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The Chunky White Sneaker and How It Will Help You Stay in Style While Going On All Your Spring/Summer Adventures


We have all been through it and cried about it; we have all seen it and laughed about it: that painful walk that happens after wearing uncomfortable shoes all day for the sake of fashion. Sacrificing comfort for a pair of shoes seems stupid until you’re put in that position. It sounds ridiculous, but for most of us, it’s a true story! I one time had a bartender cut me off at a sweet sixteen because I appeared too intoxicated. Not sure which was a greater loss of dignity, I decided not to tell her that my walk was due to my new black, velvet heels. Instead I just rolled my eyes and walked like I was shot in both kneecaps to the other bartender standing at the opposite end of the bar. Those shoes sure did elevate me to a new level of class.

Anyway, the gods and goddess of fashion have blessed us with a trend that will allow us to keep our style while keeping feeling in all of our toes. I present to you the chunky white sneaker and how it will help you stay in style while going on all of your spring/summer adventures. Now we can spend our spring and summer traversing the wonders of the world one easy step at a time without sacrificing the desire to keep a presentable outfit together.

Not only is the chunky white sneaker a miracle for comfort, but it goes with just about anything. Any outfit you decide to put on will most likely look just as good with a chunky white sneaker rather than an ankle-breaking heel.


You don’t believe me? Surely these dad-like sneakers can’t be worn with simply anything. Just check out Olivia Culpo looking clean, professional, and stylish while remaining comfortable in her chunky white sneakers. She demonstrates that a chunky white sneaker can still help you dress to impress.




Still skeptical? Kendall Jenner is seen here looking sexy and comfy in a bodycon dress. What is usually worn out to hit the clubs can now be splashed with a touch of casual from the chunky white sneaker trend so that you can proudly flaunt your curves wherever you choose and still tour your favorite city this spring/summer for hours on end.

Even our elite leaders are jumping on this trend. Michelle and Malia Obama put together fresh mother-daughter looks with summer dresses and their chunky white sneakers. They prove to all of us that effortless class can still be held together without throwing on constraining shoes.




Selena Gomez shows us just how functional and chic the chunky white sneaker look really is. Here she is seen marching at the March for Our Lives event. Comfort had to be the obvious choice, however, with the chunky white sneaker trend, she never had to sacrifice a great look.




Like I said, the chunky white sneaker goes with just about anything. Rihanna shows off a beautifully unique outfit with pops of color across a nearly all-white ensemble. Even her chunky white sneaker reflects the same theme with a gold platform. These sneakers complete her outfit with a sporty sparkle in her street-wear.




Last but not least, Gigi Hadid shows us just what summer can look like for all of us. Her chunky (pink) sneakers are the perfect look to attach to her casual tank and shorts as she briskly walks the streets. Don’t feel the pressure to have to “dress-up” an outfit in order to look your best. Gigi Hadid has the right idea with supportive shoes to match her casual look that still manages to twist heads without twisting an ankle.


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It Has Been Two Months Since the Flying Solo’s Fashion Show, but We’re Still Talking About It and Here’s Why


This past New York Fashion Week was as spectacular as always. The scene was full of brilliant shows to admire, dynamic street styles to draw inspiration from, and extraordinary new lines to look forward to this upcoming season. Every show had its own fascinating voices with impressive designers and innovative ideas. However, perhaps the most ground-breaking ideas belong to Flying Solo; a host of collaborating designers working together to create a fantastic show. It has been two months since the Flying Solo’s fashion show, but we’re still talking about it and here’s why: Elizabeth Solomeina believes that the future of fashion begins with inclusivity and partnership. She not only envisions a utopia of the new fashion world, but motivates herself and countless others to make it a real world possibility.

The fashion world is a competitive, often shattering place if you are not already successful. It comes with a multitude of rejections, failures, shortcomings, and nasty competitors. These are the battles faced by independent designers every day in their artistic journey to get their work established and worn by people across the country and around the world. With the quickness of accessing and exchanging information in our modern society, this harsh reality of the industry seems obsolete. The visionaries behind Flying Solo want to help build an industry with each other for each other. Their premier event during NYFW speaks for itself and proves to all of us just what can be done when we pull our creative energies together rather than shut each other out.

The Flying Solo show on February 9th at Pier 59 did not disappoint. Instead of lasting the typical 5-30 minutes, this show lasted nearly an hour and each set of looks were vastly different from the next. Brilliant minds working together certainly pulled together the vision of the utopia of fashion and art. Combinations such as Nabys Vielman’s electrifying clothing and Ampersand As Apostrophe bags with perfect pops of color designed eye catching sets. Ampersand As Apostrophe also teamed up with GBGH Jewelry and Donna Zhong to create the professional closet we all wish we had while Not clothing, Volta Atelier bags and Dr. Martens shoes brought us back to the clothes we wish we rocked as free teenagers.

Flying Solo also featured a variety of clothes and styles including futuristic looks from Daniel Silverstain with his all silver wardrobe and Monosuit, an upcoming brand from Europe that wants to redefine the way we see fashion as the traditional shirt, pants, shoes, and jacket and simply curl it all into one. The show included heavy trench coats from Gustavo Moscoso and wool materials from Zynni Cashmere which displayed clothing that rang a natural and warm look.

The variety didn’t stop there! The list of styles and artistic visions took the audience by surprise every second of the entire hour. Rose Paulino displayed a collection of swimsuits and cover-ups that are sure to make anyone stand out on their next vacation. Furthermore, GH Luxury Lingerie and Glamrocks put on a show of stunning lingerie and accessories capable of making even the least confident of people feel sexy and royal. Lee Pfayer and Volta Atelier pooled their creativity together to style your modern witches including tops, dresses, and capes embellished with constellations and emblems of the stars.

