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Must-Have Textures This Winter


There is nothing more exciting for me than spotting my first snow flurry of the season. For me, winter holds many warm memories of time spent huddling around a fireplace with my sister, sipping coffee with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and that magical first snow. Unpopular opinion, I know, but winter is absolutely my favorite season. Even if you can’t get on board with the cold, everyone with a fashionista inside of her knows that cold-weather fashion can’t be beat. Layers, coats, scarves, and the boots. Enough said, ya’ll. This year though, it is all about texture. Winter is the time to get creative with fresh fabrics and materials, and I couldn’t be more excited to break out some of the funky pieces that have been staring longingly at me from the back of my closet.

Listen up ladies; pom poms are the new black and I am living for it. This bag, from one of my favorite sustainable brands, Mercado Global, has all of the winter essentials—neutral colors, a leather strap, a textured print, and pom-poms! This fun detail adds some whim to your wardrobe and may even alleviate some of the drear cold that winter weather can bring. The spherical burst of texture is exactly what every gal needs to break up the monotony of an otherwise flat outfit.

Who needs real fur when faux fur is this cute? This blush, gloriously fuzzy coat is an absolute necessity as the snow begins to accumulate. It’s practical, fun, and absolutely makes a statement. Perfect for everyday wear or as a fashionable companion to keep you warm in your LBD at a rooftop cocktail party (first off, just why?), this jacket adds just the right amount of pomp and circumstance for, well…any circumstance.

Velvet pants. Velvet pants, you guys! What a world we live in, am I right? Talk about texture, velvet is and always will be the quintessential winter fabric—and these cropped pants are everything that is good in the universe. Trendy, comfortable, and office appropriate, these hit the jackpot. Pair these with a cozy sweater and your favorite footwear and you’ll be rolling into work feeling like you just rolled out of bed (and who knows, maybe you did).

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The Must-Have Pieces From the Somedays Lovin Winter 2017 Collection


Small flurries of snow drift down aimlessly, awaiting their fate on cold New York sidewalks; oversized Christmas trees draw large crowds of wide-eyed children; and people bustle and bump into each other protected by layers and layers of warm clothing. The magic of wintertime in the Big Apple has inspired designers around the country for decades, but this year, Somedays Lovin’s Winter 2017 collection takes the cake, truly capturing that irresistible NYC enchantment.


Ruby reds, blushing pinks, jasper green, and midnight blue set the scene for this collection while satin, knitted cotton, and fur steal the show. Asymmetric hems and unique layers complete each piece and no detail is left unattended. Somedays Lovin’ set out to capture the imagination of free-spirited women across the globe and they’ve certainly got our attention. Taking inspiration from the beachy, carefree vibes of the West Coast and adding in some Australian rock chic edginess, Somedays Lovin has created a brand that is somehow both modern and nostalgic.

Somedays Lovin’ has created more than just a style; they’ve created a feeling through their clothing. The winter collection enables its wearers to embody the Somedays Lovin’ girl. She’s a free spirit, she’s got street-to-bar coolness, and she is living up the holiday season in the city. She is the star of every scene and lights up every room she walks into.

Cherry Bomb
Nothing makes a statement like cherry red and there is no time more appropriate to break out this bold color than the holidays. This romper perfectly captures the Somedays Lovin vibe—bell sleeves pay homage to the 1970’s trends sweeping the runway, but this playsuit is anything but sweet and subtle. The perfect piece to accompany some thigh high boots, you’ll turn heads anywhere you go.

Emerald Nights
Rich tones are the name of the game this season, but this dress challenges typical fashion protocol. While florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, they are for winter. We are loving the nod to festival season past, and no matter what your skin tone, emerald green is sure to flatter.

Sweater Weather
It doesn’t get much better than a sweater dress, and as soon as the temperature drops, we are on the hunt for the perfect knit outfit. It’s easy to blur the lines between fashion-forward and matronly when it comes to knitwear, but this off the shoulder dress is just the right amount of sexy (and warm!). Wearable at the office or at any holiday party, we have a feeling this dress will become your new favorite go-to.

