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Summer of 2018’s Hottest Trends


As soon as the different Fashion Weeks hold their shows, we are left with an idea about what colors, patterns and prints to style and expect during the different seasons. Each season has its own set of distinct fashion trends, and the summer of 2018 fell nothing short of trendy. From pastel colors to tie-front tops and cherry print dresses to polka dots, the options were endless. Whether you scrolled through social media or simply spotted someone walking down a city street, a trend could be found anywhere and everywhere. Check out some of the  summer of 2018’s hottest trends right here!


Retro Sunglasses
Sunglasses are one of the easiest and one the summer of 2018’s hottest trends to hop on board with because they’re a necessity. Trendy sunglasses look stylish but they’re also a useful product, especially when used at the beach or by the pool. The two most popular styles were easily the oval retro shades or the cat eye pairs. If you’re in search of adding a vintage element to your outfits, then this is the product for you!

Flat Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses, (, $4.00)
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Livhò Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses, (, $8.99)
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Fruit Print
Along with the retro shades came fruit print clothing. Without a doubt, the Summer of 2018 was a tribute to vintage looks. The most popular fruit print was the cherry print, which alone was one of summer of 2018’s hottest trends.  A variety of stores carried different tops and dresses adorned with this classic print along with banana, orange and lemon printed clothing just waiting to be styled.

Cherry Cami Fit and Flare Dress, (<, $17.90)
Photo Credit:

Straw Bags
Straw bags began making their debut as early as April but their popularity increased as the summer months rolled around and they easily became one the summer of 2018’s hottest trends. One of the most fun accessories to style, straw bags made it possible to carry around a little reminder of summer and the beach wherever you go.

Gaia’s Ark, (,$128)
Photo Credit:

Circle Straw Crossbody Bag, (, $118)
Photo Credit:

Neck Scarves
This classic accessory easily dominated as one of the most popular trendy accessories this summer. Its versatility made it work as a go-to piece, whether worn as a neck or head scarf or as a headband. The best part is that they come in a variety of different colors and prints to match just about any outfit!

Printed Cotton Bandana, (,$5.99)
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Statement Earrings
Statement jewelry has been on trend for a while now so it is not surprising that people are still choosing to wear it. Geometric shaped earrings that resemble tortoise shell or abalone are two of  the current trendy statement earrings that coincide nicely with the overall retro theme of the summer!

Rectangle Design Drop Earrings, (,$2.00)
Photo Credit:

Polka Dots
Similar to the fruit print, polka dots could be found all over clothing and accessories this summer. Black and white polka dots were the most common variation of the print and most people chose to style it with pops of red and pink.

Polka Dot Wrap Tie Dress, (,$12.59)
Photo Credit:

Sandals & Wedges
The brown H-shaped sandals and these brown wedges were the most popular pairs worn all summer long. A basic, easy accessory to style, both pairs could be worn just about any outfit and work as a transition shoe from summer to fall.

Sayler Sandal, (, $59.95)
Photo Credit:

Adalyn Espadrille Wedge Sandal, ( ,$159.95)
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Although pastel colors are no longer restricted to spring and summer, the summer of 2018 did see a rise in pastel clothing and accessories. Blush pink and lavender purple are two of the most popular colors, but light blue is a close third during the summer with all of the pinstriped and seersucker items available.

Vine Striped Chilmark Relaxed Oxford Button Down, (, $78)
Photo Credit:

Tie-Front/ Back Tops
A little tie in the front or the back of a top adds a cute detail to a classic piece. Since most of these tops are cropped, they pair well with high-waisted shorts or a denim skirt. These tops came in neutrals as well as vibrant prints that are perfect for any casual occasion and easily one of the summer of 2018’s hottest trends!

Tie-Front Top (, $18)
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Julia Engel’s Gal Meets Glam Collection


When I think of classic style, Julia Engel is one of the first names that comes to mind. A Charleston based beauty and fashion blogger, Engel rose to fame by creating Gal Meets Glam, a  blog and relatively new iconic fashion line. On her blog, Engel shares her sources of inspiration, from travel to home decor since 2011 when she began her blog as a junior in college. In April, she launched her first collection of dresses for her new clothing brand, which is sold through her website as well as Nordstrom, and instantly gained a large following from women everywhere who enjoy the timeless, elegant look. Here are some of our favorite looks from Julia Engel’s Gal Meets Glam Collection!



