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4 Makeup Looks for St. Patrick’s Day


With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, we pulled out some festive makeup styles that prove that there’s a holiday makeup look for every personality. We chose four types— funky, fresh, bold, and colorful—to show you that with a steady hand and a little Irish luck, you’ll kill it with your own personal style.

The first look was created by Chanel with a silver eyeshadow covering the lid and crease with a thick line of teal flicking out at the corner of the eye. The geometric shape of the teal color helps define the eyes and draws attention to the shape of the eye. Pick up your favorite silver eyeshadow and pair it with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On pencil in Junkie ($20) or Dolce & Gabbana Eyeliner Crayon in Emerald ($31) to create the flick.

Photo Courtesy of Chanel

The fresh and bold look were created by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath with liquid latex. Liquid latex is usually used for body painting and can help create special effects. To recreate the makeup, you could substitute the liquid latex with a liquid or cream shadow. For the first Pat McGrath look, I would recommend using something like Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes ($17) in the shade 06 Mighty Moss or MODSTER Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments ($21) in the shade Peacock for the same color but a drier look. If you like the wet look, you could pick up something like MAC Glitter in Emerald and place it on top of the Clinique or MODSTER product. This will give the eye a 3D look especially if you use the glitter with a wet brush or with a spray like Mac’s Prep + Prime Fix ($24).

Photo Courtesy of Indigital

The second look is a bold display of teal and definitely not your average St. Patty’s Day look. The key to this look is creating clean lines and finding a product that doesn’t crease easily. I would suggest a long-wear eyeshadow like Gucci’s Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Ottanio ($37) and keeping your favorite concealer and scotch tape on hand to create the sharp edges and geometric shape.

Photo Courtesy of Indigital 

The final look was created by YouTuber Desi Perkins. She uses MAC’s Pro Longer Paint Pot ($22) in Soft Ochre to prime the lid. She dips into the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette ($42) in the color Burnt Orange and the Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan in the shade Fuji ($6) to fill the crease. The color Zenon by Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack ($48) goes in the inner part of the crease shape while Enchanted Forest ($6) by Makeup Geek and the Renaissance Palette’s Cyprus Umber goes in the center and edge of the crease. Antique Olive ($29) and True Gold ($29) from the Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette go on the lid and can be purchased separately from the palette. Cyprus Umber goes on the water line and Enchanted Forest goes on the lash line. She uses the Antique Olive color on the lower lash line closest to the center of the eye towards the inner corner. She picks up the Zenon color to run it under all the colors on the lash line. Finally, she takes a Marc Jacobs gel liner ($25) in Brown Out on the water line. For the glitter, she combines of craft glitter, Urban Decay’s Midnight Cowboy glitter ($20), and glitter stars applying them with DUO lash glue ($6).


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4 Makeup Looks for St. Patrick’s Day. Image courtesy of Desi Perkins on YouTube.


Lips Like Kylie


We’ve seen it all before: the teenage girls in the Hollywood spotlight go from 13 to 26 practically overnight. But Kylie’s feature transformation tops them all, and she has made injectable lips synonymous with the Kardashian pout. So, what does it take to get Kylie’s look? About a seven hundred dollar payout and a lot of Juvederm. If you want lips like Kylie, it doesn’t come easy—but here’s the treatment in a nutshell.

If Kylie had the typical experience, it would have gone something like this. The lip technician would have put numbing cream on her lips that might have stung a little but would easily numb her mouth. Once her lips were numb, the technician would have asked how big she wanted her lips. Kylie might have had some idea of how big she wanted her lips to look, but if it was her first time getting injectables, she probably wouldn’t know how to quantify that. To give you an idea, half a milliliter of Juvederm would give lips a subtle, but noticeable increase in volume. She must have gotten at least twice that to make her pre-teen lips go to the volume they are at today.

After deciding on the milliliter amount, Kylie would have gotten shots in four places—the left and right side of her upper lip, and the left and right side of her lower right lip—and she would have received several shots in each place. For some, the numbing medication lasts the entire procedure, but for some it can wear off, making it more painful to receive the shots. To counteract the pain, technicians often use ice to help numb the area in addition to the numbing cream. After the procedure, Kylie might have seen some swelling or bruising. Lip volume usually comes down by half within the first day. During the first six hours, patients are cautioned not to talk, eat, or exercise. After three days, the lips take on the shape they will maintain for four to six months.

However, because Kylie is young, her metabolism is faster and her lips probably last closer to four months before diminishing in volume. This means she would have to undergo the procedure a couple times a year. If needles don’t bother you, the cost of maintaining these lips might. If Kylie got the procedure done every four months at a seven-hundred-dollar rate, that would cost somewhere around 2,100 dollars per year. Those are some expensive lips, but the pain to her body and her bank account is assuaged with her adoring 84.2 M Instagram followers and a lip line of her own.

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Lips Like Kylie. Photo Courtesy of ABC on Flickr. 

Daring Beauty Trends You Should Try At Least Once


“New year, new you.” If you’ve been hearing that phrase a lot lately, maybe it’s time to stop scrolling through the Instagram models with envy, and instead find your fresh new look with the styles we’ve brought into 2017. These picks might be alternative, but with bright pink eyeshadow and squiggly eyeliner sweeping through fashion week, we thought we could provide you with some daring beauty trends you should try at least once. 

This is a relatively new way of highlighting hair, where dye is painted onto the hair in order to create a more natural look. You can see this look on celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen and Alessandra Ambrosio, who updated their dark locks with some caramel highlights. Even the “granny” hair of 2016 has been revamped with stylists incorporating dark and light greys as balayage highlights. Before you jump into this trend, however, it’s key to know your skin’s undertones. You can find your skin’s undertones by looking at the color of your veins in your hands. If they are green, this means you are warm-toned; if the veins appear blue, this means you have more cool undertones. Generally, an ashy color will look best on cool-toned people. If you are cool-toned, this is a look you should consider because ashy blondes and greys will compliment your skin and make your eyes pop. If you are warm-toned, richer colors like golds and coppers will be best for your balayage makeover, and it’s probably best to leave the granny hair in 2016. In either case, there is a color for every skin tone that would be worth a trip to the salon.
Stiletto Nails
An edgy way to vamp up your street style is with the stiletto nail. A fresh manicure can help complete a look, but these nails are not for the faint of heart. Celebrities like Rihanna and Fergie have been rocking fun and funky nails for years, including the stiletto nail, but this type of nail—long and filed to a point—is paired best with your favorite LBD and a diva attitude. You can get acrylic or press-on nails at most drugstores, or if you’re adventurous, you can file them yourself. The best results are usually with a gel manicure that can last much longer than other methods and is less susceptible to breakage. Any way you cut it, these nails are fierce just so long as you don’t poke your own eye out.
“Natural” freckles
Embracing the all-natural in fashion has brought about bushy brows and gap teeth. Now, freckles have made an appearance with public figures like Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato baring their natural skin and, of course, their freckles. People have begun to copy the look, and makeup artists like James Charles and Sonjdra Deluxe show you how to own it. You usually place freckles on the bridge of your nose, your cheeks, and chin—the places where the sun would hit your face—but the key is not to follow any real pattern in order to make sure they look natural.  You can achieve the look with your favorite powder bronzer, tinted moisturizer, and a brown pencil a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. First, rub the tinted moisturizer on your face. Then, apply bronzer on the top of your forehead and the center of your nose. Finally, add the freckles with the pencil. The best part of the look is it extenuates your natural skin and gives you that summer glow all year long.
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Daring Beauty Trends You Should Try at Least Once. Photo Courtesy of Winkipedia Commons.