Waiting patiently for the classic couture gowns? Flying Solo provided that plus more. Nazila Couture clothing and jewelry designed an exclusive line of gowns and skirts that brought influences from Southeast Asia right onto the New York runway. Elizabeth Brown and Iza by Silvia D’Avila nearly stole the show with their handmade and embroidered ensemble of dresses included a handmade red floral lace corset dress that grabbed our attention even after the model left the stage. The final set of clothing was made by Simone Ellis that featured beautiful dresses including a black cage skirt with floral details and elegant style. Each dress that drifted down the aisle during the concluding set was more gorgeous than the last.

After all of the designs and works of art were finished debuting, all of the designers paraded down the runway in celebration and pride. There was an unmatchable comradery and support system between all of the people behind the magic of Flying Solo. There wasn’t a single model, designer, set designer, or make-up artists who wasn’t congratulating another, taking pictures with a group, or enjoying a deserved drink at the bar. The excitement was raw and the overall spirit in the room was uplifting. It just goes to show you what wondrous accomplishments can be made when we motivate each other rather than tear one another down to reserve a single spot at the top. Elizabeth Solomeina’s vision is brilliant and we all hope that it continues to move forward. This utopia is revolutionary and might be just what the fashion world needs in a time of political and economical turmoil. At the end of the day, all we have is each other and if that is what we need in order to produce the incredible art seen at Flying Solo, then so be it!


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It Has Been Two Months Since the Flying Solo’s Fashion Show, but We’re Still Talking About It and Here’s Why: Image Credits: Fernanda Calfat, Matt Licari, Deseri Rice, Jamie Pavon


Black History Month: Black Designers from the Past and Today that Should be Remembered After February


Let’s make way for Black History Month and these black designers that certainly deserve recognition after February. These designers have captivated the fashion world each stitch at a time. Their lines are provocative, unique, and absolutely beautiful. The fashion world should be just as diverse as the people it is meant to dress. These designers not only established that rule, but tirelessly made it their own.

Zelda Wynn Valdes

How could we begin our list without including historical figures first? Zelda Wynn Valdes is a name you ought to know. After working in White Plains, NY with her own dressmaking business, she eventually moved her talents out to Broadway with her studio Zelda Wynn and became the first black-owned business on Broadway in 1948. Her clients included the very famous Ella Fitzgerald, Dorothy Dandridge, Gladys Knight, Joyce Bryant, and many more. She even designed the entire bridal party of Maria and Nat King Cole in 1948. In 1960, the first Playboy Club had its opening, featuring the original Playboy Bunny costume designed by the talented Zelda Wynn Valdes.


Stephen Burrows

The 60s and 70s represented a time in American fashion that rang electric, wild, and eccentric. There in the center of it all was Stephen Burrows. He started his career in fashion by studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, graduating by 1966. Shortly after, in 1968, Burrows began working with the epitome of fashion and art in the late 60s/70s, Andy Warhol. Some years later, he was the only black designer to participate in the historic Battle of Versailles of 1973 among four other American designers against five French designers. Later that year, his lingerie line “Stevies” was sold in stores across the country including Bonwit Teller and Lord & Taylor. His clothes since then have been worn by Farrah Fawcett at the Academy Awards in 1978, Brooke Shields, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Bette Midler, Jerry Hall, and even Michelle Obama.

Patrick Kelly

“Patrick landed like a bomb in my shop in 1985. He was so gay and so full of energy, and so were his clothes,” is exactly how a store buyer from the Victoire boutiques in Paris described Patrick Kelly. After working out of a thrift shop in Atlanta where he would modify coats and dresses, he connected with Pat Cleveland  who implored him to move out to Paris. There, his energy and talent brought him almost immediate success. By 1985, Kelly was selling his clothes to the Victorie boutiques in Paris and had a six page spread in the French Elle Magazine in the month of February. He designed clothing for celebrities such as Bette Davis, Madonna, Paloma Picasso and Grace Jones and engaged in a collaboration with David Spada (where Kelly created one of his most famous designs which is now displayed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art).  By 1987, Warnaco began manufacturing Patrick Kelly’s clothes which put his designs in stores worldwide. Then, in 1988, Kelly was admitted into the governing body of the French Fashion industry: Fédération française de la couture, du prêt-à-porter des couturiers et des créateurs de mode (French Federation of Fashion and of Ready-to-Wear Couturiers and Fashion Designers).


Now, repeat after me: Rihanna, our lord and savior, what can you not do? Help the rest of us feel sexy, confident, and empowered. Worry not, because Rihanna certainly delivered. Starting in September of 2017, the Beauty Queen herself launched the cosmetic brand that took inclusivity to an untouched level. Fenty Beauty blew our frustrations to dust with 40 shades spanning from paler tones to deeper tones and smacks every lovely shade in-between. Now with Savage X Fenty, Rihanna has a line of beautiful lingerie created to fit the unique bodies that are carried by all of us. Not only are her designs sex-positive, but the models she chooses to cast represent a sweeping range of looks and shapes. Rihanna’s Fenty Empire is leading a revolution that we should all want part of.


Back in the fall of 2013, Nas introduced his clothing line, HSTRY, to the world. Through his design, Nas brought us back to a history often neglected. His clothing rings a nostalgia that represents his childhood, his young aspirations, and his culture. While many Americans can relate to that even today, they often can’t find the essence of that culture in other fashion lines. Nas brings it to life in each collection of HSTRY, including the Black Hstry Scared Hoodie and the Black HSTRY Excellence Tee which represents the power and importance of black history, present, and future. His design and passion brings a deeper meaning to the idea of fashion as a vessel for ideas and movement.

Kerby Jean-Raymond

While fashion week is traditionally a time to show off bright colors, intricate design, and innovative style, Kerby Jean-Raymond (founder and designer to Pyer Moss) used his platform to bring attention to a more serious issue in our country. During the Spring 2016 Fashion Week, Kerby Jean-Raymond presented his Pyer Moss Menswear Collection which included designs and works of street art that brought attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. He brought something larger than fashion to his stage and to his art.

