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P!nk Speaks Her Mind With “Hurts 2B Human”


The fierce and bold P!nk released her 8th studio album Hurts 2B Human this past Friday and it’s nothing short of what we expected. This album gives us a glimpse into her mind as it is centered around love, hardships, and relationships. Featuring several guest artists and song-writers like Sia, Teddy Geiger, Chris Stapleton, Cash Cash, and more, Hurts 2B Human  is stacked with some pop anthems, and some slower ballads.

    The album kicks off strong with “Hustle”, an upbeat banger that basically warns anyone not to mess with P!nk. Through years of overcoming adversity, P!nk has learned to not put up with anyone’s nonsense. Another upbeat, dancy song would be “Can We Pretend” featuring Cash Cash, where P!nk explores what life would be like if we could pretend everything was the way we wanted it. Besides these two songs, most of the others have a slower tempo with a more delicate message.

    “Happy”, co-written by Teddy Geiger conveys a message of acceptance, for everyone out there afraid to be themselves. Whereas, songs like “Walk Me Home” and the album title, “Hurts 2B Human” relay how life can be unpredictable and how it’s comforting to have someone by your side, a tribute to all the friends and family members that stick around. Relationships are a big theme in this album, how comforting but also scary they can be. “Attic” tells the story of a person scared to let someone into their metaphorical attic where all their secrets are hidden.  

    Most of the album is right on par with what we expect and love from P!nk, but a few songs on the album were less than favorable. “Love Me Anyway”, featuring Chris Stapleton, has a beautiful message but the lyrics are repetitive and their two voices don’t mesh very well. It doesn’t fit very well with the vibe of the album. The echoes and the vocals on “The Last Song of Your Life” also don’t mesh well with the album, and just don’t sound like the P!nk we are used to.

    Overall, P!nk produced a very deep and personal album that fans are responding well to. Her passionate voice and her thoughtful lyrics are what make this album great!


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P!nk Speaks Her Mind With “Hurts 2B Human”. Features Image Credit: RCA Records

Why We’re Excited For Woodstock 50


Spring has finally sprung and festival season is right around the corner! Everyone wants to be outside, listening to some great music. Perhaps the most prevalent festival this year is Woodstock 50. Woodstock has been around since its first debut in 1969 in Bethel NY, and has been bringing people together with the power of peace, love and music. You can see the full lineup for the first ever Woodstock on their website.

For the 50th anniversary, Woodstock is supporting several charity organizations and is promoting these causes to help raise money for foundations such as Headcount, March for Our Lives, The Felix Organization, and more. (see full list here). The message of Woodstock has always been to spread peace and love and to give people hope, and for Woodstock 50, they are doing it in a big way.

Not only does Woodstock 50 have a great message, the lineup is packed with popular artists that fans are excited to see. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper, Jay Z, The Killers, and many more are coming to Woodstock to spread their own message through their music. The three-day celebration will feature many different types of artists, including Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock artists/bands who are ready to make this festival the best one yet!

Tickets go on sale soon and fans are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see these incredible musicians for a great cause. People are calling it a reincarnation of the original festival in 1969 which proved to be a vital part of music history. The festival will last for three days, the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August in Watkins Glen, NY.

Woodstock 50 is shaping up to be the festival of the summer, but fans will have to wait and see! Check out their website for more information on the lineup, ticket sales, and more!


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Billie Eilish: Pioneering A New Wave Of Teen Pop Music


Since her debut EP in 2017 “Don’t Smile at Me”, Billie Eilish has been a pioneer in the music industry. At the age of 17, she’s been taking risks and reinventing the pop music scene. Her hauntingly different sound has everyone wanting more. Friday, March 28, she released her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and her fans are going crazy for it. Billie Eilish has produced a different type of music than most pop stars, and this album is nothing short of what we would expect.

The album begins with a short 14 second intro titled “!!!!!!!” where she introduces the album by taking out her Invisalign; a short, funny intro to pull in her fans. Then the album dives into her song “bad guy” which has an eerie feel to it, like a horror movie. This song depicts Eilish as the bad guy who’s going to mess around and wreak havoc.

