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Artist to Watch: Jesper Jenset


Norwegian Pop singer Jesper Jenset, a rare talent who grabs your attention after one listen, is more than ready to achieve international stardom. Impressively accomplished at the age of 19, Jenset’s musical talent was sealed after his performance on Norway’s Idol and is now busy making more music after releasing his successful, chart-topping singles “High” and “Lies.” “High” has reached over ten million streams on Spotify and has dominated the radio in Norway. Jesper Jenset is a rising star whose soulful music is just what we needed. Here, Jenset talks about the choreography behind the music video for his single “High,” his music influences, and future projects.


Cliché: When did you start getting into music and when did you decide to pursue it seriously?
Jesper Jenset: I started playing the guitar when I was 6 years old. I have always enjoyed singing and performing. After my appearance on Norway’s Idol in 2014, I got a record deal, and that was when I realized I could make a living out of it.

After one listen to your single “Lies,” I was hooked! How would you describe your sound to those who have not yet listened to your music?
It’s a mix of different genres. I grew up with R&B music, and I really like to mix that with electronic music. I don’t want to get stuck under one genre or style of music, so I really try a lot of different things with my music to keep it fresh.

I love how artistic and graceful the music video is for your single “High.” Can you tell us the creative process behind it?
First, we recorded a totally different video in a studio in Norway. The video turned out great, but didn’t compliment the song how we wanted. The current video was shot in Finland with a new director who wanted to capture a more artistic expression. I think the dancers did a great job, and I’m very happy with the result. But my favorite video I’ve ever done is for my latest single “Lies.” It’s filled with lasers, flames, and dancing. You should really check it out!

I don’t want to get stuck under one genre or style of music.

I understand you also represented Norway on the national gymnastics team. Did your experience influence your music? Will more of your videos incorporate dance?
Absolutely! I don’t know about dancing, but I got used to working and performing under great pressure.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
I think it would be cool to collaborate with MØ. I love the energy in her voice, and it’s not too similar to my own voice.

What have you learned about the music industry after your experience on Norway’s Idol?
First and foremost, I got to experience how it is to stand on a stage in front of a big crowd. I also learned a lot from the staff, everything from warming up your voice before singing and how to keep your energy high after weeks of preparation.

As a Norwegian artist, how do you think your music will be received in the United States?
I hope they will like it and that I will bring something new and fresh to the industry. I don’t think my nationality has any influence when it comes to the music, but it would be cool to spread my work around the world. It would be cool if people from different backgrounds and cultures can be inspired of it.

What do you believe sets you apart from other up-and-coming new artists?
To be honest, I really don’t know. I just love making music. It’s my way of expressing frustration and feelings that I don’t usually speak loud about.

Do you have any new projects on the horizon?
Yes! I’m going to release an EP in the beginning of 2017. I can’t wait to show people what I’ve been working on.

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Artist to Watch: Jesper Jenset: Photographed by Stian Andersen 

Blonde Roses Talk New EP Plans and Single “Bullet”


A group who is unafraid to blend various sounds, New Orleans-based band Blonde Roses will soon become your new favorite artist after one listen to their new single “Bullet.”  A tight-knit group, Blonde Roses is a band that intertwines alternative, Southern blues, and rock. With Molly Portier’s amazing vocals, Harry Rosenberg on the guitar, Anthony Mikhael on the drums, and Albert Moliere on the bass, they can do no wrong. Their single “Bullet” promises refreshing revival paired with a hauntingly arresting music video with a vengeful twist. Along with their mixtape The Wooden Wings, the passionate group shows great promise as they embed personal strife with thrumming emotions in their music. Here, the group chats about their recent single “Bullet,” their creative process, and what we can expect in the near future.

Cliché: I love the name Blonde Roses; I feel like it fits perfectly. How did you come up with it?
Blonde Roses: Thank you! We really took our time coming up with our name because we wanted it to be just right. We wanted it to be totally “us.” The name Rose is not only my middle name, but also a name that a lot of our family members carry in some way. It’s really special for us to be able to honor them—our biggest fans. And, well, I’m blonde.
When and where did you guys meet? And when did you decide to do music together?
Before we were Blonde Roses, we went by the name The Wooden Wings. I started off this project when I was 15 years old playing acoustic coffee shop gigs. It got to a point where if we wanted to grow and progress in this project, we needed a band that could take us from coffee shops to bigger venues and bars. We were all really close friends prior to doing music together, so it felt really natural to work together creatively. We’re all on the same wavelength. Being able to continue writing and performing as not only bandmates, but best friends, is such a blessing.
Tell us something about yourself that you would want your fans to know.
That’s a really tough one because I feel like we’re pretty open with our fans. If anything, we’re quirky and awkward and we embrace it. Never compromise or change who you are because of what people may think of you. Stay true to you.
Do you think having been born in Louisiana has influenced and changed how you make music?
The music culture is so rich down here, it’s hard to not influenced by it. We are now more than ever really embracing our southern Louisiana roots. We’re really proud to showcase where we come from and who we are in our music. Our newer material is a lot more gritty and raw, and I can definitely say that stems from our influences right here at home.
I like how you guys blend different genres together. Will you continue with this trend or branch out and try another method?
I think it’s really important for artists to continue to push themselves out of their comfort zone creatively, and that’s why we love mixing and blending the different genres we listen to on a daily basis. The music we listen to falls all over the spectrum, so it really pushes us to take the things we love about each and make it our own.

Never compromise or change who you are because of what people may think of you. Stay true to you.

