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Rapper, Future, May Have Created The Album Of The Summer With His Latest Release, Beast Mode 2


Future released three mixtapes in a five month period: Monster, Beast Mode and 56 NightsBeast Mode 2 dropped shortly after the last release with little warning.

Beast Mode 2 is only nine songs and 32 minutes long, but it is filled with a variety of moods. Hate the Real Me highlights Futures struggles with substance abuse and fame, while Doh Doh provides a more upbeat song that glorifies the power of having money. 

The album hinted several times that Future is gearing up for another mass release of music in the near future. Both critics and fans eagerly await what his new music will bring to the Hip-Hop/Rap industry as the industry itself seems to be changing every day. 


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Shannon and Shannade Clermont Reinvent Themselves As Rapper Kanye West’s Favorite Models


Shannon and Shannade Clermont, collectively known as the Clermont Twins, first emerged in 2015 on the television show, Bad Girls Club. With their unique style, wealth and confidence, the Clermont Twins quickly became the stars of the season. Unfortunately, they were asked to leave the show after getting into an altercation with another member on Bad Girls Club. 

Shannon and Shannade Clermont, the Clermont Twins

Nevertheless, the Clermont Twins developed their fifteen-minutes into stable careers. They now have over 800,000 followers on Instagram, and were features in Rapper Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy Season 6. 

As real twin sisters who have posed nude together in several shoots, the Clermont Twins have become quite the spectacle. 

They now own a fashion line, the Mount Boudoir Collection, which highlights their unique styles. 

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Briana Wilson, Creator of Up-And-Coming Fashion Brand, MATTE Brand, Is Instagram’s Newest “IT” Girl To Follow

Briana Wilson, Creator of Up-And-Coming Fashion Brand, MATTE Brand, Is Instagram's Newest "IT" Girl To Follow

eenahsanairb / Instagram

With the accelerating rise of social media, creators of all types have taken to Instagram and Twitter to launch their own businesses. Briana Shaneè Wilson is no exception.

Wilson left Texas in 2014 to pursue a modeling career in New York City. However, Wilson quickly noticed that she could make more money by utilizing her creativity to become a young, female entrepreneur, than she would make with modeling. Wilson wanted to create a career for herself that would value her personality and ideas more than a typical nine-to-five job. In 2015 she moved to Los Angeles and launched MATTE Brand: a clothing brand founded on the need for must-have pieces that encompass uniqueness of femininity and comfort.

As one of few female entrepreneurs, Briana Wilson has become an inspiration in the fashion world and on social media. With over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, many speculate that Wilson is about to reach new heights. Actress and dancer, Teyana Taylor, has been seen wearing MATTE Brand on several occasions. Taylor even sported looks from the SIREN Collection at Coachella, 2018. 

Wilson is revered for her ability to create daring looks that flatter diverse skin tones and body types. She constantly casts models of different ethnic backgrounds and sizes to promote her brand as all-inclusive. And, although she gave up pursuing modeling in New York, Wilson often models her own collections, allowing her to explore both of her passions of modeling and designing. 

Wilson receives most of her inspiration for her designs from shopping at vintage stores, where she discovers rare styles from the past. She is very particular about which pieces she allows to be sold on the MATTE Brand website. Often, she will sell a piece, no longer like it, and refuse to sell it again because she only wants the best fashion to represent MATTE Brand. 

Ultimately, Briana Wilson strives to create pieces that she and others would want to wear every day. 

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