One of the defining qualities of the album is that most of the songs are really bass heavy and have a slower tempo. “Xanny”, which touches on the struggles Eilish has with her anxiety, is a slow, almost ballad type song where Eilish pours out her soul to her listeners. Another slow, yet lighter song is “when the party’s over” which Eilish released before the album itself. The lyrics to this song spell out tale of a relationship. Fans loved this song when Eilish released it and it fits in well with the rest of the album.

The album has some lighter feeling songs including “8”, “i love you”, and  “my strange addiction” which has audio clips from the hit show The Office throughout the song.

Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell write all their own songs and Eilish performs them. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? definitely has an eerie, vibey feel to it, like most of Eilish’s music. Her new style of music has fans wanting more, but for now they will be satisfied with this album.


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Billie Eilish: Pioneering a New Wave of Teen Pop Music | Photo Credit: 

Ariana Grande Shares Her Personal Journey With thank u, next


With her recent breakup and heartbreaking death of her ex, Ariana Grande has been channeling all her energy into her music. thank u, next, her fifth studio album, was just released on Friday, February 8th, and fans are going crazy for it. The album features 12 songs, 3 of which were released as singles before the album.


“thank u, next”, the title track, is a sweet tribute to Grande’s ex-boyfriends, thanking them for helping her grow. This song blew up, along with the music video that was released a little later. Then, Grande hit us with “7 rings”, a hip-hop type song that has everyone wanting to live a lavish lifestyle like Ariana.



The whole album is a personal journey for Grande and the songs represent that. During the past few months, she had to overcome a lot of obstacles and she shares that through her music.


Songs like “needy” and “fake smile” have slower beats and lyrics that fans can relate to, while songs like “bloodline” and “bad idea” have a more upbeat vibe that will make you want to dance.


Majority of the songs on the album have a slow, personal feel to them, highlighting the emotional road that Grande has been on. The album, while relaxed and ponderous, promotes self-care and self-love, which is something that Grande has really embodied throughout her life.


The album has been #1 on iTunes since its release, with multiple songs on the top 100. thank u, next is a deep, well-rounded album that has something for everyone. Grande’s emotional voyage is detailed in this album and she comes out on top. Fans are giving her so much love and are excited for more to come!


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Ariana Grande Shares Her Personal Journey With thank u, next. Featured Image Credit: Republic Records

Sleeping With Sirens Talks “Gossip” And Touring


Alternative rock band Sleeping With Sirens just released their fifth studio album, Gossip, and the fans are stoked to see what else is coming. Lead singer Kellin Quinn says, “Musically, I feel like Gossip is the first Sirens record that sounds specifically like us.” The band is excited to share this new music with everyone and to get back on the road and continue touring the world. We talked to rhythm guitarist Nick Martin and bass guitarist Justin Hill about their new album and their plans for the future.


Cliche: Who are your original musical inspirations? Who has inspired you along the way?
Nick Martin: My musical inspirations are all across the board. I grew up on the Beatles and Queen, but also mariachi music and punk rock music like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones. That opened the doors to The Misfits, Buzzcocks, and Cock Sparrer. I also got into metal music and fell in love with Pantera and Metallica and also grew up on classical music. I realized at a young age that I gravitated towards ANYTHING to do with music. I loved all of it.

Justin Hill: I’d have to give my father credit for this since he was a huge music buff when I was a kid. He was always playing air guitar in the kitchen and backyard listening to music full blast. He was also responsible for buying me a bass guitar and an amp for my first local band.

How do you think your sound has changed since you guys formed the band?
Nick: I’ve been in the band for the last two albums. The sound has been a natural progression of where we’ve been at in our lives. I think it’s more mature and it suits us well. We’re not writing songs like we’re teenagers anymore. We’ve experienced a lot of life and our music reflects that now.

Justin: I think when Jack and Nick came into the band, it changed for the better. They’re both great songwriters and bring a lot to the band in a more mature sounding way than before on previous records. I’ve been in the band since the beginning so it was cool to see what they could offer. Growing as a band though, we have just learned what good songwriting really is and it’s just a better version of us.

