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5 Throwback Trends for 2018



In every time period, there comes the rise of iconic fashion trends. From exquisite flapper dresses in the 1920s to dark grunge in the 1990s, there are specific styles tied to each decade. Now that 2018 is well on its way, and New York Fashion Week has past, we are seeing a rise in recurring fashion trends that are predicted to dominate the new year. While new styles and trends will definitely appear as the year progresses, the fashion industry is witnessing a revival of the most influential looks from the past.



Although plaid was at its height during the 1990s, it made a comeback during New York Fashion Week this year. A revival of plaid trousers, blazers, and boots (yes, boots!) are seen both on the runway and in the streets. A take on the classic plaid button down trend in the 90s, plaid ranging from dull greys to vibrant purples is making a comeback in both the corporate and casual atmosphere.

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Dark Denim

The 1980s saw a rise in the denim trend, and 2018 plans on keeping this look alive. From low-waisted jeans to full-on denim outfit ensembles, this is one trend that will not be dying out anytime soon. Denim is one of the easiest trends to modernize and style, especially since it is on the darker side and matches most clothing and accessories.

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Athletic Wear

Workout gear is quite the phenomenon today with all of the colorful, posh clothing lines that exist. While it was at its prime during the 80s and 90s, workout gear is now seen on both the runway and in our favorite stores. Whether you are in search of breaking out the vibrant tights or keeping it more casual with a grey sweatsuit, athletic wear still proves to be a successful style of clothing.

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What’s interesting about 2018 thus far is the wide spectrum of styles. Elements of minimalism, a classic, neutral style, are making a comeback this year. While minimalism experienced a high during the 1920s, a revival of the trench coat, oxford button downs, jean jackets and other neutral pieces are back in style.

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This year is not the first time fringe made an appearance. Rising to popularity in the 1920s during the flapper era, fringe was found on a variety of party dresses women wore to make a statement and entertain their guests. Fringe could also be found on leather jackets worn by bikers during the 1950s or during the 1960s and 1970s when society adopted a more cultural outlook. Today, fringe can be found on the runway as well as in our favorite department stores. Whether it is used as an element on boots, purses, or jackets, fringe is quite the detail.

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5 Throwback Trends for 2018. Feature Photo Credit:

A Valentine’s Night Out in Style


Valentine’s Day is nearing, and it is the perfect excuse to embrace a night out in bold reds or soft pinks. From cocktail dresses to jumpsuits, show off your festive holiday look of choice by preparing a stylish outfit ahead of time. Unsure of what to wear just yet? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite picks from retailers such as Tobi and Lulus to achieve the perfect look for a date night or fancy event this February 14th.


My Lace or Yours Dress by Tobi ($27, Tobi)

This lace bodycon dress embodies an aura of feminine elegance and charm. Simple yet fancy, this is the perfect outfit for a night out, especially when paired with a statement necklace or drop earrings.








Bell Sleeve Pencil Dress by Shein ($15, Shein

Bell sleeves are one of the hottest trends right now, and this powerful red pencil bodycon dress is ideal for Valentine’s Day. While wearing this bold dress, you are sure to make a statement! Paired with a cute clutch and a pair of black heels, this outfit will slay any night out.







Asymmetrical Pleat Jumpsuit by Nordstrom ($138, Nordstrom)

Who says you have to wear a dress? Jumpsuits are trendy these days, and this classic v-neck black jumpsuit is every bit as chic and polished as any dress. Paired with a pair of red or pink heels and a bold lip color, you will surely catch everyone’s attention this Valentine’s Day.








The Augusta Solid Seersucker Dress by Lauren James ($125, Lauren James)


This delicate seersucker dress is every bit as stunning as it is graceful. Show off your southern charm with the halter style and bow-back detailing. The color is decadent enough for Valentine’s Day without being overbearing, so you can still show off your festive style without wearing full-on red.





Off-the-Shoulder Skater Dress by Lulus ($52, Lulus)

If you are in search of a trendy yet classy dress, then this is the one for you! The soft pink color will establish a timeless look, while the off-the-shoulder flair adds a modern detail to a classic style. Accessorize with a matching choker, pearl necklace, or a pair of statement earrings to achieve the a modernly elegant look. 








