Lighter Locks


Lighter Locks

The saying “Blondes have more fun” is reigning true this winter, with many people turning their locks to the light side (Hair wise, of course). Many celebrity beauties have gone much lighter than what is their “normal look,” including Kim Kardashian and Elle Fanning. The labeled platinum color is one that will definitely have you standing out in the crowd once it’s dyed on. It’s a bold color that, when done right, has your hair shining healthy and naturally like a golden goddess.

Elle Fanning glowing with blonde locks. 



Kim Kardashian radiating with golden tones. 



Of course, when executing this color it’s best to check out a quality hair salon that knows exactly what it’s doing. Your hair is going to be in their hands, so make sure when you pick one you feel comfortable with the hair stylist. Deciding to go to a lighter color from a darker color can cause damage to your locks and requires a lot of upkeep once done. Let’s just say it is a new-do commitment, and a beautiful one at that.


Having a full head of blonde can be a bit scary and a bold move, no doubt. If you want to start off slow or not have the full blonde affect, highlights or an ombré job can replace that. They’ll still contain the lighter locks trend, but it’ll also keep true to your natural color by fading into it. This way, you can have the best of both hair worlds!


Photo credits to GI/Jamie GrillmoodboardPhilipp NemenzAndreas by Michael Loccisano, and by Steve Granitz.