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Interview with Actress Bianca D’Ambrosio


Inspiration for Becoming an Actress

1.   How long have you been an actress?

“I began acting when I was three years old recurring on Daytime Drama Series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS playing Summer Newman. This is where I fell in love with acting, and the rest is history.”

2.     Who/what inspired you to become an actress?

“I continue to be inspired by so many incredible actors in this industry—Jodie Comer, Zendaya and Scarlett Johansson.”

3.     Do you prefer acting in movies or television shows?

“I love them both so much!  What I love most about acting in movies is there’s more flexibility with adlibs. What I enjoy most about working on television shows is watching my character develop over time.” 

The acting process explained 

4.     Which types of acting do you feel you are most suited for?

“I wouldn’t say I’m most suited for any specific role as I feel that I’m a well-rounded actress and enjoy playing a wide variety of roles.  From comedy for Nickelodeon to Criminal Minds I enjoy all opportunities given to me.”

 5. What is the first thing you do to research and approach a role?

“For me, I study the script and review it several times. Then I look up the director to see what other things they have worked on. If it is a television show, I will watch some episodes to see the tone of the show.”

6.     Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

“Yes, and to be a director !!  That’s all I ever want to do.”

7.     Have you ever gotten starstruck by any of the actors/actresses you have met and/or worked with?

“Recently, I worked with Elizabeth Banks whose work I admire tremendously. Her ability to work as both an actress and director is something I’m in awe of, as I also hope to do both in the future.”

The Challenges of being an Actress

8.     Describe your most challenging role to date.

“Definitely, Frankie! I play her on the Daytime Emmy winning Series , THE BAY and spin off yA.   Frankie goes through a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout both shows. I have to dig deep into my emotions to bring her character to life.”

9.     Do you find it more challenging or comforting to have an identical twin sister in the same field as you?

“My sister is my best friend and biggest supporter. It’s comforting to have someone understand the ups and downs of this business going through it with me. I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.” 

 10.  How were you discovered for “Call Jane,” and can you elaborate on the casting process?

“Every casting is different; however, this audition was done via self-tape, which has become the new normal due to COVID.”

Images Provided by: Kenny Goldberg 

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Interview with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dugar


Inspiration for becoming a Plastic Surgeon and The Surgery Procedure

  1. . How long have you been a plastic surgeon?   

“I have been a surgeon for 11+ years now and have been exclusively performing Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty for the last 6+ years. “


  1. How long have you had your own Scarless MedSpa? What made you want to go out on your own?

“Scarless MedSpa came organically to take care of my non-surgical patients with the same natural scarless philosophy we use for noses.  There is a huge hype now for natural, subtle injectables such as wrinkle and filler injections.  We treat a lot of A+ celebrity clientele who want to keep their aesthetic very natural and without any tell-tale signs of anything being done.  Their biggest fear is a big TMZ article one day questioning what they had done!  My goal is to keep them natural and refreshed without anyone knowing.” 

  1. Do you consider Beverly Hills to be the focal point for all things plastic surgery? Why or why not?

“Absolutely.  Beverly Hills is the mecca of plastic surgery, just like DC is for politics, and NYC is for finance and Silicon Valley is for tech.   There is no debate about this.  Different markets have different aesthetics, but I bring the Parisian natural finesse aesthetic to Beverly Hills and patients fly around the world for it.”  

  1. What inspired you to become a plastic surgeon & did you always know that’s what you wanted to do? 

“Mentorship was a huge part of why I do what I do today.  I think mentorship is so critical for anyone wanting to be great at anything.  Being great requires a blueprint to study and analyze what makes success and what brings the best results.  Studying mentors is how to become great.   I always knew I wanted to do something with beauty and with my hands, so this became the natural flow for me.”

Plastic Surgery Process

  1. Can you tell me about the first celebrity you performed plastic surgery for? Was it extra nerve wrecking since it was a celebrity?

