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Maddie Logan Drops Her Music Video, “Ghost Town”


Country-pop star Maddie Logan is back with her latest video for her single ‘Ghost Town!’ This release follows her hit song “Stay Home,” a popular sentiment repeated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maddie has worked with industry titans in the past such as Aaron Chmielewski and Jimmie Lee Sloas and has built an impressive track record as a young star. 

Maddie’s success starts at a young age. The award winning singer/songwriter has been in the studio since she was 9 years old. She was the recipient of the  “Best Country-Pop Emerging Artist” and “Best Country-Pop Song” for the Global Music Awards as well as the “Featured Artist” Award for the CMA Fest Fair X. Maddie has proven to be  a true force in the music industry. We caught up with Maddie Logan to discuss her latest music video and much more! 

Cliché: Have you been able to pick up any new hobbies while quarantining?

Maddie Logan: I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at cooking and put together one too many puzzles. I’ve also spent a lot of my quarantine time on my songwriting. 

What was your inspiration behind the song Ghost Town?  

My mom and I are the queens of road trips, and especially when we have time to get off the main highways and really explore, including Ghost Towns. Last year, I went through a pretty tough break up and was feeling alone. I equated that feeling to what I imagined it would feel like in one of the Ghost Towns.

Maddie Logan

How did you come up with the idea for the music video for Ghost Town?

I had a vision in my head for this video – something simple but scenic and emotional. When I was writing the song, I was picturing the desert with a pretty ball gown and tons of emotional breakdowns. My director, Jordan, has an eye for cinematography and I’m so happy with how it turned out. 

How has it been making and releasing music during the pandemic?

It’s been difficult as everyone closed and isolated themselves. I really miss performing and can’t wait for venues to open back up. I will say, all the free time inspired some awesome new songs.

You have been singing for such a long time! If there was any advice you could give your younger self, what would it be?

Yes. I started performing as a singer when I was 6 years old. I loved it from day one and have never wavered in that. My advice to my younger self would be to always be receptive to the advice and expertise of the many and varied teachers I’ve been blessed with over the years. There is always more to learn!!

What’s next for you?

New music! Continuing to record my new songs and making videos. And God willing, I want to get out and perform my new songs!!

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Dilip and Otxhello Collab On EP ‘Late Year’


Dilip and OtxhelloRIAA Gold and Platinum selling Hip-Hop producers Dilip and Otxhello have come together to create a collaboration EP titled Late Year.

The wildly successful producers have come together before to work with artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Skies, Lil Tecca, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Roddy Ricch, and many more. Their work has already amassed 3 RIAA certifications, including platinum certification for their work with Lil Skies. They received gold certification for their work with Lil Tecca and Lil Pump.

With Dilip’s sophisticated drum patterns and Otxhello’s smooth gospel and R&B melodies, Late Year is making expansive electronic soundscapes that redefine the producers as essential artists.

Late Year is the future collision of the two producers, transporting listeners to a distinct new world, light years away.

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‘Tampon Rock’ is Your New Favorite Podcast


Have you ever had the craving for a podcast that brings music and comedy together in the most beautiful way? Well, Tampon Rock is here to satisfy that craving and many more. From creators Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument and Sophie Dinicol comes the genre-bending and brilliant new podcast Tampon Rock. This scripted podcast series follows the two lead lesbian characters, Deja and Chloe, as they explore the dating, love and music scene of Oakland. Oh and they’re also in a band called The G.O.A.L (The Greatest Of All Lesbians). 

Alysia, Sarah and Sophie made it their priority to create an inclusive series that would entertain the masses. Authentic representation of Queer POC in mainstream media is a rarity. In the expansive world of podcasting, a show like Tampon Rock is the first of its kind. With lead characters who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community as well as a queer Black character, the show looks to not only bend genres but break barriers. 

Tampon Rock is in a league of its own. With a score of all original music, creators and characters from the LGBTQ+ community, and hilarious storylines, this series is guaranteed to keep you entertained. We caught up with Alysia, Sarah and Sophie to discuss their vision for the show and much more! Make sure to stream episodes of Tampon Rock on iHeart Media!

