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Luxury Bags You Need in Your Closet

Luxury bags are the easiest way to accessorize an outfit. However, finding an affordable luxury bag can be hard. This list will provide you with some luxury bags that are from small brands. Now, read on and find a bag you love!

Image credit- @briana.ellerby

Telfar: This black owned unisex line gained popularity after it was worn by several celebrities. Moreover, it is widely known for being affordable and available. Though they quickly sell out, they have frequent restocks.

Image credit- @trentmunson

Image credit- @jalen.amir

Homage: This black owned brand  prides itself on its comfortability and longevity. In particular, they offer a unique bag shape and color to to any outfit. 


Image credit- @btwuandni

Brandon Blackwood: This black owned brand focuses on making trendy pieces that last. Furthermore, the goal of this brand is to create pieces people love. One of their more famous pieces being a luxury bag with the statement “End Systematic Racism”. 

Image credit- @florianlondonuk

Image credit- @florianlondonuk

Florian London:  This British brand focuses on classic shapes and quality. As a result, they only use the finest leather materials. In addition, they recently won the Independent Handbag Designer Award for “Best in Overall Style and Design.

Image credit- @deepasoutfit

Image credit- @clearlykendra

JW Pei: This Los Angeles brand has minimalist designs throughout and focuses on accessibility. What’s more, they use sustainable and vegan materials such as recycled plastic. 

Image credit- @amanda_agy

Image credit- @wilgloryy

Anima Iris: Following its launch, this Senegal based lifestyle brand has been featured in many magazines. Additionally, Cameroonian born, Wilglory Tanjong created this eco friendly luxury brand. 


Image credit- @btwuandni

Image credit- @mateonewyork

Mateo: After this brand launched in 2009, it is now being sold worldwide. Although they now mostly focus on jewelry, they still have a beautiful selection on luxury bags.

Image credit- @hogoekpessou

Image credit-@rachelleyeah

Hogoe Kpessou: A West African university student runs this brand, and named it after herself. Not only are her luxury bags the perfect accessory to add some elegance to your closet, but they also give your outfit a pop of color.

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Clay Rings Are the Next Summer Accessory You Need


With summer just around the corner, lots of accessories are trending. For instance, this summers trend is clay rings. These rings can be DIY-ed or bought from small businesses. Additionally, they come in different designs and colors to match any taste. They are the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry collection

Image credit- @99groovy


beaded clay rings

Image credit- @funkychunkiess


These chunky and colorful rings are typically what are worn. In addition, they also add a pop of color to any outfit. If you like wearing jewelry that is made by real people then these are perfect for you!


heart clay rings

Image credit- @aalicemakes

crazy clay rings


The more detailed clay rings are also becoming more popular. They are a good way to use an accessory to add some personality to your outfit. Not only can you get a clay ring that is perfect for you, you also support a small business as well. 

Image credit- @sterlingmyers

Following the rise in popularity of clay rings, they were seen everywhere. One fun option to get the rings is to make them yourself! There are several easy to follow tutorials on YouTube like @Sterlingmyers. After following these tutorials you’ll have your own ring!

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Freshen Up your Skin with These Skincare Brands


What could be better than having a fresh face in the spring? For any skincare concern, these brands are here to the rescue! In addition with freshening up your skin, you can support their minority owners. 

Image Credit- @mytopicals

Topicals: This brand was started by two minority women to destigmatize skin conditions. In addition, their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Their most famous product is “Faded”  which fades dark marks and brightens the skin.

Image Credit- @nolaskinsentials

Nola: This vegan and cruelty- free brand is a black owned skincare brand. The brands aim is to create a skincare line free of chemicals. 

Image Credit- @fentyskin

Fenty Skin: Made by Rihanna of Fenty Beauty, this new skincare line that gives you the four essentials. In addition the brand is vegan, cruelty- free and refillable!

Image Credit- @eparaskincare

Epara Skincare: A luxury skincare line made from African botanicals. Above all, the brand focuses on hyperpigmentation and hydration. Epara also offers free 1-on-1 consultations for any skincare concerns you might have. 

Image Credit- @rosenskincare

Rosen Skincare: If you are looking for a skincare brand that helps inspire the next generation of black and brown generations this is the brand for you. They target breakouts and scars.  

Image Credit- @elaluz

Elaluz: They use recyclable and re usable materials whenever they can. This luxurious brand has the scents of exotic fruits and are cruelty and gluten free. 

Image Credit- Launched in 2018, creates products that make you want to incorporate them into your everyday routine. Their most popular product is their Forever Flawless Beauty Oil. 

Image Credit- @beautyofhorn

Beauty of Horn: The materials for this skincare brand are 100% organic and locally grown. Their staple product is their Qasil powder.

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Netflix Originals Everyone’s Talking About in 2021


With quarantine still ongoing, there’s not much else to do but watch Netflix. This list will give you a brief synopsis of Netflix Originals that have caught everyone’s interest. Hopefully, you’ll find a new show to binge!

Image Credit: Netflix

Bridgerton- This series is set during the Regency Era in England. It centers around the Bridgerton family as they introduce their daughter into society. However, an anonymous gossip column causes issues by revealing the community’s secrets. Bridgerton currently has one season out with eight episodes making it a quick watch. Following its debut, Bridgerton quickly became number one on Netflix’s Trending List. 

Image Credits: Netflix

Sweet Home- This horror series is a webtoon to live action adaptation. It follows a teenager who finds himself alone in the middle of an apocalypse. But, he makes allies and fights alongside them against monsters. Sweet Home currently has one season with ten episodes out and is trending worldwide on Netflix.