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4 Awards Season Fashion Trends for 2018


Although the year is still young, there have already been a handful of award shows. But before the moving speeches and celebratory awards are received, the public’s attention is directed towards the latest in celebrity fashion. Each show brings the biggest names in Hollywood, and the biggest designers and trends along with them. Shades of black and pink, textures, patterns, and low-cuts are among some of the trending styles this season. Check out some of the trending looks from January’s award shows below!



This year, the Golden Globes attendees were sleek and stylish in their dark ensembles. Black is both effortless and elegant, and it just so happens that every single celebrity in attendance wore black to this event, which is more than coincidental. Besides for a classic look, celebrities used this opportunity to express their disapproval of the sexual harassment unfolding both inside and outside of Hollywood. Aside from the hidden meaning, the stars were eye-catching in black. The perfect blend of fierce and fabulous, the most classic shade was worn to make a statement.

  Alison Brie in Vassilis Zoulias     

Jessica Biel in Dior Haute Couture gown and Jimmy Choos

Samara Weaving in a Laura Basci Couture

 Penelope Cruz in Ralph & Russo Couture.

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The Critics’ Choice Awards represented the latest in textures. Trends in textures became apparent as celebrities walked the red carpet in the latest sequins, feathers, and lace. Quite the contrary to the Golden Globes, the trending styles during this awards show were much more vibrant and unique. From Angelina Jolie’s angelic white dress with the feathered top to Gal Gadot’s low-cut sequin dress, the stars knew how to catch the public’s attention.

Angelina Jolie in Ralph & Russo 

Gal Gadot in Prada

Allison Williams in Dolce &  Gabana 

Margot Robbie in Chanel

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The Producers Guild of America Awards brought out the most unique styles. The dresses worn to this event were vibrant, eye-catching, and bold. Patterns were an apparent trend as the celebrities walked the red carpet just a few days ago. Stars such as Kerry Washington and Leslie Mann opted to walk the runway in bold, floral print dresses. Floral print and embroidery are trending this season, and the stars are proving these patterns can be worn in more than one season.

Kerry Washington in Paolo Sebastian Couture

Gal Gadot in Armani Prive

Leslie Mann in Reem Acra 

Tracee Ellis Ross in Tory Burch

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards also saw a rise in floral patterns, sequined-textures, and blush pinks, a color that is becoming more commonly worn. Blush is now a color worn during more than just spring and summer, especially with the help of celebrities who are making it more universal. Most celebrities who appeared on the red carpet opted for a soft, dainty look to this event, which contrasted several of the other awards shows previously held this month.

 Margot Robbie in Miu Miu 

Vanessa Kirby in Valentino

Dakota Fanning in Prada 

Saoirse Ronan in Louis Vuitton

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How Alexa Curtis is Breaking the Traditional Mold of Influencers


A powerful influencer at 20 years old, Alexa Curtis is changing the face of the blogging realm. Unlike many influencers on social media who portray the “perfect life” complete with flashy cars and an expensive wardrobe, Curtis built her career from scratch. As a young girl growing up within the public school system, Curtis experienced bullying from her peers and suffered from a lack of self-confidence as a result.


Curtis’ personal troubles in her school life inspired her to begin writing. Initially beginning her blog A Life in the Fashion Lane as a positive outlet for her struggles, her blog has now transformed into a valuable source for people searching for inspiration to fulfill their own dreams while doing so fabulously. From blog posts about self-love to the latest fashion trends, Curtis covers it all and invites readers to actively join her on her motivational journey as one of today’s upcoming lifestyle teen and parent bloggers.

Cliché: How did your personal experiences influence your blogging career?
Alexa Curtis: I come from a very small town in Eastern CT and attended public school my entire life. I always knew I was different and didn’t fit in with the traditional mold: I’d rather be in my room alone writing or dressing up than spending time hanging with other girls or playing sports. Because of that, I started getting bullied in the 7th grade, which is around the time I started my blog. For me, blogging was an outlet and became my “me” time while I was failing out of high school. I had an A in English and Ds in every other class! Once I began making money from social media, I knew I had latched onto something.

How did becoming an influencer alter your life as a writer?
Transitioning from a small town chick to a so-called “influencer” has truly changed my life and the way I view writing and business. Once I started my nonprofit, I realized that I have the power to inspire young adults across the globe and truly help them feel more confident in their bodies and follow their dreams. I like to consider my writing to be much more soulful and from the heart now, since I’m writing about more life experiences than fashion and style posts.