Cliché: Tell us about your new podcast, Tampon Rock.

Alysia: Tampon Rock is a Black, Queer, female driven podcast about friendship, dating and life!

Sophie: What Alysia said! It’s funny and ridiculous and has great music.

Sarah: And as Sophie once said “Tampon Rock is us.” 

Why did you feel that this show would be best suited as a podcast?

Alysia: At the time it was really just access. We had the opportunity to create a podcast and we felt like for us, the best way to get the story out in the public was through a podcast.

Sophie – We had the ability to make a podcast through our own expertise and the support and resources at our company. I also think that by being audio only, this enhances the musical part of the show; our listeners really get to take in the music.

Sarah – In some ways, making a podcast was an easier way to get in the door. I’m sure the show will morph as it evolves but I think the best parts of it were developed because of the audio only experience. I feel like if we make a derivative production we would be able to bring something new to TV or film because podcasting pushed us into creative territories that aren’t intuitive when making TV/film. 

The show is so unique and genre-bending. What inspired you to mix comedy and musicals together to tell this story? 

Alysia: We all work at a production music library company, and I’ve been doing comedy in NYC for a few years, so honestly it came naturally. I think we felt it was the best way to really tell the story.

Sophie: Yeah, I think given our work, and the fact that Sarah is a brilliant composer and Alysia is an amazing comedian, it felt like the natural fit to combine those worlds.

Sarah: It just kind of came out that way! Tampon Rock is the amalgamation of our shared interests and skills.

Tampon Rock

Are the characters of Deja and Chloe influenced by your own personalities?

Alysia – I’d say so a little bit. They’re definitely a version of ourselves when we were younger, but way more exaggerated! 

Sophie I think we took parts of all of our personalities when we wrote them, but also added other traits as well. The whole show is inspired by our lives and personalities in some way, but it’s not directly autobiographical by any means.

Sarah – I feel like I know them or knew them; does that make sense?

What inspired the decision to have all original music as the score to your show? 

Alysia: It was the easiest decision! Sarah is an amazing composer, and again, Tampon Rock wouldn’t be Tampon Rock without our own music!

Sophie: Sarah is so talented and she’s truly the engine that drives the music in the show, so it just made sense to have original music throughout.

Sarah: I’m blushing, love you guys. I just wanted women to be in charge of everything and that included music!

The diverse portrayal of characters in Tampon Rock is rarely seen in mainstream media today. How do you hope your show will impact underrepresented communities?

 Alysia – I’m hoping that this representation will inspire Black, Queer, and POC communities, AND production companies, studios. I think the fact that so many films, podcasts, TV shows, are predominantly cis white narratives, it’s time to break that mold and make stories for Black, QPOC’s, normalized. 

SophieIt’s time to see and hear Black, POC, Queer voices in the mainstream so I think we made the show that’d we’d want to listen to.

Sarah – I always want to watch anything queer and womxn centric, and honestly the more diverse the better. QPOC people in general deserve more content and I’m just glad to be adding to that.


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Michael Lanza Branches Out In New Single “Islands”


Michael Lanza blends his wide range of influences together with his infectious new single “Islands” featuring Bay area-based rapper Chow Mane. While melodically breezy and upbeat, Mane and Lanza provide emotional depth to the tropical single. Through elements of Hip-Hop, Pop and EDM the two combine forces in an invigorating single on overcoming heartbreak. 

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter molds his own personal experiences into playlist-worthy tunes. By putting pen to paper and crafting tracks that stem from the heart, Michael Lanza creates hit after hit. Michael expands on his new release, confessing that “New people always seem to remind you of the one you don’t have anymore. You seem happy on the outside, but deep within there is great sadness and turmoil.” 

