Impala Nail Polish Review


We love painting our nails and the pastel colors from Impala are the latest buzz! With warm spring weather here, it’s time to put away our dark nail polishes and say hello to the fabulous colors by Impala. From blue and pinks to mint green, check out our thoughts in this Impala Nail Polish Review!

We received seven nail polishes from Impala: a light creamy blue called Marina, a pearly purple/grey color called Água Viva, a grey color called Crochê, a pearly mint green color called Sea Shell, a light pink color called Pétala, a pearly pink color called Pérola do Mar, and a clear nail oil called Óleo Secante. The pearly colored nail polishes are part of the Cores do Oceano (Colors of the Ocean) collection. Finish any of these wonderful colors off with a coat of Óleo Secante. They are such exquisite colors, they make us want to lay out in the hot Brazilian sun. Our favorite colors were the Sea Shell and Pérola do Mar because we love the dazzling pearl effect it left on our nails—the colors even compliment each other!

Impala is “the color of fashion,” so you better get your nails painted in Impala colors! Trust us, your hands will be happy with their lovely colors. A bottle of Impala nail polish retails at $6.99. To learn more about Impala, check out their website: