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Gianna Martello Talks ‘Dance Moms’ and Abby Lee Dance Company


Gianna Martello is a world-renowned dance choreographer for the Abby Lee Dance Company, the studio central to the hit television show Dance Moms. The talented choreographer has been with the studio as an instructor for the past 11 years, and a part of the show for all six of its seasons. Martello’s choreography has won regional and national titles, and can also be seen in music videos by Todrick Hall, Kendall Vertes, Alexx Calise, and MackZ. We got the chance to sit down with Martello to talk about her love for dance and her experience being a part of Dance Moms.

Albums to be Excited for this Fall


Nothing gets me quite as excited as music does. Music is such an integral part of my life, and has been for as long as I can remember. I see music as a powerful way to connect us to others, inspire us, and make us feel like we’re not alone. New music always feels a little magical, kind of like Christmas morning. I’m especially excited for this fall because some of my favorite artists are releasing new albums. Here are some of the albums that I’m most looking forward to this fall.

McKail Seely Talks Her EP, ‘Ride of Life’


Singer/songwriter McKail Seely is bursting onto the music scene with her unique folk-rock vibe. Between her incredible voice and moving lyrics, she’s an artist to look out for. We got the chance to talk with her about her EP Ride of Life, as well as her journey into the music industry and what inspires her.

‘We’re All Gonna Die’ Brings Out A New Dawes


Dawes is a band known for their folk-rock sound. The California band’s sound usually consists of a more banjo-focused, laid back vibe. However, the group has completely veered away from their traditional sound with their new album, We’re All Gonna Die. The band’s fifth album takes a stylistic detour, instead boasting a more R&B type sound with storytelling lyrics. This newly found upbeat, funky sound is taking Dawes in an exciting and new direction.

Summer Travel Playlist


For many of us, summer is the chance to take a break and get some traveling in. Whether you’re traveling around your own state, or traveling the world, it’s always nice to have a playlist prepared! This summer, I’m doing quite a bit of traveling, so I created my perfect summer travel playlist to get me through those long hours on the plane and on the road. I like to mix current popular songs with some of my classic favorites. Check it out, and maybe it’ll inspire you to make one, too. Have an incredible summer!

Leonard Wu Talks His Latest Role in ‘Marco Polo’


Leonard Wu is a talented actor with an impressive body of work both in film and television. He’s had roles in series such as Workaholics and Marco Polo, as well as appearances in the films 17 Again and Crush the Skull. Wu caught us up on his latest work, as well as what inspired him to be an actor, and why he loves acting. Make sure to catch him in season two of Marco Polo, which comes to Netflix on July 1.

Christina Moses Discusses Her Role in ‘Containment’


Christina Moses is not only a tremendously successful actress, but she’s also inspirational. After overcoming an innate shyness she’s had since she was little, she decided to pursue acting professionally. Now, she’s starring in the new CW series Containment and the new film How We Met, which premiered at the Dances With Films Festival on June 11. Here, we chat with Moses about her passions, what sparked her love for acting, and the best advice she was ever given.

‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 3 Doesn’t Disappoint


A Netflix Original, BoJack Horseman is an animated series that focuses on the life of BoJack, a washed up actor who found fame starring in a ’90s sitcom. This often hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking series takes its viewers through a whirlwind of scenarios as we experience the life of BoJack Horseman. Season 3 of the series was just released and is already receiving praise. Here are some of the best moments of season 3, streaming on Netflix now.

Why You Should Be Watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


As usual, Tina Fey has done it again! The comedian certainly hasn’t disappointed with her second sitcom. The 30 Rock writer tells the story of Kimmy, a woman who was held underground in a bunker for fifteen years. The show travels through Kimmy’s exciting and hilarious adventures as she makes a new life for herself in New York City. Here are some of our favorite reasons you should check out this Netflix Original Show.

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