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Parisa NYC: From Heartbreak to a Bag Collection


Every designer has a story, and Parisa Wang is no exception. Growing up in China, Wang was not encouraged to pursue an art or fashion career of her own. Despite this, Wang chose to chase her dreams and recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring handbags with a story of their own. We love her designs and her “Love Affair” concept behind her handbags. Read on for an exclusive look behind Parisa NYC!



Parisa Wang

Cliché: Have you always been interested in fashion? If not, what is the point in your life that really attracted you to this industry and lifestyle?
Parisa Wang: I have loved drawing, designing, and fashion since I was a kid. I never knew that I could be a designer, though. Artistic expression was not a warmly accepted ideal during my childhood because the arts were seen as a waste of time and as an impediment to my academic success in China. I didn’t openly pursue art until I attended college in the U.S. However, I always find opportunities to immerse myself in drawing, designing, and creating things growing up. I drafted and created graphic boards and newsletters for schools I attended from fifth grade to high school. While I was getting an Accounting bachelor’s from Miami University, I double majored in Painting to enhance my drawing skills.

Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” My desire to become a fashion designer never faded entering college and pursing a business degree. Instead, it grew even stronger and deeper.

I could have followed my parents’ insistence and a traditional career path. However, at the end of the day, I could not help but feel empty and lost. I asked myself: is this the path that would make me happy? Will I wake up every morning excited to go to work? Will my work have any lasting value in the world? I imagined what I would tell my grandchildren one day when they asked about my life. I could tell them that I chose a safe and responsible career choice for me at the time, but I would much rather tell them that when I was young, I decided to take a risk to follow my dream and have never looked back since.


What do you think are the biggest trends to pick up on for Fall 2016?
I think the biggest trends in the handbag category for Fall 2016 are structured handbags with top-handle detail and mini handbags. The structured look continues to be a popular option if you are looking for more polished and formal handbags. The different variations we have been seeing on the streets and runways are more refined in silhouette, mostly in squared shapes. Adding accented top handle detail like the Stage I – Hooked Lady Bag in the Love Affair collection gives the traditional look a new evolution.

Alice in Wonderland-inspired mini accessories is also very on trend this season. We see many designers scaling down classic handbag shapes and introducing the styles in various color options. In the Love Affair collection, the Stage II – Addicted Cross body bag is shaped like a love potion bottle and can be worn as a wrist wallet or as a cross body bag. The bliss of having free hands is that you can hold his all day long.

Who inspired you most as you started your career in the fashion industry?
I was really inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert and her philosophy of living a creative life.

First and foremost, “You don’t need anyone’s permission to live a creative life.”

Secondly, creativity wants to be made and it wants to be made through you. I humbly accept my creativity’s invitation to create and I work hard to turn the idea into reality.

Last but not least, “Onward ever, backward never.” We are what we repeatedly do. I don’t believe in overnight success; at least I don’t think I would be that lucky person.

sample3What are your future plans, specifically in the fashion industry? Any ideas yet on what your next collection will be?
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, I plan to focus on reaching out to more consumers. Our customers are the bulk of our business and I value their feedback and opinions the most. I don’t believe in making handbags for mere functionality sake. I make them so that women around the world can hold and showcase a tangible object of strength and beauty.

I plan to work with market fairs, trunk shows, and charity events to spread the story of Love Affair and its message. Inspired by strong women everywhere, I was compelled to continue telling their stories via the Love Affair collection. Future collections will be closely related to our foremost theme: love.

How did you come up with the five stages of love in your Love Affair Handbag Collection?
Disappointed in a love affair, I found consolation and empowerment among my group of friends. Overwhelmed by their graciousness and the emotional support I received from these amazing women, I was compelled to spread an equally encouraging and supportive message of hope to others.

The story of a love affair weaves into the design process of the Love Affair line. The idea came so naturally to me because it was a reflection of my own relationship.

