’ Tied Together: Image Credit: Marvel and Disney


Top Robin Hood Films


Out of all the bedtime tales that were told, there needs to be some recognition for the tights wearing crusader, Robin Hood. If you are unaware of the classic story, Robin of Locksley was a man born of noble birth and is depicted taking part in the Crusades. Known for his skills in archery, his bow and arrows are his main weapon along with some spanky bright green tights. He donned the name Robin Hood as an alias to rob the rich to give to the poor. Over the years Robin Hood has been seen in many depictions across the big screen.


Robin Hood (1973)

Let’s start with a classic and what’s better than a film by Disney. Premiered in 1973, the legendary tale of Robin Hood (Brian Bedford) and his sidekick Little John (Phil Harris) takes twists and turns in an adventurous tale. Using animals and an animated storyline, Prince John (Peter Ustinov) takes away the power of Sheriff Nottingham (Pat Buttram) to collect unreasonable and cruel taxes from citizens of Sherwood Forest. It is up to Robin Hood and Little John to save the day.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Now we are going to move on to non-animated films. Kevin Costner embodies the legendary thief playing Robin of Locksley. This 1991 film takes on a serious tone as Robin Hood escapes a prison in Jerusalem alongside Azeem (Morgan Freeman). Upon arriving in England, his estate has been destroyed and his father is dead. Behold! We get the evil villain Sheriff of Nottingham, played by the glorious Alan Rickman, who is responsible for the crime. To save the kingdom from the evil hands of Sheriff Nottingham, Robin Hood must join forces with outlaws.







Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

If you’re looking for a good laugh and some serious men in tights, this is the film for you. Filled with outrageous jokes and outbursts of song and dance, this 1993 film is a comedic twist on the Robin Hood tale. Robin of Loxley (Cary Elwes) finds his home ransacked and destroyed after escaping a Jerusalem prison. The evil Prince John (Richard Lewis) is to blame and is abusing his power. Enlisting the help of his blind servant Blinkin (Mark Blankfield) alongside Will Scarlett O’Hara (Matthew Porretta) and Little John (Eric Allan Kramer), they band together to form the ‘Men in Tights’ in order to regain control against Prince John. Robin Hood also hopes to get past Maid Marian’s (Amy Yasbeck) chastity belt and I do not mean that figuratively.




Robin Hood (2010)

This is film is good just on the fact that is has Russell Crowe. The story line of this film tweaks certain details of the original tale. Robin Longstride (Crowe) travels to Nottingham to find that the people are crippling under severe taxation and suffer under the wretchedness of the sheriff. This also has the love story between Robin and Marian (Cate Blanchett). On a mission to save Nottingham, Robin and his warriors find themselves having to save much more.








Robin Hood (2018)

The new rendition of Robin Hood takes you on a weird mix of old England, but with a modern twist. Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) is drafted to the Crusades to serve his time in war where he meets Moorish commander, Little John (Jamie Foxx). Hardened by war and a lost love, Robin takes on the name ‘The Hood’ to lead a revolt against a corrupt England who tax the poor of their every penny. Playing the socialite nobleman and a masked crusader, the film is full of action, greed and has a classic tale of romance.








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Top Robin Hood Films: Image Courtesy: Summit Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Productions, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures

Why You Should Be Watching Bob’s Burgers


Let’s forget for a second about Family Guy and The Simpsons and focus on another dysfunctional yet seemingly relatable television family that’s a barrel of laughs. This is why you should be watching Bob’s Burgers, currently on its ninth season on FOX.

We all like animated comedy shows about families who seem to never have a normal day. Each member is unique in their own way and you somehow find yourself thinking, “Oh yeah! That’s totally me.” The Belchers of Bob’s Burgers have a bit of everything you could want, while it still being PG-13.

Each episode is completely different, but follow the daily lives of a nutty family. Bob Belcher is an ‘entrepreneur’ who owns a burger restaurant on Ocean Avenue in a state we are never really aware of. His wife Linda and his three children, Louise, Gene and Tina help run the restaurant, but episode locations span beyond the restaurant.

In all honesty, if this family was real you would think they are a complete trainwreck.

Let’s start with Bob. He is a pudgy, grumpy, not very exuberant man who really thinks of himself as a craftsmen with his flare for artisanal burgers of the day. We never really see him smile, like ever. He has a classic pessimistic attitude and seems the most sensible of the bunch, but has his exasperated moments. He is also quite stubborn. Is this reminding you of anyone?

