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Tom and Lorenzo Talk Favorite Designers and Styles to Watch This Season


Fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo are the sassy gay uncles you wish you had. Their meteoric rise to fame has captured the attention of major reality TV channels (like Bravo) and stylists and celebrities alike. They have been blogging since 2006 when they launched their first site, Project Rungay, based on the TV phenomenon Project Runway. Since then, they have only gained more fame and created their site,, where they provide the latest scoop on fashion, pop culture, movies, and TV shows with their own fun and candid take on things. They have been mentioned in major magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, People, and Harper’s Bazaar, and this month, we got their take on favorite designers, celebrity icons, and fall styles to watch.


What was your very first post and how did you decide on it?
Tom and Lorenzo: We started off solely as Project Runway fan bloggers, so there was never any question what the first post was going to be about—Project Runway! Our first post was a joke about season three contestant Laura Bennett, who showed up on the first day pulling a bunch of Louis Vuitton luggage behind her. We were instantly smitten and said so.

Who are the biggest style watch celebrities this season?
Zendaya Coleman and Yara Shahidi have really come into their own as fashionistas, and they’re both making some of the most interesting and exciting style choices for the red carpet right now. They’re redefining how we think an ingénue is supposed to look. They both like taking risks and they each bring a Kristen Stewart-like edge to their style, but they also still like playing around with traditionally romantic or feminine looks when it suits them. It strikes us as a very modern approach.

What trends do you think will be big this fall?
The future is female and she will be wearing a matching jacket and pants. Pantsuits aren’t going away anytime soon. In that same vein, both a strong power red and literal statement clothing are super hot, as are big belts, accentuated shoulders, and bold plaids. It’s about being strong, declarative, and even openly political right now, much in the same way the ‘80s were.


What’s your favorite fashion event you’ve ever attended?
Hands down: Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2012 runway show. Not only were we privileged enough to sit front row, but we were also invited backstage and got to meet the man himself and tell him what we thought of it. This was only a year or two after we went from being hobby bloggers to professional bloggers and it was extremely satisfying to us from a professional perspective, but also a really emotional one as well. We were both a little overwhelmed that day. We still talk about it.

Who are your favorite celebrity style icons?
Any of our regular readers could probably answer this, since we’re so obvious about it: Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong’o, and Tilda Swinton. Each of them in their own way truly understands fashion and how to manipulate it for maximum impact.

You guys are pretty critical of some of the designers or some of the fashion that you see, but you’re never mean. For the most part, would you guys say you are pretty well-received by the fashion world? Have you received any compliments from major designers or anything like that?
Tom: Stylists like us.
Lorenzo: The fashion world is a very funny world. We do get a lot of compliments, but they are not publicized.
Tom: Yeah, they’re on the down low.
Lorenzo: They’re on the down low because these people pretty much depend on celebrities and designers in the world of fashion, so they don’t want to come out and say, ‘Oh, you guys are hilarious. I love when you criticize X, Y, and Z.’ Obviously, they don’t come out and say that, but when we meet them in private or during fashion week and so on, they just go on. We do get people saying, ‘Oh my god, I love your book; I love what you guys have to say,’ and one of the things they say often is that when we criticize the look, we criticize the clothes, the shoes, the makeup and so on, but we never body-shame anybody. And I think they appreciate that. I think most people appreciate that, especially the readers.

Who would you like to interview someday?
We would love to interview Niecy Nash from TNT’s Claws because we love that show so much. We also both love Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. She plays Cersei Lannister, she follows us on Twitter, she says she loves us, but she’s so big. It’s people like that who are the kind of people we’d love to interview.

There are various fashion designers I know we’d want to talk to: Michele Clapton, who does the costumes for Game of Thrones and The Crown, for example. We are going to try to secure an interview with her this season. But when it comes to pop culture and fashion blogging, I think we’ve learned that there is no game plan. You just have to take it week by week. What’s coming out this week? Is it worth writing about? Do we have anything to say about it? So it’s not the kind of endeavour where you can plan out what you’re going to say three, six months from now.

The future is female and she will be wearing a matching jacket and pants. Pantsuits aren’t going away anytime soon.