What is your favorite handbag you have ever designed?
I love the Stage V – Freed Satchel in the Love Affair collection. The design inspiration comes from Lucio Fontana’s spatial painting. The inventive heart-shaped detail comes from a knife mark on the leather. Similar to the idea of turning a breakup wound into a beautiful piece of art that touches people’s heart, I was fascinated to see a broken knife mark turning into an ingenious heart.

sample5What is your favorite material to work with?
I like all natural materials, such as leather, woven fabric, and silk. Love Affair handbags are all handmade with genuine leather that ages beautifully. Like a great love, it takes time, effort, and a good care to develop. It will be well worth the wait.

When creating the line, did you have your own personal style in mind, or did you create handbags for a certain type of person?
My girls are the four ladies in Sex and the City:

Samantha is ‘Freed.’ She loves him, but she loves herself more. “Oh please, there’s always a competition with an ex; it’s called who will die miserable.”

Charlotte is ‘Hooked.’ She is eager for love and to be loved. “Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t know what it is yet.”

Carrie’s attitude to love is ‘Boundless.’ “I’m someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”

Remember Miranda meeting Steve ‘Halfway’ on Brooklyn bridge? “Relationships are not about playing games. They’re about mature and honest communication.”

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Images courtesy of Parisa NYC

Blogger of the Month: Tanesha Awasthi


Blogger, mom, and fashion enthusiast Tanesha Awasthi focuses on being body positive and having self acceptance. She is influential to women worldwide and a strong supporter of the women’s empowerment movement. A UC Berkeley Alum (go Bears!), Awasthi originally built a career in technology before getting involved in the fashion world, and we’re so thankful she did. Stay up to date with Awasthi on her blog, Instagram, and YouTube Channel!

Cliché: What is your typical day like?
Tanesha Awasthi: I typically wake up around 7:30 am, feed Kingston (my 4-year-old English Bulldog furbaby), wake Narayan up (my 2-year-old human baby) and get him ready to go to grandma’s house. After the boys are taken care of, I tackle a morning social media post and important emails on the way to the gym with my hubby/business partner, or do a quick workout at home. After that’s out of the way, we eat breakfast over a meeting discussing urgent matters of the day and start work around 10 am, planning the week ahead and tackling the day’s tasks in order of priority. Our official workday ends at 5 when Narayan gets home, but social media and research never stops!

What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Wear what you love, no matter what fashion rules or anyone says you should or shouldn’t wear.  Feeling amazing is about feeling good in what you’re wearing.


Where does your inspiration stem from? What first got you started in the fashion industry?
I always wanted to attend fashion school and become a designer, but I took the traditional education route and got a degree in English from UC Berkeley, as well as a license in Esthetics, instead. After building a career in technology, I became frustrated and unfulfilled, and my hubby recommended I start a blog.  At the time, I had no idea there were people sharing personal style online.

What’s your favorite accessory to dress up or down an outfit, depending on the occasion?
I wear my go-to double pearl earrings or gold Tory Burch studs daily, along with gold bangles and simple rings. For dressier occasions, I dig into my antique jewelry drawer for unique earrings and statement necklaces.

How do you pick out your outfit for the day?
It depends on my mood. I start forming an outfit with whatever piece speaks to me that particular morning. It could be a new pair of shoes, a top I haven’t yet worn, or a dress I have to shoot for a brand campaign later that day.

Describe the perfect, comfortable shoes for a woman on the go.
Flats! I used to live in heels, but after having my son especially, I’ve embraced the agility and chicness of a simple pointy toe flat.


What do you think is the biggest trend this summer season?
Right now, I’m loving all things nautical inspired: striped and navy, from light linen blazers, skirts, and sundresses.

Do you have a favorite designer for summer clothing?
ASOS is my favorite brand for summer pieces that range from casual everyday to special occasion and it’s extremely budget-friendly.

What is your favorite part about blogging?
It feels amazing to be able to do what I love for a living, but most of all, what keeps me going is knowing I’m helping women and making a difference in the world.

