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DIY: Watermelon Coconut Mask


Masks are an essential part of healthy hair care, especially in rough weather. If you feel like your strands are getting dry, brittle, and thirsty, it’s time for some hair TLC. Sometimes you can’t always go out and purchase the newest hair masks on the market, so why not make your own? With the help of, we have a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Watermelon Coconut Oil mask to give your mane some much needed moisture.

unnamed (1)
Know Your Ingredients!

  • Coconut Oil: The base of this anti-breakage, split-end treatment is coconut oil. All hair can benefit from coconut oil, but it’s especially beneficial for brittle, breaking hair. It’ll deeply moisturizing, soften and add sheen.
  • Oontanga Oil: This is oil made from African watermelon seeds, and it’s loaded with essential fatty acids that stops your hair from breaking and makes hair shiny.
  • Camellia Seed Oil: This oil comes from Korea and permeates the hair shaft to restore vibrancy and strength. It also softens your hair and keeps split ends and breakage at bay.
  • Argan Oil: This is a conditioning oil that seals the cuticle, adds shine, and makes hair more manageable during the styling process.

unnamed (3)
Step 1: Combine two tablespoons of liquid coconut oil with 10 drops of each of the other oils and stir well.
Step 2: Apply the oil blend to the ends of your hair and let it set for 10 to 20 minutes before shampooing.
Step 3: Condition and style as normal and repeat once a week for best results.
This recipe makes enough for three weeks of treatment (depending on hair length and thickness). Store in an airtight jar in a dark place. If you place it in the fridge, you’ll need to zap it for 30 seconds to melt it down again.
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Photos and tutorial courtesy of and Wendy Rose Gould

Staying Gorgeous with Shasha Lee


Celebrity hair stylist Shasha Lee certainly has her hands full crafting amazing styles for some serious A-listers. Her client list includes Lil Kim, Nicole Richie, and Janet Jackson, and her work has been presented in countless publications all over the world. Here, we chat with Lee about her favorite hair trends, tips for extension experimentation, and even some crazy client stories.

Cliché: What are some key hair trends we can expect this summer?
Shasha Lee: Shoulder-length bobs and loose waves, and sexy, short styles with deep parts are in style. Gorgeous, glamorous hair is making a comeback, and creamy caramel bonds and buttery highlights placed strategically throughout the hair are in. Large wand curls are perfect and versatile.
Which summer hair styles are your favorite to recreate for customers?
Khloe Kardashian-esque, banana colored hair. Classic, sleek bobs.
Tell us about your new LA weave bar. What type of experience can clients expect there?
Gorgeous by Shasha Lee is a total beauty experience. Walk in and get the Triple L Package: luxury looks for less. Our expert technique allows us to provide extraordinary extensions in a few short hours, allowing you to minimize time spent in the salon and walk out gorgeous, ready to maximize your day!
What piece of advice would you give to someone experimenting with extensions for the first time?
Research and find an experienced stylist. Anyone can post on Craigslist and social media offering budget extensions. You want an experienced professional who not only creates natural looking styles, but protects your real hair. Also, invest in high quality hair. It may seem pricey initially, but with proper care, it can save you money in the long run because you can reuse it. I’ve had my same Gorgeous by SL extensions for a year!
What are some upkeep hair care tips for those who have hair extensions?
Keep your scalp clean. I love tea tree shampoos because it stimulates the scalp so that it cleanses the hair, but also encourages growth. Don’t weigh your hair down. Make sure you thoroughly rinse conditioner so that your hair can have ultimate bounce and flow. I like to keep product use to a minimum, but one of my secrets is that I like to spray perfume in my hair.
Do you feel like location (LA and NYC) affects your clients’ style preferences at all?
ABSOLUTELY. California girls like bone straight hair while New York girls prefer lots of body and love unique styles with a lot of oomph.
Do you have any hair horror stories that have happened to you over the years?
When I first started doing hair, I did a color on Lil Kim. She asked for a T-Boz look and because of all the prior chemicals in her hair, it came out five different colors! That was the day I learned how to master a weave.
When I first became a salon owner at Shasha Lee Exclusive in NYC, I hired ambitious young stylists that came highly referred and quickly realized that not everyone reflected the top notch quality I wanted represented by my brand. Now, I require all stylists to audition first and give them multiple tests to ensure that everyone is capable of delivering an elite experience.
What can you attribute to your success? What advice do you have for others looking to get to where you are now?
I attribute to my success that I am my biggest fan. I never bet against myself and always have faith in my gifts and my path.  The advice I would give others is to be patient with yourself. Stay FOCUSED. NO is ON in reverse. Dream your dreams to life and stay gorgeous.
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Staying Gorgeous with Shasha Lee: Photographed by SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT – CREATIVE STUDIOS

