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How You Can Find Your Kismet Color


What line could be more perfect? We mean that, literally; this brand says so in the name itself! We’re introducing Kismet, otherwise known as “fate” or “destiny,” Cosmetics. Owner Caitlin Picou’s reason for naming the brand as such was because she wanted to create a makeup line that in one word fits life’s experience, and we couldn’t agree with this more. The paraben- and cruelty-free brand allows licensed makeup artists to help you pick out the correct colors for your skin tone, helping you find your true love—and by true love, we mean the colors that are meant to love you! Cheers to finding, as Caitlin would say, “my Kismet color!”

Every beauty lover’s dream is to have their own perfect, personalized makeup collection. It’s like discovering that dress that falls in all the right places and looks like it was meant for you to wear. Well, now the same can be for your lips! This beauty brand is going to be sure that you look beautiful from top to bottom. Caitlin’s focus when creating this line was to remind us all that beauty is a part of fashion just as much as fashion is a part of beauty. The two combined create a style knockout. So, be prepared to find that outfit that’s going to slay, because this combination is guaranteed to be a winner.

Look no further than “My Kismet Color,” which allows you to check out different lipstick colors and see what they look like on models of all skin tones and undertones. To get the ultimate personal experience, feel free to send the Kismet team an email of a selfie and they’ll be sure to find the right products for you. Another option includes posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter with #MyKismetColor. Point out your particular needs and Caitlin will personally assist in picking the right lipstick shade for you.

Don’t be shy about posting or sending an outfit picture, too! Caitlin’s all for helping you find the perfect shade for your complexion via a headshot; however, she can also be your go-to gal for finding that touch to an outfit you might be overthinking. Kismet knows what you need; all you have to do is believe in this beauty fairy godmother and her awesome team with their awesome talent and tricks.

Make sure you check out their beloved collections like the Succulent Collection: Liquid Lipsticks, Velvet Collection: Semi-Matte Lipsticks, and the Lovely Collection: Illuminators. Some of the newest parts of Kismet’s collection include lip scrubs, bath bombs, and polished lip plumping gloss.

Check out and stay connected with them via their social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. We hope you’ll enjoy the fun of exploring this authentic and exciting new face of beauty like we are!

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How You Can Find Your Kismet Color: Photographs courtesy of Kristina Britt Photography

Refresh Your Hair This Season With Marc Anthony Hair Care


What better way to come up with the perfect hair care line than to go through a celebrity? After all, they’ve experienced the stress that hair can go through, especially when you’re in the limelight. Already known for his tailored looks, it is no surprise that celebrity hair stylist Marc Anthony’s next step would be to enter into the beauty industry. As the founder of Marc Anthony Hair Care, Marc has proven he knows what he’s doing with celebrities like Blake Lively, Chris Martin, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and for events such as the Oscars and the Emmys. For the beauty lovers who are always on the hunt to find a new hair product or want try something new, we suggest you check out Marc Anthony’s Hair Care line! As Anthony might agree, it’s an experience worth treating yourself to because a good hair day is a good day!


Cliché: As we all know, every story has a beginning. For those of us who don’t know yours, what initiated Marc Anthony Hair Care?
Marc Anthony: It truly began in the basement of my first salon, which was originally my parents’ salon. A series of unexpected events transpired and I became a salon owner at a relatively young age. One of the issues that aggravated me was the fact that I could not purchase something at the professional level to add shine to hair. I did not want it to weigh hair down and I needed it to have high shine factor as we had started to move into editorial work as well at that time. One product that started in the salon slowly grew into what you see today: a line of products carried in over 20 countries and over 45,000 stores.

What are you looking to achieve with hair in the beauty industry?
We are always looking for the same thing, year in and out: to help our clients and customers worldwide have amazing hair at an affordable price. We care about their beauty. We want that reflected in each product that we release, both in the salon and on shelf.

What’s a challenge and an accomplishment that you’ve experienced so far? And what would you suggest for someone interested in opening a salon?
There are so many challenges (sometimes as simple as language, sometimes as complicated as traveling the world looking for ingredients) and each happy client, each new product, each new city I see, I consider an accomplishment. As for opening a salon, I can only say this: think of the most complicated thing that can happen and multiply it by ten. You think big picture, but in reality you have to remember to order towels and if the dish washing detergent runs out or anything clogs up, it’s your issue; the staff leaves when the day is done.