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All photographs courtesy of ©Tanesha Awasthi

Beloforte Summer Fitness


Fashion meets athleticism in Beloforte’s line. An athlete myself, I am always on the hunt for new workout clothes. Beloforte’s collection is the perfect mix of fashion and function when it comes to athletic clothing!
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.17.43 PM

The  “Adrianna Hippocket Leggings” are a classic. With conveniently placed pockets on both sides, they can easily hold any workout essentials (phone for music and headphones!). They come complete with performance mesh around the calf for airflow. Pair with the Beloforte Zip Bra for a complete outfit!
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.19.42 PM
The Charlize White Shorts put a twist on classic white workout shorts by incorporating leather wrapped binding on the front and back pockets. Instead of the typical athletic short elastic waistband, these have a braided drawstring! The lightweight fabric, paired with fishnet mesh, makes the shorts cool and comfortable.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.26.05 PM
In the words of Belaforte, “cozy and chic is never a bad combination.” The Alicia ‘Off-The-Shoulder’ Sweater can be cozy when layered with workout cloth but also chic when paired with your most fashionable sneakers (think Adidas Superstars or Stan Smiths).
Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.57.09 PMThe WQ black tank is my personal favorite. The classic racerback style makes it a timeless top for your closet. Like the Alicia ‘Off-The-Shoulder’ Sweater, it can be paired with jeans for a night out!
Be sure to head to Beloforte to purchase these amazing workout items for yourself! Like me, I’m sure you’ll be adding more than one item to your shopping cart!
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Beloforte Summer Fitness: Featured image from Beloforte/Facebook

White Hot Lace Trends For Summer


Anyone who knows me knows that white lace is my thing. Though some may say I buy too much of it, it is the quintessential style to own for summer, and Muehleder has the ideal balance of dressy and casual wear for the upcoming summer season.

When shopping their latest collection, I found the Claire Lace Jumpsuit (above). This romper, though slightly revealing, could be dressed up for graduations, ceremonies, and nicer events. Pair it with classy heels and you have an outfit for any dressy occasion.

The Mariah Bandeau is a simple crop top to pair with a vibrant skirt, jeans, or colorful shorts. Though simple, it goes with nearly any pair of high-waisted bottoms and is great for a concert, summer outings, or other events. Add a pair of bright shoes and you have the perfect outfit.
Melanie Halter Dress
In general, white is a great color for a hot summer day. This Melanie Halter Dress is ideal for more conservative summer occasions. Short and simple, it’ll work with any accessory and almost any pair of shoes. Have fun with a pop of color!
The Katrina Layered Lace Skirt has the ultimate combination of flare and flounce. Like the above dresses and tops, this skirt makes it easy to play around with colorful accessories and shoes. Lightweight and airy, it’s a perfect skirt for summer.
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White Hot Lace Trends for Summer: Featured image courtesy of Muehleder

7 Accessories to Survive the Summer


Ever struggle to find the perfect accessory for every season?  Between bashes, barbeques, beach days  with friends this summer, you need stand out accessories to make your outfit pop. Read on for 7 accessories to make a trendy statement this summer season!
Sunglasses are a must have for the summer. Designers like Chanel create fun frames to make your outfit stand out. Check out these Round Runway Silver/White frames for sunny summer days. Great for the beach or an outdoor event, these should be a staple in your bag.
One of the best treats of summer- watermelon- makes it way into this “Cutting Wedge” necklace by Modcloth. This affordable necklace will make a subtle statement with any of your summer outfits. Classy and delicate, this necklace can your outfit make the transition from “work” to “summer nights.”04667025_zi_natural_fresh_white
What’s better for the beach than a straw tote? Kate Spade’s Clement Street Blair Woven Straw Tote goes with any look and has room to carry all you need for summer outings. Whether you are headed to the beach or to a barbeque, this tote is an essential element in your summer accessories collection.
To go along with your straw tote, a straw hat is a prime accessory for summer days. Like the “Cutting Wedge” necklace, Jil Sander’s hat can take a daily work outfit and turn it into a look for the beach, a music festival, or another outdoor activity.
This  knit headband may be one of the best summer accessories you can buy. For girls with long or short hair, it keeps your hair off your neck and out of your face in a warmer environment, while still being trendy and fashionable. Pair with denim cut offs and a white tank for a classic summer outfit.
Sole Society’s faux leather backpack is both affordable and perfect for those summer days when you know you will be out and about. Comfortable to carry and a great size for your essentials, this backpack is a summer necessity.
Lucky Brand’s Americana Scarf will definitely help get you in the spirit for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Pair this lightweight scarf with jeans shorts and a top for a casual summer outfit.
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Featured image courtesy of kate spade new york