A blush and gold slip dress, a past-the-knee fur coat…does it get more glamorous? For the gal who’s not afraid to have fun with her clothes and let her inner 1920’s-era movie star shine through, this is the outfit for you. We love a good statement piece and this coat packs a powerful punch in a tasteful way. Nothing says NYC like a little glamour and a lot of flair, so embrace it!

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The Must-Have Pieces From the Somedays Lovin Winter 2017 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Somedays Lovin

Get Knitting This Winter: We Are Knitters


As the winter doldrums settle in, you may find yourself stuck in a movie-popcorn-hot-cocoa rut. You’ve seen every holiday movie Candace Cameron Bure has ever been in and you’re pretty sure your bloodstream is about 75% hot chocolate by now. For many, the cold winter air makes a warm bed absolutely irresistible and it’s likely your motivation to do anything but stuff your face and snooze is gone. Hobbies may be tossed to the side until New Year’s resolutions once again spark that flame, but winter is the perfect time to start up a weather-appropriate pastime.


While you’re embracing your inner granny, lounging in pajamas and taking hot baths, why not learn a new skill, add some fun new pieces to your wardrobe, and take care of your Christmas shopping all in one? We Are Knitters offers knitting kits for every style, shape, and skill level imaginable. The concept is simple: select a garment, skill level, yarn material and color scheme, and get everything you need to get knitting! Needles, yarn, and a step by step pattern are included in every order. From scarves and beanies to sweaters and cardigans, your options really are limitless.

Perfect as a Christmas gift, whether you knit your sister a scarf or give your best friend a kit so you can knit together, you can check off just about everyone on your list with a We Are Knitters Kit. If you’re looking for a new community, a relaxing pastime, or some warm winter clothes; knitting may be for you. We’ve included a few of our favorite patterns below to get your creative juices flowing and your hands itching!

(Danko Scarf in Aquamarine, $70)                                                      

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Get Knitting This Winter: We Are Knitters: Photos Courtesy of We Are Knitters 

Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection


Most fashion labels aren’t born out of a garage, and if they are, they probably don’t make it out of the garage door; but when Jane Lu has a vision, she stops at nothing to reach it. The CEO of Showpo, an affordable fashion brand that carries everything from trendy shoes to off-the-runway style clothing, Lu is determined, spirited, and passionate. Bored of her life as an analyst, the fashion guru took a trip to Europe and came back inspired. Here, she chats with us about where it all started, gives us some insight into the Winter 2017 collection, and shares some style tips.


Cliché: When did you first discover your love for clothes and fashion?
Jane Lu: I’ve actually never cared about fashion! I just like cute clothes that don’t cost the earth, which is how Showpo started.

Showpo started off as a small business in your garage. What inspired you to take the leap from corporate America into the world of fashion, and how did you go from a garage to where you are now?
My first real career job was working as an accountant. I then moved on to be an analyst. Both these experiences were very valuable to me at the time, but after a nine-month trip to Europe, I started questioning if the cubicle, 9-5 life was for me.

After the failure of my first business, I knew that starting my own fashion company was something I wanted to keep pursuing. When I started Showpo, we literally worked out of my parents’ garage. We slowly began to work out of a larger office, moved into a warehouse, switched to using a third-party warehouse, hired staff, hired more experienced and senior staff, launched new ranges, and launched extended sizes.

The first office we got was 140 square meters and cost $30,000 a year. I couldn’t even believe that I was moving out of my parents’ garage and into an actual office. It was unreal! We took out a 2-year lease and I got the biggest desk I could find from Officeworks to fill up space.

Soon, the office started filling up with stock and staff and we ran out of space after a year. I literally had stock placed under my desk, in the kitchenette, every service area of the office had merchandise in it, and that just became the official location of that SKU.