This dress made its debut during Julia Engel’s Gal Meets Glam Collection release in April and it is everything you could possibly want in a dress. It’s a neutral beige color complete with a blush jacquard overlay and a halter top. The halter top has a small bow on the front as a cute added bonus. The dress reaches about knee length as do most of her dresses and it’s ideal for a formal event!

Evelyn, (, $188)
Photo Credit:


The Vanessa dress is the perfect summer dress. The pastel blue color is at its height during the summer months and the midi length and bow-tie front are in style right now. This dress would be easy to either dress up or wear casually depending on the event and looks very flattering and loose.

Vanessa, (, $138)
Photo Credit:


The Alice dress has a satin, shiny look to it. This is one of the occasion dresses and it could easily be worn to a fancy dinner, dance or holiday event. This is one of the few dresses in the collection that isn’t midi-length but still just as classy with the little bows down the front.

Alice Dress, (, $178)
Photo Credit: 


This navy dress is the epitome of classy. It is a simple midi dress with a bow detail at the top and soft pleats on the front. It also comes in pink and green as additional options! Stun on any occasion in this delicate dress.

Yvonne Dress, (,$158)
Photo Credit: 


Along with classic navy and pastel pinks, the Gal Meets Glam collection also has a variety of intricate floral print dresses. Blue and white floral is popular during the spring and summer and looks darling paired with lace-up wedges or strappy heels. This dress also features an adorable bow-tie at the neck!

Darla, (,$158)
Photo Credit:


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Classic White Dresses for Every Occasion During Summer


It’s not really summer until you can freely break out all the classic white pieces. Classic white dresses for every occasion during summer are are versatile, basic pieces worth adding to your wardrobe for an easy transition piece from day to night. They match every accessory and will show off your summer tan and beach hair perfectly! Whether it be bodycon or flowy, white dresses are the best way to show off your laid-back summer style.


V Front V Back Mini Cotton Smock Dress

Smock dresses are a trending style and one of the most classic white dresses for every occasion during summer. Most stores are carrying them, and Asos has several different styles (like this one) in stock. A flowy, loose fit to show off your bohemian style, the smock dress is a simple white dress ideal for a day spent at the beach or a casual outing with friends. Pair it with fun statement accessories to make them pop against the white!

V Front V Back Mini Cotton Smock Dress, (, $35).

Photo Credit:


Ruffle Mini Dress

Ruffles are quite the trend right now and one of the classic white dresses for every occasion during the summer. You can find ruffles on just about anything, ranging from sweaters to skirts, including this adorable dress from Topshop. This style resembles a wrap dress, which is another popular item this summer and every bit as comfortable as it is cute. Another easy piece to style with simple jewelry or a straw bag.

Ruffle Mini Dress, (, $55).

Photo Credit:


Blouson Midi Dress

This dress may be simple, but it is every bit as elegant. Style it as a beach or pool cover-up during the day, but wear it to dinner by adding a pair of strappy heels and a handbag at night. The length of the dress is appropriate for any occasion and all types of weather!

Wayf Blouson Midi Dress, (, $69).

Photo Credit:


Cattail Tiered Dress

Another breezy midi style, this tiered dress will be one of your favorites as soon as you put it on. It’s lightweight and comfortable, yet charming at the same time. Pair it with simple sandals or heels for a basic, neutral look, or dress it up with jewelry and your favorite clutch. The tiers are a fun detail that add a little flair to a classic white dress. 

Cattail Tiered Dress, (, $128).

Photo Credit:


Cotton & Linen Ballerina Midi Dress

Midi styles are one of the most classic white dresses for every occasion during summer.  The cut and silhouette of this midi dress will leave you feeling confident and stylish. A tighter upper bodice is complemented with a flowy skirt that reaches down to the knees, which makes this dress a first choice for any occasion, no matter the time of the day. Style it with your favorite pair of wedges or heels for a relaxed, elegant look during the summer.

Cotton & Linen Ballerina Midi Dress, (, $104).