The Ultimate Adventurous Girl Wishlist


Adventure is out there, or so they say! But it can be difficult to find the right gear to be equipped for any adventurous activity. Read on for everything an adventurous girl needs, from the best workout gear to the ideal swimsuit for the perfect beach day.


Women’s Premium Waterproof Boots in Wheat Nubuck, $170,

Timberland boots are an adventure go-to. Both great for hiking and to wear fashionably, these boots are durable and work well for any excursion. Timberlands are my go-tos for every long hike. They are even waterproof!
Farrah Summer Serenade Set, $89,

Farrah Summer Serenade Set, $89,

Triangl Bikinis are a great purchase if you are looking for a swimsuit to wear to the beach or to a pool. For adventure and workout purpose, these are great because they are made out of neoprene, making them even more comfortable!

All The Right Places Crop, $118,

Lululemon leggings are another highly recommended purchase. These crops work for both cooler and warmer weather and last for a long time, and are especially perfect for workouts and hikes.

Astor Place Caviar Lace Leggings, $89,

Phat Buddha also offers a wide variety of leggings and workout gear. For example, these Astor Place leggings include a strip of lace down the side, adding a fun twist on simple, black workout pants.

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Women’s Running Shoe, $120,

The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit women’s running shoes also come highly suggested. They come in many colors and work well for running, adventuring, or wearing around. These shoes attempt to resemble the feeling of running barefoot, a trend many runners have started to follow!

Patagonia Ascensionist Pack in Underwater Blue, $179,

Another recommendation for any adventure seeker is a Patagonia Ascensionist Pack. Whether you need a bag for a hike or overnight campout, this bag will do the job! It is compact and durable, but can hold all of the necessities.
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The Ultimate Adventurous Girl Wishlist: Featured image courtesy of

5 Pairs of Shoes for Those Walking Days


As we head into the summer season, long days of walking will become even more frequent. If you’re like me and love to walk everywhere (as long as the weather is nice), finding comfy shoes that are cute can be difficult. Read on to find out about the five best pairs of shoes you can buy for those walking days!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.03.44 PM

Floral Beat
Floral Doc Martens are great for winter, spring, and the transition between the two. Comfortable, durable, and vibrant, these shoes add a pop of color to any outfit. I personally love the fact that I can wear them with a dress, jeans, or leggings.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.36.02 AM

Sandal Savvy
Birkenstocks are also a favorite choice to wear for more casual occasions or lazy days. Though some may call them “Grandpa Sandals,” their Papillio line sells vibrant, patterned versions. Florals are perfect as we enter the spring season because wearing a bright, patterned sandal can add a bit of flair to any spring outfit!  We also want to highlight the the 7 Best Birkenstocks of 2019.  These are absolutely awesome and will look great with your summer and fall wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.06.18 PM

Go-To Chucks
You can never go wrong with classic White High Top Converse. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can be dressed down with jeans and a sweater, or dressed up with a t-shirt dress and jewelry!  

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.07.21 PMAll Stars
Adidas Black Superstars are great with jeans or leggings for more casual days. Stylish yet comfortable, I see countless students wearing these on my college campus every day. They are perfect for days when you may be more active than others.


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.08.13 PM

Boots Nation
Steve Madden boots are another great go-to shoe for spring and winter. They are both durable and comfortable for long treks. Boots, like converse, can be dressed up or down with jeans, a dress, or shorts. Though this pair is my personal favorite, Steve Madden has many different styles that are also comfortable and great for walking!

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5 Pairs of Shoes for Those Walking Days: Featured image courtesy of

Outfit Inspiration for Memorial Day


Traditionally, white pants can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and now the day has finally come when you can break out your white jeans, put on a pair of sandals, and find the best accessories. We put together four outfit inspirations for Memorial Day so you can spend your long weekend having fun!