Being in the limelight, do you feel that you have an advantage with your hair care line, as you know what’s best for easy and light styles as well as the most stressed out hair?
Knowing products inside out helps me know all of my clients’ hair instantly. I’m quick to understand the needs and not only dispense the correct product but also to suggest looks that benefit both hair type and facial features.

We love our Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo and Clear Dry Shampoo… We use Zeolite to absorb oils. As this is clear, there is no chance of powder residue; just hair that looks clean and full.

Now in the dead of winter, what hair products do you feel are best for hair and why?
Adding moisture to hair in dry climate is crucial. Static is just hair so dry it rubs up against itself. You can spray some dry shampoo into your hair, hat, or scarf to help control this as well as moisture treatment masks such as Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment or Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment. We have two dry styling oils (Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Styling Oil and Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Dry Styling Oil) that are amazing at this time of the year. With this in mind, it is the dryness that messes hair up, though the cold can actually break weak hair…so hydration is key!

As a beauty lover, I’ve fallen prone to the dry shampoo trend. Not only is it extremely useful, but it’s fun to use, too! How does your dry shampoo differ from others? (We noticed it’s called “clear”!)
We love our Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo and Clear Dry Shampoo. They are actually clear, so we have one formulation; we don’t need one for blonds, brunettes, etc., and there is no powder, so no powdery finish. We use Zeolite to absorb oils. As this is clear, there is no chance of powder residue; just hair that looks clean and full.

What are some of your hair care product suggestions you’d like to share with our readers, and what are your favorites?
My favorites tend to vary with the season. Right now, I am loving our Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Styling Oil for its moisturizing qualities as well as our 3 Day Curls Curl It Up Styling Spray for giving a bit of definition to all curl types as well as volume to any hair type. In the winter months, dry hair tends to lay limp, and this helps so much.

Is there anything coming up for Marc Anthony’s Hair Care line that you’re excited about? Are there any secrets you can let us in on?
As a matter of fact, a few new gems just came to Walgreens this past January 2017. We have an amazing hair and body product that is simply 100% Coconut Oil + Extra Virgin that leaves your hair and body feeling incredible and renewed. Also, there is our thick and full Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner that is ultra-lightweight and gives hair an incredible boost. Finally, we have this wow factor Coconut Curls Define and Defrizz Smoothie Cream that controls and softens while defining curls in the gentlest of ways.

For a real Marc Anthony experience, you can just enter one of his salons! You’ll get to indulge in a relaxing and comfortable environment with a staff that will pamper you with a scalp massage, a lesson in proper hair care, and an individualized styling experience so you can be sure to feel confident with your hair long after your visit. Feel free to check out their wireless Internet access and iPads, too, while you’re there, which allow you to interact with loved ones (and maybe convince one or two of them to check out Marc’s salons as well)! Last but not least, for the woman on the go, Marc’s already a step ahead. After your beautiful transformation, don’t forget to stop by their espresso bar for a drink of your choice and a sweet treat to enjoy on your way out. Marc takes care of you inside of his salon and out!

Interested in purchasing Marc’s products? Look no further than your local salon, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, or ULTA. Don’t forget to go online to learn more about Marc Anthony’s products and the journey of his line through the beauty
industry at

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Refresh Your Hair This Season With Marc Anthony Hair Care: Photographs courtesy of Marc Anthony Hair Care

Beauty Looks Straight from the Red Carpet


Our favorite season’s beauty looks straight from the red carpet are here, and we’ve anticipated some of the most popular looks that we know you’ll love all winter long. Here are a few of our favorite looks that have us so pumped there’s no way we’ll be beat down by the cold weather this season.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Pop of Purple
Subtly is the new novelty; it’s not always about the “go big or go home” looks. As simple as it sounds, changing a little detail in the way you create your everyday makeup or even your night out on the town routine can make quite a striking impact. Not only does this sound great for your wallet, but it’s also an easy trend that forces you to become a little more creative, too. Take Olivia Culpo, for example, whose makeup artist created a traditional smoky eye and nude lip but added a sultry, romantic edge by adding violet eyeliner on Culpo’s waterline. For those interested in achieving this look, try Make Up For Ever’s Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner in “Matte Plum” ($21) or Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Delinquent” ($20).