What made you want to pursue fashion?
Fashion was a way for me to express my personality without having to talk to people. I was so shy when I was younger, and seriously scared around boys, so I used fashion as my form of voice. I truly love finding new fashion brands nowadays that are startups and have similar messages to mine: about loving your body and being your authentic self.

Do you have any words of advice for girls struggling with their image?
Screw what people think of you. If I had listened to everyone who had said no to me along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am. People still say no to me every hour (seriously) and I never let it get to me, whether it has to do with my body or my career. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do the best you can and don’t worry about the things you can’t control.

What is it like making a career out of your side hustle?
It’s the most incredible and terrifying feeling at the same time! I am so blessed that I get to work for myself, but that also brings responsibilities that I never thought I’d be facing at my age. Follow your dreams all the way. You never know what your dreams may turn into!

Who do you look to for inspiration?
Lately, I’ve been incredibly inspired by Demi Lovato. I watched her documentary and felt like I could relate in so many ways. I also really admire Elon Musk, G-Eazy, and Halsey. My dad inspires me a ton, too. I call him about everything!

How has your blog transitioned from a fashion blog to a lifestyle blog for teens and parents?
When I turned 16, I published an article about my experience as a model and the eating disorder that stemmed from it. When I published that article, I got so many messages from young girls and their parents asking me for advice on navigating body image issues and bullying. My blog has grown with me as I’ve gotten older, and that means new issues and life obstacles I have to face. I’d like to be an advocate for young adults on a range of topics, so that’s why I like to consider the site lifestyle for teens.

Tell me a little about your podcast and how it identifies all aspects of blogging versus only the glamorous side.
I started This is Life Unfiltered, my podcast, earlier this year, because I started to feel like I’d lost my message with some of the other opportunities I’d feature. When I’m on TV and I am all dressed up and have a full face of makeup on, the pictures are great, but how am I really inspiring people by dressing up and looking like someone completely opposite to the person I wake up looking like? On the podcast, I can talk about everything with no shame. I’m not being paid and it’s an hour every week that I truly look forward to. It’s definitely the most raw and honest side of me that anyone will ever see.

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How Alexa Curtis is Breaking the Traditional Mold of Influencers: Photographed by Tristan Vanterpol

Must-Have Pieces From Betina Lou’s Winter 2017 Collection


A Montreal-inspired brand created by designer Marie-Eve Emond, Betina Lou embodies the classic, feminine look women are craving this winter season. This brand places an emphasis on easy-to-wear fashion with French heritage. Inspired by men’s uniform and clothing pieces, Betina Lou adds a feminine flair to each style by incorporating delicate cuts and fits to provide women with a simple, versatile look while also remaining stylish. With sustainability increasing in popularity in the fashion realm, Betina Lou prides itself by operating under an ethical and sustainable code. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool are used to compose each garment of clothing and promise a long-lasting wear.


Centered around neutral shades of blacks and greys, the Betina Lou Winter 2017 Collection appeals to a wide-range of audiences. Whether the consumer is searching for an elegant piece or something suited for comfort, the Winter 2017 Line includes it all. The black Tessa t-shirt dress is perfect for a casual outing or class, while the black Elysa high collar dress is more suitable for a fancy dinner or a date. Those who are more interested in pants or casual sweaters will be impressed with the simple selection of pieces, too. Betina Lou also incorporates a pair of black pants and the grey Viviane sweater for those in search of an effortless, comfortable look.


For those in search of bolder options, Betina Lou has you covered. Aside from neutral shades, pops of color do appear within the line. The Esther dress in Indigo offers an alternative deep blue shade to the classic black, while the Fred pants incorporate a gorgeous rust color as an alternative to black pants or classic pants. One of the most unique pieces included in the Winter 2017 line, the rust color, will make a solid white or black shirt pop when paired together. The Catherine, a classic long-sleeved striped tee, presents consumers with a stylish piece to dress up a classic skirt or pair of pants for any occasion. To fully embody the classic uniform theme, a plaid skirt, the Marianne, pairs together beautifully with the emerald green Denise sweater.

