Want to Color your Hair? Read These Hair Coloring Tips First


Today we want to share some great hair coloring tips with you. Coloring your hair is one of the best and simplest ways to show your distinct sense of style. It might also be done when you get bored or your beauty selections. Either way, it is a beauty enhancement that can be very stressful if you are not ready for maintenance after the dyeing. Despite the dyes, highlights, and single and dual-color processes, there are numerous options for getting your hair the best way you want it.

However, even before deciding on the tone you want, you still have no idea what you are getting yourself into, whether in the salon or home. For example, are you supposed to wash your hair before you dye it? Should you tell your friends and family in advance before you dye your hair? Below are some great hair coloring tips that you should definitely read.


hair coloring tipsIf you are reading this article, then you are on the right track when it comes to researching the choices you make. Regardless of whether you are coloring your hair at home, it is always a good idea to do research instead of diving right into it. Getting the correct tools or the right color for your specific hair is vital.

So, if you want to color your hair at the salon, it is crucial to get the right person, preferably one that specializes in hair coloring. Ensure that the colorist you pick has the experience and check the reviews of their work.

Also, it is essential that while you do your research, you consider the kind of color change you are going for. Ask yourself if the color you pick will need any maintenance, and if it does, are you willing to do it? It is also a good idea to research the coloring technique you choose even before making an appointment with your hair colorist. For instance, it will be a great idea to know about balayage care tips if you want to have that coloring technique done to your hair.

Take it easy

Slow and sturdy wins the race. So, if your goal is to go sunnier, do your strands a favor and take things easy by using baby steps. While base colors can take your hair at least one shade lighter, professional colorists recommend that you go slower than that.  And to avoid damaging your hair and ensure you achieve the most natural and even look, go half a shade lighter every time you decide to dye your hair.

Disregard the photos on the dye box

hair coloring tips

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

If you have decided to do the coloring at home, you will have to go shopping for the dye you pick. And when shopping, it is pretty normal to look at the picture on the dye box. The model on the packaging might have an excellent shade of brown; however, no one knows what color her hair was before dyeing it.

Instead of factoring the model on the box when buying a dye for your hair, it is recommended that you use the numbers and letters on the package to decide the level of color you want and the favorite tone. Regarding the shade scale of 1 to 10, 1 is darker, and ten is lighter. On the other hand, the letters show the dyes undertone; “a” means ash, “n” means neutral, and “c” means copper.

Use your complexion as a guide

According to various hair colorists, light-skinned people will look more natural when they pick lighter shades, and on the other hand, people with darker hair will look much better in a darker shade.

In addition, if you have some pink on your complexion, avoid going for warm shades; doing so will only make you look more red-faced. Also, if you have an oily skin tone, it would be a great idea to go for gold shades to make your face warm and make the skin less emerald. Finally, if you have a neutral skin tone, it is recommended that you pick either cool blond or warm shades.

Never skip the patch test

It is crucial to test a color on a tiny area of your hair before going all in. otherwise, you are bound to have a mishap. If you use an overly ashy shade, your skin will look old and drab. Besides, you will be risking a skin reaction if your skin fails to tolerate the dye chemicals. So, do a patch test by first applying the dye on a small patch of your hair, and note if the color is too dark, light, or ashy.

Start with a semi-permanent  dye before going for the permanent one

Hairstylist dying hair of black client

Photo by John Diez on Pexels

For safe dyeing, it is always good to try a semi-permanent hair dye that will somewhat fade away every time you shampoo it. Using a semi-permanent dye will also lessen the damages and improve the natural color of your hair. It is vital to note that semi-permanent dyes don’t have the power to lighten dark hair. However, it can enhance or match the color. Besides, a semi-permanent color does not penetrate deeply into the hair and usually fades in about eight to twelve shampoos.

How healthy is your hair

Dyeing your hair can sometimes affect the health of your hair; therefore, it is advisable to assess the damage level of your hair even before booking an appointment. Is your hair going to withstand the chemicals in the dye? A good colorist can help you with that, and they will not push your hair beyond its limits. After coloring, it is advisable to utilize a hair treatment like the hydrating mask to ensure that your hair stays moisturized. Also, ensure that you add a protein mask that will assist in repairing the connections in your hair once every four washes. It is also vital to use a leave-in treatment when brushing your hair to lessen the damages.

Don’t go above to shades of your natural complexion

When you decide to color your hair at home, it is advisable to stay within two shades of your shade. This is particularly vital if you are a brunette and you want to have blonde hair color. Also, it is essential to note that dark hair will be hard to lighten; therefore, it will be a good idea to make an appointment with your colorist.

Going to the salon is essential as home hair coloring kits do not have the strong chemicals used to radically change your hair’s color. Besides, there is a good reason why hair colorists go to school, pass the tests and get a license from the respective authorities. Remember that the chemicals used to change hair color can damage your hair and scalp.

Evade color overkill

Do you frequently notice that your hair color is fading? If yes, the good news is that you do not have to color your whole head; doing that can accumulate colors, faded ends, bands of lightness and darkness, and irrelevant damages to your hair.  

All you have to do is paint the newly growing hair and perhaps, if necessary, refresh the faded edges during the last few minutes of dyeing.

Summing up

Coloring your hair can entirely change your look, or it can preserve your hair color. It is therefore essential to carefully determine the above factors even before you decide to dye your hair. And if you have chosen to color your hair, you will want to research some maintenance tips to help it last longer. Besides, coloring your hair will cost you money, so it is vital to consider all the factors before deciding.

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Fragrance Brands That are Perfect for Strong Women


Today we want to share some fragrance brands that are perfect for strong women. Fragrance is so closely linked to our emotions, meaning altering your scent can switch up your mood or express another aspect of yourself.

The ideal perfume has to be timeless and wearable, in any situation and at any age. Finding the right scent for you, on the other hand, might be difficult. Online shopping for perfume has never been more convenient, with hundreds of options available from multiple vendors. Beauty counters and online storefronts are brimming with the most contemporary and exciting fragrances from a variety of companies, but how can you choose which one will become your new favorite?

If you’re a strong and confident woman, this guide is the one for you.


