Jane the Virgin Hair Tutorials


Bridget Regan/Rose by Tena Parker Baker

Bridget Regan - RoseJust like Regan’s character, her hair has to be awe-inspiring and note-worthy. After all, “Bridget’s character is the ultimate trophy wife,” Baker explains, “or so it seems; she’s hiding behind many fascinating stories. Her natural red curly locks wow even us who have seen it all.” To obtain her “wow” worthy red curly tresses, Baker sprays Bridget’s hair with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Thermal Styling Spray. During what Baker refers to as “the round brush blow dry,” she uses the T3 Body Waver to work volume into Bridget’s mane and create her thick, lavish look. She also notes that the “set is designed with 1.75” Professional Iron, and then I polish it off with White Sands Orchids Oil for shine and humidity protection.” Regan’s style requires a frequent brushing, so as a result, Baker uses Aerogel Styling Spray, which holds Regan’s hair while also enabling her mane to remain free and flowing.

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Jane the Virgin Hair Tutorials: All photos courtesy of The CW.