How To: Subtle Waves


Are you bored of constantly using the same old hair styles? I know I’m tired of rocking my lazy bun, ponytail, and wavy locks from this past summer. I’m sure our hair can use a little extra TLC in the morning, but no one wants to be stuck in the bathroom for more than twenty minutes. Luckily, evo, one of the best professional hair and beauty product manufacturers, has teamed up with TOME to provide some really gorgeous looks for their Resort 2016 collection. TOME and evo have came up with lots of elegant/edgy street-ready looks, that require little product and prep time, for a gentle and effortless look. 

Step 1_CMYK Step 2_CMYK

Step 1: Mist with icon welder to protect from the heat processes.

Step 2: Prep the hair with a light spritz of mister fantastic texture spray to accentuate the natural texture.

Step 3_CMYK Step 4_CMYK

Step 3: Create a soft center part and lightly dry through using just the fingers, without removing the natural movement.

Step 4: With a 1-1.5” curling iron, gently add a curve to the hair by rolling a large section around the barrel in one rotation. This will create an indent in the hair as opposed to a curl.

Step 5_CMYK Step 6_CMYK

Step 5: Gently shake out the movement and mist the ends with a little love touch to separate and calm any roughness through mid-lengths ends.

Step 6: Personalize to suit the feature and face shape of each girl, whilst showing the texture.

Step 7_CMYK Final_CMYK

Step 7: Finish your style with helmut light hairspray for a soft hold but maximum control and manageability.

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How To: Subtle Waves: Photographed by James Hartley, Tutorial courtesy of evo and dale from Prema Salon NYC

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