Tracy Reese

If you are looking for the pop of high fashion at an affordable price in your life, then you have got to check out Tracy Reese. Her clothing can be found in Anthropology, Nordstrom, Modcloth, Neiman Marcus, and many others. Tracy Reese first launched her label in 1998 in New York City where she continues to create vibrant colors and patterns in her textiles and consistently keeps her products at an inexpensive price. Her colorful, playful designs are pulled together through class and femininity. Celebrities such as the beloved Regina King and the former first lady Michelle Obama are photographed proudly wearing her pieces to major events.

Fe Noel

Last, but certainly not least, on this list is a designer who eradicates the way we typically place black women in history. Through fashion and design, Fe (Felisha) Noel puts powerful images of black women in place of otherwise European ideals and depictions of history. Her Oshun Slip Dress has taken the internet by storm as views are fascinated and struck by the beauty and elegance had by African goddess Oshun in place of the traditional Venus illustration. The rest of her products are drenched in patterns and colors just as vivacious as her message and passion. Fe Noel is a groundbreaking brand of fashion that explores the history of the world through a more inclusive and accurate depiction of humanity.


Black History Month: Black Designers from the Past and Today that Should be Remembered After February: Image Credits:,,,,,,,

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New Year, New You, Meet Your New Personal Stylist: Jackie


Do you have a passion for fashion that has lost its meaning as you juggle work, family and all of the passions that make you who you are? The Jackie Subscription Box wants to make sure you never settle for even a fraction of what you deserve. From the leggings you wear at your weekly spin class, to the blazer you wear to work, Jackie wants to become your personal assistant to your best life. All it takes is a five minute style quiz, a one on one phone call with your personal stylist, and the rest of your life to enjoy it. I was able to speak with Creative Content Director, Devon White, who opened up about the meaning behind the one of a kind subscription box that wants to put confidence back in your wardrobe and adventure back in your life.


Jackie started with an ambitious, yet blissful vision from Founder & CEO, Amber Duncan. She imagined a world where she could run multiple businesses, give all the love she could to her five children, and keep up with her fabulous sense of style, while inspiring other women to confidence.


“She tried all of the other subscription boxes, but she just couldn’t find one that fully understood her lifestyle. She wanted to create a company to fill the void that she was feeling from these other companies,” White said.


Amber knew how powerful and essential confidence is for a woman. With the right style and the attitude, confidence can make a woman feel impervious. When Amber created Jackie, she created a platform to inspire women to feel like a million dollars, starting with the clothes that they wear. She wanted to give busy, successful women the ability to curate their ideal wardrobe.


“Jackie was created to inspire women to be confident in who they are. One of the many ways we do that is by providing our clients with a personal stylist; the gateway to their dream wardrobe. We believe that confidence and styling are inseparable. We want to empower the women we style to realize the what confidence means to them. It is truly transformative when that inner confidence is explored. We want to be there to empower and uplift the women that we style. It goes beyond the box of clothes; that’s essential. It’s the service that  we provide. Our big picture goal is to have women look and feel their best every single day.” -Devon White

Jackie truly goes beyond your typical subscription box. You begin by taking a style quiz to help the styling team better understand your unique style. Your results include an in depth analysis on fashion and lifestyle. There are suggestions of clothing to consider and movie, book, and Spotify playlist suggestions that fit your personality and style. This of course, is only the beginning of the big plans that Jackie has for you. While other subscription boxes pull clothing solely based on the quiz, the talented stylists at Jackie use the quiz as a starting point.


“This is just the first interaction and we use this to start and then go beyond the quiz results and figure out style goals for our clients,” White said.


Once you indulge in your results, you can select which subscription box best suits you. There are three options that you can choose: One and Done, Quarterly and Monthly. Once you choose how often you want to receive your box, you can expect to hear from your stylist shortly after. You and your new personal stylist will set up a phone call to get to know one another. From the clothes that you wear, to the ins and outs of your daily schedule, your stylist can’t wait to get to know you!

“There is no way you can build someone’s wardrobe solely based on a quiz. You really have to take the time to have a conversation and truly understand their lifestyle,” White said. “It’s rewarding to foster that kind of a relationship. The truth of the matter is, other subscription boxes can feel impersonal. We love taking the time to get to know the women that we work with.”


The Jackie stylists adore the personal connection. They work hard to get to know you and what sort of wardrobe you’re looking for. Whether you’re a woman who knows exactly what you want, or someone looking to be adventurous and try new styles, these stylists know how to give you exactly what you need.

When you receive your box, you can expect several essential components: roughly five items including anything from denim, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and even candle. Your stylist will even include a handwritten note with your name on it! Jackie stresses the quality of the clothing that they offer. You will always be guaranteed quality essentials in your Jackie Box that withstand daily wear and tear and maintain their quality and style as seasons and trends change.


“We want to provide the kinds of brands that are going to withstand wear and tear and even the changing trends,” White proudly announced.

Jackie is the shopping of the future. We no longer have to sacrifice style over time and success. Jackie gives us the opportunity to do both. Success comes when you feel like your most confident self. Why let another year go by without having the best of both worlds? Seize this opportunity as quickly as you can! It only takes 5 minutes to get started and the rest is history. You will love the unique styling experience that Jackie has waiting for you.

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That Time of Year Where it’s Socially Acceptable to Wear a Blanket in Public: The Easy Way to Dress up or Down an Outfit


If you’re from the Northeast Coast like me, then you are familiar with the same four seasons: pre-winter, winter, post-winter, and summer. How do you survive the cold and still look fabulous? Winter is tough, don’t get me wrong. Most of our outfits are covered with heavy coats, bulky scarves, and enormous hats. However, the soft spots in pre-winter and post-winter allow for some more creative outlets. This time of year allows for the simplest of ways to really put an outfit together and set just the right mood. It’s finally that time of year where it’s socially acceptable to wear a blanket in public: the easy way to dress up or down an outfit.


Cardigans, jackets, blanket wrap scarves, shawls, and even your dad’s old plaid jackets are the perfect accessories to play around with this time of year for both style and warmth purposes. With just the right “blankets” you can dress up something plain, dress down something flashy, or keep the mood casual while still rocking outfits you thought you had to save for summer.

