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A Deep Dive into Chatbooks with Co-Founder


Sitting with the co-founder of Chatbooks, Vanessa, in a noisy, yet quaint coffee-shop in Union Square, my eyes were opened to a new world. Guilty, as many in my generation are, of snapping hundreds of photos in any given week, letting them pile up on my phone’s SD card and never sharing them outside of my phone – many of us have promised ourselves when we have time we will organize them. With the emergence of the Cloud, and other electronic back-up devices, many have learned the hard way that in this digital age, you must back-up! Especially if you use a digital camera that requires a compact flash or SD memory card.  The best Micro SD cards have every type of memory card you can think of at affordable prices.


But what happens to all of those filtered selfies, vacation photos, and snaps of friends on a spontaneous night out? They often get lost in the cyber world. Never to be printed, and soon to be forgotten. A busy mom of seven, Vanessa contributes the idea to start her company to her family. “Scrapbooking was my hobby as a young mom, and my first three children have very well documented childhoods. But my seventh child didn’t even have one printed photo!” In this digital fast-paced world it becomes increasingly difficult to scrapbook, a tradition in her family for generations, so she needed a super simple way to translate all those iPhone photos to a tangible item to be shared with family and friends.


Founded in June 2014, about 1 million books were sold in their first year. Understanding the millennial tendency to spend more time editing their Instagram posts than curating a family Scrapbook, Chatbooks makes it easy by connecting the App right to your social media accounts, and My Favorites on your phone. For only $8 for a 60 page 6×6 book filled with your favorite memories, the decision-making is almost erased. Everyone can be a contributor to the creation of the memories, allowing multiple people to add photos to a new edition.

Looking to document a whole summer in one book, or add some extra flair, Chatbooks has an option to create a Custom Book, with added photos and a hardcover. For mindless magic, setting up the Chatbooks Ongoing Series service, you are able to create amazing books automatically, receiving notifications as you get close to 60 so you can edit or add captions. If you want the book as is, you can just sit back and it will ship as soon as it is ready, with no shipping fee! It is almost too good to be true.




While Vanessa attributes the business idea to being a mother, and not wanting to let the memories slip away, Chatbooks is the perfect solution to millennials and entrepreneurs everywhere. The ideal client is anyone with a smart phone, which according to PC Magazine, will be 70 percent of the global population by 2020. For small business owners, stylists, and artisans – it serves as the ideal solution to displaying your work to potential clients and employers.

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Images courtesy of Chatbooks

How 1995NYC Combines Art With Fashion


Tired of the usual black and white aesthetic, 1995NYC sought to create a fashion brand that is composed of sturdy materials in great patterns and shapes. Seen on the likes of Leandra Medine, the influencer and founder of Man Repeller, the brand is filling a much-needed void in the industry. We chat with the founder and designer Jindan Piao and co-founder and co-designer Simin Wang about how they plan on taking the fashion world by storm.


Cliché: The colors and shapes of the collection are so bold. What does this represent to you?
1995NYC: Interesting color blocking always catches our eyes! We don’t want to be boring and always wear black and white. We want girls in our pieces to be eye-catching and unique. We designed the collection based on our figure. For example, we wanted our thighs to look slimmer, so we took advantage of visual cheats, like placing the yellow stripe on the jumpsuit.

Who does 1995NYC represent?
Girls like Kiko Mizuhara, Eddie Sedgwick, and our favorite fashion influencer, Leandra Medine. They are totally effortless and cool.

How has your experiences at FIT and being in New York City influenced your line?
FIT gave us the opportunity to reach Leandra Medine. And New York City is a great place for us to get inspiration. There are so many talented artists, interesting people, and wonderful opportunities. We love people in New York. They are open-minded and dream big! We never felt as alive when living in New York.

What piece speaks the loudest to you?
We think it must be that jumpsuit, which Leandra wore before.

Who do you wish will invest in these pieces?
Absolutely Leandra, no less!