I heard you are heavily impacted by ‘60’s and ‘70’s music. How has that shaped your sound? Also, has the fashion of those times influenced your wardrobe choices?
We all grew up listening to music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. It was such an unapologetic, honest era of music. Music is at its best when it’s unfiltered and raw, and that is something we strive to do. I think it definitely has influenced my wardrobe choices to an extent, but I love mixing and matching styles from different eras.
For those who have not seen it yet, can you tell us the message behind your visually compelling music video for your single “Bullet”?
Our director, John Paul Summers, really wanted to do something different and daring with this project. We both agreed that it should play out like a mini-film rather than a typical music video, so we wanted to dive a bit deeper into the lyrics and really find a cool storyline to accompany them. “Bullet” was inspired by the cherry tree, which symbolizes the fragility of life. My character is stuck in this endless loop of destruction, but sometimes you end up really lost before being able to find yourself again. It was really important for us to make this character a really strong, independent female anti-hero, even if she is a terribly broken. She, in a sense, is acting as a “protector” for women who have been wronged by men.
The video for “Bullet” is so intense and femme fatale! Did you have fun making the video?
It was definitely a learning experience for me, that’s for sure! I had never dabbled in acting before, so playing such an intense character for my first time in front of a camera like that was super scary but also super awesome. Our director and his crew were incredible to work with.
What music are you guys listening to now? Do you guys have similar music tastes?
Our music tastes definitely vary, but we have some core influences we all love and admire. To name just a few: Muddy Magnolias, Grace Potter, LP, and Gary Clark, Jr.
You recently were touring all around Louisiana. How was the experience?
Having the opportunity to travel with your best friends and do the thing that you love…there really is nothing like it. Because of how close we all are, almost like family, we’re really comfortable with each other on stage and can easily play off of one another’s vibes. Playing live is truly one of the most exhilarating feelings.
What is next for you guys?
We are currently hard at work finishing up our debut EP set to be released early 2017, so stay in touch with us! We can’t wait to share it with you guys!
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Photographed by Julie Gautreaux

Album Review: ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd


Abel Tesfaye, better known as his stage name The Weeknd, has come along way from being the underground, Toronto crooner with his chart-topping album Starboy. The Weeknd has slowly climbed to stardom and proves that he is prepared to remain at the top of the charts. It’s been years since The Weeknd charmed us with his underground, tortured music that had us helplessly fall in love with his soft, tender voice as he sang about love, drugs, and his own securities. With each album and feature, The Weeknd displays improvement and maturity as he takes chances and switches up his sound. Not deterred from the transition, The Weeknd’s loyal fan base embraces a new side to him.

Fueled with more catchy beats, Starboy is The Weeknd making a name for himself as he sets himself apart from other competition. In an interview with Daily Mail, the singer mentions his insecurities and how he would get on stage drunk. Referring to his insecurity that he does not look like other R&B artists, the Weeknd proves he does not need any other factors to add to his appeal–which makes him unique. He is himself; when he performs, he does not need backup dancers or cool dance moves to keep up enthralled, which is another reason why he remains nervous about performing. But the draw to The Weeknd’s music is more than just his amazing vocals; it’s the elusiveness and the air of quiet mystery he keeps around him like a cloak. Even as he rises to fame, The Weeknd is still unknown, which I believe adds to his appeal. Even though I still miss the mumbled French he spoke in his mixtapes, it is almost impossible for him to disappoint.

Jumping on the extended music-video train, along with a video for “Starboy” and “False Alarm,” “M A N I A” is a 12-minute video that features some songs on the album. Heavy with symbolism and swimming with beautiful women, “M A N I A” has a lingering dark and serious tone despite The Weeknd’s soft, sensual voice in the background. Sharing the same name as the album, “Starboy” is the first track that was released prior the album release date, which allowed us a taste of how the rest of the album would transpire. A music video accompanies this track, which seems to be an interlude for “M A N I A.” The word “starboy” is actually a Jamaican slang for a person who is seen as cool or important to their peers, which seems to be The Weeknd solidifying his place on the top. The track oozes with pain and emptiness despite bragging about the riches and women he has acquired since the fame. The catchy beat almost disguises the heartfelt and lonely lyrics as The Weeknd discusses feeling adrift because he is always working and touring. Despite bemoaning his grievances, The Weeknd is quietly determined to be a successful artist.
One of the two singles released a week prior to Starboy, “Party Monster” is an upbeat track where The Weeknd assures that he is doing fine. The Weeknd also reveals an urge to find a girl who can understand him, which can mean emotionally or a girl who can understand and accept his darker nature and share his same desire for partying. Lana Del Rey appears in the background, hauntingly whispering “Paranoid.” The songstress also later makes memorable appearance on an another track “Stargirl Interlude,” where her talents adds a poignant element to the track. Not a personal favorite, “False Alarm” is also accompanied by a music video. The Weeknd talks about a mystery girl who is swept up in her lavish lifestyle. Questioning her love, The Weeknd labels her a “false alarm,” The Weeknd pities her because she is trapped in her own her obsession with materialistic things. A track to remind his haters that he is here to stay on top of the charts, “Reminder,” The Weeknd shuts down any rising doubts.
Taking a break from his heartbreaking ballads from his earlier work, The Weeknd has pumped the tempo with the track “Rockin.” A sweet and romantic song, I can imagine this slowly becoming a wedding song. In this track, The Weeknd wants to forget about commitments and urges to find a woman who enjoys fun and frivolous sex. The Weeknd’s voice is almost unrecognizable on the next song, “Secrets,” where his voice is lower than we are used to. Claiming to be in love with this girl, The Weeknd believes that their love is not mutual and suspects her love is fake. The Weeknd eventually switches to his more hyper-pitched singing as he says he knows her “secrets,” which means she apparently talks in her sleep.
An amazing song, “True Colors” makes you want to embrace all your imperfections. The beat for the track is amazing, the hook is beautiful and revealing as The Weeknd seems eager to get to know more about this mystery woman. Unlike his previous music from his other albums, there is a trace of The Weeknd’s yearning for monogamy when he sings. In the track “Sidewalks,” both The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar highlight their transition from their humble beginnings to their fame. Both artists painfully reminisce the journey to their current popularity and how pursuing music saved them. Featuring an emotionally distant girl who is hungry for money, in “Six Feet Under” The Weeknd judges the woman’s shallow aspirations for fame and security. Future joins The Weeknd in the chorus, similar to their track together, “Low Life,” the song featured on the rapper’s album Evol.  Future also appears on the track “All I Know,” where The Weeknd once again bemoans how both he and this mysterious woman cannot come together because of their differences and their refusal to change.

