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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Songs by The Beatles


Valentine's Day has finally arrived. Let’s take a look at the top five Beatles songs to listen to today! 1) “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (“The Beatles,” aka The White Album) This song relates the story of Desmond, who marries Molly (“the singer of a band”) after a chance meeting in the market place. A sweet story of love at ...

Interview with Irina Shapiro


Interview with Irina Shapiro From her new music video “One Last Kiss,” it is clear that Irina Shapiro is an up-and- coming star. However, Shapiro is a unique artist because she was born in Russia, and thus English is not her first language. Nonetheless, she has hurdled over this obstacle and released a new music video. ...

Interview with Erika Nova


Interview with Erika Nova Erika Nova has been a model for about seven years and is now beginning to transition into being a singer as well. The difference between being a singer and a model, she says, is that it is more persona. That's because songs let you in on personal experiences. With her new singles ...

Interview with Avalon Landing


Interview with Avalon Landing If there is one thing that Avalon Landing wants to be remembered for, it’s their brand of music and their style. Uniqueness shines through everything they do, whether it’s their vocals or their album. Below they dished on what makes the air they breathe seemingly so unique. Cliché: For those of us who ...

Christmas Playlist


Christmas Playlist by Greg Trutner   With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us at Cliché have different tastes in holiday music. Some of us like joyful, festive music, some like hard rock, while others might prefer dubstep. My choice fits outside the radar a bit. I have a very sensitive ear, and as such, I ...

Goodnigh Argent Interview


Goodnight Argent Interview Goodnight Argent is the type of band that wears its heart on its sleeve. Their performance on stage is always heartfelt, and they say that if they can't get "into" a song, they don't simply put on a show. Life is full of emotions, and this band not only captures these emotions, but ...

Music that Confronts Today’s Issues


With the economic problems of today, health care woes, problems in other countries, and so on, it seems like many songs, written yesterday and today, were meant for this era! Here are a few of them:   1) I Me Mine - The Beatles (1969) With politicians squabbling in Washington, this song really describes the fight really well! ...

Billy the Kid: Voice of Today’s Issues


Canadian artist Billy the Kid brings a distinctive style to the music she performs. Her voice and lyrics have a deceptive quality to them. Many of her songs are about life experiences, and her debut album, Lost Cause, spotlights this. But it’s not really the emotions felt in the song as you go through the ...

Music Also Saves Lives


Image Courtesy of Rivarix on Flckr Jay Sean recently quit medical school for a record deal. Some may lament that he no longer can save lives. However, it is often overlooked that music can save lives as well. Music, to some, can be very boring. Some styles just don’t click. But for those very same ...

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