This Viktor & Rolf scent has achieved “most popular” status. This eau de parfum resembles a grenade and is packed with jasmine, freesia, and rose in a single spray for a luxurious, feminine vibe.


fragrence brands

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Chanel N°5 is a timeless, iconic scent that has secured its place at the top of our best perfume list. It was created in 1921 and had an unusual structure from other fragrances at the time. Chanel No. 5 was tart, sparkling, almost champagne-like. It revolutionized fragrance forever with its unique formulation.

The scent of this perfume is described as a refined, floral, and soft fragrance. This feminine scent features sandalwood and vanilla in a modern floral blend. It’s unmistakable and ageless, with top notes of Neroli that combine with the sensual, floral notes of two incredible raw materials, May Rose and Jasmine.

Coco Mademoiselle

Try this equally distinctive bottle if you grew up admiring your mother’s Chanel No. 5 on her vanity. Coco Mademoiselle is a contemporary classic with notes of orange, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.

Jil Sander Sun

Jil Sander promotes a clean look that is elegant and ageless. The brand Jil Sander was created for ladies who wish to be both tough and feminine. Jil Sander’s signature style is a unique fashion that emphasizes the wearer’s femininity. If looking for an online deal, you can buy Jil Sander Sun at


Agel is a delicate combination of sweet red fruits, velvety caramel, honey, and praline with the alluring power of patchouli and vanilla. Angel is a luxurious, stylish, and timeless scent with a provocative edge that’s ideal for everyday use.

Black Opium

Saint Laurent Paris Retail Store exterior
This Yves Saint Laurent scent, like your daily cup of coffee, is hard to put down. For a sinuous fragrance that will awaken you (just in time for date night), look no further than this glitzy bottle.

Light Blue Eau

Do you want to sip your favorite beverage on the beach? To satiate your summer day cravings, try this Dolce & Gabbana cocktail made with Sicilian lemon and exotic jasmine.


According to Marc Jacobs, Daisy is a wonderful fragrance for both guys and women. There’s something timeless, classic and lovely about it that connects with people on many levels. It’s not precious, foreign, or exotic, yet it elicits a feeling in many women.

It’s bright and fun, with top notes of juicy wild berries and delicate white violets leaving a wonderfully refreshing scent on the skin. A dry down of sandalwood gives an air of warmth and sensuality to the fragrance.

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5 Must-Know Skincare Tips For Healthier-Looking Skin


Today we want to share 5 must know skincare tips for healthier looking skin. Having healthy skin doesn’t just help make every inch of you youthful and beautiful, but it can also put you in a good mood. With healthy skin, you can keep your worries away from any dryness, oiliness, damages, or even showing early signs of aging.

Apart from eating the right kind of foods, how you physically take care of your skin affects your overall skin quality. In this way, you can allow any products to fully sink in on your skin, maximizing any benefits that it can offer.

Moreover, listed below are the must-know skincare tips for healthier-looking skin:

  1. Visit A Dermatologist Clinic

One of the most basic yet most helpful ways to have healthier-looking skin is by leaving everything to the professionals. While experimenting with skincare products might be fun, you might cause more harm than good to your skin if you don’t know what you’re doing. With that, consulting with a licensed dermatologist would be the best choice for your skin.

Ideally, you should choose a trusted dermatologist clinic near your area. You can search for various clinics online like The Derm Detective or other similar companies, and you could begin comparing prices to see which has the best offer. As you visit a dermatologist clinic, ensure that they’re licensed to operate and have good reviews so you can assure that your skin is in good hands. While this can be a more expensive option, it’ll guarantee the best care for your skin. 

  1. Apply Sunscreen Daily

Some people think that wearing sunscreen is only necessary when you’re going to be under the sun for quite a while. This may involve taking a trip to the beach, camping, hiking, or working during the broad daylight. While those can highly affect your skin, the bare presence of the sun can still affect your skin quality, whether it’s directly hitting your body or not. 

No matter where you’re going, you should wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Even if you’re traveling in a car and won’t expose your skin intensively out in the open, the rays can still get through your skin, causing permanent damage.

You can look for a sunscreen that can offer maximum UVA and UVB protection. However, for daily use, going for at least SPF 30 can protect your skin for up to 97%. Just ensure that you reapply during the day to keep the protection on your skin.

  1. Cover Your Skin From The Sun
skincare tips

Young woman with beautiful legs at home

Just because you’re wearing sunscreen doesn’t mean your skin would be 100% protected from the harmful rays of the sun. No matter how high the SPF you choose, it can’t guarantee full protection from the effects of the sun. With that, you should ensure that you provide an added skin protection by physically blocking out any direct light on your skin.

The best time to allow your skin to absorb the healthy nutrients from the sun would be around sunrise until 10 AM. After those hours, it’d be better to keep your skin away from direct sun exposure as it could burn and bring harmful effects to your skin. If you’re working under the sun for a while, you should protect your skin by bringing an umbrella and a cap, as well as wearing clothing that can cover most of your skin. Additionally, just try to stay inside a shade for as long as possible.

  1. Know Your Skin Type

Before you purchase the most popular skincare product out there, you need to identify your skin type first. This will let you know if the product would benefit you or worsen your skin condition. Your skin type could fall between being dry, oily, combination, sensitive, matured, or acne-prone. You can take a closer look at your skin in the mirror and see which skin type you have.

As you know your skin type, you can now look for products ideal for your skin. Ideally, you should steer away from any products that can make your skin condition worse. For example, if you have dry skin, it’s best to avoid products intended for oily skin as it can heavily strip more moisture away, leaving your skin flaky and unhealthy.


  1. Be Gentle On Your Skin

No matter how great your skincare products are, if you don’t give your skin gentle care, you might not fully enjoy its benefits on your skin.

As you take a shower during the day, you should use your towel to pat dry your skin rather than scrubbing the entire fabric for a quicker dry-up. Along with this, you shouldn’t try to scratch your skin intensely as it can remove layers from your skin. You can apply natural ointments on your skin to relieve any itchy sensation, preventing you from harming your skin. 


While you’re young, you might not be able to appreciate the importance of skincare fully, especially that you still have youthful and supple skin. However, as you age, you might see early signs of skin aging, and it’ll be difficult to reverse those conditions. With that, you should take care of your skin as early as possible to keep you happy about your skin and allow it to be healthy for as long as possible.

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Amazing Fashionable Holiday Gift Guide From Filienna


Extraordinary holiday ornaments from Filienna to complete a festive and fashionable holiday look.