Getting Technical with Kit and Ace


What happens when a brand is headed by two family members? Some would say catastrophe, but the opposite is true for JJ Wilson and stepmother Shannon, co-founders of the clothing line Kit and Ace. Shannon, who is married to former CEO of Lululemon Chip Wilson, teamed up with her stepson JJ after realizing the need for luxury performance-based clothing. Operating out of New York, the first phase of Kit and Ace debuted almost two years ago and now they have transitioned into their very first swimwear line. We interviewed JJ Wilson on what it means to wear Kit and Ace and what’s in store for the brand moving forward.

Kit and Ace - JJ Wilson - Headshot
While many fashion brands believe in suffering for the sake of clothing, Kit and Ace doesn’t ascribe to that ideology. “Our philosophy at Kit and Ace is focused on the marriage of fashion and function. We create technical apparel from high performing fabrics without sacrificing style,” explains Wilson.
Currently, many Kit and Ace pieces are made of their signature fabric, what they call “technical cashmere,” as well as technical silk and brushed miskace, which ensures that customers not only look good in the brand, but feel good, too. This means being able to wear clothing that takes you from home to the office to the beach, and back. In an ever-changing fashion industry, bringing technicality into clothing is a genius idea.
Those already fans of the brand can anticipate not only pieces that mix and match with others, but implemented technology to prevent shrinking, pilling, loss of elasticity, and fading. “To enhance the fabrication, our technical designers incorporated features like non-slip grip and adjustable waistbands to support how pieces transition between activities,” says Wilson of the steps taken to ensure that this swimwear collection goes above and beyond in the name of functionality.

The SS16 swimwear collection is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the move. Like with all of their products, Kit and Ace believes in a “full-contact lifestyle.” This means that they design their clothing with a busy schedule in mind. For example, the men’s quick-dry shorts in the collection are made to go from the beach to the patio and back again. In addition, other standout pieces in the collection include more pieces that embody the versatility of the Kit and Ace brand, such as the V-kini Swim Top, Cheeky and Tie Bikini Bottoms for women, and Coastal and Cuffed Swim Shorts for men.
As they move toward their second year as a clothing brand, Kit and Ace has a lot to look forward to. In addition to the 60 shops currently open, ten more are slated to debut across North America, Australia, and the UK. “We’re continuing to expand and develop our product line, which stems from the wide selection of proprietary fabrics we’ve created… we aren’t planning on slowing down,” Wilson explains of the commercial success that is Kit and Ace.
You can buy Kit and Ace in major cities across the country with new stores opening in Atlanta, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York, Dallas, and D.C. later on this year. See more information at
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Getting Technical with Kit and Ace: Photographs courtesy of Kit and Ace

What Girlfriend Collective is All About


How many times have you gotten frustrated over a pair of leggings that don’t fit right, are made of poor material, or are just plain unflattering? It’s happened to all of us and, to make matters worse, most fitness brands sell their leggings for up to $100! Ellie Dinh, together with her husband, Quang, plans to launch Girlfriend Collective in just a few months to combat the need for affordable, quality athletic wear. Starting with leggings, the duo hope to revolutionize the idea that luxury clothing means a high price point while also bringing accountability into the fashion industry. Dinh explains how Girlfriend Collective will embody values such as ethical manufacturing and respect for the earth.