We’ve all been there; you’ve got this fancy holiday party to go to and you’re staring at your favorite dress, but maybe it’s better suited for summer. It’s got spaghetti straps, a sexy torso cut out, and the perfect style to show off your beautiful shape. The thought is nice, but you sigh because you know looking amazing for the price of hypothermia is not worth it. Well, with the help of an elegant blanket wrap scarf, you can sport the look and keep all of your toes and fingers. Zara has the perfect neutral black soft wrap scarf that can not only give you the chance to have that look, but level up its classiness as well! The scarf is soft, warm, classic, and goes with just about anything. So take that summer dress out of your closet, shake off the dust, and look your best!

Maybe one night in early December, you decide to ask your crush out on a date. The pressure is on. You don’t want to look too casual, but you don’t want to look too fancy either. You want to look really good, put you don’t want to look like you put in too much effort. You want to wear something that shows off your body a little, but maybe you want to tease a bit too. Where in the world is the sweet spot of first dinner date attire?? With only a half hour left before you have to leave to meet your date, you decide to go with your gut and wear what you feel most confident in. It’s that mildly fancy dress that you love, but maybe it’s a bit too fancy for the occasion. Well, go grab your dad and tell him that his clothes are back in style because his vintage flannel is really going to come in handy. Your dad doesn’t feel like sharing? Who could blame him? They are a delicacy! Worry not because Forever21 has a plethora of flannels to choose from. Even the classic brown flannel that will keep you feeling cozy and looking chic!

It’s everyone’s go-to; the white t-shirt and jeans. It’s the easiest outfit to throw on in a pinch and still stay stylish. But maybe this is the fourth time in the last two weeks that you’ve had to keep the fashion as effortless as possible. Do not set your alarm a minute earlier because all you need to throw on to show some variety is a nice shawl. Shawls are the perfect way to make a simple outfit pop while maintaining a professional look. In addition, they keep you warm and comfy; what could be better? Fashionnova has the perfect answer with the shawl of your dreams. It’s fashionable, versatile, and can effortlessly spice up your wardrobe.

It’s finally Friday night and you and your friends have plans to get dinner, some casual drinks, and see a late night movie. Bad news, all of your sweaters are sitting in the heap of laundry you didn’t have time to do and your favorite pair of jeans is being borrowed by your roommate… without your permission. So, what are you left with? It’s that pre-winter season and all you have are shorts! If you also have stockings, your favorite band t-shirt, and a funky cardigan, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Bring back the 80s vibe with a boho twist and throw on some jean shorts over stockings, throw on your favorite band’s tour t-shirt, and put on the cardigan to both complete the look and keep you from shivering at dinner. Charlotte Russe has that bold yellow cardigan that snaps that 80s look right to the present.


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That Time of Year Where it’s Socially Acceptable to Wear a Blanket in Public: The Easy Way to Dress up or Down an Outfit: Image Credits:,,,

Another Reason to Stay Fit this Upcoming Holiday Season: Beyoncé Buys out Ivy Park


The season of eating is upon us at last! Nonstop family and friend dinner parties with leftovers for a week. Treat yourself! You deserve it! But maybe now you’re feeling motivated to work off all of those extra pie calories. Need another reason to stay fit this upcoming holiday season? I’ve got just the extra push you need: Beyoncé bought out Ivy Park!

Beyoncé co-founded this fantastic brand with Philip Green, first announced in 2014 and then went on sale two years later in 2016. The gym wear brand took off! It seemed like the two were an unstoppable pair. Of course, that was up until this past October when Beyoncé cut ties with Green after sexual and racial abuse allegations. According to The Guardian, Green is denying the accusations, saying that his remarks were nothing but casual banter. However, employees at Arcadia Group are lining up with horror stories of bullying and harassment from Green going on at the company.

Beyoncé wanted absolutely none of that. She quickly brought out his half of the company and decided to take on the entire brand herself. Without the weight of Green’s abominable behavior, there’s no telling where Beyoncé will carry Ivy Park next!

Ivy Park is the haven of all workout clothes. Who knew a sequin covered sports bra was just what you needed to bring out the glow of determination from your sweat and tear-ridden face after running all of those miles and lifting all of those reps? From fabulous leggings that show off that butt you’ve been sculpting, to sweaters that keep you active and warm while you bear the elements of your wintery run, Ivy Park has it all.

You can check out and shop all of Ivy Park’s activewear online just in time for the perfect holiday gift, or the ideal equipment you need to make the most of your new workout regimen. Beyoncé’s brand has got your basics for the traditional workout such as comfortable sports bras and classic tees, as well as a touch of style with the Asymmetrical Stripped Hoodie and the Circular Knit Asymmetric Bodysuit. Ivy Park is the hottest gym wear this season! Get your run gear before they run out!


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6 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Closet


So, Halloween really isn’t your thing, is it? It’s already the end of October and you haven’t even considered a Halloween costume. Well, little did you know that your new job requires all employees to dress up, or maybe your best friend is just begging you to come along to a dreadful Halloween party, or maybe the spirit of Halloween possessed you and you just want to be a part of the fun.  No matter the reason, you’re stuck coming up with a last minute Halloween costume. The horror!

Save the terror for the haunted houses and gross looking Halloween themed treats! I have some last minute costumes that you can throw together in a matter of minutes just from your closet! I’ve got a whole spectrum of your classic ghouls to some more out-of-the-box characters. There’s something on this list for everyone! Here are 6 easy, last minute Halloween costumes you can make from your closet.


1)   Witch

What you need:

  •         Dark dress
  •         Cardigan
  •         Stockings/long socks
  •         Black shoes
  •         Necklace with an odd stone or charm
  •         All the rings that you can find
  •         Dark or red lipstick (optional)
  •         Witch’s hat (optional)

The witch is a classic! While it may be an obvious costume choice, I threw it up here because it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need all of these fancy costume props to look the part. Everything you need is right there in your closet! All you need is a creepy-looking dress, some odd jewelry choices, and your charm. You will get this costume done so fast, it will feel like magic.

