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Betina Lou SS15 Collection


This winter has been a rough one. There was snow for days on end, wind chills that made me never want to get out of bed, and dirty slushy snow that ruined my favorite shoes on a regular basis. I’ve been dreaming of a great spring and summer, with amazing clothes to match. Needless to say, I found exactly that in the new Betina Lou Spring/Summer collection.
The brand, famous for their easy, breezy fabrics, classic design and feminine touches to women’s clothing, drew inspiration from the ocean and walks by the sea. Marie-Eve Edmond, founder and designer of the fashion brand, discusses inspiration behind the looks, stating, “I love the nautical feel of the patterns and cuts we worked with this season. These pieces make you feel like you’re on holiday without having to leave the city.” With practical pieces for breezy spring days like waterproof lightweight coat and high waisted short with sailor button details for the blazing hot summer, Betina Lou nails it with mixing classic flare and trendy for the every girl.
Betina Lou SS15_Irene Black_Ivory_Low Betina Lou SS15_Zooey Ivory_Low Res
Along with classic favorites with a nautical twist, Edmond introduces long dresses and skirts into the mix, inspired by the movement of them.  “I was inspired to create really comfortable long dresses that had beautiful movement to them,” explains Emond. “I think they’ll become an essential part of most wardrobes this season.”
We think so too, Ms. Edmond. We think so, too.
Betina Lou SS15_Thelma Salmon and Andy Navy_Low Res Betina Lou SS15_Fiona Black:Ivory_Low Res Betina Lou SS15_Andrea Navy:Red and Clodelle Navy_Low Res Betina Lou SS15_Alex Chambray_Navy Dots and Clodelle Sand_Low Res
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Betina Lou SS15 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Betina Lou

Summer Crosley Interview


Since the last time we talked to acclaimed model Summer Crosley, she has yet to slow down. Her modeling career is booming and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon with her high-profile appearances in various magazines like GQ Italy. She is an international jetsetter with a stunning camera-ready face and natural modeling ability, and needless to say, Crosley is a top model in her own right with great personal style to boot. This woman is just getting started and no one can stop her. Below we chat with Crosley about her modeling career, her personal style, and the newest addition to her family.

Cliché: What have you been up to since the last time you talked to us in our April/May 2013 issue?
Summer Crosley: Well, let’s see: I recently adopted a cute little French bulldog, who is my world. I love her so much and she goes to as many places with me as possible. She puts a smile on my face and is my BFF!

What is your favorite photo shoot that you have done to date?
For GQ Italy. I always loved GQ and they feature some gorgeous women. They were so fun and so laid back, which is important when you are going for more of a “sexy” shoot.

Do the photo shoots and campaigns influence your personal style at all?
Yes, I work with a lot of stylists and they will put these unique looks together that I would never in a million years think of wearing! And once I see it, I am like, “Yeah, I think I found my new style obsession.”

So how would you describe your personal style?
I am definitely a more relaxed style kind of girl. I like comfort, so flat shoes, a great pair of jeans or denim shorts, a free-flowing shirt, and an excellent pair of shades are a must!

Do you get to travel a lot for your work?
Usually I am booked on one international trip per month.

What has been favorite place that you have traveled to?
In the past months, I have been to Italy, Turks and Caicos, St. Barths, and Sydney, Australia.   All amazing places. As far as my favorite, I might have to say I was very impressed with St. Barths. I always heard great things about it, but wow, was I impressed! The beach, the people, and the style are up there in awesomeness.

What are the most challenging parts about modeling?
For me—and I think others would agree—it’s that people in this industry can sometimes not be so nice about your looks, or say you are overweight, etc., so you have to be able to take the criticism with a grain of salt. That is just how some people are, and it does not matter if you are a model, or a bank teller, or a lawyer. There will always be someone who will talk about you behind your back, so you just have to learn to be confident.

Was modeling always a life-long dream of yours, or was it something you realized you wanted to do later on in life?
I was always interested. I would always read fashion magazines when I was a little girl and be so intrigued by the models, styling, and the location of the shoots, but I never thought I would actually be doing it one day. Apparently I put that positive energy out there and the universe brought it into my life.

What are your top 5 must-haves that you have in your handbag?
My cell phone, lip gloss, a mirror, gum, and a great money/credit card holder.

If you weren’t currently modeling, what do you see yourself doing as a career?
I have been thinking about luxury real estate sales. It sounds fun being able to see all kinds of nice homes and help someone purchase their dream house.

What are five career goals you have set for yourself for the future?
I have been getting involved in elephant conservation which I am trying to grow, maybe start my own PR company, have a family, find true love, and enjoy life every day to the fullest!