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

Raspberry Passion
We couldn’t get enough of those raspberry, bitten lips last winter, and truthfully, we’re just not ready to give them up yet. We aren’t ashamed! But to keep things interesting, this season we’ve added a slight change. With a little less intensity in the pout, we’re also adding a blend of raspberry to the eyelids to switch up and freshen up this gorgeous trend.
Too much raspberry for you? It never hurts to stick with what you know and still look stylish and ah-mazing. Try Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Rhubarb” ($26). We encourage you to play around with mauve nudes to create alternative shades so that it’s not the typical raspberry color you’re used to seeing.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Tangerine Dream
You should know by now that “never” is a non-existent word in the beauty industry. Not sure what we mean? Well, we’ve experienced this very lesson with the following trend: tangerine. Yes, you read that correctly, and we’re as surprised, if not more surprised, than you! We’ve been seeing all shades of yellow and orange make their way through the fashion scene as we entered the season, but we should have known better than to not expect it to carry into the world of beauty.
This trend will change the minds of those who aren’t normally likely to turn their heads or fall head-over-heels for the fiery shade that is making us feel an adventurous, unpredictable sexiness. For those looking to stay on the safe side, check out Mandy Moore’s glossy orange (maybe even peach) lip that went perfectly with her golden orange dress, which inspired the look.
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Beauty Looks Straight from the Red Carpet: Featured Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Ring in the New Year with These Beauty Looks


Ah, it’s a beauty lover’s favorite time of year! Why, you ask? Well, it’s a time to dust off our makeup skills that require a little more than a bold lip or winged eye; it’s a fitting time, too, to try out a makeup trend that you’ve had in mind but maybe weren’t sure when to try it or what to wear it for. Yes, ladies. The time is now, but if you don’t have any ideas in mind, we do! Ring in the New Year with these beauty looks.

Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

Cuticle Jewelry
If you have an Instagram account, then you know and understand the obsession with the growing nail art trend. There’s an incredible amount of talent (think Olive & June) and there’s so many fun looks to try! This time, though, we’re opting for an unsuspecting subtle look (let’s not forget the whole “less can be more” mentality). Start with a very pale pink polish or clear base and then use a thin brush to apply a gold glitter around the edge of the cuticle. It’s the perfect dainty element of surprise that also adds a little edgy and unorthodox element to your nails. You’ll have the perfect mani to open the door to your new year of adventures.

Featuring Hailee Steinfeld | Photo Courtesy of Daniel Zuchnik & WireImage

Metallic Eyes & Glossy Lips
Not everyone is a huge fan of metallic anything, but for whatever reason, metallic has been huge toward the end of this year, and we imagine it’s only going to get bigger in 2017. For this look, we encourage you to use your go-to favorite eyeshadow palette. Some of our favorites include Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (retails for $42 at Sephora) and LORAC Pro Palette 3 (retails for $45 at ULTA Beauty). Feel free to use any sort of metallic eyeshadow, such as Makeup Geeks foiled eyeshadows or NYX–both extremely affordable, but still gorgeous, pigments. Another great brand of pigments includes stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish (retails for $32 at Sephora). For a finishing touch, add a nice glossy sheen to your look to pull it all in. For lips, you can use a clear coat of gloss or opt for a nude gloss depending on the eye color palette you choose. The Sephora collection itself has an excellent line of lip glosses. Its Ultra Shine line has great color pigmentation and longevity without the extreme stickiness that some higher end glosses can have.
Another huge trend that’s been popular this past year (and we have a feeling will be making its way in other interesting avenues) is a monochromatic look for makeup. If you’re into that trend, then this metallic eyeshadow and glossy lip look could be a real stunner when you’re finished.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Richter