Besides for timeless clothing pieces, the Winter 2017 Collection includes accessories and outerwear for the fashion-forward consumer, too. The collection features two peacoats in both black and grey complete with button detailing, which are perfect for winter’s frigid temperatures. A variety of chunky sneakers, loafers, slip-on shoes, and dress shoes are offered to either dress up or dress down any of the clothing articles shown in the line. Since simplicity is the goal of this line, statement jewelry is not necessary.

While all of Betina Lou’s collections are necessities, the Winter 2017 line offers the perfect combination of casual, comfortable, and stylish for this upcoming season. By combining fashion and warmth, the potential for style while layering classic winter pieces of clothing together is guaranteed. With this collection, there are endless possibilities for trendy and elegant combinations.

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Must-Have Pieces From Betina Lou’s Winter 2017 Collection: Images courtesy of Betina Lou

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide For Her


Now that we’re officially in December, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Now is the time to gather together the perfect gift ideas! For the fashionista, the holidays are the ideal time of year to add new pieces of clothing and accessories to one’s existing wardrobe. From sporty styles to trendy looks, we’ve got you covered this holiday season as you begin shopping for your posh family and friends.


For the Chic, Trendy Girl:

From choker tops to knee-high boots, the trendy look has taken off this year among girls as one of the most popular styles. Join in on fashion’s latest craze with our picks for outfit ideas and accessories to modernize any outfit.

Bell Sleeve Choker Neck Sweater by Vince Camuto, ($53.40)

Black Suede Over the Knee Boots, ($49)

Steve Madden Classic Plaid Blanket Square Scarf, ($22)

5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection


For the girls who have often struggled to find clothing to suit their small frames, Petite Studio offers clothing items catered to the shorter fashionistas. A New York City-based clothing brand founded in 2015, Petite Studio is the only fully-functional online clothing brand made specifically for petite girls by fellow petite girls who have similar body types and height ranges. After experiencing neglect from other name-brand companies, the founders of Petite Studio began the company with the hopes of presenting petite women with more clothing options and the fashion attention they deserve.


This winter, petite women are encouraged to shop Petite Studio for all of their fashion needs. This collection features soft blues, warm neutrals, smooth textures and two-toned outerwear to provide a variety of fabrics, shades, and colors to consumers depending on what they prefer to wear during the colder months.

Chloe Skirt, $139

Luisa Skirt, $139

The pieces included within this collection are simple yet elegant. Women are able to create classic outfits with a modern, trendy twist. Mini skirts such as the Chloe skirt in auburn looks beautiful when paired with a neutral, white turtleneck sweater and black tights. This look is perfect for a variety of settings including, but not limited to: class, a casual outing, or date night. The skirt is made out of a wool material ideal for colder weather settings and layering. The Luisa skirt in grey is anything short of ordinary. This trendy skirt complete with a belt buckle appears vintage and can be dressed up with simple black tights and a neutral top, or make a statement with a striped or patterned top.

Aspen Coat, $298

Valentina Coat, $329

For those interested in layering up this winter, Petite Studio offers several winter jackets ideal for colder temperatures. Both the Aspen and Valentina coats provide added comfort and warmth to the petite fashionista. The coats hit mid-calf and are not overpowering for smaller frames. The Aspen two-toned camel jacket adds a bit of flair to the average winter outfit by creating a more sophisticated look, and the stylish Valentina coat is another item made out of wool for extra warmth.

Posy Knit, $179

The Posy Knit, an off-the-shoulder knit sweater, is one of the most versatile pieces in the Petite Studio Winter Collection. This sweater is as cozy as it is cute, and the v-neck and open-shoulder look are in high-demand this season. It is an ideal piece that will complement the petite woman and enable her to display her shoulders and petite frame. Since this piece is simple and comes in a neutral grey, it can be paired with a variety of pieces such as black leggings or an A-line skirt.