Festive holiday gatherings call for whimsical ornaments: but not just for the tree or the mantle. This holiday season, add a bit of warmth to cold-weather looks with the blush silver designs of Filienna. Made by women for women, the New York-based Filienna jewelry brand is known for whimsical, boho-chic designs that draw inspiration from the ancient world but with mix-and-matchable designs that are versatile and contemporary. 

Filienna also makes the perfect travel jewelry, ready to dress up or down for any occasion. Miami locals can find Filienna at Faena Bazaar in Miami’s design district, while West Hollywood shoppers will discover Filienna designs at GBK Brand Bar at Kimpton La Peer Hotel. Filienna is also available online at

About Filienna

The Latin word Filia means daughter; but to us, it means the daughter of Filigrana –an ancient, lost tradition of jewelry-making technique. The art of Filigrana weaves together lace-like metal threads into an intricate, swirling tapestry of jewelry.

Body art painting, most commonly known as Henna, was originated in Egyptian times as a form of art and expression.

By joining together the craft of filigree and theart of henna we introduce –Filienna. The birth of Filienna is a unique blend of craft and artistry, a complementary representation of our abilities and creativity. We are all unique, each possessing precious gifts to give to the universe and to ourselves.

It requires great strength to know our inner selves, to balance, find and embrace the inner freedom that stems from our mixed origins, and to share our deepest beauty with the world–our Filienna.

Be Free, Be You.

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Images provided by Filienna.

The L4 Project: One Man’s Journey to Honor His Wife Through Uplifting the Cancer Community


It’s a rare joy when we encounter someone who not only chooses to walk with us in life, but lights up the world with every step. When Michael Allio met Laura, it didn’t take him long to realize he’d been lucky enough to encounter a true gem of a human, and he speaks of her with fitting reverence. “She was beautiful inside and out and I remember the first time I met her, I was just completely drawn to her smile, her outlook on life, her energy. She was the smartest person I’ve ever met. She wasn’t that type of person that knew she was smart and made you feel small because of it. She did everything in a very humble and very confident way, but always took time to make fun of herself. She loved getting a rise out of people. She was extremely philanthropic, loving, caring, and organized,” Michael recalls of his college sweetheart, smiling softly. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and began planning their life together.

Laura and Michael’s wedding

What really set Laura’s soul on fire was giving back to the community, particularly those impacted by diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Following a relocation to Michael’s hometown of Akron, it didn’t take long for one local organization to capture Laura’s heart: Stewart’s Caring Place, which supports cancer patients as they face down the daunting myriad of questions that inevitably follow a cancer diagnosis. As Michael explains: “It’s this beautiful resource in Akron and, honestly, there should be one in every single city. What Stewart’s does is it provides free necessary services to help ease the pain that goes along with the cancer diagnosis and that just doesn’t affect the patient, that affects the caregivers, that affects the children, it affects this whole ecosystem. If you do get a cancer diagnosis, the first thing is that you’re overwhelmed, you’re worried about what’s the actual diagnosis? What does it mean? How do I build my healthcare team? But then it’s also what do I do for scheduling? How do I get time off work? Who’s going to take me to these appointments? Are there alternative and additive therapies like holistic approaches that I can do, diet? All of these different things and guess what? They all cost money. And guess what? Not everybody has access to that same amount of resources but everybody deserves healthcare. It is a human right. The last thing people should have to go through when they get a diagnosis is, ‘Oh my God. How am I going to pay for this?’ They’re fighting for their lives, they should not be impacted whatsoever. Stewart’s Caring Place is one of many different places across the country that does provide that hub and spoke model, that resource center where people can go in, get fitted for wigs, made to feel beautiful even when their bodies are changing and find a way to hold onto who they are as a person during this time when everything around them seems to be changing.”

Michael and Laura with newborn son James

Laura’s dedication to cancer organizations became tragically ironic when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, a discovery that may not have occurred without the help of their infant son, James. “We credit James for finding Laura’s cancer because he actually stopped taking breast milk from one side of the breast,” Michael reveals. “That’s actually what drew the alarms for us to go get it checked out. We went to an OBGYN and she kind of dismissed it as plugged milk duct, which is a typical thing. We didn’t like that answer per se and wanted something more definitive, so we started actually pursuing additional treatment and an additional opinion, which eventually turned into a breast cancer diagnosis.” In a twist of fate, Laura soon found herself relying on the services of the same organizations she had selflessly devoted her time to. “When we moved back to Akron, Laura and I started volunteering at Stewart’s Caring Place and when we first started, we didn’t even really know what they did. We were just working some events, helping with some fundraising and then, literally, two and a half years later, we became very dependent on the services that they provide. It’s just this full circle of how we give back even when we don’t need it because we never know when we will and even if we never do, people do rely on these types of things. ”

Laura was determined not to suffer in silence, instead utilizing social media to show the trials and tribulations of grappling with a cancer diagnosis as a woman in the midst of starting a family. “Laura, from an advocacy perspective, was very vocal about kind of removing that veil of secrecy and privacy on what it’s like to be a newly married wife, a new mother, and a young mother going through a cancer diagnosis so she really didn’t make it look glamorous, which oftentimes [with] social media you go on there and you can’t help but be like, ‘Oh my God, why is everybody living these amazing lives on the beach and in thousand dollar suits here? She kind of made it very human and took people to videos [and] gave a lot of information and educational talks and broadcasted them on Facebook Live and other social media outlets so that if people did not have their support in the community around them that we were so lucky to have, that they could at least tune into her and she would help guide them through their own cancer journey based on just her own experience.” Watching Laura’s fight also prompted Michael to reevaluate his own approach to adversity. “I think in my own experience, when I put myself at the center of my work, every single problem I have is magnified because all I’m focusing on is myself. When I put others at the center of my world, whether or not it’s my son or wife, Laura, or it’s a cause that I deeply care about, I gain perspective, and my little problems that we all struggle with, they calibrate and they go down to actually what they are, which is small little details in the scheme of life.”