In the track “Love to Lay,” The Weeknd is hurt by this same mysterious woman, blaming himself for getting wrapped up with her. “A Lonely Night” prolongs The Weeknd’s frustration with the woman, upset that this woman loves him when wants to keep it frivolous and unattached. Mustafa The Poet joins along with the Weeknd as he harmonizes with him on “Attention.” The Weeknd appreciates the woman’s outer and inner beauty as he urges her to teach him how to love her properly, but then The Weeknd claims the unnamed woman is looking for attention, which apparently frustrates him because he is too busy.
The track “Ordinary Life” is ironic because The Weeknd recognizes his hedonistic lifestyle as he parties and does drugs, is in fact, not ordinary.  “Nothing Without You” changes the mood of the next few songs, crooning as he expresses his poignant regret for a girl that he loves, yet he cannot stay with her. “Die For You” follows along with The Weeknd’s more somber mood. Expressing his conflicted emotions, the song is extremely tender and raw. Ending the album with a yearning for mutual love and understanding, “I Feel it Coming” was part of two-single release in November.  This final track reveals that The Weeknd wants this relationship to work, claiming he can urge this woman to learn to love him, too.
Ever since the release of Starboy on Nov. 25th, the feedback from the album has been overwhelmingly positive and the Weeknd has taken to Instagram to voice his appreciation of his fans.  Tour dates have been released, and though it’s a year away–I can’t wait!
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Album Review: ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd: Featured image courtesy of Starboy

A$AP Mob Takes Over with Their Album Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends


Rising to fame after the successful release of their legendary mixtape Lords Never Worry in 2012, the A$AP Mob has continued to represent their roots in their chart-topping album Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends. In honor of the late co-founder of the A$AP Mob, A$AP Yams, the Harlem rappers come together to revere their friend and essential part of the group. A collaboration with new and old friends, the A$AP MOB proves once again to be a rap group not to mess with.
Founded in 2006 in Harlem, the A$AP Mob arguably changed how rappers introduce and produce their mixtapes. The production similar to an album rather than a mixtape, Lords Never Worry, sprung the Mob’s VIP rappers A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg into immediate fame. Following the success of the mixtape, A$AP Rocky has made a name for himself in the rap game with the release of his debut album Long. Live. A$AP and A$AP Ferg also releasing Trap Lord, cementing the Mob as a rap group that cannot compare. Despite the fame that has found them, the A$AP Mob was able to come together and produce music that sounds (thankfully) similar to their earlier work. A fun, gritty album with spitfire verses and beats produced by the greatests producers in the industry, Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1:Friends will be your go-to album to listen to this winter.
Starting the album in a more humble background, we find A$AP Rocky chatting with a local bodega owner. This proves how A$AP Rocky has not disregarded his modest roots but has shaped it to his music and persona. The first track on the album, “Yamborghini High,” is in honor of the late A$AP Mob founder, A$AP Yams who tragically passed away January 2015 at the age 26. Hitmaker Juicy J joins the crew, adding his talents to the track and perfectly including his skills with A$AP Rocky’s smooth bars. Keeping A$AP Yams dream alive with the album, the group talks about reaching “Yamborghini High.”

“Crazy Brazy” is a more fast-paced song with A$AP Twelvyy and Key! joining with A$AP Rocky. The single was released on the MTV LABS launch on Sept. 30, 2016. A$AP Rocky was quoted discussing the upcoming album, stating,“This is the Yams album we’ve been working on. We finally finished it. The Cozy Tapes album is called Friends Minus. It just features all of our friends and hip-hop associates and what-not, and people that Yams would have wanted. It’s an introduction to the new cozy wave. It’s really rap-punk meets alternative-underground.”
The third track on the album, “Way Hii,” features Wiz Khalifa, who partners up with A$AP Rocky and the crooner BJ The Chicago Kid adds his amazing vocals to the track to give it a dreamlike quality. A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa collaborate together as an unbeatable duo as they rap about drugs and getting high.
“Young N***a Living” is produced by Canadian producer DJ Smokey, whose beats are tough and addicting. A$AP Twelvy features on the track, spitting dope and catchy verses. A$AP Ferg mourns his recently deceased grandmother and his memorable verses including him expressing his frustration with police brutality, the oppression of African Americans, and how the harshness of the world drives him to drink. “Nasty’s World” features A$AP Nast taking the mic and freestyling with his smooth rapping skills along with hard beats. All about the money, the A$AP Mob dedicates the track “Money Man” to money and the luxuries it can and has provided for them. A$AP Rocky talks about getting money and being loyal to his squad despite it. Proving once again why he is the most successful rapper in the group, A$AP Rocky’s charisma and witty lyrics truly standout.
My personal favorite track, “Put That On My Set,” is featured in a 12-minute video along with “Money Man.” Produced by Lil Awree, A$AP Rocky presents a tough, gritty presence as he express his appreciation of women and money and a trace of violence of people owing him debts. Noting how the group has not only been popular in the United States but also internationally, the rap group expresses their happiness about their reaching music teaching overseas in “London Town.” The group also mentions how because they have been so successful, they have been able to purchase foreign luxuries like cars and designer clothes.

A banger with the high-in-demand rapper Lil Uzi, “Runner” is all about bragging about the cash flow and proves how far and wide the influence of A$AP Mob has spread. Able to connect with newer and older rappers from all across the United States and bring them together for their album is impressive. Relating this track to the luxuries achievable with their money, “Bachelor” features the up-and-coming rapper Lil Yachty and perfectly blends the various rappers and artists vibes and sounds well.
The last track on the album, “Telephone Calls,” the  eccentrically dark rapper Tyler, the Creator joins the Mob. Successful since releasing his debut album “Goblin,” Tyler, the Creator has continued to remain relevant in not only music but fashion. Launching his own fashion brand called Golf Wang, the West Coast rapper joins along with A$AP Rocky, which hopefully means that there will be more future collaborations.
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Listen to A$AP Mob Takes Over with Their Album Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends: Featured image courtesy of Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends

Bitter’s Kiss Talks Her New EP and Future Projects


Chloe Baker, also known by her compelling stage name Bitter’s Kiss, is a force to be reckoned with at the critical age of 15. Her music, which is described as earthy, transcendental, and nostalgic, physically manifests her teenage angst and melancholy. At such a young age, Baker has been busy traveling throughout Europe, releasing her own music, and adding her voice to 2016’s Life in Color Music Festival. Along with her thought-provoking sound, Baker easily acquires fans with her captivating music videos. Outwardly displaying her creativity through her artistic music videos, especially for her hit “The Rope,” Baker has gained popularity after the release of her self-titled album Bitter’s Kiss. Here, Baker discusses her concerns about younger artists in the music industry, her EP Love Won’t Make You Cry, future projects, and behind-the-scenes information on her music videos. 

Cliché: I love your stage name Bitter’s Kiss; it immediately sets the tone for your music and draws in listeners. How did you come up with it?
Chloe Baker: My first album was full of songs that explored taking the good things out of the bad things in life and finding the silver lining. I thought a good name to describe that silver lining was Bitter’s Kiss.
I believe that your music is relatable to all ages with the internal struggles you face and the heartbreaks. Do you believe that younger artists have more of an appeal over their audiences?
I like to make music that has a universal message. I want everyone to listen to my music and be able to take a look and evaluate themselves and the world around them. I think being young can be a trigger for some people to recall how they felt about the world at my age.
Have you received any criticism for being a young artist?
Not really, although some people have been surprised at the content of my songs. I have tried to surround myself with the most supportive people possible. I go to a high school that has an arts program so everyone is very understanding. I also have parents who support my career. which has been helpful.  
Your music has been described as moody, melancholy, and nostalgic. Have you integrated your own life experiences into your music?
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been an observer. When life gets hard, I like to sit back and observe it rather than exist in the situation. I think my songs explore a lot of things I learned from observing the world around me.
Tell me about your EP Love Won’t Make You Cry. Were there elements you added that were not present in your album Bitter’s Kiss?
This EP took three songs on my first album and added some more current production. I also added two new songs: “My God,” which is about the irony of conflict over religious beliefs, and “Friday Nights,” which is about sacrificing yourself for someone you love. There is a video out for “Friday Nights” and there will be a video out for “My God” soon.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been an observer. When life gets hard, I like to sit back and observe it rather than exist in the situation.

As a visual artist, have you noticed a trend with the popularity of your music in accordance to your music videos?
I think videos are something people share with each other over the Internet more than just songs. My videos have created conversation and networking between fans, which has been great. I love videos because they bring the songs to life and make the concepts more concrete and relatable to people.
You have shot various music videos around the world. What has been your favorite country so far and where do you hope to perform next?
I went to Sweden for two weeks to do recording sessions and that was my favorite place so far. I would love to perform at a big venue in NYC because I’ve grown up close to the city my whole life. I’d love to give something back to a city that has been such a big influence on me and my music.
Have you found it difficult juggling school and dedicating time to your music?
Of course it is difficult sometimes, but whenever it has been hard, I tend to write about it and it makes me feel better. So in the end, I think it has only helped my music grow stronger.
Growing up, who were your favorite artists?
I listened to a variety of music from Carole King to Tupac, and a lot of rock and a lot of soul. I don’t think I had favorite artist. I do love the Beatles, but I think I just love honest, soulful music in general.
Have you set any goals for 2017 yet? Can we expect new music, videos, tours?
I am working on an EP right now which will be released in the new year. I’m building myself a team and training to get myself to the next level. Of course, I also want a good SAT score, but everything comes second to music.
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Bitter’s Kiss Talks Her New EP and Future Projects: Photographed by Dustin Rabin

Music, Touring, and More with Pop Band Nikki’s Wives


A dynamic trio, Nikki’s Wives is an alternative pop band from Toronto who is ready to set their talents mainstream. Coming together to create engaging, stimulating music, Nikki’s Wives has learned to use their shared interest of music to become a like-minded, unbeatable trio. With Nikki Whitehead as lead singer, Dylan Lauzon on the guitar, and Nate Baylor on the drums, the group reveals a well-orchestrated chemistry performance on stage. Nikki’s Wives has been busy recently with the release of their EP For E-V-E-R, features on Fox News and NBC, an invitation to Victoria’s Secret parties, and starring on and Idobi Radio. Creating music that speaks to our innermost feelings, insecurities, and daily struggles, Nikki’s Wives will become your new favorite group to follow on their path to stardom. Here, they delve deeper into the emotions behind the haunting melody “Ghost,” chat about the complexity of relationships and confidence in “Lonely Being Cool,” and talk going on tour with CeeLo Green.

Cliché: What inspired you three to get together? What is the creative process like with three different voices?
Nikki’s Wives: Nikki was doing this solo project and needed someone to play drums for one show. So, Dylan, who was working with Nikki at the time, called up Nate and asked if he could fill in. The show went super well and the three of us felt this insane chemistry playing together on stage. When the show ended, we all kind of concluded that this needed to be a band. The three of us have a great workflow while writing. It’s such an open and collaborative environment that everyone’s ideas always get heard.
Since you guys have such great chemistry on stage, what advice do you have for aspiring music groups?
I guess the only advice I can offer is to just play as many shows as you can. You can practice cool moves in the rehearsal space all you want, but the real magic comes from playing on stage in front of people. Going out on tour this summer really helped us find who we are on stage.
Tell us about your EP For E-V-E-R and the process behind it.
The story behind For E-V-E-R is actually kind of a crazy one. We booked the studio time before we had written any songs. So, we literally locked ourselves away for two weeks in Dylan’s basement to hammer out those six songs. I might also add that Dylan’s basement was unheated, and it was the coldest winter Canada had in like 10 years. Needless to say, For E-V-E-R definitely united us as a band.
You recently toured with CeeLo Green. What was the experience like going on the road with a famous artist? Any funny stories while on tour?
CeeLo was the most amazing person to go on tour with. His whole crew treated us like family and always made sure that we were well taken care of on the road. It was super cool to see this person you’ve grown up watching just being a normal person right in front of you. There were lots of nights where we all had a little too much tequila on that tour. [Laughs]
Tell us about your track “Ghost.” After one listen, I was hooked! It is haunting, melodious, and entrancing.
“Ghost” was the last song we wrote for For E-V-E-R, so it really encapsulates how we all felt about the writing process coming to an end. The two weeks spent in Dylan’s basement were just this whirlwind of creativity, and when that finally ended, we all felt this sadness about it. “Ghost” was kind of our goodbye song to the end of an amazing experience.
I have noticed that you three often coordinate with colors. Do you think the influence of fashion can help artists?
I think that fashion and music are very much intertwined. Fashion helps to visually separate groups from one another, and helps give them a unique identity. For example: Lady Gaga with her outrageous outfits or Billy Holly and his signature black frames. We like to keep to the guys wearing all white and Nikki wearing black. It’s a little play on the name “Nikki’s Wives.”

I think that fashion and music are very much intertwined. Fashion helps to visually separate groups from one another, and helps give them a unique identity.

What music are you currently listening to? Any favorite artists/bands?
We’ve been all over the place lately. Honestly, in the van we listened to so many classic rock stations that I now feel like I was alive in the ‘70s. But we’re all listening to lots of Tory Lanez, ScHoolboy Q, and 2 Chainz right now.
Tell us about the message behind your song “Lonely Being Cool.” The visuals for the music video are amazing and are parallel to the confident, determined vibe of the song.
Basically, we just wanted to write a song that described the feeling of being at a party and feeling like you don’t fit in. I think everyone’s had that experience where you know you’re liked and have friends, but you feel like everyone hates you or has forgotten about you. But it’s also about being confident and being you no matter what.
As a Canadian group, do you believe that you bring a different sound than other American groups?
We just do what we like and make music that the three of us want to listen to. We don’t really spend a lot of time listening to Canadian vs. American music, and how different they are from one another. I think you just gotta do you and make the music you want to hear.
What is the best advice you’ve received thus far in the music industry?
The best advice I’ve ever received was to “never stop getting better, because as soon as you start thinking you’re hot shit, you become shit.”
Can we expect any more music in the near future?
Yeah! We already have another full EP waiting in the wings. If you catch us live, you can hear some sneak peaks from that EP.
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Music, Touring, and More with Pop Band Nikki’s Wives: Photographed by Rachelle Curtis

Listen to Danny Brown Fight His Demons in ‘Atrocity Exhibition’


Get ready to navigate through the downward spiral of Danny Brown’s psyche with his fourth studio album Atrocity Exhibition. With the help of the incredible producer The Alchemist, the album is haunting with its sheer honesty and is undeniably real as Danny Brown reveals the skeletons of his past. Unafraid to hold back, Danny Brown delivers his usual manic verses, ranging from low and serious to high-pitched and jittery, Brown gets real as talks about how drugs has affected his social life, his health, and relationships. A sort of therapy for the Detroit rapper, we are audience to Danny Brown’s therapeutic need to execute the demons from his past.

Atrocity Exhibition is a 15-track album that highlights how Danny Brown slowly unravels and spirals himself to Hell. The first track “Downward Spiral” is the overall theme of this album. Literally experiencing these depression, crushing emotions, Danny Brown seems incoherent and confused as he tries to navigate through his enhanced emotions. Because of this, we must weave through the lines of his neurotic paranoia and erratic words to understand the meaning. Complex with intricate emotions about depression and suicidal thoughts, Brown feels trapped by his addiction as it eats away at him. The track ends in an intense chorus: “Cause it is a downward spiral/ I gotta figure it out (out)/ I gotta figure it out (out)’ I gotta figure it out” and ends with his voice fading ominously in the background. The following track, “Tell Me What I Don’t Know,” gets more slow and serious as Danny Brown gets real about his background, his trouble with drugs, and growing up in a tough neighborhood. In various interviews, Danny Brown has talked about his hard past, his drug addiction, being a drug dealer, and his trouble with the law. Similar to a withdrawal, there seems to be a lack of emotion, which juxtaposes the previous track which was high with feelings and energy.

Expect for the mournful crooning of the South African singer Petite Noir, “Rolling Stone” is just as bleak as the other tracks. The beat is ominous and somber as Danny Brown talks about his loneliness. This two lines,“Bought a nightmare, sold a dream/Happiness went upstream” will strike you through the heart. A break away from the grave, introspective stream of consciousness, “Really Doe” is a personal favorite with an amazing triple threat features. The beat is tough as the Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) superstars Kendrick Lamar and Ab Soul and the elusive Earl Sweatshirt join in the dark melody. A whimsical chorus of bells flow along with raw, undignified talent. A nice surprise, it is only fitting that Earl Sweatshirt joins in, especially after his dark, hopeless album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt. No longer the kid who was sent to Samoa during the rise of Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt sounds more adult-like and mature on this track. “Pneumonia” is another favorite; catchy with ScHoolboy Q’s ad libs in the background, this is the type of song you can bump to in the car with your friends.
The majority of the tracks continue with the bleak theme of the album and the last track, “Hell for it” is a tell-tale sign that Danny Brown has reached Hell. No, this is not the most fun-loving project. Atrocity Exhibition is the type of album that reminds you are not alone in your struggles. Unafraid to reveal the troubles of his past, Danny Brown once again bravely strips himself bare to his fans in Atrocity Exhibition.
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Listen to Danny Brown Fight His Demons in ‘Atrocity Exhibition’: Featured image courtesy of Atrocity Exhibition

Vegas, Music, and Fashion with Manika


Growing up in the flashy splendor of Las Vegas and influenced by the city’s fun, party vibe, Manika is ready to take the music world by storm. Manika is not your average pop princess; she is a free spirit and an artist to be reckoned with as she blends various elements and genres into her music. Commanding the stage with an arresting, fiery presence, Manika is crazy talented and the last protégé of the acclaimed Frank DiLeo and Michael Jackson. Between a dazzlingly appearance at the 2016 Grammy Awards, hosting Global Beauty Masters on TLC, giving love advice on Manika’s Love Line at Dash Radio, and launching a new column in Hype Magazine also called Manika’s Love Line, you surely have been missing out on all of the fun if you haven’t heard of Manika. Here, we chat with Manika about her chart-topping singles and her future plans.

