The L4 Project: One Man’s Journey to Honor His Wife Through Uplifting the Cancer Community


It’s a rare joy when we encounter someone who not only chooses to walk with us in life, but lights up the world with every step. When Michael Allio met Laura, it didn’t take him long to realize he’d been lucky enough to encounter a true gem of a human, and he speaks of her with fitting reverence. “She was beautiful inside and out and I remember the first time I met her, I was just completely drawn to her smile, her outlook on life, her energy. She was the smartest person I’ve ever met. She wasn’t that type of person that knew she was smart and made you feel small because of it. She did everything in a very humble and very confident way, but always took time to make fun of herself. She loved getting a rise out of people. She was extremely philanthropic, loving, caring, and organized,” Michael recalls of his college sweetheart, smiling softly. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and began planning their life together.

Laura and Michael’s wedding

What really set Laura’s soul on fire was giving back to the community, particularly those impacted by diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Following a relocation to Michael’s hometown of Akron, it didn’t take long for one local organization to capture Laura’s heart: Stewart’s Caring Place, which supports cancer patients as they face down the daunting myriad of questions that inevitably follow a cancer diagnosis. As Michael explains: “It’s this beautiful resource in Akron and, honestly, there should be one in every single city. What Stewart’s does is it provides free necessary services to help ease the pain that goes along with the cancer diagnosis and that just doesn’t affect the patient, that affects the caregivers, that affects the children, it affects this whole ecosystem. If you do get a cancer diagnosis, the first thing is that you’re overwhelmed, you’re worried about what’s the actual diagnosis? What does it mean? How do I build my healthcare team? But then it’s also what do I do for scheduling? How do I get time off work? Who’s going to take me to these appointments? Are there alternative and additive therapies like holistic approaches that I can do, diet? All of these different things and guess what? They all cost money. And guess what? Not everybody has access to that same amount of resources but everybody deserves healthcare. It is a human right. The last thing people should have to go through when they get a diagnosis is, ‘Oh my God. How am I going to pay for this?’ They’re fighting for their lives, they should not be impacted whatsoever. Stewart’s Caring Place is one of many different places across the country that does provide that hub and spoke model, that resource center where people can go in, get fitted for wigs, made to feel beautiful even when their bodies are changing and find a way to hold onto who they are as a person during this time when everything around them seems to be changing.”

Michael and Laura with newborn son James

Laura’s dedication to cancer organizations became tragically ironic when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, a discovery that may not have occurred without the help of their infant son, James. “We credit James for finding Laura’s cancer because he actually stopped taking breast milk from one side of the breast,” Michael reveals. “That’s actually what drew the alarms for us to go get it checked out. We went to an OBGYN and she kind of dismissed it as plugged milk duct, which is a typical thing. We didn’t like that answer per se and wanted something more definitive, so we started actually pursuing additional treatment and an additional opinion, which eventually turned into a breast cancer diagnosis.” In a twist of fate, Laura soon found herself relying on the services of the same organizations she had selflessly devoted her time to. “When we moved back to Akron, Laura and I started volunteering at Stewart’s Caring Place and when we first started, we didn’t even really know what they did. We were just working some events, helping with some fundraising and then, literally, two and a half years later, we became very dependent on the services that they provide. It’s just this full circle of how we give back even when we don’t need it because we never know when we will and even if we never do, people do rely on these types of things. ”

Laura was determined not to suffer in silence, instead utilizing social media to show the trials and tribulations of grappling with a cancer diagnosis as a woman in the midst of starting a family. “Laura, from an advocacy perspective, was very vocal about kind of removing that veil of secrecy and privacy on what it’s like to be a newly married wife, a new mother, and a young mother going through a cancer diagnosis so she really didn’t make it look glamorous, which oftentimes [with] social media you go on there and you can’t help but be like, ‘Oh my God, why is everybody living these amazing lives on the beach and in thousand dollar suits here? She kind of made it very human and took people to videos [and] gave a lot of information and educational talks and broadcasted them on Facebook Live and other social media outlets so that if people did not have their support in the community around them that we were so lucky to have, that they could at least tune into her and she would help guide them through their own cancer journey based on just her own experience.” Watching Laura’s fight also prompted Michael to reevaluate his own approach to adversity. “I think in my own experience, when I put myself at the center of my work, every single problem I have is magnified because all I’m focusing on is myself. When I put others at the center of my world, whether or not it’s my son or wife, Laura, or it’s a cause that I deeply care about, I gain perspective, and my little problems that we all struggle with, they calibrate and they go down to actually what they are, which is small little details in the scheme of life.”

What followed was nothing short of a medical odyssey as the Allios travelled cross country, city to city, doctor to doctor, desperately searching for a cure. Despite their Herculean efforts, Laura passed away in January 2019 at the age of 33. The vacuum of her loss was immeasurable and persists into the present. “It’s the adjustment that I’m making now in my life, not having companionship and not having that person, like Laura, around the house that you really start to recognize real quickly all the things that they did, not just around the house and the admin, but just the whole aura and vibe of your house. It all changes and everything’s a little quieter after you lose somebody and it’s a little eerie and creepy and then you start to get used to the new normal and you start to make sense of it and you just try to build and progress at a speed that makes sense for your own self.“ Over the ensuing years, Michael has found that devastation has given way to appreciation for the time he had with Laura, no matter how brief or bittersweet. “The transition is, at first, painful and you look at the relationship that you had, or that I had with Laura, and it just feels painful because it’s no longer there, it’s no longer present, but now it’s starting to feel more like happiness and gratefulness that I had someone in my life that I just miss so much and there’s always this quote that grief is love that has no place to go. ” 

But even in the depths of despair, hope springs eternal. Michael vowed that while cancer may have taken Laura’s life, it would never extinguish her light. Through his grief, he remained committed to picking up Laura’s advocacy where she left off, focusing on the cancer community that had given them such strength and love in their greatest hour of need. Michael soon founded The L4 Project, which operates under a simple, concise mantra: live life like Laura. “What L4 does is we raise money for cancer, 501(c)(3) cancer services that provide these vital resources to patients, to caregivers, to family members that don’t necessarily know where to go. The idea with this project is really to keep Laura’s legacy of philanthropy alive. She was such an advocate for the cancer community and by selling clothing online, we can help create awareness while also raising money and trying to find a way to do our small part in something very big,” Michael explains. L4 endeavors to address the emotional and financial impacts of cancer from every angle. “A cancer diagnosis, it’s multifaceted. There’s the emotional elements of it, physical components, it’s this overwhelming sense that the clock is ticking and you’re scrambling for resources, you’re scrambling to build your support team outside of a hospital, your medical team inside, you’re working. You could be a single parent and you’re the sole bread provider for the family, how do you work around your job schedule to facilitate all these treatments and surgeries and how do you concentrate on everything at the same time while raising a child? And then, on the other side of that, you have the caregivers. They’re often people that are left in the shadows, they’re the silent heroes of this whole thing and they don’t ask for anything but it doesn’t mean they don’t need anything. Hopefully, the cancer is cured and you don’t have to worry about that but all too often, it’s not and then you have grief support and then you have follow up and how does this impact children or spouses or parents after losing a husband or wife or a child? There are all of these different components and it could be, like I said before, the transportation, the resources, holistic therapy, all of these different things that just cost money and not everybody has access to, to try to give them access.”  

Supporting L4 is easy and more vital than ever in the wake of the pandemic. “You can go online and go to There you can buy merchandise and all of the profits for the sale of those pieces do go to charities. Actually the money that’s created on L4 Project, because L4 Project is actually an LLC, that money goes up to the Akron Community Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3). It’s managed there and dispersed through that vehicle,” Michael says. Most recently, they’ve teamed up with Akron Children’s Hospital to benefit pediatric patients. “We actually just launched an awesome collaboration with Akron Children’s Hospital Showers Family Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders. During COVID, you imagine how COVID has impacted so many people, but think about kids with cancer. People can’t go and see them while they’re getting treatment. Everything is shut down. About a year and a half ago, our team at L4 went into Akron Children’s and we asked the kids, ‘Help us understand. What’s it like to be in your shoes?’ Not just creating the idea of something that is obvious and sad and something that they shouldn’t have to go through, but they created a bunch of artwork that we drew inspiration from. We actually created a style online called the sunrise T-shirt, and 100 percent of the proceeds of the sale of that T-shirt do go to Akron Children’s Hospital for pediatric cancer. It’s just kind of our way of acknowledging that there’s a lot of suffering in the world, but there’s a lot of hope in the world. When you actually look at the heart on these T-shirts, you can’t tell if it’s a sunrise or if it’s a sunset. You’re not sure if it’s a new day. You’re not sure if it’s possibly getting ready for grief, but that’s what we’re trying to understand. We’re trying to give these kids a voice, and we’re trying to raise money for a noble organization in the process.”

He hopes to honor Laura’s path even as he sometimes struggles to navigate the once unfathomable reality of life without her. “When somebody has actually made such an impact on your life and you’ve learned from them and you’ve adopted some of their beliefs and they go away, you feel a sense of obligation to carry them with you and continue their mission for them. Laura was just very much larger than life and taught me so much that it became difficult to differentiate her and he,” Michael admits. “You end up becoming somewhat of the same person when you have such a good relationship. What I’m trying to do is keep her spirit alive through this project, help cancer patients and the whole cancer community, as she would’ve if she was still here, give something that my son can hold onto and keep his mother close as time kind of creates that distance. Hopefully it turns out to be something great but I don’t put that pressure on myself either. I’m just trying and that’s good enough.“

James is, without question, Laura’s most cherished and lasting legacy. Michael finds himself continuously amazed by the echoes between his late wife and young son. “James looks just like her. He has so many of her mannerisms and everything, which honestly in hindsight, is such a gift because it’s almost as though he’s living through her and I can still see glimmers of her through him. It’s really this kind of beautiful life cycle, even though it’s very tragic that we lost someone so wonderful and beautiful too early.” His greatest wish for James is for him to carve out his own identity. “I think it’s really important that as a parent, you try to guide your children and infuse certain characteristics and morals and pillars into their life and give them exposure to as much as possible knowing that they are their own person and they need to come to their own truth. My goal always is not to turn James into a version of me or Laura, but rather share with him our life experiences and give him exposure to as much of the world as possible so that he can see the larger picture and come to his own conclusion, which I shouldn’t say conclusion because life never really has a conclusion and I don’t want it to. I’m always trying to pursue my truth, but I hope the things that I feel today aren’t necessarily how I feel if I’m blessed to live to an old age. I want to continually grow, maintain that curiosity, and some things with James, it’s really a lot of curiosity, compassion, work ethic, call to action, humility, and loyalty. Those types of things, I think, will, if I can teach him those, he’ll be able to choose a path that will be very, very fruitful and rewarding for himself.” Though single fatherhood can certainly be challenging and the future remains uncertain, Michael is propelled forward by his belief that all roads will eventually lead back to Laura. “I always feel as though I don’t doubt that I’m going to see her again. My big thing is to live life boldly and when I do see her again, we’ll just have a lot of great stories to talk about.” Until then, father and son will walk hand in hand, tackling life together one day at a time, doing their best to live life like Laura.

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The L4 Project: One Man’s Journey to Honor His Wife Through Uplifting the Cancer Community. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Allio.

The Lab Founder Alexandra Sherman on Summer Skincare


Alexandra Sherman, Founder of The Lab. Photo Credits: Cara Robbins

Born and raised in Miami, Cuban-American entrepreneur Alexandra Sherman is the founder of bespoke skincare studio The Lab. Situated in Las Vegas, The Lab offers customized facials and esthetic services, including scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup. Sherman founded The Lab because she identified a market space in the skincare experience that could capitalize upon cutting-edge technology to offer clients customized services. At the heart of the intersection between science, aesthetics, and business, The Lab offers state-of-the-art treatments to celebrity clients all over the globe. We were so excited to speak with Sherman about her career in wellness and her skincare secrets for the summer.
What made you go from criminal justice to the wellness industry? 
When I moved from Florida to Las Vegas I couldn’t transfer my Private Investigator license as easily as I would have liked to. I started researching my options and decided I would love to go into skincare and become an esthetician, so I followed that path. 
What inspired you to found The Lab, and what services do you offer?  
I was inspired by quality products and high luxury facials that I felt the Vegas market had a need for. I always felt like I had to travel for an advanced facial treatment and wanted to do something different here. We offer specialized Biologique Recherche facial treatments, custom Lab facial treatments including some of the best high-tech equipment available to estheticians, along with Gentleman’s facial treatments. Additionally, I am a trained permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation artist and will be offering those services closer to the end of the year. 
What is your morning skincare routine? What everyday staples do you use to start off the day? 