What followed was nothing short of a medical odyssey as the Allios travelled cross country, city to city, doctor to doctor, desperately searching for a cure. Despite their Herculean efforts, Laura passed away in January 2019 at the age of 33. The vacuum of her loss was immeasurable and persists into the present. “It’s the adjustment that I’m making now in my life, not having companionship and not having that person, like Laura, around the house that you really start to recognize real quickly all the things that they did, not just around the house and the admin, but just the whole aura and vibe of your house. It all changes and everything’s a little quieter after you lose somebody and it’s a little eerie and creepy and then you start to get used to the new normal and you start to make sense of it and you just try to build and progress at a speed that makes sense for your own self.“ Over the ensuing years, Michael has found that devastation has given way to appreciation for the time he had with Laura, no matter how brief or bittersweet. “The transition is, at first, painful and you look at the relationship that you had, or that I had with Laura, and it just feels painful because it’s no longer there, it’s no longer present, but now it’s starting to feel more like happiness and gratefulness that I had someone in my life that I just miss so much and there’s always this quote that grief is love that has no place to go. ” 

But even in the depths of despair, hope springs eternal. Michael vowed that while cancer may have taken Laura’s life, it would never extinguish her light. Through his grief, he remained committed to picking up Laura’s advocacy where she left off, focusing on the cancer community that had given them such strength and love in their greatest hour of need. Michael soon founded The L4 Project, which operates under a simple, concise mantra: live life like Laura. “What L4 does is we raise money for cancer, 501(c)(3) cancer services that provide these vital resources to patients, to caregivers, to family members that don’t necessarily know where to go. The idea with this project is really to keep Laura’s legacy of philanthropy alive. She was such an advocate for the cancer community and by selling clothing online, we can help create awareness while also raising money and trying to find a way to do our small part in something very big,” Michael explains. L4 endeavors to address the emotional and financial impacts of cancer from every angle. “A cancer diagnosis, it’s multifaceted. There’s the emotional elements of it, physical components, it’s this overwhelming sense that the clock is ticking and you’re scrambling for resources, you’re scrambling to build your support team outside of a hospital, your medical team inside, you’re working. You could be a single parent and you’re the sole bread provider for the family, how do you work around your job schedule to facilitate all these treatments and surgeries and how do you concentrate on everything at the same time while raising a child? And then, on the other side of that, you have the caregivers. They’re often people that are left in the shadows, they’re the silent heroes of this whole thing and they don’t ask for anything but it doesn’t mean they don’t need anything. Hopefully, the cancer is cured and you don’t have to worry about that but all too often, it’s not and then you have grief support and then you have follow up and how does this impact children or spouses or parents after losing a husband or wife or a child? There are all of these different components and it could be, like I said before, the transportation, the resources, holistic therapy, all of these different things that just cost money and not everybody has access to, to try to give them access.”  

Supporting L4 is easy and more vital than ever in the wake of the pandemic. “You can go online and go to There you can buy merchandise and all of the profits for the sale of those pieces do go to charities. Actually the money that’s created on L4 Project, because L4 Project is actually an LLC, that money goes up to the Akron Community Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3). It’s managed there and dispersed through that vehicle,” Michael says. Most recently, they’ve teamed up with Akron Children’s Hospital to benefit pediatric patients. “We actually just launched an awesome collaboration with Akron Children’s Hospital Showers Family Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. During COVID, you imagine how COVID has impacted so many people, but think about kids with cancer. People can’t go and see them while they’re getting treatment. Everything is shut down. About a year and a half ago, our team at L4 went into Akron Children’s and we asked the kids, ‘Help us understand. What’s it like to be in your shoes?’ Not just creating the idea of something that is obvious and sad and something that they shouldn’t have to go through, but they created a bunch of artwork that we drew inspiration from. We actually created a style online called the sunrise T-shirt, and 100 percent of the proceeds of the sale of that T-shirt do go to Akron Children’s Hospital for pediatric cancer. It’s just kind of our way of acknowledging that there’s a lot of suffering in the world, but there’s a lot of hope in the world. When you actually look at the heart on these T-shirts, you can’t tell if it’s a sunrise or if it’s a sunset. You’re not sure if it’s a new day. You’re not sure if it’s possibly getting ready for grief, but that’s what we’re trying to understand. We’re trying to give these kids a voice, and we’re trying to raise money for a noble organization in the process.”

He hopes to honor Laura’s path even as he sometimes struggles to navigate the once unfathomable reality of life without her. “When somebody has actually made such an impact on your life and you’ve learned from them and you’ve adopted some of their beliefs and they go away, you feel a sense of obligation to carry them with you and continue their mission for them. Laura was just very much larger than life and taught me so much that it became difficult to differentiate her and he,” Michael admits. “You end up becoming somewhat of the same person when you have such a good relationship. What I’m trying to do is keep her spirit alive through this project, help cancer patients and the whole cancer community, as she would’ve if she was still here, give something that my son can hold onto and keep his mother close as time kind of creates that distance. Hopefully it turns out to be something great but I don’t put that pressure on myself either. I’m just trying and that’s good enough.“

James is, without question, Laura’s most cherished and lasting legacy. Michael finds himself continuously amazed by the echoes between his late wife and young son. “James looks just like her. He has so many of her mannerisms and everything, which honestly in hindsight, is such a gift because it’s almost as though he’s living through her and I can still see glimmers of her through him. It’s really this kind of beautiful life cycle, even though it’s very tragic that we lost someone so wonderful and beautiful too early.” His greatest wish for James is for him to carve out his own identity. “I think it’s really important that as a parent, you try to guide your children and infuse certain characteristics and morals and pillars into their life and give them exposure to as much as possible knowing that they are their own person and they need to come to their own truth. My goal always is not to turn James into a version of me or Laura, but rather share with him our life experiences and give him exposure to as much of the world as possible so that he can see the larger picture and come to his own conclusion, which I shouldn’t say conclusion because life never really has a conclusion and I don’t want it to. I’m always trying to pursue my truth, but I hope the things that I feel today aren’t necessarily how I feel if I’m blessed to live to an old age. I want to continually grow, maintain that curiosity, and some things with James, it’s really a lot of curiosity, compassion, work ethic, call to action, humility, and loyalty. Those types of things, I think, will, if I can teach him those, he’ll be able to choose a path that will be very, very fruitful and rewarding for himself.” Though single fatherhood can certainly be challenging and the future remains uncertain, Michael is propelled forward by his belief that all roads will eventually lead back to Laura. “I always feel as though I don’t doubt that I’m going to see her again. My big thing is to live life boldly and when I do see her again, we’ll just have a lot of great stories to talk about.” Until then, father and son will walk hand in hand, tackling life together one day at a time, doing their best to live life like Laura.

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The L4 Project: One Man’s Journey to Honor His Wife Through Uplifting the Cancer Community. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Allio.

