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Have you ever bought an eye shadow palette and only ended up using half the colors? We’ve been there, and it isn’t fun. Now, cosmetic brand Doucce is changing the way you feel about eye shadow palettes by launching their new Freematic System. Tailored to give you a more personalized makeup experience, this sleek, compact, and magnetic palette makes it easy to mix and match four different shades for your desired look. And with over 90 colors to choose from, the combinations are endless.


“We’re really excited about the entire system,” said Isaac Doustar, Doucce’s Chief Operating Officer and President of Product Development. “It’s a super intuitive system that works smoothly and seamlessly.”

And we couldn’t agree more. With a wide selection of shimmer and matte shades, ranging from cool blues to rich plums, there are so many different looks to choose from. Our favorite shades for fall include the soft lilac Carrie, the smoky Lynn, and the sparkling Dalia. Plus, their website lets you easily create your own quad in real time right on the screen, so you can preview your palette before purchasing! Mix and match to your heart’s content until you land on your very own perfect quad.


Is the idea of creating your own palette a little overwhelming? No worries! Doucce has created a bunch of themed eyeshadow quads to introduce you to their new system. Our recommendations? The deliciously named Apple Pie with a mix of rusts and silvers, Raspberry Rum for your inner purple monster, Island Hideout for a great mix of nude shades, and Mystique for a chic smoky eye.

The new Freematic system includes 15 original palettes priced at $35 each, and you can purchase single trays for $10 each and create your own palette. Head to to learn more.

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Create Your Own Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Palette: Images courtesy of Doucce

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