*Psssst! Do you have two other friends in search of a Halloween costume? Go as the Charmed characters (original or reboot)!*


2)   Bat

What you need:

  •         Black dress
  •         Black stockings
  •         Black shoes
  •         Black cardigan
  •         Bobby pins
  •         Ears headband (optional)

I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous cat costume hundreds of times. Sure, it’s convenient, but honestly a little overdone. Dressing up as a bat is a more unique option with the same amenity. All you have to do is throw on an entirely black outfit with the essential black cardigan. Once you have on the cardigan, bobby-pin the loose ends to the sleeves to create your bat wings. The ears headband is a helpful detail to the costume, but definitely not crucial. I have on some bat ears, but if you don’t have access to those, you can always use those cat ears you had purchased from Halloween’s past!


3)   “Cereal” Killer

What you need:

  •         Black shirt
  •         Black pants
  •         Black beanie
  •         Black gloves
  •         Cereal boxes
  •         Tape or Velcro

Here’s a more goofy twist to the Halloween costume ideas. Everybody loves (or detests) a good pun. Once you have your stealthy, all-black, perfect getaway outfit on, it’s time to attach your unfortunate victims. Go through your cabinets and find all of the cereal boxes you can, then tape or Velcro them right onto your clothes. If you have time, you can certainly paint on some fake blood for some extra gory details. Maybe you’ll get some laughs, probably a couple of eye-rolls, but you’ll definitely get lots of saved time!

*Psssst! You can also turn this into a good couple’s costume! One person can dress as the cereal and another can be the milk!*


4)   Street Performer

What you need:

  •         T-shirt
  •         Ripped jeans
  •         Flannel
  •         Boots/sneakers
  •         Beanie
  •         Fingerless gloves (optional)
  •         Guitar/ukulele/harmonica

This costume is meant for the talented! Want to show off your musical skills to your crush? Here’s the perfect subtle excuse to do just that! Just make sure your instrument of choice is easily transportable.


5)   Wednesday Addams

What you need:

  •         Black dress
  •         Knee-high socks
  •         Black shoes
  •         Braids
  •         Black lipstick (optional)

Wednesday Addams is a Halloween favorite who is often overlooked. She is an adored classic with such an easy look to assemble. The toughest part here is mastering her infamous scowl.

*Psssst! Going with a group? You can easily turn Wednesday Addams into a goth costume and have each person in your group go as another high school clique stereotype!*


6)   Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

What you need:

  •         Light blue or white dress/shirt/pants
  •         Flower crown
  •         Something shiny

Bare with me, I know this is an odd one, but trust me, it’s a great choice for those of you who want to stand out for creativity. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the perfect last minute costume choice because she’s a character that literally everyone knows and her look is completely up to interpretation, making this an easy costume to design in minutes. Being a metaphor for LSD, you can go as intricate or as vague as you have time for! For all of my bohos out there with a great imagination, this is the costume for you.

*Psssst! Here’s another great couple’s costume idea! Rather than Lucy, you can easily turn this costume into Mother Nature and have a matching Father Time!*


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6 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Closet.

Nike: Just Do It, Conservatives: Just Burn It, Liberals: Just Be Fooled By It


I assume by now you have heard the controversy surrounding the newest Nike ad. Colin Kaepernick became the face of Nike and Americans found another reason to hate each other. While fervent liberals became inspired and ran out to purchase as much Nike as they could, racist conservatives threw a temper-tantrum and burned as much Nike as they could. Passions were flying, people were shouting, social media was exploding, shoes were burning, and sales were booming. All of this uproar, yet neither party actually did anything to help their cause.

If you haven’t seen the Nike commercial yet, definitely check it out! It’s heartfelt, inspirational, and passionate.


Just watching this commercial makes you feel a sort of adrenaline to stand up (or kneel) for what you believe in. Having Colin Kaepernick urging Americans to “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” shows that Nike genuinely believes in the urgent changes that need to happen in America…or maybe they just want to make you think they do. Whether you’re heart fills with hope or disgust while watching this ad, buying or burning Nike does absolutely nothing except make the rich richer.

According to Edison Trends, online Nike sales have gone up by 31% and according to The Washington Post, Kaepernick’s 49ers jersey is among one of the best-selling in the league. What does this mean? For the conservatives posting videos of themselves online with fits of outrage, this means that burning your already-paid-for Nike sneakers has done nothing except give Nike free advertising. Put down the matches before you hurt yourself and turn off your cameras because everybody else is laughing all the way to the Nike stores. For the liberals feeling like their actually making a difference by purchasing Nike gear, this means that the only difference you made was an increase in Nike profit.

Why isn’t increasing Nike profit a good thing? After all, the company has shown their dedication to urgent progressive movements. Well, according to Open Secret, this is not even remotely true. Open Secret reveals that in 2018, Nike gave 78% of their political contributions (about $424,000) to the Republican Party, the same party that has a president in power trying to demonize football players for kneeling against racial injustice. When you break it down, big corporations like Nike survive on capitalism. They don’t really care about racial injustice; they pretend to care because it gets you to care about their products.

While I can sit here forever and talk about the doom and gloom of the Republican Party and capitalism, there is one silver lining that we can take from this. Nike knew that we would care about Colin Kaepernick and his stance. Sales boomed for them because people care. Conservatives made fools of themselves because they cannot stand to be in a world where someone like Colin Kaepernick is respected and where a majority of people care about social equality. This whole ordeal shows that we can and that we are making a difference. Our voices are powerful. We are certainly not going to make a difference by buying into a corporate lie, but we can make a difference in numbers and in passion.