What is your inspiration?
Actually, it is hard to say what our inspiration is. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, maybe some nicely dressed person on the street or some art in a gallery. Most of the time, our designs just come up before we fall asleep.

How do you envision the future of 1995NYC?
For the future, we want to work with talented artists and collaborate together. We want people to see the value of art and appreciate the real artist. Our main idea for this brand is playful and fun, and we would be 100% willing to support art projects if we can.

What is in store for the next collection?
T-shirts, yellow pleated pants, some shirts, and our summer knitwear are all ready for sale.

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Photographs courtesy of ©1995NYC

Lauren Cecchi Talks Her New LCNY Collection


An innovative and fashion forward brand, Lauren Cecchi’s bags are transforming the way that women see themselves. With bold colors and shapes, LCNY brought luxury back to the United States with Lauren’s creative approach to the leather bag that serves as a fashion staple for women everywhere. We had the pleasure to delve into the head of the designer, and what we learned made us want to immediately invest. Read on to learn all about her inspiration and what makes her line so special.

Cliché: What was the inspiration for this season’s collection?
Lauren Cecchi: The inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2016 collection was definitely inspired by camouflage and the everglades. I travel frequently to Florida to my family’s vacation home and whenever I fly, I always get a window seat so I can stare out the window in awe. I have many pictures from over the years and it only gets more beautiful. Obviously I see a lot of greenery with sand coasts and black waters. I wanted to incorporate these colors into my collection because sand and army green are the new neutral and can blend with any outfit.

©Taylor Ballantyne

©Taylor Ballantyne

What is your favorite piece?
My favorite piece has to be the newest style, The Double. It is two bags in one so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or clutch depending on your mood. I love creating new bags to see what my customers gravitate to and I think this bag will be a favorite this fall!
Do you have a muse for your collection, or model it after a specific type of client?
I always create new handbags with my customers in mind since they are the ones wearing them! When I am in the design phases, I think, “Where is my customer going? What is she/he doing? What do they want/need in a handbag?” By asking myself these questions, I can dream up what I think they need as their newest addition to their wardrobe. My customers love to travel just as much as I do, so I think that is a major “muse” for my designs: what they will need wherever they go in the world!
If you could define the mood of your brand in five words, what would it be?
Classically chic and effortlessly fun.
What is the best part about the design process for you?
Besides drawing new designs, I love going to my leather supplier and making new colors and seeing what he has in stock that is new and fun. There are so many textures of leather I didn’t even know existed, like pebbled, perforated, distressed, woven, painted, raw, acid washed, and even bullet holes! I love seeing what they have, then creating my own colors based off my inspiration by what I see and think people will want to wear.

What role does this collection play within the fashion world today?
The role I am trying to play in the fashion industry today is you don’t need to travel to Europe to experience luxury. I manufacture all of my handbags in the heart of New York City and believe my quality is top notch. I inspect every stitch, every corner, and every pocket to make sure it is the quality my customers deserve. I also believe my role in the industry is to show you can have a luxurious bag that is versatile. I know people who won’t bring out their nice bags unless it is a nice occasion. I want my customers to wear their bags every day and feel luxurious doing it.
Who do you hope will buy handbags?
I hope that everyone will own one of my handbags one day. I would love to walk down 6th Avenue and see a flock of women sporting them. Of course I would love to see celebrities and even Kate Middleton wearing a piece from my collection, but I think seeing someone in the raw wearing one of my bags would be delightful. This is something that they purchased, chose to wear, and believed that handbag was an extension of themselves. What more can I want?
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Lauren Cecchi Talks Her New LCNY Collection: Images courtesy of Lauren Cecchi New York

The Art of Jewelry Layering


This season is all about layering. While statement pieces will always be a go-to to uplift a simple outfit, there is an attraction to being able to invest in a piece that will be with you for the long haul. We want a piece we can wear with a tee and jeans as well as cocktail dress and heels, a piece that will be with us for years. While investing in long-term accessories sounds like a very grown up decision, it does not have to be all work and no play. The best way to wear these simple jewels is to add depth by layering them.