©Brian Ziff

What are some challenges you guys have faced to get to where you are now?
Nick: Being told “no” or being told I should do something else. Being broke, living in a van, and trying to figure out how to do this still. But for every challenge that’s been presented, it’s only made me stronger and more educated. It’s only fed my drive for what I do and continue to want to do. 

Justin: I think a big challenge for a lot of bands is the financial state in the beginning years of touring and trying to break the ceiling to where the group can finally break even. I remember a lot of crappy fast food, sleeping on the van floor, and coming home to bills and no money. We wrote a record in a storage unit in the middle of winter and lived in it, too. We’ve been through the ringer!

Tell us a little about the writing process for Gossip. Did it come together easily? Was there a theme going in?
Nick: It was a long process. It wasn’t easy. And that’s EXACTLY how we wanted it to be. There were no themes going into the making of Gossip. We just wanted it to be a proper reflection of where we’re at in our lives right now. David Bendeth, our producer, was incredible and really pushed us as musicians. It was eye-opening for us and really motivated me. 

Justin: Gossip was a tough one. It didn’t come easy at all. This was a record that we all wanted to be really proud of so we didn’t let anything slide. For me, it was about bettering craft. This record made me fall in love with playing and learning bass. Whenever we go in to write and record, I think it’s best to not have a theme and just let it be organic.

What makes Gossip stand out from your other albums?
Nick: The maturity. Not giving a fuck about boundaries or what’s “expected” of us as a band. The lyrical content comes from a deep and special place from Kellin and you can’t help but feel what he’s saying in all the songs. It’s more than relating to them—it’s about appreciating and respecting what he’s saying and what he’s gone through.

Justin: Yes, the maturity and the growth is a huge part. I think the lyrical content and melody shines. Kellin really did a great job on this and, for me, it’s my favorite record vocal-wise.

What do you want listeners to take away from this album?
Nick: Whatever they want. Art and music is totally subjective. I’ll never tell someone what to take from my art or how to interpret it. That’s the beauty in itself. Love it, hate it—take whatever you like from what we do.

Justin: I think what you take away from this is up to you. There’s songs on some of my favorite records that I love the music and some are the lyrical content but, either way, it always makes me feel something that’s really all I want. I want people to feel something like I do when I listen to music and think, “Wow, how did they think of that?”

How was your experience working with producer David Bendeth, who also worked with All Time Low and Paramore, on this album? In what ways did he help the album and the band come together?
Nick: He’s incredible. We really bonded on deeper musical levels that surprised both of us while we were working together. We had a routine of watching Miles Davis interviews on YouTube in the morning before we started tracking or we’d watch guitar virtuosos for a bit. All these really random things really made the recording process different and special. He taught me a lot about the recording process and how to view it differently. I love him.

Justin: I remember him sitting us all down in his basement and having a group therapy session and laying everything out on the table, from expectations to reality.

Your new song “Legends,” also produced by Bendeth, is going to be the official song for Team USA at the 2018 Olympics. What makes this song special? What’s the story behind this song?
Nick: The song is just a positive, uplifting anthem. Now more than ever in this world, I think it’s important to have. No matter where you are in life, or who you are, or what you want to do, you’re capable of accomplishing anything and everything. It may come off cheesy or cliché, but I think that positive reinforcement is needed in the times we currently live in.

Justin: It sounds like an anthem to me. There’s so much positivity in the lyrics. You just have to set goals and reach them.

What can fans look forward to from you over the coming months and 2018?
Nick: So much touring. We have major plans to tour everywhere that we possibly can in 2018. Come hang out with us and have a good time. Much love.

Justin: Yes, a ton of touring! We’re trying to hit as much of the world as we can for the entire year. This record is huge for us so we want everyone to be able to catch a live show.

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Sleeping With Sirens Talks “Gossip” And Touring. Featured image courtesy of Chris Sullivan

The Ultimate Music Lover’s Gift Guide


The holidays are quickly approaching which means everyone is racking their brain for the perfect gift to get that special someone. This can be a stressful time for everyone so we are here to make it a little bit easier! Whether it be your significant other or your sister, we have the perfect suggestions for the ultimate music lover.