The Lab x Biologique Recherche Collaboration. Photo credits:

My morning skincare routine usually includes: A milky cleanser (Lait VIP O2 for oxygenation and brightness), a good exfoliant (for chemical, I choose Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, and for manual exfoliation, I opt for Valmont’s Face Exfoliant), a brightening and/or hydrating mask (my favorite go-to combination is Masque Visolastine + and Masque VIP O2), rhe appropriate serums I select for the day (I usually do a cocktail of Biologique Recherche’s Amniotique for hydration with Elastine for smoothing wrinkles). I follow these serums with my Vitamin A (AVST Moisturizer by Environ) and Vitamin C by Environ. I moisturize depending on my skin that morning. If I am more prone to break out, then I will use Biologique Recherche Demopurifiante, but otherwise, my go-to is generally Creme VIP O2. I ALWAYS finish with Fluide VIP O2 to protect from external aggressions and pollutants along with an SPF 50 (I like Glow by ColoreScience) 
What about your nighttime skincare routine?
My nighttime skincare routine is generally the same as morning, except I switch the products out based on my needs. I also skip the SPF and Vitamin C and just do the Vitamin A. This is the time I’ll add a purifying mask after my chemical or manual exfoliant if I feel like my skin was stressed throughout the day. 

Sherman’s Favorite Biologique Recherche Products. Photo credits:

What are the most important protective measures you would suggest to take care of your skin? (i.e., sunscreen, diet, hydration, sleep, exercising) 
All of the above are important, but I would say applying and making sure to consistently re-eapply sunscreen is the most important thing you can do. If you are particularly prone to hyperpigmentation, wearing sunglasses is especially important, as the eyes are the main point of entry to where the sun can enter the body and cause damage. Being hydrated is also extremely important; many first signs of aging can be confused for dehydration or excess sugar intake. 
Are there on-the-go products you keep in your purse to touch up your skin throughout the day? 
Yes, I always keep brush-on shield by ColoreScience for sunscreen re-application throughout the day. If I’m working out, I keep Eau Micellaire Biosensible by Biologique Recherche for a quick cleanse and L’Eauxygenante as a refreshing mist with AHA’s to balance my skin. 
What advice would you give on proper skin protection during the summer? 
Please make sure to wear and RE-APPLY SPF. Hats and sunglasses are an effective way to keep the sun from damaging your skin. 
Do you have any beauty tips for creating a lightweight, water-resistant makeup look by the pool or beach?
Finding a makeup line that is non-comodogenic and doubles as an SPF is a great way to achieve a flawless look while protecting yourself. Using a primer and foundation that have sunscreen and a light-to-medium tint is a great excuse to wear makeup by the pool or beach. There are so many lip glosses that also have SPF: choose one make sure you are protecting your lips as well.

Masque Visolatine+ Photo Credits:

What are the top beauty trends of the summer?
Thanks to Hailey Bieber, hydrating masque Visolastine+ for has really been a huge hit with skincare lovers. I find that people are really gravitating more towards natural makeup and adding vitamin C to their regimen, which is exciting to see. 
What summer foods would you recommend for hydrating and nourishing your skin? 
Fruits and vegetables– those particularly with high water content are ideal. Adding cucumbers and lemons to your water is a nice way to hydrate, while adding a refreshing taste to your water. 
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Photo Credits: The Lab, Shop Rescue Spa

5 Tips For A Youthful Appearance


Today we want to share 5 tips for a youthful appearance. Achieving a youthful appearance is ideal for anyone. Looking younger is easily achievable with a few beauty, lifestyle, and diet hacks. If you lack the knowledge or skills to achieve a more youthful appearance, here are five tips. 

Improve your smile 

tips for a youthful appearance

Photo by 3652586 on Pixabay

Your smile can say a lot about you as a person. With bright and healthy teeth, you are bound to appear more youthful

You do not necessarily need cosmetic procedures to improve your teeth. Instead, you can brush regularly, eat a good diet, and attend regular dental checkups. If you do have a concern and want to correct your teeth, then that can help too. You can get in touch with your dental office to arrange an appointment for the first step to regaining your confidence, which will encourage you to smile more and appear more youthful. 

Use the right skincare

Skincare is a crucial part of an everyday routine and can help you achieve a younger look instantly. Using the right products can help brighten and tighten the skin. 

Cleansing properly will slow down the signs of aging. Using a gentle foam or exfoliator will ensure that you effectively remove all dirt and grime. Then, use nourishing moisturizers and eye creams that contain brightening ingredients, such as vitamin C or caffeine. 

Anti-aging serums are ideal too. These can be used for a young age. To avoid saggy skin, always pat your products in and/or push them up when applying them. 

Drink more water

Hydrated skin is only achievable if you drink more water. Water eliminates toxins from the body and hydrates the skin. In time, your skin will appear smoother and more youthful. 

Water is an essential part of anyone’s diet, so always ensure to drink plenty. It can effectively decrease the signs of aging and maintain youthful skin. 

Avoid the sun

Sun damage can quickly age a person’s skin. Avoiding the sun will help you slow down the signs of aging. 

If you do spend time in the sun, then always make sure to use SPF. A strong SPF of 30 plus will block the harsh sun rays and protect your skin. You should try to apply SPF on your face every day, even if you are not in the sun. Your skin can age as a cause of pollution. Thus, protecting your skin at any cost will ensure you keep you looking young. 


You may be confused hearing that exercise can help make skin appear more youthful. But, it can have a significant impact on the appearance of your skin. Exercise increases blood flow, which eliminates waste and keeps skin cells vibrant and energetic. 

Participating in any type of exercise can help increase your blood flow. You do not necessarily need to work out vigorously to boost your blood flow. A gentle yoga session can help boost blood flow and work to improve the skin.

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your skin to achieve youthfulness. Simply improving your lifestyle routine, increasing your water intake, and making better skincare choices can make your skin feel and look younger.

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Facebuilding: How, Who and Why is it Needed?


Today we want to discuss facebuilding. Today everyone is carried away by a healthy lifestyle; everyone runs, eats right, chooses natural and organic, prefers to spend time outdoors, and not in the virtual halls of the National Casino AU, listening to lectures on genetics and anti-age. People are obsessed with the idea of pushing aging as far as possible. Face building fits perfectly into this concept. It does not change appearance, does not block facial expressions, it just tones the muscles – and harmonizes facial features. But does it really work? Let’s figure it out together.

How Does Face Building Work?