These J Brand 9326 Cropped Skinny in Demented white ripped jeans are lightweight, comfortable, and casual. They are great to wear to an outdoor BBQ or picnic, or an indoor event. Pair them with this light wash shirt from Modcloth, a long chain gold necklace, and sandals and you have an outfit for any occasion.

For a more casual look, try these American Eagle high waisted denim shorts. Pair with this Madewell top for a lightweight, cool outfit for summer. White classic chucks by Converse complete the look. If you’re looking for a casual outfit for an active long weekend this is a great option!

Topshop’s Crochet Detail Sundress gives you the perfect opportunity to wear bright sandals and accessorize. Check out Love Culture’s Light Blue Scallop Choker to pair with this white dress. These High Heel Slingback shoes in either peach or blue from Zara add a dressier twist to the outfit for a nicer occasion.

True Religion overalls are the ultimate casual wear around pants. Pair them with Brandy Melville’s Faye tank and the white Converse Classic Chucks for a red, white, and blue outfit for Memorial Day Weekend.
Whether you are planning on a picnic, barbecue, or indoor party, we hope these outfits inspire you to dress your best for the long weekend!
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Outfit Inspiration for Memorial Day: Featured image courtesy of Forever21

The Perfect Spring Dresses


April showers bring May flowers, and along with them the chance to find the stylish dresses for the spring season! Though we all have our favorite shopping spots, spring dresses give you a great opportunity to branch out to a new designer. Read on to hear more about the perfect spring dresses!

The Ecote Gineva Printed Shift Dress from Urban Outfitters is the perfect in-between for casual barbecues or fancier work parties. White is a great color for spring, especially as the weather gets warmer. It is also versatile and can work with nearly any color shoes and/or accessories!
Anthropologie offers a wide array of styles and colors for spring dresses. This white laced garden dress is on the dressier side and is perfect for graduation parties and end of the school year festivities. Add a pop of color with these Elina Linardaki gladiator sandals!
Lulu’s By the Beach Orange Embroidered Swing Dress is great for the upcoming season. Pair it with a cardigan and sandals and you have a dress that you can wear for most occasions. This dress also comes in black for a fancier event!
Free People’s Embroidered Austin Dress allows you to embrace your inner hippie side. Vibrant and delicately embroidered with flowers, this dress is the perfect spring throwback to the ’60s. Wear this dress with a pair of brown sandals and you have an outfit for any spring occasion.
The dresses above, both casual and dressy, give you a chance to show off a new, fresh style for spring. Both classy and flirty, these dresses, when paired with the right shoes and accessories work for nearly any occasion! 
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David Longshaw’s Inspiration For His Spring Collection


Working in London as a designer and illustrator, David Longshaw has developed a clothing line and a character, Maude, who has inspired the vast majority of his work. He designs for women and recently released his Spring 2016 collection. He studied at St. Martin’s, one of the leading arts and design schools, after being inspired by many of his favorite designers who had also studied there. Read on to learn more about David, Maude, and his brand.

