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Item of the Moment: Puddleton’s Repackable Rain Boots


Summer: the season of sunshine, sandals, and the beach. Yes, all extremely true. Nevertheless, the one crucial part of summer that I feel like people forget about is the rain. The crazy it-was-sunny-one-second-and-torrential-downpour-the-next. These days I find myself prepared for those moments, with religiously checking the weather before I leave the house, always having my mini umbrella in my tote, and having my Puddleton rain boots.

Puddleton’s, founded in 2013, keeps the wet rain at bay and the chic in check. The rain boots come in a variety of patterns and colors such as black, pink, and pink paisley, are made out of high quality natural rubber with slip resistant outsoles, and super comfortable insoles that will last this year’s rainy summer season and ones to come. Located at the top of the rain boot is a very comfy elastic band that goes around the leg in a very snug fashion, keeping out unwanted rain and preventing that ever so uncomfortable soggy sock feeling. Budget friendly and packing convenient, with its ability to fold over and fit nicely into an suitcase or travel bag, Puddleton’s are everything a gal dreams about in a rain boot.

Puddleton’s Repackable Rain Boots are available for sale at for both women and children.
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Hometown Glory: The Home T


New York City: my place of origin. I don’t know about you guys but, there is this warm, fuzzy feeling of pride when I think of where I grew up. With the Home T, you get to feel that feeling again and again when worn. Based off of homesickness from moving to a different area, the founders of the Home T intended the shirt’s purpose to bask in your hometown pride and show it off to the world. Purpose fulfilled! The Home T, seen worn by the likes of mega stars like Hilary Duff and Ashley Greene, is made in the USA and from this insanely soft cotton that you won’t ever want to take off. All the proceeds go toward multiple sclerosis research, which means you get an insanely cool shirt and donate to an amazing cause. Win win.
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