Basically, this is exactly what it sounds like: repetitive movements and exaggerated facial expressions to activate and build muscle. Think of this as resistance training for the face – by strengthening the core muscles that hold everything, sagging around the jaw and eyes may be less likely over time. Aging of the face is caused by a loss of elasticity, as well as the gradual movement of fat pads between muscles and skin, which tend to slide down over time. 

The idea behind the exercise is that by building up the muscles, the fat pads will be more likely to stay in place, making the face look plump and younger. “I recommend doing facial exercises every day,” says New York City dermatologist Doris Day, MD. “We train our face every time we express our emotions, and most people overuse certain muscles, which ultimately leads to weakening of the opposite muscles. When you frown often enough to wrinkle, you overuse those muscles and weaken the muscles that lift and smile because you use them less. “

Gymnastics or, as it is also called, yoga for the face has come into fashion for a long time and has become popular both among housewives and among celebrities. She came to us from Europe in the distant 90s, when every woman could stand for hours in front of the mirror, making various grimaces. Schools and classes began to open up everywhere where women were taught basic exercises and given guidelines to help them stay young for longer.



Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

What does yoga for the face give us? We have identified a number of positive changes: 

  • Bags under the eyes disappear; 
  • Swelling of the face goes away; 
  • Reduces the appearance of chronic fatigue; 
  • Reduces the appearance of chronic fatigue; 
  • The second chin becomes visually smaller; 
  • The shape of the face becomes clearer, and the cheekbones stand out clearly; 
  • Facial wrinkles go away; 
  • Cheeks become taut and plump; 
  • A natural glow appears. 

Of course, such consequences are the result of systematic training. Professionals recommend doing a series of exercises, first every day for several months, and then every other day, so that the result is fixed. Like any sport and muscle training, face building has a number of contraindications for those who should not use this technique. Inflammation of the jaw joints, problems with the vertebrae of the neck, viral diseases and fever are associated problems that should be consulted with a doctor before starting a facial workout. This yoga should be done with caution during pregnancy and chronic thyroid diseases.


Before proceeding directly to the exercises, let’s consider several recommendations for organizing training: 

  1. Take a photo “before”, so that after 2-3 weeks you can do it again and check the results. Thus, you can add or change the complex to make it more individual. 
  2. It is recommended to conduct face-building in front of a mirror. 
  3. Treat your hands with an antiseptic or use gloves to prevent infection in cracks and open wounds. 
  4. Exercise with a straight back and shoulders laid back for less stress on the spine. 
  5. Gymnastics should be carried out from the top of the face, gradually going down. 
  6. Evening yoga is considered more effective, as after the muscles of the face will have enough time to relax and rest.

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Great Tips on how to Turn Back the Clock to Look Younger


Today we want to share with you some great tips on how to turn back the clock to look younger. You might think that it’s going to be a massive challenge to try and turn back the hands of time and look a few years younger. However, this is not the case and the reality is that there are some simple ways that you can regain your youth. So, let’s explore a few of these possibilities and ensure that you do take the right steps to preserve your natural beauty.

Protect Your Skin 

Turn Back the Clock to Look YoungerFirst, you should make sure that you are taking an effort to protect your skin from any potential damage. This will go a long way in making sure that you have the best chance to turn back the clock to look younger. Your skin is the biggest organ your body has and if there are any issues here it’s going to immediately age you. One of the main issues that cause your skin to age prematurely is exposure to the sun and having no protection from the powerful rays. You just need to make sure that you are using the right products here. People often assume that sunlight can only damage your skin on hot summer days and this is not the case. Instead, experts suggest that you should always make sure that you are using the right form of sun protection, even when it is overcast and the sun is hidden behind a cloudy sky. 

Workout The Right Way

Research has shown the benefits of working out on the body and the mind countless times. But did you know that the right forms of exercise can reverse the effects of aging on cells throughout your body? According to experts, this is certainly the case and by working out regularly you will feel and look far younger. You just need to make sure that you are not putting your body under too much pressure. This is all about completing the ideal exercise for you. 

Swimming is a great choice to explore. Swimming can help you reduce issues with inflammation which we’ll discuss more a little further down. It can also be used to reduce tension in your joints and muscles to ensure that you feel far better. Remember, an exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous to ensure that you do gain the full benefits. Instead, you can think about simply going for a walk or even taking a stroll on a treadmill. Intense exercise can actually have a negative impact because it could lead to an accident that will put you out of commission for weeks. 

Deal With Issues Of Inflammation 

Turn Back the Clock to Look Younger

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels

If you are looking for one of the main processes that cause an individual to age, then you should definitely consider the impact of inflammation. Inflammation occurs due to the pressure that the body is put under through the day from working out to stress. It can cause you to feel intense levels of pain and also lead to different signs of aging developing earlier than usual. Inflammation has been linked to everything from chronic pain to the development of wrinkles. 

One of the ways that you can tackle the issue of inflammation is with an ice bath. Believe it or not, research shows that bathing in ice can have incredible benefits for the body when used the right way. Both celebrities and athletes are starting to buy into this concept in a big way. If you are interested in this possibility, then do make sure that you complete the right level of research. It’s important that you are not putting your health in jeopardy for this treatment. If in doubt, consult with a professional who can provide this support for you. 

Build Your Skin Routine

Next, you need to think about building up your skincare routine. We have already mentioned protecting your skin but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. You need to go further than this and make sure that you think about how you can give your skin everything it needs. A big part of this is moisturizing. As you get older, your skin is going to lose its natural moisture and you have to be prepared for that change. One of the ways to do this is by making sure that you use a moisturizer daily. It’s also worth ensuring that your skin has plenty of nutrients and minerals as well as other natural materials. 

One of the ways that you can do this is by giving yourself a facial. You might think that a facial is going to be expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you can think about making a facial out of materials that you have lying around your home like oatmeal. This can work wonders when applied the right way. 

Use The Right Products 

Turn Back the Clock to Look YoungerFinally, a key thing that you need to think about is whether you are using the right products. There are various products on the market that can help with the rights of aging. You just need to ensure that you are making the right choice. So, what possibilities should you consider here? Well, you might want to think about whether the product that you are using matches your age. This is a key question that you’ll need to ask when you are exploring different beauty products and it pops up in places like Clarins Beauty FAQ. There are different products available depending on your age and choosing the right one will ensure that you get the greatest benefits from this type of treatment. 

It’s also important to check the reviews of the different products available. They are certainly not all equal and it’s important that the product you choose will be able to give you the key results that you desire. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to make sure that you can easily turn back the hands of time and ensure that you look years younger. Be aware that this isn’t about avoiding aging completely. After all, ageing is a natural process that we all go through. Instead, it’s about making sure that you look your age and not a year older or just shave a few years off. 