Record Player
This gift is for the vintage music lover. The aesthetic of a record player is more than enough for a lot of people but the music quality is also phenomenal. An old-fashioned turntable is a staple item for music enthusiasts so it is the perfect gift for this holiday season!

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription
If you are gifting a record player, it is only fitting to also gift records! Vinyl Me, Please is a website where there is a ton of information on the latest and greatest records out to date. Once subscribed, you will receive a classic record each month and the standard newsletter with all the information you need. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Beats Headphones
Every music lover needs a great pair of headphones for music on the go, so what better way to surprise them for the holidays? The latest trend is bluetooth headphones so you don’t have to fuss with a cord; just charge them up and be on your way! Grab a pair today to make the perfect gift.

Bluetooth Speaker
A good speaker is essential for our music lovers out there. Speakers are the best way to liven up a room! The bluetooth speakers are a hot item because you can connect your phone and play music but still use it as you need. It’s multitasking at its finest!

Image result for concert tickets

Concert Tickets
Nothing can beat a live performance of your favorite artists so you can’t go wrong with concert tickets! can help you find good deals on all your bucket list concerts so you can give the perfect gift without harming your wallet.

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The Ultimate Music Lover’s Gift Guide: featured image courtesy of Amazon

Courtney Graf Discusses The Start Of Her Band, Broken Halleluyah


Picking up your life and moving to a new place is not an easy task for anyone, but sometimes it can bring about great things. Singer/songwriter Courtney Graf was struggling to find her sound as a solo artist in New York. She hadn’t found a producer that quite understood her unique style until she whimsically decided to rent a car and go to the beach. The beach seems as good a place as any to grasp incredible opportunity, right? While jamming out with some people she had met earlier, Graf was introduced to someone who eventually led her to her producer and current band mate, Lamont Coleman.


The band, Broken Halleluyah, composed of Graf and Coleman, relocated to Nashville to chase their dreams together.

“Moving to Nashville was more of a spiritual journey for me,” says Graf. The pressures of New York were taking a toll on Graf and even though it was difficult to uproot her life in New York, she wanted to find herself and thought Nashville would be a great place to start.

Inspired by artists like Aretha Franklin and Shania Twain, Graf has always had an interest in country music. With Coleman’s huge background in producing, he had a lot of different styles to offer as well. Together, they describe their sound as “country soul, rock, and a little pop, all at the same time, all the time.” With Graf’s background in country music and Coleman’s background in just about everything else, their combined sound is truly genuine.

One of their latest songs, “How to Make Love Work,” has a real soulful feel to it. This song embodies more than making love work in a relationship; it is also about the world. With all the hate and negativity in the world, Broken Halleluyah wants to inspire people to put aside their differences and to make it work.

“We are all just trying to make love work,” says Graf. “Get out there and sail your ship and if you run into a storm, just keep going and work it out.”

Making sacrifices is not easy, but in order to make love work, we all have to give a little and be willing to “swallow your pride and find the common ground to love each other,” as Graf says.

Broken Halleluyah has released a few new songs, including “Born Again” and their most recent song, “Soul on Fire,” which they are extremely passionate about. “Soul on Fire” is about doing what you love and what sets your soul on fire as opposed to doing something you hate just to get by. Graf and Coleman are very passionate about this song because they are truly doing what they love and see this song as an inspiration for everyone else to do what they love.

Get out there and sail your ship and if you run into a storm, just keep going and work it out.

Before they started releasing music, it wasn’t all fun and games. Graf and Coleman had to make a lot of sacrifices of their own before getting to where they are today. Leaving New York was hard for Coleman because he had been there for so long, but in order to pursue his dream, he had to step out of his comfort zone. Graf had struggled to find a producer that really understood her as an artist before she met Coleman. It was a long road before they got going, but now they are working hard and don’t plan on slowing down. They are working on releasing an EP, getting into movie scoring, and always making new music.

Broken Halleluyah wants their fans to know “we are here for them.” Through everything they go through “we are who we say we are and we are going to rock for a lifetime.”