Since then, we expanded our office space several times, launched into the US, Manila, and the Philippines as well as hiring over 40+ staff members. If you told me that this would all happen in a few years’ time, I would have never believed it, but I’m very proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

Did you ever see yourself as the CEO of a major fashion label?
I never even had an interest in starting a business at all. I was working as an analyst and thought this was my life. It just seemed way too risky and out of my league and I was pretty happy with where life was already taking me. It wasn’t until I spent 9 months in Europe and came back to my job that I knew I couldn’t readjust to cubicle life.

I came back with travel withdrawals and one of my university friends reached out and wanted to start a fashion business with me and another friend. I thought this would be an awesome, fun project so I guess this is where my entrepreneurial journey started. Sadly, that business was a complete and utter failure and I was devastated. I had literally hit rock bottom. All of a sudden, I was unemployed, my business had failed, and I had lost quite a bit of money on it.

This was probably one of the toughest, most FML, times of my life. I never saw myself as a CEO of a fashion label until this moment. Any sane person would’ve given up and gone back to the safe corporate life, but I decided to start another fashion business straight away.

How would you describe your personal style, and does your personal style influence the items you carry?
My style depends on what I’m doing throughout day, but generally I’m a fan of color and prints. If I go to the gym in the morning, I’ll usually wear something sporty with runners and a big duffle bag. If I want to buckle down and get a lot of work done, I’ll wear a comfy shirt with some ripped jeans, sneakers, and a shoulder handbag. If I’m catching up with a friend for lunch, I’ll usually wear a summery dress paired with some cute heels and a small clutch.

What is your must-have clothing item?
Jeans! They go with so many tops and are so comfy.

Showpo has obviously expanded immensely from Show Pony. Has its growth aligned with your vision for the brand, or did you find it taking a new direction as it grew?
It was my dream for Show Pony to grow into something big but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly. It wasn’t until 8 months into Showpo that we had our first big win. Through a Facebook campaign I came up with, we were making up to $22k a month online. The idea came to me one night whilst watching America’s Next Top Model, on the couch with a glass of wine. I thought to myself: why don’t we make a Facebook version of this and get our Facebook followers to enter for a chance to model for us?

Girls would enter the competition, ask their friends to vote for them, some of them even created events and groups, then some of their friends in turn would enter and do the same, and there was a massive ripple effect. We went from 3,000 followers to 20,000 within the space of a month, and it cost nothing. And this was back in 2011, when 20,000 followers was seriously a lot! It gave us so much credibility.

Showpo continues to grow each day and since the very beginning, I’ve had the same vision for the brand which was to provide girls with fun, on-trend fashion at affordable prices. We want to continue to be ‘her go-to place to shop.’

Tell us about the Winter collection. Who designed it, and what is the inspiration for it?
Our production team was behind it (talented bunch they are) and their vision was to create cozy and comfy clothes to keep our gals warm during the chilly months without losing their style.

What is your favorite piece from the Winter collection?
ALL of the cozy knits! I can’t get enough and they’re so comfy you’ll fall asleep in one!

What’s next for Showpo?
We just moved into our massive new office in the heart of Sydney’s business district, so we are very excited of what’s next to come for Showpo. Our vision is to be her go-to place to shop and to have a lot of fun on our way there. Our main focus is building out the right team and focusing on expanding our product range and our geographic footprint.

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Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Showpo

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide For Him


With the holidays looming around the corner, the Christmas gift shopping frenzy begins its crescendo. You may have found the perfect gift for mom, grandma, and the dog, but if you’re anything like us, buying for the men in your life seems an impossible task. Before you toss up your hands and yell “ba-humbug!” check out our (sustainable) holiday gift guide for him. Christmas is about giving after all, but the giving shouldn’t be limited to your immediate friends and family. This year, give a little something back to the environment with sustainable gifts that look, feel, and do good.