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Weight loss trends of 2021


Today we want to share the best weight loss trends of 2021. Weight loss is a major issue as a lot of people get more intentional about healthy living and maintaining the right weight. These days, it has been made easier as nutrition and health experts are always coming up with new weight loss trends. As we step into 2021, there are a few trends you need to be familiar with if you are keen on your weight loss journey. To that end, below are some of the most popular weight-loss trends to expect in 2021.


You probably already know about prebiotics and probiotics. When fermentation takes place in the gut, probiotics are broken down into postbiotics. While these are some of 2021’s weight loss trends, they are still under study to establish whether they carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are said to be beneficial to the immune system and are also linked to the prevention of diabetes type 2 and leaky gut.

Keto diet

The popular keto diet is also a popular weight loss diet. It works by increasing fat intake and reducing

White and brown textile on black table

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels

carb intake. This results into a metabolic state known as ketosis where the body breaks down its own fat for energy. In addition to aiding with weight loss, keto diet is also known for managing epilepsy and other medical conditions. To boot, keto gives the best results when combined with high interval intensity training(HIIT).

Paleo-inspired diets

It has been 10 years since the paleo diet was started and is still one of the best fad diets for losing weight. The diet encourages the consumption of wild-caught animal meat like fish and chicken, etc, as well as nuts and berries, high impact proteins such as collagen peptides and grass fed whey. Processed foods such as sugar and industrialized farming techniques like corn, grains, and wheat are excluded from this diet.

Plant-based flexitarian diet

This diet revolves around the consumption of mainly plant-based foods. Oftentimes, it involves proteins gotten from plant sources, for instance, almond protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein and pea protein, etc. While the diet is majorly plant-based, it also includes free-range chicken and grass-fed meat. Adaptogens such as reishi mushrooms, ashwagandha, and turmeric, which are “whole body” supporting ingredients also make part of the plant-based diet. Apart from being great for weight loss, plant-based diet is also known to have an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Mediterranean diet

It is called the mediterranean diet because it originates from the mediterranean region like Greece and the South of France. The area is said to have few cases of “lifestyle diseases” such as strokes, heart attack, and diabetes, thanks to the dietary norms of the residents there. So it is believed that adopting their diet is creating a healthier lifestyle. The list of staple foods in the region includes whole grains, veggies, seafood, fruit, extra virgin olive oil, seeds, legumes, and nuts. The Mediterranean diet is also known to exclude sugars, refined grains, processed foods, trans fats, and processed meat. In addition to being a great weight loss diet option, it is also known to have long term health benefits.

Weight loss trends of 2021

Photo by Wolfram K on Pexels

Low FODMAP diet

In the US alone, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) is rampant, with an approximate of 10-15% of adults said to have it. While only 5-7% have been diagnosed with it, a lot of people have sought out different dietary strategies to curb the symptoms of IBS. In fact, about $10 million is spent every year on related treatments. To combat IBS, one of the highly clinically recommended diets is the FODMAP diets. 

It is a diet low in fermentable carbs with the initials an abbreviation to the major items excluded from the diet. They include Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. These are foods like wheat, legumes, yoghurt, milk, most fructose-containing fruits, figs, honey, lychees, and blackberries. Carbs are eschewed since they are major culprits for IBS symptoms.

Wrap up

While there are different trends advertised for weight loss, don’t just follow one because it is popular. Every diet works differently, and what might work for everyone else might not necessarily work for you. Research about the weight loss program you are about to start and make sure to consult with an expert, it goes a long way. If followed properly, the weight loss diet you choose should give the results you are looking for in the end. Regardless of what you choose to go with, don’t forget to pair it up with exercise, it helps with fitness and overall long term health.

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The Incredible Science Behind Coolsculpting


Today we want to share with you the incredible science behind coolsculpting. Have you heard of Coolsculpting? If you’re in any way interested in the beauty and cosmetics industry, chances are you have some vague knowledge of what it is or what it does. The problem with vague knowledge, though, is that if you’re going in to get treated, you don’t want to enter the clinic not knowing what to expect during the procedure and what’s going to happen. Preparation is key to any treatments, cosmetic, medical and each one in between.

You physically don’t have to prepare a thing, but it’s the mental readiness that matters a lot more. The last thing you want to do is be nervous right before you get into the operating room. But, there’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about when it comes to Coolsculpting and once you get a better idea of what it is and how it works.

Where it all started

Stories of a humble beginning are always so pleasant to hear. Especially when something miraculous is discovered completely out of nowhere, like the microwave. The concept behind Coolsculpting was first analyzed back in the 50s, when doctors noticed that some children had less fat buildup in their cheeks specifically, and not all of them had this.

After closely studying this phenomenon, it was discovered that those children who ate more popsicles incidentally had less fat in their cheeks. But this was no coincidence, since this was the work of a little process encoded in all our fat cells called “apoptosis”. 

See, this sounds a bit complicated and scary, but in reality, it’s actually not that hard to understand. Fat cells destroyed through external methods, like dissolved with a special compound or even physically extracted out of the body, like during liposuction, go through a process called “necrosis”. But when fat cells destroy themselves, it’s apoptosis. 

And apoptosis can be stimulated into occurring in a variety of ways, one which happens to be cold temperatures for long periods of time being exposed to that particular part of the body. So, as long as you can get something cold to stay on a part of your body for enough long enough, you can successfully activate apoptosis and let the fat cells commit what even the medical sphere sometimes refers to as “cell suicide.” It may sound crazy, but even doctors think it’s a fitting name.

How this works in Coolsculpting

This brings us to the Coolsculpting treatment itself and how all this science comes into play. The question here is: how can we deliver cold temperatures to a specific part of the body and keep it there long enough to ensure that the fat cells activate their apoptosis protocol? 

There are actually certain cold saunas out there, which do use this same method, but they’re these super cold rooms that you stand around with nothing on but your underwear, shoes, gloves and hat.  Sure, it’s effective, but it’s also really cold and can be uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that you may simply not want to treat your entire body.

For that there’s Coolsculpting, which works on specific parts of the body and tones exactly where you want. Special pumps are clamped onto the layer of skin that’s got the fat in it (don’t worry, it’s a very light grip so it doesn’t hurt) and begin to provide that area with a consistent stream of cold air. If you have sensitive skin or just don’t enjoy the cold, then you shouldn’t worry, since the temperature only goes down to 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (around 4 degrees Celsius), which really isn’t that cold. In fact, it’s a little warmer than the average setting on your fridge, so if you don’t mind putting your head in one for a while looking for that half empty bottle of whatever it is you were drinking, then you shouldn’t have a problem with Coolsculpting either.