Petite Studio recognizes the needs of their petite customers by providing them with new clothing options each season. By shopping the brand this winter, the petite woman is sure to find something suitable for her needs and distinct fashion with the variety of style opportunities included within the line. Whether one is in search of a simple or statement piece, this Winter Collection includes it all. Shop the collection at

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5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection: Photographs courtesy of Petite Studio

Fashion Talk with Bonnie From Stand Atlantic


When comfortable style comes to mind, vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser is a major fashion icon. With her dark shoulder-length hair, smokey eyes, logo tees, and distressed jeans, the Stand Atlantic band member is the embodiment of laid-back, rocker-chic fashion. You can usually find Bonnie sporting her wardrobe staples: black Vans, thick black glasses, long necklaces, or headwraps. Needless to say, the Australia native can make a fashion statement both on and off the stage. Stand Atlantic has generated a strong fanbase since their formation back in 2014 thanks to two successful national tours and their latest EP Sidewinder by Rude Records released last month. Aside from being a musical inspiration, Bonnie also stands as an inspiration for style.


Cliché: How would you describe your style?
Bonnie Fraser: Nothing fancy. I like to keep it casual most of the time: jeans, canvas sneakers, oversized tees; I’m just a sucker for denim jackets. I like stuff I can feel comfortable in!

Does your style relate to your music?
Well, I do wear a lot of band tees. Honestly, it’s not something I consciously think about, but I’m sure the type of music we play influences the way I dress just due to the culture of the alternative scene, I suppose!

Who are some of your style icons?
I wouldn’t say I really have “style icons.” I don’t try and imitate or anything like that. I definitely just want to do my own thing. I’ll more so take little elements I think look cool on other people and find a way to incorporate something similar into my own style.

Does the release of your new EP Sidewinder by Rude Records influence your fashion at all?
Honestly, it’s not really something I go out of my way to consider (although maybe I should?). It’s more so just embracing my own style and running with it. We’re a pop/rock band, so pretty much anything goes. But I mean if we were a glam metal band or something, I probably wouldn’t wanna rock up to play a show in Nikes.

Womens Clothing Online Denim Jacket in “Paris,” $143.61,

Bonnie’s Favorite Shops

Nique: These guys have some really clean pieces that I love. All their products have a nice elegance to them, perfect for both smart and casual wear, and you can dress them up or down.

I Love Ugly: Yeah, this is a men’s clothing store, but we’re all past the point of caring about that stuff anymore. I’m all about their hoodies and sweaters. I would definitely cozy up in any of the ones they sell! I am an absolute sucker for simple designs on casual wear.

Weathered: This brand is more smart/casual wear, and again, some really nice and simple pieces that you can wear pretty much every day to any occasion. Ticks all the boxes!

RYDER: These guys do a lot of vintage style clothing, which is really cool, even though personally it’s not really a style I lean towards. However, they do have a number of pieces I would definitely wear, so it is worth including!

HoMie: An awesome Melbourne-based brand I found through a good friend. I absolutely love the simplicity of their designs. The best part about this brand is the fact that they do a lot of work for homelessness, like providing brand new clothing and job opportunities. So you know your money is going to a good place!

The Upside: This is an activewear brand, but I love the way you can wear their products anytime and still look as if you’re not going to the gym (because I won’t be). I swear by their sports bras and their tees are so comfortable.

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Fashion Talk with Bonnie From Stand Atlantic: Featured image courtesy of Brandon Lung

Laura Laine’s Iconic Bags Postcard Book


Laura Laine, one of the fashion world’s top illustrators, teamed up with Fashionary, a company that created the first sketchbook dedicated to fashion, to bring us the Iconic Bags Postcard Book. This collection of postcards displays 16 of the most iconic bags the fashion industry has ever seen.


Ranging from Fendi to Dior, Laine’s postcard book offers a variety of the most popular brands that are sure to appeal to any fashionista. In a book comprised of beautiful sketches as well as backstories about each bag, Laine has captured the very essence of what makes these accessories so stylish.

“I wanted to create a story for each image that would be inspired by the look and feeling of each bag,” Laine says. “I wanted the girls to have a strong interaction with the bags and not just embellish them, but rather the illustrations play with the unique characteristics of each bag.”

She uses her illustrations to create connections and reinforce that there are real-life stories behind the naming of each bag. To Laine, the most important aspect of sketching is “doing justice to each bag design while making the illustrations work smoothly as a series.”

Laine has always been inspired by the fashion industry. It’s a creative outlet for her and her work, especially when it comes to the Iconic Bags Postcard Book. “Fashion for my work is both an endless supply of ideas, as well as a challenge to existing ideas,” Laine says. “It’s always been a huge inspiration for me.” Most importantly, the world of fashion allows Laine to make ties between fantasy and reality so that she can experience both. Her favorite element of the fashion industry is that “it’s not total fantasy, but the element of fashion usually ties it, to some extent, to the real world,” she says.