With warm guitar licks and tropical percussion, “Islands” casts itself away, giving listeners a glimpse into Lanza’s own search for paradise as he continues to explore new sounds. With each release Michael Lanza creates new sounds that experiment and reimagine his sound. “Islands” is the latest showing his versatility as an artist. 

Listen to “Islands” Here!

About the Artist

Michael Lanza is a Los Angeles based pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Michael blends his R&B-influenced vocals with colorful pop, future bass and house production to give his original music an intimate and nostalgic aura.Michael Lanza

Michael has made several guest appearances as a solo and double act opening for notable artists across the pop and EDM worlds, including Major Lazer and Drake Bell. He has also produced several tracks in collaboration with other Bay Area acts such as Ron Reeser, GhostDragon and KEPIK. He has even received welcome support from The Chainsmokers on his 2017 feature track The Way You Move with EDM-duo BEAUZ.

Following the success of his latest single “Lion”, which was co-produced with GhostDragon and Ron Reeser and landed him a #23 breakout on Billboard’s Dance chart, Michael has released his new single “Burn” which was featured in the season 17 final episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

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Lauren Davidson Drops EP “Love Ain’t Fair”


Songstress Lauren Davidson is finishing off the year with the release of her EP, “Love Ain’t Fair.” The EP includes 5 past singles that Davidson has released in the past including “Love Ain’t Fair,” “Compass,” “Find Me,” “Going Nowhere,” and “Halfway to Hungover.”

Last week, Lauren dropped the official music video for her release “Love Ain’t Fair.” 

Check out the video here!

Blending New York City vibes with the rich tones of Contemporary Country Music, she has created a genre all her own. Audiences and critics just can’t get enough of her original sound. Audio Fuzz Magazine describes Lauren as “an early Patsy Cline or Linda Ronstadt; with that I can do this myself attitude.” Digital Journal dubbed her “one of country music’s most underrated female artists” on the scene.

Lauren has made countless radio appearances over the years. She has played shows with Old Dominion, Carly Pearce, Russell Dickerson, Maddie & Tae, and Michael Ray. This year she performed at Madison Square Garden, as part of PBR’s “Unleash the Beast” tour. She is, without a doubt, New York’s very own “Urban Country” queen.

Never one to forget her roots, Davidson has created “Urban Country Jam” (UCJ). UCJ presents country music mini-festivals. Set in major cities, these festivals join together emerging country artists with fans and industry professionals, providing artists with an important platform to garner the exposure they deserve.

You can learn more about Lauren Davidson by visiting and connecting digitally on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Zeke Thomas Wants You to Amplify Your Voice


Given the current state of the world, now more than ever we need powerful voices who uplift and motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves. Zeke Thomas has proven himself to be a strong voice for so many disenfranchised communities. The renowned open-format DJ, MC/Host, and committed Human Rights Advocate has dedicated his time this year to advocating for causes he cares so deeply for while also, creating his upcoming series Amplify Voices

Zeke Thomas, the son of NBA legend Isiah Thomas, first made his name in music. As an in-demand DJ, he has shared the stage with and performed for celebrities including Michelle Obama, Diana Ross, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg. He has also produced his own tracks, including debut single “REGRET”, club banger “#ByeFelicia”, and deeply personal “BLACKNESS.” 

Zeke discovered the power in his platform when he bravely appeared on Good Morning America to share his most painful experience, the story of his sexual assault. Since then, he has grown into his role as an activist and advocate for sexual-assault survivors, the LGBTQ+ community, HBCU’s and many more groups. This election year, Zeke used his voice and platform to promote voter initiatives while campaigning for the Biden/Harris ticket. 

As a multifaceted human being, Zeke Thomas understands the power in his platform. His latest project, Amplify Voices on Revry, showcases powerful conversations with thought leaders of the Queer and BIPOC communities in hopes that viewers are inspired to use their own voices to insight change. We caught up with Zeke to discuss his latest series, working with his father, and his inspirations. 

Cliché: I know you’ve been quite busy with various projects during this pandemic. With the free time you have had, have you picked up any new hobbies or interests?