Cliché: When and why did you decide to enter the fashion industry?
David Longshaw: At school I always loved art and the idea of design, so I selected my secondary school because it had a good art department and they played rugby, which I was very into at the time. Even at primary school I remember loving the idea of how Ralph Lauren had these stores full of all sorts of products (not just garments) that he had designed. I remember designing logos from my initials and drawing lots of branded teddy bears, polo tops, etc. Then at secondary school I began to become more aware of the creative side of fashion which drew me in even more. I became fascinated by the creative possibilities of womenswear and the broader possibilities it offered. Women in general are more daring with what they wear–even to the basic extent of fabrics, shapes, and print. Most of my favorite designers had studied at St Martins, so I decided I was going to study there. I went to the St. Martin’s open day whilst I was studying for my GCSE’s so I could find out exactly what I needed to do to get in. They recommended I stay on at school to do A-levels and then do an Art Foundation. So I did. While doing my A-levels the head of 6th form at my school, [Mr. Siggins] let me have Wednesday afternoons off so I could study pattern cutting at a local adult education centre. I also applied for work experience with my favorite designers, including Hussein Chalayan (because I could pattern cut I got to work on his collection the summer before starting St. Martin’s) to help broaden my knowledge and experience.
What is your favorite part about being a designer? An illustrator?
I love the versatility of the projects I do, the different ways they allow me to explore my creativity. I’m fascinated by so many forms of design, art, fashion, and animation that it’s fun to be able to work in different areas. I find they all feed into each other in terms of ideas. When I’m working on an book or a little animation, I start to think about the fashion collection that I could design from it–whether it be from the colors I’m using or the little outfits I’m drawing or just the mood. I find it energizing working in all these different seemingly unrelated areas; it’s when you explore other creative avenues other than fashion that you start to create more original work, rather than just constantly referencing other brands garments designs.
What materials do you like to work with?
It changes depending on the inspiration for the collection. At the moment, I like to turn my illustrations into digital prints (on drill) and into jacquards and combine them with silver pleating and lace.
What is the most unconventional thing you have ever designed?
There’s been a few… But then there should be. One that springs to mind is a human-size version of my fabric fashion mouse, Maude, I made out of Triumph lingerie (they commissioned me to make it for fashion week) using their lingerie bodies/cups. She was sat wearing my latest collection at a vintage sewing machine looking like she was sewing a customized version of a Triumph X David Longshaw bra.  
What is your typical day like?
It all depends on the time of fashion season and where in the world I am. Usually, if I’m in London, I’ll spend most of the day in my studio. My wife(Kirsty Ward) is also a designer and we share a studio. I spend the day designing, drawing, playing with fabrics, catching up with stores I sell to. Normally because there’s always lots of deadlines I stay up late working.
CUT-OUT-MAUDEWhat was your inspiration for Maude and how has it influenced your ongoing design work?
Maude (fictional fabric mouse fashion editor at large for numerous publications and Editor-in-Chief of MAUDEZINE) is what might happen if the late Isabella Blow got together with Daphne Guinness, Alan Bennett, Katie Grand, Anna Wintour, Paula Rego, Tilda Swinton, Dame Maggie Smith, the cast of Last of the Summer Wine and The League of Gentlemen produced a fabric child.
I originally created Maude whilst at St Martin’s. Maude and her fabric fashion team have now been made  into a book series(The Maude and Doris Series), launched last year. Grazia said of the Maude book, ‘David Longshaw’s mouse is a franchise waiting to explode…The devil no longer wears Prada; the devil eats gouda’.
Most of my characters have names usually associate with a generation you would expect to find in retirement homes, not the front row of a fashion show. Critters, particularly mice, are usually seen as dirty and about as far removed from fashion as you can get. I like the idea of taking these elements and twisting them, stylizing them and repackaging them, which is also something I like to do with my design work–taking something deemed old fashioned, or ‘non-fashion,’ as a starting point to design something new.
How do you develop your illustrations and imagery to go along with your designs?
Each season I start with an idea for a story/narrative that I then might turn into an animation, an illustrative story book (I have 5 books published and available to buy through stores and on amazon) or a series of drawings to display; these then inspire the garments in collection; from prints, to shape, silhouette and mood. The style depends on the setting and ideas behind the story.
When you created your Spring 2016 line, did you create the clothes for a specific type of person or with personal style more in mind?
Both. I’m inspired by the people that were my pieces, but also by the creative process. For Spring 2016, the collection (everything from print, to garment style to the color) is inspired by my latest book A-Z: A Fashionable Alphabet by Fashion Fascist ‘Fashion B’ aka Gertrude
Do you have a favorite article of clothing you have designed?
It changes all the time. From my SS16 collection, I’m liking the ruffle and jacquard pieces most. I had the jacquard made with my illustrations woven into it in silver on grey.
What do you hope to accomplish within a year?
More frocks, more stories, more drawings, animations, and more collaborations.
Who has inspired your most in your artistic and fashion careers?
To read more on Maude, check out David’s published works on
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Celebrate Easter in Style


Easter is the one holiday a year that gives us an excuse to flaunt pastels, florals, and lots of color. Celebrating Easter with sophistication and style can be difficult with all the pastels. However, it is still possible to put together a stylish and chic outfit. Read on to learn more about how to celebrate Easter in style!