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Style Sonata Offers the Link Between Fashion and Artistic Expression


The hunt for beauty and art is an entire wondrous life-style filled with adventure and imagination. It takes a certain artistic spirit to want to explore every last corner of the world’s potential in both travel and creation. Style Sonata offers the link between fashion and artistic expression with their countless collections of unique accessories. These treasures are designed by artists inspired by their life’s unpredictable journey day after day. We were lucky enough to speak with Marketing Manager Micha Alleyne who puts passion into every word and wrings out every last drop of such a beautiful life.


Cliché: What is it about Style Sonata that rings “adventure” and “freedom?”

Micha Alleyne: Bunny initially started Style Sonata as a true love for creativity and art. She is someone who is very involved in that world and started as a passion to create a platform to expose all of these different types of artists. We hand pick designers that have that artistic spirit. What you’re getting is a masterpiece and a unique vision of self-expression that come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or hand-bangs. The women that we speak to, they know themselves; they operate on the highest level of self-expression and self-awareness. Style Sonata does the dirty work for them and exposes them to this array of truly one-of-a-kind pieces that allow them to express themselves on a higher level. It’s about that individual perspective.


In Bunny Touby Fayne’s message, she talks about how much she loves the “process that artists go through to make art.” What part of the process is Style Sonata a part of when designers are creating their accessories?

We let them do their own thing; we are just the platform that connects each designer to create these unique inspirations. We think of ourselves as providing a new type of luxury and that luxury is the luxury of the rare and undiscovered. Some designers are inspired by travel, some are inspired by art, so we let the them do their own thing. We really want to bring these pieces to life and bring justice to these pieces and the story behind them. We provide that connection, that front-row seat. You speak of your followers as people who don’t settle for the status quo and we really relate to that because we don’t settle either. We attract people who are discerning and on top of anything that is cutting edge, or just different.


What is meant by “a new type of luxury?”

People crave experiences and things that are exotic and different. We want to offer that experience and that’s the luxury that we’re talking about. Maybe you can’t take a visit to Cuba, but you can look at one of our collections by Katie Bartels who was inspired by her experiences in Cuba and created a vibrant collection. It’s all about an experience and knowing that you’re getting something that’s one-of-a-kind and something that was inspired by living life. Kind of like when you have “farm to table” we have workshop to closet where you can’t get these pieces anywhere else, but you’ll find Madonna wearing them, Gabrielle Union, Meryl Streep, Blake Lively, Halle Berry, JLo, the list goes on. We give them the front row seat to designers that are on the verge of their own breakthroughs. They’re not mass market, so they are special, they are the new luxury. We speak to the wanderers at heart. Bunny, the founder, is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. She’s witty, she’s quirky, and she loves to live life to the fullest and express herself at the highest level possible.


What kinds of stories do Style Sonata and the designers behind the collections tell?

We think of ourselves as a destination, not just as an online store, but where people can come and share adventures with a fashion twist. We have the Key of B which is our platform to tell stories, some are fashion related and some aren’t. What we’ve really been working on this year is making the personality of Style Sonata shine through, not just the designers that we curate, but with the stories that we tell.


What do you wish to inspire in your customers?

We wish to inspire a sense of wonder and self-expression. We want people to appreciate the curation that we’ve put a lot of thought into putting together and to take it to the next level. We want them to break all of the rules and break their identity and their own sense of style. We want them to use us a medium to do so. We want them to live life and just be bold! Whoever they are, we just want them to embody that 100%, and we are here to help them accessorize it.

How does Style Sonata inspire you?

Yes! Style Sonata is a multicultural team. I am half Trinidadian and half Jamacian, I live in LA, I have lived in over 7 cities my lifetime. I was recently in Australia and it was the most amazing trip ever. I was running through the streets through rain and sun, trying to pack everything I could into one trip! I am always on the go; I’m big on adventure and traveling. When I joined the Style Sonata team at the beginning of last year, my goal was to really capture what Style Sonata meant. Bunny has this specific vision and she really spent a long time trying to curate the designers that we do have and it was important for me to take all of that and put it into visuals and words and stories and motions to make people try to understand what Style Sonata is and gather people with a similar mindset and convey that message.


What is your process to decide which designers and what pieces are featured in your collection?

We really have to be very intentional of the pieces that we’re curating. They have to truly be one-of-a-kind. Quality is important to us, so we’re all about extraordinary craftsmanship. We are trying to curate designers who are extraordinary at what they do- not just creative, but great quality. We are looking for independent designers, we want one-of-a-kind conversation starters, those adventure inspired pieces. We want them to tell a story and be highly self-expressive. If they have those elements, then they are a good fit for Style Sonata.


Which pieces or collections would you recommend to our readers for the close of the summer and beginning of fall?

That’s a tough question; there are so many good ones! I’m obsessed with Amanda Pearl. Her pieces are exquisite. I love that she took a traditionally conservative staple jewelry item and she has just blown it out of the park. She has wrap-around rings, quill bracelets, and her octo clutches. She has a new line of blues, yellows, and lots of other beautiful colors for summer.

We just brought on a new designer, Third Crown. They have these really bold statement pieces of gold and silver jewelry. They’re inspired by architectural and structural lines. They’re good pieces for day and night. I like pieces that have an easy transition like that.

A fun collection for summer is Katie Bartels. She was the one that I was talking about earlier with the collection inspired by Cuba. Her earrings are fun with vibrant colors and tassels.

Andrea Gutierrez has a lot of well made, gold pieces and leather pieces. They work well for stacking, or as a really nice statement piece to really carry out an outfit.

What I really like about all of these designers is that they all use exotic materials such as sapphires and rubies. They pair each of them with inspiration from all of these adventures. So now you get all of this fine jewelry that has been hand-crafted.


How do you see Style Sonata evolving in the future?

We want to evolve beyond our accessories and look at all of the different ways artistic expressions explores. Accessories are really just the tip of the iceberg, so we definitely want to expand our existing inventory of designers and we want to continue to evolve into that destination that we were talking about earlier. You’re not coming to Style Sonata just to shop; you’re coming for an experience. We’re feeding the mind and that craving for adventure.