Cliché: Tell us a little about yourself. What sets you apart from other rising artists?
Manika: I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I feel like not many artists are from here. I am a free spirit; I do not like to stick to just pop. I do not limit myself in my music genres because I feel like it limits my creativity. Sometimes I will do pop-rap, pop-dance, and pop-ballad; I like to mix things up. That also goes along with my tastes in music. I like all types: from pop, Top 40, rap, and dance to even Broadway and classical.
You have mentioned your mixed heritage. Do you think you are making a pathway for other Asian and Latina artists?
My mixed heritage definitely influences my music. I have Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, European, and Malaysian roots, so I wanted to incorporate their different experiences in my music. I think it will lead the way for other Asian and Latina artists. Megan Lee came into Dash Radio, a Korean artist who is from Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop, and it was cool to see her singing in English and not just K-Pop. I hope in the future we will see more Asian artists singing in English, too, or even mixing it up with multiple languages with English in the same song.
For your single “I Might Go Lesbian,” you add hip-hop, urban elements to your music. If you could work with any rapper, dead or alive, who would it be?
Actually, Tyga is one of my favorite rappers. I was excited to work with him and have been a fan since “Rack City.” I added some rock elements to the song as well since I like to play around with sounds. My other favorites are Eminem and definitely Nicki Minaj.
Tell us about hosting the Global Beauty Masters on TLC. The projects the students worked on looked spectacular.
There was such amazing fashion, but it was not limited to just fashion; there were also hair, nails, makeup, and wardrobe. The students were from all around the world and it was amazing to see how they were so hungry and eager to learn. They learned so fast and were daring and out-of-the-ordinary. It was also great because the students were also receiving mentorships. Most of the students are around the same age of my fans (and some were actually fans), so it was fun interacting with them through my music, too.

I hope in the future we will see more Asian artists singing in English, too, or even mixing it up with multiple languages with English in the same song.

Your sheer, crystal dress at the Grammys was stunning! Who is your fashion inspiration or idol?
When it comes to fashion, I am all over the place. I view it as a way to express yourself and wear whatever makes you feel most beautiful. Some days I will feel like wearing a pretty pink dress. Then there are days where I will just be wearing jeans, and then there are days like the Grammys where I want to feel really sexy and wear that sheer, crystal dress. The dress I wore at the Grammys was inspired from Las Vegas, like the showgirls with a futuristic twist. Growing up, I loved Madonna and Lady Gaga’s bold, daring fashion; they were doing things no one else was doing at their times.
The music video for “How Can I Love” is so powerful and heartbreaking. For those who have not seen it, what is the message behind it?
My fans love this song because it strikes a chord in their hearts. They are able to relate to it because, like so many people out there, many of them at one time or another have felt depressed, alone, self-conscious, or like no one understands them. Sometimes people try to hide what they are going through and they are hurting inside as they try to discover themselves. So many people can relate to that, even myself. I originally did not think of incorporating personal stories, but then I messaged 1,000 fans at random and asked them to send in videos. The videos were heartbreaking; they just want to not feel like weirdos, but normal. If they only knew that most people on earth are weirdos just like me and them. I think this video helps spread that awareness. You are not alone in your struggles!
You have an impressive biography. You were the protégé of the acclaimed Frank DiLeo and Michael Jackson, in 2012 you toured with One Direction across North America as an opening act, and you have several outstanding performance awards under your belt. So, what is next?
Definitely more music coming soon. I plan to return to Global Beauty Masters next season, so stay tuned on my website and social media @ManikaOfficial, and also on Dash Radio where I will bringing out celebrity guests and giving out love advice. I am on Sunday at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Manika’s Love Line!
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Photographed by Viktorija Pashuta

Get in the Mood With Mac Miller’s ‘The Divine Feminine’


There are no illusions that Mac Miller is all about sex in his fourth studio album, The Divine Feminine. The cover art a whimsical shade of pink, The Divine Feminine is a tribute to women’s sexuality and feminine vibes. Revealing a more tender, vulnerable side of himself, Mac Miller demonstrates how a woman’s more compassionate outlook and the pleasures they can provide has saved him. Expressing his struggles with his battle with addiction and his own insecurities, Mac Miller embraces the gifts of femininity in his latest project. Controversial in its content, The Divine Feminine can be seen as misogynistic in his vulgar and highly sexual lyrics, yet it can also be viewed as a revolutionary project that will shift how rappers view and portray women in their own music. Meticulous with instrumentals and intent on creating a smooth, jazzy flow filled with double entendres and innuendos, The Divine Feminine is the go-to “cuffing season” playlist.

It is impossible not to connect Mac Miller’s more romantic project with songstress Ariana Grande. Making an adorable, dorky duo, Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have been flooding social media with their budding, newfound romance. With the extreme sensuality to his album, it is obvious that the pop singer has had a great influence on The Divine Feminine, which she even makes an appearance on the song “My Favorite Part.”  


Photo by G L Askew II

Romance on Miller’s mind, the instrumentals set the mood, switching up from seductively smooth to upbeat and catchy. The first song “Congratulations” introduces us to the 10-track album, setting a more musical, romantic tone. With a dream-like quality, Mac Miller croons about a woman in his life, a gentle yearning for her love. The piano harmonizing in the background, Mac Miller reveals his strong, resounding emotions for this unnamed girl in his life. Since this summer, we have been jamming to Mac Miller’s “Dang!”, which features the funky singer Anderson. Paak. In “Stay,” Mac Miller yearns for a woman to stay with him a little longer, which then ends in a chorus of exaggerated moans.

Switching from love to lust, Mac Miller slowly seduces us with “Skin,” a raunchy, sexual track which the rapper expresses about the more physical side of femininity. Joining Mac Miller, Ty Dolla $ign adds his amazing vocals in the song “Cinderella.” Once again, Mac Miller is vivid in his imagery as he talks about an unnamed woman with whom he is infatuated.
“My Favorite Part” featuring Ariana Grande is a must-listen. Spotlighting the couple harmonizing together, this track makes them a powerful duo. With Ariana Grande’s throaty, lush vocals, and Mac Miller’s stark honesty, this song will get you in the mood for romance.
With love songs that promise debauchery, I am both surprised and pleased with this album. Hip-Hop is normally associated with violence and drugs, but Mac Miller has brought back vulnerability in the genre.
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Get in the Mood with Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine: Featured image curtsey of The Divine Feminine  

Catey Shaw: Singer and Visual Artist


Catey Shaw experiments with various sounds to increase the powerful message in her music and uses her artistic talents to create visually arresting videos. Here, Catey Shaw explains the journey of her music, the struggles that guided her, and gives us a sneak peak into the production of her music video for “Lovesick Jerk.”