Photo Credit:


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Straw Bag Must-Haves for Summer


Straw bags are the one accessory you can’t go without this summer. As soon as the warmer weather hits, straw bags can be found in almost every store! Put away your designer bag and pick up a straw bag to join in on the latest trend. Whether you plan on lounging by the pool or heading out with the girls, there’s a straw bag designed for just about every occasion. Check out our straw bag must-haves for summer right here! 


Gaia’s Ark

The Gaia’s Ark purse by Cult Gaia is one of the hottest straw bag must-haves for summer. If you spend time scrolling a fashion blogger’s Instagram feed or simply reading articles about the latest trends, then you will find this bag there, without fail. While this bag is made from bamboo, it still looks relatively similar to a straw bag and can easily be styled for the beach or for a fancier event.

Gaia’s Ark, (, $128).
Photo Credit:


Circle Straw Crossbody Bag

This bag from J.Crew is another favorite straw bag must-have for summer among fashionistas. It’s a simple, classic style, a crossbody bag perfect for shopping or for taking to lunch. The leather strap makes this bag a little fancier than the average straw bag, so it’s not restricted to the beach or pool.

Circle Straw Crossbody Bag, (, $128).
Photo Credit:


Victoria Circular Wicker Basket

This bag is so popular, it makes a reappearance every summer. Similar to the J.Crew bag, this is another versatile bag with leather detailing and a fun shape. Perfect for a summer evening dinner or simply a day trip, take this bag along with you to carry your belongings and stay on trend!

Victoria Circular Wicker Bag, (, $158).
Photo Credit:


Small Round Handle Bag

Straw bags in this style resemble the classic beach bag we all know and love. This tote is a good size and fits most items, which is perfect when taking a trip down to the pool or to the beach on a hot summer’s day. Style it with your favorite bathing suit or casual outfit.

Small Round Handle Bag, (, $105).
Photo Credit:


Mar Y Sol

Another popular bag from Shopbop, straw bags with patterns and pom poms are all the rage. If you’re looking for a bag with a little more color or detail, then this is the one for you! The navy pattern and tassel add a little flair to this traditional bag that will pair well with any classic summer outfit.

Mar Y Sol, (, $139).
Photo Credit:


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Straw Bag Must-Haves for Summer. Featured Image Credit:


How to Style White Pants


With summer quickly approaching, it’s finally time to break out the white pants! How to style white pants is a skill that comes in handy during warm weather. While the infamous ban on white after Labor Day is not followed as strictly by fashionistas anymore, white pants are still most commonly worn during the summertime as a basic staple. Do you have a cute top or accessory in mind, but you’re unsure about how to style it with white? The opportunities are endless, and we’ve got you covered with several outfit ideas. Check out our favorites right here!



Choosing how to style white pants during the summer is a task made easy with bold tops. Printed tops like this Lilly Pulitzer one make any pair of white pants stand out. Since white matches almost everything, it’s an easy combination and makes the colors in the piece pop more than would a pair of blue jeans.

Photo Credit:



Neon colors will pop against the white jeans, as well! The contrast between this pink Brighton The Day tank and the white jeans places more focus on the top. Blue jeans or other colored pants may overshadow the color, but white pants will leave you looking classy and fun.

Photo Credit: 



Mixing and matching different types of denim is another fun way to style white pants. While blue denim on denim is a popular look, pairing a classic blue denim jacket with white pants will give equal attention to both pieces.

Photo Credit: 



For a more classy, professional look during the summer, pair a navy top with white jeans. Wearing navy to professional events can be a struggle, since it doesn’t match with black, but navy paired with white is the perfect alternative.

Photo Credit:



Patterns, especially gingham and stripes, look perfect with white jeans. The white in the striped or gingham top is enhanced by the white pants, so they are an ideal match. A gingham navy blue top, like the one pictured, can get overlooked when styled with blue jeans, but white jeans show off the details in the top and in any accessories included.

Photo Credit:


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How to Style White Pants. Featured Image Credit:

5 Sunglass Trends for Summer 2018


It’s Memorial Day, which for most people means that summer is here. What better way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer than with a pair of trendy summer sunglasses to help block out the inevitable blaring sun? The 2018 summer sunglass trends are sure to have something for everyone. The days of big, bulky sunglasses are gone and have been replaced by a wide array of tortoise shell, cat-eye, aviator, and retro shades. Summer sunglasses do more than protect your eyes from the sun. They make a fashion statement too! Check out our 5 sunglass trends for summer 2018 right here!