The procedure altogether lasts up to an hour at the latest, though this depends on what you’re treating. Generally, you can expect to be in and out a little over an hour if you take into account some of the administrative matters that you’ll need to take care of before and after.

What’s the procedure like

It’s actually pretty casual, in the sense that you don’t have to do anything but sit back or lie down as the Coolsculpting pumps do their work. In the meantime, you can read a book or magazine, watch TV, check your phone for work-related emails or even chat up the clinic staff. Skinly Aesthetics for their Coolsculpting NYC treatment plan always love to emphasize just how easy the procedure is for many clients and even relaxing to some extent.

After a few minutes of being exposed to the cold, your skin naturally goes numb, which means you won’t feel a thing for the majority of the procedure. Even if you’re afraid of the cold, you have nothing to worry about past the 7 to 8 minute mark. 

Once the procedure is finished, at this point, your body will start going through its natural process. This means that the fat cells that were exposed to the cold will slowly begin to activate their apoptosis process and one by one will be discarded as they die away. And all of this is done completely naturally, without any other agency from the clinic or yourself. This is what makes Coolsculpting so special. Outside of the initial cold stimulations of the body, there is nothing else that you have to worry about; everything else is on your body’s natural abilities. 

Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll see how your body slowly, but surely, tones itself, and one day you’ll wake up and notice that you have that amazing body you’ve always dreamed of. CoolSculpting before and after pictures available at Skinly’s website are the best testament to what this treatment achieves for customers with stubborn fat.

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Staying Young: 7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Youthful Look


Today we want to share with you 7 proven ways to keep your youthful look.   Did you know that 50% of people have significant grey hair by the time they are 50 years of age?  The signs of aging are natural, but for many people terrifying, part of life. It is a reminder of our mortality and the speed of passing time.

If you are interested in staying young or at least looking young, check out our 7 proven ways to keep your youthful look.

1. Use Concealer

7 proven ways to keep your youthful look

Crissa / Pixabay

Concealer may have been your friend for many years, however, as wrinkles set in, it can even exaggerate lines around your eyes. Use it sparingly on your under eyes to cover darker areas. Alternatively, you can switch to using a highlighter pen that more accurately conceals flaws.

2. Simplify Your Eye Make-up

If you have oily skin, especially around your eyes, it could cause your eye-shadow to run. The solution is not to add more and more products.

Why not try adding just a thin layer of skin primer? This is a micro-thin layer that will give your makeup something to grip on to. This will help your makeup to stay as you applied it, without increasing the volume of the product.

3. Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen remains one of the least talked about, yet truly important beauty products. While you may want the sun’s rays to hit most of your body, you definitely want to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and face.

4. Curl Your Eye-Lashes

7 proven ways to keep your youthful look

jrarroyo2000 / Pixabay

Eye-lash curling is not a new tip, but it is always worth going back to. Eye-lash curling takes your lashes away from your eyes and allows their true color to stand out. This can give you a youthful appearance for minimal effort.

5. Remove Make-up Gently

Have you ever considered the time it takes to put on makeup compared to the time it takes to remove it? It is considerable.

Take your time when removing makeup. Use kind makeup removing chemicals and slowly remove the makeup, especially makeup applied to eyes.

6. Cover Thinning Hair

Thinning hair and changing hair color can cause alarm. However, there is a growing number of ways to compete with aging hair.

One solution is scalp micropigmentation training for thin hair. You can learn to apply small areas of ink to your skin to remove the appearance of thinning hair.

7. A Lighter Hair Color

If you want to allow your skin to age naturally, you could choose to change the color of your hair to compliment it. There is a great selection of shades available. Just choosing a color 2-3 shades lighter can allow thinning hair to blend in and avoid highlighting wrinkles.

Tips for Staying Young and Much More

If you look in the mirror and are worried about what you see, you need not worry. By applying some simple tips you can slow the onset of visible aging and retain your youthful looks. Staying young may not be as difficult as you think.

If you are interested in learning more about health and lifestyle topics, then we are here to help. We gather the latest information regarding these subjects and bring them to you via our feed. Why not take a look to see how we can help you today.

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Beauty Secrets That’ll Help You Maintain The Perfect Look With Minimal Effort


Everyone loves beauty secrets so today we will share with you some simple tips to help you look and feel great. Looking good makes you feel good, unfortunately the hectic nature of modern life can make it a little difficult to stay on top of this daily challenge.  Therefore, investing in a few time-saving tactics can make a world of difference.

Here are some of the best beauty secrets that’ll help you maintain the perfect look with minimal effort. Incorporate them ASAP, and you should see noticeable improvements in no time.

beauty secrets

omisido / Pixabay

1. Invest In Healthy Living

The easiest way to spend less time on daily makeup applications is to focus on habits that encourage natural beauty. A conscious effort to improve your sleeping habits, hydration, and activeness can deliver great results. Your skin, teeth, hair, nails, and body shape can all see visible upgrades. Better still, you’ll feel far from better from the inside. In turn, you’ll naturally look happier, friendlier, and more confident. With this strong foundation in place, your appearances will naturally be enhanced.

2. Smell Good

beauty secrets

invisiblesith / Pixabay

Your overall aesthetic isn’t exclusively about your look. Instead, it covers all of the human senses. A person’s smell can have a telling impact on their overall vibe, impacting the way they feel about themselves as well as the reactions of others. Finding the right perfume should be top of the agenda. Still, everything from fragranced hand sanitizer to the right clothes detergent can have an influence. It may take a little trial and error to get it right. Once you do, though, staying on top of this task takes seconds.

3. Take Control Of Your Body Hair

Body hair management is a time-consuming and stressful situation that requires a daily commitment. However, you can ditch waxing and shaving forever by finding a permanent laser removal solution. By achieving smooth legs and armpits on a 24/7 basis, it can remove a source of self-consciousness. Moreover, it allows you to wear whatever clothes you want with confidence at all times without finding time for hair removal. When combined with the lack of skin irritation, the benefits are clear.