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Summer Crosley Interview: Photographed by Steve Conner

AUrate Jewelry


In terms of a jewelry, I’m a big, big ring girl. Rings give attention to your hands. They make them look prettier, they bring an audience to the out-of-sight manicure you got with that Essie polish you love. Nevertheless, I’m not a bling-bling, huge diamond person. I like to keep my rings subtle, small, and significant. I like rings that make a statement and are dainty. This is where AUrate Jewelry comes in.
AUrate, founded in 2014, is high quality gold jewelry with a look all its own compared to its competition. With each product sold, someone is being helped in the world. An underprivileged child receives a book to read.
The look of the rings are nothing short of spectacular, with clean cut shapes and lines that are both a statement and minimalist fashionista’s dream. The use of stones is sincere, honest, and straight to the point. AUrate plays with classic ring silhouettes, like the snake ring that can make waves beautifully wrapped around a thumb or an index finger. These rings are wonderfully constructed and can be used in both day and nightwear, easily making it a staple in your jewelry box.
For more information of AUrate and their beautiful statement jewelry, visit and shop online at Happy shopping!
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Images courtesy of AUrate

A Chic Buds Review


In my life, both music and fashion play prominent roles. Dressing up every day is a way of expressing myself and listening to music is therapeutic, especially when it comes to dancing when I’m really happy and singing along to the words when I need them the most. What happens when fashion and the equipment needed to listen to your favorite tunes join forces? Chic Buds happens!
Located in sunny California, Chic Buds take the adorable and fashion forward color palettes and patterns of popular fashion trends and combine them with reliable, efficient technology like earbuds, portable phone chargers, and cute wristlets. The company believes in making products that reflect a woman’s personal style and a product that they can rely on during a busy work week. Alongside their wonderful products, 20% of all sales are donated to the Vampire Diaries leading man’s Ian Somerholder’s charity, the Ian Somerholder Foundation, that impacts environmental causes for the planet.
The team at Chic Buds were kind enough to send me the Clutchette Power Jacquelyn, Luv Buds Sienna, and Slim Power Phone Charger Ashley. The Jacquelyn is both efficient and stylish, with pockets for credit cards and essentials during a day brunch or night out. It also comes with a handy strap to wrap around your wrist and the convenient charger element where you can connect your smartphone, Mp3 player, or any device to when you’re running low on power. The Slim Power Phone Charger does the same, while the Luv Bud Sienna is any fashionista music lover’s dream with the power of big budget earbuds, reasonable pricing, the cute colors any fashionista would adore.
Needless to say, my dream products have finally been created.
Visit for more styles!
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Chic Buds Review: Photographs courtesy of Chic Buds

Jacqueline Quinn Fall 2015 Collection


If you are looking for fashion pieces and accessories that will make you look and feel like an all-around glamazon at any event or social gathering, look no further than the Jacqueline Quinn Fall 2015 Collection. Set to be showing February 2015 in both Dublin and London, before hitting the streets of New York the very same month, Quinn’s line is exquisite. Inspired and influenced by the Nifty Fifty films and their wardrobes, Quinn herself sits down with Cliché to talk inspiration, design school, and the oh so infamous “I made it!” moment.
Cliché: What is the inspiration behind your line of gowns, evening purses, and jewelry?
Jacqueline Quinn: I’ve always been inspired by Old Hollywood, 1950’s movies, and Grace Kelly. For me, they epitomise glamour and uber feminism—a trait which I try to harness in my collections, whether it be a jewelled clutch or evening gown.
What is the best and hardest part about designing products?
It is not hard so to speak, but time consuming. I’m a perfectionist and I try to put my complete attention into each piece I design. Every bead or stitch in a garment needs to be faultless for me to sign off. In that regard, it takes a lot of time to execute a full collection, especially when you’re working associates overseas. The best part is when you see it finished in its entirety; all those months of work finally pay off when your vision has come to life.
Did you go to school for design? If so, what was your favorite class?
Yes, I studied at the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design in Dublin, Ireland. My favorite class was Illustration. I love the art of envisioning a design and then being able to create it through illustration. At the time I really disliked sewing, but ironically enough I love it now.
Is there a specific routine that you have for designing?
For me there is no routine, but there is the discipline of the season. For fall collections you need to be presenting in February and for spring collections you need to be ready by fall of the previous year, so there are very regimented time restraints, and developing a time routine in order to have everything ready is one which comes with experience!
What do you typically wear while working and designing?
I love wearing something comfortable when I’m working. For me, a casual Red Valentino or Missoni knit is ideal. They have a casual approach, but are fun, too.
If you were to go back to the beginning of your career, would you do anything differently?
I don’t think I would change anything specifically. However, I do wish I had balanced my career more equally between the United States and Europe. For a long time, I leaned towards the US market, living in New York and basing my collections accordingly. I think if I were to do anything differently, I would have maintained my European heritage more, possibly open a shop there, or split my time evenly between the two continents. There is so much diversity in the US, from New York style, to California casual—and, I love that, but I also adore the Italian and Parisian influences. I am happy to say I will be launching my new collection in Europe in February and in the US at end of 2015.
Describe the moment where you thought: “Wow, I made it!”
Honestly, I’ve never experienced a “Wow, I made it!” moment, but there have been times in my career which I felt a huge sense of achievement. I remember when I first presented one of my collections in New York, just seeing the runway, my collection, the models—it had all come together just as I had imagined and it was a really special moment for me.
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Photographs courtesy of Jacqueline Quinn