Step right out of the 1950’s with these retro white sunglasses. The perfect addition to any vintage outfit, these summer sunglasses create a polished look and add flair. Pair with a fun polka dot dress or halter top for the full effect!

White-Retro Sunglasses, (, $12).
Photo Credit:


Embrace summer sunglass trends, and show off your sophisticated side with tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses. Whether you are heading off to a formal event or simply taking a weekend stroll, these shades will leave you looking and feeling best-dressed.

Kiersten 56mm Cat-eye Sunglasses, (, $160).
Photo Credit:


Sunglasses with tinted lenses can be found in a variety of stores today. This style offers a more futuristic look that differs from summer shades of the past. Immediately add character and creativity to any outfit with a pair of these fun sunnies!

Astro Sunglasses, (, $85).
Photo Credit:


Another vintage favorite, retro oval sunglasses are a blast from the past. If you’re in search of a sleek accessory that won’t clutter your outfit, these simple yet elegant shades are it! Channel your inner fashionista, whether you are attending a party or simply heading to the beach.

Black Oval Retro Sunglasses, (, $5).
Photo Credit: 


Geometric shades are also making a major comeback! Make a statement and have all eyes on you with fun, creative summer sunglasses like these. These sunnies are sure to add a little character to a basic outfit or enhance a crazy one.

Marc Jacobs Geometric Sunglasses, (,$134.11).
Photo Credit:


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Trendy Swimsuits for Summer


With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to invest in cute swimwear! From strapless sets to one pieces, there are endless options to style yourself while lounging by the pool or catching rays at the beach. Say goodbye to your boring swimsuits from previous seasons and hello to these trending looks. Check out our favorite trendy swimsuits for summer!

The one shoulder look is gaining popularity this season. This style allows you to show off your shoulders without having to worry about the top falling down! The bow detail on the shoulder and on the sides of the bottom add an elegant detail that make this swimsuit a must have. The striped print resembles seersucker and adds a bit of southern flair to all trendy swimsuits for summer. 

Tie Side One Shoulder Striped Bikini Set (, $11) 


One piece swimsuits are also making a come back. While one pieces received a bad reputation for being unstylish years back, there are now numerous styles offered that are both trendy and attractive. The plunging neckline style is especially popular this season. In this swimsuit, the wearer is still able to show off some skin while feeling comfortable.

Plunging Belted One-Piece Suit (, $22.90)


Most trending one pieces also come complete with a high leg bottom. In this style swimsuit, the bottom is arched higher to show off more leg during the summer. While this feature is not limited to one pieces, it does add a seductive flair and an interesting detail to this style of swimwear. 

Red Gingham Print Cross Back High Leg Swimsuit (, $32) 


High-neck swimsuits have been available for several seasons now but each year they make a reappearance with new patterns and designs. Simple stripes are among the most popular and the easiest to match with other accessories! 

High Top Swimsuit (, $20.97) 


Whether it’s a top or a bikini, smocked material is in style this season. If you are in search of this top, do not fear because most stores have it in stock. The smocked material keeps it in place and it includes the straps on the arms for added support and detail.

Smocked Off the Shoulder Bikini Top (, $84) 


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Trendy Swimsuits for Summer. Featured Image Credit:

5 Ways to Style Gingham


Traditionally, wearing gingham was limited to summer, but now we are seeing this pattern appear all year long. It works well as a transition piece between seasons because it includes white and neutral colors like black or navy that can be paired with most solids. Any statement necklace or pair of tassel earrings are sure to stand out alongside checkered gingham items. From preppy to trendy looks, gingham is one of the most versatile pieces to style. Check out our 5 ways to style gingham! 

Classic Look

With so many cute looks in mind, choosing just ways to style gingham is difficult!  Preppy looks, one of the most classic, often include gingham patterns. From collared dresses to blazers, gingham makes many appearances in the preppy style including this look. A classic gingham shift dress paired with a navy blue cable knit sweater and Jack Rogers sandals is the perfect combination of elegant and stylish.