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Courtney Graf Discusses The Start Of Her Band, Broken Halleluyah. Photographed by  Stephen H. Dillon

Brit Daniels Talks Pop Music and Her Inspiration


From a young age, rising star Brit Daniels has had a deep passion for music. Before she was born, her mom would put headphones on her pregnant belly because she wanted Daniels to love music like she did. Not much later, Daniels was belting out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in her backyard at the age of 2 and her parents knew she was destined to be a musician. Daniels was recording by the age of 13 and started really getting to know herself as an artist.


Originally from Texas, Daniels stayed local and attended the University of North Texas to study Radio TV and Film. After interning in radio, she moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. There, she started out as a pop country singer and then quickly changed her mind after some experience.

“We were doing more pop country because it was easy to fill up more shows,” she said. However, somewhere along the way, she discovered that country music was not her niche. She began to focus primarily on pop music and had “never been happier.” She is currently working on new music and is excited for her fans to see what she has to offer.

Inspired by artists like Halsey, Selena Gomez, and Zendaya, Daniels is striving for her unique sound. She describes it as “dark pop,” which has a fun, pop aspect to it but with a moody vibe. Daniels loves producing this kind of music because it “hits you in the heart” as opposed to being like “bubblegum pop.” Her new song, “Shadows,” embodies this dark sound.

“I love this song so much,” said Daniels. “It turned out better than I can imagine.”

My goal is to keep cranking out music and to develop more as a person and an artist.

Daniels worked on this song with one of her friends, Jonathan Perkins, and they created something that everyone can relate to.

The song is inspired by one of her friends who had recently gone through a breakup. Since almost everyone has experienced a breakup, Daniels wanted to put the feeling into words, which turned into this relatable, hit single. “Shadows” encompasses how, when you lose someone, you are almost haunted by the memory of them. You “feel them, see them, and hear them.” This is something Daniels is all too familiar with.

When Daniels was in the midst of figuring out her music career, her father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. This tragic situation really changed Daniels and she had to learn how to get along without his guidance and support. Daniels started redefining who she was as a person and as an artist, and channeled her emotions through her music.

“My dad constantly inspires me. He is in everything I do,” she said. Her father was always an inspiration to her and was her biggest fan. He always encouraged her to follow her dreams, and that’s what she did.

In addition to the music video for “Shadows,” Daniels is putting out new music and getting her name out there. “My goal is to keep cranking out music and to develop more as a person and an artist,” she said. Touring the world and sharing her music with others has always been a goal of hers and Daniels intends to keep working hard so she can accomplish it. She has overcome many challenges to get where she is today, but she continues to move forward to keep achieving her dreams.

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Brit Daniels Talks Pop Music and Her Inspiration: Photographed by Dana Patrick

Chloe Jane Talks Her Budding DJ And Singing Career


Thirteen-year-old singer/DJ Chloe Jane is eager to share her passion with the world. This young artist is writing songs and mixing beats in hopes of pursuing her dream. She has worked with some great artists to help her develop her abilities and she is ready to take on more. Her first single “Superstar” debuted on June 21 and we can’t wait for what else is to come. Here, we chat with the rising artist about when she realized she wanted to become a singer and DJ and what it was like working with Meghan Trainor.


Cliché: When did you first realize your passion for music?
Chloe Jane: When I was about 10 years old, I started singing and playing the piano. Songwriting came a year later.

What inspired you to become a singer and DJ?
My parents met in Ibiza, which is one of the biggest music islands in the world, and every summer I went to Ibiza. That’s how my ear opened up to music and how I wanted to learn to DJ.

Do your singing career and DJ career go hand in hand or are they completely separate?
My singing career and DJ career do go hand-in-hand. When I sing and record songs, I then play them when I DJ. It gives me a good sense of how people react to my song.

How do you stand out compared to other young artists?
I sing, play piano, songwrite, DJ, dance, and ice-skate. I also do makeup tutorials, write fashion blogs, edit my own videos, design clothes, and design headphones.

When I sing and record songs, I then play them when I DJ. It gives me a good sense of how people react to my song.