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DazzleBar: Experience the Last Bit of Summer from Long Island


There is a mother-daughter duo of fashion lovers in the heart of Long Island, New York that you just have to meet. Sherree and Ashley O’Shea work together through thick and thin with their mobile women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessory company, DazzleBar. If their exquisite, classic collection of affordable style doesn’t draw you in, their warm, affable nature definitely will. These two women are dedicated to giving their customers individual attention to give each of them that special piece to complete an outfit. They have fun, work together strongly, and even consider most of their customers to be like family.


Cliché: What inspired both of you to create your own boutique?

Sherree: You know when you don’t know what you want to do with your life? I was in my late 50s at that point and I didn’t know where to go. I knew I loved to shop, so what do you do when you love to shop? You create a place that people love to come to. Living so close to New York City, it was easy to get started and follow the trends. I just love to shop and why shouldn’t everybody no matter what your funds?

Ashley: When I started getting involved, I would help them out here and there, but then I started taking vacation days to help out. Around the same time, I was getting frustrated with my commute to my job and they just weren’t going in the same direction that I wanted, so I decided to leave and just do this for the holiday, but by January, I realized that there’s no turning back now! I also enjoy shopping and playing with the pieces.

Sherree: Part of it is growing up with four daughters and one son, we’re always putting together pieces and seeing what each other has. We’re always mixing them and creating something new with them. We always love doing crafts and creating together. We have a lot of fun doing what we do. Everybody says they want to be a part of our family, but they do become family. We enjoy being with them; we have a mutual trust! If something doesn’t look good, we’re not going to try to sell it just to sell it. It’s also very much family backed; everybody is there for each other. We have a lot of fun. You gotta love what you do!

Ashley: I’m telling you, I am the most like my mother! There are days when I say “Oh no! I am becoming my mother!” We have a harmonious style that’s perfect for collecting our pieces.


You’ve mentioned on your website that you donate funds and time to many charities. Where do you guys help out?

Sherree: One of the big ones that we do is the Long Island Beauty Ball. That’s usually around October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They give a day of beauty for women who are survivors or who are still surviving and have a ball at the Crest Hollow Country Club. We were the first actual vendor there and then we make a donation back to them. We also do work with Cystic Fibrosis.

Ashley: We go into schools and we open up sales to teachers and staff and then donate money back to them. It goes towards things like children being able to afford field trips, scholarships, new playground equipment.

Sherree: We don’t tell them specifically what it has to go for. They know their needs better than we do. The schools are really our biggest events. We just did one for the Hauppauge volley ball team.

Ashley: We also have promo codes online that, if used, will go towards a certain charity or event that we’re doing.

Sherree: Also, while trying to find our audience, I called up the principle from my kids’ old school. All five of my kids were very involved, so when I said “Hey, remember the O’Shea family? Can we do an event?” it was no problem and then it became word of mouth.



What is the unique style behind DazzleBar?

Sherree: We hand-pick everything and we pick and what we love. Our style is universal, but near on the preppy-side.

Ashley: We include a beachy, coastal style in our boutique that’s true to Long Island.

Sherree: We also include accessories that you can take from day to evening. We deal with a lot of working women who don’t have time to change before going to an event, so we teach them how to switch up the same accessories to get a new look. It’s also affordable enough for all women and we cover a vast age. We stand behind our products 100%. If you’re not happy with something, we are a text away and we meet our clients to make swaps. Some even text us pictures of outfits and we will take the time to tell them which accessories go best with it. We are customer service oriented.

Why did you choose to be a travel boutique?

Ashley: We are a true pop-up boutique and that’s the way the world is going.

Sherree: We have a website, but most people still want to touch and feel the merchandise. We still allow for that touch-and-feel while still offering you the convenience.

Ashley: We go into a lot of schools and many teachers think “I had to run out and get gifts after work, but you’re here and this is perfect,” so there’s the convenience factor. We’re just trying to make people’s lives a little bit easier and give them more time to just breathe.

Sherree: We are a personal service. With retail, you have to be different from the next guy and that’s our thing.

Ashley: Most people of my generation don’t want to make the connection between us and them, but we will talk to anyone for hours! But we’re also a little cut and dry because you don’t have to wander around a store and talk with a zillion different people. We will help you directly.

Sherree: It’s also a lot of fun. Each experience is new and you never get bored.


How has working together as a family influenced your experiences in creating your boutique?

Sherree: We don’t always agree on everything. You have your moments like in anything, but we are family and we have each other.

Ashley: You also just can’t walk away. Any other job you can just not show back up, but here, you have to face each other whether you want to or not.

Sherree: I think it does inspire a lot of other people. It inspires some other moms and daughters to do more together.

Ashley: Everybody also thinks it’s so easy. They think “you work with your mother or daughter, it must be fun,” and it is, but maybe only 80% of the time, but it gets easier.

Sherree: There’s no escaping! Sometimes we even look at each other and say “one of us is gonna have to change,” because we think so alike in fashion that sometimes we dress the same. We always do all of our buying together; we’re rarely apart. Our vendors that we buy from become like family too. We really enjoy spending time with them and doing business with them. We are really very fortunate in getting to do something that we love to do.

Any funny stories you have from working together as mother and daughter?

Ashely: It’s honestly one of those things where everything is a rite of passage.

Sherree: There was this one jewelry party that we went to that was down to only two guests. We figured, why not? We’ll go anyway. Both ladies were on a dating sight and they started talking about it. One says, “you wouldn’t believe the message I just got from this fellow! He says he just got out of a traffic ticket because the cop pulled him over for texting, and he showed the cop my picture and he said ‘she’s so pretty, I just can’t give you the ticket.’” So then the other girl says, “hey I just got the same message!” It was the same guy! So we spent the night taking pictures and sending messages to this guy for playing them like that! It was one of the best nights we’ve had. We didn’t sell a whole lot, but we wound up engaging in these women’s lives.


Any tips for anyone looking to start up their own fashion boutique?

Sherree: The biggest thing is, it’s easier than you think.