What’s your favorite designer you’d love to meet, dead or alive?
Lorenzo: John Paul Gottier because I do appreciate his love and passion for fashion. He has an amazing eye for discovering new things to create new things and to celebrate new things in fashion. I absolutely love Hireshi Couture. I’m glad that’s what he’s focusing on right now and he’s always been my favorite designer.
Tom: I’m going to be a little surprising here and say Karl Lagerfeld. You know why? I have always wondered deep down: is this all just an act? He constantly says outrageous things and offensive things and he acts a certain way and I’m like, ‘I think it’s an act,’ but he’s been so consistent with it for so long that I just don’t know. I won’t say that I admire some of the stunts he’s pulled and some of the things he’s said in public—I really don’t—but first off, he is an amazing designer and I can’t take that away from him, and secondly, he’s been in the industry so long and knows so many people that I think he’d be a fascinating person to discuss fashion with. Like I said, at the bottom of it all, I would really love to know what he’s like behind closed doors. Is he really like that or is he completely different?

Do you have any major goals for the site?
Not to get too full of ourselves or anything, but we think we’re still here, plugging away eleven years after launch, because our goals for the site have never once changed. We’re here to take any given reader out of her day for five minutes at a time by focusing on something or someone fabulous—and then putting our own spin on how to be more fabulous. Since day one of blogging, we have always had one image in mind: to be the funny, snarky gay friend you sit in the break room with and flip through celebrity magazines. Aside from that, our next major goal is to finish our second book, which is going to have every single bit of T Lo style advice we’ve ever imparted or learned.

Any new sections you might introduce?
Yes! Over the next year, we plan on seriously beefing up our interviews with celebrities, fashion designers, and costume designers. We’ve always loved conducting interviews and kind of got away from them because they can be time-consuming. But lately, we’ve been feeling the need to bring them back in a big way and have started reaching out with publicists to set some things up.

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Tom and Lorenzo Talk Favorite Designers and Styles to Watch This Season: Featured image courtesy of Tom and Lorenzo

Foods That Are Great for Skin


If you’re looking for natural ways to get that glowing, picture-perfect skin, you should start with what’s on your plate. Nutrition is directly connected to skin health and appearance and we’ve listed some fall favorites of ours to incorporate into your new autumn diet. This is our fall edition: foods that are great for skin.


And baby, you guessed it. What would fall be without cinnamon spice? Cinnamon is plentiful and cheap and it is a natural source of treating acne and eczema. It also is an antiseptic so if you have a cut or wound or maybe a bad acne patch, you can put it on your skin or on your latte—either way you will reap the antibacterial properties.

Autumn is here and that means pumpkin is back on the menu everywhere. This is great news for your skin because pumpkin is packed full of beta-carotene, rich in vitamin A. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin C, which is so important for healing damaged skin. These essential ingredients are both crucial for increasing collagen production and keeping skin looking young and healthy.

Another fall/winter fruit, this is a great option to add to your seasonal fruit intake. Pomegranates moisturize skin, treats acne, reduces inflammation, and has powerful anti-oxidants to keep you young. This fruit is good for all skin types because it contains omega-5 fatty acids that hydrate dry skin and it is rich in vitamin C which combats breakouts for oily skin.

Onions and garlic
Add in a cross and this would be a remedy for keeping vampires away, but this potent combination has major value for your skin. These vegetables are actually abundant in sulfur that is amazing for preventing wrinkles. And don’t throw away the skin! The skins of the onion and the garlic are a great source of antioxidants.

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Fall Edition: Foods That Are Great for Skin: Featured image courtesy of Jar of Lemons

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection is Coming


This month, Rihanna is releasing her own line of holiday makeup called the Rihanna Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection. She promoted a teaser video of a new eyeshadow palette with a rainbow case and fourteen shimmer finish colors. Some shades include gold, indigo, berry, hot pink, aqua, silver, olive, and lime green—perfect for every festive holiday look. In another Instagram post, she reveals the entire collection including liquid liner, lip glosses, lipsticks, and a makeup brush. In addition to her universal lip gloss from her original launch, she is introducing new fall colors like orange, pink, berry, peach, and lavender.

Her successful launch of her makeup line on September 8th had fans obsessing over her cruelty-free products. Sephora has had a difficult time keeping her makeup in stock as products like Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation and her Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter flew off the shelves. Her Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer gained 500 reviews under a week and earned itself a 4.9 rating on Sephora. She has even received an outpouring of support from the albino community for offering ultra-light foundation shades. One review by an albino woman went viral demonstrating how Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation succeeds in being all-inclusive, offering consumers forty shades to find their perfect match.