Zigzag Styled Bangs
Whatever makeup look you choose, it wouldn’t be complete without hair! Bangs are our fantastic alternative to a new look without having to go too crazy. This look is the epitome of creating a look that shows your adventurous side, readiness to relax, and have some fun without committing to a style long after the party’s over that you may not be so fond of later (think those cringe-worthy days at the hairdresser when we’ve gone against our better judgment). To create this cool zigzag effect, make an uneven part down the middle to bring a little edge to the party and leave your go-to-style for bangs for Monday (you know, when we all, unfortunately, have to return to work).
So join us in the season to go all out with your makeup! Let us know what looks you’re putting together for the new year and which ones are your favorite. Feel free to let us know, too, what beauty trends you think will be making their way into the new year!
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Ring in the New Year with Beauty Style: Featured Image Courtesy of  Aaron Richter

Makeup of the Year


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t end the year looking back at our favorite beauty products of 2016. From makeup to hair, it’s fair to say that we hit the beauty lottery with a well-rounded selection of goodies that we’re still in love with. A year like 2016 has provided us with so many wonderful beauty love affairs it can be overwhelming. Where to look? What to look for? What to pick? We’ve carefully selected products that beauty gurus and die-hard beauty lovers alike have loved so that you can bask in the wonderfulness of a good product and money well spent.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $24

Deborah Lippmann The Cure – Nail Cuticle Repair Cream Treatment
This ultra-nourishing formula repairs cuticles and returns softness and moisture to dry cuticles. It’s perfect to use when you want to feel pampered, but you’re also looking to save money.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $26

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
This product is slightly underestimated but still ultra powerful. A leading topical prescription, this daily treatment gel has been wonderful for clearing blemishes almost instantly while helping to prevent new ones from forming.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $44

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundations 
It’s almost essential to have tried at least one Becca product by now. Becca’s name was really put on the map in the beauty world with the collaboration of Jaclyn Hill’s “Champagne Pop” highlighter. Since then, we’ve grown to love the other incredibly amazing products, such as their foundation. This buildable, ultra-light foundation creates a smooth coverage and leaves a soft-focused glow. The Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation reflects the perfect, radiant version of your skin.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $85

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose 
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have succeeded in having their brand embody the duality of sophistication and femininity while also incorporating edge and masculinity. This fragrance brings together a confident, refined, and seductive brand that’s all its own. If you loved Nirvana White & Black, you’ll be sure to really love Nirvana Rose.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $20

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
Dry shampoo has become the new hair product/hair styling essential. It’s perfect for those days when you want to add a little more texture and weight to freshly washed hair, or to spruce up your favorite effortless waves or defined curls. Let’s be honest: there are not enough hours in the day, and sometimes we just don’t have the time or the desire to style our hair. Because of this, dry shampoo has certainly become a Holy Grail item for us. In what we believe will soon become a cult classic, Klorane’s dry shampoo is formulated with oat milk to soothe and protect, while the corn and rice starches absorb excess oil. Here’s to soft, healthy, and beautiful-looking hair even on day three or four!

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $270

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand 
Spruce up your hair routine without sacrificing healthy-looking hair by using this trio collection. Its tourmaline infusion allows you to create the hair you want without the sacrifice of healthy-looking hair. The three interchangeable wands give you the opportunity to create various looks ranging from defined spiral curls and effortless waves to full-on glamorous waves. What makes this trio so spectacular in comparison to other curling wands is that this product’s technology focuses on creating a curl or wave that’ll last and maintain a consistent heat by preventing under or overheating, which helps make an easy, secure change from one barrel to another.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $16

LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant
This is the women’s deodorant we’ve all been waiting for—you know, the long-lasting, non-residue, and aluminum-free deodorant that allows a woman to be focused and fearless rather than fearful and unsure. Forget the shoes. A girl needs a good deodorant to feel equipped to conquer the day.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $30

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration
It’s crucial to find a moisturizer that keeps your skin feeling and looking its best all winter long, but the struggle is always real to find the one that fits your wallet, your expectations, and most importantly, your needs. This cult favorite is perfect for any skin type as it gives immediate relief and long-lasting protection against dry, itchy skin, particularly eczema. Its formula is non-greasy and can be used all over the body. If you’ve never tried this brand before, we highly recommend you give this one a chance. We promise you won’t regret it.