Zeke Thomas: The most significant new hobby I’ve picked up is taking better care of my body. I am working out, drinking water, and taking care of my mental health more than ever. I have also become an avid podcast listener. Having it on in the background has helped me focus. I have also become more interested in researching astrology and ancient religions and beliefs.

Tell us about your upcoming series on Revry, Amplify Voices.

Zeke Thomas:  Amplify Voices was a labor of love. It will be the first TV show I’ve created, produced, and am an executive producer on. This is a huge accomplishment for me as I have had success in the entertainment industry, but this is a first!

It features so many great conversations with Queer people and allies. Lauriann Gibson, my father Isiah Thomas, and Donna Brazile, just to name a few. Also, I want to personally thank D Smith, Isis King, and Hope Giselle, for agreeing to participate during a time when we are watching many trans women be murdered.

Check out the trailer for Amplify Voices here! 

There are some amazing conversations throughout this series. Is there any one in particular that you are most excited for viewers to see?

I am excited for people to see the ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics‘ panel as many people have asked how to get involved in government and they can learn from the OGs! I’m also excited for people to watch the Ally panel as I really think Alexander ”Baby Face” James really broke it down from a relatable perspective why classified black lives matter.  

As you mentioned, one episode in this series features a conversation with your father, NBA legend Isiah Thomas. What was it like being able to work with your father on such a special project?

My dad is a special man. Having the opportunity for others to hear the work he does in LGBTQ+ activism means a lot to me. As we as a family stand for equality, whenever I get to share the stage with my family, it is an honor and a privilege.

Zeke Thomas

Along with being a talented and renowned DJ, you are also an award-winning activist! What inspires you to be such a vocal activist for so many marginalized communities?

I come from a family of activists. Since we were young, every member of my family knows that if you can help, do it! My voice is loud, but it will get more audible in the years to come because I won’t stop fighting until freedom is no longer earned, but it is given!

What advice do you have for young people who also want to help and support various communities but don’t know where to start?

Watch our series! Read books! Reach out to me! There are many ways to get involved, and many organizations that need help. You can do anything. Just knock on some doors.

In addition to working on your show this year, you also used your platform to support voter initiatives and encourage people to get out and vote in this past election. What did this election mean to you?

This election was a fight for freedom. John Lewis said, “We don’t want space gradually. We want it now.” As we see, many people in this country do not care about the privileges and protections of others. Getting involved with these GOTV platforms was a duty. I did not want to be on the sidelines, asking “did I do enough?” I am thankful for President-Elect Biden!

Do you plan on continuing your advocacy work into the Biden/Harris administration? If so, what do you hope their administration accomplishes when it comes to protecting the LGBTQ+ community?

I will never stop being loud! We need to end the ban on Queer people not being able to give blood. Fight the anti-gay laws here in the United States and challenge dictators who are killing LGBTQ+ people just for existing across the world. There is a lot of work to be done, but progress will be made, and I’m sure about that!

Besides your upcoming Revry series, Amplify Voices, premiering on December 11th, what is next for you?

I am the CMO at Isiah International and working with Cheurlin Champagne, award-winning champagne and only African American owned champagne in the United States. I also will continue our work in cannabis and hemp. My future in business, I hope, remains bright. However, I will always be loud and proud and continue to entertain!

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Stephanie Ryann Debuts “I Should” Music Video


Country influenced musician, Stephanie Ryann, debuts the official music video for her latest single release, I Should. 

Check out the video here!

The inspiration for the video was personal. The song is about going against the “norm” to forge your own path in life. My production team and I took a more literal approach. The video follows my personal experience with going against the grain and the idea packing up and leaving home to go follow my dreams of becoming a country artist in the big city.“ explains Stephanie.

The song was written by Stephanie RyannScott Kurt, and Ronny Criss. Brent Rader produced the song in Nashville, TN. The official music video was directed and edited by Dutch Lion Productions and produced by Liane Winter
Stephanie Ryann
From Westchester County, NY, Stephanie Ryann is no stranger to the music industry. To assist in jump starting he career, Stephanie spent most of her late teens and early 20’s auditioning for tv shows such as American Idol, Nashville Star, and The Voice.