Fall Fashion Essentials


I’m just going to cut straight to the point: fall fashion is the absolute best! As a lover of the fall palette, fall is nothing short of my favorite season for fashion. What is the ideal fall palette, you ask? Well, I would just think of a brisk fall night. It includes dark shades of green, orangey gold hues similar to the leaves falling down, plum purples, shades of burgundy that resemble a crisp apple right off the branch, and my personal favorite: navy blue. I think of fall as a season that has many fashion challenges as well. We, as fashionistas, have to incorporate style with efficiency and items that will keep us warm during those breezy fall mornings and rainy fall evenings. Fortunately for me, I picked out items for you Cliché readers that both incorporate the spirit and color scheme of fall fashion with the efficiency of keeping warm and dry. You are welcome, and of course, happy fall fashion essentials shopping!

1. The Jack Hemingway in Brown
Jill-e Designs

2. Dramatic Crewneck Sweater
Acne Studios

3. Women’s Packable Rain Boots

4. Washed Leather Jacket
Golden Goose

5. Plaid Shirtdress

6. Leopard Print Nicki Flats
Tory Burch

Green Fall Trends


Hi, readers! I hope all of you have had extraordinary summers involving beaches, beaches, and more beaches. Where did the summer go?! I feel Memorial Day was just yesterday and we were getting our barbeques up and running for a cookout. Time truly flies when you’re having a lot of fun. Nevertheless, who said fall and fall style couldn’t be fun? Fall becomes fun when pumpkin spice latte makes its return to its rightful place on the coffee throne. It becomes fun when the leaves begin to change and you hear the crunching of leaves under your feet. It also becomes fun when jungle green becomes a primary player in the fall palette. I love jungle green primary because it is so versatile and mixes so well with browns, blacks, plum purples, which are many colors that designers are incorporating in the fall color scheme this season. Kermit the Frog once sang that it wasn’t easy being green. To that I reply: how can it not be when it’s so central in a fashionista’s way of dressing for autumn? Jungle green, to me, is a strong and tough color that can definitely hold its own weight. Give green fall trends a try this season!

1. Girls’ Lightweight Military Jacket
J. Crew
2. Green Pebbled Leather Mini Miss Sicily Bag
Dolce and Gabbana
5. Dancer Boiled Wool Skirt
Acne Studios
3. Basic Round Neck Cardigan
4. Ballet Flats

Office and Home Supplies


As a child, I always look forward to and adored school supply shopping. I love the smell of fresh loose leaf paper, empty notebooks just waiting to be filled by my school notes, and most importantly, all of my new school supplies looking so nicely displayed next to each other on my school desk. As I’ve gotten older and eventually graduated, I have moved on from mere school supplies to office supplies for my work desk.
As a frugalista, I’m always looking for great deals on office supplies and as have fate would have it, I stumbled upon a great website called the At Well Dressed Home, launched in 2002 in San Francisco, California, its founders believed in selling fashionable home and office accessories at a price that won’t break the bank. Fashion giants Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, and many others are sold at the affordable boutique, with items like storage boxes, pencils, pens, stationery, keychains, recyclable totes, all ranging between $10 and $60. Down below are my favorites I found at the boutique that any friend or loved one with a passion for office and home supplies will love and enjoy. Take a look for yourself at Happy shopping readers!