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | $28

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer
Jaclyn Hill has sung the praises of “Sugar Sugar” for years now. This high-shine lip gloss with lasting radiance has a formula that offers a plump look and a non-stickiness that’s every girl’s dream. What we love even more about Marc’s lip glosses is that we get to see another side of him through his shade names as they’re inspired by some of Marc’s favorite music.
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Makeup of the Year: Featured Image Courtesy of Milk Makeup

The Holiday Nail Collections You Need to Own


Nail polish is my Achilles’ heel. There’s a thrill when you’re on the hunt for the perfect shade and an euphoria when you find it. When your nails are done, you feel pretty, girly, and put together, making even the worst of days seem not so bad! The holidays are the best for nail polish addicts as it allows us to feed our obsession (kidding not kidding), but in all honesty, the holiday seasons create that opportunity to find new colors to add to your collection and decorate your nails in ways you wouldn’t normally. This year, we have the holiday nail collections you need to own and we guarantee you’re going to want to show these off. Your lady friends and family will be tapping your shoulder to find out what you’re wearing (that’s how awesome we think these collections are!), so no need to stress about what ones to choose from because we’ve narrowed down the list for you. All you need to do is have fun and thank us later!

ESSIE Winter 2016 “Getting Groovy” Collection ($8.50)


Photo Courtesy of Beauty Packaging

Our good ‘ole Essie! Check out NailsByHarliG’s Instagram for fabulous nail art design, particularly for Essie’s fun winter 2016 collection. Harli’s step-by-step tutorial creates the ultimate holiday nail art with the collection’s colors, such as“Go With The Flowy,” “Getting Groovy,” “Party On A Platform,” and “Satin Sister.” If this doesn’t get you in the mood for the upcoming winter festivities, we don’t know what will.
Deborah Lippmann Her Majesty Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish Set

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

If you haven’t tried Deborah Lippmann’s nail polishes, you haven’t lived. Aside from the holidays being a great time to try new colors and trends, the nail collections that come out during this time are perfect for those wanting to check out and enjoy more expensive brands without hurting your wallet. Deborah Lippmann’s “Her Majesty Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish Set” has eight beautiful fall and winter shades to try for the value of $108 — but is currently priced at $45, according to Sephora’s website. Give yourself the royal treatment this holiday or gift it to a close gal pal you feel is deserving of this cute set.
NAILS INC. Nail Polish Candy Cane Set ($19)

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

You’ve probably already guessed it — a great stocking stuffer this set is indeed! It provides three perfect colors for the events you’ll be RSVPing to: there’s “London’s Calling,” a sophisticated, elegant nude perfect for your holiday family gathering, and there’s “Kensington High Street” and “Knightsbridge Nights,” which are red wine and gold glitter alternatives to amp up the party on New Year’s Eve with your lovely ladies.
These collections can be found online or at your local ULTA or Sephora store.
What are your favorite nail brands and collections you’ve found this season? What collection will you be experimenting with this year? We’d love to know!
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The Holiday Nail Collections You Need To Own: Featured Image Photo Courtesy of Essie

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


Tis the season to be decorating! It’s no longer Halloween and not yet Christmas, but this in-between holiday is not one to be overlooked. Though traditional Thanksgivings or “Friendsgiving,” as some might call it, will always have a special place in our hearts, this year we’re excited to share with you something a little different. One of the greatest joys of the holiday seasons is the decorating (or at least when it’s all done!), so we’re looking forward to sharing our favorite Thanksgiving decor ideas this year. We primarily think of being around a big table full of all the people we love during Thanksgiving. So, we’ve decided to make the table decor something all your guests will enjoy and talk about, aside from your scrumptious and delicious cooking, naturally.

Have a Glamourous, Glamourous Thanksgiving


Photo Courtesy of Blogger Olivia from Reinvented Collection & Co.

Here’s to a very non-traditional way of decorating for our glamour queens out there ― we think this is one you’ll appreciate. Instead of your usual orange and burgundy colors, opt for rich colors such as purple with gold accents. This is sure to create a setting at the table that’s luxurious but still indulgent. Use dark violet or purple napkins (or candles!) for that pop of color on the table and stick with white or cream plates and gold details in your flatware to bring the overall look together while still letting all that delicious food do most of the talking! Another option similar to this includes a tablescape inspired by Style Me Pretty. Use a blend of pastel pinks for a sweet, soft touch and a deep burgundy purple for that nice contrast and added warmth.
Let’s Give Thanks