8 Well-Known Celebrities who Wear Wigs


Today we want to talk about 8 well-known celebrities who wear wigs. It’s amazing how fashion has changed over the years. In years past we only thought of older women or cancer patients as people who preferred to wear a wig as a part of their daily wardrobe.  Let’s jump ahead 50 years and see how wigs are now being adorned and worn in 2021. Today, some the most well known influencers, celebrities and entertainers wear wigs and wear them in style – and fans love them.  Today we’ll share 8 well-known celebrities who wear wigs proudly at the highest echelons of fashion and style.

From XRS Beauty Lace Front Wigs to head band wigs, these celebrities wear their wigs well in from the movie camera whether the film has stopped rolling or not.

1. Katy Perry

We think it’s safe to say that Katy Perry really loves wigs.  We remember when she sported a wig back on American Idol for almost 8 weeks. She loves both long and short, cute colorful wigs to show off her beauty and fun personality. From her peacock ponytail to her retro 20s wigs, Katy looks amazing and changes her hairstyle often.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s nickname should be Queen of Wigs. When it comes to style and pushing the boundaries of fashion, Lady Gaga is definitely at the forefront.  Lady Gaga has been wearing wigs for over a decade as an artist and has admintted having a warehouse fill of them.  She is definitely a trend setter when it comes to wearing wigs. So much so that many online wig shops have a separate category specifically for Lady Gaga styled wigs.

3. Gwen Stefani

Gwen has always been as eccentric with her hair as she has been with her music. This California girl has rocked everything from cornrows to curly blonde extensions. Yes after she led her band No Doubt to hit single after hit single, Gwen decided to launch her own fashion company call LAMB which represents her bold style and stamp on Hollywood, entertainment and of course fashion.  She can often been seen rocking an all blonde wig at major music events including music awards shows. Like lady Gaga, many online wig shops also have a Gwen Stefani category and they are usually a blonde wavy lace front which looks amazing.

4. Beyoncé

Most of you probably didn’t know this but Beyonce was once a part of one of the best selling girls group of all time. Back in the late 1990s, she was the lead singer of Destiny’s Child.

All of the glamour and fame from being one of the most recognized singer in the world naturally connected Beyonce with fashion and style. You can usually find her wearing fancy (and super expensive) dresses, amazing make up and lavish heels. Sometimes she wears her beautiful natural hair in curls and sometimes she loves to show off her incredible wig collection with a variety of colors and hairstyles.

5. Zendaya

It’s definitely safe to say that Zendaya has a fierce and fearless fashion style that has no limits. At such a young age Zendaya has almost done it all from modeling and dancing to singing and acting. Along the way she became enamored with fashion, style and yes wigs and extensions. In a recent interview Zendaya explains the difference between extensions, weaves and wigs. She was asked how does she manage to wear so many different hairstyles and weave hair color without causing any damage to her hair? Her answer: The lace-front wig.

 “When it comes to full-coverage and natural-looking makeup, those are the best. Tape and adhesive can be used to apply them. She explains, “I wear them when I want a completely new look.”

6. Khloe Kardashian

Celebrities who Wear Wigs

Photo by Greta Hoffman on Pexels

No one rocks a wig better than Khloe Kardashian. Back in 2019, you could find Khloe rocking a curly blonde Diana Ross inspired Wig at Ross’s 75th birthday party. She loved it so much that she was still wearing the wig the next morning. What’s more amazing is that Khloe has her own “weave closet” where she can sport any wig or extension that she fancies at anytime. With over 50 shades of blonde extensions, Khloe’s weave closet is one of a kind.

7. Jennifer Lopez

We all know and love Jennifer Lopez from all of her past pop songs we danced to in the early 2000’s.  We also realized that she was a great actor to. She’s played several charismatic roles on several block busters including The Wedding Planner and Selena. She is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars as she can sing, dance and act. She is also a true fashion trendsetter who also has her own clothing line. It shouldn’t come as no surprise that she is also a well-know celebrity who regularly wears wigs. So much in fact that she has her own “Wig Room” just like Khloe. How awesome is that?

8. Cardi B

We all know Cardi B as one of the worlds most popular entertainers. This female rapper has had most number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Did you also know that Cardi B loves wigs. She loves wigs so much that Allure dedicated an entire page for Cardi B’s most iconic wigs. From bright rainbow colored wigs to elegant long black wigs, Cardi B is in a class of her own when it comes to showcasing her collection of wigs.

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Answering the Top 5 Questions About Liposuction


Answering the top 5 questions about liposuction. According to the latest reports from the medical sector, nearly 300,000 people have liposuction performed each year in America alone. It’s among the top five most highly sought-after cosmetic procedures at present, and its popularity grows with each passing year. If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of people considering this type of procedure, understanding what’s involved and the outcome you can expect is the key to making an informed decision about going ahead with the surgery. We’re here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this cosmetic procedure.

What Is Liposuction, Exactly?

Questions About LiposuctionLiposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which excess fat under the skin is essentially sucked out using specialized tools. Different types of lipoplasty are available. Tumescent lipoplasty involves injecting a solution into the areas to be treated to numb them, prevent unnecessary blood loss, and make the fat easier to get rid of. From there, a thin tube will be inserted under the skin to draw out the unwanted fat deposits. During an ultrasound-assisted procedure, sound waves are used to rupture fat cells and liquefy the deposits before removing them. With SmartLipo, light waves are used to liquefy the fat so it’ll be easier to eliminate.

On Which Parts of the Body Are Liposuction Effective?

Liposuction is effective for many parts of the body that are prone to excess fat deposits. These include the belly, sides, back, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, back, and face to name a few. Almost all parts of the body on which you have an inch or so of unwanted fat can be treated with lipoplasty. Of course, there are certain limitations and exceptions to this rule.

Are The Effects of Lipoplasty Permanent?

Questions About LiposuctionLipoplasty provides permanent effects in the areas you have treated because it destroys and removes fat cells. Having said that, you can still potentially gain weight after the procedure if you exceed your recommended daily intake of calories and fat. It’s important to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen following the procedure to maintain your weight and shape. It’s also possible for fat cells in untreated areas of the body to expand into previously treated areas if you gain weight after the procedure.

Does Lipoplasty Remove Large Amounts of Fat?