For a company that hasn’t even had their official launch yet, Girlfriend Collective is generating a lot of buzz. For a limited time, you can get free leggings on their website (minus the cost of shipping ) by giving your Facebook or email. The leggings are shipping out in waves with the next batch coming this summer all the way from Vietnam. The one question on our minds is “what makes these leggings so special?” For one, they won’t break your wallet when you purchase them. They are also made from recycled water bottles as well as a special weave that eliminates shearing. The leggings’ pattern takes over 9 months to develop and has been engineered to flatter every possible figure.
We’re pretty excited for the September launch of Girlfriend Collective and while you still can head over to their website to snag your free leggings.
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What Girlfriend Collective is All About: Photos courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over


A nice piece of jewelry is what can really pull an ensemble together. There are so many ideas and combinations that you can use when accessorizing your favorite jewelry pieces that make the experience so fun. However, the hardest part is finding what bangle, necklace, or rings you want to incorporate into your outfit. This is why social media like Instagram is so fun, they do all the  work for you. Check out these 5 jewelry companies (and their IGs!) for some style inspo for your next look.

Rocksbox Set_1
Rocksbox (@rocksbox)
Rocksbox takes all of the hard work out of accessorizing. Fancy event coming up? Job interview? First date? They have you covered. With a Rocksbox account you can have a stylist pick out personalized jewelry for you that you can “borrow” and whatever you are finished with you send back and if something catches your eye you can buy it and keep forever!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.51.21 AM
Harper & Jewels (@harperandjewels)
If you have a taste for expensive looking jewelry at a great price then Harper and Jewels is the company for you. Their Insagram and website regularly features beautiful pieces like the “Collette Crystal Silver & Black Statement Necklace” which is guaranteed to turn heads.
Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.52.36 AM
Jewels by Grace (@jewelsbygrace)
Jewels by Grace are for the seriously jewelry obsessed. Their antique one of a kind pieces are perfect for someone looking to splurge to have that must have piece in their jewelry collection. Take a look at their “Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Calibre Emerald Halo Ring” and see if you can stop yourself from drooling.
creativity-sm (1)
Chrysalis (@lovechrysalis)
It can be overwhelming sifting through a jewelry site and trying to pinpoint what you need the most. Chrysalis specializes in cute, colorful bangles that you can customize, mix and match, or purchase ready-made stacks. The founders of the company pledge to create jewelry that means something special and now have collections available all over the world in
the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.
il_fullxfull.314743516 (1)
Copper Canary (@coppercanary)
If you find yourself frequenting Etsy a lot you may have stumbled upon Copper Canary’s page. With antique and vintage jewelry spanning fro engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets, Copper Canary caters to your fine jewelry tastes.
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Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over: Featured image courtesy of Rocksbox

A Look at Gabriela Alexandrova’s SS16 Collection


Bulgarian-Parisian designer Gabriela Alexandrova knows how to make a statement. Her new collection, her namesake, made its debut this spring and features some of the most ethereal, striking pieces we have ever seen. From her atelier (or workshop) in Paris, Alexandrova employs her personality and fashion philosophy into each piece, ensuring that every woman that wears her clothing feels like it was made for her.

We all know how important a designer’s choice of fabric is for his or her collection, and Alexandrova couldn’t go wrong with her use of silk. “I am always impressed by fabrics… and this is the beginning of each garment. A fabric should be used for a reason. It should fit the spirit of the garment so well that it cannot exist in another fabric,” she said.
According to Alexandrova, she wanted her collection to capture the essence of a summer breeze, so women wearing the pieces will feel “free, light, and sensual.” For this reason, she chose to work with silk. “What inspires this better than silk?” she said. “Even the physical touch with the body is so soft that it feels like embracing.”

