Beauty Brands You Must Follow On Instagram


It’s no secret that Instagram is one of our favorite social networks ever created to share photos of who we are and what we love with the world. Making your Instagram into something “Instagram worthy” has become a social media goal for many of us in the past year. From monochromatic themes to colorful photos that just pop off of our screens—we’re constantly not only looking to create the best Instagram accounts out there, but to follow them too. 
Here at Cliché, we all can agree that some of the most beauty-full Instagram accounts out there are created by none other than beauty brands themselves. Amongst the limitless amount of beauty brands + Instagram accounts constantly being born within the social world, we’ve spotlighted the ones that are a need-to-have on your Instagram feed. So, grab your phones and get ready to hit that “Follow” button on each of these beauty Instagram accounts that will have you double tapping on every post that’s published. 


We’re sure you’ve seen the infamous hashtag #nofilterneeded. Glossier is the one badass beauty brand that defines that saying with photos that don’t even need said hashtag to prove so. Real is real with Glossier, from their shameless Instagram account to the au naturale ingredients used to create their products.


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