Female matriarch Linda is quite the woman. She’s the complete opposite of Bob. Opposites attract I suppose. Linda is go lucky, happy, fun, completely flamboyant and is more than happy to go with the flow of any odd plan. She encourages her children to be themselves, no matter how weird it really is. She’s the definition of exuberant, loves to belt out in song and is loud. She probably resembles you one of your aunts.

Tina Belcher is a special entity all on her own. As a pubescent pre-teen, she is OBSESSED with boys and her number one crush, Jimmy Pesto. She also has a weird knack for writing erotic fanfiction. This includes lots of butts and zombies. Tina even has a hobby for horses and like any tween, a fixation for a boy band. Think One Direction, but worse. Although, you can relate to her social awkwardness and insecure character.

Gene is something else. Being the only boy and middle child, he is out there. He is also carefree and likes to make people laugh like Linda. He consistently likes to annoy people with fart sounds he records on his Casio SK-5 keyboard. He’s the more comical and more childlike character out of the bunch. He reminds you of your little cousin who’s more than happy to sit in a tub of beans.

Finally, we have the mastermind that is Louise. You can spot her a mile away because of her pink bunny ears hat she always wears. You will never see her hair. She is witty, maniacal, devious, smart, cunning and it’s all in one tiny person. She is the one responsible for most of the issues the family has to resolve or the adventures her and her siblings go through. Despite you thinking she is almost narcissistic, she loves her family and is a total Daddy’s girl. You often think Louise in the future will either be a mob boss, in jail or some evil villain.

Each episode will have you snickering with how much each character play off each other and just how much you seem to relate to all the characters in one way or another. Each episode is a brand new problem and adventure The Belcher’s must conquer.


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Why You Should Be Watching Bob’s Burgers: Feature Image Credit: FOX

What Do We Really Think Of The Ted Bundy Movie Trailer?


Based on the notorious 1970’s serial killer Ted Bundy, the new film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile takes us on a tale of the relationship between the killer and his longtime girlfriend. But, the question is how do we really feel about a film that portrays an evil and vile individual who wholeheartedly believed he was innocent of dozens of heinous murders.

The film starring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy and Lily Collins as Elizabeth Kloepfer, the story revolves around this seemingly functional relationship while everyone around Bundy, as well as Kloepfer, are completely unaware of Bundy’s true nature.

There were various mixed reviews when the trailer to the film was first made public. Some with intrigue on how Efron would portray Bundy and some who were dismayed at the mere fact that this type of film was even made. The initial thoughts that surround the film was that it portrays Bundy as too suave and likeable when you watch the trailer for the first time. To many of the viewers, this does not represent the Ted Bundy that plagued the news and caused a major stir in the justice system back in the 70’s. He was a man who murdered and tortured women in ways that at the time was blasphemous and unheard of. We have all seen various Ted Bundy documentaries to know the truth.

Now there are two sides to the coin. Ted Bundy was known for being the guy next door. He was a man who you would not believe would be capable of these crimes. He was charismatic, suave, charming and an all around good enough guy you would have no problem if he dated your daughter. Bundy was able to sway the people around him to believe the words he said. Although, you might say that this is the scary part about Bundy, the fact that he could manipulate people.

The film is not about Ted Bundy the serial killer, it is about Ted Bundy the charming guy next door. Yes, Zac Efron looks like Bundy and adds to that appealing quality, but it’s about the persona Ted Bundy presented to the world and the courtroom. It becomes about the man who was able to daze women into believing him, especially the woman who lived and loved him and did not know a thing.

Of course, there are moral issues to this type of film. There have been responses saying the issue of the family members of his victims having to see the man who murdered their daughter being portrayed this way on the big screen. There is this idea that in one way or another they are glorifying Ted Bundy because serial killers are now a trend. The film is a two sided coin and whichever way you flip it you can not have one reaction without the other.

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What Do We Really Think Of The Ted Bundy Movie Trailer?: Image Credit: Zac Efron Instagram

‘True Detective’ Star Lauren Sweetser Talks About Why Crime Dramas Keeps You Coming Back


What does it take to be a true detective? HBO’s third installment of their show True Detective takes it up a notch in the crime anthology drama category. Separated from its previous installments,True Detective follows two detectives in three different time periods attempting to find the truth behind the disappearance of a boy and girl from Arkansas in the 1980s. New to the show is actress Lauren Sweetser, who adds a complex and rich character to a drama that will keep you on your toes.