One of the latest trends in jewelry this season that quickly made its way from the runway to our favorite brands, shops, and showrooms is the choker. If you are looking for a more modern twist on this iconic piece, Vanessa Mooney has a great selection of chokers that also double as statement pieces. Unlike the more casual fabric bands that wrap closely around the neck, these pieces have layers, and are bold and eye-catching.
Long Layers
It is quite an art to select the appropriate accessory to highlight your outfit in just the right way. To make the proper decision there are multiple aspects that must be considered, from color, weight, and length. While most often the last piece of the outfit that is selected, jewelry requires some debate. With the layering trend, some of the work is taken off our plate. If you are someone that prefers the simplicity of dressing, look for long necklaces that include the various tiers. If you dare to experiment, pick up necklaces in varying lengths, textures, and colors and pile them on. Another option is to find a long necklace and wrap it around, giving the illusion of multiple.
Much like the stackable ring trend, bangles are not only limited to rest right on the wrist. The layering aspect of the bracelet has the ability to extend up the arm, and create an expansive look much like the layering of necklaces. Adding solid beads to metals and leather is a way to tie in the aspects of the outfit. On the other hand, arm cuffs with colorful displays of art are a great way to layer with a long or dramatic earring to match.

Anthropologie, Aleria Cuff by Siblia, $128

Anthropologie, Aleria Cuff by Siblia, $128

There are no limits to a trend, especially one that involves layering multiple dimensions of an item. There is so much room for creativity and depth. Take some of these tips and tricks and create your own layered inspired look.
Photo Courtesy of Forever 21

Photo Courtesy of Forever 21

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The Art of Jewelry Layering: Featured image courtesy of

The Art of Dressing Professionally In Summer


Summer weather is highly coveted all year long, especially after long winters, and most of us cannot wait to wear the fewest amount of layers that is both possible and socially acceptable. While summer street style can reflect crop tops and mini-skirts, these looks are not welcomed in the corporate world. But the work days do not pause in the summer, so we must adjust to the weather, and create looks that keep us looking cool and professional at the same time. We at Cliché understand the dilemma that you are in, and we are here to give you the top three tips and advice to stay on track all summer long.

Keep it Long & Loose

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.39.12 AM

Photo Courtesy of H&M, Trenchcoat $59.99.

When we think of heat and humidity, it makes sense that we would avoid pants at all costs. But the crucial aspect of our clothing choices that we should pay close attention to is the fabric. Light fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and sometimes jersey are ones to purchase for your summer wardrobe staples. Pieces that are not clingy, like maxi dresses and skirts are ideal for staying cool. Avoid tight bandage skirts and high necklines; a light blouse and oversized blazer would fare better in the heat. Looks like this long vest over slacks, and loose maxis belted are ones to replicate.
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Jumpsuit $69.

Tastefully Show Some Leg

Photo courtesy of H&M.

Photo courtesy of H&M, Jacket, $39.99.

While long, loose layers should be the go-to, especially for those working in more corporate or traditional environments, showing some leg is not completely forbidden. A great rule that has worked for me countless times, is when one body part is more visible, counter that with covering another. The look featured by H&M is a perfect example of this. Even though she is wearing shorts, she is wearing a blazer creating a more streamlined and professional look. Longer shorts with flats and a blazer is definitely appropriate for the workplace in summer. Another easy summer look is sleeveless dresses, right above the knee. Bring a cardigan to throw on in the office and voila.  
Photo Courtesy of Forever 21.

Photo Courtesy of Forever 21, Dress, $19.90.

Bright Colors

Photo Courtesy of Zara.

Photo Courtesy of Zara, Skirt, $49.99.

A pop of color is welcome all year long, but in the summer there is way more flexibility, leaving the gray, navy, and black staples behind. This pencil skirt featured in Zara, in bright yellow, is the perfect play on the fall and winter professional look. And if you are hesitant to add color in your wardrobe, partner it with more muted colors like white and nude, the professional colors of summer. But as long as the fit is right, let the color speak for itself.
Photo Courtesy of Express.

