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Target’s A New Day Collection Spotlight for Fall


Dear Target: we love you. It’s as simple (and complicated) as that. We visit you on the weekends, our lunch breaks, the extra time we find gifted to us within our schedules with expectations that never disappoint. Each visit has us finding items we could never guess of next, or plan on buying. Target’s latest surprise has come in the form of a fashion collection that has us jumping with joy. A New Day is one of the four new brands that this innovative store has created, and it is focused on providing boutique-esque pieces at affordable prices for women everywhere.

Summer to Fall Makeup Routine


Each season brings forth a few favorite beauty details that we find the most joy in during that time. With winter, we are met with red lips and dark rich tones; the blooming of spring brings us colored liner and pastel hues; and with summer comes dewy, glowy skin and bright nail polishes. Come fall, we are reaching for dark lip products and warm, metallic eyeshadows. Now, the transition between these seasons can be quite surprising no matter how many times we experience it. Often times we find the change in weather has happened overnight, suddenly and without warning.

Monochromatic Makeup Trends We Love


“Matchy-matchy” is not a negative phrase in the eyes of beauty lovers any longer. Instead, we are welcoming coordinating eye shadows, highlights, blushes, and lippies in makeup looks with open arms. Now, before you say coordinating makeup is so 1950s, stop yourself. Monochromatic makeup has gotten much more tender loving care since then and has turned into something with a fresh, fashionable, and daring aesthetic. Tested and approved by celebrities we love—including Taraji P. Henson at the SAG Awards with her pink and berry tones and Rihanna during NYFW with caramel mocha hues—this method isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Brand to Watch: Chila Bags


Fun in the sun has a whole new meaning this summer with our latest fashion find. Colorful, authentic, and reminiscent of paradise, Chila Bags give us all of the summer feels that there ever were. After founder Laura Chica made a visit to the La Guajira desert in northern Colombia in 2013, Chila Bags was created. As shared by the founder herself, “While driving towards El Cabo de la Vela, a paradise-like place, we fell in love not only with the place, but also with the beautiful crafts hand-made by the women of the Wayuu tribe. [We] decided more people deserve to see and wear these colorful, cultural accessories.”

Changing to Cruelty-Free Makeup


When reading the title, I’m sure a bit of a jolt may have gone through you, as those words are not to be taken lightly. The word “cruelty-free” is a stance—a strong and positive message to stand against the cruelty of animal testing. In the beauty world, animal testing is something that is evident in many brands whose cosmetics you may have tried at least once. For years, I did not face the inhumane practices that animals went through to have the beauty product that I was avidly using produced. It wasn’t until last summer, after being inspired by bloggers and YouTubers who are committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle, that I began to make my own transition into this world.

Katie Willcox is Proving That Healthy is the New Skinny


As women, there is no denying that we are constantly under the scrutiny of others. Whether it’s what we are wearing or if we are not wearing makeup, we are put into boxes to be a certain way that we cannot live up to because these “ideals” are not realistic. Despite this, we are always reminded of the push to be “perfect” through social media, television, magazines, and more. What we need more of is kindness, truth, and most importantly, support—not only with ourselves, but others, too.

Beauty Goods You Need To Try This Summer


Summer is one of my favorite seasons for beauty. The latest launches are all about fresh, glowy skin, sweet fragrances, and embracing your natural locks. We’re basking in all that this season’s bliss has to offer with beauty goods you need to try this summer. Whether you’re looking to catch a tan and protect your skin, are on the hunt for that next delicious scent, or want to master beachy waves, we’ve got you covered. Scroll through for beauty products you’ll want to carry in your beach tote from now until next summer.

Blogger to Watch: Kaitlynn Carter


Whether you know her for her rad outfits, incredible business Foray, beautiful blog Hey, Miss Carter, have perused her Instagram @Kaitlynn like no tomorrow, or you’ve spotted her cozied up next to her fiancé, Brody Jenner, we’re sure that Kaitlynn Carter has made it onto your radar one way or another. As a blogger, business owner, fiancée, wanderer, and so much more, Carter is an on-the-move gal who always makes us want to not only pack a bag and go to her next destination, but also go out into the world and do what we wish.

How to Embrace Your Summer Curls


Loving your hair’s natural texture is a year-round must. However, when summer comes around with its sweet rays and longer days, our hair deserves just a bit more tender love and care. As a curly gal myself, I know firsthand how much damage can occur to super textured locks—from the heat of the sun to the chlorine found in pool water, our hair can get a little crazy with what this season throws at it.

The Oil Products You Need to Try


I solemnly swear that I am a skincare junkie. Shout, “Girl, yes!” if you constantly find yourself in the same aisle surrounded by cleansers, moisturizers, face masks, and so much more. If so, then like me, you are always ready to try the next “big thing” because when your skin feels good and looks good, there is no stopping you. Personally, my skin has been feeling on cloud nine for the past couple of months and it’s all because of what has been taking up space on my shelves: oils.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide


To the women whose schedules never seem to not be full, who run after dreams and toddlers like no other, and whose love is unconditional—we believe every day should be a celebration for you, but Mother’s Day will have to do. Today, we’re here to add our own everlasting touch to this day. Whether you’re a mother or are looking to gift your own, we’re sharing our Mother’s Day gift guide filled with treats that will make this day all the more special. Browse through our beauty, fashion and sweet finds that just require a simple click of the “add to cart” button and place a bow on them once they arrive at your door. 

Beauty Looks Inspired By Our Favorite TV Shows


Television shows are always being pitched, filmed, promoted, and premiered every single season. Sometimes there seems to be such a menagerie that presents itself all at once that we cannot keep up. Each one, however, is as unique as its storyline is as familiar. The girl next door glows with rosy cheeks and just a hint of a lip stain, while the boy from the wrong side of the tracks sports a slicked back hairstyle to give off a dark, yet irresistible look.

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