4. Hairstyle Fixes

beauty secrets

Starkvisuals / Pixabay

A good hairstyle is about more than just hair. It can shape your face, express personality, and influence your whole look. Visiting the salon for a professional cut is always a smart move. Nonetheless, equipping yourself with the knowledge to make quick hair changes is crucial too. Whether it’s adopting a more practical look for work or a fresh style to suit a certain outfit is up to you. Either way, managing your hair is often the most time-consuming job of all. Change this, and you will notice major rewards.

5. Accept Imperfections

After seeing photo after photo of perfect looking women on social media, your mindset may be affected. However, you cannot walk around in real life with an airbrushed appearance. The sooner you realize that freckles and laugh lines are a part of you, the better. While you do not necessarily need to bring attention to them, you shouldn’t be frightened of them either. You look amazing as you are, and embracing those unique characteristics is crucial. After all, self-confidence is the best thing you’ll ever wear.

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5 Essential Oils You Should be Using Daily


The benefits of essential oils seem never-ending. Today we’ll share 5 essential oils you should be using daily.  The little liquids can soothe and calm or energize and uplift. Is there anything essential oils can’t do? Below are 5 oils you should use daily. 


Peppermint oil has a wide variety of uses which would benefit daily use. For example, it can be used as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, and other digestive issues, as well as the common cold and headaches. A topical application for relief from itching, muscle pain, and headache. A flavoring agent in foods and in products such as mouthwashes and finally a fresh, pleasing scent added to soaps and cosmetic products.

Essential Oils You Should be Using Daily

silviarita / Pixabay

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has germ-fighting properties that make it a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing. Tea tree oil makes an ideal natural hand sanitizer. It helps keep pesky insects away. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial effects may help control underarm odor related to perspiration. Research suggests that tea tree oil may fight germs that cause tooth decay and bad breath.


Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils. In essential oil practices, lavender is a multipurpose oil. While there’s currently a lack of large-scale clinical trials testing lavender’s effects on people with anxiety, a number of studies show that the oil may offer some anti-anxiety benefits. Several studies have shown lavender essential oil may help promote sleep and fight insomnia. 

Essential Oils You Should be Using Daily

silviarita / Pixabay


Rosehip essential oil is harvested from the seeds of rose bushes and is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that supposedly do wonderful things for your face. Rosehip oil can work as a great natural alternative for moisturizing. It is also packed with beauty essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C. These ingredients allow rosehip oil to treat signs of aging and pigmentation, hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, and provide a strong protective antioxidant boost. And finally, rosehip oil may help your skin regain elasticity if you’ve noticed some sagging lately. Add a few drops to your face in the morning and again just before bed to help with fresh, younger-looking skin.


Lemon oil is one of several essential oils that can kill harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin. Lemon essential oil is sometimes used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic. The anti-stress and antidepressant effects of this oil may have something to do with how it helps our bodies interpret our pain without panicking. Lastly, if you have a cold or are experiencing a sore throat, lemon oil is a good home remedy to try.

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How Sleep Deprivation Results in Paler Skin & Droopier Eyelids


Nowadays, sleep deprivation is adversely effecting people due to the increase in daily responsibilities.  As a result, they tend to neglect their sleep while others fail to achieve adequate levels of sleep due to the lack of proper bedding.  If you lack the right mattress, you experience high levels of discomfort and end up not having a good night sleep. The good news is that the Nest’s Love & Sleep mattress (review) gives you all the information you require to pick the right mattress.

sleep deprivation

Claudio_Scott / Pixabay

Now we want to share with you a few reasons why the lack of sleep results in a paler complexion and droopier eyes.

  1. Imbalanced hydration

As you sleep, you tend to sweat more, and your body’s hydration rebalances while recovering extra moisture. So, if you lack adequate sleep, your skin’s hydration and moisture levels are affected. This way, your skin’s PH levels decrease, resulting in dull skin. It also becomes impossible for your skin to generate the required moisture making you look pale. Worse still, this may lead to breakouts and unnecessary redness.

  1. Increased stress
    sleep deprivation

    Image Credits: Pixabay

    When you lack adequate sleep, your skin produces more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Increase levels of cortisol lead to heightened levels of stress and inflammation in your body, thus hurting the quality of your skin.

    More so, lack of sleep affects the integrity of the collagen in your skin. Collagen is an essential ingredient in the elasticity and structure of the skin. So, when it’s is broken down, your skin shows more visible signs of aging, becomes thinner and less firm. And this makes you appear pale with more prominent wrinkles.

  2. Reduced repair of skin cells

    Cell renewal takes place during your deepest sleep; during this time, there’s a boost in the production and release of growth hormones. As a result, your body cells repair and increase in number. So, when you lack sufficient sleep, you become prone to skin maladies like wrinkles and eczema hence appearing paler. 

  3. Less blood circulation

    Image Credits: Andreas160578 @ Pixabay

    During sleep, your body heightens its blood flow, and the skin reaps the benefits. The circulation system transport precious nutrients, hormones as well as other essential chemicals from various body parts and organs.

    Also, it’s a crucial aspect of overall health and metabolic function. Furthermore, it’s though the circulation system that immune cells are delivered to guard the body against pathogens. Blood circulation also eliminates wastes, toxic substances, and pathogens from the body.

    So, poor blood circulation can cause many health issues, including unattractive pale, dry skin. Proper blood flow ensures an even skin tone, delivery of nutrients to all skin cells as well as healthy detoxification of the skin. Healthy skin is more likely to combat bacteria and infections that it may come into contact with resulting in beautiful glowing skin.

  4. Poor functioning of the skin

    The formation of droopy eyes has got something to do with poor skin functions. The skin surrounding your eyes is naturally thin, and blood vessels are closer to the surface.  Due to this thinness, blood vessels located under it are tiny, and this makes red blood cells not to pass through easily.

    As a result, bags appear due to the loss of elasticity and firmness in this part of your body. Also, when you lack adequate sleep, the blood vessels dilate, resulting in increased blood flow. Since the skin under the eyes is thinner, a dark tint caused by an increased volume of blood becomes more visible.

  5. Congestion of blood capillaries

    Sleep deprivation can reduce how well the muscles of your upper eyelid functions. As a result, the lid settles lower.  Also lack of enough sleep leads to congestion within blood capillaries under your eyes. As a result, the eyes lack the required nourishing and oxygen, leading to sagging of the eyelids.

     So if you frequently stay up at night, you’ll be likely to suffer from emotional instability, the fatigue of the eyes and accelerated aging. This way, the erythrocytes oxygen supply will decrease, leading to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes. If the blood around your eyes lacks enough oxygen, pigmentation, and sagging of the eyes will happen.

