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Parade of Lights Interview


Vigorous and diversified sounds intersect with captivating lyrics to create authentic music that is notably hard to come by. With the self-production of their debut album, Feeling Electric, that was released June 2015, alt-electro band, Parade of Lights, have made a sudden rise in the music industry. Composed of Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo, Randy Schulte, ...

The Neighbourhood Interview


The effortless creation of intuitive and soulful compositions are what The Neighbourhood’s music is known for. In fact, their lyrical explicitness has only flourished with the release of their second album, Wiped Out!. The band approaches each track with emotional rawness, showcasing the naked truth of a dark tale. With Wiped Out!, they have created ...

Chris Murray Interview


Born and raised in Kentucky, actor, writer, director, and producer Chris Murray is best known for his comedic appearances in movies, commercials, web series, and shorts, some of which he has written and created himself! Now, taking on a different kind of role, Murray plays Ryan Fleege in the upcoming horror film, Paranormal Activity: The ...

Rising YouTube Singers


YouTube has come a long way since the place in which it once began. I remember logging in to view the videos of those I had subscribed to and watching ordinary people display their talent with the use of camera from the comfort of their own bedroom. That part of the experience hasn’t changed, but ...

Top 5 Song Covers on YouTube


YouTube sensations are on the rise and everyone seems to be taking full advantage of the platform – as they should! YouTube was created to showcase ordinary people with extraordinary talent in an effort to build up the audience needed for success. We now live in the digital age of beauty gurus, vloggers, fashionistas, and ...