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Bridget Julia Interview


“Fashion is the art of dressing well,” says Bridget Julia when referring to her couture and evening wear brand that embraces the figure, accents, and details of every woman wearing them. Cliché had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Julia herself, and talk about the brilliance behind the brand, her hopes for the future, and her love for Beyoncé.
Cliché: When did your love for design and fashion begin?
Bridget Julia: I was born with a passion for art and fashion, which go hand in hand. I wanted to pursue a career in which I could express myself creatively. I started designing when I was a child. I found a Patrick John Ireland illustration book at Goodwill and taught myself to sketch. It wasn’t until college that I even learned to sew; I picked up a knack for quality and patience quickly.
All Rights ReservedWhat are the sequential steps to your designing process?
I always start by getting inspired, which usually comes very quickly. I look at what is going on in fashion and where it will be going by researching and reading fashion forecasts. From there, I start sketching and looking for fabrics. Fabric is incredibly inspiring and I adapt sketches to textiles I find. I set up a timeline for myself and begin with one garment. I make the patterns and sew everything together myself. There is usually over 200 hours of detail work by hand involved. I complete each piece before moving on to the next. My favorite part is the feeling of satisfaction as I put a finished couture dress away in a garment bag. From there, the model brings the dress to life and it’s no longer a garment, but a piece of art.
Who would you say is your target audience?
The vision of Bridget Julia is to provide quality eveningwear for women with exquisite style and taste. The dresses I design are intended to combine a high level of style with a hint of whimsical adventure.
Your brand is very high fashion. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
I have so many muses and inspirations, so to narrow it down, I am grandly inspired by fashion designers like Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, and Christian Dior. These design houses set the bar for couture and I aspire to set that bar as well.  My muses include Brigitte Bardot and Beyoncé. These women are daring, confident, and beautiful. I have photos of them on my inspiration wall in my sewing studio. I couldn’t imagine designing a piece without them in mind.
What is your favorite dress that you designed?
My favorite dress I designed was the “Chanel No. 5” Dress from my “I Wanna Be Loved By You” collection. It’s everyone’s favorite, to be honest! It’s a stunning black body suit with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeve netting embellished with lace detailing and Swarovski crystals. The dress has a lace full-length skirt that shows off the legs in a sexy and stylish manner. I loved this collection, which was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. All of the pieces were exquisitely designed and meticulously detailed.
Where can someone purchase one of your gorgeous designs?
Currently, Bridget Julia designs are custom made to order. A personal consultation can be made for special occasion couture. My samples are always available to purchase. Feel free to visit or send an email to for more details.
What are your hopes for Bridget Julia in the future?
I want to continue to design and showcase my collections at fashion shows. I am involved in the fashion industry in other aspects, but I truly love designing for Bridget Julia. In the future, I see many Bridget Julia gowns hanging in Beyoncé’s closet!
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Bridget Julia Interview: Photographed by Brandi Boehm, Makeup by May Nguyen

Bailey De Young Interview


From acting previously on ABC Family’s series Bunheads to dancing since she was a wee little thing, 25-year-old California native Bailey De Young does it all. Below, the budding and beautiful actress opens up about her latest role as Lauren Cooper in MTV’s new hit series Faking It, as well as the details on how she happily juggles being an actress and newlywed to husband Tyler.
Cliché: How did you get into acting?
Bailey De Young: I started dancing when I was a kid and that led to theater. I realized the storytelling aspect was my favorite part and slowly made the leap into straight acting.
Can you relate to Lauren Cooper’s character at all?
Lauren and I have some big similarities and big differences. I relate to her ambition and her overachiever ways, but her sass is hers alone.
When Faking It originally aired, Lauren came off as a snobby Christian girl who wanted nothing to do with her new stepsister Amy. How do you think Lauren’s attitude changed from season one to season two?
I think Lauren has some hard edges. She is very determined, ambitious, and strong, and sometimes she steps on people along the way to get what she wants. I think she continues to grow and take into consideration other people around her as she goes after what she wants, but they still sometimes get in the way, so it’s two steps forward and one step back.
Faking It has become quite the popular show. How do you think the plot can help teenagers today?
I think the lesson of being kind even when you don’t agree on things, not judging a book by its cover, and treating people with love is a lifelong lesson hopefully all of us are working towards. For Lauren’s journey specifically, I hope it shows that taking down your walls and being vulnerable is a good and brave thing to do.
Do you see Lauren tormenting Amy and Karma’s relationship in the future?
I think she has a hard time letting anyone else get attention and she also wants her way, so I think she’ll torment anything that threatens that.
What do you think Lauren has in store in the future of the show?
I think she still really wants to change Hester High and dominate the campus. I also think she is going through a journey of what it means to truly accept herself and dare I say, let other people in and let down her walls.
What do you do for fun when you aren’t working?
I hang out with my husband and family! We like hiking and going to the movies. We love a good Netflix documentary and binge-watching TV seasons.
How has acting in Faking It affected you in the real world?
It is such an amazing place to work because of the people. The leadership (Carter, writers, production) crew and cast make going to work every day truly my privilege. Hearing people’s positive responses and excitement has been fun.
Where do you see yourself going after the series is over?
Who knows? That is the fun part. I hope I can go back to theater at some point. For now, I’m sinking my teeth into these next episodes of Faking It.
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Bailey De Young Interview: Photographed by Marc Cartwright