Like many designers, Alexandrova has her own fashion philosophy when it comes to designing and creating such a collection. “I prefer style to fashion. It is more durable,” she said. “My work is dedicated to identifying and expressing my vision of style… Following fashion is a tiresome game, which you inevitably lose in three months time. Building up your personal style is a slow and pleasant lifetime trip.”
It’s no surprise that many of the clothing in Alexandrova’s collection can be described as timeless. Some standout pieces include the bourette silk knot dress and the silk trench coat. Alexandrova explains that she likes to create a film scenario for each one, therefore ensuring that every piece has its own personality.
Similar to the way she crafts her unique collections, Alexandrova also has a vision for her future in the fashion word. In 10 years, she hopes to see her clothing on some of the most remarkable, life-changing women. We have a feeling that that isn’t an impossible task. To learn more about the SS 16 collection or to purchase your own Gabriela Alexandrova garment, visit
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A Look at Gabriela Alexandrova’s SS16 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Gabriela Alexandrova

Revamped Beach Hairstyles


So you’re getting ready for a day at the beach and you have everything: sunscreen, bikini, and a towel. But what about your hair? Making an impression is necessary no matter where you are, and the beach is no exception. Prepare to turn heads with these revamped beach hairstyles!

If you’re a fan of the French braid, try a braided crown.

Photo Courtesy of The Chic Site

Everyone loves a French braid, but there’s always a time to try new things. This style takes a little bit of effort, but once you master it, there’s literally no stopping you. Braid your hair into a crown around your head like the queen you are and look fabulous while keeping your hair away from the water.
If you’re used to the simple topknot, try a chic bun.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment

We totally understand the appeal of the topknot; it’s simple, quick, and an old favorite. However, don’t you want to switch things up with something sleeker? Slicking back your hair into a chic looking bun is sure to add a certain polish to your beach persona. Spend a little extra time in the mirror before you hit the beach and your confidence will thank you.
If you’re used to the messy bun, try the braided bun.

Photo Courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

With a few simple adjustments, you can achieve the polished look even at the beach. Instead of just piling your hair on the top of your head haphazardly, putting your hair in a neat braid first makes a world of difference. Add in a statement headband and you’re ready to go!
If you’re a fan of the ponytail, try a bubble pony.

Photo Courtesy of Patternity

This style is for the bold and the beautiful. Instead of doing the played out ponytail, try something exciting and new with the bubble pony. Seen a lot on the runway, this style is easy to do, but leaves a big impression. Simply put your hair into a sleek ponytail (low or high, your choice) and section off with ponytail holders every inch or so. The result is a slick, fierce style that’s impossible for others to ignore.
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Revamped Beach Hairstyles: Featured image courtesy of Nicole Miller

Multicultural Hair Roundup


Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or coily, working with it in its natural state isn’t always the easiest feat. When it comes to ethnic hair care, the key to success is knowing what products out there work for YOU. This may sound difficult, but no worries! We took the guesswork out of everything and put together the best companies and products that will have your hair looking healthy and flawless.


Hands down, SheaMoisture is regarded as the holy grail of products for naturals. Each bottle, jar, or spray boasts that their ingredients are devoid of sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, and anything else that can damage your tresses. Every product gives the backstory of a grandmother in Sierra Leone who passed down her organic secrets to the products we use today. Who doesn’t love using something with a grandma’s touch in it? Even better, each line of SheaMoisture hair products addresses a various issue that many naturals face, whether it be dry scalp, moisture retention, or even getting your hair to soften. Our favorites include the Curl Enhancing Smoothie (orange jar) and the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (Gold Jar). In no time you’ll see why there’s a frenzy when this company does “BOGO Free” deals.
If you’ve ever heard someone refer to their hair as having a “Deva” cut, this is what they’re talking about. DevaCurl, a company based in New York, is known for its dry curly cutting method in all of their salons. After you get a signature style customized for your hair type, you can use one of their “No Poo” cleansing conditioners to keep your curls looking lovely and refreshed.
If you are natural or plan on going natural, Cantu Beauty products need to be in your hair arsenal. Their products boast authenticity and nourishing ingredients, and the best part is that they actually deliver. One of their best products for any naturalista is their Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. This product is a godsend and leaves your hair nourished, healthy, and smelling good
Design Essentials
This company has been around since the 90s, but with the recent boom of the natural hair care industry their products are once again in the limelight. They fulfill all the points of our natural hair checklist, which includes safe ingredients as well as products for every hair type. On their website, you can even take a quiz to figure out your specific hair type so you can buy the products that are right for you.
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Multicultural Hair Roundup: Featured image courtesy of IMAXTREE

Ally Maki Shines in the New TBS Series ‘Wrecked’


Ally Maki is a busy girl: from her new show Wrecked debuting this June (think Lost meets Gilligan’s Island) to her guest cameo on FOX’s New Girl and even her trips to Coachella, she doesn’t slow down. We caught up with her to discuss her new roles and what we can expect from this rising star in the next few months.