“I can’t mention the name, but she came to me for a Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty, and we discussed doing it subtle, because she didn’t want anyone to know. She was in the middle of seasons for filming a popular TV show at the time and wanted to make sure no one knew what she did.  Her results were stunning and she was thrilled! After 1 day of her cast coming off, her fiancé proposed to her! Also, she ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot on the cover of People magazine, less than 2 weeks postop from her surgery! The beauty of what I do with my closed scarless technique for noses allows subtle changes without any tell-tale signs of surgery.  I’m nervous in a sense before every surgery, celebrity or not, because it’s a huge honor to have someone choose you to change something electively about their body.  “

  1. What is the most challenging procedure you have completed to date?

 “I’ve never met an easy Nose.  Anyone in plastic surgeon will agree – the nose is the hardest procedure on the body.  That’s the challenge I love.  But I am realistic and only take on realistic clients who are mentally fit but also anatomically suited for my Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty technique.”


  1. Can you describe how you would conduct a pre-surgery consultation?

“With honesty and empathy.  Consultation is the most privileged form of communication. The patient is expressing their deepest darkest insecurities and sometimes the painful stories behind them.  It’s important as surgeons to be empathetic and also to never direct one’s own perception of beauty on the patient.  I make it a point to point out all the most beautiful parts of the patient’s anatomy first.  Next, I listen to the patient’s concerns and then discuss the risk-benefit ratio. And to that end, also deciding what the best procedure is for them – whether its traditional reconstructive open rhinoplasty vs Closed Scarless Nose Rhinoplasty.  Honesty is important. “

At Home Beauty Tips From a Plastic Surgeon 

  1. What is your best beauty tip to keep skin young looking young?

“Sunscreen!!  Sunscreen is the easiest thing to do and yet so many people ignore it, until it’s too late. Wear your SPF!!!”

  1. What age do you recommend to start getting Botox for preventative reasons?

“There is no “age.”  Some 40-year-olds don’t need it. Some 20-year-olds could benefit from it.  It depends on your anatomy and the wrinkles your face has at rest position and if they bother you!”

  1. What is the most popular/beneficial procedure at your MedSpa?

“Without a doubt we are famous for our soft injectables. For example, micro dosing neuromodulators (botox, dysport, etc) and fillers.  We do the softest amount to make a difference without overdoing it. “

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Images Provided by Deepak Dugar 

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Interview with Lazy Hype Founder Lizeth Hernandez


   Have you heard of the hottest new sustainable fashion brand?

Introducing Lazy Hype, the next generation of sustainable fashion. The newly launched brand offers lounge and activewear ethically-made from recycled materials. Through transparent practices, green manufacturing and promoting eco-conscious lifestyles, Lazy Hype is aiming to spread the word about sustainability through fashion.

Q & A with Lazy Hype Founder, Lizeth Hernandez 

What made you want to start a sustainable lounge & active wear clothing line?

“Living in San Francisco changed my perspective on a lot because it’s such a progressive and innovative city. I clearly saw the need and demand for sustainable products. Also, I noticed the power of marketing and how proclaimed sustainable brands were selling products at extremely high prices, so they could spend a lot of dollars on marketing initiatives. I didn’t want that strategy for Lazy Hype because I wanted it to be accessible to everyone, for a bigger impact on our planet, which is why prices are affordable. I’ve always loved active and loungewear, so I thought why not try to make a sustainable version of what the masses like to call “lazy” attire and organically create “hype” around it.”

Are your clothes featured in any stores and if not is that something you would be interested in?

“The clothes are not in any stores at the moment. We are more interested in positioning ourselves in workout studios, gyms, and small boutiques, due to the fact they we are still a small business. We also want to make sure that the growth is truly organic and that is super protected, we plan to be extremely selective.”

How long has Lazy Hype been in business?

“Lazy Hype just launched on April 2, 2021. We are super excited to branch out into more categories like baby and men’s, hopefully very soon.”

What is your favorite item from your collection?

“My favorite item in the collection that took me the longest to create is the leggings. Who needs denim?! When you can wear leggings! For me leggings are my everyday uniform/essential, so I wanted to make a comfortable legging, that really held everything together, no muffin tops haha, sustainable, and affordable. I’m pretty proud to be able to check mark all those personal needs in the Lazy Hype High Rise Legging.”

Do you plan on expanding your collection to even more sustainable products? (if so what?)

“1000%. I have a little godson coming in August so I need merch for him ASAP! I don’t know we will be able to hit his delivery date, but we will be working on it. Men’s is also a category I would like to expand into and maybe one day even shoes!”

What is your mission statement?

“There’s no such thing as complete sustainability. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to making an eco-friendly effort- any attempt is better than none at all. Even if it’s a lazy one, but let’s get started and create hype.”