No, lipoplasty isn’t designed to remove large amounts of fat. In most cases, up to 10 pounds of fat are removed during this type of procedure depending on the areas being treated. It’s not a magic weight loss procedure. Instead, it aims to remove small, problematic fat deposits that just don’t seem to go away with proper diet and exercise.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lipoplasty?

Several factors help determine if you’re a good candidate for lipoplasty. You need to be healthy with no serious medical conditions to speak of. This procedure isn’t recommended for those who smoke because smoking can slow the healing process and lead to additional complications. In most cases, this procedure works best for people who are within a few pounds of their ideal weight.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat Deposits

Lipoplasty is a safe, effective way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits that just aren’t affected by diet and exercise. Having the procedure performed by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon is the key to success. If you’re healthy and already close to your ideal weight, it can be a great way to target stubborn fat deposits and contour your body.

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Dental Jewelry: 6 Things To Know


Today we want to share 6 thing to know about dental jewelry. Every year, the fashion industry hatches new trends that tend to catch everyone’s attention. Most of the time, it involves garments or some sort of fashion statement. This time, however, the hottest trend in the industry is quite unusual as it involves dental jewelry, also known as tooth gems or piercing. Dental jewelry refers to any accessory attached to the teeth for the sole purpose of cosmetics. Hence, it’s different from dental prostheses like bridges, crowns, and dentures since they’re used to replace teeth or cover up damages instead of being a fashion statement.

Dental jewelry became a trend ever due to numerous models and celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Drake posting about it on their social media accounts. Naturally, a lot of people followed in their footsteps, especially considering how affordable the procedure is. If you’re planning on doing the same, you should at least know these things about dental jewelry:

  1. Dental Jewelry Can Come In Gems Or Grills

Dental jewelry has several names, the most popular being tooth gems. It’s often called this way mainly because dental jewelry comes in the form of gems or crystals like rhinestones.

Moreover, the term ‘tooth gem’ has a nice ring to it, so it became the most used term. However, it’s worth noting that dental jewelry can also come in the form of tooth grills. Unlike gems, grills are made of metals, and they cover a whole tooth instead of simply decorating it. For that reason, tooth grills are often used to cover tooth imperfections. If you’re thinking of getting tooth grills for yourself, Custom Gold Grillz and others might have what you’re looking for.

  1. Prices Vary Depending On The Provider

As stated earlier, dental jewelry is generally affordable. The average price should be around USD$100, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only price range. Tooth gems and grills may also come at a lower or higher price, depending on your requirements. For instance, tooth gems worn by the celebrities mentioned above would most definitely be at the higher end. Conversely, you should be able to get tooth gems for as low as USD$50 if you look hard enough.

  1. Dental Jewelry Have A Short Lifespan
Dental Jewelry

Tooth piercing by diamond, 3D illustration concept.

As you may already know, celebrities no longer have their dental jewelry when it hasn’t even been a year since their post. This is mainly because, unlike dentures and other dental prostheses, tooth gems and grills only last for about six months, maybe even longer. Fortunately, it’s easy to replace tooth gems and grills, but since you’ll have to spend a decent amount of money bi-annually, it can be costly. Take note, you can choose different designs whenever you get a replacement.

  1. Dental Jewelry Doesn’t Involve Piercing

Tooth piercing is yet another name given to the process of attaching dental jewelry. While it sets the precedent that the procedure involves piercing, it actually doesn’t. Instead, when attaching tooth gems or grills, the medical practitioner only uses adhesive to stick the jewelry to the front of your tooth. Therefore, the procedure isn’t as invasive as some people make it out to be. Moreover, professionals normally use a special type of adhesive that doesn’t cause damage to the tooth or its enamel.

  1. It Doesn’t Normally Cause Tooth Damage

Some may argue that the attachment of dental jewelry to the teeth causes damage. But you have to remember that all operations to your teeth have the potential to damage them, even dental procedures like teeth whitening and extractions raise the possibility. In other words, dental jewelry is no different from other procedures. Of course, it’s a different story if the practitioner isn’t skillful. That’s precisely why you should only get dental jewelry from a reputable dental office.

  1. Dental Jewelry Won’t Change Your Manner Of Speaking

You might also be wondering if dental jewelry would affect your speech. The good news is it doesn’t. You should still be able to speak clearly with gems or grills on your tooth. It also shouldn’t interfere with your daily habits such as drinking or eating, unless, you go overboard with your dental jewelry and fill your mouth full of gems.

Final Words

Since it’s the talk of the town in the fashion industry, it’s normal to have some interest in dental jewelry, but that’s not to say you should jump on the wagon right away. Since it doesn’t come free, you must think it through before getting dental jewelry. With this guide, you should be able to get a basic idea of what dental jewelry is and what you’ll be dealing with after going through the procedure.

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Picking the Right Style of Eye Glasses


Today we want to share tips on picking the right style of eye glasses. In case you are having issues with your vision, you might need to look into the need in for glasses, either understanding glasses or remedy glasses.

Is it accurate to say that you are stressed over wearing specs? You may be contemplating whether eyeglasses will make you look old and dull. Indeed, truly today purchasing glasses is pretty much as energizing as purchasing new garments. You simply need to go to buy glasses online, and you will be stunned at the assortment of designer eyewear accessible. Picking chic glasses that look great on you is exceptionally simple.

tips on picking the right style of eye glasses

Photo by Uvaish Khan on Pexels

Development and configuration have taken on new implications with organizations fabricating glasses that suit each taste and style. As you stroll around on the roads donning these elegant edges, you make certain to be the focal point of fascination.

A portion of the noticeable plans incorporate those with thin lined glasses, trendy rimless, chipper calculated edges, round specs and glasses with a strong edge which arrives in a mob of tones giving an exemplary look.

Genuinely in vogue eyewear will accompany perfectly clear focal points installed in them. These glasses additionally have pivots with springs and are amazingly agreeable to utilize. Did you at any point envision that you could look over changed shades of eye glasses? Indeed, you can. Appealing and brilliant tones incorporate red, purple, green, violet, turquoise, and so forth

Your character can indeed characterize the kind of edges you pick. The style can rely upon the sort of look you need to wear. Go in for the firm and formal mirrors in case you are the diligent sort, or just put on the unfastened and makeover glasses assuming you need to look slick.