Photo Credit:  


Casual Look

Since gingham is a bold print, it doesn’t require many accessories. A pair of gingham pants can be paired with a scoop neck neutral sweater and oxford shoes for a simple, yet put together look. Adding a pair of sunglasses or a racerback bra can add extra touches to this casual outfit without taking away from the pants.

Photo Credit:


Bold Look

While this look may not be for everyone, print mixing with gingham is an option. The colors in the top compliment the pink gingham well and give this look a vintage vibe. This look is perfect for the spring and summer because it is so colorful and bright.

Photo Credit:


Summer Look

Since summer is one of the most popular seasons to wear gingham, styling a colorful top like this one is celebrated. Besides dark navy and black, gingham also comes in pastel or bright colors. This pastel blue and white gingham off the shoulder top compliments a pair of white jeans nicely and requires minimal accessories, maybe just a simple necklace or bracelet.

Photo Credit:


Layered Look

Styling gingham with several layers makes for a cozy fall or winter outfit. The navy and white gingham top pops underneath the tan sweater and alongside the matching purse. In this case, the monogrammed necklace, watch and bracelets work well as fun accessories and add to the ambiance of this outfit. Choosing white jeans versus regular blue jeans is another option to make the gingham top stand out more.

Photo Credit:


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5 Ways to Style Gingham. Featured Image Credit:

Celebrity Style Files: Reese Witherspoon


Bright colors, patterns, and classic styles are the best representations of Reese Witherspoon’s popular clothing brand, Draper James. Launched in 2015, Witherspoon began this brand with her Southern roots in mind since she is a native New Orleans, Louisiana girl. Draper James brings out Witherspoon’s inherent classic and timeless look that is sweeping the Internet by storm. Lately, it is impossible to scroll Instagram without spotting someone wearing one of her beautiful designs! Here are a few of our favorites.

This photo was spotted on Witherspoon’s Instagram two weeks ago, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. The green and white flowers on the simple navy shift dress make it pop! She styled it with a simple pair of hoops and ankle strap heels for a dainty look perfect for the festive holiday.


Photo Credit: Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram


This dress would be perfect for summer because of the cute strawberry print on it. Since it’s navy, it matches a variety of other clothing pieces and will be a perfect piece to transition into the warmer months with. She paired this dress with pink ankle strap heels, which bring out the pink in the dress!


Photo Credit: Draper James


Although this dress was a design back in 2015, this look is perfect for the start of spring! The light shade of pink is a great way to break out the pastels instead of wearing the same dark colors everyday. Her collared dress is stylish with the fabric details at the bottom and the pleats. Paired with matching sunglasses and bright heels, this dress is a must-have!


Photo Credit: Draper James


Another older design, but just as stylish! Gingham is a popular print for the spring and summer and it is already making an appearance in stores. All of her designs are simple, yet elegant. This look really brings out Witherspoon’s Southern roots, especially the blue and white!


Photo Credit: Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram


While this look is more Christmas-y, plaid is always such a fun print to wear. The v-neck is very stylish and the little ruffles on the sleeves are a beautiful detail. Paired with a red lip, this look is ideal around the holiday season or Valentine’s Day!


Photo Credit: InStyle


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Celebrity Style Files: Reese Witherspoon: Featured Image Credit: Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram

Must-Have Pastel Outfits for April


It’s finally time to trade in your bleak winter wardrobe for pastel colors. Now that spring is upon us, soft shades of pink, purple, yellow and blue are perfect transition pieces as we head into warmer temperatures and brighter days. Pastel pieces are a necessity and can be worn year after year. Both trendy and classic, pastel colors can be styled in a variety of ways depending on your preferred style. Here are some of the must-have outfits for this April!  

Purple is a trending color this year. It was all over the runway during this year’s New York Fashion Week and we are seeing people style it during a variety of seasons. This dainty dress has beautiful lace detailing and trim along the sleeves and the bottom of the silhouette. Paired with ankle strap heels, it is a perfect lighter shade of purple for spring and Easter.

Hadley Open Back Lace Shift, ($44)


Pale yellow is another up and coming color. This color is soft enough for the spring months but not as common as pink and purple. The shift style is very popular and flattering and the subtle v-neck adds a trendy flair. Lace is a popular texture this season and the white lace at the top makes this an ideal piece for both spring and summer. Perfect for a fancy occasion such as a dance or a dinner!