  6. Less rejuvenation

    sleep deprivation

    Image Credits: Engin_Akyurt @ Pixabay


    As you sleep, your body creates the human growth hormone, which is vital for collagen production. Collagen is the protein responsible for shiny hair, strong nails, and skin glowing/healthy skin.

    But, skimping on sleep boosts the levels of cortisol, and this interferes with collagen production leading to pale and dry skin. Also, your body rejuvenates, rebuilds, and repairs as you sleep. So, lack of rest and enough sleep triggers dry skin and even slows down cellular circulation resulting in a pale complexion and lifeless tired eyes.

    Final thoughts

    Sleep deprivation affects your skin and body in many ways. If you lack adequate, you’re likely to have a dry pale complexion, feel fatigued, and suffer from droopy eyes. So, to avoid this, it’s recommended that you sleep at least six to eight hours daily for healthier skin and body.

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The Relationship Between Health & Beauty


They are two concepts which are very often put together, and we are used to seeing them being presented as such. But how true is it to really say that health and beauty are somehow connected? As it happens, they can be, but that is not to simply say that being good looking necessarily means you are healthy too, or vice versa. Nonetheless, if you are truly keen to try and look your best, then you will find that having a good approach to your health is going to help with that, and for that reason it is a good idea to sometimes think of these concepts as being in tandem somehow.

relationship between health and beauty

Although you might do this already, it is one thing to think of it in these terms and quite another to make sure that you are going to turn it into a reality in terms of your behavior, habits and so on. If you are struggling to look your best, or to be as healthy as possible, then you might need to think about what you need to do in order to prioritize these a little bit more. In this article, we are going to look at the relationship between health and beauty and how you might use your understanding of this in order to improve your life in both these ways, and also more generally. That should mean that you are going to really help things along.

Being Wise With Food

A lot of what we know about being healthy is mostly common sense but the the reality is that being wise with food has a direct reflection on the relationship between health and beauty. If you are keen to try and be healthier, however then it is important to make sure that you keep your eye on these things, so that you know that you are going to be as healthy as possible in the long run. There are a lot of things which you might consider essential which are nonetheless going to prove important, so it’s always worth going over them again and reminding ourselves of how important they are. And looking specifically at how they can improve your beauty is something that might lead to you having much more of a complete life too, and will help you in turn to feel more inspired about those healthy habits.

relationship between health and beauty

So what are some of the most important health habits out there? If we start with the essentials, probably the very first thing that we need to look into is diet. As long as your diet is good, you can be sure that you are much more likely to live a healthy life, and you will also be doing something which is going to lead to a much more positive outlook too, not to mention that your looks will improve generally if you do eat well. In particular, you should focus on whole foods, as they are proper, non-processed food which give you more energy and also helps to keep your skin looking its absolute best. As you can see, it is often easy to make sure that you are paying attention to both health and beauty in one go.

Another important part of your diet is of course not eating too much at all. If you are overeating, then this is going to negatively affect both your general health and your appearance, so it’s something that you should absolutely aim to do away with as best as you can. For a lot of people, eating well is about learning to exercise that self-control, which is something that you can easily work on whenever you like if you currently find it something of a challenge to do. A good way to do so is to make sure that you are focused on the benefits of eating well, rather than worrying about the negative side effects of eating poorly. That simple psychological change will help you to make the right decisions, and feel less pressured about doing so. Both of those help you to keep such changes up, so it is worth thinking about.

When you improve your diet in these general ways, your beauty improves too, so that should be a major incentive for you. It will also help you to improve your energy levels, which can subtly make you look more attractive as well. As you can see, this really is all related much more than you might at first think. This matter of energy levels brings us nicely on to another important health and beauty topic which you need to be aware of: the matter of exercise.

relationship between health and beauty

Exercising Often

Exercise is extremely important when it comes to the relationship between health and beauty.  How much do you exercise at the moment? Ideally, you should be doing some kind of cardio four times a week for around forty minutes a time, and you should do some muscle training a few times a week too. This, however, is a minimum, and if you can do more than that, then all the better. The more you exercise, the more you will start to appreciate and even love your body, and that is a big part of feeling good about your looks overall. Of course, exercise is also absolutely central and essential when it comes to being healthy, so you can see just how easily this might link in together. How can you make sure that you are exercising enough in order to be healthy and to improve how you look?

It helps on both of these counts if you have some kind of a goal. Having such a goal can mean that you are much more likely to carry on and to discover what kind of things you need to do to make it a reality for you. If you want to reach a certain weight, have a certain waist size and so on, then that can prove to be a good goal, as it is measurable and realistic. Similarly, if you want to simply have more energy and to move around more effectively, then that could spur you on, even though it is not quite as measurable. What matters is that you have some goal that is clear in your mind, realistic to aim for, and inspiring enough that you want to keep going. If you can find such a goal, or series of goals, then you will find that you are spurred on to exercise much more often.

adults keeping active

It’s also important to make sure that you are exercising in the right kind of way, as if you are doing it often but poorly it is not going to have the kind of effect you want it to have. Of course, it often takes practice to be able to pick up on a specific set of movements that you might want to learn for an exercise, so you should be patient with yourself. But ultimately you need to make sure that you get to the point where you can do the exercise in question much more easily than you might have thought possible. The more effectively you exercise, the better you will look and feel, and the healthier you will be.

In most cases, it should be simple enough to go for a run a few times a week and do some kind of toning exercise such as yoga once or twice a week. Keep that up, and you will find that you are in a much better position with regard to your looks and your general overall health, which will be measurable partly by how you feel.

Learn More

Something that you might want to also consider in order to make more of both your health and your beauty is learning more about both topics. The more that you understand them and how they work, including how they operate together, the more likely it is that you can make the right moves and look ahead in the right way, so that is definitely something that you will want to consider. There are a lot of ways in which you might be able to learn more about these topics, and it is worth thinking about a few of them to see which suits you best.

You might want to consider a Spring Arbor University nursing course, for instance, where you can learn about the body and health generally, and apply it where you need to. Or you could find that having an education in fashion and beauty is what you need. Whatever you feel is necessary, seek it out.


relationship between health and beauty

Keep At It

We hope we’ve given you a positive information about the relationship between health and beauty.  If you can do all this, you will find that you are going to be living healthier and with much greater beauty in no time at all. Spend some time getting to the bottom of the relationship between health and beauty, but most of all make sure that you keep at the various things that you need to do. The more you exercise, eat right and so on, the more likely it is that you will achieve both of these ends without too much trouble.

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