Holiday #GALAXY collection. You ready? Friday Oct 13th. @sephora @fentybeauty #sephoralovesfentybeauty

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Usually, we would have to wait until November for a collection like this, but in the holiday spirit, we’ve been brought an early present. The new collection will be featured on Sephora in stores and online by October 13th.

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Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection is Coming: Images courtesy of Instagram and Rihanna

Delphine the Label’s Anthropoda Collection


Delphine the Label is a relatively new Australian women’s fashion brand that launched in 2015. It began as a way to capture Australian street style and the young, sophisticated fashionista who was envisioned with the creation of the label. The website describes its ideal personality for the label: “Delphine is for the dreamer, the seductress, and the driven. [It is] for the carvers of their own mark, for those who open their minds, but stay switched on; who keep their feet on the ground, but run fast; who have high expectations and are ready to reveal the confident character within.”


The label promises new collections for each season that provide a fresh take on trending styles. This particular Arthropoda Collection consists of mostly dark reds, blues, and blacks with asymmetrical designs. The basic, solid colors when paired with high-fashion designs add a sense of chic sophistication and make the simple colors visually stunning on the models. The dresses are accessorized with long-draping sleeves, off-the shoulder necklines, and black belt buckles tied around the waist. The pants are paired with high-cut crop tops, sleek, long-sleeved V-necks, and leather peplums. The skirts in the collection are characterized by their ruffled knee-length hem, their high slit, and their centered zipper.

There is a tie in my mind between my two favorite pieces. The first is the black cocktail dress with an asymmetrical hem and ruffles along the bottom. It’s conjuring up images of Cher in all her ‘70s glory wearing this to a salsa lesson and I love both Cher and salsa. The second is the purple and black crop top with the high-waisted black pants. I find all too often brands fail to get the proportions right when it comes to making plunge cuts on dresses and tops. When they are wrong, its usually because they design the plunge too wide, making your shoulders look broader than they are and creating a gap between the space above your armpits and the blouse where there should not be. The Echo Crop Top looks flawless and the cut of the crop top and the pants make the model look about ten feet tall, which, if you’re short like me, is a very good thing. The proportions are perfect for making everyone’s legs grow a couple of inches and if you are already tall, you can expect to own the room in this.

The promotional video for this collection was shot in an evergreen forest reflecting the relationship between the collection’s inspiration—arthropods like butterflies, scorpions, spiders, and beetles—and the clothing’s style. The variation in arthropods from harmful to harmless evokes a sense of mystery to the woman who wears the brand and seems to say that she might be beautiful, but she might also bite.

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Delphine the Label’s Anthropoda Collection: Photographs courtesy of  Delphine the Label

Dan Liu’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


Canadian fashion designer Dan Liu founded his label for the mature fashionista and his new collection plays on the setting of a Parisian cafe. He focuses on lace, crochet, and knit detailing and his collection features dresses almost exclusively. The designs evoke a sense of whim and romance with pastel colors and floral designs frequenting the runway. In the height of summer, we wanted to bring you these designs straight from the New York runway and inspire you to take on the season like a Parisian.


The runway show commences with a model sitting down at a small café table stage right. She picks up a rose in a glass vase at the center of the table and holds it to her nose, smiling to herself. She wears a pastel pink dress with floral lace embellishments and seems to engage in conversation with someone off-stage. Finally, she gazes at the rose as she rises from her seat and walks the runway. The dresses that follow are visually similar—conservative with cap and mid-length sleeves and cut just above the knee. One main element of the collection is the marriage of black and dark blue colors with pastel designs giving an edgy vibe to otherwise fairly traditional dresses.

In an interview with New York Fashion Week Live, Liu opens up about the relationship between designers and models. He discusses how the success of the show depends on making the models feel beautiful before they walk the runway. He comments, “Fashion, from my point of view, is so who you are. So if they feel it’s not who they are, and they just walk out for their job, the show will never look good. My dress will never look good.”

He goes on to say how when he designed these dresses, he had real people in mind and believes his dresses are very wearable on and off stage. Liu calls his runway show “New Path” and in an interview with CCTV America’s Michelle Makori, Liu says, “It’s not just a new path for my company. It’s a new path for my design, for my clients, for my customers.”