The characters and scenes she uses are often real people or places she encounters, which helps her illustrations come alive. “Many times I might not be so conscious about being inspired by something until I see it in my finished work,” Laine says. For her designs to grow from rough sketches on paper to intricate, unique illustrations, Laine pulls her inspiration from a variety of places. Fashion is a major contributor in this innovative thinking, but it is not her only muse. If ever in need, Laine turns to people, places, and other works of art, but inspiration often comes to her, rather than being something she is constantly searching for.

Thus far, she has worked with several top clients, such as Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, and Marie Claire. She has also showcased her illustrations in many major cities, including New York, London, and Los Angeles.

The Iconic Bags Postcard Book is now available for purchase at, online, and in select stores for only $12.90. This postcard book is one of this season’s hottest items, a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in high-end fashion.

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Laura Laine’s Iconic Bags Postcard Book: Photographs courtesy of Vikki Yau from

Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore Stun At NYFW


In the world of fashion, the glamorous, mesmerizing brands are the ones that capture people’s attention, especially during New York Fashion Week. Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore do exactly this with their dapper lines of clothing and accessories. Badgley Mischka’s line adds a modern flair to seemingly timeless eveningwear designs, and Francesca Liberatore’s collection includes powerful colors and styles that represent the 90’s vintage look.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the creators of Badgley Mischka, both studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, which is where they met and realized their similar taste in styles. Today, they are both listed on Vogue’s “Top 10 American Designers” list for their creative designs that appeal to a variety of women. Their clothing line is all about appearing fabulous without having to spend hours getting ready. Similarly, Francesca Liberatore graduated from Central Saint Martins, and now has her own clothing label that continuously dazzles the fashion world with the powerful messages they represent.

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka’s Spring 2018 line includes looks that are simply captivating, with their elegant designs and neutral colors. Featured in their collection are several different shades of pinks, whites, reds, blues, and yellows instead of flashy, bright color combinations. The majority of the designs are solid colored pieces, although there are a few floral or patterned dress prints included to give more than one style option. This brand is so captivating due to the impressive detailing they add to their designs. Most of the necklines on the dresses they sell are embellished with embroidery, beads, or some form of jewels to add a statement piece to their otherwise simple designs. The necklines themselves are just as important, some pieces have halter tops, some are strapless, and others have plunging necklines. Each dress has an elegant flair to dress up an otherwise solid, neutral color. These dresses are the perfect choice for a polished event such as a fancy dinner or an evening party.

Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore’s Spring 2018 clothing line is absolutely alluring. This collection is composed of a variety of long dresses; a plaid one, a silver one with a black pattern, a strapless yellow dress with pockets, and plenty more. She also included several pantsuits and two-piece ensembles in this line; the plaid set with the ruffled pants by far the most memorable of all the selections. Francesca Liberatore uses minimal color, but the detailing in her clothing is evident. Each outfit has some form of ruffles, embroidery, or intricate necklines to capture attention. She uses simple whites, grays, and dark blues to compose her clothing, and offers a few bold options such as the yellow embroidered two-piece set as well.

The Finishing Touch

Besides their astonishing clothing line, Badgley Mischka’s accessories are equally as beautiful. Most of their Spring 2018 runway styles included a variety of tassel earrings, a statement piece that is very in style right now. Their jeweled pumps are nothing shy of fabulous and really popped on the runway, especially when paired with a neutral khaki skirt or a white dress. In contrast, Francesca Liberatore’s line included minimal accessories and neutral white shoes.

Although distinctive, both Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore made lasting impressions at New York Fashion Week with their new Spring 2018 lines. Badgley Mischka’s line is complete with neutrals, solid and bold colors, and sparkly accessories. There is something for women with all different styles. Francesca Liberatore’s line is simple, yet elegant. Her pieces have the potential to be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, offering consumers some flexibility in their fashion choices.