Cliché: When did you get into music and when did you start taking it seriously?
Catey Shaw: I’ve always been into music, but more as a fan when I was younger. It was always around in my family, everyone singing their favorite songs when we got together. My grandpa played the piano while we’d all gather around. He used to only play my requests if I would get up on the bench and sing for everyone (which I hated, but it was worth it to hear The A.B.C.s of You). It was always something I thought of as fun. I took myself seriously as a visual artist. I did the musicals in high school and I had a ukulele pop into my life my senior year and I wrote some songs for fun. I played in the subways for food money in college, still not taking it seriously until Jay Levine discovered me there and took me into the studio.
Your sound has been called “dark-pop.” How would you respond to that claim?
I’m fine with that! I think that pop music is often unfairly accused of being too light, not digging in like more alternative genres. So if “dark” means that it stands out, I am all about it.
When you moved from Virginia Beach to Brooklyn, did you notice a difference in the music scene?
Yes, but I wasn’t really in the music scene in Virginia Beach. I played in a little band with my friends for fun, and our only gig was at the restaurant I waited tables at. I lived in the East Village and Lower East Side before I started playing in the subways, and then to Astoria and Jersey City when I finally started recording. So when I got to Brooklyn, it was my first real introduction to any kind of “music scene.”
In your EP The Ransom, which songs are the most meaningful to you?
Obviously, they are all important to me, or I wouldn’t be putting them out into the world. That being said, The Ransom will always be a bit special to me just because of what it did for my emotional strength. The choice to no longer fall victim to my oppressors (I was one of them) really turned around my whole lease on life and attitude towards my art. I forced myself to really look at why I do what I do, to really question my critics. What makes them better than me? Why should I give a shit? All of the artists I’ve looked up to wouldn’t.

I think that pop music is often unfairly accused of being too light, not digging in like more alternative genres.

I love the artwork for the cover! Is it true that you paint and design the artwork for your EPs?
Yes! Everything I have released so far has featured work of mine as the artwork!
Tell us about the recent release of your music video for your song “Lovesick Jerk” and the message behind it. The visuals for your music video are always so beautiful and raw.
Thank you! The video for “Lovesick Jerk” was the product of a partnership/friendship that has been growing over the last few years. Bryan Russell Smith has directed the majority of my videos, and with each one we have learned more about how we work with each other, and what the two of us can really accomplish. “Lovesick Jerk” had no funding or anything behind it, so it was really up to the two of us to make it happen. I did my hair, makeup, and wardrobe; we did set design together (in a hotel room and in my apartment in L.A.), and shot the whole thing with one camera and one light. As much as the huge productions are amazing, I think the super DIY nature of this really lets Bryan’s talent shine.
I love your style! If you could raid any celebrity’s closet, who would it be?
Probably one of the Kardashians so I could sell that shit and buy a house.
What are your plans for the summer or the rest of the year?
I want to just play shows and finish writing this album! My producer and co-writer, Jay Levine, and I are really just hammering away at new material, trying hard to constantly raise the bar for ourselves. Hopefully, then there will be a tour in my future, but who knows!
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Catey Shaw: Singer and Visual Artist: Photographed by Bryan Russell Smith

Why We Are Loving Frank Ocean’s Album ‘Blonde’


Frank Ocean proves once again that you cannot rush perfection with his visual album Endless and Blonde. The original Odd Future crooner dominated the music world with the critically-acclaimed Channel Orange in 2012 along with his significant mixtape nostalgia/ultra. After bravely revealing that his hit single “Thinkin About You” was about a man, Frank Ocean took a hiatus after touring, going back to school and driving fans crazy. After the four-year lull of teasing singles like “Mezmerize” and “Hero,” heartfelt Tumblr posts, and the reveal of his previous title “Boys Don’t Cry,” fans were truly fearful that he would never deliver. But after four years of utterly maddening silence, Frank Ocean delivered another masterpiece, a true gift to music as each projects reminds us why Ocean’s sometimes nontraditional behavior has successfully reeled us in from the beginning. 

A day after releasing his visual album Endless, Frank Ocean released his second studio album Blonde. Endless was originally 140 hours but was eventually cut down to 40 minutes. Frank is seen “building a stairway to heaven” as the ethereal soundtrack is played. The music is calming as his songs thrum through and watching him work is eerily intimate.


©Boys Don’t Cry and Def Jam

Similar to Ocean’s first album Channel Orange, Blonde features 17 tracks. Each song is uniquely different as it touches on different messages and tests new sounds and productions. Each track is crafted differently, tackling various conflicts and elements. Blonde is an innovative, bold, and imperfect album that showcases Ocean’s nontraditional views of music and emphasizes his levels of maturity. Weaving a story, the artist warns us of the perils of peer pressure, staying to true to oneself, and distancing yourself from materialism. There were a lot of individuals who helped him put Blonde together: Andre 3000 (who raps on “Solo (Reprise)”), Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West–who hilariously wrote a poem about McDonald’s for the ‘zine. Admitting that he was not completely oblivious to his fans suffering, Ocean wrote to his fans on his Tumblr after the release, saying: “I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE MAKING ALL OF THIS. THANK YOU ALL. ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO NEVER LET ME FORGET I HAD TO FINISH. WHICH IS BASICALLY EVERY ONE OF YA’LL. HAHA. LOVE YOU.”
His first track “Nikes” comes along with a true artistic majesty of a music video. Vivid in color, truly enthralling and outlandish, it is what you would expect from Frank Ocean but more. With splashes of gold, girls swimming in water tanks like mermaids, and glitter rain, Ocean entrances us once again with his creativity and sheer brilliance. The video also pays respect to the dead. Pimp C is mentioned, A$AP Rocky appears holding a picture of late A$AP founder A$AP Yams, and Frank laments the death of Trayvon Martin, singing, “RIP Trayvon, that n***a looks just like me.” If you have not posted Ocean’s first line in “Ivy” (“I thought that I was dreaming when you said you loved me”) under any of your Instagram pictures, you are obviously slacking. With a truly sweet, dreamy quality to his sound, Ocean reminds us why we fell in love with him in the first place. He always describes turbulent relationships, a tugging back-and-forth, yet he always adds a romantic element to his music, a yearning for acceptance and love that we can all relate to.
“Pink + White” is another addicting track–a dreamy melody that will leave you in a state of bliss. Ethereally raw emotions about love, Ocean compares it to heavenly feelings. In his moments of positivity and romance, he reveals conflicts both external and internal once again. Also, Beyoncé appears in the track, harmonizing with Ocean in the background and adding to the beautiful sound.