Photo Courtesy of Express, Dress, $69.90.

Though it is always dependent on your work environment and culture, there is more flexibility for summer professional work attire than you would imagine. Don’t be afraid to add in color as much as possible, and if you ever are unsure, as long as it is knee length and modest, throw a blazer on it. And the great part about summer professional looks is they often transition nicely to post-work events. Here’s to staying cool and chic all summer long, both in and out of the office.
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Featured image courtesy of Express

Summer Swimsuit Trends


Every season, it is as if we are playing catch up, scrounging through our wardrobe for styles we can carry over from the season before. While there is an unlimited amount of clothing in this world, for the most of us, there is not an unlimited budget. That is why we love brands like Free Bella that are providing trendy, versatile styles without breaking the bank. In an effort to make your summer swimsuit search as easy as possible, we have rounded up the top styles you should be looking at this summer. From cut-outs to ruffles, these styles are pushing the envelope and reflecting some of the top trending pieces straight from the runways.

Forever 21, Mesh-Paneled Monokini in Black, $24.90

Forever 21, Mesh-Paneled Monokini in Black, $24.90

Oftentimes when one thinks of cut-outs, all we can think of is skin, skin, skin. While the usual goal of hitting the beach or lounging by the pool is to get that perfect tan, we also understand those who want a bit more coverage. That’s where cut-out swimsuits come in, and there are plenty of options to choose from. From one-pieces and high-waisted bottoms, to something a little more scandalous, this trend has all the mediums covered.
H&M, Bikini Bottoms High Waist in Dark Blue/Turquoise and Bandeau Bikini Top, $14.99 and $4.99

H&M, Bikini Bottoms High Waist in Dark Blue/Turquoise and Bandeau Bikini Top, $14.99 and $4.99

Urban Outfitters, Motel Turtle Bikini Top and Sand Bikini Bottom in Black, $36 and $33

Urban Outfitters, Motel Turtle Bikini Top and Sand Bikini Bottom in Black, $36 and $33

The ruffle or frill is taking on a new definition for swimsuits this season. While it still remains the “cute” addition on bathing suits of little girls, ruffles are definitely making a transition into women’s styles in an innovative way. Styles like the black tankini top are great slimming options for women with curvier shapes, and ruffles in general have a great way of cutting in at the right places. Whether you want to show some skin or layer them to appear as a one-piece, this style is definitely dynamic.
ASOS, Aloha Hawaiian Floaty Frill Crop Bikini Top and Print Tie Side Bikini Bottom, $32.25 and $22.65

ASOS, Aloha Hawaiian Floaty Frill Crop Bikini Top and Print Tie Side Bikini Bottom, $32.25 and $22.65

Nordstrom, MagicSuit, Rita Tankini Top, $85.50

Nordstrom, MagicSuit, Rita Tankini Top, $85.50

The V Effect
Baywatch babes, here we come! The iconic red suit that the all-star cast debuted so effortlessly in 1989 is coming back for more. Whether the suit is mimicking this style showing off the hips on both sides or is taking a more modern approach with a deep V-cut down the middle, it’s exciting to see the nice play between coverage and showing some skin.
ASOS, Quontum Wrap Front Swimsuit in Red and Pink, $80.00

ASOS, Quontum Wrap Front Swimsuit in Red and Pink, $80.00

ASOS, Wolf and Whistle Plunge Chain Detail Swimsuit B-F Cup in White, $49.00

ASOS, Wolf and Whistle Plunge Chain Detail Swimsuit B-F Cup in White, $49.00

Bonus Accents
Ruffles, cut-outs and splits in unimaginable places are not the only trending styles for swimsuits this summer: fun textures and shapes are also in store! Metallic shades like this suit at ASOS and the flirty off-the-shoulder suit from Forever 21 are just some examples of swimsuits this season reimagining themselves to mimic street style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match some solid bottoms with more stylized tops, or throw a body-chain on a one-piece suit you already own.
Wolf and Whistle Metallic Swimsuit in Metallic Bronze, $45.29