Four Steps to Planning the Perfect Holiday Party


Hosting a holiday party may seem daunting, expensive and like it could raise your blood pressure through the roof, but it doesn’t have to be. The holidays are about spreading love and joy. What better way to do that other than hosting a holiday party where all of your friends and family can enjoy themselves? There are four steps to planning the perfect holiday party. Not only will it be stress-free, but you’ll also have the best party of the year!

Step One:
So you’ve decided that you’re going to host a holiday party, great. Now, who will you invite? Is it going to be your work friends, family, best friends, or all of them? The amount of guests will matter when you need to determine how much food and alcohol to buy. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring something. It makes them feel welcome and takes the load off of your wallet.

Step Two:
Once the list is finalized it’s time to determine the food and drink situation. It’s best to stock up on chips, crackers and other snacking foods in case you run out of dinner food and people still want to pig out. Hey it’s the holiday’s, so it’s allowed! As far as dinner goes, pick something easy but delicious, and something that can be made in large quantities. Check Pinterest. They’ll have ideas and recipes for sure. For beverages, be sure to load up on water, mixers and a variety of wine, beer and liquor. Options are key.

Step Three:
If you have enough silverware and plates for your guests you’re all set, but if you need a bunch then head to the closest dollar store. No one will know how little you paid, and dollar stores always have a holiday themed assortment of papered goods. Next is time to clean. You don’t have to go crazy, but don’t leave your dirty laundry around, or have your couch covered in dog hair.

Step Four:
Finally, sit back and relax. It is not your duty to cater to everyone. They can get their own drinks, find the bathroom themselves and throw out their plates. Go mingle with your friends and enjoy yourself!

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Winter White Trends


As September comes around, we all start to question our white apparel, but it’s time to break the mold and keep those bright whites for the chilly months. As the holidays come around, instead of drowning yourself in an all-black ensemble, opt for something white instead, and you’ll be sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd with these winter white trends!

Some may think that white can be too daring, but there are plenty shades of white that you can incorporate into your wardrobe. For instance, there is ivory which is more of an eggshell shade, champagne which gives off subtle pink and gold undertones, and there is always stark white the brightest of the bright!

Do you have a holiday party coming up? For a bold look, try adding a white shearling coat to your black dress, or ease your way in with a simple white clutch.  For those of you who are ready to take the plunge go for the all white pencil skirt with the matching top, and add luscious red lips to complete the perfect holiday look.

It may be difficult to dive into this sensational trend, but you can ease in by adding white as an accessory or piece of clothing. Swap out the black skinnies for white distressed jeans or pick a pair of shoes that incorporate both black and white to complement your outfit. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

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Complete Your Outfit With Your Nails


If you are as obsessed with your nails as I am, you live by two very important rules: chipped nails are your worst enemy, and the color must always go hand in hand with your outfit. Some girls don’t necessarily consider the color of their nails when getting dressed—which is fine—but let me tell you,  when you complete your outfit with your nails, it makes all the difference! Pairing a red top with bright orange nails can really throw off your whole get up.