Men can browse a variety of intriguing plans like the popeye glasses or even the stogie glasses. An assortment of costly metals are utilized to make these casings and the metals are durable. They accompany great characteristics including toughness, light weight, focal point which is hostile to break and against scratch. What more? These glasses shield the wearer from the UV beams as well.

tips on picking the right style of eye glasses

Photo by Igor Korzh on Pexels

As you branch out to pick your look, you need to settle on the sort of focal point you need. You can look over the polycarbonate plastic focal point, acrylic focal point or the glass focal point. Focal points that are photosensitive give the eye steady assurance from daylight as they become pink, dark or brown to keep the eye cool and ensured.

For a lady, there is no limit to the interesting assortment of designer eye glasses. As a lady, you can pick eyeglasses similarly as you pick your gems, garments and make up. An intriguing assortment of glasses are accessible on the lookout for you to browse. Presently you can stroll around in style flaunting your cool and in vogue eye glasses.

Adidas and Adistar are sports organizations offering creator style eye glasses. These glasses add allure to your character and can be utilized while you play sports like golf as well. The great quality focal point doesn’t mutilate distances, making them safe. These glasses accompany outlines which are wonderful to take a gander at and delicate to contact.

The happy period of Christmas and New Years is around the bend. Look over a wide scope of elegant perusing glasses to gift your precious ones. They will surely be excited to get a particularly great gift from you.

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Meet Coraline Gustave, the Trendiest Hollywood Celebrity Hair Stylist


Child prodigy in the field of hair styling, is what defines the beginning of the international career of Coraline Gustave, who followed her passion ever since she was a little girl. By the age of 14, she knew exactly what she wanted to do, and with her hard work, talent and perseverance, she showed the world that she was right to follow her instinct.

Coraline GustaveAll the way from a small town in France, Coraline Gustave followed a regular hair styling education from the age of 16, and worked in a salon to perfect her learning. Very quickly, her talent was noticed, and by the age of 18, she obtained her license with honors. Coraline was determined and wanted more. That’s how she prepared for the most prestigious diploma in the field in France : the Brevet de Maîtrise, a national recognition of the highest qualification in the field, and an expertise in the professional  techniques. She only needed another 2 years to obtain the diploma. Confident in her work and talent, the young woman was noticed by one of the most successful French hairdressers in the world, who is behind Haute Coiffure Française, and avant-garde concept, Eric Zemmour, when she won in the hair styling competition he held annually to discover new talents.

The launch of Coraline Gustave’s international career

Immediately hired by Eric Zemmour himself, Coraline worked in his salon in the south of France for a year, and worked on stage in Paris in front of hairdressers from all over the world, to present the new hairdressing collections. 

Coraline was then approached by a global ambassador of L’Oréal Professionnel, for a position in Krakow, Poland. There, Coraline worked for about 2 years in a new environment and culture, which allowed her to broaden and perfect her technique and creative skills. And learn to speak Polish.

In 2015, she went back to her native region, in Rochefort in Charente-Maritime, where she created her own color technique, called C-Balayage, which became a reference in all the hair salons around the globe. 

Coraline GustaveThe C-Balayage is the color technique that I created. It’s a technique I use to color hair in a different way. It has to be done in two steps. The first step is to bleach the hair to make it lighter and then tone the hair to give the final color. It’s a technique that is really loved by my clients because you can change all your hair color in one session and at the same time the hair looks really natural. It’s a service I can adapt to every type of hair and every hair color.“ —explains Coraline Gustave.

The success of Coraline and her innovative creativity attracted a lot of attention towards her work, and Jose Eber, the most recognized hairstylist in the world, offered her a job in his salon in Beverly Hills, California. He is famous for styling the hair of Hollywood’s stars for four decades, something no other stylist has ever accomplished.

Living the American dream

In 2019, Coraline Gustave obtained her work visa for the United States, and had to learn to speak a third language, English, very fast. But no challenge is too big for Coraline, and she became one of the top hairstyling artist in record time. She’s worked with French and American celebrities, thanks to her unique background and education “à la française“ : The Four Season’s singer Frankie Valli, Kathy Hilton, filmmaker Kenny Ortega, actor Tom Selleck, tv show producer Sid Krofft, French singer Patrick Bruel to name a few. She also worked for the SAG (screen actors guild) AWARDS In 2020, and recently in March 2021, for the GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS. 

Coraline Gustave surely has more projects coming up, and we can’t wait to see where they’re going to take her next…

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Wearing Your First Wig: 6 Important Tips


Today, we want to discuss wearing your first wig and 6 important tips. Wearers can expect a diverse selection of single or combined base materials and hair in a variety of blended or highlighted shades. The question becomes, how do the maintenance and longevity of these authentic hair pieces compare to the more traditional ones that have been available up until now? Human hair wigs will last significantly longer than synthetic wigs if they are correctly cared for. It is reasonable to expect that this type of wig will be more expensive than synthetic ready-to-wear wigs in general. According to the manufacturer, natural human hair wigs can cost up to three times as much as synthetic wigs.

As a result, you must take the best possible care of your human hair wig. When wearing your wig, we recommend following the following procedures: Wear natural fibers against your wig. It is a little-known fact that acrylic fibers can fray easily when subjected to friction or rubbing, especially when the fibers rub against artificial fibers. If you wear a long wig – or if you tend to cover your hair regularly – always choose natural fibers such as cotton or silk for your top, scarf, or hood, among other things, to protect your hair and prevent it from splitting or flaring.

Never sleep in your wig

wearing your first wigEven though the quality of wig manufacturing has improved significantly in recent years. No wig is strong enough to withstand constant wear and tear, which is precisely what happens when you sleep in your wig. Wearing your wig overnight will likely put too much strain on the hair fibers, causing them to tear more easily – keep in mind that, unlike a natural head of hair, the strands cannot be replaced.

Protect your wig from extreme heat or cold weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is to treat your hair the same way you would treat your skin. If possible, cover your wig with a wide-brimmed hat or scarf that reflects light to keep it from becoming overheated in the sun. Remember to protect your hair if you are in extremely cold or rainy weather. Natural fibers such as cotton and silk headscarves or a hood are ideal for this purpose.

Use wig shampoo and conditioner

Always use wig shampoo and conditioner that has been specially formulated. Many experienced wig specialists will tell you that it is critical always to use wig shampoo and conditioner that has been specially developed. For a good reason, this is the situation! The alcohol content of ‘typical’ everyday, off-the-shelf products is high, and this can cause acrylic fibers to be destroyed. Make use of wig products designed specifically for wigs to help extend the life of your wig.