Wolf and Whistle Metallic Swimsuit in Metallic Bronze, $45.29

Forever 21, Striped Cropped Bikini Top and Cutout Striped Bikini Bottoms, $19.90 and $15.90

Forever 21, Striped Cropped Bikini Top and Cutout Striped Bikini Bottoms, $19.90 and $15.90

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Summer Swimsuit Trends: Featured image courtesy of

5 Reasons to Invest in Ivy Park


Athleisure wear is trending in clothing market. Some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood are dipping into this new and exciting clothing venture. Looking fabulous will always be something we women aspire for, we are not willing to sacrifice comfort completely. While Beyoncé remains a household name in the music industry, we were excited and surprised that she would be making this large splash into fashion. IVY PARK, a new activewear brand co-founded by Beyoncé, is made for women who want to feel on top of their game. IVY PARK functions as athletic wear, outfits for weekend errands, brunch and anything in between. Women are multi-functional creatures, and her brand recognizes that, built on strength and the versatility of the woman, and her form.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.42.52 PM

Photo Courtesy of

IVY PARK, sold at Nordstrom and Topshop, has emerged as a thoughtful top brand in the athleisure sector. With both classic and new silhouettes, it pushes the envelope of activewear today. Check out these 5 reasons to invest in Ivy Park.
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.48.58 PM

Photo Courtesy of

1. While luxury athleisure has taken off in the last few years, there were limited options for affordable and stylish pieces for years. While IVY PARK is still in its infancy with one collection, it is diverse in its offerings. If you are looking for bodysuits for dance, leggings for track, or sports bras for yoga, you have come to the right place.
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.43.10 PM

Photo Courtesy of

2. Designed from the mindset of a performerIVY PARK provides women with a new kind of performance wear–providing the modern essentials for women operating between “the field” and outside of it.  
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.48.37 PM

Photo Courtesy of

3. A curvy woman from Texas, recently taking home the CFDA Icon Award, Beyoncé saw a space in the market for women like her–who when they don’t have options that exist for them in the stores, need to improvise. IVY PARK activewear is made to stretch to the diversity of the woman form. And it is an added bonus that she makes high-waisted leggings to keep everything nice and tight. 
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.03.14 PM

Photo Courtesy of

4. Implementing all of the technical designs, fashion is not sacrificed in the production of the pieces. Leotards, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, jumpsuits, and more in great shapes that have a trendy edge. There is definitely a look for everyone, with options for the women working out and then hitting the streets. 
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.08.09 PM

Photo Courtesy of

5. And last but not least: the price point is not too high. You do not have to break the bank if you do not want to. While some of the pieces mesh parka and long-sleeve bodysuit are over $100, one could easily purchase an outfit for less than $100. The great thing is that the pieces lend themselves to mixing and matching, so you are never quite starting from scratch.

I am excited to see how Beyoncé continues to expand IVY PARK and how it further impacts the athleisure space. She has definitely set the bar high. 
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Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style


Spring is finally here, and in celebration of the warmer weather, we are bringing you the pieces you need to have in your wardrobe this season. While I am definitely not a proponent of replacing your entire wardrobe each season with the latest and greatest items, there is no harm in investing in accessories that will uplift your look—and these will certainly do the trick. 

Colorful Bags
While color returns in full force to our spring wardrobe, it always comes packaged just a little bit differently. This year, it’s all about the bag. In addition to bold colors, this season’s bags will feature some interesting shapes. From slouchy shapes to more structured aesthetics, nothing is off limits this season. Runway shows like Fendi, Marni, Proenza Schouler, Prada, and Dior, just to name a few, are good references as we curate our wish lists.