Ryann got her start in country music in 2016 with the help of her co-writer Kevin Totoian and producer Randy Funke. Both made it possible for her to release her debut, self-titled EP in October 2018. Since then, Stephanie Ryann has released several singles over the past few years, including “Travelers“, “For a Reason“, “Nights Like These“, and, “I Should“.

You can learn more about Stephanie Ryann by visiting her website and on Instagram and Facebook.

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The Highway Women Release EP The Highway


The Highway Women are heading into the final month of 2020 with the release of their debut EP The Highway. You can stream the new EP  here.

The EP features their new highly acclaimed single “The Highway” and “Stand Up and Fight” which was the official song of the 2019-2020 Women Riders World Relay . Their newest single “The Highway”  was released on October 30. It was co-written by Kristen Kae, Dallas Duff & Bonnie Dymond (Warner Chappell Music) who also produced the track. 

The Highway Women share,“This EP has been a long time coming and we are so excited for the next chapter. Until then, enjoy this special gift, from us to our fans.”

About The Highway WomenThe Highway Women

The group was originally formed in 2016, but current owner Jill Pavel of Heart Songs Records, purchased the label in 2017. She redeveloped the entire band and brand with the mission to empower women in the music industry.

The band and their label launched a joint initiative called “Be a Highway Woman.”  The collaboration was announced by Forbes in support of the band’s unique and radical approach. They do not seek for individual members to consolidate power, in the same manner of men. In contrast, an ethic of equal participation and collaboration governs everything they do. 

All proceeds from the single “The Highway” will fund a scholarship to a High School student (female) entering college with a minor/major in music or music business related studies. The Highway Women are rising above the challenges that 2020 have given artists in the music industry. 

You can learn more about The Highway Women by visiting and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Her Royal HIGHness, Drag Superstar Laganja Estranja


It was a late February day in 2014 when Laganja Estranja was introduced to the world. Her iconic death-drop entrance on RuPaul’s Drag Race has gone down in history as one of the greatest entrances of all time. However, her accolades don’t stop there. As one of the most memorable faces from the beloved series, Laganja has only skyrocketed since her days of lip-syncing for her life!

Along with being an alum of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Laganja Estranja wears many more hats. From being a trained choreographer, musician, political and social activist and famously, a cannabis activist, among other things, Laganja is one of the hardest working people in the industry. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the live entertainment industry has taken a serious hit like many other businesses. With many artists and creatives having to adopt and adjust to a new medium, such as digital, it has been both challenging and a moment for gratitude. In particular, many drag queens, including Laganja, have been producing entertaining content online for many months. However, the future of drag shows is something that is still up in the air as the pandemic continues to rage on. Laganja Estranja

While the pandemic continues to challenge us all, Laganja Estranja has pulled out all her resources to continue to shine like the star she is. We were lucky enough to catch up with her amidst her busy schedule for all the tea you need! From her digital shows, to her Youtube series, Comedy Central appearances, and a potential upcoming music drop, everyone should keep their eyes out for Queen Laganja Estranja!

Cliché: Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. So many businesses and communities have been impacted this year. One of the many communities that has been affected by the pandemic is the drag community. With live entertainment coming to an abrupt halt earlier in the year, how did you take the sudden changes?

Laganja Estranja: When the pandemic hit, it was definitely very scary as an artist. However, I feel lucky that I have a platform that I have built over the last seven years that I am able to continue financially surviving off of. Luckily, I’m very creative. I have a degree in Dance and Choreography from the California Institute of the Arts. I really tapped into the inner artist, as opposed to the inner drag queen during this time, and got creative. I found ways to configure my home so I could do virtual shows and invested in a lot of lighting, fans and smoke so I could do all the things you would typically see at the nightclubs but here in my house.  

