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Hammett Unwritten


Do you believe in the nebulous idea of luck? Would you go as far as to say that a seemingly meaningless object is your "good luck charm"? Well, neither would Samuel Dashiel Hammett—that is, until his apparent good fortune runs out. Once a critically-acclaimed writer, Hammett now suffers from writer's block—thirty years of it to ...

Go Hands-Free


Every now and then, you come across a product so simple that you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of it?” Such is the case with The FlipBelt—a new fitness tool that is so useful, you will wonder how you’ve been getting along without it for so long! If you’re a runner, especially, you ...

Spring in the City


It’s not cold enough to bundle up and hit the ski slopes, and it’s not quite hot enough to throw on a yellow-polka-dot-bikini and hit the Jersey shore. It’s that infuriatingly pretty time of year when we can’t decide what to do for entertainment anymore: spring. Sure, there’s always dinner and a movie, but that ...

Cover Story: Interview with Vanessa Marano


We can only imagine that the life of the average actress can be overwhelming, but who said anything about average? Our cover girl, two-time Teen Choice nominee and California-native, Vanessa Marano is anything but as she treats all of her life’s challenges as golden opportunities. From viewing her untraditional childhood in a positive light to ...

Chill Out With A Skinny Freezer


Chill Out With A Skinny Freezer Super Bowl may be over, but people are always looking for an excuse to party. Of course, that usually requires an expensive trip to the liquor store as well as a designated (and usually disgruntled) mixologist. I’m happy to inform you that there’s another option, thanks to the geniuses at ...

Bring On The Biscotti


Everyone loves a good dessert. Even calorie-counting health freaks have to give in to the eventual sinfully sweet slice of cake. I am no exception to the rule. So when offered to sample some adorably-packaged biscotti cookies from Once Upon A Pizzscotti, who was I to say no? For starters, there was no need for ...

The Rise of The Descent


Looking for a good read? Get ready to hear about a time-transcending page turner. Two years ago, having just finished The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer, I was still hungry for more of the supernatural. My only hesitation was that I wanted something a little more plausible than ...

Fifty Shades of Great


“Palm-twitchers” across the globe have been very vocal concerning casting for the upcoming film, Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie adaptation of the best-selling novel is pressured with the daunting task of depicting Christian Grey—the young, impossibly gorgeous, mega-rich bachelor with a dark past and even darker fetishes. Fans don’t seem too thrilled with E.L. ...

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