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

Trendy Shoes
For those who aren’t quite ready to show off their toes that have been hiding all winter long, it’s time to invest in a seriously stylish pair of flats. While the flat is the usual go-to shoe for spring, every season we search for deviations of the classic cut. The ease of beauty and comfort is sometimes hard to master, but these Free People loafers are the perfect combination. Pair these with jeans or work slacks for a casual or more professional interpretation.

Photo Courtesy of FreePeople

Baseball Caps
Baseball caps emerged in full force this past winter with funny catch phrases on the front, but they are not just meant as comedic items. They have transitioned into a spring fashion staple. You can find solid polyester ones like this one from ASOS, or you can wear one that’s more colorful. When the sun comes out to play, we need to have some protection, and these hats are the answer. The best thing about this emerging trend is you can always play the retro or vintage card and pull out your parents’ old sports caps, thus recycling fashions, making an old a new.   

Photo Courtesy of ASOS

Chunky Earrings
While statement jewelry has been a term in fashion for years, most often what we turn to is a collar necklace or a piece with a larger plate. Another way we would rock some statement jewelry is bangles or stackable bracelets. But this spring, it is all about the earring. Light and large, they are artistic pieces reminding us of sculptures and statues. With minimal makeup and a bare chest, these items make the look come alive. While still gaudy in nature, they are almost minimalist, not calling for any other pieces around it to distract from its presence.
Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

Photo Courtesy of LorenHope

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Spring Accessories to Amp Up Your Style: Photograph courtesy of ASOS

Mastering Spring Layers


Patiently—or maybe not so patiently—waiting for warmer weather has us dreaming of maxi dresses, sandals, and crop tops. What we aren’t dreaming of is how to adequately navigate the transition between seasons. While you want to jump right into warm weather fashions, the weather outside is telling you a different story. Here are the best tips to looking great, while still being prepared for the often unexpected weather that comes with spring.

US By Understated Leather For UO Slogan DenimTrucker Jacket, $239,

US By Understated Leather For UO Slogan DenimTrucker Jacket, $239,

Denim on Denim
It’s no secret that denim can be implemented in a variety of ways. From a heavyweight denim shirt layered with a sweater to the iconic denim jacket, layering denim will provide you with warmth while still exuding the ease of spring fashions. Throw it over a maxi dress, a pair of white jeans, and even mix it up by adding it with different shades of denim. The results will seem effortless. Oftentimes we think that denim is reserved for casual outings with friends, but if layered right, it can be a look for all occasions.
Faux Leather Jacket in Bright Yellow, $69.90,

Faux Leather Jacket in Bright Yellow, $69.90,

The Leather Jacket
Whether real, vegan, or faux, the leather jacket aesthetic is one to imitate as it gives a flair and edge to any and all of your spring ensembles. While most jackets within this family are more lightweight and geared towards a specific weather type, they serve as an ideal layering item in your wardrobe. They can be worn within a large temperature range, with a bulky sweater and circle scarf in the brink of winter or over a maxi dress or tee in the midst of spring. This transformative piece will do your closet wonders, and also adds an edge to each outfit you create.


Sweaters and Kimonos
Long sweaters and kimonos are the best way to fight off the early morning spring chill while also looking chic. This look is especially trendy when you layer a long kimono-like sweater belted over a dress or a skirt. It breaks up the monotony of being covered up and keeping warm, and could be played up with pops of color and texture. It is the perfect versatile piece to use as a transition item from season to season.


Colorful Scarves (or Turtlenecks)
Who said scarves were only for the winter? In the spring, tie a silk one loosely around your neck so it drapes in the front. Want to leave the house without a coat or jacket? A wide, decorative scarf can even double as an extra layer. This item not only elevates your outfit, but adds that extra flair to an otherwise simple look.
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The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know


Eco-friendly fashion has quickly demanded that brands and shops step up to meet their demands. Though as the millennial generation, we definitely love getting the biggest bang for our buck, in this day and age we are more aware and progressive than ever of the lasing effects of our decisions, as well as the purchasing power that we possess. It is sometimes overwhelming to have all of the pressure on your back to be conscious and knowledgeable of the various shops and brands you patron on a daily basis. To ease that pressure, we are here to give you a short and sweet rundown of the go-to accessible eco-friendly brands.