The world of digital-drag has been able to emerge strongly during this pandemic! With such successful digital performances yourself, how do you see the future of digital drag and drag performing?

We are definitely seeing a lot of Drive’N Drag right now, specifically from Voss Events. So, I’m hopeful that more promoters will take on this idea and create more outdoor landscape spaces for artistic performers to do their art while accommodating people safely. I definitely think we’re going to see a lot more outdoor drag especially for the foreseeable future. I don’t see us returning to indoor clubs for quite some time, unfortunately.

I do think digital drag will continue on. However, it has become so highly saturated and audiences seem to have lost interest. So, I don’t know the longevity of the digital drag world but I do believe there are a few people like Biqtch Puddin’ with her incredible digital drag show on Twitch and Rhea Litré with her Quarantine Queen show who have really created the capacity to keep going. It’s not to say that I don’t think we’ll see both but many performers, singers, dancers, and artists have had to switch over to digital and it feels saturated at the moment.

Congratulations on your sold-out performance of Up In Smoke! How did you come up with the concept for the show?

I am a child of musical theater! After I presented my first show HIGHconic, which was more of a music review, I knew that I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to tap back into my artistic roots and my BFA as a choreographer. So, I wrote an original play inspired by the circus, specifically 1920’s -30’s era. I wanted to make something that was dark and powerful. It was important to me to speak about being non-binary and what that might have looked like back in that time. The show is really about my character, the MC, who is rejected for not being feminine enough. It was a really interesting project to work on during this time and I’m so proud of it. I have actually submitted it for SXSW so hopefully, we’ll get an award! 

Your Muse Me series on YouTube has been so fun to watch! The creative collaboration between you and Robert Hayman is such an interesting process to see. What inspired you to document this series for the world?

We actually submitted this series as well for SXSW! My best friend Robert Hayman and I have known each other pretty much since I got off RuPaul’s Drag Race. He was one of the first photographers to reach out to me and want to photograph me and we clicked immediately. We have been making artwork together for years. I don’t even know how many images we have at this point. I definitely believe that no photographer has shot a drag queen as extensively as he has shot me. 

We really wanted to let the world in on our creative process because we both think our work is really interesting. The way we work is very unique, especially with little to no money and resources. During this time, we hope it has been inspiring others to do the same. We wanted to create a series to not only showcase what we do as artists but hopefully to inspire others to get out there and use their creative mind to make unique art and follow along with us. 

Laganja Estranja

I heard you just recently recorded a new single. Can you tell us anything about it and is there an album or EP on its way?

I’m currently shopping for a label for my next album HIGHconic. But what I can tell you, is that I am going to be releasing my first single this year on November 30th called ‘Daddy.’ It will have a music video to accompany the single. After that I’m planning on releasing two more singles early next year followed by the HIGHconic album. I’m super proud of it. It has been a long time coming. I’ve been making music pretty much since season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s something that has always been very near and dear to my heart but it has taken a long time to pick up momentum, especially since I self-produce everything. So, I’m hopeful of being picked up by a label to get this music out. 

Your latest episode of Comedy Central’s Tales from the Trip was hilarious! Two questions: Have you gotten that Andy Warhol inspired Pink and Yellow Cow outfit? And, has it put you off mushrooms forever?

No, I haven’t gotten the outfit! It’s not currently in the works but maybe this episode will inspire it! 

I have not done mushrooms since! I am all for the education of mushrooms. I think a lot of people have been microdosing and seeing incredible results. I am all for more exploration of the medicinal side effects. However, for me that was such an amazing and memorable trip that I just think I would not do it until I’m Grace & Frankie age. For now, I’m good on the psychedelics, all I need is a little green. 

What can we expect from you next? Any new music, cannabis collabs, or makeup we should keep an eye out for?

I’m actually dropping a cannabis derivative for the holidays. It is in collaboration with a company that will be announced soon. There will be three bath products that will go from day to night and be CBD-based. They will be able to be shipped internationally and will be full spectrum CBD. Can’t wait to tell you more, but keep an eye out around Thanksgiving for more information on the products.