‘Delphine’ Pointy Toe Pump $89.95

Sydney Shift Dress $39

Sydney Shift Dress $39

Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear and Easter gives me the perfect excuse to pick a vibrant one out! This sky blue Sydney Shift Dress from Tobi is simple, colorful, and fits perfectly into your spring wardrobe. Pair it with a fun pair of heels such as these striped and floral ones by Halogen and you have the perfect combination of solids and patterns.

Universal Pocket Wallet $125

Easter can also be celebrated in style with the perfect handbag or wallet. This Coach Universal Pocket Wallet can be paired with most pastels and patterns. It includes a convenient pouch for your phone as well as plenty of space for other small items, such as lipstick or keys you need to carry.

ASOS Leaf Headband $14.00


Pavé Hinge Bracelet $78

Lightweight accessories are also a must-have for Easter Sunday. This metallic Leaf Headband from ASOS puts an adult twist on a more youthful accessory. Metallic bangles and bracelets are also the perfect addition to an outfit containing mostly pastels. Rebecca Minkoff’s Pavé Hinge Bracelet is a classy, delicate bracelet to wear with any dress.
Between flirty dresses, pastels, and accessories you can’t go wrong, with these outfit ideas for Easter Sunday. Easter is the perfect excuse to dress in vibrant colors and patterns and to add a little flair!
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How to Dress Comfortably and Look Your Best on Lazy Days


We all have those days. You know. The ones when it is hard to roll out of bed, get dressed, and start the day. As an athlete, job holder, and student I know finding clothes that are comfortable for all occasions, but still look chic, can be difficult.
Certain items should be avoided on lazy days. Even though I know we all want to wear bunny slippers, sweatpants, and pajamas all day every day they do not aid in looking chic. Try out a combination of the items below to dress comfortably and look your best!
The Bulky Sweater
My go-to comfy outfit  in the winter is a combination of a sweater, leggings, and boots or Nike’s. One of my favorite items in my closet is a turtleneck sweater from Zara. This sweater can be dressed up or dressed down and worn with leggings or jeans, depending on my level of laziness for the day! I personally bought this sweater slightly too big so that it would be even more comfortable for lounging. I love the comfort of a turtleneck and the fact that it is warm and fashionable.

Zara: Polo Neck Sweater $12.99

Zara Polo Neck Sweater, $12.99

Cozy Leggings
Second, a pair of black workout or dressy leggings is much needed. I personally love Lululemons plain black long leggings because they make it easy to change when I am going straight to a workout, and I can also dress them up with a sweater and boots.

Lululemons Pace Tights, $98

The Perfect Shoes
Third, shoes can make a huge difference in your daily comfort. I recommend either a pair of knee high boots to dress your outfit up or classy Nike running shoes to maintain a casual look.
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.17.49 PM

Sam Edelman Penny Boots, $150

The Shirt Dress
As we enter the spring season, I also find it necessary to have a comfy outfit on the cooler side. On warmer days, I tend to reach for a T-shirt dress, Birkenstocks, and a sweater. This shirt dress from Forever 21 is a perfect example of what to wear in the spring. It is as comfortable as a T-shirt, yet still looks stylish. Pair it with Birkenstocks and a Nordstrom cardigan and you are set!
Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.07.55 AM

Chambray Shift Dress, $27.90

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.36.02 AM

Papillio Arizona Soft Footbed Rambling Rose Brown Birko-Flor, $99.95

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.35.14 AM

Nordstrom Collection Open Front Cashmere Cardigan, $135.90

By simply owning the above items, you can build an outfit to wear for nearly any occasion. Whether you need to be dressed for a meeting or want to be comfortable for class, it is possible to be lazy and look chic.
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Featured image courtesy of Forever21