H&M Conscious Collection

Our very own H&M — a brand that we have come to love for its variety of styles and price points — has expanded in the past few years to offer conscious pieces. The H&M Conscious Collection strive to bring the eco-friendly pieces to the masses, by seamlessly incorporating the pieces into the everyday H&M fashions. H&M is a brand that has so much visibility and gives every type of shopper the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is in terms of sustainability. And just as its motto states, “looking good should do good too,” the signature style and diversity of the brand is not lost in the conscious collection; there is something here for everyone.




A brand built by two sisters with the aim to style the globe ethically and without sacrificing fashion, all Orgotton pieces are homemade in Philadelphia, PA. You can be sure that local means local. Their collection consists of pieces that are made of sustainable fabrics with variety and flair. Filled with statement items that, while an investment, lend themselves to be worn in a variety of ways from the office to a night out. Each piece goes a long way.




Pieces hand-crafted from the people of Ghana, West Africa, Della prides itself that all of the fabrics and textiles used in the production of the line come right from the Volta region in Africa. Della stands for “responsibility not charity” — all of the proceeds of the sale go right back into the communities of these women, towards employment opportunity and fair wages. And it does not end there; Della offers financial and entrepreneurship classes for the women so they are able to continue to invest and build their own business endeavours. An example of this is weekly literacy and money management classes. Along with making real and deep impact into the community, Della offers everything from tanks and skirts to ipad and computer cases. And we cannot forget the chic and colorful designs!



ASOS Green Room

ASOS — a brand that we rely on for fabulous shoe designs at stellar prices, and everything from statement coats to a flattering blouse — has also joined the eco-friendly team. ASOS Green Room is an edit of ASOS that consists of hand-picked vintage pieces, along with accessories and beauty products. And the best thing is, when making purchases from this eco-friendly spin-off, you can ensure you are getting treasures from all across the globe. These fun spring floral jumpsuits, skirts and kimonos are just a preview of the offerings from ASOS Green Room.




We cannot forget about loungewear and athletic gear, because our investment in sustainability does not stop at being comfortable and fit. LoomState was founded in 2004 as a pioneer in the casual fashion sphere producing active wear from 100 percent certified farm grown cotton. They stand out as a brand with a commitment of full sustainability focusing on uplifting at-risk and marginalized peoples to farm the land, making this company dedicated to the full life of sustainability. The clothing speaks for itself: well-made, great quality, filled with stylish pieces. It just does not get better than that.



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The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know: Featured image courtesy of H&M

4 Boots You Need To Own This Winter


Every winter when the weather starts to change, I find myself looking around my closet muttering, “Where are my winter shoes?” In all honesty, it’s not like the shoe options change that drastically from season to season, aside from heel thickness or adding a fringe to an ankle boot. But it still seems like there are unlimited boot options, and not exactly an unlimited budget to purchase them. So to manage the chaos and narrow down your decisions, here are 4 boots you need to own this winter.
The Ankle Boot
Ankle boots are a girl’s best friend, and can be worn with everything. They can be thrown on with skinny jeans, a simple flowy dress, or with a long sweater and tights. Before purchasing, it’s always best to assess your closet as well to figure out which colors and hues you are drawn to. While most people lean towards the safe black boot, nude is also a great color that can be worn with everything from black, brown, white, and everything in between. Another important factor in ankle boot selection is the heel height. A slight heel is great for dressing up your outfit without being too uncomfortable to run around in all day. Another great addition is a fringe or silver detail like these boots at Zara.