Cliché: How would you describe your character Jess in Wrecked? Do you identify with her at all?
Ally Maki: Jess is the fun, feisty firecracker, and hopeless romantic of the group. Having been in a relationship for 7 years with her—how shall I put this?—“very difficult” boyfriend Todd, she’s really trying to figure her life out and the future of her tumultuous relationship. She doesn’t need a man, but she so desperately wants one and the fairytale romance that comes with it. This season for Jess is really all about her journey to finding out who she is, finding her sexuality, and her journey to becoming the strong, independent woman she’s always dreamed of becoming. I definitely can identify with all of that. I don’t think I’ll ever stop identifying with any of her story. She’s a constant challenge. I find so much of myself in Jess, which makes it fun and often therapeutic.
What can fans expect to see on Wrecked in the fall?
Absolute craziness, in the best way. Our creators, the Shipley Brothers, have the most creative minds and really found a fantastic way to create a new world for this group of strangers stranded on a deserted island. And while yes, Lost fans are in for a treat, I feel like the show is really its own thing and one I think people are going to love. Thematically, a lot of the season deals with the idea of “if you had a second chance at life to start over, who would you be and what sides would it bring out in you?” which leads to some very interesting episodes and storylines.
If you were stranded on an island, what would you absolutely have to have with you?
First thing that weirdly pops in my head is a coffee machine and the strongest coffee beans this world has to offer. Who would I be without caffeine? I would absolutely be that girl in the bushes brewing an Americano just so I can power through the day to find basic necessities like food and shelter. Oh man, I would really be terrible on Survivor.
What was it like being on New Girl? I feel like you would just constantly laugh on set.
Being on New Girl has always been on my bucket list, so when I finally got the chance to be on the show, I was absolutely thrilled… and so nervous! It can be challenging to jump onto any established show, but even more so when it’s a show you’re a fan of. I honestly was just trying my best not to act like a total goof all the time, even though I was literally drooling all over “the loft” set and the infamous “douchebag jar.” But everyone was so lovely and fun. I laughed a lot. Since Zooey was on break from the show at the time, I worked with the guys, and mostly Jake Johnson, who is a total genius. I remember just being in awe watching Jake and Max Greenfield improv back and forth for a solid five minutes after a scene was over. They were just throwing zinger after zinger. It was incredible.
What is your process like when preparing for a role?
When I come into any role, I really try to find a way to correlate my own experiences and what I’ve been through to the character’s. Especially with comedy, I try and relate everything back to my own life, the stupid things I’ve done, my heartbreaks, quirks, the interesting people I’ve met, etc. I like to make it as real for myself as possible. Beyond that, having fun and truly immersing yourself into a character is really half the battle.
I saw you went to Coachella. How would you classify your summer/festival style?
I love Coachella style! I love funky separates, weird sunglasses, and am also a jean shorts kind of gal. I think my rule in that sort of situation is: the more the better! If I wanted to wear a funky headband with feathers in my hair and mermaid-colored extensions with baby goldfish hanging off the ends, I feel like it still wouldn’t have been enough. It was so fun to see people’s personalities come out through their style.
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Ally Maki Shines in the New TBS Series ‘Wrecked’: Photographed by Vince Trupsin

“The Conjuring 2” Is Just As Scary As It Looks


After three years, the long awaited sequel to the 2013 horror hit The Conjuring has finally been released in theaters. The hype surrounding the latest installment is substantial, and fans have been excited to see if the movie would fall flat or actually live up to being even more scarier than the last. The movie once again follows paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren as they tackle another terrorized family in another haunted house. This time, they journey across the pond to England to help a single mother and her four children as they experience moving furniture, possessions, and downright unexplainable events. The case depicted in the movie is also apparently a true storythe “Enfield Poltergeist” case in 1970s London gained widespread notoriety at the time.