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Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore Stun At NYFW: Photographs courtesy of Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore

How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini


Maison Pixel is changing the way our generation views swimwear for women. A Lisbon-based company created by two video gamers, Maison Pixel offers both bikinis and underwear that appeal to a diverse audience—with an emphasis on the digital era. The majority of Maison Pixel’s products are eco-friendly and made from Italian lycra, a material created from recycled plastic bottles. Need more convincing? $1 from every purchase is donated to charity.


With the launch of their Spring/Summer 2017 line, Maison Pixel offers unique swimwear options to give you stand-out style when you’re lounging poolside. This must-have collection features a variety of bathing suits in bright, bold colors complete with a pixelated design around the neckline and upper thighs. Maison Pixel’s swimwear includes both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, which allows women to rock the classic styles they love (while loving the environment, too). Here, we chat with founder Sebastian Teixeria about the collection.

Cliché: Why did you choose to convey an eco-friendly message to consumers?
Sebastian Teixeira: We feel that, as designers and creators, our work must surpass the creation by itself, and go further. At this age, what better way than to be held accountable for the impact on the population and the planet? It’s actually something intrinsically connected—the way we think of products or even the notion of wanting to design.

What is the style inspiration behind Maison Pixel?
Video games, music, design, illustration, and the Internet culture.

Why do you aim to reach the women of the digital generation instead of selling the typical bathing suit styles?
We wanted to design something that we might use ourselves. We also wanted to challenge the notion that underlines the brand—that real and digital life had to be kept apart. By designing pixelated shapes, it kind of tricks your mind. For example, in the early days, some people saw our products online and thought that we sold a photo filter and the product wasn’t real.

How have the proceeds from Maison Pixel impacted the non-profit Camfed you support?
All contributions matter when dealing with such noble, important, and effective causes like the one Camfed pursues. Our contributions are just a drop in the ocean of the many more needed to bring a change to people’s lives that, unlike us, haven’t been fortunate enough to be given the tools and means to pursue their dreams.

By helping Camfed, we gain extra motivation to grow as a business knowing that our success, done responsibly in the first place, ends up helping others in a profound way. We do encourage everyone to visit Camfed and get to know his or her work. The stats are mesmerizing and the effectiveness and impact of the work in the community in short, and in the long run, are truly inspiring.

If you can only do one, please donate to Camfed instead of buying one of our products. This is what some might call suicidal management, but who cares?

Do you think your brand message will give women’s swimwear a newfound meaning?
That is something every creator aims for and we’re not an exception. However, coming back to reality, we know that is extremely difficult, especially since we’re doing something really different and unseen. It taps into a universe of gaming, fun, and nerdiness that apparently is sitting on the opposite spectrum of fashion. It will probably be very hard to attain, but hey, we’re definitely going to try, and if by chance it happens, that would be awesome.

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How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini: Photographs courtesy of Maison Pixel

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Ann Taylor Fall 2017: What To Look Forward To


What’s the perfect addition to apple picking, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes, you ask? Ann Taylor’s Fall 2017 line, of course. With summer coming to an inevitable close next month, it’s time to prepare yourself and your wardrobe for fall. Ann Taylor unveiled its fall 2017 lookbook back in April and the trendy outfit selections are perfect for the upcoming season.


From bold skirts to cozy overcoats, Ann Taylor composed a sound variety of clothing for autumn. Because the fall 2017 line offers customers both neutral and statement pieces, your outfits can be combined for the ultimate look. Those who enjoy neutrals, such as green, black, and camel, will be more than happy with the line’s selection of pants, sweaters, and skirts. But for those who set their eyes on bolder colors for their wardrobe, patterned skirts, pants, and dresses are perfect choices. And better yet—statement pieces, such as the fall line’s bright-yellow peacoat, add a pop of personality to any outfit.

But the variety doesn’t stop at clothing. While minimalistic accessorizing is in style, the statement accessories offered, including colorful scarves and velvet clutches, are classic completions to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a pair of hoop or dangle earrings to add a little shimmer to the occasion. The line’s ankle boots or strappy heels can instantly dress up your outfit, while a crossbody purse can top off the exact look you’re going for.

All of Ann Taylor’s clothing lines are essential, but the fall 2017 line is the perfect addition to any wardrobe thanks to its trendy pieces. The line flawlessly combines professionalism with personality, one of the latest trends in fashion for this upcoming fall.


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Ann Taylor Fall 2017: What To Look Forward To: Images courtesy of Ann Taylor