Elke Turner




The Over-the-Knee Boot
What I love about the over-the-knee boots is how they extend the wardrobe. My favorite thing to pair them with is a mid-thigh skirt or dress with semi-sheer tights. This way, the mini skirt you love to rock in the spring and summer can be rocked all year long. You can wear a shorter and flirtier hem, while still being “professional,” as there is only a slight part of your leg visible. Thus we can be warm and fashionable at the same time, as this is always the goal. Another way to wear this boot style is over tight skinny jeans; throw on a fancy blouse or go casual with an over-sized sweater.

©Adrian Cahue


©Josefin Ekström

The Heeled Boot
This style is ideal for a night on the town, but can also be incorporated into your professional wardrobe as well. A silhouette that is becoming more and more popular is the mid-calf heeled boot. While most flattering on a longer figure, worn with a shorter skirt, shorter people can try this, too. This is another boot type that you can wear with a pencil skirt and even jeans, too. Throw on a pair of black skinny jeans, a heeled ankle boot, and a long colorful coat, and you have your casual night on the town outfit during the colder months.


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The Functional Boot
This boot is often missed, but you cannot solely focus on fashion, while avoiding the function of boots in the winter time. Combat or lace-up boots are great to pair with a boot-cut or skinny jeans, and they are great to wear in the less than ideal weather conditions; then, you can dress them up by adding a fun top. Another option is a shorter, ankle-cut rain boot. Don’t forget that while the shoes are important, you don’t need to own dozens if your budget doesn’t allow. There are always ways to mix them up, so a few boot styles will go a long way!



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3 Ways to Creatively Incorporate Color Into Your Winter Wardrobe


Bleak. Dreary. Frigid. All words that we can associate with the winter-time blues. Getting your wardrobe ready for winter is always a grueling task. Ideally it is an excuse to hit the shops and buy the latest trench in a shade of brown or the go-to black, perhaps a chunky sweater or two, and at least three pairs of boots. But where do you go from there? It is hard to feel excited to get dressed when you face the monotony in your closet every morning. As a fashion stylist living in NYC, one of the most exciting things that I can tell my clients on dressing for winter is that color is indeed your friend. While black can still be your go-to, a pop of color will break up the regularly scheduled programming of your usual monochrome pieces. To avoid feeling overwhelmed about all of the color possibilities, I give you three specific areas to add the spice: outerwear, accessories, and shoes. Pay attention to one or all of these, and you will be oozing cheer and happiness from head to toe!
The Colorful Coat
Visions of winter are filled with images of black and grey. It’s no wonder that we are sad and depressed all season long. Walking down the NYC streets, all that can be seen for blocks at a time is a sea of black. We often leave the bright trenches and jackets for the spring and summer seasons, but one thing I say to all of the people I have the pleasure to work with is to throw all the old rules out the window. Why can’t you wear a bright yellow wool coat in December? Trust me, it will do your wardrobe justice, and you will be the object of envy throughout the sea of black.


©Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaar

The Patterned Scarf
I used to think, “Who can afford to add color?” If you have to wear the same scarf and pair of gloves every day, why would you choose green, when black goes with everything? But remember, if you take away anything from this rundown, leave the rules at the door. Bright blue and green both go with brown, black, and navy, so why can’t color be the new staple? If bright colors give you anxiety, take some baby steps with muted blues, greens, and reds. Play around with adding multiple colors to one look, and grab some inspiration from our fashionable creatives here at Cliché – or Blake Lively, who is the perfect example of breaking up black with a few doses of color.


Must-Have Booties
Like our girl T. Swift, we got to shake off the haters and rock maroon booties all year long. Deep hues for boots and flats is a seamless way to incorporate color into your outfit – it also adds a nice flair to a solid pant in the winter. My go-to colors are deep reds, greens, and even deeper blue tones as a nice reprieve from black. These colors can be incorporated into a professional setting, too… just throw on slacks, a blouse, and blazer, then voila – you are chic and colorful all in one.


So don’t let the blustery weather affect your creativity and innovation with your personal style this winter season. Take it from us, a little color goes a long way.
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3 Ways to Creatively Incorporate Color Into Your Wardrobe: Featured image ©StyleHaus