Questions about Lizeth’s inspiration for her brand

What do you look for in models/ influencers to represent your brand?

“I try to make sure the models don’t represent any specific race, look diverse, and have a unique social media presence because I want everyone to feel a part of the brand. Also, diversity in body types and sizes. This brand is for everyone.”

Can you elaborate on the recycled materials you use to make your active wear & accessories?

Most of the garments are composed of a high percentage of recycled plastic bottles. The plastic from the bottle is collected to make mini chips that then create the yarn, which is mixed with recycled or organic cotton, spandex, or rayon; depending on the garment, and then turned into fabric. The accessories are bags made from jute plant or cotton, socks composed of organic cotton, candles hand-poured into a glass container, and the jewelry is handmade from new brass which is recycled scrap.”   

Who/ what was your inspiration to become a designer?

“At first, I mainly just wanted to fill a need out in the market. Coming from a fashion background I knew the steps I needed to take just wasn’t sure how to get there. As I built my team, I developed a crazy amount of respect and love for them, so now they are my inspiration, along with just wanting sustainability initiatives top of mind for everyone.”

What advice do you have to young aspiring fashion designers?

“I would say be humble, patient, kind, and be ready to work really hard. It’s important to stay humble and patient so you can fill and understand anyone’s shoes. Fashion is all a network, so kindness goes a long way and 12hour days are a no brainer… I still have them everyday.”

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Images provided by Lazy Hype 

Interview with Dominique Druckman


Can Fame happen over night?

This interview with actress Dominique Druckman, explores her experience getting discovered filming her new show and what’s she is up to now. Dominique plays one of three influencers in the HBO documentary, Fake Famous, which premiered February 2nd on HBO. First-time director Nick Bilton explores the industry of social media influencers through an innovative experiment, taking an actress, fashion designer, and real estate agent, and demonstrates how easily an online personality can launch to Instagram fame. Dominique studies with the Groundlings in Los Angeles and is originally from Miami, Florida. She graduated from Florida State with a BA in Theater. Thanks to Fake Famous, Dominique now has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. 

Q & A with Dominique on Fake Famous 

  1. How were you discovered for Fake Famous and can you elaborate on the recruiting process?

–  “Somebody actually DM’d me asking if I would be interested in sending in a self-tape!  This never happens to me, so after sussing it out and it felt legitimate, I sent in my tape.  Turns out she is an intern for the production company, I’m so glad she found me!”

  1. What was it like working with first time director Nick Bilton?

– “Nick is amazing, he is just so intelligent, which is really inspiring when it’s not intimidating.  He was always very understanding of our lives outside the social experiment and I couldn’t be luckier that my first big project was with him as our captain!”

  1. What was your favorite and least favorite part of being on Fake Famous?

– “I’d say my favorite part of being on Fake Famous would have to be all the free gifts, coming home every day felt like Christmas! Being around the crew, calling out sick from work to go film definitely wasn’t bad either. My least favorite part would have to be online bullies and trolls.”

  1. Do you look at influencers different now after experiencing the ins & outs of being one?

– “I look at influencers a little differently, and feel like Fake Famous reveals what is behind the curtain for a lot of them. I admire influencers who hustle every day to make this their full-time job.  It’s a lot of work to keep up with!”

  1. Tell me about the adjustment of becoming an influencer from working in retail.

– “I still have my day job of working in retail, I’m currently waiting on Steven Spielberg to cast me in his next project so I can quit! I never found my niche that felt believable to an audience, which made it difficult to fully portray an influencer.” 

  1. Did participating in this show make you realize you want to be an influencer or is acting still the main goal?                                                                                                                                                               – “Acting is still the main goal and I am working at it every day.”

Interview with Dominique on Life After the Show

      7. What acting genre do you aspire to be a part of? Are you more interested in TV roles or movies?

– “I love comedy, making people laugh just warms my heart.  I’d love the consistency of working on a TV show but at the end of the day I just want to act full-time so will take either TV or Film.”

  1. Are you afraid this show will give you a reality TV/ Instagram model stigma?

– “I was a little worried being perceived as an influencer for Fake Famous would keep me pegged as an influencer.  No disrespect to the hard-working people in that industry. However it’s not for me and never want to lose sight of acting as my main priority.”