Bamboo Revolution
What man in your life couldn’t use a new watch? Always a crowd pleaser, a watch is a classic, timeless (pun intended) gift. The South African-based brand Bamboo Revolution offers stunningly beautiful, handcrafted bamboo watches made from locally sourced materials. This watch is also a great option for preservation enthusiasts, as Bamboo Revolution donates a portion of their proceeds to
Project Rhino KwaZulu-Natal, an anti-rhino-poaching initiative. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

For the outdoorsman in your life, nothing is more practical (and appreciated) than a good winter coat. But when that coat is made almost entirely of recycled material? Well, you’ve got a winner on your hands. The U.K.-based brand Finisterre is dedicated to creating sustainable and functional products, designed for men with a love of adventure. The True North Commons Parka is both smart and sharp, just like that special someone.

Dancing Dingo
Another classic gift; you can never go wrong with good cologne. It can be a struggle to find a scent that you know he’ll like, but if frankincense and myrrh could please baby Jesus, they are sure to please your dad, brother, husband, or boyfriend. Plus you can rest assured that all of Dancing Dingo’s scents are all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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Holiday Fashion Gift Guide For Him: Feature Image Courtesy of Finisterre

Celebrity Stylist Ashley North Talks Fashion and Family


She’s just your average mom. Her days start early, she gets the kids ready, and she heads to work. Except when Ashley North heads into work, she transforms from super mom to super stylist by shopping, prepping, and styling major celebrity clients. From Justin Bieber to Kevin Hart, North is the woman behind the scenes making sure these men look their best.


Back at home, she soaks up time with the kiddos while she can, always working to find a balance between career and family. Here, the celebrity stylist talks family, her career, trends, and celebrities—oh my!

Cliché: The world of celebrity styling seems pretty lucrative. How did you get to where you are now?
Ashley North: I honestly just worked my way up. I started off as an assistant to some amazing stylists working with people like Usher, Ludacris, and Eddie Murphy, and then went on to work with a partner on some really fun projects like Justin Bieber and J. Cole. Now, I’m on my own working with my long-term client Kevin Hart, Ricky Whittle, as well as other clients.

Was there a client you booked where you finally had an “I made it” moment?
I think for me I still haven’t had that moment! I’ve had a lot of amazing moments while styling. I’ve worked with a lot of really amazing celebrities and I’ve been backstage at some of the biggest award shows and television shows. Working with Justin Bieber and Usher was awesome, getting Kevin on the best dressed list for the Golden Globes was another amazing moment, but I don’t really think of myself as having “made it.” I think for me, I will always be striving and pushing myself to do more.

Who is the funniest or most interesting client you’ve worked with?
Well, I would probably have to go with Kevin as the funniest client. That’s probably a given. But I think every client I’ve worked with is fun and interesting in their own way, and that’s one of the things I love most about this job.

What first piqued your interest in fashion?
I’ve been into fashion ever since I was a young girl, but I would say the moment I realized that I wanted to make fashion my career was after I graduated from college. I started working for a local magazine in Seattle, working on their fashion shoots. I realized then how much I loved it and immediately planned a move to LA to pursue it.

Describe your personal style. Does it influence how you style your clients?
I would say Tomboy Chic. Because most of my clients are men, I’ve really come to love men’s fashion so I definitely feel like that influences my own personal style as well. It definitely evolves and changes though depending on my mood and where I’m going. I like to mix it up!

What does a typical day in your life look like?
One of the things I love most about my job is that every day is different. It’s not monotonous at all, which is great. But a typical day starts out with my two daughters, getting my oldest ready for school, and dropping her off. Then I usually head to work out before starting my work day. Work can consist of shopping for a client, prepping a job, being on set, and meetings.

Working with Justin Bieber and Usher was awesome [and] getting Kevin on the best dressed list for the Golden Globes was another amazing moment.

