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CimplyDan Unleashes His “Wild Side”


CimplyDan closed out the summer with the release of “Through the Night.” The single was met with much success as the song peaked at #7 on the UK iTunes R&B chart and #92 on the UK iTunes chart overall. Building on the success of the track, CimplyDan makes his fall debut with the release of a new single, “Wild Side.”

“Wild Side” is a melodic Hip-Hop/Rap song about being free and letting your “Wild Side” out. CimplyDan makes use of his catchy flow and rhyme scheme to illustrate his “Wild Side.” “I am just catching vibes and putting negativity behind me,” CimplyDan states. The rapper discusses his career progression, lifestyle, and encounters with various women. The record is Cimply about allowing yourself to let loose, destress, and just have a good time.

CimplyDan once again linked up with producer Anomalia for “Wild Side.” Anomalia serves as famed Puerto Rican artist Jay Wheeler’s guitarist. Even though “Wild Side” is more of a fun jam, CimplyDan still delivers clever, dope lyrics. From the verses to the hook, CimplyDan doesn’t disappoint with “Wild Side.” Be prepared to go wild for “Wild Side.”


Cameron Dietz Unleashes “Old Soul” Featuring The Game


Cameron Dietz returns in a major way with the release of his new single, “Old Soul.” The song is Cameron Dietz’s first single after a two-year hiatus. The self-produced track blends elements of Gospel, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, and R&B/Soul, giving fans the eargasm they’ve been patiently waiting for.

“Old Soul” reminisces about the journey of life. “‘Old Soul’ is about remembering where you’ve been and what it took to get to where you are.” Cameron Dietz continues: “Knowing your purpose is a powerful thing, with all glory to God, not even my demons scare me anymore. We’re all here for a reason.” Cameron Dietz enlisted West Coast legend, The Game, and über-talented violinist, Ian Mann, to further push the powerful message behind “Old Soul.”

“Old Soul” is the single set to open the floodgates. Cameron Dietz has a ton more music ready to be unleashed. “The break was much needed, but I’m back and better than ever,” Cameron Dietz exclaims. Similar to the theme of “Old Soul,” Cameron Dietz has grown, wised up, and matured as an artist. The singer-songwriter and producer vows to give fans something special to close out the year. Stay tuned for what the songster has in store and feed your soul with “Old Soul.”

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