Tell us about your single “Superstar.” How was working with Meghan Trainor?
“Superstar” is an exciting song. It’s catchy and upbeat, which is great for my audience. Meghan co-wrote the song with my producers, the Elev3n, who then recorded the song with me. It was lots of fun and a great learning experience for me.

What projects are you currently working on?
This summer, I have a residency at one of the most amazing clubs in Ibiza called Amnesia. I will be performing shows for teenagers and playing great music, including my songs.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to keep writing and recording new music to be released throughout the rest of this year.

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Chloe Jane Talks Her Budding Dj And Singing Career. Photographed by Antoine Verglas

Lola Marsh Opens Up About Their Album ‘Remember Roses’


The indie-folk band Lola Marsh is taking the music world by storm. They are currently sharing their unique, one-of-a-kind sound now, touring Europe and the U.S. After many sleepless nights and challenges, Lola Marsh is going strong and promoting their new album Remember Roses. We chatted with vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen about the band and what makes them who they are.


Cliché: When and how did you start your band?
Yael Shoshana Cohen: It was about five years ago. We were both searching for partners to make music with. It was at Gil’s (guitars and keyboards) birthday party when we first played together and instantly felt that there was a strong connection. We met a few times and it just clicked, like magic. We wrote and recorded so many demos and performed all around Tel Aviv as a duo. After about a year or so, we started looking for additional musicians to expand our sound. Soon, we were joined by Mati Gilad (bass), Rami Osservaser (guitars and keyboards), Dekel Dvir (drums), and later on, Brian Rivlin (keyboards). We found true family in these guys; they are truly phenomenal at what they do and are also great people.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Well, it’s always a difficult question because so many things inspire us, from musicians and music that we love, to books, movies, people, and places. [We love] legendary musicians like Edith Piaf, Elvis, Nina Simone, Nick Drake, and soundtracks from classical movies such as Star Wars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Sound of Music. We also love Sufjan Stevens, Lykke Li, Bon Iver, and many more.

How did you come up with your band name and what does it mean?
We searched for a name for quite a long time. At first, we thought about calling the project by our own names, but felt it wasn’t right. We realized that we wanted to create a new entity that was not Yaeli or Gil, but a combination of the two of us. Why specifically Lola Marsh? While brainstorming for names, we pitched a few ideas and noticed a pattern—all of the suggestions are half feminine and half masculine. When we thought of Lola Marsh, it all became one. It actually started as a private joke when Yaeli always wanted to have the march rhythm in like every song, and Lola just came along. Something about this name just felt right, so we just went for it.

It took us some time to create [the album] and we’re thrilled that now our crowd can finally hold an album in their hands.

How would you describe your sound?
We try not to determine our sound and music. It’s important for us to let each song lead us into its own unique path, so you’ll find that our songs vary. Yet we are always aiming to create music that will make you feel, from a dreamy fantasy to a cinematic world full of nostalgia.

Tell us about your touring experience so far. How do you guys prepare for a show? Any pre-show rituals?
Touring is amazing; we love it—especially because all five of us are good friends, so there are plenty of funny moments. For the shows, each of us prepares in a different way. For example, Yaeli likes to read the setlist and sing a verse and a chorus from every song in the show in front of the mirror to get into the mood, and actually we all have this stupid high-five we do just before going on stage.

What are some challenges you guys face as a band? How do you overcome them?
There are so many challenges we face as a band, like the sleepless nights, the stress, long flights, and many hours in the van. We see each other a lot and sometimes we need a break from each other. The food can be tricky, because, for example, Yaeli is a vegetarian, and sometimes when we’re on the road, it’s hard to find something healthy and vegetarian. But we are good friends and we help each other and actually feel very lucky that we’re doing what we love, and this feeling gives us power and strength along the way.

What are your plans for the future?
We’re looking forward to promoting our new album Remember Roses! It took us some time to create it and we’re thrilled that now our crowd can finally hold an album in their hands. We’re going to tour a lot around Europe and the U.S., and we are super excited about it.