Image Credits: Netflix

Night Stalker- This docuseries is about notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez. Throughout the four-part series, two detectives are on the hunt for Ramirez as he terrorizes Los Angeles. This docuseries is a captivating watch especially, if you love true crime. (Be warned it is a bit graphic)

Image Credits: Netflix

Bling Empire- This reality show follows the lives of rich Asians and Asian Americans in L.A. It looks into the lives of the rich and how they deal with problems that they encounter. Bling Empire will also quickly become your next favorite if you enjoy shows like The Kardashians as well as The Real Housewives. 


Lupin- This French action and adventure series tells the tale of a thief who is on a journey to avenge his father. He uses his skills as a master of disguise to outwit the police that are on his tail. Lupin will certainly keep you on your toes throughout all five parts. Starring Omar Sy from the Intouchables, Lupin is definitely a must watch!

Image Credit: Netflix

Cobra Kai-  This Netflix Originals’ based off of the Karate Kid films. It gives audiences a look into the lives of their favorite Karate Kid characters years after the events of the last movie. Cobra Kai focuses on the children of the characters, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Though the series may come off as a show for young adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Fans of the classic Karate Kid movies will surely enjoy the nostalgia this series brings. 

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Simple Steps to Make Your Makeup Pop


Whether you love makeup or are just getting into it, these are a couple of things you can add to make your makeup pop!

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Image credit- @kelseypaulmakeup

Glitter- After HBO’s Euphoria came out, everyone fell in love with their signature makeup looks. The makeup artist on the set used Lemonhead, a cruelty-free makeup line for these looks. Glitter adds a bit of sparkle to your makeup look. And as an added bonus, it is fairly easy to use.

Image credit- @jaileeners

Image credit- @ravenonrebel


Graphic Liner- Graphic liner adds a bit of color and more creativity to your daily makeup.  Water activated liners with thin brushes as well as crème gels help in achieving this look.

Image credit- @vulgar.spice

Image credit- @ahliyah.michelle

Colored lashes- Though colored lashes recently came into the spotlight, they are quickly gaining popularity. Colored lashes can even be DIYed, all that is needed is concealer and eyeshadow. First go over the lashes with concealer then color them in the eyeshadow color of your choosing. 

Image credit- @ash.sim

Image credit-@itsdeynotdia

Rhinestones- Another makeup look that came out of HBO’s Euphoria is rhinestones. With just a bit of glue, they can spice up any makeup look. They are easy to get and come in several different colors for any look. 

Image credit- @eman.nagm

Image credit- @alicevantran inspired by @by.sulli.

Pearl Accents- Pearl studs are another way to add a bit of elegance to a makeup look. These studs can either be used minimally or elaborately. Either way, the studs are sure to make your makeup pop.

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Nail Ideas For The Next Salon Visit


Keeping up with nail trends just got a little easier with this list. Here are some nail design ideas that should inspire you for your next salon visit.

Image credit- @theestallion

Lipstick shape nails– This shape which was created by South- Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung  has quickly gained popularity. This uncommon shape can turn any basic style into an eye catcher. This nail shape has even become a staple of Megan thee Stallions’. 

Image credit- @xofashioninspo_

Funky minimalistic nails-If you’re looking for a little color while still having a clean look, this nail design is for you. This design is simple enough that you could DIY!


Image credit- @thehotblend

Image credit- @theset.bykj

Tortoise shell nails– With the tortoise shell design currently trending, these nails are the perfect way to keep up. If you want a more subtle look, this design can also be done as a French tip.

Image Credit- @theset.bykj

Image credit- @theset.bykj

Retro pattern nails– These 70’s themed nails have gained many fans for their simplicity. This nail design looks good on both short and long nails. You can make this nail design your own by choosing your favorite color scheme. 

Image credit- @sansilt

Lined French nails– This spin on a classic design is an elegant and simplistic option for a nail design without too much fuss.

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Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Christmas


With the holiday season just around the corner, checking your gift list is of the most importance. You can take care of that list with some of these black-owned businesses:

to display the brand

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 21: Solange Knowles attends the 70th Annual Parsons Benefit

1. Telfar– Founded by black fashion designer Telfar Clemens, this brand has quickly risen in popularity over the last couple of months. Selling out within minutes of restocking, due to its limited supply and accessibility. Their most popular item which is their bags have even been on Oprah’s favorite things list. 

Image Credit: @thenubamboo

2. TheNuBamboo– This brand which was created by Jusme Kamil makes handmade bamboo earrings. These handmade bamboo earrings add a bit of style to any outfit and come in various colors, sizes, and styles. They have been seen on Kehlani in her “Open(Passionate)” music video and Jackie Aina was seen sporting them on her Instagram.

3. Loudbrand Studios– Loudbrand was founded by British fashion designer Jedidiah Duyile. It is currently being run by a team of three black women with the aim of creating fashionable and sustainable clothing. Loudbrand rose to popularity after Kylie Jenner posted a picture of herself in one of their dresses.

Image credit: @mackmoneybcs

4. MatteBrand– This black-owned business was founded by 24-year-old self-taught fashion designer and artist Brianna Wilson. Matte is a high fashion but simple clothing line that is often modeled by Wilson herself. This brand’s target audience is black women, and this can be seen in the neutral tones that are used throughout the Wilsons’ clothing line.

Image credit: @thehoneypotco

5. The Honey Pot Co.– The Honey Pot Co. is run entirely by women and was founded by Beatrice Feliu-Espada. This plant-based feminine care brand provides a healthy alternative to most feminine care products. The wide range of products are gynecologist approved and are completely natural. 

Image credit:

6. Fenty Beauty– This beauty brand was founded by Rihanna in 2017. Fenty Beauty is most widely known for its wide and inclusive shade range. The brand includes everything from foundation to perfume and the price range of the products is accessible.

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