Who is your biggest style icon? What store/brand could you shop ‘til the end of time?
If I had to choose only one store to shop in until the end of time, it would be Zara! I love the way they have a more affordable take on designer fashion. It’s definitely my go-to and I love their kids clothing as well. I’m a big online shopper so a few of my other favs online are Forward by Elyse Walker, Revolve clothing, and I also love ASOS.

What are the must-have pieces or trends for the fall?
For fall, I’m loving a kimono style duster or blazer and a really great flat slipper style shoe.

How do you balance work and family?
The balance can be difficult at times. I think the biggest thing that helps me keep balanced is that I always prioritize my family. Whatever that looks like, I always try to keep that at the forefront. I also have a really great support system around me that help me pick up the slack.

Do you think your girls will want to follow in your trendy footsteps?
My oldest daughter loves fashion, which I think is awesome. She definitely has a different style than me already but I love it, and I let her express herself through that. My youngest is still pretty young but I’m sure that she will be the same way.

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to break into the styling industry?
The first piece of advice that I like to give aspiring stylists is to definitely pursue assistant work with a stylist that they admire. I think it’s important to learn the game before just jumping in. There’s really no class that can teach you styling. The best way to learn is from someone who has been successful at it. You have to be bold and persistent in this line of work because there are a lot of people who want to be stylists right now. Take the initiative to track down a stylist that you like and ask to intern with them. The worst thing they can say is no and then move on to the next.

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Celebrity Stylist Ashley North Talks Fashion and Family: Photographed By Shannon Laurine

Rebel Against The Black Elastic With By Lilla


The dreaded black ponytail holder; it photobombs all of your best Insta posts, leaves a lovely (read: unsightly) little indentation on your wrist, and quite frankly, it’s just plain ugly. Yet every girl with hair long enough to tie back knows the struggle, yet trudges on, black hair tie in tow. It’s time to “rebel against the black elastic” with ponytail holders that double as bracelets. Say what?


For the past 7 years, By Lilla has been on a mission to rid the world of the ugly black elastic—instead providing hair ties in the form of “arm parties.” Their bracelet-like elastic ties are stackable, customizable, and out-of-this-world trendy. Who knew hair ties could be so glamorous?

These fabulous stretchy bracelets aren’t just cute, they’re practical, too. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for practicality, and the metallic hardware, charms, and letters look just as cute in your hair as on your wrist. From minimalist styles with rose gold hardware to louder, charmed-out ties, you’re sure to find a set to match your style. By Lilla even caters to raver style, with kandi-influenced hair ties (my personal favorite)!

We took the liberty of testing out this seemingly too good to be true accessory, and the results are in: we’re obsessed! It’s rare I find a product that I can wear every day, but these hair ties will always have a home on my wrists—yes, both—and in my hair. I have always been at war with the black elastic, not just because of its innate hideousness, but because they are never, ever the right size. Either far too tight to loop around my thick hair more than once, or too loose to hold even one strand in place, I consider ponytail holders my arch nemesis.

By Lilla has totally changed the game for me. Their elastics are tight enough to stay put on small wrists, but have enough stretch to tame some serious mane. Magic, you guys. Plus they’re cute. More than cute, actually. These ties are a truly fashion-forward accessory, elegant even. Forget precious metals; elastic is in.

Whether your style is hippie-chic, modern and minimalist, edgy, or glamorous, By Lilla has got a hair-tie set for you. If you’re anything like me, your first taste of these trendy ties will be addicting. Talk about a gateway drug; I’m well on my way to snagging the entire collection. So say a not-so-heartfelt goodbye to your not-so beloved black elastic and join the revolution!

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Rebel Against The Black Elastic With By Lilla: Images courtesy of By Lilla

Fresh, New Ways to Rock Plaid This Season


If you’re anything like me, when you think plaid, you immediately think Gossip Girl. Images of Serena and Blair galavanting around the Big Apple in short plaid skirts and headbands plague your mind, and you can’t seem to shake that stigma. You would never go out in plaid for fear of coming across as a Waldorf wanna-be. Toss that stereotype behind you because plaid is in this season, and even Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang agree.