“At the root of it is what makes a true detective. I think they do a really good job this season of making you answer that question for yourself. I have seen the first two episodes so far and these characters are so rich. I think people can expect to see incredible performance, very good production design and great writing,” said Sweetser.

Sweetser plays a character by the name of Isabell who is seen later in the show. Although, she admits she can’t give much away about her character and her role. Certain plot elements are kept secret in order to maintain the suspense.

“She is an extremely interesting woman. It was such a joy to work with Daniel (Sackheim) and collaborate to make a very complex, but beautiful character.”

Having been a fan of season one of the show, Sweetser was instantly attracted to the role. She praises the show’s executive producer and writer, Nic Pizzolatto, for his creativity. “I just loved how Nick created this world that can be different every season. The incredible performances and writing instantly drew me to it. Everyone is on top of their game on a show like this.”

Sweetser is not the only one attracted to the show. True Detective leads viewers on a path of uncertainty, mystery, suspense and even has you questioning what clues you might have missed. Sweetser describes the show as something that never really leaves your mind. She often finds herself still thinking about the show hours or days after the episode finishes airing.

“It keeps viewers coming back for more. Every episode gets better with even more puzzling questions you crave to be answered. The overall mystery of what’s happening and trying to get to the bottom of it is what keeps viewers coming back.”

One of many perks of working on True Detective for Sweetser was being able to film in her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas. For her, True Detective has been one of the biggest shows she’s been a part of. It was even better that it filmed in her hometown where her creative expression first sparked.

Having been a dancer since she was a little girl, Sweetser always had a creative outlet, but it wasn’t until high school that she really found an interest in acting. “I was carpooling with a friend of mine and she said her mom was going to be late because she (her friend) was auditioning for a play. She suggested I should audition for it too. After a nudge in the right direction, I thought “Why not?” After auditioning, I ended up getting the part!”

Sweetser jokes that it was a funny experience because she got the role her friend was originally auditioning for. Having been a lover of movies and an avid cinema goer (she even keeps the movie stubs she collected as a child), Sweetser fell in love with acting.

Movie roles haven’t always come Sweetser’s way in the most conventional way. She took the opportunity to do a movie where she lived in Hawaii for two months after being approached by two regulars at an Irish bar she was bartending at who turned out to be AD and line producers.

“I never thought I would get a role, but things work out how they’re supposed to. I’ve had a lot of strange things like that in my life where I’ve been in a completely different position and get offered to do a movie or meet a producer. Those things keep me on my path knowing I’m doing the right thing.”

Sweetser is certainly on the right path having taken part in numerous movie projects. She just wrapped up a guest appearance on NCIS and produced and starred in the film Riot Act, which will be available on DVD and streaming platforms in the coming months.

She stars in a film called Sweet Inspirations where she plays a survivor of domestic violence. For Sweetser, this film and plot is close to her heart. “I worked with women and children of domestic violence in college and a few different philanthropies for them. This was one of the roles where it all came together.”

In the future we might see Sweetser on HBO’s Westworld, a show she is absolutely obsessed with. But for now, catch her on True Detective and find out for yourself what her character Isabell is all about.


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 ‘True Detective’ Star Lauren Sweetser Talks About Why Crime Dramas Keeps You Coming Back: Image Credit: FaZiLLaH

GLASS Movie Review


Night Shyamalan’s new film Glass is not a typical superhero film and it isn’t for good reason. If you watch the film with a preconceived notion that you will see individuals who flock the pages of beloved comic books, you are incorrect. But ultimately, that’s the point.

Glass is the third installment of M. Night’s previous films Unbreakable and Split. What is so refreshing about his film is that it goes against the common assumption of mainstream hero’s. We have David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) and The Beast (James McAvoy) all acting out the key players of the hero and villain.

But, what is so enticing about the storyline is that it tries to rationale their supposed superhuman abilities with psychology. It creates an interesting juxtaposition within the film and its characters.

What makes this your uncommon superhero plotline is the fact that M. Night has made these characters realistic. These aren’t individuals who can not be hurt or individuals who have weaknesses like Kryptonite. Mr. Glass suffers from brittle bone disease, Dunn cannot survive in water, due to childhood trauma, and The Beast is perceptible to a certain female.  They are based in a humanistic reality of what a modern superhuman would be. Their powers are based upon medical and psychological diagnosis, but yet have you questioning if maybe they have become something more than just you and me.