The Conjuring 2 definitely does a good job of keeping the suspense factor up. Close camera shots, figures moving in shadows, and things jumping out at the screen will get your heart going. As for the plot, at times it does seem a bit contrived, with the movie seemingly losing direction in the middle and then a hurried resolution towards the end. Ed and Lorraine figure out the big “mystery” of the demon spirit in a matter of minutes, which leads to a rescue and a happy ending. It’s as if the writers realized halfway through that there was a storyline they had to keep moving. It’s hard to tell if the ending was cleverly cryptic or just lazy writing. Those who saw the first movie will like the addition of certain easter eggs, such as the Annabelle doll and flashbacks that tie the two plots together.
For what it is: a summer horror flick following the same formula as it’s predecessor. The Conjuring 2 does what it promises. You will jump, you will get scared, and you might have a nightmare or two afterwards. Other than that, don’t expect too much.
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“The Conjuring 2” Is Just As Scary As It Looks: Photographs courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Short Hair Inspiration


Making the decision to cut your hair is never an easy one. Most of us go through the 5 stages of grief at the thought of losing our crown and glory. Your identity can be so wrapped up in your fabulous tresses, but it’s important to keep in mind: It’s. Just. Hair. Now that we’ve got that established, it’s time to narrow down exactly how you’re going to style your new ‘do with some much needed short hair inspiration. We did all the work for you and have some lovely ladies who show how sexy short can be.


Photo Courtesy of Jason Meritt/GETTY IMAGES

The Chic Cut
Worn beautifully by Miley Cyrus in 2013, this style screams bold and confident. With darkened roots and a shape that won’t go unnoticed, this style is sure to turn heads.
The Classic Bob

Photo Courtesy of Walterlan Papetti

Model Jourdan Dunn knows what works for her look and this bob is no exception. Further accentuating her sleek features, her bob is just the right length to make her look even fiercer (if that was even possible).
Long Bob and Bangs

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Still think bangs are only for people in high school? Think again. Here, Rihanna looks sexy confident, and her bangs are as sleek as the rest of her persona. Why not go the extra mile and get some bangs with your next cut?
The Classic Pixie

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Anne Hathaway’s classic cut was one of the best style decisions she ever made. Always the effortless beauty, Anne pairs her simple cut with simple makeup and still manages to look flawless.
The Baldie

Photo courtesy of MingleMediaTV on Flickr

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Only the boldest and the bravest can take the plunge and pull of a nearly bald buzz cut. Amber Rose does it with class and confidence and has even turned it into her signature look. It’s hard to even imagine what she would look like with long hair at this point
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Nail Trends to Try This Spring


Nothing makes or breaks an ensemble more than having a lackluster manicure. What’s on your nails counts, ladies, so no more excuses when you decide not to get your nails done. If Fashion Week has taught us anything, it’s that edgy is always in when it comes to any style decision. Keep reading for the hottest nail trends to try this spring.


Photo Courtesy of The Nailscape

This look is for more than just picnic tables and chess boards. With the uniform lines and the pop of color, your nails will be bold enough to make a statement, but still reminiscent of an old favorite design.
Half Moon

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Always a great choice, emphasizing your nail’s half moons (the lunula if you want to get technical) is the perfect twist to any manicure. While still looking sophisticated, you can still flip the classic nail design on its head. Be sure to add contrasting colors to really make an impression.
Cuticle Art

Photo Courtesy of Rad Nails

Who would’ve thought that designs on your cuticles would be a thing? Well, they are, and if you’re trying to step your nail game up, cuticle tattoos are exactly what you need. Both cute and affordable, these little designs can be bought over at Rad Nails for just $6!
Iridescent Shades

Photo Courtesy of 10 Blank Canvases

Iridescent shades and springtime go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that having these shades on your nails is a trend this season. Try pairing iridescent pastel colors with stencil designs and overlays, too!
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Featured Photo Courtesy of Zitona on Flickr