  1. How has life been after the show?

– “Life has been fun and interesting.  Now that the show and my secret is out, I have real engagement on my Instagram. It is weird to wrap my head around.  I also have some trolls and internet bullies whose words can be harsh. I wish that if they didn’t have anything nice to say they just wouldn’t say it at all.”

  1. What are your plans for the future and are you currently working on any projects that you wish to share?

– My plans are to be able to get out of having a survival job. I want enough time to work full-time towards becoming an actress this year. I’m manifesting that for the year 2021.”

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Images provided by Dean Foreman 

5 Best Self Tanners to Keep You Bronzed in the Winter


During these cold winter months, summer tans have faded and you may get the urge to have a tan. Tanning beds are dangerous and are shown to leave harmful effects on the skin. Effects such as premature aging, skin cancer and eye damage. Tanning beds are proven to be too risky and sunless tanning is all the rage. Self tanner is the answer and it will give you the glowing tan without the damage. A few tips to ensure a perfect finish is, make sure waxing is completed 24 hours prior to any self-tan application. Use a wet cleansing wipe immediately after self-tan application to prevent unwanted staining on the nails and palms. When you take your first shower, just rinse and refrain from using any shower/bath products. Self tanners vary in price and the list below includes the 5 best self tanners from affordable to higher end prices.

Self Tanners That Can be Found in Ulta

Ulta beauty bronze glow self tanning lotion- $9.99
Ulta lightweight Bronze Glow Self Tanning Tinted Lotion goes on smoothly and gives you an instant glow while your natural looking tan develops. The gel-cream formula hydrates skin and dries in minutes with no sticky feel. This is the perfect product if you want a natural looking tan and a subtle glow. True Tan Technology features two powerful self tanning ingredients to promote a more even, golden tan. Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Vitamin E help soothe and hydrate skin. Shea Butter helps keep skin hydrated for a longer-lasting tan. This tanning lotion is also free of oil, parabens and sulfates. 

St. Tropez self tan express bronzing mouse $44
St. Tropez’s Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse allows you to control the depth of your tan, depending how long you wait before washing it off. This advanced formula provides a natural, healthy looking tan that lasts for days. Wait 1 hour before showering for a light sun-kissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, or leave 3 hours for a deeper tan. 

Loving tan 2 hour express self tanning mouse $39.95
Loving Tan 2HR Express Mousse gives you a natural looking tan instantly. The salon inspired formula provides you with an immediate color, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This color technology guarantees a streak- free tan and easy application.

Self-Tanners That Can be Found in Walgreens

Jergens natural glow tan towelettes $13.99
Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Full-Body Towelettes work with your unique skin tone to create a sun-kissed tan within hours all in a simple swipe. Formulated with a prestige-inspired  blend of DHA + erythrulose, these towelettes create natural-looking, streak-free results that mimic beautiful color from the sun. Indulge in vitamin E and a fragrance that blends the tropical fruits of mango and pineapple with a touch of vanilla.

Bondi sands self tanning foam – $24
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam is simple to apply, and gives a flawless finish, every time. Simply smooth on the lightweight self tanning foam for an even, streak-free, bronzed tan. Using a tanning mitt, apply the foam using long, sweeping motions to clean, dry skin. This tanning foam is, vegan, Sulfate-free and Paraben-free. 

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Images provided by Ulta & Walgreens

Shop Small Businesses For a Large Impact


The Importance of Small Businesses

Why is it so important to shop from small businesses? It is proven that communities get a significant economic boost from shopping at locally owned small businesses. Especially during these tough times 2020 has hit us with, shopping from small businesses have never been more crucial. According to Forbes, it has been proven that small businesses reinvest in the local economy at a higher rate than large chains do. For example, every $100 spent at one of these businesses, $68 stays in the community. This is more than double the amount that chains reinvest! 

Two of My Favorite Small Businesses 

One of my favorite small businesses to shop this season is Unruly Boutique. This online boutique is a mix of feminine chic and edgy street style. Noelle Gaetano is the owner and runs all the operations herself. Noelle does the buying, updates her social media, models the clothes and so much more! She is truly an inspiration and demonstrates how much work goes into running a small business. There are plenty of items to choose from on her website, especially with new arrivals every Monday. Unruly will surely give your closet that elevated look you have been searching for. 