Night has created a film that takes aspects of comic books and twists them around. We have the two villains, the hero, the escape, the reveal of the masterplan, the fight scene, the cliche wanting to destroy the big shiny new building in the city, and the emotional individuals who speak reason to the characters. Let’s not forget the skeptical psychologist Dr. Ellie Staple who you will find annoying, but she serves a grander purpose at the end.

Although, I will admit that the film started to drag on 2/3rds of the way through. You might think that M. Night could have ended the film at certain points and that scenes were just placed together. Near the end the film it felt like there couldn’t be more, but there was. The film did a lot of explaining. Was it necessary? Maybe maybe not.

If we were to speak about the films technicalities the overall camera angles and scene shots were incredible. You are taken through multiple viewpoints as if you were looking through someone’s eyes and following the movement. Small things like watching the scene through a car mirror or flipping the scene upside down in relation to movement added visual appeal.

The color palette for the film was also something to note. M. Night for multiple scenes stuck to a specific color pallete that enhanced the vibrancy of the scene. My favorite would be the complete pastel pink psych room.


Rating: 8/10



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‘Glass’ Movie Review: Feature Image Credit: Universal


John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons” Review


How many of us know the full extent of Latin American history? The minute we start our school education we learn about the history of America and Europe. Everything from the Civil War, the signing of the Declaration of Independence to Columbus (Leguizamo has a few words about him). I’m sure many remember being taught about the Mayans and the Incas, but what else?

John Leguizamo’s Tony nominated Broadway show, Latin History for Morons debuted on Netflix November 5th.

Leguizamo takes us to the number one place we learn history; the classroom. Riddled with boxes, books, chairs and a chalkboard; Leguizamo is gonna teach you real Latin history that was pushed aside. Everything starting from the beginning, 3,000 BCE. His main purpose, in my opinion, to deconstruct our American history and interweave the negated Latin contributions that made our current ‘great’ nation.

Don’t assume that this is a ninety-minute show about a boring lecture. Because it’s not! Using Leguizamo’s notorious comedic personality, you will have no issue watching and you come out smarter than when you came in.

Despite Leguizamo using comedy to keep us entertained, like all of a sudden he’s in his underwear and dances to salsa and cumbia, there are core issues he addresses. Issues that all Latino people face. You can guess what those are.

Leguizamo goes deep into Latin history. He uses cited information from respected literature and authors to debunk our common knowledge that was brainwashed into our subconscious. Also, what textbooks refuse to acknowledge.

By the end of the show you will have laughed your heads off and have learned more in 90 minutes then you probably remember in eight years of school education. Every Latino should watch this. It reaffirms a place in society and gives a self-worth that has been misconstrued over 3,000 years. That’s a long time.


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John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons”: Image Credit:

Stan Lee, Superhero Marvel


Anyone who is a member of the superhero community or part of the entertainment world knows of the great Stan Lee. Stan Lee was, in every sense of the word, a superhero marvel. With his recent passing on November 12th at the age of 95, Stan Lee will forever be commemorated as the father of Marvel. He was a creative genius who was an editor, writer and publisher of our most beloved comic book heroes and an all around genuine human being who coined the phrase “Excelsior!” with gusto.


Stan Lee, born December 28th in 1992 NYC, became one of the most recognized faces and writer in a comic book industry that skyrocketed to be one of the most grossing entertainment business in the world.  

Originally starting as a small publication house, Stan Lee was active from the 1940s until 2010 as a key element in the success of Marvel’s iconic heroes. Alongside writer/artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Lee was behind creating our beloved neighborhood hero, Spider-Man. He is also highly credited for X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man. I’m sure many of you are familiar with these names. If not, you have been living under a big rock.

Stan Lee became much more than just a comic book writer. He became the Marvel Universe’s most beloved character on and off screen. Since his retirement from Marvel in 1990, Lee is featured as a cameo in almost every Marvel movie you have seen. Let’s be honest we watch the movies just to see Stan Lee make his appearance. It’s the best part.

Not just a creative mind, but Stan Lee was also an amazing human being. He often voiced his thoughts on anti-bullying, tackled hot topics of the changing world around him and social issues prevalent in our time. Let’s not forget that he is humble as can be and a sweetheart to his fans and those close to him.

Stan Lee will surely be missed, but his legacy will forever live on.

“I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing.”
– Stan Lee


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Stan Lee, Superhero Marvel: Image Credit: Matt Carr