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Clarita from Skies of Parchment

For those who enjoy a good DIY, we have an easy and sweet project for you! From Clarita at Skies of Parchment, you can create a handmade place setting that gives guests a chance to chat while the food is being prepared; consequently, you also give them time to write down and share what they’re thankful for.
The Pumpkin Vase

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Krista from The Happy Housie

Have a nice ole pumpkin hanging around from Halloween that you just can’t part with yet? Carve out the top half, paint the body a beautiful cream color, and add some of your favorite fall flowers or maybe even a few golden tracks going down along the sides. This will give it a fresh look that’s still Thanksgiving festival appropriate, and it is another beautiful way in which you can enjoy the pumpkin season. Plus, everyone loves a good DIY!
We hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and safe Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing how you’re decorating this holiday season! 
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Our Favorite Thanksgiving Décor Ideas: Photo Courtesy of Blogger Krista from The Happy Housie

Our Not-So-Secret Crush on Sugarlash


The brow and lash game has taken on a whole new meaning with a company that’s making quite the name for itself in the beauty industry. We’d like to introduce you to Courtney Buhler, founder and lead artist of Sugarlash, who shares with us the beginnings of Sugarlash’s continually increasing success, her expertise on the brand, and its correlation to the latest trend of lash lifting. During our interview with Buhler, it didn’t take long for us to realize our not-so-secret crush on Sugarlash. If you’d like to find out for yourself why this brand is amazing, we encourage you to keep reading.

Cliché: What’s your first memory regarding the birth of Sugarlash?
Courtney Buhler: Before I started Sugarlash, I was a lash artist myself running my own lash lounge. I remember sitting at my computer and looking at my Facebook messages; I had so many people asking me to come and train them and asking for product recommendations. At that moment, it suddenly clicked that I needed to start something because these women weren’t finding what they were after. I told my husband that we had to use all of our savings to start a new company…and I assured him that my gut just told me we need to do it (and that yes, I know I’m a bit crazy!).
For those who don’t know, what is Sugarlash and how is it reflective of lash lifting, the latest trend in the beauty industry?
Sugarlash is a fully accredited eyebrow and eyelash extension academy, a global provider of eyelash extensions to pros around the world, a lash lifting service, and a haven of retail items for lash professionals. It’s our goal to always stay on trend and ahead of the curve with anything to do with lashes. Lash lifting is a great addition to lash menus as it attracts a whole new clientele and client type!


Before & After

How is lash lifting different from lash extensions? What is it about lash lifting that you like better than lash extensions?
Lash lifting simply curls natural lashes (and darkens if a tint is added) as opposed to extensions, which add length, volume, and have customized shaping to them. The main pro of lash lifting is that it is super low maintenance! The curl lasts for 8+ weeks with no upkeep. Although the results will never be as striking as extensions, for women with naturally long lashes, this can be a great option!
What age group is lash lifting directed toward?
I would say it attracts a wide variety of people: younger girls who are into the super natural look, and also the more mature clientele who aren’t looking for any drama added to their lashes but instead want some lift and definition to their lash line.
What can we expect of lash lifting in the beauty industry? Do you think it will ever surpass the love for lash extensions or false lashes?
I think lifting and extensions compliment each other. For myself, I don’t have natural lashes that are long enough to give me the results I want with a lift, so I prefer extensions. But women who have a ton of long natural lashes will absolutely love the lash lifting effects! There definitely isn’t a one-service-fits-all when it comes to lashes!
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Our Not-So-Secret Crush with Sugarlash: Photos Courtesy of Sugarlash

Fall Lip Trends For The Lippie-Crazed Beauties


Any beauty enthusiast understands the reason for buying a new lipstick practically in the same shade you have at home in three other brands. Will it ever stop her? No, probably not. Maybe it’s the feeling behind finding new and beautiful hues, or the anticipation of unraveling the cute packaging to uncover your most perfect pop of color with a twist of a tube. We all know that incredible feeling of finding that perfect shade that makes your mouth water and your heart swoon. For all our lippie-crazed beauties (ourselves included), here are a few fall lip trends we’re getting excited about for the season!