Sandi Stretch Shift Dress, ($248)


Over the past few years, two pieces have become really popular. They can be worn together or separately with other pieces of clothing depending on the look you are striving for. This two piece comes in a soft blue and easily one of the most adorable looks this spring. The scallop detailing along the top and the bottom of the skirt are the best part!

The Carly Two Piece Set, ($128)


For a trendy look, bell sleeve tops are in. This is another ideal transition piece for spring because it is three quarter sleeves, which is perfect for the changing temperatures. The soft pink color is almost light enough to pair with other pieces of clothing as a neutral and will match with a variety of outfits. Most importantly, the bow detail on the sleeves adds a flair of elegance!

Bow-sleeve Top, ($29.50)


Button-down skirts are a versatile clothing item. They can be worn in a variety of seasons and used as a neutral. This blush skirt is trendy with the buttons down the front and the frayed material at the bottom. Paired with a plain sweater or blouse, it can easily be dressed up or down for the spring and summer!

Frayed Button-down Mini Skirt, ($15.90)


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Must-Have Pastel Outfits for April. Featured Image Credit:

Our Favorite 2018 Awards Season Looks


From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, the biggest starlets in Hollywood have gathered together on numerous occasions in 2018 to celebrate achievements in television, film, music, production, and more. With every awards ceremony comes a glamorous red carpet pre-show, where celebrities dazzle in the latest luxury brands from Prada to Chanel. Each show brings its own variety of eye-catching trends and styles that are sure to dominate the majority of the year. From blush pinks to deep v-necks, textures to patterns, and one-shoulders to bow fronts, the celebrities know how to make a statement! Below are some of our favorite looks from this year’s Awards Season.


The Golden Globes Awards

Both Zoe Kravitz and Dove Cameron stunned in their black sheath silhouettes. Simple, yet elegant, these sleek looks are the perfect combination of effortless beauty and breathtaking at the same time. Kravitz and Cameron reinforce the statement that less is more, especially when it comes to dresses. Paired with statement earrings or a bow-tie belt, this sophisticated look makes a statement without being over the top.

Zoe Kravitz in Saint Laurent

Dove Cameron in Monique Lhuillier

Photo Credit:


Critics’ Choice Awards

These looks are minimalistic, yet elegant. Traditional shades of black or white never fail to stun, especially when worn in a classy style such as these. The red carpets are known for their bold outfit choices, but these are two looks the average person would actually consider wearing. While Hyland’s dress resembles Haute Couture, it is eye-catching enough to turns heads without distracting from her natural beauty. Dern, who opted for a sleek jumpsuit, is both refined and beautiful in her black ensemble.

Sarah Hyland in Naeem Khan

Laura Dern in Balmain

Photo Credit:


The Producers Guild of America Awards

A little black dress is always an appropriate outfit choice. Both Robbie and Longoria dazzled on the red carpet with their sleek dresses complete with shoulder pads or puffy sleeves. Styled with minimal accessories and a pair of black heels, these were easily two of the most sophisticated looks worn during the Awards Season by the starlets.

Margot Robbie in Louis Vuitton

Eva Longoria in Saint Laurent

Photo Credit:


The Screen Actors Guild Awards

Kristen Bell’s deep pink dress and Yara Shahidi’s sleek black jumpsuit were two of the most breathtaking outfits on the red carpet. The rich color of Bell’s dress stands out from the crowd and compliments her soft features nicely. Shahidi’s jumpsuit is a classic, elegant look, and the trail of fabric adds a unique detail. Another set of simple looks paired with subtle accessories or a deep shade of lipstick that reinforce natural beauty.

Kristen Bell in J. Mendel

Yara Shahidi in Ralph Lauren

Photo Credit:


The Grammys

Camila Cabello and Hailee Steinfeld walked the red carpet in bold pops of color. Vibrant colors always stand out against the crowd, especially bold reds or purples. Both Cabello’s and Steinfeld’s dresses feature flattering cut outs on either the front or the side of the dresses and show off their curves nicely. Cabello paired hers with a disco ball clutch and Steinfeld wore purple pointed toe boots for an added flair.