I have always been a plaid-vocate (yes, cheap pun intended). Each year as the air turns crisp and pumpkin-spiced everything starts to resurface, the first thing I break out of my fall wardrobe is an oversized plaid scarf that may be a few years past its prime. To me, there is no fall staple more classic than a plaid scarf. Always trendy, the plaid scarf is the simplest way to elevate nearly any outfit. All the heart eyes for the plaid scarf, ya’ll.

Showing up in fashion weeks all over the world, plaid has made an appearance on blazers, pants, and dresses. As the fashion world continues to throw it back to the ‘60s and ‘70s, it only makes sense that plaid has reappeared as the “it” fall pattern. But the print doesn’t have to bring back haunting memories of your horrific school uniform. By selecting unexpected pieces and pairing them with more neutral layers, you can rock plaid in an elegant way.

Try out something a little more adventurous than your go-to flannel, like this modern, sheer button down. And yes, you can wear white past labor day.

While joggers may be your loungewear pick of choice, they aren’t exactly office appropriate. But this bold, plaid, jogger-style pant is stylish enough for any working gal. Just add pumps!

Is there anything that screams pumpkin carving season more than a plaid bag? We think not. With this preppy accessory, you can add a punch to any outfit without drowning in the bold print.

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Rumba: Changing The Face Of Watches


Nothing adds class to an outfit like a perfectly paired watch, but in a market saturated with $1,000 timepieces that scream ‘been there, done that’, it can be a struggle to find something both stylish and affordable. When done the right way, a watch can be sophisticated, elegant, and functional. At it’s worst, a watch can be clunky, obtrusive, and, quite frankly, unsightly. That’s where NYC based company RumbaTime comes in.


Founded by best friends Drew Deters and Jay Hartington, Rumba strives to make time keep up with your life, instead of the other way around. Each Rumba collection is named after streets and areas of the Big Apple, delivering the same vibrancy and level of style you find in those neighborhoods.The pair shares a passion for adventure, discovery, and style—and those virtues are apparent in every design they create. The RumbaTime collection offers a wide variety of styles that are not only gorgeous but affordable to boot.

Oh rose gold, how we adore you. This year’s ‘it’ metal, rose gold, pairs well with just about everything and this watch is no exception. This piece manages to be delightfully simple, yet it still acts as a statement accessory. We’d call that a win-win.

Fun, funky and fresh—this watch hits the trifecta in wrist-wear. Bright reds, pinks, and blues add the perfect pop of color to your otherwise neutral fall wardrobe, and the heart pattern brings a little whimsy to the table. For all of you quirky business women out there, let your freak flag fly in an accessory that’s subtle enough for the office.

If you’re more of a traditional, leather watch type gal, this icy blue timepiece may be for you. The color is gentle enough to count as a neutral, making this watch the perfect everyday accessory. We mean it, this piece could go with ANY outfit, and honestly, we’re not sure why it isn’t already in your jewelry box. What are you waiting for?

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Rumba: Changing The Face Of Watches: Images courtesy of RumbaTime

Fall Boots You Should Own For Each Occasion


Nothing signals the start of autumn like falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, except maybe the arrival of classic fall boots. Each year as Fashion Weeks around the globe declare the upcoming fall trends, die-hard fashionistas eagerly wait for top designers to release new collections and determine what will be ‘in” as the heat rolls out. Even the most seasoned style gurus can have a difficult time taking these runway trends from catwalk to sidewalk, however. Luckily, we have you covered with runway-inspired boots for every occasion.


Okay, maybe not the most original boot, but a classic nonetheless. If you don’t own a pair of knee-high riding boots by now, this is the pair to splurge on. Perfectly distressed, with lace-up detailing, these chestnut boots will become a staple companion to your favorite pair of leggings or skinnies.