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Lola Marsh Opens Up About Their Album “Remember Roses”. Photo Credit to Lola Marsh FB page

Kylie Hughes Talks Her Single “Heat” and New Album


Pop singer/songwriter Kylie Hughes is grabbing everyone’s attention lately. Not only has Hughes performed at venues all around California with no intentions of slowing down, but her new self-titled album was just released as well. She opened up about her inspiration, career thus far, and more.


Cliché: When did you start singing?
Kylie Hughes: I started singing and playing guitar in middle school. I always grew up singing around the house and had a knack for memorizing a song after just one listen. I also started playing guitar because 1) My dad had guitars all over the house and I was mesmerized by how pretty they looked and sounded and 2) My middle school boyfriend was into Blink-182 and said he could play guitar better than me and I’m a tiny bit competitive.

Who are your musical inspirations?
The first songs I learned to play were off of Michelle Branch’s Spirit Room album and she has always been a big influence for me. My first concert was Sheryl Crowe and the first CD I stole from my friend was a Spice Girls CD. So I love me some “Girl Power.”

What are some songs we might find in your music library?
I’m all over the map. I love Kacey Musgraves, Elle King, Beyoncé, Maren Morris, Shakey Graves, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, LP, Kanye, and I love putting on Buena Vista Social Club to just hang out.

How would you describe your sound?
Guitar-based Pop, Americana, singer/songwriter, folk/country-ish? It’s a hybrid.

Tell us about your song “Heat.”
“Heat” is kind of a “racy” song about a hot and heavy relationship. It’s one of those songs where you daydream about your crush pulling up in a really hot muscle car. They whisk you away to nowhere in particular but it doesn’t matter because they’re hot and you’re hot and you’ve just got “heat.” It was just a song that wrote itself and you can move to. It’s really fun.

What do you love about performing?
When I get to perform my own songs, that’s like therapy. It’s sharing something that has come out of a personal heartache or insight and I love getting that immediate gratification where I can tell if someone in the audience is connecting with me.

What would you want your fans to know about you?
That I think you’re gonna like what I’m doing. [Laughs] I have a sense of humor and I like to bring that into my music and my music videos. Unless it’s a sad song, then I’m suuuper sincere and not trying to be funny. I want everyone to know that this new self-titled album is truly me so…let’s see if we click?

What are your plans for the future?
I want to keep making music and trying to help everyone hear it! Check me out on Instagram @misskyliehughes and Facebook @kyliehughesmusic which I update all the time.

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Kylie Hughes Talks Her Single “Heat” and New Album: Photographed by Shalon Goss

Calvin Harris Drops the Album of the Summer


On his fifth studio album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1, Calvin Harris produced an incredible collection of songs for the summer. With a phenomenal group of features, this album will be an instant summer classic.

Before he released the entire album, Harris put out three tracks from the album as teasers: “Rollin,” “Slide,” and “Feels”—simple titles for simple songs. Each of the songs has a great beat that is perfect for driving around with the windows down. They have a funky/groovy element to them, which is an apparent theme throughout the whole album, especially with “Cash Out” featuring ScHoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and D.R.A.M. This one has a very funky yet chill feel to it. You can bop to it or you can relax to it, depending on what you’re in the mood for.


However, if you’re in the mood to chill, then “Hard to Love” is the song for you. It’s the only slower song on the album but it delivers. Jessie Reyez kills it on the vocals and the song has a very vibey feel to it.

“Faking it” is another somewhat slow song but it picks up during the chorus. Kehlani hits her vocals very well and Lil Yachty comes in for a fun verse which makes for a fun song with a unique beat.

The album all together is great, but there were a couple weak points. “Skrt on Me” with Nicki Minaj is a weird song that doesn’t really fit into the album. The beat isn’t bad but the vocals are very auto-tuned and bland. There isn’t much excitement in the song.

“Heatstroke” is another semi-weak point. It’s a decent song and the features are good but the other songs are easily better. It would definitely be the song that always gets skipped, but actually isn’t so bad.

Calvin Harris definitely delivered on this album and we will be listening to it all summer long!

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Calvin Harris Drops The Album Of The Summer: Photo courtesy of Calvin Harris/Facebook