©Andrew Chin / FilmMagic

Mama Ocean has all of us feeling guilty in “Be Yourself” as she adamantly preaches the faults of smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. She advises her son to be true to himself, not be like other people his age. Mama Ocean chastises young adults who use drugs and alcohol, deeming that it will affect their interests and lives. The love in her voices and her concern is heartfelt but also stresses the theme of rejecting materialism. Ocean switches from faster-paced songs like “Solo” to slow and sensual songs like “Self Control,” “Close to You,” “Godspeed,” and “Skyline to” where he laments how fast summer goes by. In his track “Nights,” Ocean reveals how he had to pause his education when Hurricane Katrina hit. After the devastation that still haunts New Orleans, Frank then turned to music. The song is addicting and honest, resembling the night with its slow and intimate sound. Andre 3000 surprises fans with his spitfire verses in the track “Solo(Reprise).” A surprising but pleasing twist, fans have missed Andre 3000’s energy and have become impatient for the original Outkast member to release more music.
The reception for Blonde has been mostly amazing with fans pouring their love and acceptance for Frank Ocean all over social media. There are a rare few who make the mistake of comparing Blonde with Channel Orange, but they need to understand that Frank Ocean composed music for different parts of his life and the sounds will never be similar. Blonde is another patient, beautifully crafted album from Ocean, and he retains the ability to steal our hearts and love with his heavenly sweet voice. Hopefully, his next project won’t take four years–a girl can dream!
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Why We Are Loving Frank Ocean’s Album ‘Blonde’: Featured image courtesy of Boys Don’t Cry

The Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram


This summer, Instagram has been swamped with pictures of celebrities, socialites, and our favorite artists. Instagram allows us, as the audience, to learn more about our favorite artists and connect with them on a human level. Disclosing behind-the-scenes pictures of their concerts, fabulous vacations bikini pics, and snippets of up-and-coming new songs, music artists have been using the top-grossing app to their advantage to accumulate followers, promote the release of albums, and products. From the reigning Instagram Queen Selena Gomez to the eccentric, lovable Tyler, the Creator, here are the artists you should be following on Instagram:
Selena Gomez: The Queen of Instagram – @selenagomez

when your lyrics are on the bottle ?

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Selena, who had the most-liked photo on Instagram, reigns Queen with 91.9 million followers. Revealing new hairstyles, promoting and providing behind the scenes of her Revival Tour, Selena has a good mix of superstar glam and fun-loving, carefree posts. Balancing friends, families, and fans, Selena Gomez humbly wears her crown as Queen.
Beyonce: Queen Bey – @beyonce

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Ever since the epic release of her visual album Lemonade, Queen Bey has acquired even more loyal and sometimes vicious followers. Though she does not post as frequently as other artists, when Beyonce posts a picture, she breaks hearts. There are currently 79.4 million followers apart of the #beyhive and there is definitely room for more. Beyonce proves that she will always be Queen Bey with her blend of fabulous headshots, snapshots from the Formation World Tour, and adorable family pics with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy.
Katy Perry: The Fun Girl – @katyperry


A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

Despite Katy Perry’s international stardom, she does not let her popularity affect her Instagram account. More carefree than other celebrities, Katy is able to remain the quirky girl we originally fell in love with. Promoting her new song “Rise”, posting hilarious photos and videos, capturing beautiful scenes while traveling, Katy’s 53.1 million followers are in for a constant thrill.
Ariana Grande: The Dog Lover – @arianagrande

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Showing off her new bangs, Ariana Grande is the go-to account for posting cute animal pictures for her 80.1 million followers. An avid animal lover, Ariana likes to take adorable pictures of her growing litter, her new, chart-topping album Dangerous Woman, and eye-catching selfies. Also, Ariana has taken to Instagram to spread the word of the release of her Sweet Like Candy perfume and her newfound obsession of Pokemon Go.
Rihanna: The Bad Gal – @badgalriri

#PARIS we outchea!!! Tonight I’m all yours baby!!! Anti.World.Tour.

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Probably the most captivating account, Rihanna has immersed an impressive 41.9 million followers. Between Rihanna’s modeling pictures and her videos from her ANTI World Tour, it is difficult not to want to follow the superstar who is unafraid to own her sexuality. Also, with her collaboration with Puma, we get to see firsthand the amazing merchandize modeled by her.
Drake: Champagnepapi – @champagnepapi

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Dominating charts and stealing hearts, Drake is the man to follow on Instagram with his 25.9 million followers. Drake likes to loyally shoutout his fellow OVO-mates, promote his chart-topping album Views, and give heart attacks with his “dope” pictures while on vacation. Also, instead of letting social media and memes affect him, Drake reposts the memes about him and continues to be the Toronto Raptor’s biggest fan.
Raury: The Indigo Child – @raury

24k Amethyst ?
A photo posted by raury (@raury) on

Appearing on the cover of the 2015 Freshmen Class, Raury has gained a lot of popularity since then. Posting pictures while on tour, scenic, earthy photos, Raury is a rising artists who is not afraid to get real with his fans. Down-to-earth with the cool-guy vibes, be apart of Raury’s journey to success and join his 125k followers.
Tyler, the Creator: The Eccentric, Lovable One – @feliciathegoat

Having no filter and 2.4 million followers, Tyler is the best account to follow for a genuine laugh. Never sure if you are going to get an announcements for a tour, hot new tracks, awkward bathroom selfies, or a picture with a nun, Tyler, the Creator is the most hilarious artist to follow on Instagram.
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The Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram: Photos courtesy of, @selenagomez, @beyonce, @katyperry, @arianagrande, @badgalriri, @champangepapi, @raury, @feliciathegoat