The world of Laganja Estranja is only getting bigger. From CBD products to digital shows and upcoming music, the creative mind of Laganja doesn’t seem to have slowed down since we saw her strut into the Werk Room during the season 6 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race. With her upcoming music release on November 30th as well as her highly anticipated cannabis collab, it would be smart to keep your eyes on the legendary Laganja Estranja!

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Herizen Lets Out Her Demons


The dynamic and rising star Herizen is back with her latest EP Demon, out now! Following on from her 2018 well-received debut EP Come over to My House, she shares the exceptionally fierce Demon EP with the world.

Self-penned and co-produced by Herizen – the four-track EP introduces her now-signature grunge, rock-pop sound. The Cuban-Jamaican musician’s enchanting, raw vocal resonates throughout Demon EP. This includes her tenacious latest release ‘Range Rover,’ which is a charged-up industrial alt-pop soundscape. As well as the fiery, heavy bass trap-rock track ‘Hellboy’. Herizen also unveils two new tracks that are the haunting, slow burner ‘Demon’ and the mesmerizing acoustic guitar led ‘Flower’. 

On Demon EP, Herizen shares that, “Each song is a memory and a story about a certain situation. The name ‘Demon’ comes from feeling like I almost had a doppelgänger as a partner. In a sense, we were so much alike, but he was bringing out my demon. It’s about me allowing this crazy, wild side out.”

Check out the video for Demon below! 

When it comes to making music, Herizen says “I want to be more than myself every year. I don’t want to stop making music. I’m not hiding from pain. I’m a human, and this is how I express myself. I hope it can get people through similar situations. Go into love blindly, trust it, and don’t be scared of how it’s going to end up. The message I want to send is it’s good to get hurt. You’re stronger afterwards.”


Herizen has received support from the likes of Wonderland, i-D, Vogue, Grazia, Interview Magazine, Elle UK, Complex, Nylon, Paper Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, and Refinery 29. Inspired by her reggae musician father, the twenty three-year-old has been featured on numerous musical projects, including Absofacto’s ‘Thousand Peaces’ EP and the official soundtrack for the Major Lazer’s documentary ‘Give Me Future’. Herizen has toured with Oliver Tree and performed at SXSW.

In addition to her musical achievements, west coast-based Herizen has seen huge accomplishments in the acting world. This includes the leading role of Mylene Cruz on  the ground-breaking Netflix series ‘The Get Down’, where she also delivered the soundtrack. She is also currently playing the lead in USA Network’s ‘Dare Me’ which is co-produced by Netflix.

Herizen is one of the most exciting, fearless pop newcomers emerging. With her eyes firmly set for another trailblazing 2021, keep your eyes and ear open for the electric star in the making, Herizen.

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Shannon K Embraces Her Roots with Latest Single ‘RUN’


LA-based singer-songwriter Shannon K is back with her latest single ‘RUN’ out now! This newest single follows her earlier release of ‘I Do.’ However, ‘RUN’ has a deeper meaning for Shannon K. It is a song she created to motivate herself and her listeners to overcome the negativity in their lives. Paired with a beautiful video shot in Jaipur, India, Shannon K embraces her Indian heritage and confidence in this latest release. We caught up with Shannon to discuss her latest drop, her upcoming film and podcast, and the advice her famous Bollywood father gives her! 

Cliché: What has it been like to create music or, just be creative, during quarantine? Have you found it easier or more difficult? 

Shannon K : It has certainly been quite an experience creating during quarantine. Though I must say that this time really made me focus on my writing and understanding the value of life in depth. I have been quite creative in terms of songwriting and finding other fields to tap into. Along with that, I feel like this quarantine gave me an opportunity to get to know my inner self and expand my creativity.

Your latest single, ‘RUN’, is one that means a lot to you. What inspired you to make this song?

