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Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style


Nights are getting shorter, notebooks and pencils dominate the aisles of your local Target, and suddenly conversation has turned from pool parties to schedules. This can only mean one thing: school is, unfortunately, back in session. Whether you’re finishing out your senior year at university or starting your freshman year of high school, personal style is never more important than it is at the beginning of the year.

Petite Studio Summer 2017 Collection


We’ve come a long way since the days of exclusive fashion; that is, clothes made only for girls of a certain body type. Body positivity movements have demanded that the fashion industry make a change for the better, and fast fashion megastores and exclusive designers alike are listening. While clothes are finally beginning to change in size and shape, there is still a major market being overlooked: petite sizes. Petite girls are often totally overlooked and finding the perfect fit can seem an insurmountable task. Far too often, clothes are too long, too baggy, or cut way below a petite gal’s actual waistline.

That’s where NYC-based clothing brand Petite Studio comes in. Founder Jenny Howell knew from personal experience how difficult it could be to find clothes that fit a small frame, and in 2015, she set off to cater to an underserved market by offering clothes that provided petite girls with pieces to help them look and feel their best.

“Us petites really need to be thoughtful about what we wear to flatter our best attributes,” Howell said. “We can’t just wear anything off the rack because most of the time there is something about the piece that just doesn’t really fit.”

Petite Studio’s focus is in the name—petite—but that doesn’t mean the brand sacrifices style in the name of fit. Each design is unique and fashion-forward, and Howell pulls inspiration from coffee shops, galleries, shows—even the people walking the streets of New York. The brand seeks to empower young professionals, and they serve the career-driven, petite, NYC girl.

“The New York spirit is at the core of everything we do,” Howell said. “We’re trying to empower petite girls living in a city atmosphere to look great during the workweek but also be able to let their hair down and have some fun on the weekend.”

Serving such a specific market allows Petite Studio to do more than design cute clothes for small girls; they emphasize quality in a big way. Each design is overseen by Howell herself and every single item is high-quality in terms of material, structure, and design. They seek to give petite girls an option to find items that feel good and fit well.

“We’re not trying to be everything to everyone,” Howell said. “Our focus is really on developing our brand to cater to petite girls and provide them the type of thoughtful wardrobe pieces that they can’t find anywhere else. Our plan is to continue making a small number of high-quality pieces that the petite girls’ community can really be excited about.”

The perfect example of Petite Studio’s distinct designs, their Summer 2017 collection, is quintessential to every petite fashionista’s wardrobe. Be sure to check out or visit Tictail Market in NYC to see (and drool over) the rest of the line.

Slimming, chic, and wearable; does an outfit get any better? This ‘70s era pantsuit set is right on trend, and the vertical stripes are sure to make your legs look miles long. Perfect for a late summer picnic or a gallery party, your wardrobe isn’t complete without the Dianella set.

Salvia Dress, $169,
Sorry Stacy London, but we are so wearing white after Labor Day. This gorgeous cream frock is delicately detailed to perfection and no matter where you wear this dress, you’re sure to be the classiest gal in the room. Excuse us while we daydream about the shoes we could pair with it!

Fuschia Pants in Green, $159,
If there is one thing every petite girl needs in her wardrobe, it’s a pair of culottes. This army green pair adds length by cropping at the ankle and a waistline with an oversized bow. Trendy, fun, and work-appropriate, the Fuschia Pants are a must-have.

Angelonia Mustard Top, $89, and Angelonia Mustard Shorts, $79,
We are positively swooning over this gorgeous mustard dress and the print has us fantasizing about summer days spent underneath swaying palm trees. Flattering, unique, and oh-so-trendy (ahem—yellow!), this wrap dress leaves nothing to be desired—except maybe another vacation.

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Petite Studio Summer 2017 Collection: Photographer: Maya Luo, Model: Liv Young, Stylist: Raffles Tau, MUA: Mo Sha

Megan Batoon: Content Creator, Dancer, and Your Next Favorite Style Icon


Frequent dance breaks in front of the mirrored closet in her home office are vital to Megan Batoon’s sanity. This daily “dance dose” is what keeps the actress, choreographer, content creator, and Target-enthusiast running on days when she is neck-deep editing a video or in and out of meetings. But dance isn’t the 26-year-old’s only passion. From starring in Step Up Revolution to producing cooking videos, Megan Batoon is a true entertainer.

Izipizi is Summer’s Hottest Eyewear


The 4th of July has come and gone, signifying that summer is in full swing. The sun has never seemed brighter, which is perfect for catching some rays at the beach, but not so perfect when you’re stuck squinting across the water. If you’re anything like the thousands of beachgoers that lose their sunglasses to the tide every year, a good pair of sunglasses would likely come in handy. (Maybe even a pair so cute that you virtually can’t lose them).

The Best Jewelry Layering Trends


Festival season is upon us and whether you’re going to Bonnaroo, Panorama, or Summerfest, you’ll need the right accessories to make sure you’re raving in style. While I’m a huge fan of fringe and floppy hats, sometimes it’s the subtle accessories that pull an outfit together. My personal style leans towards the simpler side of the spectrum, so jewelry is my best friend when I need to amp up an outfit.

Sustainable Spotlight: EMILY VS BEAR


American-made, ethically sourced, and high quality; could you ask for anything more from a clothing brand? Womenswear company Emily VS Bear delivers all of this and more. With each purchase made, the company donates 20% of your purchase to a charity of your choice. It may sound too good to be true, but Emily VS Bear is propelled by their dedication to environmental, social, and political justice. 

The Best Pieces for Memorial Day


Smells of charcoal and hamburgers waft through the air, the weather is hot and humid, and kids run around neighborhoods freely on a Monday afternoon. All of this can only mean one thing—it’s Memorial Day. Whether you’re spending the day poolside with your gal pals or wading through a swarm of kids at your neighbor’s BBQ bash, the national holiday is a chance to set the bar for your summer wardrobe. With these unique BBQ ready pieces, you’re sure to be the talk of the grill out.

5 Must-Have Summer Dresses From Tobi


The weather is warm, the sun is out, and many beach days lie ahead. Spring flowers have bloomed and summer showers are rolling in. As the temperatures begin to rise, you’ll need to say goodbye to wool cardigans and comfy sweaters and hello to lighter materials if you want to avoid heat stroke. It can be a challenge to find summer outfits that are cool enough, but still appropriate. That’s where dresses come in. Light and flowy, a dress is the perfect outfit and can easily transition from the office to a beach party. These five affordable dresses from the Los Angeles-based design label, Tobi, will have you looking fabulous and staying cool all summer long.

How to Look Marvelous in Marble


With the minimalist trend catching on like wildfire, marble has made a huge comeback and I am all for it. Simple, beautiful, and unique, marble print (or real marble) is the perfect way to spruce up your home, wardrobe, or workspace. If I can cover something in marble, I’ll do it. My laptop cover is marble, my phone case and wallpaper are marble, I have a marble lamp, and that’s just the beginning.

Mercado Global: Handbags for a Cause


Spring has officially sprung, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe with punchy colors, patterns, and new textures. A closet overhaul is every fashionista’s favorite part of Spring, but what if the money you’re spending on a cute new bag could go to a Guatemalan artisan who is trying to send her child to school?

Hop Into Spring: The Perfect Easter Dresses


Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and Target’s $1 section is filled with colorful eggs and rabbit figurines, which can only mean one thing: Easter is fast approaching. With all the excitement of buying candy and making plans with family, picking the perfect outfit can be a little overwhelming. You want to dress nice, but be comfortable; wear something cute but modest; and just when you think you’ve found the perfect dress–it’s sold out.