Photo Courtesy of Kylie Jenner

That’s So Kylie
You may be sad to see the summer weather go, but by no means are we sad to experiment with the adventurous, mysterious colors of fall. The only place you should be feeling blue is on your lips. Blue lips have been spotted on celebrities like Kylie Jenner, and as we’ve seen with Kylie, it’s an easy, edgy way to add a twist to your look while making it a fun and easy transition into fall. It’s unexpectedly perfect like Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit matte lipstick liner in “SKYLIE.”

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Pink Hues
From the NYFW Fall 2016 runway with Marchesa, the Painted Lady was a vision exuding an effortless sophistication and the epitome of a lovely lady, all of which brings to mind blushing pinks and delicate nudes. A few of our favorites include Tom Ford’s lipstick in “Blush.”

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Very Berry
Those who are in the mood to bring out a little bit of their dark side will enjoy dark burgundy lips. The whole “dark fairy,” tough girl with a little sass has been the mood for this season and has been seen all over social media and the runways. If you haven’t already fallen in love with this trend, we highly recommend you consider getting to know your dark side. It’s a trend worth learning how to master; that feeling of finally mastering the perfect pout will turn heads of even the most skilled and talented makeup artists and beauty gurus. Check out BITE Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Rouge Berry.”
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Fall Lip Trends: Featured Image courtesy of Getty Images

Five Workouts for a Slimmer Waist


Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean your workout routine needs to be! Keep in shape this Fall with five fun workouts for a slimmer waist that will keep you feeling energetic, motivated, and beautiful regardless of the season. For best results, practice the following exercises 3-5 times a week as you would for any other form of exercise, and be sure to eat a healthy diet to reinforce those good habits for your body.

The Plank
Start by lying flat on the floor, and then elevate yourself onto your elbows as well as the tips of your toes. Keep in mind that your back should be straight for this! Hold this plank position for as long as you can. For those looking for an additional challenge, alternate planking on your sides!
The Belly Twister
Lift your right knee towards your abs and twist to the left. Next, extend your right leg back and return to start with one knee pulled toward your core. Use for three sets of 10, but of course, you want to make sure you’re changing your legs.
The Scissor Kick
Rest your back slightly on the floor. Use your hands for support beneath your lower back. Elevate your legs so that the tips of your toes are parallel with your shoulders. Kick your legs with your toes pointed in a scissor-like motion.
The Single Bridge
To start, lie on your back with your knees bent and lift one left straight into the air and elevate your pelvis off the ground. Afterwards, raise both arms up in line with your shoulders and then circulate your foot in the air for 8 rotations in one direction. Don’t forget to change rotation!
The Thigh Twist
Begin by lying on your left side with the left leg bent and right foot on the floor in front of your left knee with your toes turned out. Then straighten your right leg out to the side so that it’s parallel to the floor. To complete the routine, return to the starting position and then switch sides. As with the Belly Twister, do three sets of 10.
When you feel like you’re starting to master these moves, increase the time! Holding a pose for a few seconds longer than usual will help tighten your midsection faster and will continue to make you become stronger.
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Five Workouts for a Slimmer Waist: Featured image courtesy of Fabletics on Facebook