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Dan Liu’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection: Images Courtesy of Pedro Alcantara

Elektrix Love: The Marriage of Punk Princesses and Cardio Bunnies


Rocker chic meets yogi in the fashion-forward trends of local L.A. brand, Elektrix Love. Not only is their brand serving up some punk princess pulchritude to standout in a sea of standard black leggings, but they are also committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes. Their light-weight material is made from recycled plastic bottles and they use only L.A. manufacturers to support their business. I was shocked to find out that each pair of leggings from this brand recycles 29 water bottles and their printing process is done entirely without the use of water. Finally, a brand that lets you feel good about a shopping splurge and we are calling it Elektrix Love: The marriage of punk princesses and cardio bunnies.

The brand was established in 2015 when designer and founder, Katie Tomasetta, wanted to introduce the rebellious spirit of rock and roll in the athletic leggings she saw worn by so many people. The brand even has its own hashtag: #yogapunk on the website that perfectly sums up what Tomasetta set out to achieve with Elektrix Love. Below are just a few examples of her fun and funky designs that show that a true trendsetter pushes boundaries and is never afraid to stand out in a crowd—or a yoga studio.

We love the Whisper Voltage Pants ($50.00)—especially their high waistband that guarantees a comfy and flattering fit. The combination of feathers and skulls and the multitude of colors makes this a guaranteed standout piece in your wardrobe.

These are the Punker Voltage Pants ($50) and a personal favorite of mine. Harley Quinn goes to pilates class, or at least that’s the image that comes to mind when I see this alternative designs. The girl who wears these pants is environmentally conscious, fiercely independent, and most of all kick-ass.

These Luminance Voltage Pants ($50) are made to look like lace with chain link details, roses, and lightening bolt elements intertwined. I love how they pair these leggings with combat boots to complete the look, and these leggings, in particular, strike me as something you could wear to the gym or to a Friday night movie with friends. The lace brings in an element of romance and femininity that balances out the edgier elements, achieving a bold, yet flirty quality.

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Elektrix Love: The Marriage of Punk Princesses and Cardio Bunnies: Photographs courtesy of  Katie Tomasetta; Featured photo Courtesy of  Katie Tomasetta

Selena Gomez is the New Classic


Maybe it’s Selena’s new romance R&B singer, The Weekend, or the release of her new single “Bad Liar,” but she has been heating up on the style front with some head-turning ensembles and we’ve taken notice. Here at Cliché, we have always loved her youthful, fun style, but she has come a long way from her Disney Channel days. Last year, BBC cited her as the most popular celebrity on Instagram and E! News reports she gains nearly 20,000 followers every 24 hours making her one of the most influential media moguls. With her fashion-forward outfits, we can see why and we wanted to shine a light on the brands that have helped her find her foothold in the fashion world. Selena Gomez is the new classic and we can’t wait to share her hottest looks from Summer 2017. 

L.A Girl
Selena strutted the L.A. sidewalks in this futuristic-inspired outfit from the Jacquemus Fall 2017 collection. This outfit is striking with some major science fiction vibes and takes her totally out of the normal tween dresses that have become her signature style. We like the risk she takes here with the detailing on the belt and the wide cut top. We are in love with her white pumps, which are trending now. This outfit strikes the eye as Grace Kelly meets the Jetsons. It’s totally weird and we like it.

11 Must-Have Summer Beauty Products


At Cliché, we have you covered this summer with the must-have products of the season. Some of these products are brand new to the market, and some are tried-and-tested products that have become our staples for hot weather. We looked for the highest-rated products by users as well as the ones that are specifically created for rising temperatures so your makeup will never run or melt. This is our collection of summer beauty trends so you can go boldly forward with the confidence of an “it” girl.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow ($24,

Stila has recently released the ultimate shimmer eyeshadow with a long-wearing liquid formula. They recommend using it with eyeshadow or by itself and blending it onto the lid with your finger. The product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. I always gravitate towards more neutral shades with brown and pink undertones, so it’s no surprise that my favorite shades are Kitten Karma, a rich champagne color, and Rose Gold Retro, a shimmery rose-gold shadow. However, Stila offers a variety of shades showcasing bright pinks, blacks, blues, and golds. The shades offer a high-impact shimmer and could be used for the inner corners or center of the eye for an everyday look, or all over the lid for a girls’ night out.

The Strobing Products You Need to Try


The Starbucks Unicorn Frappe is not the only mythical beast-inspired product this year. Holographic strobing products inspired by fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and celestial beings are taking over the cosmetic market this spring. We have sampled, swatched, and assessed these magical products for how close they come to how they are advertised. To get a better idea of everyone’s go-to products, we scoured through reviews to compare to our own experiences with the holographic makeup and selected a few trending strobing products you need to try.


