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Barret Turner Releases New Music Video For “Wait”


Barret Turner is a singer-songwriter and producer from Dallas, Texas. For Barret, it all started when he was just a kid and picked up a guitar. He hasn’t been able to stop making music since, but he also never shared the music he created. Now Barret decided it was finally time to let his songs go out past the four walls of his room, so he has been releasing a single a month for the past 10 months. Written and produced by Barret, featuring an undisclosed singer, “Wait” is the last of the 10 singles to be released. To continue celebrating the single release, Barret Turner released a new music video for “Wait.”

“Do you ever focus on a decision in your life.. and it consumes you… where nothing else matters,” says Barret about the story behind “Wait.”

Barret has been diligently working on his craft to get these singles out to the world. On top of that, he has been creating music videos to help share the story behind each song on a deeper level. Just like the music video for “Wait” each one has a story to tell. In one way or another, it relates to something that has happened in his life. “Wait” has such a transparent story that we can all relate to.

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Images provided by Barret Turner, Alec Lizanetz and Morgan Chidsey.

An Interview With Taps On His Release Of ‘Dance All Night’


Tapiwa ‘Taps’ Mugadza, known professionally as Taps, is a Zimbabwean soul and pop singer who began his musical journey at the age of 15. Before making his move to America to study at the Musicians Institue in Hollywood, Taps completed in the Zimbabwean Idol competition where he won third place overall. From there, he went on to work with world-renowned producers such as T-Collar, Moose, Pip Kembo, Boi-1da, and Quincy Jones, writing all of his own music.

With his single release ‘Dance All Night’ out now, we took some time to hear more from Taps. Read below to learn more about Taps, the story behind his latest single, and what’s to come.

Tell us a bit about yourself for those who may not know!

I am an artist from Zimbabwe who is now based in Los Angeles.

When did you fall in love with music? On top of singing, do you play any instruments?

I fell in love with music around 5 years old. I play piano and all guitars!

You grew up as a kid in Zimbabwe, at what point did you move to the US?

I moved to the US when I was 20 turning 21.

Tell us about your latest single ‘Dance All Night’

My latest single is a glimpse into what life was like as a kid for me when we would go camping.

Your latest single ‘Dance All Night’ is heavily connected to your story of growing up in Zimbabwe. Would you say living in LA has had an impact on the music you’re creating?

Absolutely, I think your surroundings definitely have a huge influence on what you create.

Living in LA can be very competitive when it comes to the entertainment industry as a whole. How do you navigate that on a day to day?

It is so easy to be influenced by the hype so I try by all means to stay in my lane and do what I am good at.

What is your favorite part about being in the music industry?

My favorite part is seeing the lives that are impacted by the music I make. Personally, I think it’s the best when people tell you how songs have gotten them through certain situations.

What is the message that you are trying to share through your music?

When I think about all of my music, the message I am trying to share is to enjoy life. Enjoy where you are at! It doesn’t need to be complicated.

What would you like to accomplish with your music?

Eventually, I would like to go back and rebuild a couple of homes that I grew up in. On top of that, I hope my music influences people to be their very best!

For those who are aspiring to be a singer/songwriter, what is the main piece of advice you would give them?

Always be true to who you are! There will always be a lot of hype, stay focused, and don’t lose yourself in it.

How soon can we expect some new music from you?

You can expect new music from me in the next couple of months. Keep up with my Instagram @tapsempire for all the latest updates!

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Photo Credits: James Davis II