My past experiences inspired me to write the song. As a young South Asian girl who aspired to become an artist and came down to the land of dreams aka Hollywood, I was very much insecure about myself. That had been bugging me a lot, not to mention the kinds of things I heard from people when I had first started my career. I had people laugh at me when I shared my dreams and aspirations with them. All those memories made me want to write a song to motivate not just myself, but all the others who’ve gone through something similar or have lost their self-confidence.

The video is so beautifully shot at the Mundota Palace and Fort in Jaipur, India. Why did you decide to shoot the video for this song there?

During the making of this song I had a thought of how amazing it would be if we could show my culture in the music video. It is always something I want to showcase through my music or videos somehow. My younger sister, Annabel, had the same thought when she heard the song and converted her amazing vision into this epic music video! 

Part of showing different versions/looks was a way of saying that you can be whoever you want and you can balance your ethnicity and culture while still being on trend. You don’t need to look the same as others. Everyone is unique in their own way. Another reason to film in Jaipur was because I am so fascinated with the Royal heritage of Jaipur and I wanted to show its beauty and colors.

Check out the video for ‘RUN’ below! 

There are so many creative aspects that go into releasing a song -from visuals to the music production. Is there a part you find the most exciting or one that is your favorite to do?

I love the entire process, right from creating the song to filming the music video. Being in studio sessions vibing and creating with some incredible artists, including my sister Annabel, is super fun. I get to be as free as possible and talk about anything. It’s like a therapy session with music! We share so much laughter during the sessions it honestly doesn’t feel like work. When it comes to filming for the music video, I love dressing up and getting to film at the most beautiful locations ever!

Has your father, beloved Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu, given you any advice or words of wisdom when it comes to making music?

My father usually advises me to have perseverance and patience because that along with hard work and a positive attitude, is the key. He warned me about the kinds of people who I would come across that would try to put me down and would discourage me. But, he reminded me that I have to keep going forward and not care about the haters. He told me about all the challenges that I’d have to face but during those times I have to stay focused and always try to do better than before. He taught me to never give up on myself, and always be humble and down to earth.

Shannon K

You have a new podcast called ‘Get Real’ that is set to release soon! What will the podcast be about?

In the podcast we’ll speak with artists, actors, musicians and influencers and explore the reality and unheard stories behind their success. A lot of times people start dissing celebrities without knowing the hardships and sacrifices they have made along the way to success. I feel like this podcast will give an opportunity for people to hear those stories while being real, which would motivate and inspire people to keep pursuing their goals.

This November, you will be starring alongside Manolo Vergara in a new film! Can you tell us about it?

I am super excited to be a part of the feature film which also stars Manolo Vergara. It’s called ‘The Big Feed’ and it’s a horror/comedy. I can’t wait for my fans to see this new side of me!

What’s next for you?

Right now I’m super excited for the film and podcast, so I hope my fans like my work. Along with that, I have an online shopping mall at Shop Social Scenes where you can check out some really cool products and brands, and get yourself or your loved one something!

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DASHA is Here to Get You Through Heartbreak


Rising pop-star DASHA is back with her latest anti-cheating anthem “None of My Business.” Her newest release is for all of the people who have been through an unfaithful relationship and need to be heard. 

None of My Business” is all about recognizing self-worth and self-love. With this release, DASHA continues to craft her sound as a girl-empowering pop powerhouse. She shares “I’ve always been surrounded by women that are just so unafraid to get what they want. I guess I picked that up.”

The sassy and hilarious videos breathes life into an already lively song! Check out the video below! 


About the Artist

DASHA grew up in San Luis Obispo, California, immersed in the world of dance, acting, and music. Since the young age of 12, she has been writing and performing her music alongside her older brother and producer, Bardo (Trevor Daniel, Beauty School Dropout). While attending Belmont University, DASHA has collaborated with various up and coming artists, including Pink Slip, Inverness, and more. Her most recent single, “Don’t Mean a Thing,” was released through Sony Germany and placed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Nashville playlist. DASHA’s upcoming music is upbeat, vibrant, and honest–perfectly reflecting how she shows up in the world.

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