Must-Have Hair Appliances for Fall Looks


Ladies, we have a list for you, whether you’re in the market for hair appliances or not. We repeat, we have a list for you! Check out the latest of our must-have hair appliances to obtain new Fall looks that include imperfect waves, just the right kind of knot, and only the best of the best natural texture.
Cricket Co.’s NEW Technique Silk Thermal Brush Collection
We all know that any good hairstyle is backed up by a good hairstylist, yes, but also a good brush! Cricket Co.’s NEW Technique Silk Thermal Brush Collection offers silicone and ceramic-infused barrel brushes that minimize breakage while helping to seal hair cuticles for a style that will create the envy of them all. The brushes included in this collection consist of a 2” barrel ($19.95), 1.75” barrel ($18.95), and a 1.5” barrel ($17.95), all of which can be found at your local Sally Beauty store. These brushes are perfect for mastering the hair trend that’s evolving and flourishing like no other: the knot.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399)
Okay, you’ve got us. The shape is what intrigued us to pick this one; however, the results are what really caught our attention for this pick, not to mention it would go perfectly with those Cricket Co. Technique Silk Thermal Brushes! Interestingly enough, this dryer proves to be a high-speed, powerful tool with a motor that will dry your hair quickly, using a digital motor V9 that is on average six times faster than most dryers, but it will also make your styling time a breeze. How, you’re wondering? The microprocessor intelligently controls the dryer from reaching an extreme heat that will damage hair. Dyson may say “Supersonic,” but we’re thinking “superhero” of all hair dryers. This dryer is perfect for those days when you may need to speed up your favorite easy, on-the-go waves.
Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban ($40)
Girl, put that hair dryer down. This season is about embracing your fun, adventurous side with texture. It’s time to try Aquis’ Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. Gone are the days that you have to worry about damaged hair, frizz, or worse ― hair breakage. Honestly, just let your hair breathe and be! This lightweight turban wraps snugly on your head without sacrificing comfort and what’s even better is that it’s hands-free hair drying. What more could a girl ask for? Now, go ahead and get a good full night’s beauty rest and prepare for a ravishing head of your naturally textured tresses.
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Must-Have Hair Appliances for Fall Looks: Photos Courtesy of Cricket Co. Technique, Sephora & Featured Image: IMAXTREE

5 Characters We Want to be for Halloween


Halloween is here and we couldn’t be happier! From our ride or die beauty content creators to fresh, astounding artists, we’ve put together a list that will be giving you goosebumps this Halloween! Here’s our list of five characters we want to be for Halloween thanks to these go-to beauty artists. 


©Nikkie Tutorials

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn
Our gal NikkieTutorials blew us away with her glam and dolled-up version of Harley Quinn. Nikkie played with well-beloved brands like MAC, Morphe, and Urban Decay to create this dynamite look. Inspired by a night out with the Joker (yes, please!), this look is sassy, fierce, and fun. So whether you’re riding solo or headed out for a Halloween-themed
Suicide Squad party with your ladies, you’ll be sure to be the star of the night. Now isn’t that right, puddin’?

©Jordan Hanz

Suicide Squad: The Joker
Here’s a look we couldn’t resist! The phenomenon of
Suicide Squad lives on as the infamous YouTube and beauty guru star Jeffree Star takes on yet another incredible transformation. With the help of the lovely and wickedly talented Jordan Hanz, who’s also on our list, this look was able to come to fruition by creating Jared Leto’s now infamous Joker. In celebration of our favorite classic comics, Jeffree Star and Jordan Hanz created a look and a video that will “put a smile on that face,” as the Joker would say.

©Jordan Hanz

Pokémon: Pikachu & Ivysaur
Be honest: you know the 13-year-old you is ecstatic over the Pokémon GO phenomenon. How could you not? The free mobile game was released this summer, allowing die-hard fans and video game lovers to live out their ultimate fantasy of catching Pokémon in the real world. As you could guess, we couldn’t have a Halloween beauty inspiration look without including a couple of a few well-known and beloved Pokémon. A crazy talented portrait painter, Jordan Hanz, educates and teaches techniques on her channel for those interested in realistic body painting and special effects makeup that can carry into any spectrum of art. A favorite look of ours, of course, includes her Pikachu and Ivysaur tutorial. If you thought you had a desire to catch ‘em all, you’re going to wish the same for Jordan Hanz’s Pokémon looks.


©Courtney Little

Alice in Wonderland: Mad Hatter
If you are looking for an artistic challenge, this character look was made with you in mind. Quite the artist herself, Courtney Little beautifully executes the look of the Mad Hatter. Her thoroughness and attention to detail is astounding and definitely worth spending the 13 minutes to watch. If you haven’t already fallen (no pun intended!) in love with the world of
Alice in Wonderland or Courtney Little’s YouTube channel, this video will surely get you to do both.
Snapchat filters
Jordan Hanz is at it again with her spunk and creative authenticity. It seems as though Snapchat filters have taken on a life of their own, embodying personas that are funny, cute, or a tad bit creepy! Jordan Hanz shares with us what she thinks Snapchat filters would look like in real life with filters like the ever popular Rainbow throw up, lips for eyes, and face swap. Trust us, we bet this video is even better than your latest Snapchat story. Go check it out!

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5 Characters We Want to be for Halloween: Featured Image Photo Courtesy of Nikkie Tutorials