Ashley: Don’t just pick your best friend; it will ruin your relationship. Find someone who balances you. You need someone who keeps you in line. Also, make sure you do it right the first time, even if it takes you longer. Do your research.

Sherree: Be patient. You’re not going to open up a store front and boom, everyone comes to you. People have become so used to that instant gratification that they don’t want to wait for anything. Take the time to make connections and don’t be afraid of failure. There will be good days and there will be bad days; you have to persevere. Also, a big thing that we still struggle with is: did we get enough of it? You don’t want to have any left-over, but you also don’t want to sell out in a week and have to tell your customers that you can never get that again. I think we’re getting better at it. Every day is a learning experience and you’re never too old to learn something new. Lastly, at the end of the day, you can’t go home mad! I think it’s important; life is short. We love what we do.

Ashley: Also, never assume anything or judge a book by its cover. You never know who you’re going to run into one day or who you might help.

Sherree: The people we have met and wouldn’t have met otherwise, is amazing. We are so fortunate. We aren’t breaking records, but we’ll do it until it’s not fun anymore.



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Labor Day Doesn’t Mean Giving Up On One of Summer’s Hottest Trends


It’s Labor Day, but don’t let the unofficial end of summer make you think you need to give up on one of its hottest trends. Though, don’t get woven into the rush to chose! Cliché wants to help you discover the right straw bag for you and for our environment and the people who make them. These two excellent websites ( and will give you the summer craze for straw bags and how you can choose one that gives back.



Delicate, trendy, and warm. Everything you want from this summer’s craze for straw handbags can easily be found at Here you can choose from a plethora of tightly woven patterns such as the compact and intricate Stella Bag or the refreshing and cute Chloé Bag. Even the larger, traditional straw bags are available such as the Lola Bag that delivers that timeless look. If you think these Bembien bags are something to be excited for, wait until you hear their mission.

“It was a woman in a white linen dress who started it all. We caught a glimpse of her crossing a cobblestone street in New York and on her shoulder swung a perfect, woven basket…. We were transfixed.”

Founder Yi-Mei Truxes spent years searching for the right style to evoke the same magic from the woman in New York. Finally, she discovered a small village of artisan in Bali who gave her the inspiration to start her line. Working together with these talented artisans, they built Bembien and a spectacular collection of straw bags. Yi-Mei Truxes works to support these artisans and bring their artwork to a larger market. In addition to helping these artisans, Bembien gives back to their communities by donating 10% of their proceeds to Nest, a nonprofit organization that works to build the global workforce while preserving culture and protecting the well being of the people.



The Little Market

        Perhaps you have heard of them before. The Little Market has been huge talk by people across the country and has been featured in People, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and many more. The Little Market has a huge selection of kitchen needs, candles, furniture, and, of course, the widely sought out straw bags. If you’re on the search for that traditional weave pattern that conveys that classic charm, look no further because these are definitely the straw bags for you. The more classic straw bags such as the Iringa Market Basket and the Bohemian Market Basket give off that natural, wholesome feel. If you’re looking for that same classic weave with a modern twist, then you have to check out the beautiful color variations of those bags, including vibrant blues and pinks. The Gardening Basket-Blue adds that perfect, fresh color pop to an otherwise vintage look.


“We measure our success by the positive social and economic impact on our artisans and their communities. Our customers’ purchases have a positive impact on the artisans’ lives.”

The Little Market has an intense focus on committing to making the world a better place for artisans in 28 different countries across the globe. Everything you purchase from The Little Market is truly artisan-made, ethically sourced, and follows the code of fair trade. As you navigate through their website,, you can find information on exactly who you are helping, how their products are made, and detailed information on how they follow the fair trade principles: create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized procedures, develop transparent and accountable relationships, build capacity, promote fair trade, pay fairly and promptly, support safe and empowering working conditions, ensure the rights of children, cultivate environmental stewardship, and respecting cultural identity. Following the summer craze for straw bags has never felt so warm.


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The Secret Lingerie Boutique That Victoria Doesn’t Want You to Know: La Femme Dangereuse


Whether it’s for him, for her, for them, or just for yourself, there is no denying just how sexy you feel in the perfect lingerie. The search for that exemplary nighttime attire can be stressful—it’s not easy to find something that supports and accentuates every gorgeous curve. Or is it? Allow me to introduce to you the secret lingerie boutique that takes out the aggravation and preserves the sexiness of the experience. It’s the secret lingerie boutique that Victoria doesn’t want you to know: La Femme Dangereuse.

Purchasing sexy attire is one way to boost your confidence, but for many the experience can be rather embarrassing. You’re hustling through crowds of other people, searching through endless clothes that have been touched and tossed by countless hands before you, wading through different sizing of different brands, and stressing to find one employee who is not already overworked and exhausted. Now imagine stepping into a quiet boutique where the material is soft, all lingerie is displayed delicately, and you are taken care of individually by the passionate and friendly owner, Nikky. Now wouldn’t that be an experience worth indulging in?  

La Femme Dangereuse is a small, charming boutique located in Woodbury, NY. Even if you don’t live close by, you can easily search through their store on La Femme Dangereuse’s website. From the moment you step into La Femme Dangereuse, you feel like a true princess. The clothing is elegant, the fabric is irresistible to the touch, and the style is all around sexy and sophisticated. You can find an array of bedroom attire such as bras, panties, garters, sleepwear, robes, active-wear, and many more gorgeous accessories. Anything you could fantasize is right there, draped carefully along wooden shelves and hangers.

No matter what alluring look you’re going for, La Femme Dangereuse has it leveled up and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for bras with intricate lace patterns like the Wish- Demi Full Lace Cup- Simone Perele, something more titillating like the Sheer Black Tank with Lace- Escora, or even something more soft and sexy like the Italia Chemise- Cosabella, La Femme Dangereuse can deliver.

After working all day and hustling through the rush of the summer, sometimes it’s important to sit back for the evening and enjoy feeling good about the way you look. Everyone deserves to feel sexy. Why not give yourself the chance?


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