Pay attention to the color wheel—yes, that big circular board with a bunch of colors that was taught in art class. The color wheel is a great way for you to visually see how your purple nails enhance your yellow loose knit sweater. All you have to do is locate the color of your choice on the wheel and match it with the corresponding color on the opposite end.

If you don’t like incorporating bright colors, flashy designs, or don’t want to change the color of your nails on a weekly basis, then shoot for the standard nudes. These can include light pink hues or different versions of pastels. For an added touch, incorporate some sparkles—they really add a feminine touch.

If you are getting into the fall spirit and love dark nails, deep burgundy reds are always a great choice for brisk weather outfits. But if you’re hesitant, stick with the one color that matches everything—black!
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Build Your Own Schott Leather Jacket


Whether you are obsessed with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or not, there is a good chance you came across the image of their custom made “Just Married” leather jackets as they posed in a photo booth at their wedding. Schott NYC is the designer of Kanye West’s sleek and stylish jacket. Founded in 1913, the American clothing company is still located in New York City and run by the Schott family.

Schott NYC was the first company to put a zipper on a jacket. Their famous Perfecto® motorcycle jacket appeared in popular movies like The Wild One (1953), and they also made clothing for the U.S. military during World War II.

Well, good news! For the first time in their 100 years of business, Schott NYC is giving you the chance to build your own Schott leather jacket; a completely customizable Perfecto® motorcycle jacket starting at $995.00. Just visit their website and follow the simple instructions to create your ideal leather jacket. Choose from the numerous colors they offer such as black, navy, silver, and fuchsia to name a few. Enhance your jacket by choosing the colors of your lining, top and under collar, pocket welts, hardware, zipper, and more. But wait, I haven’t even gotten to the best part. You will be able to visually see your custom design right before your very eyes on the site, so you can be sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. Hurry up while you still can!

Image courtesy of Schott NYC

Gone Girl Movie Review


No plans for the weekend? Well then you should definitely go see the new hit movie Gone Girl. Director David Fincher captures the dramatic thriller by encompassing an eerie tone with countless questions. The movie stars Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, an average man who is involved in an unhappy marriage with his beautiful yet dissatisfied wife Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike. On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing leaving Nick as the prime suspect. From there everything gets turned upside down.

According to CBC film reviewer Eli Glasner, Gone Girl is “like a dangerous cross breed between War of the Roses and Fatal Attraction. This is a film that engages with its audience.”

Just like the book, Gone Girl keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat constantly guessing what will happen next, and battling to choose sides between characters. Is one of them lying? Are they both lying? Trust me, you will keep going back and forth between the two!

Fincher was able to take the power of the novel and bring it to life through the film. His clever use of widescreen camerawork and color schemes really add to the tone and suspense of the plot. The best-selling novel’s author, Gillian Flynn, was involved in writing the screenplay, so for those of you who read the book you will not be disappointed.

Gone Girl Movie Review: Image courtesy of Forbes

What to Look Forward to at NYC Comic Con


In 2013, New York Comic Con attracted over 133,000 attendees, making it the second largest pop culture and comic book gathering in the country! This year promises to be even bigger and better. Comic Con has been extended to a full week of pop-culture festival fun starting on October 3 and ending with the three-day ticketed event at the Javits Center. At every corner of all five boroughs of the city there will be concerts, gaming events, comedy shows, lectures, food tastings, podcasts, and more, so be sure to check them out.

What to know what to look forward to at NYC Comic Con? Throughout the Show Floor at the Javits Center, you will be able to shop for comics, snap pictures with your favorite cosplay characters (my personal favorite is Wolverine), purchase original illustrations in Artist Alley, and venture in The Block. The Block combines collectible toys, fashion, art, and design of the underground pop culture scene.

Are you a Marvel Comics fanatic or obsessed with The Walking Dead? Perfect! At NYCC you will be able to meet many comic, entertainment, and literary guests like Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation, or a special guest from the hit show Breaking Bad. For your absolute must-meet or you’ll die individuals, set aside some time so you can get an autograph from them during their assigned time slot.

The amazing Panels offer the ability to learn skills from game creators or speak with some of the cast of a hit TV show or movie. It’s also a great way to end the day after walking around the floor all afternoon.

For first timers to get the most out of their experience, be sure to download the official NYCC app on your Smartphone to determine panel details, autographing schedules, exhibits, giveaways, and contests plus so much more.
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