Another one of my favorite small businesses to shop at is Almajewelryco. This small business isn’t only fabulous but is also sustainable. AlmaJewelry co. sells repurposed designer jewelry. By reusing designer zippers, bags, keychains etc. it makes having luxury jewelry easy on your wallet and on the planet. Diane is the creator/designer of AlmaJewelry Co. Her mission is to bring designer jewelry to all women at an affordable price. This brand wants you to stand out and not blend in with the masses. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted from repurposed designer items and guaranteed to make a statement!  AlmaJewelry Co. would make a perfect unique gift for someone or even if you want to treat yourself.

Any Amount of Shopping Can Help

As convenient as it might be to shop from Amazon, or other large chains think twice next time you do it. This doesn’t mean you can never shop from large chains, sometimes we have to. However, even if you decide to make one purchase from a small business, it can make a difference. Now imagine if everyone decides to do the same.

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Gift Guide-10 Gifts for your Girlfriend Under $100


Girlfriend Gift Guide

Gift guides can prove to be exceptionally helpful, especially with the holidays rapidly approaching. Today, I would like to share with you 10 gifts for your girlfriend under $100. One of these gifts are sure to make your girlfriend feel special without hurting your wallet. 

Beauty Gift Ideas 

1. Maison Francis Kurkdigian Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Body Oil – $95

Maison Francis Kurkdigan Baccarat Rouge 540 is a scented body oil. This perfumed body oil is a light, non- greasy formula and provides an irresistible texture on the skin. It qualifies as a gift for you and your girlfriend, because it will make your girlfriend smell like a dream and you won’t be able to get enough of her.

2. Pure Silk Pillow Case – $89

 Everyone knows how important it is for us girls to get our beauty rest. The Pure Silk pillow case will make your girlfriend’s beauty sleep elevated. The benefits include anti- aging, reduced friction on the hair throughout the night and help keep skin’s moisture locked in.

3. Grande Lash Liquid Gold Lash & Brow Serum Set- $95

The Grande Lash Liquid Gold Lash & Brow Serum set includes a lash and brow serum. These serums help grow lashes and brow hair for a fuller look. A great gift to help enhance your girlfriend’s natural beauty. These cult favorite serums promise longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows in 4-6 weeks.

 4. REVLON One—Step Volumizer Hair Dryer – $59.99

The Revlon One-Step hair dryer gives a salon quality blowout from the comfort of your own home and will save you a trip to the hair salon. This hair dryer promises a smooth blow out in up to half the time compared to a typical blowdryer. It gives you the power of a dryer and volume of a styler!

5.TOM FORD Soleil Blanc Body Oil & Lip Set- $80

The Tom Ford body oil & lip set allows you to try luxury products at a reasonable price. The body oil gives a luminosity to the skin and a white floral fragrance. The lip color provides a coral sheen and is infused with cocoa butter to help saturate the lips in moisture. 

LifeStyle Gift Ideas

6. Flawless Beauty Fridge- $59.99

The Flawless Beauty Fridge is a skincare junkies dream! Girls know it is easy to become addicted to skincare and our collection tends to grow rapidly. This fridge is a great way to keep all of her favorite skincare products organized. Especially if her skincare is causing clutter and taking up “your side” of the sink!

7.X Sivan Ayla Havana Hoops- $75

Gold hoops are a staple and these earrings would make a great addition to any girl’s jewelry collection. These gold hoops have a classic look and your girlfriend will get plenty of use out of them.

8.LARQ Self-Cleaning water bottle- $95

Hydration is the most important beauty hack for plump and youthful skin. The LARQ self-cleaning water bottle makes staying hydrated easier than it has ever been. No more wasteful plastic bottles and no need to clean reusable ones either!

9. Hollywood Touch Duotone LED Makeup Mirror- $76.99

The Hollywood Touch mirror is the perfect makeup mirror to get ready in. This LED makeup mirror will take any woman’s vanity to the next level. This mirror has dual light color temperature with a soft touch sensor switch, just one tap to go from warm light to cool daylight white.  

10. Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club 3 Month Subscription- $99.99

Who doesn’t love a good wine and cheese pairing? Harry & David Wine offers a three -month subscription to their wine & cheese pairing. During these times, going out to dinner is not always an option and this an excellent way to spice up a dinner at home.

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Images provided by  Sephora, Revolve, Ulta, Saks Fifth Avenue & Bloomingdale’s