Never wring your wig dry After washing your wig

wearing your first wigIt can be tempting to get it dry and back into shape as quickly as possible. This is not a good idea. If you have natural hair, your first instinct might be to twist or wring it out of the way to remove excess moisture. Unfortunately, this is a standard method of accidentally pulling strands out of the wig base and causing the hair to be destroyed. Using a cotton towel, pat your wig dry and remove any excess moisture before gently shaking it back into its original style or shape and allowing it to dry naturally on a wig stand.

Make use of a reconstructor spray.

There are various aftercare products available for hairpieces, systems, and ladies wigs, among other things. A reconstructor spray is a type of aftercare product that is very popular because it adds moisture to an acrylic fiber wig while also allowing the hair to move gently and naturally. It’s important to remember that wigs cannot retain water, so a special reconstructor spray is used to artificially achieve this – which will help extend the life of your wig.

Never use hot water on a wig.

Never use hot water on a human hair wig because, while it will not affect the hair itself, it may cause damage to the base material or cause the wig to become unnaturally curly. Water that is only slightly warm will suffice. Cleaning products that contain color-stripping properties (such as those found in medicated shampoos) should be avoided at all costs. Select a product that is free of parabens, such as a specialty shampoo or a hair product. Turn the wig inside out and leave it to soak in the shampoo for five to ten minutes, depending on how long you have. It is important not to rub or scrub it as you would normal hair, as this could result in the loss of valuable strands. Gently rinse your hair and apply a conditioner if you want. When drying the wig will assist in preventing tangles.

Carefully squeeze out any excess water and pat dry your human hair wig with a towel to ensure it is scorched. For best results, dry the hair on a more relaxed setting using a blow dryer while it’s resting on a wig block or head (which will also help to restore the wig’s original base shape).

Use a wide-tooth comb

wearing your first wigFinally, once the hair has been wholly or partially dried, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any remaining tangles from the hair gently. It is recommended that you use specialist styling products – we frequently recommend Trendco products if you require a recommendation, but there are other brand options.

Purchasing a human hair wig is a significant investment, but we are confident that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. When cared for properly, a human hair wig can be an effective and natural-looking solution to hair loss – not to mention the countless styling options available to you.

Artificial and machine-made wigs are the following type of wigs on the list to be discussed. The wig’s cap is created by sewing tufts of synthetic fibers together, and the base is formed by sewing tufts of synthetic fibers together. A skin-like material has been added to the crown, top, and front part of the wig to enhance the natural appearance. As a result of using synthetic fibers, the style will last for a lifetime. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines will help give your wigs more life and make them last longer.

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Look Like Your Favorite Hollywood Star With These Beauty Tips


Today we want you to look like your favorite Hollywood star with these beauty tips. There is no going around it – Hollywood stars have been admired by all. Whether it is for their physical looks or radiant skin, many people aspire to be like their favorite actress or a musician.

However, the truth is such celebrities always look good because they have a big team of trainers, nutritionists and other professionals that help them achieve this high level of perfection.

Fortunately for you, you don’t need your own entourage to reach your most perfect self. In fact, all you need to do is employ a few beauty tricks that will certainly help you look like a real Hollywood star at home. From taking care of your skin and doing your hair and nails to eating right and dressing up fashionably, looking like a celebrity is actually very easy to accomplish.

To prove you, here are five Hollywood beauty tips that will always have you red-carpet-ready for anything.

Beauty Tips

Go for the smooth, silky, hair-free skin

The first thing people notice when they encounter a celebrity is how smooth their skin is. This is due to the different treatments they undergo to achieve that silky complexion that is absolutely appealing. One of the treatments Hollywood stars can’t go without especially for photoshoots or red-carpet events is hair removal. 

From the good old waxing to getting a full body laser hair removal, celebrities choose from different solutions to de-fuzz. In fact, the latter is probably the most popular one because it is cost-effective and leaves you hairless for a longer period of time which is exactly what you need if you want to look like your favorite actress or reality person.

Implement a well-balanced diet

Another trick you should definitely employ to look like your favorite Hollywood star is to eat right. This means following a well-balanced diet that not only will keep you in shape but will also have a great impact on your overall well-being.

Starting from making a highly nutritious breakfast to cooking a low-carb dinner, you should have at least three main meals and two snacks every day. If you need help with recipes, you can always search for your favorite star’s diet and find out what their menus usually look like. Keep in mind that you may make some changes according to your needs and preferences.    

Stay in shape

In addition to eating right, you should also pay attention to your physique if you want to look good and fit at all times like your favorite Hollywood star. This means engaging in any kind of physical activity that will help you tone your body the way you want it to be.

For example, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have become the go-to celebrities whenever people want to achieve an hourglass figure or ripped abs. Both engage in HIIT workouts and weightlifting which contribute to their sculpted bodies.   

Do your hair and nails

Assorted cosmetic products

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels

Another beauty trick that will certainly help you look like your favorite Hollywood star is to switch up your hairstyle. Celebrities often cut their hair, so they are the ones who bring in the new trendy hairstyles which you can borrow. The most popular ones include the sleek bob, bangs and curls.

Also, don’t forget to do your nails as there are some amazing manicures done on celebrities that are definitely worth copying. For example, Kylie Jenner’s long acrylic nails include some interesting designs, so you can look for some of her most popular nail looks and try them out on you.

Master your makeup looks

To complete your Hollywood appearance, you will need a flawless makeup look. Depending on the occasion or event you are headed to, there are endless beautiful makeup looks you can borrow from celebrities and be red-carpet-ready for your next party of get-togethers with your friends.

For example, if you are looking for a simple and neutral makeup look, you should definitely turn to Meghan Markle or Kendal Jenner to borrow some of their less-is-more makeup tricks. If you want something bolder, then Gabrielle Union and Shay Mitchell are excellent choices.

Final thoughts

Looking like a celebrity may seem challenging and in some cases impossible, but you’d be surprised how easy it can actually be. In fact, all it really takes is following a few beauty tricks that will keep your physical appearance always glowing and appealing. There are many celebrities that offer excellent beauty advice so you can search for your favorite star’s skincare and style rituals to be like them.

In case you need help, be sure to borrow some of our tips too and reach your most perfect self in no time.  

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