Camila Cabello in Vivienne Westwood

Hailee Steinfeld in Alexandre Vauthier

Photo Credit:


The British Academy of Film and Television Academy Awards

Both Angelina Jolie and Emma Roberts were stunning in their classic black dresses. Jolie, in her elegant bardot style dress made of velvet, captured the crowd’s attention with her beauty. Paired with simple black heels and statement earrings, her simplicity is timeless. Roberts, in a low-cut black couture dress, has a slit on the side similar to Jolie’s dress. She also choose simple black heels and statement earrings to complete the look without taking away from the dress. The stars wore black to this event to stand in solidarity with the Time’s Up Movement, which provides support to those who have experienced sexual harassment.

Angelina Jolie in Ralph and Russo

Emma Roberts in Schiaparelli

Photo Credit:


Independent Spirit Awards

For this event, the dresses ranged in all different colors and styles. Patterns and textures were popular elements of most of the stars’ dresses, especially Amanda Seyfried’s and Saoirse Ronan’s. Seyfried, wearing a graceful white dress with lace detailing, opted for a simple ponytail and nude heels to complete the look.There are several cutouts on the front of the dress and a high-low element on the sides but the dress is every bit as elegant as Seyfried. While Ronan’s dress is much brighter, the floral pattern and beaded neckline adds character. The statement earrings she paired it match perfectly as do her gold heels.

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen

Saoirse Ronan in Prada

Photo Credit:


The Oscars

Haute Couture gowns thrived at the Oscars this year. From lace to floral print designs, some of the most beautiful gowns were worn to this event on March 4. Allison Williams and Mira Sorvino both wore nude dresses, which was a popular color at this awards show. While the colors of their dresses are fair, the detailing is exquisite. Williams’ dress is complete with a beaded bodice, and Sorvino’s dress is covered in fabric flowers for extra elegance. Simple jewelry and accessories were worn by both to avoid taking away from the gowns.

Allison Williams in Armani Privé Couture

Mira Sorvino in Romona Kevža

Photo Credit:

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Our Favorite 2018 Awards Season Looks. Featured Image Credit:,,

5 Must Have Travel Tee Brands


Long car, bus, or airplane rides are much more enjoyable when you have a cute travel tee to wear. These shirts are ideal for any vacation or adventure, and they look adorable paired with a variety of items including shorts, skirts, or pants. The best part? The images and sayings on the front of the shirt! Each tee represents a different location or season, so you always have a little piece of adventure to take along with you. Whether you are shopping for a souvenir from your favorite destination or just looking to get into the spirit of travel, these tees are the perfect purchase for your next vacation. Here are some of the must-have travel tees this season.


Happiest Tees

Happiest Tees represents the true travel spirit! Despite where you plan on heading this spring and summer, this brand has a shirt for just about every location. Simple, yet stylish, these tees are perfect to throw on for a long day of travel or to gift as a souvenir to a friend or family member who was unable to accompany you on your latest adventure!


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This brand revolves around experiencing new cultures and visiting new locations. Its mission is to support local families, artisans, and fabric makers from around the world by purchasing fabrics from over 25 different countries. They also donate 10% of the proceeds from their tees to grassroot organizations to support the livelihood of people from all over the planet. According to the Serengetee mission statement on their website,  “When you wear Serengetee, you are truly wearing a piece of the world.”

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Jadelynn Brooke

A southern, Texas-based clothing brand, Jadelynn Brooke offers a wide selection of adorable, preppy tees among other items. Some of their most popular items center around heading to the lake or the beach. Without a doubt the most comfortable and cute apparel you will ever own, Jadelynn Brooke tees are ideal for a warm summer day worn over a bathing suit or paired with denim shorts.  

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Southern Girl Prep

A southern, Florida-based clothing brand, Southern Girl Prep sells cute apparel centered around sunshine, adventure, and elegance. Their latest releases keep the traveler in mind with images of the beach, anchors, and pineapples on the front of the tees. These shirts are ideal for spending time in the sun or taking a long ride and wanting to be comfortable.

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J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is known for having some of the cutest apparel and this includes tees! Whether you are staying local this spring break or summer, or planning on traveling to a major city such as Paris or London, J.Crew Factory has a collection of tees that I have had my eye on for a while now!

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