Milk’s Makeup Holographic Stick, $28,
Milk just released a holographic stick ($28) that comes in two iridescent shades: Golden Peach and Supernova. It is vegan and cruelty-free and packed with skin-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, mango butter, and avocado oil. It received a 4/5 on Sephora out of 299 reviews. The brand claims that it compliments all skin tones but from reading the reviews, it seems that the Supernova shade does not show up on pale skin tones. Other concerned users mentioned that it doesn’t seem to blend well with foundations and instead ends up wiping the foundation off. However, it can be applied to the face and body and the Supernova shade produces a beautiful violet sheen.

How to Get Lea Michele’s Classic Waves and Other Styles


In celebration of Lea Michele’s launch of her new album Places, we are excited to share some of her most iconic hairstyles by the creative genius behind these fresh and bold looks. Sarah Potempa, founder and inventor of The Beachwaver Co., has helped create Lea’s hairstyles for events like Watch What Happens Live! to a pit stop at Columbia Records in New York. Potempa gave us quick and easy tips to getting that wow factor hair that stays flawless all day and the tools you’ll need to rock everything from casual chic to savvy and sophisticated. We are happy to provide you with step-by-step tutorials on how to get Lea Michele’s classic waves and other styles. 

Before we dive into the hair and styles that scored Michele a million-dollar contract with L’Oreal, we wanted to mention that her on-the-go glam team also includes makeup artist Meredith Baraf. She created all of Michele’s makeup looks in these photos and swears by Artis makeup brushes.
Click through to learn how to recreate Lea Michele’s iconic styles!

The Best of Everyday Beauty from London Fashion Week


Think ‘80s. Bomber jackets and “mom” jeans are back, and so are the looks our mothers loved. My advice: embrace it and try to have as much fun as they did because the makeup artists and designers of the London Fashion Week FW17 certainly have. Hop back a couple of decades with us for reimagined ‘80s looks and our favorite beauty trends to take from the runway.


Material Girl Lips

Fendi models sported a trend that is already catching on quickly: glitter lips. In fact, a similar effect was created by artist Pat McGrath, who even has a kit for glitter lips—the highly-acclaimed Lust 004. However, it was makeup artist Peter Philips who created the look for the London runway with simple, clean eyes coupled with bedazzled pink lips. He used glitter glue from Ben Nye and chunky salmon-colored glitter to style the models, and the results are spectacular. This could be an easy DIY project, and YouTubers like Amys Makeup Box and Sarah Steller do not disappoint with their tutorials on how to get the look while experimenting with rose-golds and silvers.

All About the Freckling Craze


What do face tattoos and summer 2017 have to do with one another? Tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow and her technique called “freckling” has become the newest beauty trend for this summer season. So, what the freck is freckling? 

Based in Montreal, Rainbow began experimenting with semi-permanent tattoo freckles after she saw her friend drawing freckles on her face, according to an interview with NewBeauty. After experimenting with the technique on herself, Rainbow decided to offer the procedure in her salon, and cosmetic tattoo artists have been starting to adopt the practice.

Photo Courtesy of Gabrielle Rainbow’s Instagram

Now, the blemishes of the past have become synonymous with sun-kissed skin. According to the New York Post, the procedure costs about $250 dollars or more and leaves the patient with some facial swelling for a couple hours. Usually, the artist will use a number of different pigments enhancing any natural freckles the patient might already have. After the procedure, the patient is cautioned not to wear makeup for a couple of weeks to allow the skin time to heal. The pigment color will soften within a couple of months and the person will be left with a natural-sun kissed skin for up to three years.

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Francis Wallace/ Toronto Star

The pain is minimal, but there are some causes for concern after the procedure. For one, Rainbow told NewBeauty that finding an experienced tattoo artist is key because a puncture too deep could cause infection and certain types of ink can irritate the skin. For those looking for a more risk-free solution to achieving faux freckles, brands like Topshop have started selling freckle pencils, and a kick-starter company called “Freck Yourself” sells a triangle shaped applicator that creates freckles that lasts for up to two days. Whether you use makeup, stencils, or semi-permanent tattoos, the faux freckle trend marks modern women embracing the beauty of “imperfections” in these fast-approaching summer months.
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All About the Freckling Craze. Image courtesy of Gabrielle Rainbow’s Instagram.