jonathan adler shaped paper clipsJonathan Adler Icon Paper Clips

ted baker pen

Pen in Tweed Box by Ted Baker

kate spade all occasion note set
Kate Spade All Occasion Note Set

Anti Blurred Lines: Top Glasses Picks


The effectiveness of eye contacts are definitely wonderful, but, needless to say, I sort of, kind of, really hate them. I’ve been pestered and irritated by my family and friends to buy a pair of contacts for years, but I have been in a relationship with my glasses for fourteen years and no one, I repeat, no one (not even my mother) will bring us apart. When I started wearing them, it was “taboo,” “geeky,” and “nerdy.”
Not anymore. (!!!!!!!!!)
Glasses have definitely made a comeback in the fashion world within recent years, and I for one have been cheerleading this re-emergence like the cheerleader I am since the very beginning. I personally think that’s why I love my glasses and why I love it when people are proud to wear theirs on a daily basis. I feel like, to a certain extent, glasses give us yet another outlet to express ourselves and show personality while also being able to give us the wonderful gift of eyesight without having to poke our eyes out in the morning and at night. They have the ability to complete an outfit in a way contacts can’t — not to mention the color, frame, and brand choices that we have when we are about to invest in a pair are endless. If you’re in the mood to purchase a pair, here’s a list of my top glasses picks to get you started. You are welcome. BY KATHERINE RIVERA
Ray Ban Acetate Tortoise 180 Raybancom
Acetate Tortoise Shell Frame
Ray Ban
Warby Parker Coley 95 warbyparkercom
Coley Frame
Warby Parker
kate space helga katespadecom
Helga Frame
Kate Spade New York
celine blue frame bluefly
The CL41322 M23 Frame

HopePaige Jewelry


Having a medical ID bracelet isn’t an item people necessarily see as fashionable. It is to serve its purpose and display to the outside world, in case of an emergency, that you have a medical condition. Well, not any more. HopePaige Jewelry saves lives fashionably and takes that notion to the next level with medical ID bracelets and accessories. They offer both creative, eye-popping bracelets and accessories that will give medical responders all the information they need just in case the wearer is an state of an emergency, but in a fashionable manner. These bracelets are custom made by the wearer and you can customize them to your preferences. The bracelet is made for both men and women, and also gives you the option to add 24/7 emergency response and medical records to their products. Our cover girl Mayim Bialik, a supporter of the brand, created her own bracelet and donated the proceeds to Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters have also designed their own bracelets for charity. Simmons gushes about the brand, saying, “Medical alert bracelets save lives every day. My daughters and I are proud to design one that’s fabulously fashionable. It’s a safe way to be chic!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Kimora Lee Simmons
All custom designs and celebrity made accessories can be made and found on their website,

Fashion Director Picks


Happy summer, my wonderful readers! I hope all of you are kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a good beach read or perhaps doing my favorite summer activity: attending an al fresco on a city roof. Now to the phenomenon that has been fascinating me ever since I got back from Manhattan today: mens-inspired pieces. It is everywhere and I am loving it! Why, you ask? Because I feel like it is a wonderful representation of the time we live in and a representation of how far women have come in our society. Men wear pastels now. Women wear suits, and fragrances made especially for ladies are muskier than ever. How exciting is this?! Freedom! Feminism! While I will forever be a lady, dressing like a man isn’t half bad. You should try it some time. Perhaps listen to the latest Arctic Monkeys album while you do so.
1. White Barn Three Wick Candle in Mahogany Teakwood
Bath and Body Works
2. Warby Parker Glasses in Kimball
3. Revlon Nail Enamel in “Iconic”
4. AM by Arctic Monkeys
5. Birkenstocks
in Arizona Suede
6. Factory Printed Classic Button Down Shirt
French Blue
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Collection of the Moment: Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014


I, Katherine Rivera, am the self proclaimed queen of nostalgia. In times of stress and difficulty, I like to leave the present and daydream about days past. A decade that I always find myself always throwing a nostalgia party for, one that I’m always dipping my toes into is the 1990’s. The 1990’s holds a special place in my heart, specifically because I was born and raised in this era. This is where I learned to read, was exposed to classic Nickelodeon and where most importantly, started to develop my love for clothes. Nostalgic for the 1990’s and its crazy fashion as well? Well, look no further than the Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014 collection this fall.
This collection will make even DJ Tanner and Clarissa Ferguson enthusiasts squeal with enjoyment with its geometric prints that will make you ready for any math class. Lazy Oaf also brings the cartoon prints real strong this autumn with crazy cats and animated sunglasses that I’m sure Doug Funnie and Gerald Johannsson will give a crazy thumbs up to. The Autumn 2014 lookbook, goes to show that Oaf really nailed it, styling their creations with hip hop footwear such as Nike Slides and Adidas combined with crisp, white folded socks and longer Nike ones, shoe combinations that were iconic during the beginning of the decade.
The Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn Collection look book is available for viewing and purchasing on For a limited time, the website is giving students 10% off for back to school! Hurry while you can!
Images for Collection of the Moment: Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014 courtesy of