Mod is back and better than ever this season, and what better way to hop on trend than with a killer pair of patent leather boots? Pointed toes and a thin heel give off a retro, yet totally sophisticated vibe. Pair these with ripped jeans, a stylish romper, or that LBD collecting dust; the possibilities are endless.

Embroidery has been in since the beginning of festival season, but as concert-goers head home from the desert, the trend will take shape in a new form–booties. Platform heels are the perfect vehicle for this unique floral, metallic design. And no, floral is not just for summer.  Whether you’re an active art show attendee, or just looking for a fun night-out shoe, these fashion-forward heels should be the first thing you reach for.

When it comes to fall fashion, you just can’t beat suede. But suede in a dusty rose color? Now that’s showstopping. Simple, yet colorful enough to pack a punch, these booties are an essential for every wardrobe.

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Fall Boots You Should Own For Each Occasion: Featured image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Fall Tips to Follow From Fashion Designers


Fall is, questionably (in our eyes, undoubtedly), the most fashionable season of the year. Cooler weather brings layers, new textures, and rich colors out of hiding. Scarves reign supreme, leggings are now everyday wear, and peacoats make their seasonal debut. While some fall pieces stay trendy forever, autumn also brings fresh new designs to the runways—and into our closets. This year, it’s all about neutral tones, stripes, red, embroidery, and metallics. From streetwear to holiday soirees, designers Leanne Marshall, Dan Liu, and Laila Wazna have pieces for every occasion as the leaves start changing.


Leanne Marshall

Neutral Tones
Neutrals have been in season for a while now and they’re here to stay. Textured tops and dresses in nude and cream are a trendy addition to any fall wardrobe. Leanne Marshall’s looks hit the sweet spot, where trendy meets elegant. Her floor-length gowns are neutral yet showstopping, proving even neutrals can turn heads.

Large, colorful prints and unique patterns are the name of the game this year. Traditional stripes will always be in vogue on the streets of Paris, but Leanne Marshall has set the bar for the classic pattern a bit higher. Large, colorful stripes and bold new patterns are all the rage. Whether you prefer leggings or skirts, be sure to have at least a few striped pieces in your wardrobe this fall.

Red Hot
The color of love, red, is going to be a hot choice for this season. From traditional coats, jumpsuits, or dresses, you will need to have this iconic color in your closet. Red is the perfect way to add a huge pop of color to an otherwise neutral fall wardrobe. Red accessories or statement pieces will keep your look fresh and exciting.

Embroidery and Metallics
Holiday parties are for drinking eggnog and sharing the joy of the holidays with your favorite coworkers…right? We all know the real thrill of a holiday party is the excuse to find a killer outfit to show off to those favorite coworkers. Embroidery and metallics are where it’s at this year, and Laila Wazna has you covered. A master of the art of details, her looks are elegant enough for any holiday extravaganza.

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Fall Tips to Follow From Fashion Designers: Featured image courtesy of Leanne Marshall

15 Style Tips From NJ Goldston That Stand the Test of Time


Fashion journalist, style guru, and founder of the Webby award winning fashion and beauty blog The Blonde and The Brunette, NJ Goldston is taking the creative world by storm. Named a style guru by Louis Vuitton, Goldston is a runway show regular who spends her time writing and managing her hairspray and footwear lines—all while traveling the world in the name of fashion and inspiration. The NYU graduate and entrepreneur took a break from writing articles and jetting across the globe to talk style icons, holographic bags, apprenticeships, and more—even leaving us with 15 style tips that will change the way you look at your wardrobe.

Cliché: Where did your love for fashion begin and how would you describe your personal style?
NJ Goldston: From the earliest age, my mother, who was a graduate of Parsons School of Design, truly fostered my love of fashion while giving me a deep understanding of the industry. She was also deeply influenced by a cousin of hers who is one of the top fashion photographers in the world and a pioneer of street style photography. Hence, the two of us were people-watching and getting inspiration on the streets of New York City long before the current Instagram era. Most importantly, she fostered the environment to let me express myself through what I wore. What a gift.

Who are your style icons?
My mother, of course, as well as Audrey Hepburn. They were both fashion-forward, yet embraced a signature style. Of course, this all ties together as I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn’s famous motto, “I just do my (own) thing.” It’s the foundation for all my personal choices.

What is one essential that you could never live without?
I have to go with a great, well-tailored pair of black skinny jeans or a statement coat. Either one goes with almost anything, along with my Athletic Propulsion Labs kicks.

What’s a trend that will never go out of style?
Statement tops and power sleeves. With our new casual lifestyles, they’re both here to stay.

What’s your favorite brand of all time?
It’s our footwear and apparel brand, Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), which seamlessly blends fashion and performance. We strive to create products that let the materials, colors, technology, and design tell the story—not big emblazoned logos. Our goal has always been to create products we love and have felt are missing from the market.

What pieces excite you the most?
I always love a great bag that is highly unusual. Current favorites are any Louis Vuitton Petite Malle and the almost impossible to get LV Hologram City Trunk bag. I also love a great sweater that has special detailing, embellishment, or a mid-calf dramatic sweep. They’re investment pieces that can be worn year-round.

Can you tell us about your hairspray line?
My hairspray line is The Blonde and The Brunette X JAMES KENDALL, which was inspired by my need for a product that worked better for long days, especially when I am on the road. I feel better when my hair looks great. We developed a regular and signature travel size, “Secret Weapon by NJ,” as a strong-hold shaping and finishing spray that would leave my hair looking natural while adding the strength and volume to last all day long. I’ve also started to consider designing my own line. Stay tuned.

Any advice for future fashionistas trying to break into the fashion industry?
One of the best ways to start is with an apprenticeship. It builds knowledge, connections, and your resume. The other thing I always did was tell anyone who would listen that I was looking for a job. That’s how I got my first job in L.A.

If you could only shop one store, what would it be?
Just one? It’s a tie between Net-A-Porter online and Louis Vuitton.

NJ’s 15 Style Tips

  1. Fit is everything. Find a good seamstress because great tailoring polishes a look.
  2. Go for the unique. When everyone zigs, you zag.
  3. Find the perfect pair of black pumps. They go with everything.
  4. Invest in good jewelry. Save up for pieces you will always cherish.
  5. Buy something because you love it and it will be ready to go when the moment arrives. It’s a great way to live your fashion life. It leaves you open to all sorts of possibilities as opposed to being tied to specific events.
  6. Find your personal style and stick with it. When you have a signature style, it’s a sign of confidence that reflects your identity inside and out. I always go for clean, modern lines with a touch of the unexpected. I’ve dubbed myself a “graphic minimalist” with my signature black and white look complimented by my long dark hair, dramatic eyes, and pale lip. However, you will often see me add a pop of color with soft pastels, a bold pink, or red.
  7. Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle. What can I say? I love a bit of embellishment. Life is short. Have fun and don’t save it for nights out.
  8. It doesn’t all have to be designer. Feel free to mix special vintage pieces with your designer favorites. The key is sometimes a favorite piece needs a rest and then you can pull it back out again.
  9. When in doubt, wear black. It doesn’t have to be basic.
  10. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. It’s an easier apology than vice-versa.
  11. You can’t go wrong with white nail polish. It goes with everything.
  12. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. Layering and adding accessories can be just the right touch for just the right situation.
  13. When in doubt, go for the statement coat or bag. Don’t forget to drape your coat over your shoulders. It’s a classic look that adds tons of drama.
  14. Don’t buy something with an occasion in mind. Buy something because you love it.
  15. Always match your bag to your shoes. This is one of my go-to musts that stands the test of time.

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15 Style Tips From NJ Goldston That Stand the Test of Time:  Photographed by Trina Yin